Turkey and Israel to pacify the Middle East

A Christian state in the Middle East: Aram Nahrin - Mesopotamia


With America having tragically failed, only Turkey and Israel have the political and military know how to effectively eliminate tyrants and terrorists.

By Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis, Orientalist

Source: http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/viewArticle.asp?articleID=31512


In a series of previous articles, we advocated the rise of an Israeli Turkish alliance to consolidate both democratic establishments and eliminate common threats that at the same time are a serious menace against the entire world. We see in this alliance the last, final, ultimate effort of the West to diffuse Civilization, Humanism, Democracy, and Human Rights in a vast and threatening realm of the Utmost Barbary.

With America having tragically failed, with Europe having disintegrated into a circumference of Corruption, Contradiction and Eschatological Contamination, with Russia trying to become an Energy Tyranny, and with the Islamic Terrorism expanding more and more among the besotted, marginalized, impoverished, tyrannized and dehumanized masses of an area stretched from Morocco to Indonesia, only Turkey and Israel have the political and military know how to effectively eliminate tyrants and terrorists.

Following a re-affirmation and re-consolidation of Secularism in Turkey and an overwhelming Jewish Israeli media support to Turkey's Western political, intellectual and military establishment, the two countries must attack at the same time, invading Northern Iraq (Turkey) and West Bank (Israel). With the expulsion of the Palestinians from the land they and their ancestors dishonored and with the elimination of the terrorist tyrant Barzani, who became the new Saddam in Northern Iraq, the path will be open for the two countries to attack and annihilate the bestial criminal Assad, and the 'Burden of Damascus'.

A world without Kurdish, Syrian and Palestinian terrorists is a nobler, more human and more secure place to live; but it is still not an ideal world. Allowing 3 to 5 months for Israel to forcefully expulse all the Palestinians from the West Bank and throw them in Jordan, and the same period for Turkey to bring peace in Mosul, Zakho, Arbil, Seleymaniyeh and Kirkuk, we imply that the attack against Syria should take place in the first months of 2008. Things are urgent because negative developments are expected in other parts of the Orient, and this illuminates greatly the colossal US failure in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Turkey Israel US negotiations on Iraq

This is precisely what Turkey, as NATO ally, and Israel, as US strategic partner and focus of the US Jewry concern, must explain together to the US administration. The Turkish and Israelis statesmen, diplomats, military and academia must explain to the US that, although the American intentions were wholly positive and honorable and although the US military might is unquestionable, the Americans do not have the know how to pacify Iraq.

Even if the West Bank Palestinians are all expulsed, Northern Iraq pacified by Turkish army, and Syria occupied by Israel and Turkey, Iraq Central and Southern Iraq consists in an unprecedented contamination of Islamic Terrorism and Russian Iranian possible involvement and/or exploitation. In the present chaotic situation, Iraq is an imminent threat for Israel and Turkey, and the rest of the world.

The Americans do not have the know how to solve the Iraqi problem; what does this sentence mean? It means something the Turks know very well, and the Israelis understand very well. Something the present American administration provenly cannot.

To pacify Iraq, you 've got to have in your hands an army of Muslims.

To pacify Iraq, you 've got to have Muslim officers and soldiers who reject Islamic fanaticism, extremism, obscurantism and adhere to Enlightenment, Democracy, and above all Secularism.

To pacify Iraq, you 've got to have Muslim officers and soldiers, statesmen and academia, who have already successfully fought against Islamic Barbarism, which is not a new phenomenon.

America had never fought against Islamic fanaticism, extremism, obscurantism before 2001.

Israel's experience is definitely longer; it goes back to the days of the comical, disreputable and Nazi Mufti Husseini of Jerusalem, who had seen in Hitler the protector of Islam! His islam! But of course, his followers, besotted by the criminal lies of the abnormal, bestial and criminal Lawrence of Arabia, could / can not understand the nuance.

Turkey knows how to pacify Iraq the US does not.

Turkey's experience in this regard is the longest! The most drastic, the most catalytic, the only successful!


Not because it goes as back as 1920, but because for Turks the rejection of Islamic fanaticism, extremism, obscurantism is an internal affair, not an external phenomenon.

As Muslims, Turks - with Kemal Ataturk first - rejected Islamic fanaticism, extremism, obscurantism in themselves!

Israelis, Americans and other not Muslim peoples and administrations can reject Islamic fanaticism, extremism, obscurantism only as an external phenomenon; it may be good but it is not good enough!

Americans may be ignorant, but Israelis know that in Turkey, after the foundation of the Turkish Republic, Kemal Ataturk faced and successfully crushed repeated rebellions of illiterate sheikhs who are the same as the present bestial, Satanic - and yet free - sheikhs of Mekka, Medina, Jerusalem, Amman, Baghdad, Damascus.

Who were after all those who rebelled against Kemal Ataturk in 1925, 1928, 1933, 1935?

They were the same barbaric and illiterate, bestial beings as the leaders of Hamas, Hizbullah, the mendacious charlatan sheikhs of Jerusalem, Basra, Islamabad, etc., all those who are criminally covered by terrorists like Abdullah of Jordan, Assad, Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, and the piggish sheikhs of the Gulf pseudo-states.

In the same way in America, Democracy and Humanism prevailed after much blood had been shed (War of Independence, Civil War), Secularism, Democracy and Humanism were accepted in Turkey after much blood.

Blood shed usefully, as the revolts ended, the obscurantism was crushed, and the Turks and the Kurds wrote their languages in Latin, not Arabic writing system.

Only after much blood, women rejected the discriminatory, racist and Satanic hejab (headscarf), only after much blood Sunday became the official weekend day, only after much blood religious schools and religious concepts and systems of education have been obliterated, and in one word only after much blood the malignant perversion of the bogus Islamic darkness - that the criminal colonial powers France and England diffused in the Middle East was uprooted in Turkey.

And the same can happen and must happen in Iraq today; for the sake of Israel, for the sake of Turkey, for the sake of America, and for the sake of the Civilized World, Israelis, Turkish and US Jewish leaders must let the embattled Bush administration understand that the only honorable exit of America from Iraq and the only salutary for the world is the replacement of the American forces by the Turkish army throughout Iraq.

US to side with Turkey and Israel, and against Colonial UK and France

Within a period of few months in early 2008, the US must leave Iraq to the Turks, bringing therefore the only legitimate, Muslim administration back to the region from where the British and French colonials dislocated them, with the nefarious results that we all know.

Through a long series of deliberations, Turkey and Israel must implement in the entire area of Syria and Iraq the complete outmaneuvering and the irreversible annihilation of the colonial work done carried out over a span of 90 years.

Of course, this great attempt must be assisted by the US, whereas the Europeans, the Russians, the Saudis and the Iranians must be emphatically excluded.

Outmaneuver Colonial Pan-Arabist Plot: An Aramaean Christian state in the Middle East

To apply a uniformed Peace Plan in the area of Mesopotamia and Syria, Turkey and Israel must offer space and relief, support and autonomy to a Christian State in the Middle East.

Turkey and Israel, acting together,
- only to avert Vatican plans against the Eastern Christians
- only to thwart Protestant and Evangelical multi-division of Eastern Christianity
- only to cancel the Merovingian Eschatology conspiracy that has been carried out by French and European diplomats, involving physical annihilation of the Aramaeans and all the Eastern Christians
- only to prove the good intentions of Muslims and Jews towards the Eastern Christians,
must establish a vast autonomous zone covering the span from the Syrian coast through Haleb and Palmyra to Mosul and Middle Tigris.

As the various Eastern Christian denominations belong to the same people that invariably have been called Aramaeans, Syriacs, Assyrians and Chaldaeans, the rise of a vast autonomous region named Aram Nahrin Mesopotamia would become the Return Call for all the millions of Eastern Christians who left the area since the era of the last decades of the Ottoman Empire.

A Christian state in the Middle East: Aram Nahrin - Mesopotamia

With significant recompense due to Iraqi Oil, with land lots distributed gratis, with population relocation and mass transportation, the Eastern Christian Aram Nahrin Mesopotamia will gradually become the hub of a New Pacified Orient.

As the Middle East's only Superpower, Turkey should at the same time offer recompense, and stretch its hand to Armenians and Aramaeans who currently live in Turkey.

Working together to abolish the Pan-Arabist and the Islamist forgery and contamination, which has been treacherously and copiously implemented by the Colonial pestilence of Europe, Turkey, Israel and Aram Nahrin Mesopotamia will certainly form a salutary Muslim Christian Jewish alliance to which Armenia and Lebanon would be interested to join.

Simply, the latter will be renamed Phoenicia, because Lebanon means war, and Phoenicia signifies Peace.

The urgent need for uprooting Pan-Arabism and Islamic Extremism through a Turkish Israeli alliance will be the subject of the next article