Aramean people: Aramean people (not to be confused with ‘Armenians’) speak Aramaic, the language spoken by Abraham, Moses and Jesus. They are the indigenous people of what was called in ancient times Aram- Nahrin, in our days it is called ‘Mesopotamia’.

Some Arameans today identify themselves with “Assyrians”, because of the spiritual colonial hate generating activities of the Western missionaries and diplomats in the Middle-East in 16th and 19th centuries. Other Arameans became known as “Chaldeans”. However all of them are Arameans.

Aramean Democratic Organisation and the general elections in Lebanon


Online interview with Mr. Roni Doumit.


In June 2009 general elections will be held in Lebanon. The Aramean Democratic Organization (ArDO) is going to participate in these elections. For this reason we decided to have an online interview with Mr. Roni Doumit to inform our readers about the goals, the ideas, and the visions of ArDO for the future.

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1. When was ArDO established and why was ArDO established?


ArDO has always been in people's hearts and the reason we started to work on the ground is because we wanted to show our people that they can have a serious organization talking about their rights in all political arenas.


2. What are the goals of ArDO and whom does ArDO represent?


ArDO represent the free Aramean people and our goals are to make a base in the Middle East where our people can live with their heads high.


3. Is this the first time the ArDO will join the elections and what do you think about the chances?


This is the first time ArDO enter the elections under its own name, before we have been a part of the elections by supporting other allied parties.


4. Will ArDO ally with other parties, or will you join the election independently?


We are independent now, if a candidate gets close to our ideology, then we can talk about alliance.


5. Who will stand as candidate for the ArDO in Lebanon?


We have chosen our board member, Ahouno Roni Doumit


6. How many Arameans are in Lebanon?


We are not really sure but it is about 2 million people.


7. Are they all Christians or are there also some Arameans who profess others believes?


We believe that you need to be Christian to be able to be 100% Aramean.


8. How are the Arameans in Lebanon divided among the various denominations?


Many groups exist and works in different directions. They are mostly competing each other.


9. How are the contacts of ArDO with the Aramean denominations in Lebanon?


We have great reputation and an important presence.


10. What should be done in Lebanon so that the Arameans can take a strong stand?


We should teach all groups about their history and language. We should also enter all political arenas and provide the real reformation on the identity.


11. How is the situation of the Arameans in Lebanon in terms of political, cultural and social rights?


Bad, Bad, Bad, We should work harder on all aspects.


12. If the ArDO wins a seat in the parliament, what can the ArDO do for our people in Lebanon?


We will start to bother all propositions that Arabise Lebanon more. We shall also put some own propositions that officially Aramise Lebanon.


13. Is there anything else you want to convey to our readers?


I want to thank your initiative to interview me about ArDO and the elections in Lebanon.

All our people are invited to participate in all elections they can. It is through our democratic right that we can reach our goals. We should enter the decision making arenas to be able to help our cause. Keep up your good work in all fields you are active in.

God bless the Aramean Nation and God Bless the Holy Middle East.



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