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5-6-2006: Spiritual (brother) killing of Mgr. J. Y. Cicek


16-7-2015: More details on the hate campaign against Mgr. J.Y. Cicek




Comment: SUA (Syriac Universal Alliance) has been changed into WCA (World Council Arameans)




25-8-2010: SUA and Human Rights: How does this fit with each other? Minutes Syriac Universal Alliance (SUA): Crusades against the non- affiliate organisations


20-9-2010: SUA and allowing terrorism: Syriac Universal Alliance (SUA) and the affiliate organizations celebrate their new year reception with a individual who have been involved with terrorism


6-11-2010: The new chairman of Suryoye Federation Holland introduces himself: Empty talk or decisiveness?


19-12-2011: The new chairwoman of Suryoye Federation Netherlands, Nurcan Yilmaz attacks Aram-Nahrin Organization and defends inviting of a terrorist to their new year reception.


Aramean people: Aramean people (not to be confused with ‘Armenians’) speak Aramaic, the language spoken by Abraham, Moses and Jesus. They are the indigenous people of what was called in ancient times Aram- Nahrin, in our days it is called ‘Mesopotamia’.

Some Arameans today identify themselves with “Assyrians”, because of the spiritual colonial hate generating activities of the Western missionaries and diplomats in the Middle-East in 16th and 19th centuries. Other Arameans became known as “Chaldeans”. However all of them are Arameans. In Turkey, the Arameans are called: Süryani. In Arabic they are called Al- Suryan.


SUA and Human Rights: How does this fit with each other?

Minutes Syriac Universal Alliance (SUA): Crusades against the non- affiliate organisations


The analyse below is a response to the minutes of Syriac Universal Alliance (SUA) of 4-6 august 2005. The goal of this analyse is to inform our people about what is being done behind the scenes “on their behalf” without their approval or knowledge.

Dutch Version

Comment: SUA (Syriac Universal Alliance) has been changed into WCA (World Council Arameans)


The SUA is a association which is formed by the federation of Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and the associations from United States and Austria. In addition, SUA claim to have established the satellite channel “SuryoyoSat”. The federations on their turn are formed by local associations. The Suryoye Federation in the Nederlands for example is being formed by the associations from Oldenzaal (SAVO), Rijssen (Abgar), Hengelo (Baradeaus) and Enschede (Platform Aram).


In 1999 SUA obtained a relationship with Economical and Social Council of United Nations (ECOSOC) based on “Human Rights”. The question is now: How does SUA apply “Human Rights” in practise? Based on the minutes of SUA, below we shall reveal to you the way SUA is applying Human Rights standards and values.


To promote themselves, the board members of SUA, in particular the chairman (Mr. J. Messo) and “Human Rights Director” (Mr. Daniel Gabriel), regularly appear on the broadcasting channel “SuryoyoSat” to tell about their “activities” for the “people” and on “behalf of the people”. They present themselves as “exemplary” organization which is “fighting” for the “interests” of the people and in exchange for this they expect that the people support them financially as well as morally.

For example, on Monday 15th of February 2010, the chairman and the “Human Rights Director” of SUA appeared on “SuryoyoSat” to tell about their “noble deeds” for the nation and in particular on the problems around the St. Gabriel monastery, the Aramean villages in Turkey and other issues.


What is happening behind the scenes?........


When they are online, in front of the camera, the poor and unwitting people is being told that SUA is doing everything to defend their rights. Okay, this is nice, but what is the view of SUA about organisations, like for example the Arameans of Aram-Naharaim Organisation, which independently defends the rights of the Aramean indigenous nation of Aram-Nahrin and other non-affiliate organisations? How does SUA act behind the scenes against organisations that work independent, honest and free of corruption and favouritism?


In other words: What is SUA and its affiliates doing secretly where the poor people know nothing about it? They eagerly promote and glorify themselves in front of the camera. However, what happens if the camera is switched off? How does SUA apply the terms such as “Human Rights” “standards” and “ values” when they are out of reach of the camera?


Do they withhold important matters for the people whom they claim to “represent” or is everything transparent and clear to everybody? Do they perhaps do things behind the scenes where the poor and unwitting people know nothing about it? What is being done out of the reach of the camera in the “name” of people whom SUA claim to represent? Does the poor people have not the full right to know what SUA is doing in “their name”?


To put this in other words: We are dealing here with extremely important social matters!


The answer to the aforementioned questions is provided by the minutes of SUA from 2005 which below will be commented. Many honest and pure people most probably will be utterly shocked when they read about these facts. They will see that SUA behaves completely different in front of the cameras and behind the scenes.


Recently we got at our disposal the minutes of a meeting of SUA which took place in Sweden on 4-6 august 2005. When we analysed the minutes, we were deeply shocked! If you accurately study the minutes, one cannot escape the impression that SUA had initiated a hate campaign against the Aram-Nahrin Organisation and its chairman. The reason is of course that the chairman of Aram-Nahrin organisation was in the period of 2000-2003 the main representative for SUA in Geneva. In his position he noticed severe human rights violations within SUA and its affiliate organisations. This has been the reason he was forced to leave SUA. In 2004 he established together with others the Arameans of Aram-Naharaim Organisation. SUA and its affiliate organisations were not happy with this and started a slandering campaign. Below we will explain this to you.


Aram-Nahrin Organisation: What can be done against it?


It is known that the “Assyrian” terrorists – the ultimate product of the spiritual colonial Western activities in the Middle-East- seize every opportunity to discredit and ridicule the Arameans of Aram-Naharaim organisation. We are well aware of their endless immoral practices, it is their trademark. The reason is because Aram-Nahrin organisation is the only organisation which publicly denounces the “Assyrian” terrorism, fraud, lies and manipulations. Therefore it is understandable why the apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” do everything possible to dishonour Aram-Nahrin Organisation.


Unfortunately, it seems that the “Assyrian” terrorists are not the only ones, but also SUA and the affiliate organisation have targeted Aram-Nahrin to discredit and ridicule it. Below we will explain this to you.


About the activities of Aram-Nahrin Organisation, its chairman and other non- affiliate organisations to SUA we read in the minutes of Thursday of 4th of august 2005:


Point 3, Other questions: Daniel Gabriel: NGO - ………(the chairman of Aram-Nahrin is mentioned here),  SUA s structure, what happens with those who oppose against SUA?


Point 6 (b): NGO - Gabriel Marawgeh tells shortly about NGOs. Daniel Gabriel brought up the structure for NGO after the previous year's report and ………………(the chairman of Aram-Nahrin is mentioned here)….. participating in meetings in Geneva. On which bases, he participates and what can be done in order to intercept this?


Minutes of 5th of august 2005:

Point 12 (c):, other questions: Daniel Gabriel: NGO - ………(the chairman of Aram-Nahrin is mentioned here),  SUA s structure, what happens with those who oppose against SUA?


From the minutes we learn that:

1. At this meeting there were representatives from Switzerland, Sweden. Belgium, Austria, United States, Australia and the Netherlands.

2. From the Netherlands participated the present chairman of SUA (Mr. J. Messo) and the present treasurer of SUA (Mr. A. Yildiz) who in that time was fulfilling the function of Culture within SUA (He is board member of the Association SAVO- Oldenzaal who was also board member of the federation in Holland on behalf of SAVO).

3. The present chairman of the Suryoye Federation Netherlands, Mr. Habib Faal is also mentioned in the minutes. He is chosen as board member of SUA.

4. All this people present at this meeting were well aware of the decisions and measures taken by SUA. None of them made objections to these decisions or measures.


Daniel Gabriel is involved within SUA on behalf of the Syriac Association of Australia. His present job within SUA is: ‘Human Rights & UNOG NGO Director’. Gabriel Marawgeh was in that time the chairman of SUA on behalf of the Syriac Federation of Sweden.


Establishment of Aram-Nahrin


As from the establishment of the Arameans of Aram-Naharaim Organisation, we were informed by faithful people that there existed a systematic hate and smear campaign against the Aram-Nahrin and its members by SUA and some of its affiliate organisations. Although these were very faithful sources, yet we did not pay too much attention to them. However after receiving the minutes of SUA from 2005, our view was completely changed and also that these faithful sources indeed were very much correct in their allegations.


Usually the minutes of a meeting are a summary of a detailed discussions and considerations which takes place during such a meeting. For these reason you will not find a detailed plan in the minutes of a meeting. In short it means that all this people, present at the meeting, have agreed with the decisions taken during the meeting. We do not read about anyone who opposed the decisions.


Of course when you ask them about this, all of them will deny everything and act dump. Please be aware of this and do not let mislead you by empty talks and wild stories.


When we read in the minutes about… “…and what can be done in order to intercept this?… “ and “….what happens with those who oppose against SUA?…..” regarding the activities of Aram-Nahrin and other organisations not connected to SUA, than we may assume that they have elaborated at length on the measures which had to be taken.

Possible measures discussed may have been like this: “How can we stop this organisation in doing their work?”, “How can we most effectively ridicule and slander them so that nobody will take them serious?”, “How can we create such a negative impression about them that no one will listen to them?”, “How can we in most effective way misguide and fool the blind and unwitting people without they notice our paths and deeds?”, “How can we take care that the youngsters will view them with disgrace?”, “How can we achieve that we are being viewed as “the good and peace loving ones” and that they are being viewed as “revengeful, refusing peace and hateful?”, “How can we achieve to utterly blacken them and to represent ourselves as “fighting for peace and unity?” etc.. etc..


The impression is that one of the spearheads of policy of SUA is to discredit and smear Aram-Nahrin and other non-affiliate organisations. Most probably they have discussed in detail about the possible measures against the Aram-Nahrin organisation that Mr. Daniel Gabriel, the Human Rights Director of SUA says ,”… and what can be done in order to intercept this? …..”


The question of Mr. Gabriel has to do with the fact that Aram-Nahrin organisation, depending on the agenda items, is participating in the UN meetings in Geneva and reads oral statements to defend the interests of our people worldwide. SUA wants to prevent this. Of course, not that they succeeded in their attempts, nevertheless this is very serious, because SUA claims to fight for the “interests” of the people based on “Human Rights”. What is more worse is that SUA is presenting itself on “SuryoyoSat” so innocent and willingly withholds the poor people information where they simply have the right to. They have the right to know what these “representatives” are on their behalf up to. This is very fundamental matter!


One cannot expect that everyone welcomes your activities with happiness and joyfulness, no matter how good and noble they might be. There will always be some people, for various reasons, who will not feel amused by your activities as organisation.


However, when a organisation as SUA which publicly claims to “represent the people” and has its mouth full of “Human Rights” seem to have worked out a systemic plan to sabotage everyone who do not obey them, this is absolutely not in agreement with that which they publicly try to tell the poor and blind people. We do not have the impression that they have changed their view, although some board members try everything possible on television to misguide the poor people and try to represent the matters contrary to the reality.


From this example it becomes very clear that, that which SUA tells on the broadcasting channel “SuryoyoSat” does not agree with that which they are doing behind the scenes. The people have the full right to know what is being done “in their name” behind the scenes, it is very important moral and social matter. The unwitting people have the full right to understand that SUA and its affiliates wants to sabotage “in the name of the people” the work of Aram-Nahrin and other non-affiliate organisations who work for the interests of the Aramean indigenous nation. This is very serious! On television they fool the poor people that SUA is defending their rights, while behind the scenes the same SUA and its affiliates are busy to frustrate the work of other organisations which do not dance their piping! This does not agree with one another!


Not concurring with SUA and thus facing slander campaign…..


And again please pay attention to the question of Mr. Daniel Gabriel, the “Human Rights Director of SUA”… what happens with those who oppose against SUA?…”


One should definitely not underestimate this as if it is innocent question of the Human Rights Director of SUA. We know very well what they are doing behind the scenes against Aram-Naharaim and other non-affiliate organisations who work independent, honest, faithful and reliable for the interest of the Aramean nation worldwide.

To Mr. Daniel Gabriel and his colleagues, it seems that all the Aramean organisations, not connected to SUA, are to be considered as danger to SUA and therefore should be opposed.


How is this done? Well, via the national federations and local associations. Organisations and individuals who are independent and do not agree with SUA, will be slandered, smeared and discredited to the extent that they will be hated and detested! Hopefully, in the coming time we will inform our reader more about these matters!


It is known that the apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” are masters in deceit, manipulations, libel, deception, hatred and even do not shun the path of terrorism to achieve their unholy goal, namely the spread and glorification of the immoral criminal colonial spiritual slavery product “Assyrians”.


But when a organization like SUA, which on SuryoyoSat broadcastings tries to throw dust in the eyes of the poor people, and tries behind the scenes, in the name of the same people, to ridicule and smear organizations which do not dance to their piping, is definitely not in agreement with moral standards and values they claim on television and does certainly not deserve dignity-reward either.

To put organizations and individuals, who defend the rights of the nation, on the agenda of SUA has nothing to do with defending the rights of the nation and unmistakably nothing with human rights! On the contrary, we are dealing here with grave violations of fundamental Human Rights.


And this continues unfortunately undiminished! The people responsible for these acts continue as if nothing happened and try with all means possible to fool the poor and the blind people who is not aware of this grave violations committed in their name. To achieve their goals, they have SuryoyoSat at their disposal.


The moral of the story


In various analyses we tried to explain the reasons of the Aramean Diaspora, the stealing of their vineyards, lands, homes and properties by strangers, the killing of their sons and raping and assuming of their daughters and wife’s! More on this issues:



But even in Diaspora they continue with their evildoing as if nothing happened and act as if everything is okay and well!


Whether we are talking about spiritual leaders or laity, many of them commit worst kind of human rights violations in “the name of the people”, while the people keep quite and do not take any action against these horrendous violators without any sense of conscience. We have seen this with crimes committed by same awful bishops against Mgr. J. Y. Cicek, the involvement of the apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” with terrorism and many other issues which puts a heavy spiritual moral burden on the shoulders of the nation. The worst thing is that the people is doing nothing against it, while all these injustices and crimes are committed in their name. For this reason the moral of the story can be summarized as follows:

 A nation that allows its leaders to play with them like a toy and fool them, is ripened for a heavy judgment






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