Aramean people: Aramean people (not to be confused with ‘Armenians’) speak Aramaic, the language spoken by Abraham, Moses and Jesus. They are the indigenous people of what was called in ancient times Aram- Nahrin, in our days it is called ‘Mesopotamia’.

Some Arameans today identify themselves with “Assyrians”, because of the spiritual colonial hate generating activities of the Western missionaries and diplomats in the Middle-East. Other Arameans became known as “Chaldeans”. However all of them are Arameans.


The Only Peaceful 'Iraq' is a confederation named Aram Nahrin - Mesopotamia


By Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis, Orientalist


May 12, 2007




Two Fake Conferences on Iraq and 30 Months Wasted in Aram Nahrin - Mesopotamia

Before a week, a useless and rather iniquitous conference took place at Sharm el Sheikh, in Egypt, bringing Iranians and Syrians to brief discussions with the Americans. There was no rapprochement to be announced, and the focal subject was Iraq. It was therefore a completely useless meeting form where only counterproductive results could emanate. Apparently, the Americans did not learn anything.

Before precisely two and half years, another useless and rather iniquitous conference had taken place at the same location, to focus on the same subject! We had formulated a series of measures that - we insisted - would be the only way for America, Peace, Humanism and Civilization to prevail over the rising forces of Disorder and Chaos, Hatred and Barbarism.

We had already specified that the problem in Iraq is its absolutely artificial existence, its false name, and its false identity of ‘Arabic’ country as imposed by France and Britain for reasons of colonial, anti-Ottoman and antihuman plans that have been at the origin of all the disasters caused to the Aramaean Mesopotamia.


Unless the country be totally de-arabized, there will be no solution, and the overall condition will worsen until it contributes to the rise of a barbaric pseudo-messianic and bogus-Islamic state. There was never Iraq; only if America views the real historical face of Aram Nahrin – Mesopotamia, has any US administration the chance to conceive a possibly workable plan. Otherwise, the falsehood ‘Iraq’ will bring the so-called superpower to its knees.


It is interesting to re-publish here integrally an article I had written before two and half years, criticizing the ridiculous conference. Despite the fact that thirty (30) months have passed, I have nothing to change in the article except the name of the German chancellor.

This is tragically ironical and quite telling; it proves the incommensurable irresponsibility of the American administration that fell victims of the colonial Anglo-French machinations. In a separate article, we will check whether the US has still the chance to do something in Mesopotamia – Aram Nahrin. Here we re-publish integrally our past criticism of this sort of ridiculous and ineffective conferences that common sense should have helped us spare.

Blow up the Comical Sharm ash Sheikh Conference on ‘Iraq’


‘Iraq’ – properly called Aram Nahrain – needs Post-Colonial Friends, not European Conspirators and Middle Eastern Tyrants.


By according the slightest importance to French newspapers, one may be driven to the aberration that a New Yalta Conference is going to take place today and tomorrow at the southern wasteland of Sinai, at a very kitch hotel place named Sharm ash Sheikh.


Affirmatively, the place has no historicity at all, since before 1985 there was not even a hamlet in that area! Today, it is a monument of barbaric violation of the Historical Natural Environment; an unprecedented deformation of the landscape is due to big, vulgar and hideous blocks of hotels that have been euphemistically called the Egyptian Riviera!

At the same time, this is the area where thousands of migrating birds die every year because, while crossing that area – as they did for thousands of years –, they are fed by contaminated and/or intoxicated rubbish that stinks in the hot afternoon sun of the Red Sea, when it is not burnt by ignorant pollutant public servants. A few kilometers further, vast coral areas are under constant threat of destruction because of the improperly high number of tourists that are diverted there, since they are not welcome throughout the Nile valley in order not to ‘disturb’ the lunatic Islamist masses that the crypto-extremist tyrannical regime cultivates there, while keeping a ludicrous pro-Western diplomatic façade.

Not far from this environmental hell named Sharm ash Sheikh, a conference will be held to allow participants discuss issues related to the present situation in Iraq, and the way of this country to Democracy. It bears witness to modern paranoia, unawareness, irrelevance, and colonial criminality.


The wrong place to hold a conference about Iraq


The place chosen was totally irrelevant and unrelated. This has nothing to do with the ugliness of the kitch hotels or the miserable way of rubbish collection and treatment that prevails everywhere in that dreary country.

Egypt is irrelevant and inappropriate a venue, because as country it is the product and the epitome of the criminal colonial policies that led to all the grave problems America and the alliance set up by President Bush had to face, deposing Saddam Hussein.


The basic problem of Iraq was its engulfment within the colonial scheme prepared by France and England since the late 18th century. The creation of such a technical entity as ‘Iraq’, the use itself of a meaningless, absurd and de-personifying name that was imposed by the Europeans, the instigation of the murderous and historically false ideology of Pan – Arabism (also called Arabic Nationalism), the homicidal detachment of that periphery of the Ottoman Empire from its normal and natural capital, Istanbul, the obliteration of the natural name of that country – Aram Nahrain or Mesopotamia – and the criminal negligence of the Aramaic ethnic and racial background of the country, all these are the main factors that fueled during several decades the volcano of ‘Pan – Arabic and Islamist Iraq’.


The projection of these colonial malicious misconceptions and the ensuing perversely erroneous historical interpretations that were imposed as national dogma in a non-Muslim – but multi-religious and multi-cultural – and a non-Arabic – but Aramaic in its great majority – country made of Aram Nahrain the Hell of Saddam Hussein’s (or Muqtada Sadr’s) Iraq.


Egypt is another unnatural, technical entity that has been created exclusively for the colonial needs of France and England, following the brutal invasion of Napoleon. Facing the same problems, deformation of its Egyptian – Coptic and Nubian identities, tyrannical oppression of the Coptic and the Nubian minorities, criminal imposition of the historical falsehood of ‘Arabic Nationalism’ (locally called Naserism) and the French tutelage (from Napoleon to Chirac), Egypt is another volcano – even worse than Iraq –, simply expected to erupt later. Consequently, it has nothing to offer, let alone host such a conference.


The wrong participants for conference about Iraq


This is a good opportunity to laugh at the French press and the highly maneuvered, read: ‘instrumentalized’, mass media of this problematic European country. According to Le Figaro (Luc de Barochez, 20 novembre 2004), ‘Les «Grands» en quête d'un consensus sur l'Irak’, which means that ‘the Great Powers are in the search of a consensus with regard to Iraq’. Nothing could deform better the reality than this statement of the French!


Further on the newspapers insists that the ‘conference’ brings together ‘all the tenors of the global diplomacy, plus the four international organizations, namely the UN, the G8, the European Union, and the Islamic Conference Organization’. Truly speaking, the participants encompass the neighboring countries, namely Turkey, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, and then the aforementioned four organizations, plus China, the Arab League, and Iraq.


Having this in mind, one can wonder how the representatives of supposedly democratic countries, like France, Italy, England, and Germany, will have it easy to sit next to the representative of cruel, tyrannical Syria. The presence of the Ayatullahs of Iran will be equally provocative! Are the Iranians expected to give insightful info about their timing for the nuclear test they so much desire to go through?


The presence of Saudi Arabia, the most dysfunctional, anachronistic, and extremist theocracy that has ever existed turns the conference into a circus.


Either all the neighboring countries should send representatives, and then Egypt should be absent, being also considered as an improper venue, or only democratic countries, like Turkey, and countries aspiring to apply democratic rule, like Jordan and Kuwait, should be invited or accepted as venue.


The international participants are also disqualifying. Why China should be present in this scene, having not denounced its tyrannical nature? How can we accept as frank and sincere the approach and speeches of the Chinese representative, since no less than 70 million Muslim Turkic peoples are oppressed in Eastern Turkestan that China insists in naming Sing Kiang? Why China cares for the well-being of Muslims in Kirkuk and Mosul, and not in Turfan, Yarkand, Khotan and Urumqi?


How can the nauseating trilogy of European colonial peace-lords, Chirac – Schroeder – Putin, who were strong supporters of the Criminal tyrant Saddam Hussein and have not yet renounced their attitude, participate in a conference among people deliberating about a great future that they did their ingenious best to avoid?


How can an international ‘conference’ like this gain credibility in the eyes of the previously oppressed, misled, misguided, and colonially victimized people of Iraq, when a person related to Jacques Chirac will be allowed to speak?


What the colonial French representative will dare say?


He will demand forgiveness for the French anti-Turkish Racism that imposes –throughout the French mass media – total oblivion of the Iraqi Turkmens?

He will apologize to the Kurds of Iraq, who have been considered as an instrument of the paranoid, anti-Ottoman and anti-Turkish, policies of France?

He will beg the Aramaeans for indulgence, after 2-century old Pan-Arabic Colonial machinations of the iniquitous Quai d’ Orsay and 2-century old Greco-Romano-centrism of the disreputable Institut de France that victimized the great majority of the people of Mesopotamia by holding them captive of a wrong identity?

Does the dishonorable representative of France forget that, due to French inspiration Pan-Arabism, the Arabic speaking Muslims of Mesopotamia were misled and victimized by thinking that they are Arabs, whereas they are Arabic speaking Aramaeans, in the same way the Black Americans are Africans and not Anglo-Saxons?

Is the French representative so naïve to think that the Aramaean Mandeans and Christians – Nestorian or Monophysitic – have forgotten the huge responsibility of France in turning against them the besotted and fanaticized Mesopotamian Muslims, who were driven far from their Aramaic identity, being consequently pulled to extremist Islamist positions?


If France wants to participate in such a conference, the French representative must speak exclusively on the ways the - Christian and Mandean - Aramaean expatriates of Aram Nahrain / Iraq will return to vote in their own country – that they were obliged to abandon under tragic circumstances to escape the French colonial inspiration oppression.


Another irrelevant participation is that of the Islamic Conference Organization


What this representative is going to say? Is he going to demand to close down the temples of the Yezidi Kurds at Mosul, and to desecrate the holy places of the Ahl-e Haq Kurds, and of the Mesopotamian Bahais?


Will somebody ask the Islamic Conference Organization representative what he thinks of the Mashaf-e Ras, the Black Holy Book of the Yezidis? Does he consider it of Satanic inspiration? Whether he – and the fanaticized through the French anti-historical falsehood masses of Aramaean Muslims, who think they are … Arabs ! – would like to burn this Holy Book of the Yezidis?


Last and most comical participant will be the representative of the Arab League, this bogus-organization of the uncivilized, the uneducated, and the besotted leaders, who call each other ‘ape’ or ‘donkey’!


This is the key to permanent colonial supremacy of France and England in the Middle East, the ultimate guarantee that the entire region from the borders of Pakistan and the Horn of Africa to the Atlantic Ocean remains in permanent underdevelopment, barbarism, poverty, illiteracy, pestilence, suicidal bestializing, mental and intellectual deterioration, and total alteration of identity.


This absurd and provocative organization exists only as a way to deform the non – Arabic identity of the entire area, and to present incongruously the various peoples and nations, ethnic and linguistic groups of the region as ‘Arab’.


Practically speaking, none of all these peoples is ‘Arab’, with the exception of the non – emigrant inhabitants of the Saudi Arabia.


People in Syria, Iraq (without counting Kurds, Turkmens, Persians, Armenians), Lebanon, Jordan, Israel (without counting Israelis), Palestine, Kuwait, Qatar, and Emirates are all Arameans, who got linguistically – but not ethnically or racially – arabized as a consequence of their islamization.


For further precision, before the arrival of Islam, the various peoples, Babylonians, Phoenicians, Jews had first been aramaized, and various Aramaic languages had been formed. Aramaeans are Semitic, but very different than the Arabs. Arabic writing is a later form of Syriac, one late Aramaic language.


People in Egypt, Libya, and the Sudan are Khammitic and Nilo-Saharic, belonging to other ethnic – linguistic family than the Semites, despite the fact that the Islamic terrorists’ agenda offers a high position to the misconception and falsehood that the Egyptians are Semitic! Nubians are Nilo-Saharic, and the rest of the Egyptian population is totally unrelated to ‘Arab’.


Either Coptic Christians or Muslims, the Egyptians are the descendents of the Ancient Egyptians, and the very few Arabs among the Islamic invading armies were of insignificant number, if compared to the local Egyptian population at the middle of the 7th century.

Similarly, the people of Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Mauritania are Khammitic Berbers, belonging to the same group with most of the Egyptians, the Libyans and the Sudanese, and having nothing to do with the Semitic Arabs or Aramaeans.


Last but not least, the Yemenites and the Omanis are the descendents of the old Semitic populations of these regions that also were different than the Arabs.

Because of the existence of the various backgrounds, there are today various Arabic languages, not one, but this reality is neglected as a study case and denied as a reality either in the local Arab nationalistic and besotted tyrannies or in the falsification centers of the French colonial universities.


What must be done in Aram Nahrain / Mesopotamia / Iraq


Certainly there is absolutely nothing this conference can do about Mesopotamia / Iraq, except increase the confusion and the existing problems.

As everywhere else, a real solution in Iraq will emanate from self-knowledge, proper perception of the local, Aram Nahain / Mesopotamian identity, past, culture, and civilization.


The Multinational Force led by the USA must coordinate with the rising resources of the Iyad Allawi government, and impose law and order. The elections must be held next January, and a democratic Constitution must place all the various groups of Iraq at the same level in terms of freedom, equity, and justice. A multicultural, post-modern and free Aram Nahrain will replace the dark, backward, despotic and de-personifying bogus-Iraq.


America should do its best in keeping the enemies of a multicultural Aram Nahrain out of the game forever. There is no reason for free Mesopotamia to belong to the bogus-Arab League anymore, and there is no reason for this trickery to be internationally recognized.


For America to be successful there are two challenges to be met:


A. Ground challenges at the field, where the major part of the effort is focusing on nowadays, and  B. Conceptual challenges that necessitate greater effort, and more time, but they are the only that – if properly tackled – will herald a Greater Historical Change in the Middle East, and a Greater Middle East.


The latter challenges have more to do with a liberation from conceptual tricks, preconceived schemes of the colonial machination, and bogus-historical Greco-Romano-centrist dogmas, with an unchaining from the false perception of the world, the erroneous French Weltanschauung, that prevented clarity, equity, justice, and ultimate intellectual development.


The traditionally pro-Arabic State Department is to be expected to change dramatically in the next four years following Powell’s resignation as secretary of state and his replacement (subject to Senate confirmation) by Condoleezza Rice.


The new Bush administration cannot afford to apply (or even let persist) dogmas in its foreign policy that have been fabricated by France, and are meant either to tie the USA to impotence or to perpetuate a confusion around subjects the Anti-Colonial Superpower is meant to solve in an effective, constructive and missionary way.