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5-6-2006: Spiritual (brother) killing of Mgr. J. Y. Cicek


16-7-2015: More details on the hate campaign against Mgr. J.Y. Cicek




Comment: SUA (Syriac Universal Alliance) has been changed into WCA (World Council Arameans)




25-8-2010: SUA and Human Rights: How does this fit with each other? Minutes Syriac Universal Alliance (SUA): Crusades against the non- affiliate organisations


20-9-2010: SUA and allowing terrorism: Syriac Universal Alliance (SUA) and the affiliate organizations celebrate their new year reception with a individual who have been involved with terrorism


6-11-2010: The new chairman of Suryoye Federation Holland introduces himself: Empty talk or decisiveness?


19-12-2011: The new chairwoman of Suryoye Federation Netherlands, Nurcan Yilmaz attacks Aram-Nahrin Organization and defends inviting of a terrorist to their new year reception.


Aramean people: Aramean people (not to be confused with ‘Armenians’) speak Aramaic, the language spoken by Abraham, Moses and Jesus. They are the indigenous people of what was called in ancient times Aram- Nahrin, in our days it is called ‘Mesopotamia’.

Some Arameans today identify themselves with “Assyrians”, because of the spiritual colonial hate generating activities of the Western missionaries and diplomats in the Middle-East in 16th and 19th centuries. Other Arameans became known as “Chaldeans”. However all of them are Arameans. In Turkey, the Arameans are called: Süryani. In Arabic they are called Al- Suryan.


The new chairwoman of Suryoye Federation Netherlands, Nurcan Yilmaz attacks Aram-Nahrin Organization and defends inviting of a terrorist to their new year reception.


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  1. Introduction  
  2. Suryoye Federation Netherlands and Minister Leers  
  3. A hostile E-mail from the former secretary and the new chairwoman of SFN.  
  4. Habibo Faal, the chairman of SFN and the chairman of SAVO Oldenzaal were informed about the issue  
5. Appeal to the independent, honest and reliable part of our nation



1. Introduction


The Lord God complains and says:

"You people hate anyone who challenges injustice and speaks the whole truth …… (Amos 5:10)


“I know how terrible your sins are and how many crimes you have committed. You persecute good men, take bribes, and prevent the poor from getting justice in the courts….. Times are so evil that anyone with good sense will keep quiet” (Amos 5:12-13)


Sometimes one wonders: to what extent can a nation become immoral and rotten? (compare 2 Timothy 4:3-4). What should more happen to them before they start to break the chains of immorality, injustice, corruption and more of such unholy behaviors? What should yet more happen to them before they finally revolt against fascism, terrorism, discrimination and hatred committed by vicious individuals on their behalf?


In our analysis of 31-3-2011 entitled “Turkey, Islamic conference in Pakistan in 1980, Aramean monastery St. Gabriel, ethnic cleansing of Arameans and the apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians we discussed the moral state of our people.


About this very serious moral decay which has been the main cause of their Diaspora, persecutions and genocides, we also elaborated in detail in previous analysis:




Aram-Nahrin organization is taking the lead as regards defending the rights of the Aramean nation not only against the external forces, but against the internal forces as well. Contrary to some hypocrites who eagerly present themselves with nice words on broadcasting channel of the powerful Midyat family and the other channel of the terrorists, murders and fornicators to misguide the unwary people, the Aram-Nahrin organization takes very definite stanch on the violations of the rights of our nation. Aram-Nahrin was the only organization that took action against severe violations of the rights of Mgr. J. Y. Cicek. See more on this: http://www.aramnahrin.org/English/Spiritual_Killing.htm


And what do we see today? Some hypocrites who fool the people with their empty talk and fake promises (and unfortunately, the people seem to enjoy this kind of individuals), appear on the broadcasting channel of the powerful Midyat family (who wreaked havoc in Sweden) and the other channel of the terrorists, murders and fornicators, and produce huge crocodile tears on Mgr. J. Y. Cicek. Where were these hypocrites and deceivers at the times he was terrorized and dishonored by individuals whose dictionary lack words like respect and dignity?


The same hypocrites and misleaders happily kiss the hands of those who had terrorized Mgr. Cicek so severely and call them by the title: Abun M’alyo (Eminent Father). This indeed is horrible kind of idol worship, immorality and filthiness!


In addition to that, contrary to others, Aram-Nahrin takes very resolute stanch regarding spiritual colonialism and the unholy product of it: The “Assyrian” terrorism: http://www.aramnahrin.org/English/Monstrous_Alliance_PKK_ADO_24_4_1993.htm


In the broadest sense of the word, the activities of Aram-Nahrin rest on two pillars: 1) defending the rights of our people against external forces, and 2) To make the Aramean people aware of the internal dangers.


As human rights organization of course we do not expect that everyone will welcome our activities with happiness, no matter how noble these activities might be. The spiritual colonial slavery product “Assyrians” for example left no stone unturned to ridicule and smear the board members of the Aram-Nahrin Organization. Their defamation technology is extremely advanced and in total agreement with their perverse de-humanized being. After all, what else should one expect from people who keep themselves busy with terrorism, lies, deceit, manipulations, brainwashing of the youth and more of these unholy matters? They are very good instrument in the hands of outsiders to torment and terrorize the Aramean nation.


Unfortunately not only the apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” keep themselves busy with matters which cannot be designated as “holy” and bear the daylight, but also the Syriac Universal Alliance (SUA) and the affiliate organizations are involved with issues which cannot be called “honorable and pure”, and of course they keep the poor people fool and blind on these matters.


We are dealing here with very important social matters whereby on behalf of the people very grave human rights violations are being committed, while the poor people know nothing about it. And that is why it is so important to wake the people up and inform them about these severe human rights violations committed by individuals who misuse their position to defame and libel those who love the Aramean nation so much and want inform them about filthy matters committed on their behalf by these unholy individuals. See more on the unholy practices of SAU and affiliated organizations:


25-8-2010: SUA and Human Rights: How does this fit with each other? Minutes Syriac Universal Alliance (SUA): Crusades against the non- affiliate organisations

20-9-2010: SUA and allowing terrorism: Syriac Universal Alliance (SUA) and the affiliate organizations celebrate their new year reception with a individual who have been involved with terrorism

6-11-2010: The new chairman of Suryoye Federation Holland introduces himself: Empty talk or decisiveness?


2. Suryoye Federation Netherlands and Minister Leers


Comment: SUA (Syriac Universal Alliance) has been changed into WCA (World Council Arameans)


The Suryoye Federation Netherlands (SFN) was established in 1989 and is an affiliate of Syriac Universal Alliance (SUA). The federation is formed by the local associations Abgar (Rijssen), Baradeaus (Hengelo), SAVO (Oldenzaal) and Platform Aram (Enschede). 


On the website of the Christian Democratic Party CDA (www.cda.nl) we read that on 28th of February 2011 minister Leers (Immigration and Asylum) met with the Aramean community in the building of association Platform Aram.



We read amongst others:

* The meeting took place with Platform Aram on the initiative of the Suryoye Aramean Federation Netherlands (SFN).

* The federation is eager to offer a place to exercise freely the faith and to offer the children a chance.

* Nurcan Yilmaz, the new chairman of the Aramean Federation tells that there are in the Netherlands 6 associations within the Federation, of which 4 are in Twente (East of country).


During a broadcasting of SuryoyoSat on 6th of April 2011, madam Nurcan Yilmaz took the floor and presented briefly the plans of SFN for the coming two years. On 8th of April 2011, madam Yilmaz made appeal to the youth to get more involved within the organizations.


Madam Nurcan Yilmaz, becomes new Chairman of the Suryoye Federation Netherlands (SFN)? First Habibo Faal, the man with nice promises but no deeds, became chairman of SFN and now madam Yilmaz became his successor? That's too crazy for words!


We believe this is very serious and to our sincere view this is the such-and-such proof that our nation indeed has been preparing themselves to a extraordinary judgement. Below we will explain to you what we mean.


Madam Yilmaz speaks on “behalf” of the Aramean people, that is to say the part of the people that is supporting her, for not everyone do support her. Therefore the Aramean nation have all the rights to be informed about the views of madam Nurcan Yilmaz, the new chairperson of SFN, on individuals who have been involved with terrorism and recruitment and what the view is of madam Nurcan Yilmaz about Human Rights violations and other relevant matters. Furthermore, the people have also the right to understanding the view of madam Yilmaz on democracy and freedom of speech.


Here below, we are going to explain this to our beloved Aramean nation to make them aware of these important matters.


Remark in advance: In our analysis of 6th of November 2010 we showed our beloved reader that the previous chairman of Suryoye Federation Netherlands (SFN), Mr. Habib Faal, willingly withheld information from the Aramean people to fool the nation.


In that analysis we showed you that, according the minutes of SFN from 2004, Mr. Faal had kept himself busy with fascism, discrimination and hatred on behalf of people, while the poor people knew nothing about it. He tries to justify this behaviour by stating that we got this information from third party, while all the information was taken from the minutes of SFN where everything is put down in details.


3. A hostile E-mail from the former secretary and the new chairwoman of SFN.


On 20th of September 2009 we published a article entitled, “SUA and allowing terrorism: Syriac Universal Alliance (SUA) and the affiliate organizations celebrate their new year reception with a individual who have been involved with terrorism


In that publication we, as Human Rights Organization, condemn the behavior of SUA and affiliate organizations regarding promoting terrorism.


Following our publication on 19th of October 2010 we received a E-mail from the former secretary of SFN, madam Nurcan Yilmaz who since January 2011 was appointed chairman of SFN and successor to Habib Faal. Analyzing the content of E-mail, one could designate this as tasteless, objectionable, immoral, brutal and definitely not in agreement with the status of chairman of the federation. And as usual dear reader, the poor and unwitting people are being kept blind by madam and her friends. That is the reason we are going to do something about it.


Further analyzing the content of E-mail, one could filter out the following points:


1- Madam Nurcan Yilmaz, the new chairwomen of SFN since January 2011, is nourishing deep hatred towards the chairman of Aram-Nahrin organization. One gets the impression as if some vicious individuals have injected this horrible hatred in her heart.


We are used to the abominable activities of the “Assyrian” terrorists who do everything possible and pull out all the stops to smear, demonize, threat, defame and denigrate everyone one who works for the Aramean nation on the foundation of faithfulness, justice and purity. It is simply their trademark. And if you become the victim of this terrible spiritual colonial product of immorality and extermination, you have a reason to be proud of yourself, because often it means that you are a good person and that the Lord God has blessed you, even if you have a weak faith. The hateful E-mail of madam Nurcan Yilmaz hast not the level of the venom of “Assyrian” terrorists, yet it is almost near to it. And therefore, the Aramean nation has the full right to be informed about such important matters, since madam became chairman of SFN in January 2011.


2- The secretary of SFN defends the invitation of a top terrorist to SUA- SFN reception in 2009 by the words “ ….. As a human we invited madam ….. to the new year reception… “ Madam Yilmaz seems not to bother about the fact that this top terrorist lady along with her family members are guilty of blood of recruited youngsters and raping of girls. Instead of condemning these terrorist activities, she attacks the publication of Aram-Nahrin on terrorism and says ,,…. Outrageous texts full of lies”. It is unknown to us what she means by “lies” regarding terrorism. Therefore, we challenge the chairperson of SFN, madam Yilmaz to explain what she exactly means by “lies”. Our experience however is that those who made themselves guilty of hatred, discrimination and fascism, on behalf of community, try to play down the seriousness of issues and to obscure it.


In addition to this, our experience with SUA and affiliates is that they suffer from a certain chronic illness such as hatred, fascism and discrimination. At the moment you try to expose their hateful activities, carried out behind the scenes, and condemn such behavior, they start a campaign to lead the blind and unwitting nation up the garden path and claim that the exposed information has been attained from third parties and thus it is not trustworthy. In doing so, they try to ridicule and discredit the individual or organization that tries to wake up the community of this terrible matters committed in their behalf. The point is however that these grave fascistic violations are recorded in detail in the minutes of SUA and SFN. Instead condemning these objectionable demonization activities against those with different views, expose and deal with these fascists, they make the matters worse by claiming that the published information was obtained by third parties. It is possible that madam Nurcan Yilmaz has been “informed” by some of these fascists and that is why she marked the publications of Aram-Nahrin as, “shameful texts full of lies”. There is however also another possibility to the reason of here E-mail that will be explained here below.


3- Madam Yilmaz says at the end of the E-mail, “Furthermore I demand you to remove those texts from you page” . We consider this kind of mentality as dictatorial and antidemocratic. Madam Nurcan Yilmaz gives the impression as if her desire is to keep the Aramean nation stupid and ignorant about important social matters. This is unfortunately something where the associations and federations of SUA avail themselves of to a great extent, that is to say, to keep the nation as much as possible stupid and ignorant with nice words and mountains of gold.

There is however more going on here. Why does madam Nurcan Yilmaz demand us to remove that particular article on terrorism from our website? What is the reason behind that? Is it possible dear reader that madam Yilmaz had composed the E-mail in consultation with the top terrorist lady who is guilty of bloodshed and evilness? Who told madam Yilmaz that the facts presented by Aram-Nahrin are “ … full of lies” ? The origin of this assertion definitely comes from someone else, it is not hers! If our suspicion is correct, namely that the E-mail was composed in close consultation with the top terrorist lady whom they had invited at their new year reception, than we can congratulate this terrorist lady, for it means that she succeeded to infiltrate within SUA and that is something she is very good in and has large experience on that field. And this would be a quite achievement. We hope however that our suspicion is not correct!!


4- The new chairperson of SFN exposes much of her body of thought. She apparently considers herself as an individual of higher status of “politeness” and “correctness” by stating, “Respect is the great word you have to learn yet and respecting is not the same as accepting


Oh, but this is so serious!! So, if you actively condemn and deal with terrorism, expose fraud, corruption, favoritism and hatred, than in the perception of madam Yilmaz you are “uncivilized” and “savage”, because “Respecting is a great word you have to learn yet….”.


The consequences of this ideology/ mentality that madam makes quite clear in her E-mail are very serious, because of the following reasons:


4.1. All countries that fight terrorism and recruitment are “ uncivilized”  and “savage”, for “ Respecting is a big word they yet have to learn”.


4.2. You may celebrate party with a terrorist who is responsible for bloodshed, eat and drink together as long as you do don’t say to the terrorist, “I accept you”. To the perception of madam Yilmaz having a party with a top terrorist lady can be designated as “respecting”. At the moment however you keep the terrorist at far distant and don’t want to have anything to do with such evil individual, you are apparently “savage” and “uncivilized”, because, “Respecting is a great word you yet have to learn


4.3. The importance of this point will later be explained.


We do not know whether madam is a believer or not! However if you ask the question to the new chairman of SFN, most probably her reply will be “yes”. We bring this matter under your attention dear beloved reader, because we are convinced that the Aramean Diaspora is directly caused by the secular and spiritual leaders who for centuries have forced themselves onto the community as “leaders” and unfortunately the Aramean nation did not do anything against this fake leaders who led the nation astray. The reason for this has been that the evil part of our nation has put Jesus Christ aside with the result that the good part of our nation have suffered the judgments as well. The evil part of our nation provoked the judgments of past centuries because the good part of our nation was passive and remained silent, did not throw themselves into the breach, was accommodating and therefore had to suffer as well.


When you confront the lay-leaders with standards and values, and in particular with “being Christians” – for the majority of them claim to be “Christians”- you get answer like, you should not mix politics with religion.


This ideology was originally applied by the apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” to cover up their immoral acts like brainwashing of youngsters, history distortions, recruitment etc.. etc..

On the responsibility of every Christian, and in particular those occupying leaders-task, we read, “………… for whatsoever [is] not of faith is sin (Romans 14:23, see also Romans 12:1-2, 14:7, Ephesians 6:7, Colossians 3:23)


And here starts the problem for many of those who claim to be “ Christians”. Some of this individuals have a very bad record and therefore try to keep standards and values as far as possible and come up with the remark, you should not mix politics with religion


If you claim to be a Christian and gave your life to the Lord, what does it matter what your job or occupation is? A carpenter, plumber, a professor, chairman of an organization, active in the politics? And what does the senseless remark you should not mix politics with religion” mean? And what does accepting Jesus Christ has to do with “you should not mix politics with religion”? Do these people want to say that you still can call yourself a Christian but are allowed to lie, cheat, manipulate, steal money, misguide, keep yourself busy with recruitment and terrorism, spread lies on television to misguide the nation or fool others? Is that the reason behind the remark you should not mix politics with religion to keep the poor people stupid and blind?


Does the senseless remark you should not mix politics with religion perhaps has to do that this kind of individuals keep themselves busy with perverse and immoral matters that cannot bear the daylight? If you call yourself a Christian and the Bible says for whatsoever [is] not of faith is sin”, what does it matter if you are a lawyer, a carpenter, a street maker, a farmer, a bishop or are involved in politics? In all cases you have to be faithful, honest, reliable and lead a holy life. And here starts the problem with this people who made themselves guilty of many shameless things. If you choose for Christ, it means a completely new life and thoroughly different than your surroundings and this has nothing to do with you should not mix politics with religion”. It is a trick used by some evil individuals to fool the poor people.


Having said that, now we come to an important point where every faithful Christian, who gave him/herself to Christ, should pay attention to it, namely: “ …… Even though they will make a show of being religious, their religion won't be real. Don't have anything to do with such people (2 Timothy 3:5)


How about inviting a terrorist to your party and enjoy food and drinks together? Yes, the “Assyrian” terrorists call indeed themselves “Christians”. However, they have been heavily involved with dark issues that cannot be imagined by normal people, including recruitment of youngsters and destruction of the life of their families. To invite such evil people to your party, you give an extremely negative signal to your people, don’t you? The terrorist individual that was invited to the SUA- SFN New Year reception calls herself “ Christian” and has together with her family and friends committed spiritual genocide onto the Aramean as agreed between the terrorist “Assyrias” and PKK.

If we, according to the chairman of the federation, yet have to learn a lot about what “ respecting is”, than please explain to us how we as Christians should understand this in relation to immorality and terrorism, namely: Do not try to work together as equals with unbelievers, for it cannot be done. How can right and wrong be partners? How can light and darkness live together?   15 How can Christ and the Devil agree? What does a believer have in common with an unbeliever?” (2 Corinthians 6:14-15)


Furthermore, we would like to know from madam Yilmaz and those who appointed her chairman of the federation in Holland how we should understand this: Happy are those who reject the advice of evil men, who do not follow the example of sinners or join those who have no use for God” (Psalms 1:1)


5- The deep contempt the new chairman of federation is demonstrating in her E-mail might also have something to do with the attempt of Isa Gulten in mobilizing some people to take measures against the Aram-Nahrin organization. According to some visitors of the monastery St. Gabriel, Mr. Isa Gulten tried to induce some visitors to take action against Aram-Nahrin Organization because of the following publications:




It came to our attention that Mr. Gulten tried to move some families from the village of Bote (Tur Abdin) in Holland to take action against the publications of Aram-Nahrin. The new chairman of the federation in Holland, madam Nurcan Yilmaz, is also coming from the village of Bote. Following the publications of Aram-Nahrin, we already received on 10th of March 2007 a E-mail from madam Yilmaz. In that E-mail madam Yilmaz is wondering why there is so much negative talk on the Aram-Nahrin organization.


All these negative talks were spread by the “Assyrian” terrorists when they started a hate campaign against the Aram-Nahrin organization and the board members. The perverse, hateful and deep demonic campaign that was conducted is beyond any imagination. Yes, it was guided by de demons of abyss, utterly in agreement met the rotten ideology of “Assyrian” terrorists to discredit everyone who tries to wake up the Aramean nation. Most probably this demonic campaign by the “Assyrian” terrorists was conducted against Aram-Nahrin in consultation with Isa Gulten.


If we try to relate and analyze the E-mail of madam Yilmaz of 10th of march 2007 with her E-mail of 19th October 2010, we cannot rule out that a combination of different factors have been played a role including the role by Mr. Gulten, the “Assyrian” terrorists and some fascist families from Bote that incited madam Yilmaz to write her E-mail of 19th of October 2010 to Aram-Nahrin Organization. And the Aramean nation, beloved reader, have the full right to be informed about this important matters, because madam has been appointed chairwoman of SFN since January 2011.


4. Habibo Faal, the chairman of SFN and the chairman of SAVO Oldenzaal were informed about the issue.


In her E-mail of 19th of October 2010 the new charwoman of SFN involves the federation (by then, secretary) and the association in Oldenzaal to defend the invitation of top terrorist lady to their new year reception. From the E-mail the impression is aroused as if SFN and the SAVO- Oldenzaal were informed about her action.


For this reason on 20th of October 2010 we sent a letter to the association SAVO- Oldenzaal and Habibo Faal, the chairman of SFN to check whether they have been indeed aware of her action or not.


Taking in consideration his involvement with the fascist and hateful decision of the federation taken in 2004, we did not expect any decisiveness or action from the chairman of SFN, Mr. Faal. But because at that time he was the chairman of SFN, we decided to send him the E-mal, although reluctantly, to see what he would do. If we would have not sent him the E-mail, we would have been blamed for not contacting the federation and therefore that federation was not aware of that.


Following our E-mail to Mr. Faal and SAVO- Oldenzaal, we received a E-mail from the Chairman Faal who said that they would discuss the matter internally. And what was the result of this internal discussion? The result was that madam Nurcan Yilmaz was crowned as the chairman of the Suryoye Federation Netherlands. Look here, beloved Aramean readers, this are their standards and values!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Though, we would not expect any action, yet we don’t know whether the association Abgar Rijssen and Platform Aram Enschede were aware of the action of Nurcan Yilmaz, before she was crowned to the chairwoman of the SFN!


Anyhow, the fact that madam Nurcan Yilmaz is appointed chairman of federation, it means that they all agree with her ideas and policy as previously analyzed. Beloved Aramean reader, please be on your guard! They will try to fool you by words like “It is a private action of madam Yilmaz, we have nothing to do with it”. That is exactly their tactic as well when they try approve terrorism. And most probably was that also the reason that they had no problem with inviting a top terrorist to their new year reception. Please do let you be fooled by their empty talks!


5. Appeal to the independent, honest and reliable part of our nation.


The fact that madam Yilmaz, Habibo Faal and others before them, amongst others a drugs criminal with criminal record, succeeded to occupy important positions within the organizations, is a important reason to us to assume that a part of our nation has no problem met fascism, immorality, discrimination and hatred. And it is this mentality that finally has resulted in their Diaspora.


Many among those involved with various organizations are ingenious in evildoing, obscuring of the facts and are doing their utmost best to play down grave human rights violations and try to shake the matter off by utterly defaming the person against whom these violations have been committed.


Our appeal is not meant to the part of our nation, that has abandoned Jesus Christ and is only keeping themselves busy with outward form of the fait. No, we appeal to those among our nation that condemns and actively fights fascism, discrimination, terrorism and more of such perverse matters that cannot bear the light.


And our appeal is as follows: When your son or daughter gets involved with local or national organization such as Suryoye Federation Netherlands or with Syriac Universal Alliance, then please be aware that your child might be infected with fascism, discrimination, hatred and other unholy matter which are very unhealthy for the future of your child. Your child might be used as a sort of “outpost” to through dust in the eyes of our people and to camouflage the hateful activities of some fascists, committed in the name of the people, through which your child unwillingly would be used to disguise evilness. We report the seriousness of the situation and it is up to you to how to deal with it.


The perverse activities of the apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” are generally known, including their involvement with terrorism. The activities of SUA and affiliates against those who refuse to obey them, is unfortunately less known, but definitely not less grave. A powerful weapon in their hands is of course their free access to the broadcasting channel of the powerful Midyat family in Sweden. With that they are able to manipulate and fool the blind and oblivious Aramean community. In fact this also is punishment of the digression of people that do not want to know anything about soundness, justice and sincerity, but is willing to let them to be bewitched by mountain of gold and empty talk!


For this reason we, as a independent human rights organization, with the goals to defend the interests of our nation in broadest sense of the word, feel that it is important to pay attention to matters that are extremely harmful to our beloved Aramean nation. The good and holy part of our beloved nation should decide themselves what to do with this information.


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