Turkey: America’s only Honorable Exit from Iraq


America failed in Iraq; this conclusion is irreversible. The pathetic and ignorant leadership of the – statistically only taken as – superpower failed to escape from the traps its supposed British ally had long prepared for them.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis, Orientalist

(Source: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/turkey-america-only-honorable-exit-from-iraq.html)

America stands accused for although a great country, it keeps inhumanly acting as if Iraq had ever been a reality – whereas the country was a colonial technical entity, something a serious administration should have drawn as conclusion before interfering.

America stands accused for acting in a criminal way – fashioned after the colonial powers France and England before more than 100 years – that perpetrates and completes the massacre and the genocide of numerous Mesopotamian peoples to whose existence the US administration fails even to refer.

Stop calling the Aramaeans as ‘Assyrians’ and ‘Chaldaens’

America failed to perceive – let alone outmaneuver – the treacherous colonial attitude of disfiguring local nations by using false national names; as the most indicative example, the Mesopotamian Aramaeans are called either Assyrians or Chaldaeans. Both names are preposterous and anti-historical. Assyrians ceased to exist before more than 2600 years, and there is not a single connection between the Ancient Assyrians and the Aramaeans who, misguided by the French, fell victims of the colonial confusion that targets their own existence.

France averted the Rise of a Christian Aramaean National state in order to promote ‘Arabic’ Barbarism and Islamic Extremism.

America failed to understand that France and Vatican plotted already during the middle Ottoman times against the Aramaeans and devised a great number of machinations to physically exterminate the Aramaeans to the last. By introducing the bogus-national name of Chaldaeans for the Aramaeans who accepted the Pope’s supremacy, the French divided the Aramaeans to Assyrians and Chaldaeans, averting therefore the rise of a modern Aramaean nationalism that would end up in the formation of an Aramaean National State in Syria and Mesopotamia.

By Naming the Aramaeans as ‘Assyrians’, France prepares their Genocide at the hands of the Kurds.

America failed to detect the French plot of misnaming the Aramaeans who live among Kurds as Assyrians; as the Kurdish nationalism, promoted in parallel by France, attempts to draw a continuity from Ancient Assyria (another tragic-comical and criminal, colonial falsehood), the Aramaeans who identify themselves as Assyrians commit suicide, exposing themselves to either forced assimilation or massacre.

Treacherous French policies of two measures and two weights

America failed to catch the nuance that the murderous and inhuman colonial administration of France makes big fuss about the so-called Armenian Genocide, but remains mysteriously silent in front of the case of the merciless massacres of the Aramaeans of the Ottoman Empire at the hands of Kurds.

Apostate French Freemasonry: the Only Responsible for the Armenian Genocide

If America fails to have France accused and globally condemned for
a) its crimes – perpetrated through proxies – against the Aramaeans in 1915 – 1916,
b) the closing down of the Nestorian Kutshanus Patriarchate at Julamerg (presently Hakkari), and
c) the successive national extermination of the Aramaeans at the hands of the Kurds, the British, and the Sunni Arabic speaking Iraqis, America has no survival chance whatsoever.

Ignorance of Historical Realities: Reason for US failure

These are the realities the US failed to understand – let alone take into consideration:

1. Iraq never existed; it is a bogus-term that disfigures the Mesopotamia’s most basic historical realities.

2. The geographical area’s name is Aram Nahrain, and this is translated in Turkish and other modern languages as Mesopotamia. There cannot be other name, except one wants to open the Pandora’s box.

3. There are various nations, ethnic-linguistic and religious groups in that country. Due to antagonisms exacerbated by the colonial practice of ‘divide et impera’, these nations cannot live together. They must be separated and freedom, democratic society’s rules, self-determination must be guaranteed to all of them, except the small group that, after tyrannizing the rest for more than 30 years, proved to be prone to terrorist practices of the most inhuman nature.

Mesopotamian Ethnic – Religious Groups for a Canton –Building Effort

4. The Mesopotamian groups that have to be taken into consideration in any canton building effort are:

- the Aramaeans, improperly and divisively called Assyrians and Chaldaeans
- the Mandaean Aramaeans (not Christian Aramaeans as the aforementioned)
- the Turkmens
- the Armenians
- the Yazidi Kurds, rejected by the Muslim Kurds, and often oppressed and terrorized as supposedly Satanists
- the Mokri speaking Kurds
- the Sorani speaking Kurds
- the Bahdinani speaking Kurds
- the Hawleri speaking Kurds
- the Gorani speaking Kurds (who belong to the Ahl-e Haq religion)
- the Arabic speaking Shia of the Mesopotamian South.

Only a Severe Punishment of Saddam’s Sunni Thugs will guarantee Peace.

5. No one can seriously accept to take the Arabic speaking Sunni into consideration as participatory group in the arrangement of the Mesopotamian affairs. The collectively guilty and criminal group of the terrorist gang that inhumanly and perfidiously served for decades the bloodthirsty dictator Saddam Hussein stands accused for all the crimes committed by the fallen regime.

They acted as thugs of the same gang, exploited for their profit the country resources, excluded all the rest from the country administration, representation and economy, and shamelessly shared all the decisions taken by their condemned leader, supported their materialization and carried out the implementation in the most meticulous way.

All the other groups suffered because of the tyrannical attitude the Arabic speaking Sunni expressed towards them for decades without a moment of regret or repentance. All the other groups were met with robbery, expropriation, expulsion, plight, imprisonment, serial extrajudicial killings, torture, mass extermination, without even having the right to complain; the luckiest of them crossed warfronts and terribly inaccessible mountains to escape fleeing the Hell the Arabic speaking Sunnis methodically, cynically, and obstinately had delivered.

If you do not punish the Gangster, you are not Christian, Mr. Bush!

6. It is out of the question that any situation will be remedied without Justice being made first. It is anti-Christian, anti-Islamic, anti-Jewish, and ultimately antihuman. Yet, for more than four – idiotically wasted – years the US President and his useless Vice-President comically pretend to attempt to solve the issue without tackling the Sunni issue first.

Who would consider as normal that no one is punished in Germany in the aftermath of WW II?

How logical is it to limit the Iraq trials to a few people around Saddam Hussein and inhumanly let the Sunni group unpunished?

What can be done in Iraq now?

With America failed, with the Islamic terrorism running high among the unpunished Arabic speaking Sunni, with the Islamic Terror explosion seriously threatening Israel, with Russia and Iran highly concerned and keen to cause a major defeat to both America and Europe, and with the EU in severe implosion, only Turkey is left to properly defend the principles of Democracy, Secularism, Freedom, Liberal Economy and Human Rights.

Perhaps some West European mendacious politicians would dare reject this conclusion, questioning Turkey’s credentials and referring to issues like the Kurds and the Armenians. This is ridiculous; they should rather question the credentials of the totalitarian, bogus-democratic France where the Corsicans and the Basks have been massacred and demonized as terrorists, because they demand Independence.

How dare they speak about Turkey’s violations of the rights of the Kurds and at the same time they keep silent in front of the tyrannical efforts to uproot Breton, Alsacian and Occitanian?

Only Turkey can avert an Islamic Terror Volcano Explosion in Iraq.

Turkey can help avert the ominous rise of the Anti-Western, Islamic Terror alliances between the Saudi King and some Arabic speaking Iraqi Sunni terrorist cells.

Turkey can help thwart the grip of King Abdullah’s murderous world view of a Palestinian – Jordanian kingdom that would incorporate Jordan, Palestine, parts of Iraq and Saudi Arabia, and pursue an all-out attack on Israel, targeting to annihilate the Zionist state, and make of Jerusalem the new capital of a barbaric, pseudo-Islamic caliphate.

Turkey to decompose Iran

Turkey can prevent the Iranian rise in power, and help decompose the horrid and nightmarish realm of the Ayatullahs that the Americans and the Europeans are by definition unable to confront, except by nuclear weapons.

Turkey to impose Order and Democracy in Iraq, after US failure

Turkey can help establish Order, Freedom, Democracy and Justice in Iraq. With its centuries old know how, with its Ottoman experience, self-criticism and correct perception of the Wahhabi danger for the entire Mankind, with its Kemalist version of Secular Democracy for Muslims, with millions of Circassians, Turkmens, Turks and Azeris in Iraq and Iran as its natural allies, Turkey can
- impose Peace in Mesopotamia,
- adjust the correct punishment on the Iraqi Sunni terrorists,
- help establish small cantons of ethnic-linguistic and religious character in Mesopotamia, and
- guarantee the safety of numerous small ethnic-linguistic and religious groups that are seriously threatened by the Sunni criminals, the Shia lunatics, and the pseudo-democratic, Kurdish proxies of France.

France and Kurds: responsible for the Armenian Genocide

Unreasonably slandered for the Armenian massacres, Turkey can demonstrate in practice that

a. it is a very different state than the Ottoman Empire,
b. the real inventor of the Armenian massacres was not the Sultan’s administration but Colonial France and Tsarist Russia that through triggering events exposed the Armenian populations to well anticipated Ottoman reprisals.
c. the real perpetrator of the Armenian massacres was the bulk of the Kurdish populations of the eastern provinces of the Ottoman Empire.
Turkey as protector of – among others – Aramaeans, Armenians, Yezidi Kurds, and Gorani speaking Kurds will be able to set up a multinational confederation of cantons that will help Mesopotamia return to peaceful and civilized life.

Withdrawing forces, America to ask Turkey to send 400000 soldiers in Iraq

Following the results of the forthcoming elections and the termination of the Erdogan – Islamist cholera, America has no other way to leave Iraq in peace but to call on Secular, Democratic Turkey to intervene in complete replacement of the American military forces.

That is why the inconsiderate and absentminded American Defence Secretary, Robert Gates, should rethink times and again before repeating his nonsensical statement that the United States is "squarely opposed to unilateral Turkish action, which would destabilise the only calmish bit of Iraq".

Northern Mesopotamia is not calmish, stupid!

Northern Mesopotamia is not calmish; it is a real volcano ready to explode, and if Americans do not recognize their practical impossibility to solve the problem, it will explode, damaging only US and European interests; not Russian, not Iranian, and not Turkish.

Iraq belongs to Turkey

Instead of asking Turkey to stay away from Northern Mesopotamia, Americans should beg Turkish army to intervene and pacify an area that practically speaking belongs to Turkey. That is why, if the shock from the US soldiers’ coffins leaves still some space to reason and serious thought among the minds of the panicked US administration, Americans should immediately stop expressing their idiotic suggestions to use the Iraqi Kurds to help Turkey make peace with the PKK.

If the US wants to avoid a total prestige collapse, the US administration should consult with the winner of the next Turkish parliamentary elections and Geeneral Buyukanit, Chief of the General Staff, about the gradual deployment of 400000 Turkish soldiers in Mesopotamia, following a much deserved closure of the ‘Iraqi’ bogus-parliament and the unrepresentative and undemocratic federal governments and ministries of a country – cradle of Terrorism.

By removing the entire Sunni population from their places and relocating them in camps,

by transferring populations according to well demarctaed zones,

by proclaiming federal zones for Aramaeans, Shia Mesopotamians, Turkmens and Kurds,

by delineating enclaves for various ethnic – religious groups with the Mesopotamian Kurdistan, and

by extending Turkey’s borders to Kuwait and Saudi Arabia,

America removes every threat emanating from Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Islamic terrorist groups.

Qasr-e Shirin borders for Turkey

With Turkish soldiers on the entire Ottoman – Persian borderline that was consecrated by the Qasr-e Shirin treaty, America will be sure that any real threat against Israel has been removed.

If not with the US, Turkey can be in Iraq, striking a deal with Russia and Iran

Otherwise, the US administration, if proved paranoid and demented, will attest the rise of an unpredictable alliance between Secularist Turkey, Absolutist Russia, and Lunatic Iran that will be detrimental to US and European interests. One should not expect only an Islamist Turkey to commit itself to such an alliance.

If Turkey’s rightful position in Mesopotamia is not guaranteed through NATO and the US because of their impotence, Secularist Turkey will be the excellent balance between Russia and the Islamic extremists. Turkey has always studied the eventuality of a US return to isolationism and of a Nazi comeback in Europe.

It is true that Kemal Ataturk did not invent most of the principles, values and ideals he introduced and implemented in 1920s Turkey; his sources of inspiration can be found in the Enlightenment Philosophers, Humanist Renaissance, and the American Revolution. All applied within an Islamic background and context.

But if one day America disappears or returns to an isolationism, and Europe goes back to the Dark Ages under a leader who would be more excruciating than Hitler or Stalin, Turkey would not follow.

With its almost century old practice of Kemalism, and with its 16 centuries old imperial tradition, Turkey would be the only standard-bearer of the ideals and the principles that would fall into oblivion in Europe.

People like Robert Gates should remember this, as their country is very new, truly recent.