Aramean people: Aramean people (not to be confused with ‘Armenians’) speak Aramaic, the language spoken by Abraham, Moses and Jesus. They are the indigenous people of what was called in ancient times Aram- Nahrin, in our days it is called ‘Mesopotamia’.

Some Arameans today identify themselves with “Assyrians”, because of the spiritual colonial hate generating activities of the Western missionaries and diplomats in the Middle-East in 16th and 19th centuries. Other Arameans became known as “Chaldeans”. However all of them are Arameans.


Aramean Spiritual Genocide

 Western Spiritual Colonialism

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1. Introduction

2. Which Jesus? – Jesus of the West and Spiritual Colonialism.

3. The ,,love” of Jesus of the West regarding the dividedness amongst the Aramean nation.

     3.1 Division within the East- Arameans (‘Nestorians’)

     3.2 Division within the West- Arameans

              3.2.1 The village of Binebilis and the American Lutheran Protestants

              3.2.2 Arameans in Jerusalem

              3.2.3 ‘Bloodshed in the name of ,,Jesus”

     3.3 The Forgotten Genocide: Eastern Christians, The Last Arameans

              3.3.1 The spiritual and secular powers intermingling

              3.3.2 Heretics, Jacobits

4. Jesus of the West Metamorphosis- Politics – Religion

5. Glorification of the spiritual colonisation product ,, Assyrianism”

A product of Jesus of the West- "Assyrian" spiritual terror



1. Introduction


The spiritual genocide of the Arameans of Mesopotamia, also became known as "Assyrians" or Chaldeans, started with the coming of the western missionaries to the Middle-East in the 16th and 19th centuries whereby they have made havoc and brought about the decline of the Aramean people in the Middle-East. The simple and often illiterate Aramean people, including "Assyrians" and Chaldeans, were divided into various denominations, a horrible form of fanatic nationalism was implemented within the Aramean Nestorian tribes which later became into existence in the by the themselves created product,, Assyrianism”- which in our days even have reached the level of terrorism. Families, churches, communities and villages were divided and torn up in the name of ,,Jesus” resulting in inexpressible, indefinable and intense mutual hatred, contempt, remorse and grief stimulated in the name of ,,progress”, ,,development” and ,,education”. Children were incited against their parents, families against each other; villages, tribes and cities were separated and surrounded by a spiritual red line of unprecedented, incomprehensible hatred and cruelty cultivated by the Western missionaries and diplomats. This mutual hatred, fragmentation and weakening of the Aramean nation didn’t escape the notice of Kurds as well as the Turks. Perhaps the spiritual genocide made the physical genocide possible. After all, when the physical genocide took place by the Kurds and the Turks, the Aramean people were strongly divided and the mutual hatred, stimulated by the missionaries, unprecedented high! A nation which spiritual is divided, is obviously a weak nation!


Therefore, our position is that the physical genocide probably would be less grave if the spiritual genocide of ,,dividing and ruling” in the name of ,,Jesus” wouldn’t have taken place. The missionaries, who claimed to work by order of Jesus Christ of the Bible, have brought about hatred in the Middle-east among the Arameans of Aram-Naharaim in a way which its equal doesn't exist. Their majestic Syrian Church of Antioch was cut in pieces. They made unbridgeable division among this defenseless and peaceful minded nation; who welcomed the missionaries as their equal brothers in Christ Jesus. Unfortunately the Western missionaries have misused this simple Biblical love for their political goals. We shall later on see that the missionaries in fact have mixed the ,,heavenly” and ,,earthy” interests with each other which has led to a horrible melting pot of unholy and outrages acts. Now, we will try to unmask which ,,Jesus” was behind  this unholy deeds and therefore can be held responsible for this ,,mission” in the Middle-east.


2. Which Jesus? – Jesus of the West and Spiritual Colonialism.


Dear reader, because as later on you will be confronted with extraordinarily unsavory issues concerning the divide and rule politics of the Western missionaries in the name of ,,Jesus”; it is of utmost important first to identify this ,,Jesus” who can be held responsible for the considerable damage in the Middle-east.

Are these ,,mission” activities really inspired by Jesus Christ of the Bible or is there behind the scenes another ,,Jesus” pulling the strings and have taken over the ,,shape” of Jesus Christ of the Bible? We will try to explain this from spiritual point of view!

Regarding preaching the Gospel, Apostle Paul says,, My ambition has always been to proclaim the Good News in places where Christ has not been heard of, so as not to build on a foundation laid by someone else (Romans 15:20)(Romeinen 15;20)


How should we understand this? The Catholics as well as Protestants have tried with all their might- this will be explained by few examples - ; to split the Aramean Christian nation in various denominations. Are these missionaries better equipped with wisdom and insight than Apostle Paul who didn’t want to preach the gospel on places where they already had heard of Jesus Christ?

This divide and rule politics is in our days being continued by a Pentecost movement in Netherlands (city of Enschede) whereby this ,,Jesus” again tries to split the Aramean nation. These Arameans were/are Christians however, why was it necessary to convert them to the ,,Christendom” like practiced by the Western Christianity?

The answer on this question forms the core of the problems and extends it selves to our present time and even penetrates into the political live and the general spiritual mentality which are inspired by dividing, ruling and subjection of other nations.


If we look at the Holy Bible, we encounter two ,,Jesus’ “. One Jesus is the Christ Jesus who were crucified on the mountain of Golgotha and after three days resurrected from the death.

The identity of the other Jesus is bit more difficult to determine. In 2 Corinthians 11:4 apostle Paul is telling us about preaching of “other Jesus”. And in Philippians he says,, Some are preaching about Christ because they are jealous and envious of us.” (Philippians 1:15).


Envy and jalousie is very dangerous and heavy to bear. Envy can result in horrible hatred which can drive the human being into terrible situations. Because of envy; the Pharisees called Jesus “Satan”. In this regard, Prophet Salomon says,, "Anger is cruel, and fury is overwhelming, but who can survive jealousy?" (Proverbs 27:4)

Now we will try to identify “the other Jesus”. A indication we find in 2 Corinthians 11:14 where apostle Paul says,, And it is no wonder. Even Satan tries to make himself look like an angel of light

Satan has such a power and the ability to present himself as “the angle of the light”, as someone who wants to enlighten the people; as someone who wants to help and save the people. This means that he is able to take the shape of “Jesus” and to act as “Jesus”. Looking now at the damage brought about the Western missionaries, we could say that this impossible would have been inspired by Jesus Christ of the Bible, on the contrary it would seem that there must be another ,,Jesus” in the game who made havoc and rained a heavy blow upon the Indigenous Aramean people of Aram-Naharaim. And this ,,other Jesus” could be identified as the ,,Jesus of the West”- in the Bible known as the ,,Beast”. According the teaching of ,, Jesus of the West” you become only (a true) Christian if you believe like the Western Christianity wants you to believe. The “Jesus of the West” became in the course of the time that much powerful that he has knocked the Jesus Christ of His pedestal. This is the power of the “Jesus of the West”.


The showpiece of ,,Jesus of the West” always has been: dividing, ruling, weakening and subjecting other nations.

To this strategy the Catholics as well as Protestants have availed themselves of and can be held guilty. This is something which we absolutely should not forget.


3. The ,,love” of Jesus of the West regarding the dividedness amongst the Aramean nation.


Here below we will try by means of few examples show to you how the Western missionaries, under the spiritual leadership of Jesus of the West, have brought about the division within the Aramean nation.


The Aramean nation: Various denominations

 In the very beginning of Christianity our people were geographically divided into West-Arameans and East-Arameans. Roughly speaking, the East-Arameans were those living in Persia and the West-Arameans were those living in the Roman Empire


3.1 Division within the East- Arameans (‘Nestorians’)


The East- Arameans were also called ,,Nestorians”. This Nestorians were present in Hakkaria mountains (bordering Turkije- Irak), Irak and Iran. The East-Aramean Nestorian professor John Joseph has published a extraordinary scientific book about the behavior of of the Western missionaries amongst the East- Aramean Nestorians in Irak, Iran and Hakkaria. The title of the book is,, The Modern Assyrians of the Middle East”, Encounters with Western Christian Missions, Archaeologists, & Colonial powers In his book John Joseph quotes original sources to describe the behavior of the missionaries. On page 133 we read about their activities in Urmia (Iran),, Other western- supported congregations began to proliferate early in the twentieth century. A Swedish- American “Augustuna Synod” employed a Nestorian priest who conducted two day-schools. The Evangelical Association for Advancement of the Nestorian Church, founded at Berlin in 1906, employed a Nestorian priest who had Lutheran training in Germany. For about 10 years a German Orient Mission maintained an orphanage outside Urmiyah for Nestorian refugees from mountains. The English Plymouth Brethren employed a few priests in a mission of their own. Other smaller missions were connected with the American Dunkards, the Holiness Methodists, the American Southern Baptists and Northern Baptists, and the English Congregationalists. There was perhaps no missionary field in the world where there were so many rival “Christian” forces at work as were found in urmiya at the beginning of this century; all struggling to get predominance among these few people


All these ,,Christian” groups were there to bring the ,,light” from the West to the east, that means: to enlighten the east with the ideology of ,,Jesus of the West”; only then, according to the missionaries you would be saved from damnation.


In the book of John Joseph he explains thoroughly the behavior of the Anglican and Roman Catholic missionaries concerning the invention of the name ,,Chaldeans” (1552) and ,,Assyrians” (1842-1903). The Dutch Journalist Albert Stol quoting the book of John Jospeh (page 15-19) summarizes in his book, Nestorianen, de ondergang van een christenvolk” the behaviour of the Western missionaries among the east- Aramean Nestorians as follows,, While the name "Chaldeans" was related to those who were united with Rome, the twin name "Assyrians" were given to the Nestorians, who began henceforth also to use this name. Like the Roman-Catholic church had popularised the name "Chaldeans", in the same way the Anglican (=English) mission did with the name "Assyrians" "


This can be considered as a struggle for power, initiated by ‘Jesus of the West’ between the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Missionaries. In stead to help their (weak and simple) fellow Aramean Christians in the Middle-east against extreme regimes; factually they used these regimes of the middle-east to harm and divide them.


The Syrian “Nestorian” Church of the East was split into two groups as a result of the activities of the missionaries of the Roman Catholic Church. The part of the Church united with the Catholic Church in 1552/1553 assumed the name “Chaldean” and with that, the Chaldean Church (of Babylon) was born. The patriarch of this Church now resides in Baghdad. Today, the East-Syrian Chaldeans form the majority of the Aramean people in Iraq.

Those among the east-Aramean “Nestorians” who did not embrace the Catholicism remained faithful to the East-Syrian “Nestorian” Church until 19th century. In the late 19th century, we see a similar thing happening, following the example of the Catholic missionaries, “of dividing and ruling”. This time, being carried out by the Anglican missionaries, with the remaining part of the East-Syrian “Nestorians” of Hakkaria (bordering Turkey - Iraq) and Urmia (Iran), who were wrongfully identified as “Assyrians”; purely geographical and only applied to the “Nestorians”. The East-Aramean “Nestorians” prefer, since then, to call themselves “Assyrians” and try, by all means possible, to force this term onto other Aramean denominations by spreading plenty of biased information regarding the origin of our people and our language.


After the East- Aramean Nestorian were brainwashed by the Anglican missionaries to identify themselves as ,,Assyrians”; the became so fanatic and nationalistic that they started to distorted the history. Everywhere where the words ,,Aramaic“ or ,,Syriac” words were found; they changed into,,Assyrian”. For example: Aramaic language; they changed in “Assyrian” language; Aramean people in “Assyrian” people. Saint Ephraim the Syrian; became “saint Ephrem the Assyrian”; Syrian Church became “Assyrian Church”. In this way they try by all means possible to falsify our history and our sacred language.


These painful and mythical descriptions,, Chaldeans” and ,,Assyrians” in reference to our people, invented by outsiders, who were unaware of the Hidden Pearl, which was, till the present day, buried beneath the persecutions and ethnic cleansing of past centuries, are definitely not in agreement with the historical facts recorded by the brilliant historians of the Church of Antioch who enlightened the world of their time, not only with the theological knowledge but with profane science as well.

The coming of the missionaries to the middle-east did not contribute to stability and mutual understanding between various peoples; but rather resulted in hatred and jalousie towards the Aramean people and their decline in the middle-east.

For this reason, each time our people, without their consent, are identified by another name than Aramean, we are reminded of the painful activities of the Western missionaries in the Middle East who have been a cause of strife and division. Therefore it is truly regretful to observe that nowadays there are still some people who try by all means possible to keep the mythical identity (invented by the outsiders) alive by spreading misinformation regarding the origin of our people, the Arameans, thereby distorting our rich history and the Syriac(Aramaic) language.


(More about this:


3.2 Division within the West- Arameans


The Syrian Orthodox monk Hanna Aydin made in his book "Die Syrisch-Orthodoxe Kirche Von Antiochien, Ein geschichtlicher Uberblick von Hanna Aydin (1990, Bar Hebraus Verlag, Holland) a research to the behavior of the various nations in the middle-east where the Aramean people, in the course of the time, were subjected to. He discusses in detail the behavior of the Persians, the Byzantines, Romans and Turks. In his book he also discusses the behavior of the Western Missionaries, under the inspiration of Jesus of the West, who have damaged our people severely by applying the divide and rule politics and planting doubts in their hearts regarding their origin. A few examples will explain this:


3.2.1 The village of Binebilis and the Evagelical – Lutheran Americans


Hanna Aydin tells us about the efforts of the Evagelical – Lutheran American missionaries who tried to keep the village of Binebilis Protestant by all means possible. He says,, The inhabitants of the village of Binebils were for 9 years long Evangelical – Lutheran. When the American Protestant missionaries came to Tur- Abdin; they promised the inhabitants of Binebils that at the end of each month they would get food; clothes and money as well. The continues persecutions at the beginning of the 19th century caused in Tur Abdin a great disaster; in particular famine. When the inhabitants of Binebils heard about the gifts; they immediately became Protestants; because living for years were guaranteed by the missionaries. The missionaries took care during 9 years for the inhabitants of Binebils. At the end of the month each inhabitants got a peach of cloth; or a pair of shoes; or a pack of macaroni or vegetable oil etc. Furthermore; the mayor of the village regularly received money (bribery??). The winter of 9th year had been snowed that much that the horses could not carry the goods from Mardin to Binebils. One month they didn’t receive anything from the vicar; however he consoled them with the promise that next month they would receive the double of the goods. Remarkable enough the next month had snowed that excessively that nothing could be transported. Many people claimed that the reverend in the meantime had been to Mardin to visit his superiors (?).


The inhabitants of Binebils agreed that nobody would go to the church; because they had received nothing more for months. Moreover there was a group of men ready with sticks in their hands, on a certain distance from the church; to prevent anyone who dared to go to the church. The vicar went, as usual; on Sunday to the church. He saw that the church was empty; he ringed the bell by himself. Nobody came to the church for one hour long. He new; that there was something going on. He went outside the church and saw a group of people standing there and called them: “Hello, why don’t you come to the church? Didn’t you hear the bell? Their answer was: “ As long as we don’t get flour and other food and clothes; there will be no church” (page 105).


When the vicar saw the cudgels in their hands; he went back to the church. After he prayed; he went to Mardin by walking to report his supervisor. He said him: “You don’t have to go back anymore. We cannot take care for the entire village. We have to seek somewhere else for sheep’s” When the vicar didn’t return to Binebils; a few inhabitants went to Mardin to see why the vicar didn’t come to Binebils anymore. His supervisor said: “Why do you prevent the believers to go to the church? Furthermore; you also demand gifts”. “ But you promised us that we would get each month something and if you refuse to do so; why should we stay Protestant; we will go back to our old Syrian Church.” The group went to the monastery of Zahfaran to have a talk with the bishop. After he send a priest to the Binebils; the village remained Syrian Orthodox till today!


This is an example of how the “Christian brothers” from the West have done their best to create division among the Indigenous Aramean people of Mesopotamia under the cover of “Jesus Christ”. As Christians we cannot understand this behaviour from the Biblical point of view. First of all if you already are a Christian; why should you again become a “ Christian”? Secondly, when you try to force your “faith” onto your Christian brothers; to our opinion this doesn’t give an evidence of respect and love to your fellow Christians. It rather gives a evidence of contempt to our Lord and God Jesus Christ.


We have the reason to believe that when the missionaries had worked as Christian brothers with the Arameans; then the whole region would be Christianized with the result that we would have had much less problems than we now have and a greater stability in the region would be achieved. The Aramean people knew the region very well and they would have for pleasure worked together with the missionaries to spread the word of God in the region. However; what did the missionaries done? They tried by means of bribery, clothing, food, in the name of faith, to create division and hatred among the Aramean people of Aram-Naharaim. Of course this cannot be the work of Jesus Christ of the Bible, but rather a strategy of ,,Jesus of the West”.


3.2.2 Arameans in Jerusalem


Not only the Protestants, but also Catholics have tried by means of money, food and clothing to rob the Aramean people of Aram- Naharaim of their religion! Monk Hanna Aydin discusses a event in Jerusalem and says,, The Syrians (=Arameans) in Jerusalem were for more than 10 years Roman Catholics. The Syrian Catholic Archbishop Michael in Jerusalem was at same time the bishop of Cizre in Eastern Turkey. His mother was from the village of Middo. After World Ware 1 there was famine and poverty in the Syrian Tur Abdin. The majority of the Syrians from Middo went to Jerusalem; of course by walking and barefoot; clothed in lags and always hungry. They begged for daily living. On a certain day Mr. Mirad Goge had a talk with the Syrian Catholic bishop Michael. Michael gave him this advice: “You know that I get everything from the pope; like for example my living and my house, I also can give a lot to the poor people. Before the money is consumed, I write the Vatican and I get the total amount of money I asked for. As for you; I only have one condition. When you bring all your relatives to here and leave the Syrian Church- but you have to promise me to become Catholic-; than I shall take care for all your needs. You can be sure that every day you will have enough food.


Mirad Goge was very happy with this, kissed the hand of the bishop and gathered all the Syrians in Jerusalem and wanted to propose this wealthy proposal in particular to those from the village of Middo (page 106 of the book).


He gathered numerous families. Among them were 35 family members of the current priest of Berlin, the priest John Teber. The name of Bishop Michael was in those days well-known by the Syrians. Many years later; the converted Syrians to the Catholics Church became prosperous. Later some got homesickness to the Syrian Orthodox rites and ceremonies; in particular those who had been served as deacon. The one said to other: “For how long should we stay Catholic?” During such discussions between the Syrian Catholic Christians in Jerusalem; often tension and conflicts arose among them. Mirad Goge said: “Best brothers; I myself am the cause of this dispute; let we wait till Bishop Michael dies; than we all will return to our Orthodox faith; because I hesitate to tell this to him personally; since he provided us with much goods when we were hungry.” However the dispute was intensified by the statement of Mirad Goge. Some of them didn’t want to give anything anymore to the church. The bishop secretly was following the situation. Mirad Goge gathered the leaders and promised them that he would declare in the presences of the bishop that they didn’t want to stay Catholics anymore and that he who had made the link with the Church would dissolve this link.


A group; under the leadership of Mirad Goge; went to the bishop Michael. In stead to say: “Barechmor= Bless me Lord”, Mirad Goge said: “It is not the truth; bishop”.


The bishop replied: “From the beginning I knew that the voice of Jacob Baradaeus was ringing in your heart; go away”. They than joined the Syrian community which was in Jerusalem as from the beginning of the Christendom with their St. Mark Church in the Old City (page 107 of the book).


Again we see here that by means of bribery the Arameans of Jerusalem persuaded to exchange their faith and go over to Catholics. There are today around 700 Aramean families in Jerusalem and surroundings. These people are from those who went back to their Christian Orthodox faith.


3.2.3 ‘Bloodshed in the name of ,,Jesus”


The previous two examples show that the “Christian brothers” from the west have tried to convert the Aramean people by means of money; clothes and food. Undoubtedly; there have been more attempted to convert the Aramean people; because in general the missionaries didn’t gave up by one failure attempt. Anyhow; in one or other way; it became clear to the missionaries that their attempt to convert the Aramean people by means of bribery didn’t bear any fruit; they resorted to more horrible techniques. Hanna Aydin discusses one example which can be marked as “awful”. He says: After the Crimean War the European powers forced Turkey to grant the Christian minorities the same rights as the Muslims (2). Since that time; the Syrian Christians got more negative view about the Western missions; because there aim was more to convert the eastern Christians than to protect them against the Muslims. This is testified by people who are still alive. 


The missionaries sired up the Muslims against the Christians. Because there is no television yet in the east; profane and religious stories are told at home (by the older people). So, the following story is often told:,, There was a mission centre in the city. The missionaries had a good relationship with the Sultan. The Sultan was the missionaries well-disposed.

When the missionaries noticed that the attempts to convert them (= Syrian Christians) by means of money and clothes didn’t lead to any result; they tried by means of force, in particular by Muslims; to persuade them. They said to the Sultan: “This Jacobits (= Syrian Orthodox) are neither really Christians, as we are, nor Muslims like you. The government may get troubles with them in the future. You have to force them to accept one of the religions”. The missionaries expected that by forcing them they would not become Muslim; but they would seek for help at the mission post and then the door to convert them would be opened. The Turkish militaries attacked the villages and cities of the Syrian Christians. The combat lasted for one month. Many bodies were in the streets; because there was no time to bury them.


If we assume the above quoted story as reliable; than it means that in the name of “Jesus” a horrible slaughtering has been taken place. Many of them were killed because they didn’t want to convert. Whether by force or bribery; some of them became Catholic or Protestant. Among others this way of “conversion” created the “Syrian Catholic Church” and the “Syrian Protestants


This kind of ,,Christianizing” is still applied in Netherlands (city of Enchede). In Enschede people seems to be provided with money if they let ,,Baptize” themselves. Of course for the sake of appearances, they act as if they they do this in the name of Jesus of Bible; while in reality the Jesus of the West is behind it!


3.3 The Forgotten Genocide: Eastern Christians, The Last Arameans


The Forgotten Genocide: Eastern Christians, The Last Arameans is a scientific analyse from the hands of Sebatien de Courtios concerning the forgotten Aramean genocide. De Courtois pays attention to the activities of the Western missionaries in Turkey, in particular amongst the Syrian Orthodox. A few interesting examples will be quoted from the book of de Courtois to describe the behaviour of ,,Jesus of the West”:


3.3.1 The spiritual and secular powers intermingling


About the establishment of the Syrian – Catholic Church De Courtios says,, The first [Syrian] Catholic Patriarch had been consecrated in Aleppo in 1662 with French help through the mediation of Ambassador Francois Picquet (page 33)…. .. which was encouraged by French diplomats present in Aleppo at that time. The diplomats favored the separation in the hope of one day uniting the Eastern Churches with that of Rome (XiX).. The Catholic mission activities were strongly supported by French Ministry of Foreign Affairs policy, which had been reinforced in the region by creation in 1856 of a vice-consulate in Diyarbekir at the request of the Vatican (page. 36)


See here dear reader, how the powerful ,,Jesus of the West” have amalgamated the spiritual and secular powers to weaken the Aramean people of Mesopotamia under the cover of ,,unity”. This kind of unholy ,,evangelism” has been misused by ,,Jesus of the West” to plant his ideology of ,,dividing and ruling” in the middle-east resulting in great consequences for the Aramean nation.


It is abundantly clear that this kind of ,,evangelism” impossible can be inspired by the Jesus Christ of the Bible. To formulate this in other words: What here has been taken place is a anti-Biblical, anti-Christian activity resulting in,, hatred, weakening, division” of families, villages, cities and a nation.


Please be informed that in our days, in particular the Western Christianity is screaming from the housetops speaking out the wish for dialog, cooperation and unity within the Christendom. All these wishes are very nice, beautiful and impressive words for the television cameras. However, if we want to approach this from the Christian point of view; than the Western Christianity first have to get rid of legacy and havoc of the,, Jesus of the West” and finally turn to Jesus Christ of the Bible. If the Western Christianity meets this with open mind and docile conscience; than they will understand that first thing they have to do is to restore in honour the unity within the Aramean nation and rehabilitation for their church.

  • This implies the following steps from the side of the Catholic Church:


  • 1. To motivate the West- Aramean Catholics to go back to their mother church

  • 2. To teach the East- Aramean Chaldeans that ethnically they are Arameans


  • From the Anglican Church the following step should be taken:


  • 1. That the term ,,Assyrian” was wrong to misguide the East- Aramean Nestorians.

  • 2. That ethically they are Arameans.

 As long as the mentioned steps would not be taken and condemned by the Western Church; they will remain under the influence of ,,Jesus of the West” with far-reaching consequences.


3.3.2 Heretics, Jacobits


On page 22 De Courtois quotes,, ,, The village we were camping near was inhabited by the by Jacobites (= Arameans). These kind people came to visit us, together with a few notables. It is hard to imagine the ignorance of these poor heretic priests and their belief in all the superstitions and absurdities current in their country (Letter from Roman Catholic Father Rhetore to father Duval, date: 7-7-1881) 


…. The heretics of these lands (= Arameans of Tur Abdin) do not seem attached  to the error of their ways; they are abandoned by their leaders and feel that their sects themselves are powerless and futureless. That is why the Protestants, who are the only ones working on them, have made such progress among them. (Letter from Roman Catholic Father Rhetore to father Duval, date: 14-7-1881)


On page 22 De Courtois quotes,, The Jacobites are without doubt the most fallen Christian community in the country. They have no hope of being able to pick themselves up on their own, for their nation has neither the resources nor the vitality for the task. Their leaders take no care of them whatsoever, neither in the spiritual domain, nor in the temporal. Among them, ignorance has reached its ultimate point, so much so that their religion is nothing anymore but a shameful mess of superstitions one more absurd than the last. The Protestants have understood that they are easy prey, and thus they have surrounded them in their usually way.

(Date 20-2-1882, letter from father Duval to the provincial of France )


This is now the ‘respect’ of the Catholic missionaries who went to Tur Abdin with the aim to torn up the nation and divide them. As usual, their intention was of course to ,,help” them and ,,educate” them. Please pay attention to the sentence,, The Protestants have understood that they are easy prey, and thus they have surrounded them in their usually way.


They have created a world for themselves where Jesus Christ has no place; but rather the usual games and misguiding techniques of Jesus of the West are brought in position in order to divide the poor and defenceless Aramean nation. It is in their eyes the matter of,,we” and ,,they”; probably without knowing who they themselves are. This is how worse it can be when you mix political and religious interests and amalgamate them. In addition to the ,,heritic” word Jacobit, also the word ,,Monofysite” is used to underline the ,,heresy” of the Aramean people. The Western books and libraries (in particular the Catholic one) are full of this words with which undeserved the Aramean nation are being execrated. Professor Sebastian Brock has refuted these issues in Part III of the Parel,


These missionaries considered our people as ,,foolish heretic people” who should be converted whether to Catholicism or Protestantism. They have no slightest sense that with their behaviour they are violating a very important Biblical commandment and have lowered a spiritual blind between the East and the West. They have not a glimmer of understanding of what havoc and damage they have brought about with their ,,mission” activities.


4. Jesus of the West: Metamorphosis- Politics – Religion


The Jesus of the West have/had in fact two pillars on which he had build up his ideology and finally took shape. One of them is the religious and the other one is the political pillar he is using to achieve his goal. In both cases, Jesus of the West is presenting himself as ,,the saviour”, ,,the enlightner”, ,,the rescuer” of the mankind whereby he always brings his ideology into prominence. We have seen examples of how he uses,, relgion” as a mean to achieve his goal and subject other peoples. We also saw that sometimes he amalgamates both pillars to come to his final goal.


The political pillar of ,,salvation”, we could say come into being with the Renaissance of 15th century which initiated the Renewal Movement of ,, Enlightenment” of 18th century. This ideology in particular took root in France and resulted in the France revolution whereby the human being was set at the focal point and the Lord God was ruled out!


To say this in other words: The Jesus of the west undergoes metamorphosis to achieve his goal. One time he uses religion and other times he uses politics to present his ,,salvation work” to the world.


5. Glorification of the spiritual colonisation product ,, Assyrianism”

A product of Jesus of the West- "Assyrian" spiritual terror


The spiritual colonisation product,, Assyrianism” is a invention of Jesus of the west to cause sorrow and division within the Aramean people of Mesopotamia. It is this very spiritual product which has resulted in fanaticism and terrorism in our days.


If we look at their zealous attempts to falsify the history of the Aramean people, if we look at their attempts to distort and present the Aramean language as a,, Assyrian” language; if we look that this bandits who purposeful and deliberately are doing everything possible to lie, falsify, distort and misguide the Aramean culture and language; than we could say:


From the spiritual point of view, this people have exceeded wildest expectations of Jesus of the West in terms of lies, falsehood and distortions. Jesus of the West couldn’t have done better!


Few examples of websites working for and glorifying the product,, Assyrisim”- a product of Jesus of the West.


1. (= Assyrian International News Agency)



The fanatics behind this website are those who do everything to falsely the language and the history of the Indigenous Aramean people. Our people is being identified as,, Assyrians” or sometimes identified as,, Assyrians, including Chaldeans and Syriacs

Our language is being identified as,, West- Assyrian” and ,,East- Assyrian” language.


2. (Beth Suryoyo Otouroyo)



Very fanatic website full of hatred towards the Aramean language and heritage. The Aramean people Falsely being identified as ,,Assyrians” and Aramaic being identified as,, Assyrians” language.






This website falsely represents our sacred language as ,,Assyrian” Aramaic language; totally outrages!




This website is quite confusing! The Syriac (Aramaic) language is being introduced as,, Aramaic / Assyrian / Syriac Language”




This website is nothing but a typical falsehood website!


Of course there are much more websites which vomits immense of biased information regarding the origin of our people; however we hope the previous few examples are sufficient enough to give a impression about the attempts of this people who do everything to keep alive the myth and legend invented by the Western missionaries who have been the cause of hatred, strife and division.



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