Aramean people: Aramean people (not to be confused with ‘Armenians’) speak Aramaic, the language spoken by Abraham, Moses and Jesus. They are the indigenous people of what was called in ancient times Aram- Nahrin, in our days it is called ‘Mesopotamia’.

Some Arameans today identify themselves with “Assyrians”, because of the spiritual colonial hate generating activities of the Western missionaries and diplomats in the Middle-East in 16th and 19th centuries. Other Arameans became known as “Chaldeans”. However all of them are Arameans.

Aramaeans Show the Way to Oromos, Baluch, Berbers, Iraqi Turkmen, Ogadenis, Other Oppressed Nations


By Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis, Orientalist

Dutch Version


Date: 20-1-2010



A critical misconception, a key misunderstanding and/or an erroneous evaluation of the global situation are enough reasons to drive a liberation front to failure.


In general, political organizations of subjugated nations, liberation fronts and armies, Human Rights activist groups, and cultural associations struggling to defend imperiled cultures, religions and languages of tyrannized nations have leaderships that reflect a well-typified profile.


This creates a great problem that, although it remains widely unperceived by the said organizations, fronts and associations, highly jeopardizes the struggle of oppressed nations worldwide.


Who are the leaders of these organizations, parties, and fronts?


Coming from different socioeconomic backgrounds, emanating from varied cultural – religious – linguistic environments, belonging to diverse educational and professional fields and levels, and subsisting in dissimilar lifestyles, these leaders have a determinant, and problematic, common denominator:


Liberation Fronts’ Leaders – A Profile


They almost all

- were exposed to oppression in their occupied land of origin,
- left the country they were forced to live in (due to their own land’s occupation),
- moved to a Western country (EU, Canada, US, Australia) often under refugee status in the initial stage,
- progressed in every sense in their new lives, and
- were duly integrated in their new "homelands".

If we bypass the natural nostalgia of, the inherent concern for, the incessant communication with, and the instinctive commitment to, their land of origin (which represents both the supreme ideal for their thoughts and the abysmal drama for their relatives, friends and acquaintances left behind), all these leaders have been successfully incorporated in their new "homelands".


Refugees from Subjugated Nations vs. Immigrants from Fake States

Some may have an objection to the aforementioned and try to bring in support of their opinion the well known case of some extremist Muslims. This is a terrible mistake.

The extremist, radical Muslims who live in the West do not originate from the numerous subjugated nations of Asia and Africa; they come from truly sovereign but absolutely fake states that should have never existed because they do not reflect any real local need for self-determination but are the result of evil colonial interests and involvement.

In fact, there is not a single extremist, radical Muslim who belongs in Asia’s and Africa’s subjugated nations, like the Afars, the Oromos, and the Ogadenis of Abyssinia, the Berbers of Morocco and Algeria, the Nubians of Sudan, the Turkmen of Iraq, the Azeris of Iran, and the Baluch of Pakistan. However, this is another, vast, subject.

Incorporation in a New "Homeland": Advantage or Disadvantage

What is the problem with the leaders of political organizations of subjugated nations, liberation fronts and armies, Human Rights activist groups, and cultural associations, who have been successfully incorporated in their new "homelands"?

The problem is that their successful incorporation in their new "homelands", unfortunately and disastrously deprives them of any sense of criticism, objective assessment, and authentic evaluation of these new "homelands".

This great problem remains totally unperceived (which constitutes automatically a second level of the same problem) for many long years (read: forever), and thus these leaders are driven to very erroneous political decision making as regards the steps, methods, and means needed to be taken for their national liberation struggle.

Total deprivation of any sense of criticism of these new "homelands". What does this mean?

The Search for the Ideal

This means that, for an Oromo born in Adama, for a Sidama originating from Awassa, for a Berber of Tizi Ouzou, for a Nubian of Dunqulah, for a Beja born in Port Sudan, for a Turkmen of Kirkuk, for an Azeri originating from Zenjan, for a Baluch of Zahedan, and for many others, life is better in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Boston, Geneva, Paris, Munich, Manchester, Toronto, Dublin, Canberra, Stockholm and other cities of the Western world than in their cities of origin.

This assessment is comprehensively wrong.

Life is not better in these new "homelands".

Simply, due to the removal of the oppression and the persecution from their lives, life is better for them. This merely means that they were offered better chances of personal and professional, educational and socioeconomic progress. This is true. But this does not imply that average life in today’s Western world represents a possible value either for these leaders (living now in their new "homelands") or for the local peoples themselves.

Technological World: a Non-civilization

The idea that the technological development and the ensuing conditions of life represent a progress, a development and an enhancement in the Mankind’s millennia long History is a mere paranoia.

The rise of modern technologies, the Industrial Revolution, the industrial mass production, the emergence of the consumers’ societies, the ensuing vulgar materialism, inhuman conformism, baseless conventionalism, and immoral relativism with all their side-effects, the rise of the tertiary sector in the economy (services), and today’s western lifestyle, which is evolving around the previous axes, represent an ominous decadence of the Mankind and constitute an undeserved descent into the real Nether World.

Little matters whether someone agrees with the aforementioned or does not. As these developments occurred under terms of manipulated deception, unethical ruse, and orchestrated cultural disintegration, the entire Western world has been held captive by the unseen manipulators, namely the hidden masters of the aforementioned deception plan. A deceived (and thus victimized) person’s opinion has absolutely no value.

Addicted to the aforementioned scheme’s magnetic elements, the Western peoples have minimal chance to clearly realize what happened to them, and infinitesimal chance to effectively react.

But people originating from Africa’s and Asia’s subjugated nations and living in the Western world are different; they come from a totally different cultural, socio-behavioral, and moral background. Their cultural integrity, national authenticity, socio-behavioral validity and historical identity, as survived in their hearts and minds, are real privileges and determinant advantages able to guide them to correctly assess the situation of today’s Western world.

For an Oromo, what is the point of avoiding Amharization in Adama only to accept Westernization in Miami?
For an Ogadeni, what is the point of avoiding Amharization in Wardeer only to accept Westernization in Stuttgart?
For a Berber, what is the point of avoiding Arabization in Tizi Ouzou only to accept Westernization in Marseille?
For a South Azeri, what is the point of avoiding Persianization in Tabriz only to accept Westernization in Washington D.C.?
For a Sidama, what is the point of avoiding Amharization in Awassa only to accept Westernization in London?
For an Iraqi Turkmen, what is the point of avoiding Arabization in Kirkuk only to accept Westernization in Dublin?
For a Baluch, what is the point of avoiding Pakization in Quetta only to accept Westernization in Manchester?

Yet, it would be easy for any of them to deal with the subject; suffice it that the correct question is formulated. And the correct question is this:

How would have some Baluch, Iraqi Turkmen, South Azeri, Ogadeni, and Berber erudite imams, authors, poets or learned ulemas evaluated, before 250 years, today’s Western society, had they been in the know of the implementation results of the then elaborated scheme?

How would have a Sidama and an Oromo wise elders considered, before 250 years, today’s Western society, had they been aware of all its prevailing aspects and constituent elements, expressions and practices?

This type of question is easy to both, make and answer.

It would perhaps be even wiser to formulate a variant of the question for every single aspect of today’s Western societies and for the lifestyle involved, which would help multiply the original question by thousands.

The great number of answers would thus bear witness to the chaotic difference that separates – and must separate – all those who seek cultural integrity, national authenticity, socio-behavioral validity, historical identity, and political self-determination from the entire system ‘Western World’.

The ‘Western World’: a Non Value for Today’s Subjugated Nations

As a matter of fact, the traditional, real values of today’s subjugated nations make the rejection of the entire system ‘Western World’ imperative for all of them.

Certainly, this issue is vast at the level of Sociology, Social Anthropology, History of Religions, Comparative Literature, Modern History, History of Colonialism, and Cultural Studies. However, I don’t discuss it here within this context. I mentioned the overall divide in order to merely refer to political decision making.

If the ‘values’ of a Western nation’s sociopolitical system are inherently rejected by the traditional, genuine values that constitute the axes of national – cultural integrity of an African or Asiatic nation that happens to be nowadays subjugated and oppressed, certainly there has to be no contact – let alone cooperation – between the said sociopolitical system’s representatives and the members of the subjugated nation who happen to have been successfully incorporated in the Western nation’s sociopolitical system.

For all the subjugated and oppressed nations of Africa and Asia, the Western World is irrevocably the Hell, notwithstanding the integration and/or the eventual personal and professional success of some of the members of the subjugated nations in the West.

The socio-cultural approach is corroborated by a historical – political analysis. In fact, the real malefactors of the subjugated nations are the leading Western establishments, all those who supported and contributed to the rise of today’s Western societies. It is impossible for today’s Oromos, Ogadenis, Berbers, South Azeris, Iraqi Turkmen, Baluch, Sidamas and so many other subjugated nations, and for the leaders of the various political organizations, liberation fronts and armies, Human Rights activist groups, and cultural associations, to expect help from those who are the root cause of all the calamities befallen on Africa’s and Asia’s subjugated and oppressed nations.

This must be understood once and forever by all these leaders who represent their nations’ only substantial reason for hope. Every discussion with a smiley American, French and English consists in a knife stabbed in their nations’ heart.

Certainly, there are several benevolent, trustful and truthful interlocutors of Africa’s and Asia’s subjugated and oppressed nations’ leaders, who may be of US, French and English descent. However, they merely represent the exception that confirms the rule. Nothing can be successfully built thereon; another decade will pass, the friendly interlocutors will always be friendly, and the subjugated nations will still be subjugated. This will really be too bad for them.


There is only one correct conclusion in this regard.

Forget France, England and America!

The only plausible supporters and benefactors of Africa’s and Asia’s subjugated and oppressed nations are the opponents of the evil establishments of the Western world that so much loved Africa’s and Asia’s subjugated and oppressed nations that forcefully managed to adjust on them the Hell in which they have been living for many long decades.

More determined an opponent of the Western world is, greater the help for Africa’s and Asia’s subjugated and oppressed nations will be if they establish a contact, an understanding and a cooperation with that establishment, leader or country.

Fake opposition to the West is in this regard a treacherous path that has to be avoided; today’s extremist Wahhabi sheikhs are not opponents but supporters of the Western world, even without understanding it; in fact, they are the best tools of the Western establishments. In this regard, ideological clarity of purpose, historicity of the theoretical principles, imperative moral standards, and rich conceptual thinking matter greatly as criteria.

But from Venezuela to China, from Bolivia to Russia, and from Belarus to Myanmar, many countries and leaders would possibly be the best supporters and sponsors of Africa’s and Asia’s subjugated and oppressed nations. They must therefore become the focus of diplomatic efforts deployed by Africa’s and Asia’s subjugated and oppressed nations’ leaders. On this I will expand in several forthcoming articles.

More importantly, I will republish a letter sent by Aramaean organizations to the President of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, His Excellency Juan Evo Morales Ayma, on the occasion of his second term election as the first indigenous president of the Plurinational State of Bolivia.

Bolivia’s international weight may not be enough to counterbalance the nefarious colonial involvement in the Middle East, but their theoretical – ideological arsenal is formidable, and would greatly contribute to Africa’s and Asia’s subjugated and oppressed nations’ struggle.

In this regard, the Aramaeans lead the way toward the introduction of new dynamics in the wider Middle East region, thus offering an exemplary model of new policy making for all the rest.


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