Turkey, Israel, Syria, Iraq, and the Elimination of the Islamic Terror


In a series of four earlier articles, we advocated the formation of a Turkish – Israeli alliance that would replace America as the Vicar of the Middle East’s Democratization and Secularization.

By Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis, Orientalist

Source: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/turkey-israel-syria-iraq-elimination-islamic-terror.html


The reality is simple: the present situation in the Middle East cannot continue. As both countries, Turkey and Israel, are targeted, because they are the West’s foremost forerunners in the realm of pseudo-Islamic Barbary, Hatred, Discrimination, and Tyranny, they should form an Enlightenment Alliance to consolidate their positions first, and then to eliminate the malignant and Satanic Islam that is being taught and promoted through supposedly moderate or anti-terrorist Islamic universities in Mekka, Madina, Riyadh, Amman, Jerusalem, Damascus, etc.

The varied degrees of interconnectedness of the barbaric and analphabetic monsters of Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Saudi Arabia with Iran, Russia and China, the incessant exportation of Islamic terrorism to the rest of the Islamic World, through the bias of the Syrian, Palestinian, Saudi, Jordanian and Gulf pseudo-universities, and the vicious and hysterical character of the Anti-Turkish, Anti-Israeli, Anti-US, and Anti-European planning of eschatological dimensions make the Turkish – Israeli alliance extremely urgent.

Following the consolidation of Turkey’s Secular Establishment, Turkey and Israel should invade and pacify Iraqi Kurdistan and West Bank, expulsing irreversibly the bulk of the Palestinian population to Jordan (Turkey and Israel: a Great Alliance for Peace in Orient; Turkey and Israel: Facing Common Threats and Sharing Great Perspectives).

Then, the two countries should eliminate the most repugnant and loathsome regime in the Middle East, the criminal thugs of Assad (Turkey and Israel to transform the Orient).

Negotiating with the US, Israelis and Turks must let the Americans understand that they do not possess the necessary know how to pacify Iraq, namely secular Muslim officers and soldiers with a tremendous experience in exterminating the Islamic Barbarism that only recently has become an issue for the Americans and other Western nations, mainly known under the rather euphemistic term Islamic terrorism (Turkey and Israel to pacify the Middle East). Israelis and Turks should convince the embattled US administration to call Turkey in Baghdad and Basra, which would result in complete replacement of the US forces by Turkish army.

Then, the rise of a Christian state in the Middle East should be carried out by the Turks in a way to counterbalance just and unjust accusations about the Christian massacres occurred in the Eastern provinces of the Ottoman empire during WW I. The great Aram Nahrin – Mesopotamia would promulgate Aramaic as the only official language of a circumference that would comprise Mosul, the Middle Tigris’ west bank, Palmyra, Haleb and Laodicea.

Turkey would have to implement measures introduced by Kemal Ataturk in the 20s and the 30s in order to totally eliminate the fallacious and pernicious sheikhs who want to bring their Satanic Mahdi – Messiah atop of a Caliphate that would impose their Satanic version of Islam allover the …… world.

Turkey, Israel, Jordan and Lebanon

Even if Turkey were able to pacify Iraq in 3 to 5 years (which America dramatically failed to deliver) and equally civilize Syria during the same period of time, the danger of the Islamic Terrorism would not be uprooted.

With the present level of communications, the Turkish generals and soldiers, even if they did their best, they would not be able to totally cut the electronic contacts between the populations they would control in Syria and Iraq, and the Islamic terrorists who are based in Lebanon, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Definitely, a total solution must apply, and the next step should be the common Turkish – Israeli invasion of Lebanon that should immediately be renamed Phoenicia and undergo a deep de-arabization process that would bring to surface the oppressed, tyrannized, profaned and yet peaceful and noble Phoenician and Aramaic Identity of the country.

Similarly, Jordan should be invaded by Turkey and Israel, and like this the most critical lands for the safety and security of Israel and Turkey would be brought under Secular, Democratic and Humanist Control. Israel should expand in lands stretched as far as Damascus in Syria, Tyre in Phoenicia, and Jerash, Rekem, Aqaba in Jordan. From all these territories, their present inhabitants would be removed and transported to territory under Turkish control.

With the Christian State annexing the former Lebanese territories and implementing the return of all the Christians who fled from their ancestors’ area over the past 140 years, Turkey will have to implement the drastic program of Kemal Ataturk throughout what will be Turkey’s southern territories, namely parts of today’s Syria, Iraq, and Jordan.

A Kemal Ataturk project for all Muslims in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan

What measures should therefore be implemented over a population of 40 million people that live on a territory as big as that of Spain? Here we underscore the most important measures:

1. Elimination of Modern Arabic

The local populations have been dragged into a Western inspiration Pan-Arabism that totally disfigured them culturally, nationally, historically, educationally, behaviourally, and politically. These populations were never Arabic, but Aramaeans, as well as Aramaized Babylonians, Aramaized Phoenicians, and Aramaized Palestinians – with additional amalgamations with Persians, Greeks, Armenians, Jews, Turks, Turkmens, Circassians, and various others.

In an earlier article (Modern Arabic: the Anglo-French Tool of Islamic Terrorism Promotion), we clarified that all the populations of the Ottoman Empire, who lived in areas of the present Arab League member states before the arrival of the Colonial Powers (first with Napoleon), were speaking (in a particular region, let’s say Algeria, Iraq, Yemen or Egypt) at least one Arabic – unrelated language, and in addition, many dialects in which Arabic was just one of the components, and in most of the cases it was not even the preponderant one.

Only because of the implementation of the Colonial plan, the existing numerous languages and dialects have been strangled in the most barbaric and inhuman way, a fake Arabic has been constructed out of the Classical Arabic that is as Dead as Language as Babylonian, Phoenician and Sumerian, and that fake idiom was gradually - over the span of 200 years - tyrannically imposed on the varied local – non Arabic – populations.

This led to bogus-nation building, as we examined in another earlier article (Yemen and the fabrication of a bogus-Arabic nation), and in several cases to severe crimes and genocides, which was the subject of another article (The Secret Reasons of the Darfur Genocide: fake Arabic imposed on Non-Arabs).

The imposition of this bogus-idiom was instrumental in the rise of the Islamic Terrorism, as only depersonalized populations, deprived of National and Cultural Identity, can possibly become followers of such a debased and demented system (established out of Hatred and Severe Complex of Inferiority) as the modern bogus-Islam of Terrorism and Darkness that has been promoted by the various sheikhs and pseudo-theologians, who – engulfed in their unprecedented ignorance, darkness and inhuman hatred – cannot understand that they are managed and maneuvered by the Western Colonial powers without their choosing.

If one wants to uproot the Islamic Terrorism, one has to permanently eliminate the barbaric and barbarizing idiom of Modern Arabic.

This was precisely what Kemal Ataturk did in Turkey where before 1920 Arabic was also one of the components of various existing dialects; he chose a language that could represent the multi-faceted Cultural Heritage of the local people and imposed a tremendously enriched version of that language with great loans from Western languages.

In the case of the Muslim Arabic speaking populations of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, the elimination of Arabic must be accompanied by the re-introduction of Aramaic that is the real ancestral language of all these populations.

2. Imposition of Aramaic on all Muslims of Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq

It may sound difficult, but the imposition of another language as the official and the educational means of communication has been widely practiced over the past two centuries.

Modern Greek is a fabricated language that has nothing in common with the various Slavic – Albanian – Turkish – Vlachian (Romanian) – Greek – Latin linguistic amalgamations that indigenous people were speaking in areas of the Ottoman Empire that became provinces of the independent Greek state in 1830.

Modern Israeli language is also a fabricated language, using Ancient Hebrew vocabulary and Indo-European Grammar and Syntax.

Modern Turkish emerged with a thesaurus of French words that replaced Arabic or Farsi words, and all this was applied on genuinely Turkic Grammar and Syntax.

In the case of the Modern Arabic speaking populations of Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria, the introduction of Syriac Aramaic will be far an easier story. The two languages are not very different. Arabic scripture was formed through the initiation of Aramaic Syriac characters. Leading modern research specifies that the Coran itself – through a correct reading – is South-Western Aramaic, not proper Arabic.

It is part of the Islamic Terror’s theoretical arsenal to diffuse the idea that Muslims must speak Arabic, and must read the Coran in Arabic. Persians translated the Coran to Farsi, and Turks translated it to Turkish. The Aramaean Muslim populations of Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq on whom the fake Modern Arabic idiom was imposed by the Criminal Colonials, the likes of the Lawrence of Arabia and Gertrud Bell, will have it easy to read the Coran in Aramaic Syriac.

3. Complete National and Educational De-arabization of the Muslims of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq

Nation – Building involves reference to Nation. The 'Nation' as new concept in the World History contributed a lot to the rise of Democratic Rule, but relied heavily on History, Historicity, and what could be described for an entire people as ‘Loyalty to the Past’.

It is time that Turkey implements for the non Turkish peoples of the Ottoman Empire what Kemal Ataturk did for the Turks, but the ominous Promoters of the Islamic Terror, France and England, did not allow him to carry out among the Aramaeans of Syria, Phoenicia, and Mesopotamia.

Loyalty to the Past, which is so highly valued in Criminal France that aspires to be the Heir of the Roman Empire, must become the main Concern of the Modern Arabic speaking Aramaeans of Syria, Phoenicia, and Mesopotamia.

In Europe, nations have been formed around two opposing concepts: the French concept, based on free, rational allegiance of the individual to a political collectivity, and the German concept of objectively determined membership of an organic body. However, most of the European nations have been formed on the basis of a mixture of these two concepts, although the proportions have varied according to the political and social context.

In all the cases, ‘Loyalty to the Past’ played a key role, and at times, when the poor educational conditions of a people did not allow a high degree of Historical Conscience and National Identity would not easily hinge on ‘Loyalty of the Past’ intellectuals and erudite scholars from other countries made theirs the role of National Awakener. The case of the French Claude Fauriel for Modern Greece and Greek National Historicity is quite indicative.

That is why for the murderously misled Aramaeans of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, who became terrorists because they had no Identity, Palmyra is more important than Madina, Dura Europos is more valuable than Mekka, and Zenobia is more critical a person of their History and Identity than Fatimah or Khadijah.

4. Imposition of Secular Social Life

Last but not least, these populations will be forcefully inserted within the Modern World, with the following measures:
- Absolute prohibition of the "Islamic’ headscarf
- Compulsory primary and secondary education for 12 years – compulsory internship for all schoolchildren and students
- Sunday as weekend day, Friday working day
- Prohibition of traditional clothes (galabiyah) for either men or women and prohibition of traditional behavioural attitudes
- Prohibition of any religious education, publication and mass media program, newspaper or review
- Imposition of fully westernized methods of teaching History, History of Religion, Art History, Philosophy and Literature
- Prohibition of Arabic – as main tool of Islamic Terrorism
- Prohibition of the Traditional Social Procedures for Marriage (involving dowry, etc)
- Unhindered introduction of alcoholic drink consumption
- Free premarital sex, de-penalization of adultery
- Eradication of gender discrimination at all levels
- Penalization of any ostensible religious attitude/dress outside home
- Prohibition of organized prayer on Friday – Khutba (Sermon) abolished
- Prohibition of religious practices in Ramadhan
- Elimination of any behavioural attitude derived from earlier interpretations of the Coran and versions / readings of Islam.

What Turkey and Israel must elaborate as action plan in respect with the Horror Abodes of Saudi Arabia and Iran, we will discuss in another article.