Aramnaharaim sends a report to the members of the European Parliament


European Parliament: Hypocrisy, racism and history distortion of the Aramean nation



Date: 22nd of March 2007



Not Armenian, but Ottoman genocide: Aramean- Armenian - Greek genocide

Before spitting at the face of the Turks, first remove the plank from your own eyes….


Dear Members of the European Parliament;

Ladies and Gentlemen;


 The Arameans of Aram-Naharaim foundation is an international cultural and human rights organization to defend worldwide interests of the indigenous Christian Aramean (not to be confused with Armenians) people of Mesopotamia who have been present in the Cradle of Civilization for thousands of years. They have made a great contribution to world civilizations, in particular through their Aramaic language, spoken by Abraham, Moses and Jesus Christ. This ancient Semitic people, now divided into several denominations and spread throughout the Middle East, amount to approximately 4-5 million people worldwide.


 The discussion around the genocide of the Christians of the Ottoman Empire is for an important part concentrated on the Armenian question and is called ‘Armenian genocide’. This is not fair, for not only the Armenians have suffered, but also the Aramean Indigenous Christian nation of Mesopotamia as well as the Greeks have suffered under these horrible acts, which cannot be described by pen and paper.


This is also testified by the American Ambassador, Henry Morgentau, who says, “"And now the Young Turks, who had adopted so many of Abdul Hamid's ideas, also made his Armenian policy their own. Their passion for Turkifying the nation seemed to demand logically the extermination of all Christians---Greeks, Syrians (= Arameans), and Armenians. ....... They would destroy all Greeks, Syrians (= Arameans), Armenians, and other Christians, move Moslem families into their homes and into their farms, and so make sure that these territories would not similarly be taken away from Turkey.



 Dimensions of the Aramean genocide


There are two kinds of genocide: physical and spiritual genocide.

 Physical: extermination of a nation by killing them.

Spiritual: creation of division and hatred, inciting family against family, daughter against mother, son against father, village against village, weakening of a nation, destroying of their cultural heritage by imposing fake identities, splitting their church, bribing and brainwashing of their leaders with aim of weakening etc.. etc..

Contrary to the Greek and Armenian Genocide, the Aramean genocide consists of both Physical and Spiritual genocide. The physical genocide started in 1915 together with the Armenian and Greek genocide and the Spiritual genocide started in the 16th century with the coming of the Western missionaries to the middle-east, whereby they caused havoc among the Aramean nation, fragmenting and weakening them to make them vulnerable to the hostile environment of the middle-east.

 The spiritual genocide: the awful plank…


 The confusion regarding the identity of our nation was created in the 16th and 19th centuries when the Western missionaries started with their mission activities in the middle-east. They came to the middle-east and created havoc among the defenceless, weak and mostly illiterate Arameans of Mesopotamia. They planted doubts in the hearts of our nation concerning their ethnic origin which caused a deep division and hatred within our people.

 The fragmentation and weakening of our nation was due to the spiritual war between the Western Catholics and Anglican missionaries. In a deeper sense, it was a war between the former powers of France (together with the Roman Catholic Church) on one side and Great Brittain (with the Anglican Church) on the other side. Both parties asserted to act on behalf of “Jesus”. However, this was not Jesus Christ of the Bible; but “another” Jesus; namely: the powerful Jesus of the West who made havoc in the middle-east while misusing the name of Jesus Christ of the Bible.. His tactic always has been intermingling of the political and religious matters.

 In the year 1553 the Roman Catholic missionaries brainwashed a part of the East- Aramean “Nestorian” clergy by means of bribery to call themselves “Chaldeans” and with that, the Chaldean Church (of Babylon) was born and the division within the East- Arameans was a fact!


As a counter maneuver, the Anglican missionaries started the same game in the 19th century and brainwashed the remaining part of the East- Aramean “Nestorian” tribes of Hakkaria (bordering Turkey and Iraq) and Urmia (Iran) to call themselves “Assyrians”- a term which was used purely geographical and only applied to the “Nestorians”.

 The war and hatred between the Anglican Church and Catholic Church was battled out at the cost of the Aramean nation. The Catholics (together with France) promoted their product “Chaldeans” and Anglicans (with Great Britain) promoted their product “Assyrians”. Since then “Assyrianism” has became extremely fanatical and has even reached the level of terrorism thereby besmirching our nation. This is what we call “Spiritual genocide”. Calling Aramaic language “Assyrian language” is a form of spiritual genocide, calling Aramean people “Assyrian people” is a form of Spiritual genocide, calling Aramean genocide “Assyrian genocide” is a form of spiritual genocide  etc.. etc..

 Terrorism or not, spiritual genocide or not, today, the children of the former missionaries still glorify the spiritual genocide committed by their forefathers. This became reality amongst others in various decisions and statements made by European Parliament as a whole or by some key members or some groups within EU. We remain silent about the misinformation of the US government.


 In short: We are fighting against a phenomenon which was created by your forefathers; from the West, in the name of “Jesus” which caused unprecedented hatred and division within our nation. We are not happy with this and didn’t ask for it. By means of bribery and brainwashing of a part of our nation, they were uprooted from their origin and made to believe in a fake identity introduced by the missionaries.

But of course the Jesus Christ of the Bible has nothing to do with this kind of “evangelism”, it is rather the typical tactic of the unholy Jesus of the West to weaken, fragmentize and submit other nations to his will by intermingling of political and religious interests.


 Unconscious of the intentions of the Western missionaries, we welcomed them to the middle-east in the 16th and 19th centuries as our equal brothers in Christ and were not suspicious whatsoever about their noble intentions. Unfortunately our simple belief turned out to be naïf and a great miscalculation. The plan of the brothers of the West turned out to be a spiritual war between Catholics and Protestants at the cost of our nation by dividing them and creating fake identities “Assyrians” (19th century) and “Chaldeans” (16th century) and imposing them onto the minds of our nation. In addition, they created hatred between families, cities and tribes and introduced a terrible form of fanaticism which in our days has even reached the level of terrorism.


 The result of the unholy product of Jesus of the West has been that in 2006, the Turkish Supreme Court has put the “Assyrian” terrorist GHB/ADO organization on the list of terror organizations. This has caused a severe damage to our nation in Turkey. This is the result of the “spiritual genocide” caused by your forefathers to our nation.

 Physical Genocide: committed by the Turks and the Kurds (climax was achieved in 1915)

Spiritual genocide: committed by the West at the beginning of 16th and 19th centuries and still maintained and glorified as if their forefathers did a holy and a noble job by inciting the members of our nation against one another.


You have killed us spiritually and Kurds, Turks (and others) have killed us physically! In both cases it is murder and genocide. Spiritual genocide may even be more severe than physical genocide.

 Please don’t explain the history of our nation with simplified nonsense like “You became known as such”. Our reply would be immediately “Who made them known as such?” It was you, the West, because it was your “creation” and your “product”.


And also, please don’t come up with stories like “We are familiar with this discussion”. Well, if you are familiar with this, why don’t you respect our forefathers and continue to glorify the “creation” of your forefathers? Our forefathers, who were excellent scholars and enlightened their era not only with theological but also with the regular science, testify unanimously about the Aramean origin of our nation. Why don’t you respect them?

In addition, suppose that not your forefathers had invented the mythical name “Assyrians”, but Osoma Bin Laden, would you then be consequent and glorify still this creation?


 Example: The situation in Iraq and the implantation of the hatred by the interference of West…


In Iraq, there are various Aramean denominations, to mention:

  • West- Aramean Syrian Orthodox, around 80.000
  • West- Aramean Syrian Catholics, around 40.00
  • West- Aramean Syrian Melkites??????
  • East- Aramean Syrian Nestorian “Chaldeans, around 250.000- 300.000
  • East- Aramean Syrian Nestorian “Assyrians”, around 20.000-25.000


 As it is known to many of you, the situation in Iraq is deteriorating by the day. There is a vast exodus of Christians leaving Iraq to Syria, Jordan and Turkey. Some people within European Parliament are shedding huge crocodile tears to express their concerns regarding the situation of the Christians in Iraq. Unfortunately, the very same people “forget” to mention that the weak position of the Christians was created by their forefathers, a very unwanted heritage!

Probably many of you don’t know the intangible, unutterable hatred, created by your forefathers which the Aramean denominations in Iraq nourish against each other. The Aramean Catholics nourish a deep contempt towards the Orthodox. The “Assyrians” consider themselves as superior; yes and they even are encouraged by the western Christianity to continue on the path of the lies and history distortion. The Chaldeans join the club!

The hatred is even so deep, that some of them prefer to work with fanatical Islamists instead of with their own flesh and blood. This is fanaticism mixed with religion, it is a horrible phenomena! And who created this mutual hatred and planted it in their hearts? It was certainly not fairies or Martians! It was not Arabs, not Turks, not Kurds and not Persians who have created this unbearable and unprecedented hatred among the various Aramean denominations. No, it was you, the West who have done this to this ancient Aramean nation!

 The Ottoman Turks were aware of this hatred and division, Saddam Hussein was aware of it and Kurds are aware of it. All of them have misused or are still misusing the situation created by the Western missionaries for their own benefit. In deeper sense, it was not Turks, not Kurds, not Arabs, but it was your forefathers who have killed us!

 We are convinced that the chances to survive in Iraq would be much higher, if the various Aramean denominations were united. The same is true for the genocide of 1915. (See for example our analysis:; see also:


 So, before attacking other nations regarding “violations” of “human rights”, which many of you scream from the housetops, first clean yourselves and condemn the acts of your forefathers and start with rehabilitation of the Aramean nation.

 The morality of the story:

Before spitting at the face of the Turks and others, first remove the awful plank from your own eyes…..


 Some people in the West, in particular within the European parliament are eager to spit at the face of the Turks in order to remind them of the horrible acts of their forefathers against the Christians of the Ottoman Empire (which in many cases is true). They are extremely generous in mentioning the shortcomings of others (for example China, Russia), exaggerating them and having their mouth full of terms like ‘human rights’, ‘respect’, ‘democracy‘, ‘freedom of speech’ etc.. etc.. They stand up, make a lot of noise, showing their spiritual muscles as defenders of ‘human rights’ and act as moral crusaders. However, the same people, ridiculing other nations, are quite reserved and careful in admitting and fixing their own violations, denying them pertinently. Never taking the time to look in the mirror and to understand their own shortcomings. What a morality!

 Before criticizing other nations and reminding them of their mistakes made in the past, first one should examine their own mistakes. Thus: try first to remove the awful plank, which has made many people in the West (having their mouth full of human rights) spiritually blind, from your own eyes and confess and fix the unholy mistakes made in the past, so that you can see clearly what is going on in the world! Only then, you have the right, as a Westerner to point at the mistakes of others and certainly not before. Instead of spitting in the face of other nations, give others the example of how to repent, recognize and fix the mistakes! Perhaps they don’t know how to repent and recognize, so give them the example of how to do it!

 In conclusion: stop with this double standards and hypocrisy! And stop with glorifying the shameful and objectionable product “Assyrians” of your forefathers as if they have done a good and a holy job under supervision of the powerful Jesus of the West!


 The Turks and Kurds have stopped with the physical genocide, the West continues to glorify the Spiritual genocide, the product of their forefathers…...


A few examples below will be given to explain that some people within the European Parliament are continuing with the glorification of the objectionable spiritual and slavery product “Assyrians” created by their forefathers to commit spiritual genocide against the Aramean nation. Please be informed that as to our view, there is no difference between those who have committed the spiritual genocide and those who committed physical genocide.


 1. Mrs. Mechthild Rothe (SPD, Social Democratic Party Germany)


 26th of November 2006, Mrs. Rothe had invited an “Assyrian” delegation to the European Parliament to talk about the Arameans in Turkey.

 Of course Mrs. Rothe has the freedom to act so and to invite whoever she wishes to. However, we are dealing here with morality, with standards and values and with human rights. If you violate the fundamental human rights by spitting at the face of the Aramean nation and putting in the spotlight the Western Spiritual colonization and slavery product “Assyrians”- a unholy product created by your forefathers, how can you demand from Turkey, Syria, Russia, China and other countries to respect the fundamental human rights which you scream from the housetops and claim to stand for? Shouldn’t you give others the example, before talking about “human rights”, standards and values?

 Or should we understand that you are in the position to apply the human rights standards and values selectively and as it suits yourselves? Mrs. Rothe had invited a bunch of history forgers, who are specialists in turning lies into the truth and visa versa, creating chaos and division and inciting son against father for the “Assyrian” cause. As a human rights organization, we feel this not only discrimination and an illegal activity of the first order, but an objectionable and tasteless attempt to maintain and glorify the unholy product “Assyrians” of the Jesus of the West who used your forefathers to destroy our nation.

The subject of the meeting was to talk about “Assyrians” in Turkey.

But this is an illegal action, for these bunch of history forgers are only acting for their own interests and do not represent our nation. They represent themselves by a fake name which is not theirs and has been invented by your forefathers and together with these bandits -some of them have even been involved with terrorism- you want to force the invention of your forefathers onto our nation?

As we were informed, a delegation was formed during this meeting on Turkey consisting of the following people from the European Parliament:

  •  Cem Özdemir (The Greens, Germany),
  • Vural Öger (SPD, Social Democratic Party Germany),
  • Hannes Swoboda (SPÖ, Social Democratic Party Austria)
  • Jan Marinus Wiersma (PVDA, Partij van de Arbeid Netherlands)


To keep it short, our message is as follows: We consider your act, by ignoring the Aramean nation and glorifying the invention of your forefathers, the same as the Turks and Kurds who slaughtered our forefathers in 1915. There is no different between spiritual and physical genocide.


 2. Camiel Eurlings and Albert Jan Maat


Mr. Camiel Eurlings started a campaign to “Assyrianize” our nation in Turkey. We sent him information and requested him to please stop with this nonsense (he ignored us, no result). We know exactly who the people were that were feeding him with this objectionable history distortion. His second objective was: doing everything to show how bad Turkey was violating the fundamental human rights and not respecting the guidelines of EU. In many cases Mr. Eurlings was right, however this person is doing the same as the Turks, namely violation of the fundamental rights of the Aramean nation by glorifying the spiritual genocide. So, what is the different between him and Turkey? Turkey is violating our rights and Mr. Eurlings is violating our rights. >From our point of view, there is no difference!

Of course Mr. Eurlings is not interested whatsoever in correcting the mistakes of his forefathers and to respect the Aramean nation! He does not even recognize them! However, this man is so zealous to do everything to show how bad Turkey is in respecting fundamental human rights.

For a long time, Mr. Albert Jan Maat has been busy to “Assyrianize” the Aramean nation of Iraq. Many times he went to the European commission for human rights to complain about the bad treatment of the “Assyrian” people in Iraq. We know that he gets his distorted information from a lady who was involved with terrorism and recruitment of youngsters in the West to be used for guerilla activities in northern Iraq. The very same lady is involved in the socialist party in Holland. Their only goal is: falsification of the Aramean history at any cost, even to resort to the path of terrorism. It seems that this doesn’t bother Mr. Maat and others.

Thanks to the zealous efforts of, amongst others, Mr. Maat, on the 6th of April 2006 a resolution was taken by the European Parliament in which falsely and against their will, our nation in Iraq was identified as “Assyrians”- following the divide and rule politics of the Western missionaries. This was not only objectionable violation of the rights of our nation, but at the same time evidence of deep contempt towards the brilliant scholars of the church of Antioch who testify about the Aramean origin of our nation. Our people in Iraq definitely don’t want to be identified with such a fabricated false name.

We made a protest against this injustice and submitted a petition to the European committee on petitions. The Committee declared our petition as admissible and made a note of it. The case was forwarded to the European committee on foreign affairs.

Those amongst you interested in this matter may find the case under the following number: Petition number: 0837/2006, Registration number: 2423/2006/DK;  KLC/mlh[02-COM.PETI(2007)D/8468]


 3. Conference: 26-2-2007 European Parliament

(We assumed it was on 26-2-2007. Not correct, it took place on 26-3-2007)


Monday 26th of February 2007, a conference was organized by the followers of the unholy Jesus of the West who call themselves “Assyrians” and the GUE/NGL group of the EP concerning the "Assyrian" genocide. According to our information, some of them were in the past involved with terrorism. We see them as a bunch of history forgers who represent nobody accept their very own desires to deliberately falsify and distort history. The vast majority of our nation has nothing to with these history forgers. Unfortunately, this is not respected by the GUE/NGL group and others who participated in this spiritual genocide conference.

According to our information, the following persons participated in this conference, organized by illegal people on the Aramean genocide with the main goal to distort our history:

  • Eva-Britt Svensson, GUE/NGL (European United Left/Nordic Green Left)
  • Mechtild Rothe, Vice President European Parliament
  • Dr. David Gaunt, Södertörns University College, Sweden
  • Markus Ferber, Member European Parliament EVP-ED
  • Willy Fautré, Human Rights without frontiers.


Regarding the Aramean genocide, Sebastien de Curtois quotes, “Barsaum als mentions several men of the Church who were martyred under the same conditions, the hermit monk Adam from Kafro, for example, whose skin was ripped off and his eyes put out with a red-hot iron while he was still alive, or Father Sham’un, priest from the church of Dafne who was also skinned alive (Page 186, R. Mouawad).


 The above mentioned horrible acts have been done by the Kurds under supervision of the Turks. We don’t see any difference between you who try to maintain and glorify the spiritual product invented by your forefathers and the Turks and Kurds.


 Noteworthy was the involvement of Dr. David Gaunt who presents himself as a kind of “Hulk Hogan” fighting for “justice” and the “truth” in particular if he can use that as clay to smash against the face of the Turks. We know for a long time, that Mr. Gaunt is in close contact with these criminal history forgers who do everything to falsify the history of our nation. They are a “product” and a “creation” of your forefathers Mr. Gaunt; that is the reality!

Before continuing, first this:


The American professor John Joseph has published an extraordinary scientific standard book about the behavior of the Western missionaries amongst the East- Aramean Nestorians in Irak, Iran and Hakkaria. The title of the book is,, The Modern Assyrians of the Middle East”, Encounters with Western Christian Missions, Archaeologists, & Colonial powers In his book John Joseph quotes original sources to describe the behavior of the missionaries. On page 133 we read about their activities in Urmia (Iran),, Other western- supported congregations began to proliferate early in the twentieth century. A Swedish- American “Augustuna Synod” employed a Nestorian priest who conducted two day-schools. The Evangelical Association for Advancement of the Nestorian Church, founded at Berlin in 1906, employed a Nestorian priest who had Lutheran training in Germany. For about 10 years a German Orient Mission maintained an orphanage outside Urmiyah for Nestorian refugees from mountains. The English Plymouth Brethren employed a few priests in a mission of their own. Other smaller missions were connected with the American Dunkards, the Holiness Methodists, the American Southern Baptists and Northern Baptists, and the English Congregationalists. There was perhaps no missionary field in the world where there were so many rival “Christian” forces at work as were found in urmiya at the beginning of this century; all struggling to get predominance among these few people

All these “Christian” groups were there to bring the ”light” from the West to the east, that means: to enlighten the east with the ideology of “Jesus of the West”; only then, according to the missionaries you would be saved from damnation.


 Mr. Gaunt is a history professor. Concerning the discovery of a mass grave, most probably Arameans and Armenians, found in the village of Xirabebaba (in the neighbourhood of Mardin in Turkey), Mr. Gaunt challenged in a letter (13-2-2007) the Turkish professor Yusuf Halacoglu, the president of the Turkish Historical Society, to undertake an investigation into the mass graves and identify by means of DNA to which people they belong. Halacoglu kept silent and didn’t answer professor Gaunt. In a press statement issued on 27th of February 2007 professor Gaunt states that he tried by means of faxes and E-mail to get a reply from Halacoglu with no result. He says, “Since then, I have not heard a word from Prof. Halaçoglu. I have written to him privately, faxed and e-mailed, but with no result. This unnatural silence leads to the conclusion that he no longer is interested in making a truly scientific investigation of the mass-grave find. What could be the reason?”


 What is the point we wish to make here? Of course we appreciate the tireless efforts of Professor Gaunt to dig into history and to reveal publicly the indescribable acts committed against the Aramean, Armenian and Greek victims by the Turks and Kurds- no bad word about any of this. We appreciate his efforts very much!

 However, if professor Gaunt is made of the right stuff, he would with the same tirelessness dig into the ground and publicly unmask the acts of his forefathers as well!! Or to organise a big conference at European Parliament concerning the acts of your forefathers, as he is a man fighting for justice and truth?


 For example: How about a comprehensive research concerning the unholy behaviour of your forefathers Mr. Gaunt, to destroy the Aramean nation, thereby misusing the name of Jesus Christ by means of bribery and brainwashing? How about the fanatical and criminal product “Assyrians” created by your forefathers Mr. Gaunt. Nothing to say about that? This is just accepted?

 Okay, the Turks and Kurds are Muslims. So, we can understand that they wanted to exterminate our nation! But you and all others with you, you have misused the name of Jesus Christ to destroy our nation and you have the courage to challenge professor Halacoglu to talk about the horrible act committed by his forefathers? For this reason, Professor David Gaunt should first remove the plank from his own eyes, before reminding the Turks of the horrible acts of their forefathers. It is much better first to look at yourselves before acting as a moral crusader!

 The point is that we have the feeling that many of you ridicule and spit at the face of other nations under the pretext of “human rights”, “respect”, “justice” and “democracy”, to present yourselves as the “good one”, “the righteous one” and the “civilized one”, while at the same time marginalizing, trivializing and ignoring your own mistakes of the past and acting dumb!

We lost the land of our forefathers, which we inhabited for thousand of years, and became refugees at your doors because of the “love” and “respect” of your forefathers who acted as a vehicle for the powerful Jesus of the West who made havoc in the middle-east.


 How about you, Mrs. Eva-Britt Svensson, Mrs. Mechtild Rothe and Mr. Markus Ferber? Perhaps taking an initiative concerning the Aramean spiritual genocide? Or are we entering upon a very sensitive issue? Perhaps a taboo? Not of interest? If it is not of interest, why don’t you call yourselves an Arab, Russian or Bolivian? Is that what you stand for as regards “Human Rights” and “Justice”, “democracy” and “respect” in the European Parliament?

 And how about the ladies and gentlemen of GUE/NGL? Would you also be prepared to organise a meeting in the European Parliament concerning the unholy acts of your forefathers committed under supervision of Jesus of the West?


You should understand that you are playing with our dignity and nation; you are in contact with bandits, with a bunch of history forgers and liars who in no way represent our nation. This fanatical group is doing everything to create chaos and unrest, spreading misinformation about our nation, misusing the name of our nation, inciting daughter against mother, father against son and creating hatred between man and woman for the “Assyrian” cause.

It is a mystery to us how such bandits have such easy access to the European Parliament, to the key members of the parliament and to people like professor Gaunt. We really grope in the dark for the answers!

 The great hypocrisy to our view is this: You have created an unholy product called “Assyrians” and some “scientists” among you try by all means possible to justify  the by your forefathers invented myths and legends. This is what you call “human rights” and morality! Other “scientists” say, “they became known as such”, of course without admitting that they themselves made our nation known as such! In Holland we have also two of this kind of racist “scientists”, one of them at the university of Nijmegen and the other one at the University of Amsterdam.

 It seems that there is nothing, really nothing in their conscience which tells them: Well, we created the problem, so it is our moral obligation to solve the mess made by our forefathers, misusing the name of Jesus of the Bible Nothing of that comes into their minds, hearts or conscience!


Always being ready to criminalize, terrorize, ridicule and making a mountain out of a molehill as regards the mistakes of other nations, yet they don't consider the huge plank across their own eyes.


We wish to close this letter as follows: As long as you don’t condemn unconditionally the unholy behaviour of the powerful Jesus of the West who fragmentized our nation in the 16th and 19th centuries by using the Western missionaries as his vehicle; you have not slightest right to point at the mistakes of other nations, including Turkey, no matter how good and noble your intentions might be or how scientifically founded they might be. You simply have no right, from a moral point of view, to demand anything from them!


 Therefore, if you really have good intentions and want to help the Aramean indigenous Christian people, the best way you can do so is by promoting unity within our nation and certainly not by repeating the product and creation of the 16th and 19th centuries, a mistake which in our days has led to frightful fanaticism and even to terrorism which unfortunately is being stimulated by some decisions of European Parliament.



Arameans of Aram-Naharaim Foundation


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