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Comment: SUA (Syriac Universal Alliance) has been changed into WCA (World Council Arameans)




25-8-2010: SUA and Human Rights: How does this fit with each other? Minutes Syriac Universal Alliance (SUA): Crusades against the non- affiliate organisations


20-9-2010: SUA and allowing terrorism: Syriac Universal Alliance (SUA) and the affiliate organizations celebrate their new year reception with a individual who have been involved with terrorism


6-11-2010: The new chairman of Suryoye Federation Holland introduces himself: Empty talk or decisiveness?


19-12-2011: The new chairwoman of Suryoye Federation Netherlands, Nurcan Yilmaz attacks Aram-Nahrin Organization and defends inviting of a terrorist to their new year reception.


Aramean people: Aramean people (not to be confused with ‘Armenians’) speak Aramaic, the language spoken by Abraham, Moses and Jesus. They are the indigenous people of what was called in ancient times Aram- Nahrin, in our days it is called ‘Mesopotamia’.

Some Arameans today identify themselves with “Assyrians”, because of the spiritual colonial hate generating activities of the Western missionaries and diplomats in the Middle-East in 16th and 19th centuries. Other Arameans became known as “Chaldeans”. However all of them are Arameans. In Turkey, the Arameans are called: Süryani. In Arabic they are called Al- Suryan.


SUA/WCA and allowing terrorism: Syriac Universal Alliance (SUA) and the affiliate organizations celebrate their new year reception with a individual who have been involved with terrorism.


The Syriac Universal Alliance (SUA)/ World council Arameans (WCA) is a association which is formed by the federation of Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and the associations from United States and Austria. In addition, SUA claims to have established the satellite channel “SuryoyoSat”. The federations on their turn are formed by local associations.

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Comment: SUA (Syriac Universal Alliance) has been changed into WCA (World Council Arameans)


The Arameans of Aram-Nahrin have suffered very much, not only under the fanatical forces of the Middle-East who have killed our people and assumed their lands, but also the Western Christianity caused our nation untold sorrow, hatred and division.


Through the Western colonial machinations, the Aramean nation was divided and incited against one another; fake identities “Assyrians” and “Chaldeans” were invented and promoted to uproot the Aramean nation from its origin. These divisions and mutual hatred resulted in that they lost their indigenous lands and were forced into Diaspora.


These apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” have done everything possible, with the assistance of their Western masters and inventors, to further terrorize and dishonor the Aramean nation even in the Diaspora. These fanatical “Assyrian” terrorists have even, under the supervision of their Western masters, made a horrendous terror – covenant with the PKK.  


And what is SUA doing?


And what is SUA and the affiliate organizations doing? They celebrate the new year reception with a horrendous and abominable terrorist from Holland who together wet her family are responsible for bloodshed and destruction of the life of many innocent young people. Well then, if this is not the most awful kind of immorality and human rights violations, then please explain to us how we should understand this.


In our analysis of 25th of august 2010, titled, “SUA and Human Rights: How does this fit with each other? Minutes Syriac Universal Alliance (SUA): Crusades against the non- affiliate organisations” we demonstrated that the Syriac Universal Alliance is saying one thing on television and doing other things behind the scenes.


We explained that SUA started a crusade campaign against independent, honest and faithful organisations and in particular against the Aram-Nahrin organisation. In this analyse we will inform our people about the way SUA and the affiliates behave regarding terrorism and we will drop few remarks on these matters. Our nation have the full right to understand what is being done in their name!


As a international human rights organization, having the goal to worldwide defend the interests of the Aramean people, we consider our task to let our voice hear when the interests of our people being violated in the broadest sense of the word. For this reason we feel necessary to make some comments to new years reception organized in the SUA- association in Oldenzaal (Netherlands) in 2009. The reception was organized on 23-1-2009 by the Suryoye Federation Netherlands (SFN) and Suryoye Aramese association Oldenzaal (SAVO), and broadcasted on 28-2-2009.


On 28-2-2009 the  reception of the association Platform Aram (Enschede), the association Abgar (Rijssen) and SAVO (Oldenzaal) was broadcasted by SuryoyoSat. The associations are via the national federation (SFN) connected to the Syriac Universal Alliance (SUA).


A New Year reception is being organized for members of association and invited guests. It is not open to public. This means that those who are not members of the association, are explicitly and officially invited.


In the broadcast of 28-2-2009 there were beside the chairman of SUA (Mr. Johny Messo), the chairman of SFN (Mr. Habib Faal), the chairman of SuryoyoSat- Netherlands (Mr. Milad Mourad) and the chairman of SAVO (Mr. Marco Yarbug) also some members of the church councils present at this reception. Furthermore, it was also shown that the chairman of SUA, SFN, SuryoyoSat and SAVO gave a speech during the reception.


In the broadcasting, to our dismay and shock, we also determined the presence of a individual who has been active in recruitment of youngsters in the West for PKK/ADO/GHB. The evil activity of this individual are very well known to SUA, SFN and SAVO. For this reason we consider this  very serious step and lack of morality to invite such a terrorist person. Below we will provide the reader with some background information to explain the reason of our dismay and amazement.


PKK and the apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians”.


On 22-4-1993 the Assyrian Democratic Organization (ADO), that is the organization of the apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians”, and the PKK coined a monstrous covenant in Syria with the Chairman of PKK. This covenant, including the conditions, was in detail reported in the PKK newspaper “Berxwedan” of 15-6-1993


To put it in a nutshell, it was as follows: The “Assyrians” would try to recruit the youngsters in the West for the PKK and in return for this, the PKK promised to advertise the name “Assyrians” and offered them thereby the Kurdish media to achieve this. With that a cultural genocide was perpetuated on the Aramean nation, for the leader of the PKK himself says,, The history will be rewritten" (Page 19, Column 5)


To implement the covenant, the “Assyrians”  and the PKK established a sister organization of PKK. This organization became later known as GHB (Aramaic: "Gabo D'Hirutho D'' Bethnahrin")= Betnahrin Liberation Party or in short: “Bethnahrin”. Later they changed their name into MUB (Mautobnutho Umtonoyo Bethanrin= Bethnahrin national party)


The leader of PKK himself says about the establishment of GHB, the sister party of PKK:


Page 16, Column 3:

  • For years I struggled alone, but at this moment the PKK achieved such a level that it is undefeatable.  

  • We want you also to contribute to this/ to become a part of it.

  • This would give evidence of your reliability.

  • We are ready for that and are eager to see that (from your side).

  • We also want to help when you return back to your villages.

  • We are ready to do everything possible we can.

  • Yes, I don’t know exactly, what is your real requirement, what is the status/ structure of the organization (to be established), this issues I wish to here from you.

Page 18, Column 6, he says:


  • It is clear that the Syriac contribution (to the PKK), to the new building up ( of the region) in the liberation of the people may play a pronounced role.

 Page 19, Column 1, he says:


  • We are building up a front.

  • I believe that the Assyrian movement also should get a place within this front.  

  • The Syrians living in Syria originate for a important from Turkey.

  • As result of this, those (Syriacs) liven in Turkish Kurdistan can participate in the front.  

  • That is why they directly can participate (in the front).

  • They jointly may organize demonstrations, mass meetings

  • If they are available, we can also send some youngsters to the mountains (for the struggle).

  • There are anyway some youngsters from the villages around the Cudi- mountain participating (in the struggle).

Page 20, Column 2, he says:


  • I believe that we have done all the necessary for a important from our side.  

  • Do you want also to try this?

  • The caravan of revolution is moving forward, are you prepared to participate to this caravan?

  • I believe you should for sure take a place in this (revolution).  

Page 20, Column 4, he says:


  • As I told (before), we may also call you for the front.

  • This also shall make your people more trustworthy, make the Assyrian identity legitimate, preparing the people.


On the availability of the Kurdish media for the “Assyrian” propaganda he says: You should write, our magazine, newspapers are open (for you).  It will be written anyway in agreement with your wishes (Page 19, Column 4). In addition, the PKK offered them 12 hour broadcasting time free of charge with the PKK channel MED-TV for their propaganda.


After their return from Syria, the GHB was established and they immediately started together with PKK to organize meetings and demonstrations, precisely as proposed the PKK leader Ocalan when he said, “They jointly may organize demonstrations, mass meetings” (Page 19, Column 1)


The establishment of GHB took place thanks to the federations and associations of the apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” – the horrible colonial product from the 19th century which caused division, hatred and destruction among our nation, - in Germany, Sweden, Netherlands and other countries.


On the establishment of the GHB, the sister party of PKK, on Page 17 Column 4, ADO says:


  • We as, Assyrian Democratic Organization, bother also about those who fled to foreign countries.

  • In Europe and other countries we have associations, federations with the aim to realize the unity within our people and carry out similar activities


Thus: The organizations of apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” and nourish deep contempt towards the Aramean nation, were mentally being prepared and mass meetings were organized to recruit youth for the combat. But of course, these activities were carried out under the cover of “genocide”, “cultural manifestation”, “human rights”, etc.. etc.. The main goal was however to recruit people for the struggle of PKK in agreement with the proposal of Mr. Abdullah Ocalan, quoted previously.


The terrorist “Assyrians” were so successful, thanks to the support of PKK, that they already had recruited 200 people (Newspaper Hurriyet) in the 2001 who were active in the camps of PKK. In Holland, for example, they organized hunger strikes in front of police office in Enschede and other activities to involve the youth with the PKK.



Amongst others, a Aramean policeman from Amsterdam, Mr. C. Kulan was recruited in 2002 and killed in northern Iraq. Kulan left behind his spouse and two children.


Please be informed that Mr. Kulan was not killed by the Islamic Kurds, but by his own “Christian” PKK brothers, because he refused to join the combat.


The reason of our criticism


The reason of our criticism is that one of the individuals in the Netherlands who played a crucial role in the activities to recruit youngsters for PKK/GHB/ADO was invited to the new years reception of the organizations of the Syriac Universal Alliance (SUA).


During the reception in the city of Oldenzaal (Netherlands), organized on Friday 23-1-2009 and broadcasted on 28-2-2009, this individual was also present. Since this person is not a member of SAVO- association in Oldenzaal, she was officially invited.

The invitation was sent on behalf of the SUA-federation SFN and SUA- association SAVO, thus also on behalf of SUA. This means that the organizations of SUA were fully aware when they invited a person to their reception who in the past was active in recruiting youngsters for the PKK/GHB/ADO. Furthermore, the chairman of SUA was also present at this reception. Therefore, they cannot say that SUA was not aware of this matter.


Speech by SUA and affiliate organizations


In the footage, it can be clearly seen that the chairman of SUA, the chairman of the Suryoye Federation Netherlands (SFN), the chairman of SuryoyoSat Netherlands and the chairman of the SAVO- association Oldenzaal gave a speech. This means that all these four gentlemen were perfectly aware of this terrorist person who is guilty of bloodshed and extermination of life. We have not heard whether these gentlemen have made any objection against the presence of this person.


In addition, in the footage it also can be seen that the Chairman of the Foundation Aramean Movement Human Rights (Mr. Aziz Aygur) and the local chairman of the Christian Democartic Party (CDA) for district Rijssen- Holtan (Mr. Isa Kahraman, old secretary of the Suryoye Federation Netherland) were present at this reception.


All this people, who are so eager to call themselves “defenders” of the rights of the Arameans, have without any objection celebrated the new year reception for 2009 with this terrorist person. And this is very serious matter! One day talking about Human Rights and next day celebrating the new year reception with a terrorist! That does not agree with one another. And the poor people have the full right to understand what these "defenders" of their rights are doing "on their behalf". It is very important social matter!


Therefore, as a human rights organization we consider this as very serious and utterly denounce because of the following reasons:


1. By inviting such a person, you give a wrong signal.

2. You encourage bad behavior and make it acceptable.

3. You approve the deeds and the ideas of such a wicked person.

4. This person is known for unprecedented terror and hatred against the Aramean people and is doing everything possible to carry out the covenant between ADO and PKK, namely “The cultural extermination of the Aramean people”. By inviting such a person you stimulate the wicked behavior.

5. SUA tries to present itself as “ organization of the people”, something which we definitely do not agree with. By inviting such a bad person, on “behalf of the people”, you give as an organization a bad signal which we believe does not give evidence of respect for values, standards, purity and high morality.

6. And all this we believe is not in the interest of the Aramean people, but rather will result in spiritual degradation and in immorality.


The moral of the story?


The Arameans of Aram-Nahrin organization from the beginning took a very deceive stance against the “Assyrian” terrorism and tries to denounce and expose it so that everybody knows what these criminals are up to. For this reason, the “Assyrian” terrorists seized every opportunity to threat, libel, smear and discredit the Aram- Nahrin organization and its board members.

SUA, the affiliate organizations and other organizations “calling themselves Aramaic” have their mouth full of “defending” the rights of the people and in addition they have no moral problem to celebrate the new year reception with these de-humanized creatures.

In other words, the Aram-Nahrin organization may throw itself into the breach for the interests of our people, while SUA and other organizations have no problem to have celebration with this wicked people. It is clear that SUA and its affiliates have a different view regarding the term “human rights” than we have.


We hope that our people will wake up and distinguish between honest, faithful and reliable organizations and organizations who are eager to show up on the television and try to misguide the blind people.


Many times we have stated, and we cannot repeat enough, that the Aramean Diaspora was mainly caused by the way the nation allowed themselves to be fooled by wicked and immoral spiritual and lay-leaders. More on this issues:





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