The West promotes Islamic Terrorism and the Extermination of Oriental Christians

The US failed to grasp that a main pillar of the colonial plan carried out by France and England in the Middle East is the extermination of the Oriental Christians. Only an Aramaean state built upon the ashes of Iraq and Syria can allow them survive in Peace.

By Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis


The atrocious act of beheading in Mosul an Aramean priest, father Paulus Iskandar, kidnapped  in the district Al- Sina’a on Monday 9 October 2006 by a unknown Islamic group in Mosul, illuminates very well the reality of a hidden war: that waged by the Atheist, pseudo-Christian, West against the Eastern Christians.

When today at 13.00 hour (Iraqi time) the funeral of the Aramaean priest took place, the British and the French should have been lowered, and honours of Hero offered by the respective ambassadors in Baghdad. There is no doubt that behind the murderous Muslim hand the European colonial empires have been hidden.

The fact that political and diplomatic classes in these countries may dismiss this historical conclusion as conspiracy-oriented illusion changes nothing in this regard.

Diachronic Western Christian Hatred against Oriental Christians

Missionaries sent at the times of the Ottoman Empire spread division instead of the union they were repeatedly promising, and for centuries. The first arrived there in the middle of the 16th century, and since the Aramaean Christians were settled in the Eastern Ottoman provinces and in the Western Iranian provinces, missionaries were long playing politics, promising help (hat never arrived) instead of religious doctrine modification.

The Christian Aramaeans were either Monophysitic (the term is conventionally used) or Nestorian, whereas non Christian Aramaeans were Gnosticist Mandaeans. By those days they consisted in at least 35% of the respective provinces that cover vast parts of today’s Western Iran, the entire South-Eastern part of Turkey (around ¼ of the country’s area), plus Syria and Lebanon. They were speaking various dialects of Syriac Aramaic, later phase of Jesus’ own language, a language and scripture of which originate Arabic.

The Western missionaries, although ruling the countries they came from (contrarily to the Eastern Christians who were minorities within the two superpowers of the Islamic World), must have felt a severe complex of inferiority towards the Aramaeans, whose language and scripture was the international language par excellence for many long centuries before and after the Islam, being used from NW Africa to China, and from Central Asia to the Eastern Coast of Africa. Latin and Ancient Greek had also been vehicles of international communication, but in a far more restricted area than Aramaic.

European Christians exposed Oriental Christians to Ottoman /Iranian punishment

After the perverse work of the criminal, bogus-Christian missionaries, Aramaeans within the Ottoman Empire were exposed through various activities (that were taken because of the false promises) in favour of Safevid Iran, and then severely reprimanded.

In the same way, Aramaeans within Safevid Iran were exposed through various activities (that were taken because of the false promises) in favour of the Ottoman Empire, and then thoroughly chastised.

European Christians split Oriental Christians

Furthermore, all the Aramaeans were exposed to further division, as some Nestorian Christians (renowned for more than 1000 years for their aniconic cult - they were not using icons or statues - and their rejection of Jesus’ divine nature) conditioned their faith and introduced Roman Catholic practices, accepted the supremacy of the Roman pope, and were convinced that they are …. “Chaldaeans”. With cuneiform scriptures forgotten, our understanding of the term was exclusively of Greek and Biblical connotation. What is true is that never Aramaeans had called themselves “Chaldaeans” before!

With more missionaries coming over the centuries to further destroy and damage the Oriental Christians, gradually Aramaeans were multi-split to Catholics, Protestants, Anglicans, Presbyterians, etc, etc, etc. In the 19th century, the Lazarists pseudo-Christians, apparently working for the murderous freemasonic plans of the French Middle Eastern policy, started persuading unsuspicious Aramaean populations of Urumiyeh that they were descending from the glorious Assyrians of the Mesopotamian past, a heritage that Western scholarship had rediscovered – thanks to Sir H. C. Rawlinson’s decipherment – only to further use in the Orientalist alteration of History.

With our elementary knowledge of the Assyrian / Babylonian past, and our advance in the study of the Aramaean pre-Christian Antiquity, already before WW I we knew that

  1. the Chaldaeans (Kaldu in Assyrian / Babylonian) were just one of the Aramaean tribes who lived in Southern Mesopotamia, and finally prevailed over the Babylonians,
  2. the Assyrians were for no less than 600 the most ferocious enemies of the Aramaeans, never intermingled with them or other Middle Eastern peoples, and finally disappeared, leaving few traces in their posterity. Assyrian cuneiform was not written after 609 BCE (date of the real end of Assyria), whereas Babylonian cuneiform was still in use 600 years after the Achaemenid Persian invasion of Babylon (!), and
  3. the Aramaeans were different people and culture of the Middle Eastern Antiquity, and although they formed many kingdoms (like that of Aram Dimashq) before they were all absorbed within Assyria (and then inherited to Nabonid Babylonia and Achaemenid Iran, Alexander’s Macedonia, Arsacid Parthia and Seleucid Syria, and finally to Rome and Sassanid Iran) played greater role in later times, as Aramaeans were better tradesmen than statesmen.

It was therefore clear that, for the Aramaeans, calling themselves Chaldaeans would be as comical as if the modern Greeks had called themselves Aeolians or Dorians (i.e. by the name of just one Greek tribe).

European Christians deprived Oriental Christian Aramaeans from their National History

Through all this, it can be easily understood that, as it happened in the case of Greece, and other national states (Bulgaria, Serbia, Israel) that were detached from the Ottoman Empire in order to be shaped into modern national states (although local populations did not wish so in the beginning, and they were pulled into the anti-Ottoman fight needs of France and England), Aramaean students from Urfa, Antakya, Homs, Tartous, Mosul, Julamerg (Hakkari), and Baghdad would travel to European capitals, like Greeks, Tunisians, Serbs, Egyptians, and others to study there their past, and then return home to set up the basics of National Education, Historiography, etc.

We do not intend to express here evaluations about this colonial plan; we simply state that young people from colonized / detached parts of the Ottoman Empire were accepted in European universities in order (not to learn and contribute to academic and scientific development but) to study falsified versions of their History, and be sent back with a false degree (“bon pour l’ Orient”) in order to impose version of National History that would fit the political – ideological – cultural needs of the Colonial Powers.

Contrarily to many other cases, this did not happen to the Aramaeans! Although one could certainly compile (as early as 1900) out of Assyrian – Babylonian, Aramaic, Biblical, Talmudic, Greek, Persian, Syriac – Aramaic and Arabic historical sources a National History of the Aramaean Nation, giving the modern descendants of the Kings of Aram Dimashq the diachronic insignia of 3200-year long continuity, this development was thoughtfully averted.

The reasons are many, and have to do with

  • a. several political machinations of colonial character in the Middle East,
  • b. the premeditated extermination of the Aramaean Nation, and
  • c. educational – cultural issues related to basics of the colonial fabrication of  a bogus-History.

European Christians attempt to eradicate the Aramaeans in order to forge a perverse falsehood able to generate wars upon wars: Pan-Arabism

The political machination we have just referred to are relevant to the establishment of the falsehood of Pan-Arabism. French academia led the way in this regard; Paris needed to eliminate the Ottoman Empire, and for this reason the disreputable Academie des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres forged a false nation, named ‘Arabs’.

To focus on Aramaeans would be detrimental against the promotion (during the 19th and the 20th centuries) of Pan-Arabism. That is why the French and the British eliminated Aramaean students from their universities, and they did not teach Aramaic History but in a fragmentary way, as if

  1. Ancient Aramaic History is a department of Assyriology,
  2. Late Antiquity Aramaeans are relevant of the History of the Roman Trade with China, and
  3. Christian Aramaic History is not a real part of History, but a department of unnecessary – if not bizarre – Theology.

Criminal French pseudo-scholars eliminated Tatianus and a pleiad of other leading Aramaean philosophers, erudite scholars, learned scientists, and historiographers from their faslsification promoting syllabuses, and have insisted on doing so until now!

How could they keep diffusing the falsehood of Pan-Arabism, if someone, graduated from a Faculty of Aramaean Studies, asked:

- But all these Arabic speaking populations of Iraq, Syria, SW Iran, Kuwait, Qatar, Emirates, SE Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine are of Aramean origin, aren’t they?

With focus on Aramean National History, one would easily understand that all these masses of Arabic speaking people are simply Aramaeans who were linguistically arabized because they accepted Islam. They have nothing to do with the Arabs of Hedjaz, and therefore there cannot be ‘Arab national history’ for non Arab peoples, in the same way the US Blacks are not part of the Anglo-Saxon History.

With focus on Aramaean National History, one would easily understand that the Aramaic speaking populations of the aforementioned areas are simply the descendents of the Aramaeans who did not convert to Islam. Not the only Aramaeans, but simply the Christian Aramaeans.

With focus on Aramaean National History, the Arabic speaking Muslim Aramaeans of today would be brought closer to their Noble Past, the Greatness of Palmyra, Hatra, Edessa – Urhoy, Rekem – Petra, Dura Europos, and the other royal moments of their glorious History. They would not be left to the nomadic barbarism of Arabic Hedjaz, and they would be socially – behaviourally attracted to better and higher standards of life; they would have never been engulfed in the despair of the Islamic Terrorism because they would not have been treacherously dispossessed of everything.

This is the criminal and antihuman result of the colonial atrocities of the demented French and British pseudo-humanist scholars: by dispossessing the Muslim Aramaeans of the Greatness of their Past (which was superior to the Greek and the Roman historical records – let alone the French and the British!), they pushed them to

  1. Lack of Identity
  2. Lower and Vulgar Behavioural System
  3. Tolerance to Ignorance and Intellectual Stagnancy
  4. Vast complex of psychological inferiority
  5. Overall cultural shock and mental despair, and
  6. Paranoiac – blind reaction in the form of a bogus-Islamic terrorism that was promoted by the French-British rejection to offer Christian and Muslim Aramaeans a National History and proper – Western (!) – Education and Culture. It was certainly promoted through machinations, not directly, but this is the essence of Colonialism: by depriving the Christian and Muslim Aramaeans from intellectually strong elites that would prevail over the ignorant sheikhs, driving them to a socio-intellectual margin, they made of these illiterate sheikhs the standard bearers of a falsely conceived national – religious – cultural independence.

The European Colonial Anti-Aramaean Hatred is Premeditated

Natural consequence of the increasing promises (made by the colonial criminals to the already multi-divided Aramaeans of the beginning of the 20th century) was the further exposure of the Aramaeans within the Ottoman Empire. The case is very similar to the Armenian issue.

Disreputable France may issue as many trash laws as its besotted Socialist parliamentary thieves wish, but the reality is this: France and Russia are the first and supreme responsible for the maltreatment of the Armenians at the hands of the Ottoman administration. French and Russian agents pushed the Armenians to high treason, to rebellion against their own state, namely the Ottoman Empire.

There is a vast difference between demanding one’s rights and siding with a national enemy. The criminal genocidal French must know this very well. What would happen to the Corsicans in WW I, if they rebelled against French police, siding with the Kaiser?

There is a fully and filthy cynical machination in this case: the French knew before it happened that, by pushing Armenians to sabotage among the ranks of the Ottoman army that was fighting against Russians, they were exposing them to lethal threat. They knew it, but did not care! The lives of the Armenians of Igdir did not cost 1/100 of the lives of a French of Elsass (why should we write this German word as Alsace?). This is the case of the – perpetrated by the French – Armenian Genocide; we referred somewhat extensively to this affair, because it is quite parallel to another – equally important issue – that the French did their ingenious (I should say Satanic) best to cover and to hide.

 The European Colonial Stashing of the Aramaean Persecutions by Kurds in the Ottoman Empire and Iran

Yet, what occurred to the Armenians had happened under worse form to the Aramaeans of Julamerg (Hakkari), Urumiyeh, Tur Abdin and Mosul. The Patriarchate of Kutshanous has been totally destroyed, but probably the French enjoyed very much the disastrous loss of a multitude of 10-century old Syriac manuscripts that were all burnt and that is why, although vociferous about the Armenians, they never complained about the terrible events of 1915 – 1916.

Stashing the extermination of thousands of Aramaeans and the tsunami-like destruction of a sizeable part of the Human Cultural Heritage is one of the most forlorn pages of the History of European Shame.

Of course, at a moment the Anglo-French criminals were pushing with their Pan-Arabist fabrication, and dividing the illegally stolen Ottoman properties, they could not open discussions about Aramaean Massacres carried out by Kurds. This would offer the decimated Aramaeans a last chance to join forces against the merciless Scylla and Charybde of colonialism. It would generate undesired developments and put a certain hindrance to the colonial plan to vulgarize and besot the Middle Eastern masses for later use.

France and England must pay at least 1 trillion US $ (today’s value) for properties lost, mass eradication, and compulsory emigration that was the only choice for the Aramaeans of the first quarter of the 20th century. Millions of Aramaeans left for America, Europe, and other parts of the world, as it was planned by the French and the British who mounted their Pan-Arabist trap; the same situation continued during the times of the iniquitous mandate and the bogus royal / republican grotesque pan-Arabist chieftains. Only in the early 60s, the Aramaeans or Iraq were about 2 million people. France and England must pay for the Pan-Arabist tyranny that they ‘bestowed’ upon them with nefarious consequences. The only conclusion that can be drawn from the study of the criminal acts perpetrated by the colonial powers against the Aramaeans is the best advice for the US forces in Iraq.

America should create an Aramaean state as break wave against Islamic Terrorism.