'Realism' in 'Iraq'? A Confederation named Aram Nahrain - Mesopotamia


Iraq never existed otherwise than as a Hell. To achieve a successful exit, the Americans must first get rid of their dreams and misconceptions. Nazi and Postwar Germany can give an excellent example: punishment of a group (in Germany political, i.e. the Nazis - in 'Iraq' ethnic, i.e. the Sunnis) is necessary for going ahead.

By Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis, Orientalist


Iraq was a former British colony, arbitrarily and artificially detached from the Ottoman territory, falsely named, dictatorially ruled before and after the departure of the British, and ultimately tyrannized by one minority ethnic group that was promoted to a realm of thugs by Saddam Hussein. In one word, Iraq never existed otherwise than as a Hell. To achieve a successful exit, the Americans must first get rid of their dreams and misconceptions. Nazi and Postwar Germany can give an excellent example: punishment of a group (in Germany political, i.e. the Nazis - in 'Iraq' ethnic, i.e. the Sunnis) is necessary for going ahead.

The American anxiety

Monitoring the American press, one is encountered with the expression of an anxiety to quickly solve the 'problem'. More this attitude prevails more concessions will be made that jeopardize America's future and even worse the Global Security.

It is a tragic event that American newspapers report happily that "one of the few points that was agreed on was the name of the country — the Republic of Iraq — which rejected the Sunni demand for 'Arab', the Kurdish demand for 'Federal' and the Shia desire for 'Islamic'". Submerged in ignorance and naivety, the Americans fail to realize that this is not the terrain for good political bargaining or the venue of an International Conference.

Absence of real American reprisals

The difficulties the US faces hinge exclusively on two factors:

  • a) absence of real reprisals and
  • b) ignorance of historical realities.

When the US army faces an upsurge undertaken by Saddam's Sunni thugs, it is naοve for the American administration to believe that their 'reprisals' consist in arresting, jailing and killing some terrorists. Total ignorance of the Death Cult practiced by the fanatic extremists leaves the embattled US administration totally defenseless. The Americans do not know that, by killing the extremists, they just offer them the Paradise on Earth; they do not implement reprisals.

Pertinent retaliation against the Death Cult practitioners signifies political and military actions that totally annihilate even the elements of their opponents' dreams, obliterate the basics of their opponents' targets, and destroy the tools of their opponents. In other words, the US must understand that they face – and therefore must consciously engage themselves in – a total war.

More precisely, as an example, we would introduce the reader into the logic of this approach. The Islamic Terror network uses the Iraqi Sunnis against the Americans. This is a safe evaluation. So, this means that the Iraqi Sunnis are a tool of the terrorists. The Islamic Terror network dreams of an Islamic Iraq ruled by Sunnis. Consequently, this makes of the Sunnis an element of the terrorists' dreams. Accordingly, the only realistic reprisals would be to destroy the Iraqi Sunnis, and to make of them a non-element of the terrorists' dreams! What do they have to do more precisely?

Before answering this, the Americans will have to come face-to-face with historical realities disfigured, disguised, and concealed by Colonial diplomats and academia. The basic historical realities (pertaining to Mesopotamia) of which our world is oblivious are:

  • 1. Iraq never existed; it is an artificial colonial entity.
  •  2. With the exception of the Turkmen and the Kurdish parts of the population, the indigenous population is Aramaean, either they speak Aramaic or they forgot it because of the linguistic arabization process that derived from the diffusion of Islam.
  • 3. Either called 'Assyrians', 'Chaldaeans' or 'Syriacs' (because of the colonial machination of splitting the Aramaeans and victimizing them further through the diffusion of paranoiac and anhistorical Pan-Arabism) all these populations speak Aramaic and have Aramaean identity. The same concerns the Arabic speaking Aramaeans who became Muslim.
  • 4. The real historical name of the area of 'Iraq' is Aram Nahrain, which in Western languages corresponds to 'Aram – Mesopotamia'

Policies to implement immediately

- Deportation of all the Sunni population to a limited zone that should be delineated in the triangle between Khanekin, Baghdad and Kut. Accommodation in tents and erection of new urban centers.

- Destruction and demolition of all the buildings in the towns, cities, villages and hamlets in the so-called 'Sunni triangle'.

- Deprivation of all the Sunni population of any property, and withholding of personal belongings as first level punishment because of contribution to the Saddam tyranny and opposition – upsurge against the American liberation.

- Reimbursement of any Christian Aramaean, Mandaean Aramaean, Turkmen, Muslim Kurdish, Yazidi Kurdish, Armenian or Shia person or family native of Iraq, who left the country and lost any property.

- Support of any kind to Christian populations that fled from the area during the 20th century.

- Delineation of federal borders for the following Federal Republics:

  • a) Aramaic Federal Republic
  • b) Kurdish Federal Republic
  • c) Turkmen Federal Republic and
  • d) Shia Federal Republic

(note: the Sunni zone should not be considered as Federal Republic)

For details: http://www.buzzle.com/editorials/1-16-2005-64338.asp?viewPage=3

  • - A special program of education will be set up in order to bring the Sunni closer to their Aramaean origins
  • - Imposition of four official languages: Aramaic, Turkmen, Kurdish and Arabic
  • - The colonial fake name 'Iraq' will be abolished.
  • - The country will be named 'Aram Nahrain – Mesopotamia'
  • - Any Iranian or Syrian Christian population's movement to the 'Aramaic Federal Republic' of 'Aram Nahrain – Mesopotamia' (former Iraq) will be facilitated, as indication of regret and repentance for several centuries of Colonial Anti-Christian policies.
  • - Aram Nahrain – Mesopotamia will withdraw from the Arab League
  • - Aram Nahrain – Mesopotamia will adhere into a new military alliance, Middle Eastern Treaty Organization (METO), as founding member state along with the USA, Turkey, Israel and India.


The American administration and mass media must understand that they have to get truly emancipated of the colonial falsehood that was smartly diffused throughout American universities and ministries by European colonials. Instead of expressing anxiety and fear of the sort ('There have also been fears that the Sunnis could yet walk out if they feel that their voices are not being heard': http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,7374-1736255,00.html), the US and the UK, if London still honors its commitment, must proceed in a way that clearly shows to the world's terrorists that their dreams have been damaged and their plans became impossible to materialize.

A severe punishment of an ethnic minority group that supported an execrable dictator will be quite telling to the barbaric murderers of the Janjaweed gangs in Sudan.