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Arameans and United Nations Aramean Human Rights


Patriarch Saverios of Antioch

Testimonies of the brilliant historians of the Syrian Church of Antioch on the Aramean origin of our nation, Synonymy: Aramean/Syrian.


Aramean history, language and culture

A six partite comprehensive interview with the chairman of the Aram-Nahrin



Question: Who were the ancient Assyrians? Were they simply one ethnicity or a composition of many nations/ tribes?


Who made the East- Aramean Nestorians known as "Assyrians"?


How "Assyrian" fanaticism resulted in terrorism (here, here).


World Council Arameans/ Syriac Universal Alliance (WCA/SUA)


WCA/SUA and terrorism


WCA/SUA: Grave Human Rights violators, international syndicate of hate mongers.


Colonialism, "Assyrianism", terrorism, occultism, downfall of the Aramean nation in the Middle-East and their Diaspora


Aramean people: Aramean people (not to be confused with ‘Armenians’) speak Aramaic, the language spoken by Abraham, Moses and Jesus. They are the indigenous people of what was called in ancient times Aram- Nahrin, in our days it is called ‘Mesopotamia’.

Some Arameans today identify themselves with “Assyrians”, because of the spiritual colonial hate generating activities of the Western missionaries and diplomats in the Middle-East in 16th and 19th centuries. Other Arameans became known as “Chaldeans”. However all of them are Arameans.

In Turkey, the Arameans are called: Süryani. In Arabic they are called Al- Suryan.

The Arameans of Mesopotamia, are the indigenous people of Mesopotamia who; like has been expressed in the introduction of the Multimedia project “The Hidden Pearl”; have paid an ineradicable contribution to the world civilization; especially trough their language; the Aramaic; which was spoken amongst others by Abraham Moses and Jesus Christ. This ancient Semitic people, now divided into various denominations and spread throughout the middle-east; have been in Mesopotamia-the Cradle of Civilization- since thousands of years.



In the ancient times; the Cradle of the forefathers was called “Aramnahrin (or: Aram- Nahrin)” in Aramaic; which means,, the Aram of the two rivers”. The counterpart Hebrew word for “Aram-Nahrin” is ,, Aram-Naharaim”; a term which we encounter in the Old Testament. The Greek people have translated,, Aram-Naharaim” by “Mesopotamia; a name which many got familiarized with during their education.


 Although history clearly testify that we are the rightful and the legitimate owners of Aram-Naharaim, we never made any territorial claims or aspirations, as other nations have done, by means of violent uprising and bloodshed.


On the contrary, instead, the peaceful minded Arameans of Aram-Naharaim have always tried to live in peace, love, respect, dignity and brotherhood with other nations in the Middle East; treating them with brotherly respect and obeying the laws of the countries in which they reside.


 However, we painfully observe that today’s reality is that our people are being ignored, discriminated against, and treated as second class citizens in their own homelands, the cradle of the forefathers, which are now occupied, and dominated by other peoples.  As a result of this their fundamental human rights are being violated and some nations try to exterminate them by means of ethnic cleansing.

 This only shows the world community that the Aramean policy of love, brotherhood and respect, is not part of the belief system of some of the countries and peoples in the Middle East whose dictionary lacks words like respect, brotherhood and peace.


 Our experience from the many centuries of discrimination and persecution proves to us that many groups and peoples are not familiar with the Aramean concept of peaceful cooperation, but would rather resort to the path of intolerance and fanaticism – the path of the ‘ Sword” ; a path which has opened the way for bloodshed, hatred and genocide.


 It was the path of the intolerance which almost has annihilated our people, because they were different, they spoke the language of Jesus Christ; they were continuation of thousands of years of culture and rich history and they were the continuation of the ancient Christianity.  It was this very path of intolerance, which in 1914-1918 claimed the lives of approximately 600,000 Arameans of different denominations, whose nation is still feeling the injustice of such acts.


Indigenous and ethnical rights


  1. Nowhere in the middle-east, except in Israel, the Aramean people are officially recognized as an ethnic minority; in some countries they are, to a limited extent; recognized as religious minority.

  2. Nowhere in the middle-east are the Aramean people recognized as the original inhabitants of Aram-Naharaim; that is to say: as the indigenous people of Mesopotamia.

  3. Nowhere in the middle-east do the Aramean people enjoy the minimum fundamental human rights.

  4. Nowhere in the middle-east are their the cultural and social rights/privileges recognized.

  5. Nowhere in the middle-east are their contributions to the world civilizations being recognized and endorsed.

  6. In a country like Turkey for example, which pretends to be democratic and is politically orientating to the Western world; the Aramean language is officially not recognized and the people even do not “exist” as ethnical minority.

Living in the 21st century the fundamental human rights question dominates the agenda of the international community. It is however very painful to observe that a people who have contributed so much to the world civilization are barely rewarded by the same world.  

Because of these facts; we established the Arameans of Aram-Naharaim Foundation to focus the attention of the international community on one of the oldest Semtic peoples still in existence; who have been continuously present for thousands of years in the area of Aram-Naharaim and have left an ineradicable cultural stamp on the world heritage.


Dutch Website

29-12-2023: War on Gaza: Powerful Message of Pastor Chuck Baldwin to US Evangelical Leaders regarding horrors taking place in Gaza
14-11-2023: Hamas's attack on Israel and its consequences for the Middle East and the World

17-3-2023: Iraq: 20 Aramean families leave Iraq monthly

26-4-2022: Tur Abdin: Aramean monastery St. Jacob of Sarug in Tur Izlo, the games of Kurds and Turks, sentence of Aramean monk Sefer Aho Bilecen and the fake news about the Aramean nation.
1-6-2021: Depleted Uranium, poisoning of Iraq and laying a complaint against United States
17-3-2021: Inventive in wickedness, $1.2 million for White Helmets and destabilization of Syria.
28-5-2020: Destruction, piracy, theft and looting of the Syrian and Iraqi oil
8-5-2020: Mainstream media and fake news: wars, uprisings, chaos, bloodbaths, deception, demonization, blackmail, Iraq, Syria, Douma (East Ghouta), Idlib and the murder of Qassem Soleimani

Update December 12, 2019: Arameans of Iraq and Syria: when the blind is leading the blind and is serving as extermination tool in the hands of illuminati.

More on Nimrod/ Asshur antichrist, Semiramis and increasing occultism within Arameo- “Assyrians”, the fake “Assyrians”

27-8-2019: Arsons in Tur Abdin: Aramean Zahfaran monastery (St. Hananyo), Midun (Öğündük) and villages in Izlo mountain

1-8-2019: Arameans of Syria: unprecedented terror of the darling children of the colonial Western powers against the Aramean nation
25-6-2019: Liberation” of Iraq and the downfall, persecution and marginalization of the Aramean nation
20-4-2019: Finally the truth comes out: Isa Gulten/ Garis, St. Gabriel monastery and glorification of the unholy colonial Western anti-Aramean invention “Assyrianism.”
9-2-2019: With approval and under protection of the colonial Western powers: Unprecedented Terror of Kurdish YPG/PKK terrorists and “Assyrian” terrorists against the Aramean nation of Syria
4-7-2018: Colonialism, “Assyrianism”, terrorism, occultism, downfall of the Aramean nation in the Middle-East and their Diaspora
23-4-2018: The Western Anti-Aramean colonial product “Assyrians” and unconditional loyalty to PKK/YPG and Abdullah Ocalan
4-11-2017: NATO/ Western weapons and (Aramean) blood sacrifices by ISIS/ISIL terrorists in Syria
22-8-2017: Arameans of Iraq: the tears of Archbishop Nicodemus Daoud Sharaf, liberation and devastation of Mosul
2-2-2017: Arameans of Aram-Nahrin organization sent a congratulation letter to US President Donald Trump
6-1-2017: Aramean Genocide and merciful Hammo Sharro of Shingal/ Sinjar, Mohammad Sheikh of tribe Tayy and Sheikh Fathallah of Aynkaf
23-9-2016: Arameans of Aram-Naharaim Organization and the Aramean Democratic Organization sent a letter to Iraqi Government and ask for recognition of Aramean people
21-6-2016: Terroristic attack on the Arameans of Beth Zalin/ Kamishli after inauguration of Aramean Genocide monument by Patriarch Afrem Karim.
28-5-2016: Syria: Desecration of cemetery in Deir Ezzor and three Aramean martyrs in Beth Zalin /Kamishli........
2-5-2016: After the Turks come Kurds.... Arameans, Gog and Magog......
17-2-2016: Chemical attack on Ghouta, Damascus in 2013, Arameans, Kurds and Turks....
31-12-2015: Aramean blood again flows in Syria: Terror attack on the Arameans of Kamishli
11-12-2015: From Mosul to Hassake and Al- Quaryatayn,...... The boys of the Western colonial illuminati powers wreak havoc: The indigenous Arameans are the dupes
17-7-2015: Turkey, Syria and Iraq: Arameans, the downfall of an indigenous nation, Part II
13-4-2015: Hundred Year Ottoman Genocide: Aram-Naharaim Organization and Aramean Democratic Organization send a letter to the EPP Group of the European Parliament
23-3-2015: Hundred year Aramean Genocide: Old and New genocide. ISIS/ISIL terrorists attack Arameo- Assyrian and Arameo- Chaldean villages in Khabour in Syria
6-3-2015: Aramean Democratic Organization (ArDO): To our Aramean organizations that belong to the Syriac Orthodox Church
29-1-2015: The deep rooted demonic hatred against the Aramean indigenous nation
19-9-2014: A commendable and historical landmark: Israel recognizes as the first country in the world the Arameans of Aram-Nahrin as distinct ethnic minority

6-9-2014: Arameans, Mosul, Plain of Nineveh, Yazidis of Sinjar (Singal), colonial machinations, ISIS (ISIL) monster and downfall of Iraq
30-6-2014: More and more Kurds recognize their own role in the Ottoman genocide……
30-5-2014: Turkey, Syria and Iraq: Arameans, the downfall of an indigenous nation: Part 1
28-4-2014: Ottoman genocide: 99 years ago, will it be recognized before its 100th anniversary?
21-2-2014: Arameans of Iraq and Syria: when the blind is leading the blind and is serving as extermination tool in the hands of illuminati.
7-1-2014: The two Aramean bishops: used as blackmail and bargaining instrument by odious powers……
29-11-2013: Aramean bishop: What happened in Sadad is the most serious and biggest massacre of Christians in Syria in the past two years and a half…….The such-and-such massacre of Arameans of Syria: Who is responsible?
7-10-2013: “Free Syria” according to the colonial model: Ritual slaughtering, ethnic cleansing, eating human lungs and feeding unclean and uncircumcised ones to dogs! 'Why don't you become a Muslim? Then you can be free'
27-6-2013: Aramean Catholic Priest Killed in Syria
16-5-2013: The mysterious kidnapping of the two Aramean bishops, the contradictory reports in some media, the possible responsible ones …. and the possible dénouement…………..
23-4-2013: Two Aramean bishops kidnapped in Syria
15-4-2013: The use of chemical weapons by the colonial powers supported death squads and terrorists in Syria (fake name: “liberators.”)

Invasion Iraq: 10 years later


19-3-2013: Iraq After 10 Year

26-3-2013: Iraq, 10 Years Later : Living with No Future

26-3-2013: 10 Years Later, U.S. Legacy in Iraq: Death, Disease, Devastation, Displacement

25-3-2013: Ten Years After: A National Disgrace

25-3-2013: The Iraq War, 10 Years Later: Better To Remember Than Forget

21-3-2013: 10 Years Later: The Mysterious Why of the Iraq War

20-3-2013: THE INVASION OF IRAQ: 10 YEARS ON: Search and Destroy: The rape of Iraq

19-3-2013: 10-Year Iraq War Anniversary: What We’ve Learned

19-3-2013: Iraq 10 years on: the myth of 'shock and awe'

20-3-2013: 10 Years Later: The Mysterious Why of the Iraq Why

19-3-2013: Fabricated Iraq War WMD Pretext: Who was behind the “Terrorist Network” in Northern Iraq, Baghdad or Washington?

26-3-2013: War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity: The Story of U.S. Exceptionalism in Iraq

25-3-2013: Canada’s Secret War: IRAQ – Ten Years After “Shock and Awe"

9-4-2013: US-trained death squads organized torture sites across Iraq

4-4-2013: Yes, there were winners in Iraq – federal contractors

3-4-2013: Iraq War Actors Have No Shame

1-4-2013: West wrecked Iraq under democracy guise

29-3-2013: Canada’s Secretive Role in Iraq

Destruction of Life in Iraq: Depleted Uranium

9-4-2013: Iraq's environmental catastrophe worse than Hiroshima’: Depleted Uranium

25-3-2013: Birth Defects Plague Iraq: Depleted Uranium

1-4-2013: The Impacts of Depleted Uranium. Cancer, Birth Defects and The Children of Iraq: How the BBC Turns Realities Upside Down

22-3-2013: The Legacy of Horror for Children in Iraq

21-3-2013: Face To Face With Death In Iraq

20-3-2013: Ten Years Later, U.S. Has Left Iraq with Mass Displacement & Epidemic of Birth Defects, Cancers

29-12-2010: Depleted Uranium, “liberation of Iraq”, “Democracy”, “defected Iraqi children”, Mr. Bush and Mr. Khanna


See for more: http://www.iraqichristians.org/English/iraqichristians.htm

21-1-2013: Iraq: Aramean teacher and student killed in Mosul
19-12-2012: Syria: Has the time arrived to carry out a false flag attack with chemical weapons to be used by the colonial powers as pretext to invade Syria?
27-10-2012: Iraqi Aramean leader mourns on languishing away of Aramean presence… unseen hand… our concerns … the New World Order (NWO)… Paradigm Shift… Petrus Romanus….
22-8-2012: Welcome to the website of the Aramean Christians of Syria. Following Iraq, now the Aramean indigenous nation of Syria will be exterminated and forced into Diaspora by the Western colonial powers
2-8-2012: Balkanization of Syria: Who will be the winners and who will be the losers? What will happen with the indigenous Arameans present in this area since thousands of years?
23-7-2012: Syria: The good ones and the bad ones, which side do you support? The story of the Aramean sister Agnes Miriam
28-6-2012: .........reported back that Western press was spreading disinformation about the real nature of the uprising in Syria and thereby prolonging and deepening the conflict…………The imminent genocide and ethnic cleansing of Arameans and other minorities
18-5-2012: Is the colonial demonic plan being activated to ethnically cleanse Syria of its indigenous Aramean and other Christians?
22-2-2012: Iraq: We have left behind a "sovereign, stable and self-reliant Iraq"

13-12-2011: Climax of Madness: The unholy colonial product “Assyrians” wants together with Muslim brotherhood to topple the regime of Bashar Assad. How the odious demonic colonial powers maneuver their spiritual children and creation into the abyss to exterminate the Aramean nation of Syria.

9-12-2011Genocide warning issued for Middle-East

3-12-2011:“The use of mercenaries, death squads and snipers by Western intelligence agencies is well documented,,Will the ethnic cleansing of the Arameans of Iraq serve as a example to the future ethnic cleansing of Arameans of Syria?
1-12-2011: Disposing the Middle-East of Aramean, Coptic and other Christians: a demonic plan concocted in the antichristian malignant laboratories of colonial powers
26-10-2011: "Liberation” Iraq: Extermination Aramean Christians “Liberation” Egypt: burning churches and slaughtering of Coptic Christians
24-9-2011: “Liberation” of Iraq: Extermination of Arameans of Iraq. “Liberation” of Syria…..?????......

19-8-2011: Iraq and Arameans: The usual ritual, blowing up their churches

7-6-2011: The uproar in the Middle-East and the future of the Aramean nation.

31-3-2011: Turkey, Islamic conference in Pakistan in 1980, Aramean monastery St. Gabriel, ethnic cleansing of Arameans and the apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians”

18-1-2010: Abrogation in Islam and the Persecution of Christians
12-1-2011: The Copts of Egypt and the Arameans of Mesopotamia: Two ancient nations targeted by fanaticism and bloodbaths.
29-12-2010: Arameans of Iraq: persecutions, massacres, plundering and ethnic cleansing. Who is reaping profit from this bloodshed? Who is responsible for this? The real murderers of the Arameans of Iraq
23-11-2010: Aramean blood continue to flow in Iraq: Two Aramean brothers killed in Mosul.
13-11-2010: Aramean Democratic Organisation: Arming our Aramean people in Iraq is the last way out
11-11-2010: An Aramean spiritual leader makes a dramatic appeal: Leave Iraq. Again, the Aramean Christians of Baghdad attacked
6-11-2010: The new chairman of Suryoye Federation Netherlands introduces himself: Empty talk or decisiveness? Minutes Suryoye Federation Holland: the new chairman withholds crucial information from the people.
5-11-2010: Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemns in strong words the terrorist attack on the Aramean Catholic church in Baghdad
1-11-2010: Bloodbath among the Arameans of Baghdad: Something like this never happened
19-10-2010: Exhibition on Tur Abdin: The heartland of the Aramean nation
24-9-2010: What is worst? Burning of the Koran or burning of a Christian and raping his wife?
20-9-2010: SUA and allowing terrorism: Syriac Universal Alliance (SUA) and the affiliate organizations celebrate their new year reception with a individual who have been involved with terrorism.
25-8-2010: SUA and Human Rights: How does this fit with each other? Minutes Syriac Universal Alliance (SUA): Crusades against the non- affiliate organisations
27-7-2010: Aram-Nahrin Organisation sends a letter to the Turkish minister of Interior Affairs on the plastering of the Aramean St. Jacob Church of Nisibin
19-7-2010: Centuries Old Aramean church of St. Jacob of Nisibin in Tur Abdin in Turkey is plastered with racist, anti-Aramean and antichristian slogans.

19-6-2010: A convicted “Assyrian” GHB/PKK/ADO terrorist for 6 months jail is fully being honored and idolized: is this a sign of falling away and is judgment at hand? Why no attention for his victims and their family?

14-6-2010: A UN meeting in the North of Iraq on security situation
17-5-2010: Iraq: The 19 years old Aramean girl Sandy Shabib Hadi Zahra succumbs to her injuries
24-4-2010: Shutting down of Aramaic institute: It would be a travesty for Syria
23-3-2010: Aramean Organizations sent a letter to the United Nations and ask for the protection of the Aramean people of Iraq
10-3-2010: Exodus Arameans from Mosul: According to recent UN report more than 5000 Arameans have left Mosul.
6-3-2010: Patriarch of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch condemns the attacks on the Aramean Christians of Mosul
3-3-2010: Exodus of the Arameans of Mosul continues undiminished: According to UN report already 720 Aramean families (4320 people) have left Mosul
1-3-2010: Peaceful demonstration on Sunday 28th of February 2010 by the Aramean Orthodox and Catholics in Baghdeda (Qaraqosh), northern Iraq.
27-2-2010: Council of Churches in Iraq appeals to the government to protect the Aramean Christians in Mosul
26-2-2010: The Arameans of Mosul: A new Exodus and Ethnic cleansing is going on
18-2-2010: The Arameans of Iraq again victim of killings and bloodbaths.
23-1-2010: Aramaeans Show the Way to Oromos, Baluch, Berbers, Iraqi Turkmen, Ogadenis, Other Oppressed Nations
14-1-2010: Aramean organizations sent a letter to the President of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, His Excellency Juan Evo Morales Ayma
24-12-2009: A Christmas “message” for the Arameans of Mosul: Four Aramean Churches attacked and one Aramean killed

10-12-2009: Aramean St. Mary church in Turkey, Diyarbekir, church bells and minartes: It is at it again with AINA, the International Lie and Hate machine.

1-12-2009: Aramean Organizations sent a letter to the new elected president of the European Union
11-11-2009: Prime minister of Turkey: A Muslim can never commit genocide
26-10-2009: Exactly one month and one day after the dramatic appeal of Iraqi President to the United Nations, two car bombs were detonated in the neighborhood of the Green Zone in Baghdad, Iraq.
21-9-2009: Arabic Translations Documents Aram-Nahrin
1-9-2009: Arameans of Iraq: The East- Aramean Chaldean bishop Louis Sako of Kirkuk sounds the alarm bell

29-8-2009: Totally unfounded or has it a grain of truth in it? Greater- Israel and the ethnic cleansing of the Arameans of Mosul and surroundings in Iraq

24-8-2009: Cardinal Emmanuel Delly of the East- Aramean Chaldean Church of Babylon in Iraq denounces the proposed fake name "Chaldean- Syrian- Assyrians"
13-8-2009: Aram-Nahrin attends the 2nd meeting of Expert Mechanism on Indigenous Peoples
14-7-2009: The Special UN envoy to Iraq, Mr. Ad Melkert, want extra protection for the Aramean Christians in Iraq.
14-7-2009: The Aramean Democratic Organisation (ArDO) condemns the attacks on the Aramean Churches in Iraq.
13-7-2009: Seven Indigenous Aramean Churches in Baghdad (Iraq) attacked by car bombs.
6-7-2009: Arameans of Aram-Nahrin Organisation sent a letter to the President of Syria, Dr. Bashar al- Assad on the situation of the Aramean indigenous people.
8-6-2009: Arameans in the Media and the camps of the Western missionaries: Disinformation, cultural genocide and colonialism
20-5-2009: Aramean Organizations sent a letter to the President and Prime Minister of Turkey on the Aramean Monastery St. Gabriel and recognition of the Aramean indigenous people as a distinct ethnic minority.
11-5-2009: Questions in the EU Parliament on the Aramean Monastery in Turkey
7-5-2009: Arameans of Turkey, the Aramean monastery St. Gabriel
4-5-2009: Aramean blood continues to flow in Iraq…
25-4-2009: Aramean Democratic Organisation and the general elections in Lebanon: Online interview with Mr. Roni Doumit.
17-4-2009: Where the language of Jesus stars on football field

17-4-2009: Endangered Aramaic language makes a comeback in Syria. Syrian president Assad has set up an institute to revive interest in the language of Christ

17-4-2009: Turkey´s Ongoing Colonization, the Aramaeans, the Kurds, the Armenians, Pan-Arabism and Islamism
23-3-2009: Western European Colonial Odium and Evildoing Against the Aramaeans and the Oriental Christianity
28-2-2009: Turkey, Kurds, the Aramean monastery St. Gabriel and worldwide Aramean protest.
30-1-2009: Arameans and Aramean Genocide: Aramean Organizations met with the Parliamentarian Harry van Bommel of the (Dutch) Socialist Party on the situation in Turkey.
28-1-2009: Sabri Atman and Hezbollah- Aram: Sabri Atman: A man of standards and values or... an manipulator and abuser of the Aramean Physical Genocide to promote the immoral western criminal spiritual colonial and slavery product "Assyrians"?
3-1-2009: An important Kurdish Leader in Turkey apologizes for the contribution of the Kurds to the Aramean Genocide of 1915- Appeal to Ahmet Turk.
19-12-2008: Pseudo-Assyrians, Pseudo-Chaldaeans, and the Cultural – National Needs of the Aramaean Nation
18-12-2008: Syriacs, "Assyrians" and "Chaldaeans" are all Aramaeans
11-12-2008: The hateful and malicious (spiritual) terror campaign of the Evangelical Broadcasting Channel against the Christian Aramean nation continues undiminished…….

4-12-2008: Aramean Organisations sent a letter to President-elect Barack Obama: Help the persecuted Aramean people of the Middle-East.

15-11-2008: Iraq: The bloodshed of Aramean people and bombardment of churches continues undiminished.

5-11-2008: Aramean organizations’ appeal to the United Nations: Help to prevent ethnic cleansing Iraq of its Aramean indigenous nation.
28-10-2008: Patriarch Emmanuel Delly of the Chaldean Church of Babylon in Iraq affirms the Aramean origin of the Iraqi Christians
27-10-2008: Attempt of ethnic cleansing Mosul: The Aramean Srebrinica. Who is responsible and why?
14-10-2008: Aramean indigenous nation of Iraq: Removal of article 50, exclusion, killings, persecutions, displacements and ethnic cleansing in Mosul erea.
11-10-2008: Aram-Naharaim attends the first meeting of the newly established UN Expert Mechanism On the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
26-9-2008:The Ongoing Aramaean Genocide, the Fabricated Pseudo-"Assyrian" Nation
17-9-2008: Persecuted Aramaeans, a Pseudo-Nation of 'Assyrians,' "Kurdish" (PKK) Terrorists, and the Anti-Christ
16-9-2008: The primitive, superseded, yet very dangerous ADO ideology unmasked: Jesus Christ the Assyrian?
3-9-2008: Again two Arameans killed in Iraq
17-7-2008: A monstrous covenant between the PKK and the organization of the apostate Arameans who identify themselves as “Assyrians”, namely: The Assyrian Democratic Organisation.  Goal of this covenant: To falsify the Aramean history, Mr. Abdullah Ocalan says "The history will be rewritten"
5-7-2008: Assyria and Syria: Synonyms? The justification of a lie-identity on a foundation of sand.
10-5-2008: Aramean Organisations ask United Nations for help to protect the Aramean clergy and people of Iraq. Aram-Naharaim Organisation and Aramaic Democratic Organisation
22-4-2008: Aramean Organisations ask for protection of Aramean spiritual leaders in Iraq: Aram-Naharaim Organisation and Aramaic Democratic Organisation.
11-4-2008: Through all the misery: Miracles happens in Iraq: Shall the blood shed of Mgr. Paulus Faraj Raho, priest Yusuf Adel Abudi, priest Ragied Aziz Gannie and priest Paulus Iskander cause fraternization between the various Aramean denominations in Iraq?
7-4-2008: Sunday 6-4-2008: Funeral of the West- Aramean Syrian Orthodox Priest Yusuf Adel Abudi
5-4-2008: Again a Aramean spiritual leader is killed in Iraq. This time: The West- Aramean Syrian orthodox priest Yusuf Adel Abudi in Bagdad
16-3-2008: Mgr. Paulus Faraj Raho: A Great Spiritual Leader and a Worthy Sheppard in Charge of Jesus Christ.
16-3-2008: Dutch Political Parties ask questions to the Netherlands minister of foreign affairs on the killing of the East- Aramean Chaldean bishop Paulus Faraj Rahho.
15-3-2008: Mgr. Faraj Raho on the war in Iraq and how Christians should respond to it.
14-3-2008: Funeral of Mgr. Paulus Faraj Raho in St. Addai Church in Karemlesh
13-3-2008: The East- Aramean Chaldean bishop Paulus Faraj Raho killed in Mosul
1-3-2008: East- Aramean Chaldean bishop in Mosul, Iraq abducted
23-2-2008: Aramean centre for art and culture has been opened in Ankawa, northern Iraq
13-2-2008: The Aramean sociologist Fuad Deniz was not killed by the Turks, but slaughtered by his cousin. The true face of hypocrite, resentful and vicious racists unmasked
4-2-2008: Appeal of the Aramaic Democratic Organisation (ArDO) to the Aramaean people worldwide
7-1-2008: Aramean Churches and institutions in Iraq under Attack
5-1-2008: Is Sweden creating conditions for a new Aramean genocide? Spiritual crusades of Professor David Gaunt against the Aramean nation
28-11-2007: Aramean monk kidnapped in Tur Abdin (Turkey)
13-11-2007: What is in a Name? German NGO accepts Aramaean Nation, rejects 'Assyrian' Misnomer! After 30 years of mistaken predilection for the fallacious terms 'Assyrian' and 'Chaldaean' for the great historical nation of Aramaeans of the Middle East, a positive change!
25-10-2007: Finally waked up: After 30 years listening to, spreading, glorifying and defending lies, distortions, fallacies and manipulations of the immoral Western Spiritual colonization and slavery product “Assyrians”.
15-10-2007: Save Aramaean Christianity in Iraq! Letter to Pres. Talabani, Premier Maliki
9-10-2007: The Aramaic Democratic Organisation (ArDO), Aram-Naharaim Organisation and the three bishops of the Syrian Orthodox Church in Iraq sent a letter to the Iraqi government.
28-9-2007:  Plead for the Unification of Aramaeans - Letter to US and French Presidents, UK Premier
25-9-2007: Aram-Nahrin sends a letter to President George Bush, President Nicolas Sarkozy and Prime Minister Gordon Brown
15-9-2007: Wikipedia and the continuation of Western Spiritual Colonial practices: The source and platform for spread and promotion of “Assyrian” terrorism: history distortions, hatred, lies, slander, attacks, deliberate misrepresentation and manipulations to misguide the independent reader.
22-8-2007: AINA: The international lie- and hate machine and the cause of killing, persecution and decline of the Arameans of Iraq.
8-8-2007: No Peace in Iraq without the Aramaeans
4-7-2007: Interview with the Chairman of Aram-Nahrin Part 6 (final): Aramean – Armenian Massacres of the Ottoman Times: a Kurdish Responsibility
3-7-2007: Interview with the Chairman of Aram- Nahrin Part 5: Extermination of the Aramaean Nation: Results of an Anglo – French Plan
2-7-2007: Interview with the Chairman of Aram-Nahrin Part 4: Do not Call the Illustrious Nation of Aramaeans by the Misnomer 'Assyrians'!
30-6-2007: West- Aramean Catholic Policemen killed and East- Aramean home bombed in Iraq.
29-6-2007: The racist German company Parsimony and the terrorist “Assyrians” start a slander campaign against the Honorable Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis and the Aramean nation.
28-6-2007: Interview with the Chairman of Aram-Nahrin Part 3: Gabriel Sengo opens the Gates of Aramaean Thought, Culture and Wisdom
27-6-2007: Interview with the Chairman of Aram-Nahrin Part II: Aramaic: the Millennia Long Trajectory of the Global Language
26-6-2007: Interview with the Chairman of Aram-Nahrin: Aram Nahrin: the Aramaeans, the Bible, Christianity, and the West
10-6-2007: East- Aramean Chaldean priest Hani Abdel Ahad kidnapped along with five boys
5-6-2007: East- Aramean Chaldean priest Ragied Aziz Gannie brutally murdered in Mosul along with three deacons by Muslim extremists.
25-5-2007: Terror against Arameans (including "Assyrians" and Chaldeans) of Iraq.
19-5-2007: East- Aramean Chaldean priest in Baghdad kidnapped
12-5-2007: The Only Peaceful 'Iraq' is a confederation named Aram Nahrin - Mesopotamia
18-4-2007: Three Christians killed in Malatya (Turkey)
9-4-2007: Aramean people of Tur Abdin.
4-4-2007: Aramnaharaim sends a report to the European Parliament: Before spitting at the face of the Turks, first remove the awful plank from your own eyes.....Stop with double standards and hypocrisy....
25-1-2007: The Arameans in Turkey unwillingly put in bad light. Turkish Supreme Court: The terrorist organization ADO/GHB “ Assyrians” added to the terror list.
27-12-2006: The archbishop of Canterbury and situation of the Aramean Christians in the middle-east in general and in particular in Iraq.
16-12-2006: Following the American “Christians”, now the Dutch Christians: Spiritual Crusades against the Aramean nation
6-12-2006: Report Iraq Study Group: Aramean Indigenous people of Iraq excluded
26-11-2006: The West- Aramean Isoh Majeed Hadaya killed by terrorists in Iraq
1-11-2006: Aramean and Armenian Mass grave found in Turkey
12-10-2006: Aramean priest beheaded in Mosul (Irak)
23-9-2006: The Anglican Church and the recognition of the Aramean Spiritual Genocide: Appeal to the archbishop of Canterbury
5-9-2006: A great success for the Aramean cause …. the Arameans and the UN…..

10-8-2006: Hate Campaign against Gabriel Rabo by the criminal Western Spiritual and slavery product “Assyrians”

4-8-2006: Aram-Naharaim attends the 24th session of the Working Group on Indigenous Populations and makes 3 statements
5-6-2006: Spiritual (brother) killing of Mgr. J. Y. Cicek
25-5-2006: Arameans in Iraq: The Games of Western missionaries and their product,, Assyrian". A article by Mr. Diayako Xarib
21-5-2006: Aramean spiritual Genocide: The powerful Jesus of the West
14-1-2006: Help sister Hatune to help the Arameans from Kaynak (Urfa) in India
24-12-2005: Hate campaign against Mgr. J. Y. Cicek and the Aramean people in Holland. Conducted by GHB criminals/terrorists and two Dutch newspapers
7-11-2005: Aram-Naharaim foundation in action for the indigenous Aramean people in Iraq
4-11-2005: Recommendation letter from the hand of Mgr. Julius Yeshu Cicek concerning the Aram-Naharaim Foundation
26-10-2005: A disastrous decision of SUA- where are standards and values?
14-10-2005: Where are the Indigenous Christians Aramean people Mr. Bush?
2-9-2005: IRAQ's Modern History, The Arab Majority and The Minorities

18-8-2005: Aramaeans vs. Arabs: The fight between Civilization and Barbarism within Islam

14-8-2005: Islamization: Cultural arabization of the Aramaeans or Cultural aramaization of the Arabs?

10-8-2005: The Aramaeans' rise will transfigure the Middle Eastern
Aram-Naharaim attends 23rd meeting of the United Nations Working Group On the Indigenous Populations (18-22 July 2005)
6-6-2005: Bomb attack on a Aramean priest in Tur Abdin
24-10-2004: Information and publicity evening "Aram-Naharaim and United Nations"
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis: The Arameans of Middle-East are not Arabs
1-8-2004: E-mail from: Professor Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis; Iraq should be renamed: Aram-Nahrin or Aram
Information on the Christians of Iraq; the Christians of the geographical Assyria or "Assyrian Christians"



Spiritual (brother) killing of Mgr. J. Y. Cicek

Funeral of his Grace on 5-11-2005

Biography of Mgr. J. Y. Cicek

The love and support of His Grace Mgr. J. Y. Cicek for the Arameans of Aram-Naharaim Organisation



Letters to governments and international institutions


Arabic Translations: 

 الترجمات العربية


Aramean Spiritual/ Physical Genocide





The courageous Kevin Annet: Unmasking horrible practices  in Canada





Fake News on the Aramean nation:

 Arameans in the Media and colonial camps. Disinformation, cultural genocide and colonialism



Aramaic origin of New Testament


The Aramaic origin of the Fourth Gospel (Rev. C.F. (Charles Fox) Burney 1868-1925)

Jesus Spoke Aramaic

The Aramaic Language and the Study of the New Testament (Joseph A. Fitzmyer, 1980)

Was the New Testament Really Written in Greek?

Aramaic New Testament

The Aramaic Scriptures


Proofs of Peshitta Primacy (Rev. Glenn David Bauscher, 2005)

Did the Jews of Israel 2000 Years Ago, Speak Greek or Aramaic?

Letter Distributions to Determine Primacy


The Aramaic New Testament



Aramaeans vs. Arabs: The fight between Civilization and Barbarism within Islam

Islam: the Cultural Aramaization of the Arabs



Professor Gabriel Sawma and the Christian minorities of the Middle-East:


17-1-2011 Abrogation in Islam and the Persecution of Christians

The Plight of the Christians in the Middle East

Religious Tolerance Forum Hosted By Saudi Arabia

The Great Monastery of St. Gabriel in Captivity

Politics on the Public Mind: "Shari'a Islamic Law in Theory and Practice"




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