Hate campaign against Mgr. J. Y. Cicek and the Aramean people in Holland

Conducted by GHB ,,Assyrian" criminals and two Dutch newspapers

Local newspaper,, Tubantia Twentsche Courant” (Mr. Lucien Baard) and national newspaper ,,Trouw” (Mr. Emiel Hakkenes)

A few weeks after the funeral of Mgr. Cicek, the terrorists of GHB, as later would become known to us, send misinformation to the press in Holland in order to give him kick in his back into his last resting place. We know how inhuman, immoral , cruel, with no standards and values these people are. In fact they are now humans, but de-humanized creatures, who became victim of the horrible criminal fanatical product ,, Assyrian” of the Western missionaries. (See also: http://www.aramnahrin.org/English/Arameans_Iraq_13_5_2006.htm)

 After these bandits send their slanderous information; two newspapers in Holland published, to our feeling, an outrages ,,sewer” story which hurted many of us to presented in this negative way. One of these is newspapers is the local newspapers called, Twentsche Courant /Tubantia” from the hand Lucien Baard and the other one is the national newspaper called ,,Trouw” from the hand of Mr. Emiel Hakkenes. As to the Twentsche Courant/Tubantia, we have the feeling that it deliberately have tried to ridicule Mgr. Cicek for almost 15 years. Taking in account the campaign, conducted by this newspaper for last 15 years, we are convinced that there are some racist people within this newspaper; at least this the feeling we have and the impression we get. The most painfull and slanderous stories were published against the person of Mgr. Cicek by this newspaper. We never got the opportunity to refute this fake and baseless stories. To make the matters worse, this newspaper published on 10-12-2005 to our feeling a tasteless story from the hand of Mr. Lucien baard. From the hand of Mr. Emiel Hakkenes also two articles were published on 14-12 and 22-12-2005 in which Mgr. Cicek was ridiculed.

Since the publication of these stories, our people in Holland get faced with fascistic /racistic remarks and unholy allegations; at least they get rebuffed. People at their work, on schools, on streets and elsewhere get remembered by Dutch people about the bad behavior of their bishop Cicek. Also many make a link with the Turkish Moslim fanatic Metin Kaplan ,,called the Khalief of Kuelen (germany)" who was handed over to Turkey by Germany, because he wanted to establish a Kahliefate in Turkey. We get the feeling that our people is by now being marked as ,,hypocrites". 

We believe firmly that these two newspapers are creating hatred under the cover of ,,freedom of press”; at least is not a positive advertisement for our people. Mr. Emiel Hakkenes published two articles in his newspaper about this issue and calls in a very denigrating way the letter of Mgr. Cicek sent to the faithful of US  as ,, beg letter". We feel this not only as having lack of respect for dead people but also as acting like a bull in a china shop; without having any feeling for whomever. In his second publication on 22-12-2005 he was astonished about the reaction of our people and says,, Nobody denies the facts, but the publication has led to furriers responses. The publication are called 'tasteless disgusting slander' en alleged informants are called 'criminals' who deliberately wanted to damage the community. The media which published about this issue are called 'racists'.

It is clear that we have a different view about ,, taste, values, standards, humanity, dignity, respect" applied on dead people than Mr. Hakkenes apparently has. In the mean time, we got informed exactly about the person who provided the media with this rubbish and indeed, as to our information, he is a terrible terrorist! Below this will be explained in detail.

What is all about?

 To provide the independent reader with a overview about what is going on, it is necessary to give you a some background information, so that you will be able to understand the hate campaign.

 In 1993 the Assyrian Democratic Organization; which promotes and glorifies the product ,,Assyrianism” of the Western spiritual colonialism of 19th century – made a covenant with the leader of the PKK, Mr. Abdullah Ocalan. The outcome of this covenant resulted, roughly speaking- as explained in the newspaper of 1993, in three important agreements:

 1. The ,,Assyrians” the history forgers, the offsprings and the ,,product” of the Western spiritual colonialism of 19th century – would as soon as possible establish a PKK alike organization in order to fight along side by side with the PKK; like explained in the newspaper. They would intensively work to recruit young people in the West for this goal. This organisation became later on known as,, Bethanrin Freedom Party (BFP)” or in Aramaic ,,Gabod d’Hirutho d’Bethnahrin (GHB). Already in 2002 became known that they had recruited around 200 young people for guerrilla activities in northern Iraq. In Holland for example, they held hunger strike demonstrations in front of the police of Enschede and demonstrations in order to involve as much as possible young people with the GHB.

 2. In return for this, ADO asked to glorify and promote the name ,,Assyrian” in the Kurdish media. A sort of ,,Assyrianization” campaign to distort the history of the Aramean people – following the example of the western missionaries. Indeed as from 1994 a enormous campaign was launched in the Kurdish media in which they always talked about ,,Assyrians”. The existence of the indigenous Aramean people was denied.

 3. Thirdly, the promise was made by the PKK that when Kurdistan would be freed, the ,,Assyrians” would share the victory as well.

 Unfortunately for hem, problems arose among the top of GHB. The leader of the GHB, Mr.  Numan Ugur left the organization in 2003. They kidnapped him and resulted in a court case in Germany. During the court case,  lugubrious stories were told regarding the terrorist,, Assyrian freedom fighters” of the GHB. Two young people who were recruited were killed in northern Iraq, because they intended to quit. One of them was a policeman from Amsterdam. Also horrible stories were told about abusing girls for their sexual desire. These and many other criminal acts were done in the name of objectionable, unwholesome, morbid, bankrupt Western spiritual ,,Product”, “Assyrianism”.

More about this abduction: http://www.assyrer.com/ghb-geiselnahmeprozess.htm

 Mgr. J. Y. Cicek: opponent and fighter against terrorism and history forgers

Mgr. J. Y. Cicek was pronounced opponent of these horrible elements (he tried to bring them back to the good path, without any result) who wish to falsify the history of the Aramean people and to involve our people with terrorism.

 The terrorists and history forgers were not pleased with the resistance of Mgr. Cicek against their activities, in particular those who made a covenant with the PKK and identify our people as ,,Assyrians”. These people have tremendously slandered him, caused him a lot of stress and sorrow. He was for example the initiator and ,,Driving Powerbehind the Multimedia Project ,,The Hidden Pearl. The history forgers were not happy with this and stared a campaign against him not to buy the project.

These bandits have conducted a hate campaign against Mgr. J. Y. Cicek. They sent many slanderous information to the press regarding the money he gave to Mgr. Evgin Kaplan. We know that these terrorist ,,Assyrian” GHB criminals in Holland and in US work together in order to give a kick in his back till in the grave. So inhumane and criminals they are; they are in their spirit de- humanized creatures; they belong to what is known as ,,the darkness of the Evil him selves". This problem of money however have been solved and is very old, so there is certainly not a news ,,item”. Therefore we believe that, there must be another reason why these newspapers have came up with this rubbish  immediately after his funeral. In addition, since when does these newspapers have the authority to act as a ,,moral" inspectors to watch over the non-Dutch Christian denominations? This money does not belong to the Dutch taxpayer, does it? There are in Holland many Christian groups and sects. How many times does it occur that the Dutch is talking about these communities and their financial matters? How many times does it occur that the media do ,,care" about the ins and outs of of these groups? Shouldn't first check the intentions of their informant who provide them with informaion?

 Racist newspapers???.....

For these and other reasons we get more and more the feeling, that the newspapers ,,Twentsche Courant Tubantia” and ,,Trouw” have had unholy intentions, not to say rasitic one, to come up - to our feeling - with this tasteless and inhumane story provided them by the top criminals which hurt many of us; in particular in such a small time span after his funeral. We informed the Dutch media in advance about the existence of these unholy people and their intentions. For these reason, we believe that these newspapers have a very bad intentions by the publication of this rubbish. A person with fascistic/ racistic intentions couldn’t have done better than what is achieved by the publications of this newspapers in terms of hatred and contempt towards our people by the Dutch and the sorrow and stress they caused many of many us.

This painful feeling perhaps can the best be explained by the words of the Wise King Salomon of Israel when he says,, An evildoer pays attention to wicked lips. A liar opens his ears to a slanderous tongue (Proverbs 17:4)

 Not perfect…..

Of course Mgr. Cicek was not perfect and made regular mistakes. However, his mistakes were misused by his haters, exaggerated absurdly, in a degrading way, tasteless and objectionable way and presented to the independent readers of the local newspaper,, Twenttsche Courant /Tubantia”. This newspaper has acted as a platform for this criminals for almost 15 years.

Already in 1990 Mgr. Cicek realized the danger of the activities of some of these bandits and excommunicated 8 of them. Following this decision, a horrible, painful and tasteless hate campaign was conduct by the local news paper ,,Twentsche Courant/Tubantia”. Articles published in this newspaper were so tasteless that probably even the horrible haters of Christianity would note dare to publish such rubbish; this is the impression we get when we read the articles.

For example: A article published on 28-9-1990 from the hand of Jan Ter Haar in Twentsche Courant Tubantia entitled,, Archbishop excommunicates critics”; ‘Monastery is a villa for Cicek and his friends”.

 Mr. Ter Haar says in this, to our feeling very unfriendly article, “ Mid eighties a progressive wing came into existence which didn’t want strictly to connected with the church…”

What happened with ,,progressive” and ,,developed” people of Mr. Ter Haar? Well, some of them became criminals, terrorists and bandits who can be held responsible for recruitment of young people for terroristic goals. The newspaper ,,Twentsche Courant Tubantia” is now silent and say nothing about this matter to inform their readers. However when it comes to Mgr. Cicek, they seems to be prepared to publish every rubbish they can get, even after his passing away. Now, this are the people who talk about standards and values, about what is good and what is right, and how the people should respect one and another.

Some of the people they 15 year ago called ,,progressive” have made a covenant with the terrorist organizations and the same people are feeding the Twentsche Courant Tubantia and other Newspapers with rubbish about Mgr. Cicek like published on 10-12-2005 and 14, 22-12-2005. We have the feeling that the main goal of Twentsche Courant Tubantia and Trouw is to ridicule the ,,dirty” Syrian Orthodox people and ,,their” bishop Cicek in order to create negative feeling- which already some people get faced with.

We believe that this is a kind of gutter journalism to publish such ,,sappy” stories – with no news value, which has been resulted in a very negative attitude towards our people in Holland. Mr. Emiel Hakkenes of the national newspaper ,,Trouw” seems to be very very eager in publishing such stories, to our feeling with unholy intentions! However, he seems really to be astonished when we complain against their behavior when says,, , Nobody denies the facts, but the publication has led to furriers responses. The publication are called 'tasteless disgusting slander' en alleged informants are called 'criminals' who deliberately wanted to damage the community. The media which published about this issue are called 'racists'.

We get the feeling that this people expect you to obey in everything. When they spit on your face, you should obey. When they piss on you, they expect you to obey. When they attack the dead people even into their graves –as a mean to earn money-; you should accept that.

At the moment you criticize their behavior of creating hatred, they blame you of being a fundamentalist Christians and fanatics. Of course they don’t care from whom they get their information to publish a rubbish story. Whether from terrorists, whether from criminals whether from bandits; all of them are welcome. It is making money!