Report Iraq Study Group: Aramean Indigenous people of Iraq excluded


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The history of the Aramean people of Mesopotamia is a history of exclusion, humiliation, persecution and extermination. They became victim of those who glorify and practise the path of sword as well as to those who present themselves as the children of “light” and “peace”.

When in 2003 the Americans invaded Iraq, they acted as if they were “liberators” of the nation and as a beacon of “light” and “peace” who would turn Iraq into “paradise” of the middle-east serving as a shinning example for the entire region.

It is by now, generally known, that the reason to invade Iraq was based on untruthfulness and the deluded fake hope is now turned into heartbreaking scenes with everyday dozens of deaths and flying around human parts in the streets of Baghdad and in other parts of the country. Iraq by now has become a “paradise” for the terrorist, mostly financed by outsiders who have no interest in stable and democratic Iraq.

Of course, the real reason, as it is now clear to everybody, to invade namely: Oil, was carefully suppressed.


In the build-up to the war in 2003, President Bush and other members of his administration, on various occasions made reference to all the Iraqi minorities to tell how ruthless they were persecuted by Saddam Hussein. For this reason, it was necessary to “liberate” Iraq, they told. Knowingly, Bush and his advisers have excluded the Aramean people of Mesopotamia. Not because the Arameans were unknown to them (they were informed very well), but for reason shrouded in mysteries; they were excluded.


Exclusion Arameans by Bush:

Letter to the American Embassy in Baghdad:



Report Iraq Study Group


In the report (published on 6-12-2006) of the Iraq Study Group, chaired by James Baker, again the Aramean Indigenous Christian people of Mesopotamia are excluded. Recommendation 32 reads as follows: Minorities. The rights of women and the rights of all minority communities in Iraq, including Turkmen, Chaldeans, Assyrians, Yazidis, Sabeans, and Armenians, must be protected.


Almost all the Iraqi minorities are mentioned in recommendation 32. However, as usual, there is no mention of the Indigenous Aramean people of Mesopotamia. Please pay attention how the product of the powerful Jesus of the West are being glorified, namely Chaldeans” (a product of Western French/Roman Catholic missionary) and “Assyrians (a product of the Western Great Britain/ Anglican missionary) are mentioned as well.


Please note that these are the people who teach other nations the lessen about human rights standards and values, while they themselves without slightest hesitation violate the rights of others as if they are doing a good job!