Testimonies of the scholars of the Syrian Church of Antioch on the synonymy: Aramean/Syrian


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Who were the ancient Assyrians? Were they simply one ethnicity or composition of many nations/ tribes?


Arameans of Syria.


Arameans of Iraq.


Arameans of Turkey


2-2-2017: Arameans of Aram-Nahrin organization sent a congratulation letter to US President Donald Trump


21-6-2016: Terroristic attack on the Arameans of Beth Zalin/  Kamishli after inauguration of Aramean Genocide monument by Patriarch Afrem Karim.


28-5-2016: Syria: Desecration of cemetery in Deir Ezzor and three Aramean martyrs in Beth Zalin



2-5-2016: After the Turks come Kurds.... Arameans, Gog and Magog......


17-2-2016: Chemical attack on Ghouta, Damascus in 2013, Arameans, Kurds and Turks..


31-12-2015: Aramean blood again flows in Syria: Terror attack on the Arameans of Kamishli


11-12-2015: From Mosul to Hassake and Al- Quaryatayn,...... The boys of the Western colonial illuminati powers wreak havoc: The indigenous Arameans are the dupes


17-7-2015: Turkey, Syria and Iraq: Arameans, the downfall of an indigenous nation, Part II


23-3-2015: Hundred year Aramean Genocide: Old and New genocide. ISIS/ISIL terrorists attack Arameo- Assyrian and Arameo- Chaldean villages in Khabour in Syria


30-5-2014: Turkey, Syria and Iraq: Arameans, the downfall of an indigenous nation: Part 1


21-2-2014: Arameans of Iraq and Syria: when the blind is leading the blind and is serving as extermination tool in the hands of illuminati


7-1-2014: The two Aramean bishops: used as blackmail and bargaining instrument by odious powers……


29-11-2013: Aramean bishop: What happened in Sadad is the most serious and biggest massacre of Christians in Syria in the past two years and a half…


7-10-2013: “Free Syria” according to the colonial model: Ritual slaughtering, ethnic cleansing, eating human lungs and feeding unclean and uncircumcised ones to dogs! 'Why don't you become a Muslim? Then you can be free'


27-6-2013: Aramean Catholic Priest Killed in Syria


16-5-2013: The mysterious kidnapping of the two Aramean bishops, the contradictory reports in some media, the possible responsible ones …. and the possible dénouement………


23-4-2013: Two Aramean bishops kidnapped in Syria


15-4-2013: The use of chemical weapons by the colonial powers supported death squads and terrorists in Syria (fake name: “liberators.”)


19-12-2012: Syria: Has the time arrived to carry out a false flag attack with chemical weapons to be used by the colonial powers as pretext to invade Syria?


2-8-2012: Balkanization of Syria: Who will be the winners and who will be the losers?  What will happen with the indigenous Arameans present in this area since thousands of years?


23-7-2012: Syria: The good ones and the bad ones, which side do you support? The story of the Aramean sister Agnes Miriam


28-6-2102: ……………reported back that Western press was spreading disinformation about the real nature of the uprising in Syria and thereby prolonging and deepening the conflict………


18-5-2012: Is the colonial demonic plan being activated to ethnically cleanse Syria of its indigenous Aramean and other Christians?


13-12-2011: Climax of Madness: The unholy colonial product “Assyrians” wants together with Muslim brotherhood to topple the regime of Bashar Assad. How the odious demonic colonial powers maneuver their spiritual children and creation into the abyss to exterminate the Aramean nation of Syria


3-12-2011: “The use of mercenaries, death squads and snipers by Western intelligence agencies is well documented,, Will the ethnic cleansing of the Arameans of Iraq serve as a example to the future ethnic cleansing of Arameans of Syria?


1-12-2011: Disposing the Middle-East of Aramean, Coptic and other Christians: a demonic plan concocted in the antichristian malignant laboratories of colonial powers


26-10-2011: “Liberation” Iraq: Extermination Aramean Christians “Liberation” Egypt: burning churches and slaughtering of Coptic Christians


24-9-2011: “Liberation” of Iraq: Extermination of Arameans of Iraq. “Liberation” of Syria…..?????......


7-6-2011: The uproar in the Middle-East and the future of the Aramean nation


24-4-2010: Shutting down of Aramaic institute: It would be a travesty for Syria


6-7-2009: Arameans of Aram-Nahrin Organisation sent a letter to the President of Syria, Dr. Bashar al- Assad on the situation of the Aramean indigenous people.




12-8-2012: Saudi Arabia Sends Most Wanted Criminals to Syria, Yemeni Websites Reveal


29-11-2012: Syria Child Soldiers: Rebels Using Children In War - Human Rights Watch


24-3-2013: Jihadists, not Assad, apparently behind reported chemical attack in Syria


5-5-2013: Del Ponte "Our investigators have been in neighboring countries interviewing victims, doctors and field hospitals and, according to their report of last week which I have seen, there are strong, concrete suspicions ...."


===Videos ==


Beheading: Barbarism of worst kind.


19-2-2013: Hundreds of Syrian Christians have been killed


22-2-2012: Syria: the horror of Homs, a city at war


7-4-2012: Terrorist Extremists Destroyed Oldest Christian Church in Syria - USA supplied them


12-4-2012: Syrian Rebels Slaughter Christians


4-7-2012: Shocking Videos Reveal Truth Behind Syrian “Freedom Fighters”


24-7-2013: Syria - Middle East. Rebels murdered over 200 Christians, including families with children.


13-8-2012: Rebel Dark Side: Syrian 'charities' mute on atrocity claims


1-9-2012: Daraa: field execution for the volunteer policeman Muhammad Faysal Suleiman


12-9-2012: NATO Funded Syria Terrorists Torture and Behead Prisoners


21-10-2012: FSA Genocide against Minorities in Syria World must unite against FSA!!.


30-10-2012: FSA destroyed an Armenian church and burned the Holy Bible in Aleppo


15-12-2012: Lives of Minorities In Syria Under Western Backed Foreign Militant Occupation


23-12-2012: Turkish Islamist Terrorist Incites Syrians to Slaughter Syria's Religious Minorities


2-1-2013: Fatwa by Al Jazeera's Top Cleric: Pro-Gov't Syrian Civilians Are Legitimate Targets


20-3-2013: Video: West Turns a Blind Eye that Their Terrorists in Syria Used WMDs, Against all Evidence


31-3-2013: Video: Western-Backed FSA Use Child Soldiers in Syria


4-4-2013: New video shows Syrian rebels using US SEALs' sniper rifle


8-4-2013: Video: “Aleppo, the Castle”: Documentary on Atrocities Committed by US-NATO Sponsored Terrorists in Syria


4-5-2013: Kosovo terror training camps re-open for Syrian rebels


15-5-2013: Shocking video: Cannibal terrorist says video from Syria is real: eat lung of soldier


23-6-2013: Jihadists ritualistically slaughter 3 people (priest Murad among them?)


30-6-2013: Syrian soldiers last words: "Forgive me dad, they're going to butcher me…. I am in slaughterhouse, they will behead me now…. "


2-7-2013: Sharia Law spreading amongst rebel held areas in Syria


5-7-2013: Sharia Court Room in Qaboun


27-8-2013: Free Syrian Army aka Al- Qaeda kills innocent truck drivers


25-10-2013: Syrians Have to Pay a Hefty Price to Release Kidnapped Bishops



The Copts of Egypt and the Arameans of Mesopotamia


26-10-2011: “Liberation” Iraq: Extermination Aramean Christians. “Liberation” Egypt: burning churches and slaughtering of Coptic Christians


12-1-2010: The Copts of Egypt and the Arameans of Mesopotamia: Two ancient nations targeted by fanaticism and bloodbaths


Arameans of Turkey


Aramean Physical Genocide


23-3-2015: Hundred year Aramean Genocide: Old and New genocide. ISIS/ISIL terrorists attack Arameo- Assyrian and Arameo- Chaldean villages in Khabour in Syria


13-4-2015: Hundred Year Ottoman Genocide: Aram-Naharaim Organization and Aramean Democratic Organization send a letter to the EPP Group of the European Parliament


30-6-2014: More and more Kurds recognize their own role in the Ottoman genocide……


24-4-2014: Ottoman genocide: 99 years ago, will it be recognized before its 100th anniversary?


7-1-2014: The two Aramean bishops: used as blackmail and bargaining instrument by odious powers…


16-5-2013: The mysterious kidnapping of the two Aramean bishops, the contradictory reports in some media, the possible responsible ones …. and the possible dénouement…


31-3-2011: Turkey, Islamic conference in Pakistan in 1980, Aramean monastery St. Gabriel, ethnic cleansing of Arameans and the apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians”


27-7-2010: Aram-Nahrin Organisation sends a letter to the Turkish minister of Interior Affairs on the plastering of the Aramean St. Jacob Church of Nisibin


19-7-2010: Centuries Old Aramean church of St. Jacob of Nisibin in Tur Abdin in Turkey is plastered with racist, anti-Aramean and antichristian slogans.


11-11-2009: Prime minister of Turkey: A Muslim can never commit genocide


20-5-2009: Aramean Organizations sent a letter to the President and Prime Minister of Turkey on the Aramean Monastery St. Gabriel and recognition of the Aramean indigenous people as a distinct ethnic minority.


28-2-2009: Turkey, Kurds, the Aramean monastery St. Gabriel and worldwide Aramean protest.


3-1-2009: An important Kurdish Leader in Turkey apologizes for the contribution of the Kurds to the Aramean Genocide of 1915- Appeal to Ahmet Turk





Aramean people: Aramean people (not to be confused with ‘Armenians’) speak Aramaic, the language spoken by Abraham, Moses and Jesus. They are the indigenous people of what was called in ancient times Aram- Nahrin, in our days it is called ‘Mesopotamia’.

Some Arameans today identify themselves with “Assyrians”, because of the spiritual colonial hate generating activities of the Western missionaries and diplomats in the Middle-East in 16th and 19th centuries. Other Arameans became known as “Chaldeans”. However all of them are Arameans. In Turkey, the Arameans are called: Süryani. In Arabic they are called Al- Suryan.

NATO/ Western weapons and (Aramean) blood sacrifices by ISIS/ISIL terrorists in Syria


Dutch Version

  1. Introduction  
  2. Involvement of Russia and the downfall of ISIS/ISIL in Syria.  
  3. ISIS/ISIL attack on Al Qaryatayn: 128 civilians killed, among them two Arameans who refused to convert to Islam  
  4. Arameans: indigenous people of Syria…  


1. Introduction


The establishment of the kingdom of antichrist, the new world order (NWO) demands that millions liters of blood be shed as sacrifice to satan/ dragon/ devil/ lucifer.


To realize this abominable sacrifice, everywhere in the world wars have to be started to create chaos/ disorder. The climax of the created chaos and disorder will result in the third world war whereby millions will be killed. This bloodbaths are a delicious and tasteful sacrifice to satan/ lucifer/ devil/ dragon and will produce unprecedented occult energy causing the appearance of the antichrist to the world.


The colonial Western illuminati powers, in particular the head of the snake that is being formed by United States, United Kingdom and France, are responsible for almost all the misery happening in the world. It was under leadership of this three countries that in 2011 a horrific bloodbaths were started in Syria under the pretext of “internal rebellion, civil war, human rights and democracy.”

The by them created, trained and armed monstrous Islamic terrorist groups (here, here and here) were by thousands transported to Syria via Turkey/ Jordan to commit the most horrific imaginable and unimaginable crimes. Beside the ritual slaughtering, suicide attacks and eating of human organs, the terrorists had established well-functioning trade in human organs (hearts, kidneys, livers).


The infrastructure, buildings, agriculture and healthcare system were systematically destroyed by the colonial Western powers, their Middle-Eastern allies and their Islamic terrorists.

The Syrian Minister of Foreign Affairs stated on October 11, 2017 that: “US-led coalition destroys everything in Syria, except for ISIS/ISIL.


2. Involvement of Russia and the downfall of ISIS/ISIL in Syria.


Upon request of Syria, in 2015 Russia intervened and effectively turned the tide in favor of Syrian army. Thanks to the advanced Russian air force, more than 95% of Syrian territory is recaptured from the Islamic terrorists, the boys of the colonial powers.


In spite of intensive and precise bombardments, the ISIS/ISIL and other Islamic terrorists over and over again managed to reorganize and carry out attacks on the Syrian army.

The reason for this is that the Western/ NATO and their Middle-Eastern allies are doing everything in their power to help the Islamic terrorists in Syria they have created, trained and armed. To explain what we mean, here below the beloved reader will be provided with few examples:



Sputnik News reported on October 24, 2017 in an article entitled “Latest NATO Arms From US Found in Daesh Depot in Al Mayadin - Syrian Genera”:

The largest Daesh storehouse captured by the Syrian armed forces in the city of Al Mayadin, in the east of Syria, contained the latest examples of NATO weapons from the United States, Belgium and the United Kingdom, Brigadier General of the Syrian Arab Army Hasan Suheil told reporters

Al Mayadin was a logistics center with a well-organized system of warehouses and workshops……….”


“The Syrian military also showed journalists radar equipment, medical devices and a workshop for the production of drones with dozens of ready-made drones used by militants for reconnaissance and targeted bombing, all of which was captured on the Al Mayadin satellite communications system. The bulk of the terrorist arsenal consists of weapons from NATO countries. In particular, a 155-mm howitzer manufactured in Britain was found in the Daesh storehouses.”


Fort Russ reported on October 16, 2017 in an article entitled “Syrian Forces discover dozens of Israeli-made weapons and equipment in ISIS dens”:

 “Syrian Forces have discovered dozens of Israeli-made arms, ammunition and telecommunication devices, while searching through ISIS dens in the countrysides of Homs and Hama provinces.”


“Among discovered arms and equipment, there were some artillery pieces, around 800 mortar shells, a machine gun equipped with 10 thousand bullets, in addition to several rounds of bullets made for 17 mm, 14,5 mm and 30 mm machine guns, as well as an RPG, 3 RPG launchers and a whole bunch of telecommunication devices.”


Sputnik News reported on October 11, 2017 in an article entitled US-Daesh Cooperation "Confirms Syrian 'Civil' War is a US-Backed Proxy Conflict”:

“Moscow and Damascus have stepped up pressure against the US, urging Washington to explain its "selective blindness" toward Islamists operating near US forces in Syria, and accusing the Pentagon of supplying terrorists with arms…….”

On Wednesday, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov asked Washington to explain why it was providing aid to al-Nusra Front-affiliated militants in the southern de-escalation zone…….


The same day, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem accused the US-led coalition of destroying everything in Syria apart from the terrorists themselves. Muallem's remarks echoed similar comments made by the Russian Defense Ministry earlier. At his October 10 press briefing, Konashenkov complained that US assistance for terrorists coming into Syria from Iraq "raises serious questions" about the US-led anti-Daesh coalition's real objectives.


Spokesman of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Major General Igor Konashenkov stated on October 4, 2017: The main obstacle to the complete elimination of Daesh in Syria is not the military capabilities of terrorists, but rather the support of [our] American colleagues…… the defense ministry had warned the United States it would repel any attacks by terrorists from the zones controlled by the US forces…..


On the attacks on the Syrian army from areas under US control, Konashenkov says: "The listed attacks of terrorists are linked by only one thing - they were all carried out from a 50-kilometer zone around the settlement of al-Tanf on the Syrian-Jordanian border, and all from where the 'US military mission' is located…,"


Sputnik News reported on September 7, 2017 in an article entitled “US Aircraft Evacuates Over 20 Daesh Commanders From Deir ez-Zor – Source”:

Amid successful actions by Syrian government troops in the eastern part of Syria in late August, a number of field [Daesh] commanders backed by US special services, had been promptly evacuated from Deir ez-Zor to safer regions in order to use their experience in other directions,…. The source said that the first such extraction took place on August 26, a "US Air Force helicopter" had evacuated 2 Daesh field commanders of "European origin" with members of their families from an area located to the north-west of Deir ez-Zor at night"


Please find below more examples:

19-10-2017: Syrian forces recover Israeli, NATO-made arms from Daesh hideouts

17-10-2017: Is USA fighting on the side of terrorists in Syria now?

15-10-2017: RT crew films stockpiles of ISIS arms abandoned inside liberated Al-Mayadeen (VIDEO)

13-10-2017: Washington Pretends to be Combating ISIS in Syria

13-10-2017: Evidence of US Alleged Support to Terrorists in Syria, Iraq Continues to Emerge

12-10-2017: Lavrov calls on US to explain coalition’s behavior in Syria

11-10-2017: Moscow Wants Washington to Explain Why Militants Operate Near US Forces in Syria

11-10-2017: US-led coalition ‘annihilates Syrian people, protects ISIS’ – Syrian FM to RT

11-10-2017: Syria terrorists ‘operate near US forces,’ Russian military wants explanations

10-10-2017: Syria Shows Evidence of Western-Made Arms Ending Up in Terrorists' Hands (VIDEO)

9-10-2017: Syrian Gen. Accuses US of Supplying Daesh, Nusra Front Terrorists With Weapons

6-10-2017: US Uses Rukban Refugees as Shield al-Tanf Base in South Syria – Russian Military

5-10-2017: US-Daesh Cooperation ‘Makes Sense’ Through Lens of Washington's Broader Plans

4-10-2017: ISIS attacked Syrian positions from US-controlled area, used sophisticated data – Moscow


4-10-2017: Moscow: US Staging Fatal Provocations Against Russian Personnel in Syria

3-10-2017: Two-Year Air Campaign: How 'US Plan to Split Mid-East Up' Failed Due to Russia

3-10-2017: How Washington Found Itself in Bed with ISIS

3-10-2017: Video: US Air Strikes in Support of ISIS-Daesh? Syria Forces Counter-attack against Terrorists

2-10-2017: The Syrian Outcome Has Departed from Washington’s “Foreign Policy Script”. ISIS “Terrorists” are US-NATO Mercenaries

1-10-2017: The Insidious ISIS-US Relationship. The West is Terrorizing and Destroying Countries

30-9-2017: Breaking: Captured ISIS Fighters Admit Cooperation Between ISIS and the U.S.

30-9-2017: Syrian Crisis: Russia 'Turns the Tide' of War While US 'Plays a Double Game'

26-9-2017: Breaking video: ISIS fighter admits that ISIS is forbidden to attack Kurdish forces in Deir Ezzor

24-9-2017: US special ops forces & hardware spotted at ISIS positions north of Deir ez-Zor – Russian MoD


Please click here for more…..


3. ISIS/ISIL attack on Al Qaryatayn: 128 civilians killed, among them two Arameans who refused to convert to Islam


The city Al Qaryatayn / Quaryatyn is part of province of Homs, in Syria. It is situated in southeastern of Homs. Before the war in 2011, there were approximately 18000 people living in Al Qaryatayn, among them 2000 Arameans (Catholics/ Orthodox).


On 4th of august 2015 the boys of the colonial powers invaded Al Qaryatayn and abducted 270 Arameans (fake “Assyrian”). The Aramean churches and monasteries were heavily damaged or destroyed.


In April 2016, Al Qaryatayn was liberated by the Syrian army and the terrorists were chased away. Because of strategic importance, the ISIS/ISIL terrorists tried several attempts to recapture the city, without success.

However, their Western colonial illuminati masters and creators would not give up so easy.


Sputnik News reported on October 4, 2017 in an article entitled “US Support for Terrorists in Syria Main Obstacle to Defeating Them - Russian MoD”:

On September 28, a group of 300 Daesh militants left the city of Rubkan moving in the direction of the city of Al-Qaryatayn in the Homs province. The militants managed to avoid the Syrian army's hidden posts using coordinates that can only be obtained through aerial reconnaissance and attacked Syrian positions. On the same day, another Daesh group conducted a number of attacks against the Syrian forces along the strategic road connecting Palmyra and Deir ez-Zor”


On 1st of October 2017, their boys recaptured Al Qaryatayn from Syrian army. The terrorists however could not hold out and were expelled out of the city by the Syrian army on 21st of October 2017.


Three weeks of occupation by ISIS/ISIL terrorists became weeks of slaughtering among the civilian population of Al Qaryatayn. In total 128 civilians were brutally killed. Among them were two Arameans who refused to convert to Islam, the religion of “peace” and “mercy.”


The more blood being shed, the better and faster the coming of the kingdom of antichrist (NWO). Shedding human blood is a tasteful and powerful sacrifice to Satan and his demons. However, shedding the blood of Christians is most preferred in the occult kingdom of satan.


Syria was a prosperous country, had no state debt, its economy was functioning well and the future seemed to be bright one. Following the destruction of Iraq and Libya, the international satanic cabal, under leadership of the Western colonial powers, initiated a horrific, ruthless, criminal, demonic and disgraceful war against the country through which everything is destroyed.


4. Arameans: indigenous people of Syria…


The original inhabitants of Syria are Arameans. Syria is known in the old testament as Aram.

After the coming of Jesus Christ, a part of the Arameans accepted Christianity and are today known under various sects, namely:

- Syrian Orthodox

- Syrian Catholics

- Syrian Maronites

- Syrian (Melkite) Orthodox

- Syrian (Melkite) Catholics

- Syrian "Chaldean" Catholics

- Syrian "Assyrian" Nestorians


The not-converted Arameans remained heathens. After coming of Mohammad, the heathen Arameans and a part of Christian Arameans were forced to the Islam by the threat of the sword. The Moslim Arameans implemented Arabic as their language and hence were called “Arabs”, yet they were linguistically Arabized, not ethnically. The inhabitants of Syria are for more than 90% Arameans who unfortunately are designated by the colonial fake name “Arabs.”


With the emergence of socialist Ba’at party, an aggressive “arabisation” campaign was unleashed through which the Aramean cultural heritage was heavily oppressed and everything was “Arabized.” This identity distortion is a cultural spiritual genocide.


In addition to the Western colonial illuminati product “Arabic”, another unholy colonial product has severely damaged the Aramean nation, namely “Assyrianism.” Because of this colonial / intervention, the Arameans are heavily divided on the national and religious level and in some cases there is unprecedented awful mutual hostility.


This vicious, unbridgeable hatred and contempt was caused on one hand by the activities of Catholic Church and France and on the other hand by the activities of United Kingdom and Anglican mission. The Arameans seems not to be able to get rid of the terrible heavy colonial burden that is threatening their very survival.


The confused Arameans have exalted the unholy seed of colonialism to a fierce form of nationalism - the unholy product "Assyrians" and "Chaldeans"- resulting in that they nourish unprecedented hatred towards their Aramean origin and combat it with sword and fire.


The surrounding peoples in the Middle-East observe accurately this division within our nation and use it for their own benefit to the detriment of our people.


The division/ weakness of Aramean people is related to the plans of the international satanic machinations with the Middle-East.


To formulate this in other words: United Kingdom and France are the two most evil colonial countries on the face of the earth if we carefully investigate their cruel and carnivorous colonial activities.

Everywhere they set foot on the ground, they wrecked havoc. They have been responsible for the cultural, historical, social and tribal extermination of many indigenous nations worldwide, including Aramean nation.


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 الترجمات العربية


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10-3-2010: Exodus Arameans from Mosul: According to recent UN report more than 5000 Arameans have left Mosul


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14-7-2009: The Special UN envoy to Iraq, Mr. Ad Melkert, wants extra protection for the Aramean Christians in Iraq


13-7-2009: Seven Indigenous Aramean Churches in Baghdad (Iraq) attacked by car bombs


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Killing of Priest Yusuf Adel Abudi

4-5-2008: Again a Aramean spiritual leader is killed in Iraq. This time: The West- Aramean Syrian orthodox priest Yusuf Adel Abudi in Bagdad


25-4-2008: Aramean Organisations ask for protection of Aramean spiritual leaders in Iraq


11-4-2008: Through all the misery: Miracles happens in Iraq


6-4-2008: Funeral of the West- Aramean Syrian Orthodox Priest Yusuf Adel Abudi


Killing of Mgr. Faraj Raho

1-3-2008: East- Aramean Chaldean bishop of Mosul, Mgr. Paulus Faraj Raho was abducted on 29-2-2008 in Mosul.


13-3-2008: The East- Aramean Chaldean bishop Paulus Faraj Raho killed in Mosul


14-3-2008: Friday 14-3-2008: Funeral of Mgr. Faraj Raho in St. Addai Church in Karemlesh


16-3-2008: Mgr. Paulus Faraj Raho: A Great Spiritual Leader and a Worthy Sheppard in Charge of Jesus Christ


23-2-2008: Aramean centre for art and culture has been opened in Ankawa, northern Iraq


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29-8-2007: The Aramaic Democratic Organisation (ArDO), Aram-Naharaim Organisation and the three bishops of the Syrian Orthodox Church in Iraq sent a letter to the Iraqi government


28-8-2007: The Aramaic Democratic Organisation (ArDO), Aram-Naharaim Organisation and the three bishops of the Syrian Orthodox Church in Iraq sent a letter to the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)


22-8-2007: AINA: The international lie- and hate machine and the cause of killing, persecution and decline of the Arameans of Iraq


22-8-2007: Aram-Nahrin sends a letter to President George Bush, President Nicolas Sarkozy and Prime Minister Gordon Brown


Killing of Priest Ragied Aziz Gannie

3-6-2007: East- Aramean Chaldean priest Ragied Aziz Gannie brutally murdered in Mosul along with three deacons by Muslim extremists


25-5-2007: Terror against Arameans (including "Assyrians" and Chaldeans) of Iraq. Ethnic cleansing of the Indigenous people of Iraq


19-4-2007: The three Archbishops of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch in Iraq, together with the Arameans of Aram-Naharaim Foundation and the Aramaic Democratic Organization (ArDO) in action for the Aramean people in Iraq


Killing of Priest Paulus Iskandar

12-10-2006: Aramean priest Iskandar beheaded in Mosul (Iraq)


Killing of Isoh Majeed Hadaya

22-11-2006: The West- Aramean Isoh Majeed Hadaya killed by terrorists in Iraq


31 July - 4 August 2006: Aram-Naharaim attends the 24th session of the Working Group on the Indigenous Populations


* Aramaic language in danger: Shall the language of Abraham, Moses and Jesus disappear?


* The situation of Aramean people in the complex conflict of Iraq: They are excluded from the Iraqi constitution.


* Proposal: Media Ombudsman for Indigenous Peoples.


* Report of Aram-Naharaim: A great success for the Aramean cause …. the Arameans and the UN…..


20-10-2005: Aram-Naharaim in action for the Arameans in Iraq


30-9-2005: Letter sent to the US Embassy by the three Archbishops of the Syrian orthodox Church of Antioch in Iraq and the Arameans of Aram-Naharaim Organization


18-22 July 2005: Aram-Naharaim attends the 23rd session of the Working Group on the Indigenous Populations: A statement on “Spiritual Colonialism and the decline of the Indigenous Aramean people of Aram-Nahrin”


19-23 July 2004: Aram-Naharaim attends the 22nd session of the Working Group on the Indigenous Populations. Statement: The exclusion and discrimination of the Indigenous Aramean people of Mesopotamia (Aram-Naharaim)