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Testimonies of the brilliant historians of the Syrian Church of Antioch on the Aramean origin of our nation, Synonymy: Aramean/Syrian.


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Aramean people: Aramean people (not to be confused with ‘Armenians’) speak Aramaic, the language spoken by Abraham, Moses and Jesus. They are the indigenous people of what was called in ancient times Aram- Nahrin, in our days it is called ‘Mesopotamia’.

Some Arameans today identify themselves with “Assyrians”, because of the spiritual colonial hate generating activities of the Western missionaries and diplomats in the Middle-East in 16th and 19th centuries. Other Arameans became known as “Chaldeans”. However all of them are Arameans.In Turkey, the Arameans are called: Süryani. In Arabic they are called Al- Suryan.

Attempt of ethnic cleansing Mosul: The Aramean Srebrinica

Who is responsible and why?

Dutch Version



1. Introduction.

2. Problem underestimated

3. Who is responsible?


3.1. A Sunni member of Iraqi Parliament: Osama Najifi


3.2 A political deal has been made?

4. Not the Kurds, not the Shiites, not the Sunnis, not Al-Qaead, nobody to be blamed…. It is our own fault and error…we are the guilty ones.

We have left Christ Jesus of the Bible for another Jesus


4.1. Satan cannot do anything without the permission from the Lord God..


4.2. The horrible spiritual poison of hatred and division injected by the Western missionaries…..

5. A message for all the Arameans in Iraq:




1. Introduction


Iraq (Baghdad)- According to the last reports around 1500 families, approximately 10.000 Arameans and non-Aramean Christians have left Mosul for surrounding villages and monasteries such as Tellekef, Batnaya, Bartella, Bashiqa, Sheikhan etc....The Arameans are shocked, paralyzed and desperate and majority of them do not even consider to return back to Mosul; they have got the wind op!


According to the UN, the Iraqi Minister for Migration and Displacement along with the minister of Defense have already reserved 400.000 Dollar of assistance for the Aramean refugees, escaping the terror in Mosul. An additional aid of 1.2 million Dollars has been reserved for those who return back to Mosul, according UNHCR.


The way the Arameans of Mosul are driven out of the city, reminds us to the ethnic cleansing of Srebrenica in 1995. When in 1995 the military units of the Army of Republica Srpska were at the eve to attack and enter Srebrenica, the poorly equipped Dutch battalion, stationed in Srebrenica in the framework of UN peacekeeping, asked the UN for assistance; which unfortunately for strange reasons did not come. This loose attitude resulted in terrible ethnic cleaning, slaughtering and deportations of the inhabitants of Srebrenica.


2. Problem underestimated


According to the eyewitnesses’ reports and reports from the Aramean spiritual leaders, including “Assyrians” and Chaldeans, the government in Baghdad acted ‘too late’ and ‘reserved’ to the horrendous events in Mosul.

The East- Aramean Chaldean bishop of Baghdad, Mgr. Sleimun Warduni, summarized the attitude of the central government, during a meeting on Tuesday 14th of October, with the Shiite delegation of Moqtada Al- Sadr as follows, “"For Christians in Mosul this is a time for tears, because from the beginning we did not get support, least of all from state officials," and "The government acted only belatedly."

East-Aramean Chaldean bishop Sleimun Warduni


Furthermore Mgr. Warduni and other Arameans complained the government was “belittling” the problem, in particular minister of Defense.


Finally on 12th of October the central government in Baghdad sent 1000 policemen to Mosul to provide security to the Aramean Christians, protect their churches and to patrol Christian areas of the northern city, facilitating a general feeling of safety. Unfortunately this could not prevent the killing of more Aramean Christians and the so far taken measures failed to thwart the plans of the terrorists, and to make an end to the exodus.


3. Who is responsible?


The crucial question is of course who is responsible for this malignant and ominous act of crime against the Aramean nation of Mosul? And what are the long term consequences? Are these acts to be understood as heralding a more odious Grand Plan to exterminate the Aramean presence in Iraq?

More importantly, who will benefit the mass exodus of Arameans from Mosul? So far various scenarios have been ventilated in the media regarding the ‘reason’ and ‘why’ behind the brutal ethnic cleansing of the Arameans of Mosul.

A UNHCR spokesman says"We really don't have a firm indication or do people we've talked to know exactly where the threats are coming from."

According to the U.S. military in Iraq, "This is routine work for al Qaeda in Iraq,"

Another view was published on 16th of October entitled, Qaeda not involved in forcing Christians to leave Mosul, government says” . A spokesman of the Interior Ministry of Iraq, Abdulkarim Khalaf said , “I do not think al-Qaeda is behind the attacks against Mosul Christians.”


We further read in this article amongst others:


  • Most of the victims and the fleeing refugees lived on the left bank of the city where Kurdish militias are in control as it is mainly a Kurdish-inhabited area.

  • Most of the Christians on the right bank of the Tigris River, a predominately Arab sector, are reported to have preferred to stay.

  • Anti-Christian violence has concentrated in areas where Kurdish militias exercise almost full control.

  • Iraqi resistance groups fighting U.S. occupation including as al-Qaeda have issued statements denying their involvement.

  • The Kurds have also denied that their militias were behind the latest violence.


Another article published on 16th of October entitle Kurds and Arabs exchange accusations over attacks on Christians in Mosul summarizes the various accusations and stories in the media regarding the perpetrators of the ethnic cleansing of Mosul.


3.1. A Sunni member of Iraqi Parliament: Osama Najifi


On the website of the Iraqi Independent Press Agency (IPA), on 12-10-2008 a interview was published with a Sunni Member of Iraqi Parliament, Mr. Osama Najifi entitled Najifi: Kurdish militia behind replacement operations of Christians in Mosul

Osama Najifi, Member Iraqi Parliament


Please find below Right Column original Arabic text, Left Column English translation.



Najifi: Kurdish militia behind replacement operations of Christians in Mosul



النجيفي : المليشيات الكردية وراء عمليات تهجير المسيحيين في الموصل


2008-10-12 12:


Baghdad (IBA). The Member of Iraqi Parliament, Osama Al Naijifi holds Iraqi government responsible for what is happening with the Christians in Mosul and accuses Kurdish militia to drive the Christians out of the city.

بغداد ( إيبا )..حمل النائب اسامة النجيفي عن القائمة العراقية الحكومة العراقية مسؤولية ما تتعرض له الطائفة المسيحية في مدينة الموصل ، متهما "المليشيات الكردية" بالوقوف وراء عمليات التهجير القسري التي يتعرض المسيحيون لها في المدينة .

On Monday, Naijifi explained to the Independent Press Agency (IBA) that the Kurdish security forces (Peschmerge) and elite forces (Asaisch) use Iraqi Army vehicles to intimidate the Christian community in Mosul by provocative manifestations.  

واوضح النجيفي في تصريح لوكالة الصحافة المستقلة ( إيبا ) اليوم الاثنين ، ان قوات البشمركة والاسايش تقومان بعمليات استفزازية ضد ابناء الطائفة المسيحية في مدينة الموصل من خلال استخدام العجلات العسكرية التابعة للجيش العراقي

He noted that the military forces in Mosul are being influenced by Kurdish militia and circulate threatening/inflammatory messages with the goal to expel the Christians out of their homes and underscores that the police (of Iraq) has arrested a group of people in military uniform, among them a captain of Iraqi army who were responsible for such threats.  

واشار الى ان القوات العسكرية في مدينة الموصل مخترقة من قبل المليشيات الكردية التي تقوم بكتابة عبارات تحريضية تطالب فيها المسيحين بمغادرة منازلهم ، مؤكدا على ان قوات الشرطة في المحافظة قد تمكنت من اعتقال مجموعة ترتدي الملابس العسكرية ،واحدهم برتبة نقيب في الجيش العراقي تمارس تلك التهديدات.

Furthermore, Mr. Najifi says that the Iraqi army in Mosul receives their instruction from Kurdish Asaisch and Peschmerges to intimidate other groups with the aim to Kurdify the entire region, for expansionistic reasons, and to change the demographic identity of the city.  

وتابع النجيفي ان قوات الجيش العراقي في مدينة الموصل تتلقى اوامرها من "الاسايش الكردي والبشمركة" الذين يوجهان بالقيام باعمال تحريضية ضد الطوائف الاخرى بهدف تكريد المنطقة وتوسيع رقعة النفوذ الكردي لتغيير الهوية الديموغرافية للمدينة .

Yesterday, Najifi also explained that the Iraqi forces had forced three Christian families in the district Sukker, north of Mosul, to leave their homes and subsequently blown up the houses.

واضاف النجيفي ، قامت قوة عسكرية تابعة للجيش العراقي يوم امس ، باجبار ثلاث عوائل مسيحية في حي السكر شمال المدينة على مغادرة منازلهم لتعمد الى تفجيرها بعد ذلك.

He underlines that the Kurdish parties since a year dominate the city and try to expand their hegemony. They also want to change the identity of the city for their expansionistic interests. To achieve this, they first have to remove the Christians to a special area. And then they safely can make of the entire area a Kurdish province. He indicates that this resembles to what has happened with minorities like Shabak and Alasidep.

وشدد على ان الاحزاب الكردية التي تسيطر على المدينة منذ اكثر من سنة تحاول فرض هيمنتها على المدينة وتغيير هويتها لاهداف توسعية تخدم مصالحها و يراد منها حصر المسيحين في اقليم خاص بهم ،للتهيئة الى الحاقهم باقليم كردستان مشيرا الى ان ذلك يتماثل مع ما تتعرض له الاقليات الاخرى مثل الشبك و الازيدية

Najifi also noted that the Iraqi government for a long time is absent in Mosul, and he accuses the “big blocks” for making “political deals” which obstructs the authority of the central government over the province.

و نوه النجيفي الى ان الحكومة العراقية غائبة تماما منذ فترة طويلة عن مدينة الموصل ، متهما "الكتل الكبيرة " بعقد "صفقات سياسية" تهدف الى عدم تمكين الحكومة المركزية من فرض السيطرة على محافظة تابعة للمركز

Najifi also said that yesterday the Iraqi Minister of Defense came to the armed forces in Mosul, hoping to solve this problem and to reestablish the authority of the central government in Mosul and leaving the Kurdish militia out of Mosul.  

واشار النجيفي الى ان وزير الدفاع العراقي وصل امس الى الموصل وان هناك قوات تتجه الى المدينة على امل ان تتم معالجة هذه القضية وتتمكن الحكومة من اخراج المليشيات الكردية من المحافظة لاعادة الامن اليها وفرض سلطة الحكومة المركزية


The story told by Mr. Osama Al- Najifi is too detailed to wave aside as “propaganda” or “as a attempt to blacken others”, for he is an insider.

 Based on aforementioned, one may reach the conclusion that indeed the Kurds are behind this terrifying ethnic cleansing of Mosul. Yet, we have to be careful with this, because of the following reasons:


1. Of course both sides will exploit these events to ridicule the other side and present themselves as the good ones.

2. The Kurds have also condemned these atrocities in Mosul.

3. In the North of Iraq, the Kurds are doing many good things for the Aramean nation, no mistake about this.

4. On 15th of October 2008, the Kurdistan Regional Government issued a statement in which they amongst others say:

  • The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has been closely monitoring the recent abuses being inflicted upon the Christians of Mosul city, which has forced them to abandon their homes and properties and flee to other parts of Iraq.

  • These tragedies are a result of religious fanatics and terrorist groups……;

  • The KRG has ordered all the KRG ministries, departments and relevant parties to assist and help the victims as much as possible.

  • First, we strongly condemn all acts of harassment, terror and intimidation against the Christian civilians of Mosul city and call upon all relevant authorities of the federal government to both address and put an end to this catastrophe as soon as possible.

  • We ask that all the displaced Christian citizens be allowed to return to their homes and be compensated for the losses they have endured.

  • We reiterate our support for the full rights of the Christians in Provincial Councils, under Article 50 of the Provincial Election Law.

  • Finally, we condemn the malicious efforts of some parties who have unjustly accused groups within the Kurdistan Region of committing these heinous crimes.

  • Such efforts are aimed at tarnishing the Kurdistani people and turning a blind eye on the true culprits. The Kurdistan Regional Government has always been at the forefront of defending the rights of Christians, and continues to be fully devoted to the betterment of their living conditions and securing their rights and general welfare

 The statement of KRG is very clear. Yet, there is another issue which also should be taken in consideration and that is this:


  • The economy of Kurdistan Regional Government is flourishing

  • The international investments drawing well,

  • Everywhere projects are being setup,

  • Huge buildings and apartments shoot up like mushrooms

  • The safety in the north is very good in relation to other parts of the country,

  • Young Kurds from all over the world emigrate to the north of Iraq for starting business etc.. etc..


To put this in other words: Why would the Kurd take such huge risks, with the danger of punishment by Western investors, to expel the Arameans Christians, including “Assyrians” and Chaldeans, out of Mosul in order to achieve a demographic shift in the area?


If indeed the Kurds may have been responsible for this atrocities, this could be only possible if: They have got the approval from Americans, possibly in the framework of a Grand Plan for the region, to be implemented for the future, to meet the demands of the unholy Jesus of the West (warning to Islamic reader: this is not Jesus Christ of the Bible). Otherwise, it is impossible that the Kurds would have been behind these atrocities.


Another important point to be considered, which may sound crazy and ‘out of the question’-if the Americans indeed have approved the whole scenario of Mosul- , is the involvement of the spiritual second plan; that is to say to bring the Aramean Christians in such a desperate and inescapable position of hunger and psychological state of crumbliness, so that they easily can be converted to the immoral ideology of Jesus of the West. We bring this point to the attention, because many of the ‘evangelical’ ‘Christians’ praise the Kurds for their liberal laws with regards to freedom of religion and are happy to inform the world about the Kurdish ‘Christians’ and ‘Kurdish’ Church, which since the fall of regime of Saddam Hussein took root in the Kurdish region.

We know that they have used the Ottomans and other powers in the past for the same goal, namely bringing death and destruction among the Aramean Christians, and subsequently offering them ‘food’, ‘safety’ and ‘housing’ in exchange for accepting the ideology of the criminal Jesus of the West. And that explains why the Arameans of Iraq are divided in so many sects.


If the unimaginable and unthinkable may have been happened that the Kurds have committed these atrocities, then you may stay assured that the Americans gave the ‘green light’ for these actions.


On the other hand, it certainly cannot be ruled out that some Kurdish groups, religious or secular, may have made a covenant with the fanatic terrorists to expel the Arameans from Mosul.

The question to be asked is then: Do these groups act independently or do they have any ties with the Kurdistan Regional Government? The majority of the expelled Arameans are from the Kurdish part of Mosul. The Kurds are strong and very good organized in Mosul, therefore any fanatical group, including Al- Qaeada, would certainly not dare (and not risk) to penetrate into their area without their approval, to threat and move the Aramean Christians from the Kurdish part of Mosul, unless they have made a covenant with these terrorist groups . In addition to this, the Kurds are responsible for the region of Mosul.


If the aforementioned story is true, the accusations of Osama Najifi may have solid foundations. However, with that we do not say that the Kurdistan Regional Government is involved in these atrocities. You have everywhere bad people who cause problems, yet we should never generalize this and not beforehand ‘blacken’ or ‘condemn’ an entire nation for the crimes of handful individuals.


Nevertheless we hope that the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), under leadership of Nechirvan Barzani, will make their promise of ‘The Kurdistan Regional Government has always been at the forefront of defending the rights of Christians’ true and will do everything to respect and protect the Fundamental Human Rights of the Aramean Indigenous Nation of Iraq. This in turn will also contribute to the well-being of the Kurdish economy, for the investors will explain such a move as positive, multi-cultural, open-minded and liberal.


Because of this, it is of crucial importance to conduct an independent and reliable investigation, preferably under UN auspices, to guarantee transparency to the atrocities of Mosul and bring the perpetrators before an international court of justice.


3.2 A political deal has been made?


In our analyse of 14-10-2008 we discussed the third possibility for the displacement of Arameans from Mosul in the framework of a political deal. This possibility seems also to bother the East-Aramean Chaldean bishop of Mosul, Mgr. Louis Sako. In an interview he gave on 22-10-2008 he says, But how can the indifference of the local and central authorities be explained when a vehicle with a loudspeaker is driven around the neighborhood of Sukkar, ordering the Christians to leave?”


And this indifferences probably should be understood in the framework of a agreements made between the ‘big blocks’, a matter well-described by Osama Al- Najifi, Najifi also noted that the Iraqi government for a long time is absent in Mosul, and he accuses the “big blocks” for making “political deals” which obstructs the authority of the central government over the province., “


And this in turn explains the complain of Mgr. Warduni regarding behavior of authorities, "For Christians in Mosul this is a time for tears, because from the beginning we did not get support, least of all from state officials," and "The government acted only belatedly."


4. Not the Kurds, not the Shiites, not the Sunnis, not Al-Qaead, nobody to be blamed…. It is our own fault and error…we are the guilty ones.

We have left Christ Jesus of the Bible for another Jesus


We as Christians, should investigate ourselves.. from spiritual point of view….


Why are our people being neglected and trampled on? Why is our nation for centuries being persecuted, killed, raped and expelled from the lands of their forefathers, which they inhabited for thousands of years? How can this happen and nobody seem to be concerned? These and many other questions can be asked about extortion, humiliation, exclusion and pogroms our nation has been facing for hundreds of years. And many people have asked these questions in the past and are asking today and will ask them in the future.


The on 13-2-2008 killed charismatic East- Aramean Chaldean bishop Paulus Faraj Raho also was asking these questions:


Furthermore, he is crying about the state of the church in Iraq and says, “Our church today, Oh blessed, is experiencing witness and martyrdom, our church in Iraq is a witness and a martyr, a witness in it faith and a martyr in the blood of its sons and daughters”


As we already have noted, Mgr. Sleimun Warduni complains about the present situation of the Aramean Christians and says, “"For Christians in Mosul this is a time for tears, because from the beginning we did not get support, least of all from state officials,"


The East- Aramean Chaldean Patriarch of Babylon, Mgr. Emmanuel Delly said during his meeting with his colleague bishops in Vatican on 14-8-2008 about the situation of the Church in Iraq that the church is now “experiencing Golgotha”, to describe the terrible situation of the Aramean Christians in Iraq.


The problem of the various Aramean Christian denominations in Iraq is that they are not able to subject themselves to a total spiritual investigation to understand the present-day problems they are facing in Iraq from spiritual point of view.


They all call themselves “Christians”. However, with that they bring an enormous responsibility on their ‘neck’ without realizing it. They are not able to investigate themselves to the Word of God and to understand the value of “Being a Christian”. If you say that you are a Christian, it is not without obligations, it has enormous consequences. Of these consequences many of them are not aware; actually the fast majority of them are not aware of this.


The God of Abraham, Isaak and Jacob is a powerful God. He created the heaven and earth, He performed many miracles, He lifts up the weak ones and crushes the pride of arrogant rulers, He tore down the powerful empires and their kings; He gives the power to those He wish to give and takes the power from others. The paths, the wisdom, the majesty, the greatness of this God are unfathomable and untraceable! It is this Almighty God Who says, The LORD says, "Wise men should not boast of their wisdom, nor strong men of their strength, nor rich men of their wealth.   24 If anyone wants to boast, he should boast that he knows and understands me, because my love is constant, and I do what is just and right. These are the things that please me” (Jeremy 9:23-24)


Well then, would it be not possible for this powerful God, who became Human Being in the Body of Christ Jesus and revealed Himself to the World, to protect the various Aramean Christian denominations in Iraq against the forces of darkness and evil? Why then He does not protect them? In other words, in order to understand the present situation of Aramean Christians, including “Assyrians” and Chaldeans in Iraq, we as Christian Aramean denominations should investigate ourselves before pointing the accusing finger in the direction of those who wish to kill us, to curse us, to expel and terrorize us. They just are a meaningless instrument in the hands of the Satan to torment us, not more than that!! In other words, the problem is not the fanatical Islamic terrorists and others who wish to terrorize us… no…. there is more going on!!


4.1. Satan cannot do anything without the permission from the Lord God..


In Job 1:6-12 we read, When the day came for the heavenly beings to appear before the LORD, Satan was there among them.   7 The LORD asked him, "What have you been doing?" Satan answered, "I have been walking here and there, roaming around the earth."   8 "Did you notice my servant Job?" the LORD asked. "There is no one on earth as faithful and good as he is. He worships me and is careful not to do anything evil."   9 Satan replied, "Would Job worship you if he got nothing out of it?   10 You have always protected him and his family and everything he owns. You bless everything he does, and you have given him enough cattle to fill the whole country.   11 But now suppose you take away everything he has--he will curse you to your face!"   12 "All right," the LORD said to Satan, "everything he has is in your power, but you must not hurt Job himself." So Satan left.  


Form this we understand the following:


1. Satan cannot do anything to the faithful, unless he gets permission from the Lord God.

2. Satan also cannot torment the faithful endless; his power is also restricted by the Lord God.


The fact that the Aramean nation, including “Assyrians” and Chaldeans, in Iraq is being terrorized, their churches being bombed and burned and being killed and expelled from the lands of their forefathers, proves that Satan has received a certain freedom to do this. And this freedom, gained by the Satan to kill and terrorize our nation in Iraq, has to do with our stubbornness and disobedience to Christ Jesus, who is the Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the human body. We let Him down and continue to call ourselves his followers. This will be explained below:


4.2. The horrible spiritual poison of hatred and division injected by the Western missionaries…..


By means of an example, we will reveal the abominable and the poisonous hatred injected and implanted in the hearts of our nation through which they cannot stand each other. It has been diffused and talked into their minds by the spiritual western colonial divide and rule politics. This spiritual poison is injected by Catholics as well as Protestants; resulting in indiscernible consequences to our nation (See for more details:  


The East- Aramean Chaldeans and the West- Aramean Syrian Catholics


The West- Aramean Syrian Catholics in Bagdeda (Qaraqosh):


Because of problems in Baghdad and other parts of Iraq since 2003, many Arameans escaped to other parts of Iraq, in particular to the north. In the summer of this year, around 20 Armenian Orthodox families from Mosul took refugee in Baghdeda (Qaraqosh). The Armenians (not Arameans!!) intended to permanently settle in Bagdeda and wanted to build houses.


The majority of inhabitants of Qaraqosh, however, are West- Aramean Syrian Catholics who, following the instruction of missionaries, nourish a deep hatred towards Orthodox christians in general and Syrian Orthodox in particular. Therefore, because the Armenians are Orthodox, they were not allowed to settle in Baghdeda and were forced to leave. The only mistake the Armenians Orthodox made was that they were not Catholics. Finally they found refugee in the neighborhood of the Aramean village of Bartella.


This hatred, dear reader, is injected in the hearts of a part of our nation with terrible consequences for all parties, in particular in these difficult times. And this kind of “Christian” teaching is passed on from father to son, being preached and implemented in the minds of their children. Outcome of this is: a horrendous thick unbridgeable wall of spiritual poison between the West- Aramean Syrian Orthodox and Catholics. To put this in other words: A nation is spiritually exterminated, thus a spiritual genocide (


The East- Aramean Chaldeans and the area between Arbil and Ankawa.


Due to the war since 2003, around 300-400 West- Aramean Syrian Orthodox families had settled down in the area between Ankawa and Arbil. There they wanted to build a church. However, because this area is predominantly inhabited by the East- Aramean Chaldean Catholics, the Orthodox had to ask for their permission.


Unfortunately, because of the hatred towards Orthodox dating back to the time of missionaries, they refused them permission to build the church.


These two examples dear reader, which you of course will not encounter in any Western media, make crystal clear the extent of damage caused by the spiritual poison of the Western missionaries. They have built a thick wall of demonic hatred which one hardly can imagine. And all this has been done in the name of Jesus! On one side, the fanatic Islamists blow up Churches and on the other hand the “Christians” prevent the building of new Churches.


What is the answer of the Lord God to this kind of behaviors? Well, very clear.. He says, Shouldn't I punish them for these things and take revenge on a nation such as this? I will send enemies….  (Jeremiah 5:9-10) 


And we, all the Aramean denominations in Iraq (Catholics, Orthodox, “Assyrians”, Chaldeans), without exception, are to be blamed for this and nobody else. We are the wrongdoer, we are the quilt ones, we left Christ Jesus for an other ‘Jesus’ and now we ask the world in amazement what is happening with us in Iraq. No, it is not the Kurds, not the Arabs, not the Sunnis, not the Shiites, nobody is guilty of this horror, we are the only guilty ones.


Can you imagine dear reader that Christ Jesus is not important anymore, and has been abandoned? A part of our people has left Him for other jesus. And this cannot remain without severe consequences! Stay assured that you cannot mock at the His Majesty without bearing the consequences, just simple as that.

The gentlemen clergy and blind people are not aware and seem to sleep! They have their mouth full of complain about what is happening to them, but act dump to test themselves to the obedience to Christ Jesus.


5. A message for all the Arameans in Iraq:

(Catholics, Orthodox, Assyrians, Chaldeans)


The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is a powerful God with whom you cannot mock. This God became Human Being in the body of Christ Jesus. Before you start to cry and complain about the terror of Muslim extremists and others against you, you first should try to look for the reason why this bloodthirsty terrorists blow up your churches, kill your sons and daughters, rape your women, expel you from your homes and possess your property. How is it possible that de powerful God of Abraham, Isaak and Jacob, has given so much space, to terrorize you in this way? Who is causing the problem?


Could it be perhaps because of your own disgrace and disobedience to this Holy God? Should not you first commit yourself to a comprehensive spiritual investigation to understand whether you are still believing and respecting this Almighty God? The fanatical terrorists are not the problem, the powerful God of Abraham, Isaak and Jacob can annihilate them just in a twinkling of an eye. The problem is with you. You should start with yourself and wake up!




Oh Arameans, Oh Arameans, as long as you do not get rid of the hatred, the outsiders have learned you, you will remain slaves of others, your women and daughters will be raped and taken away from you, your sons will be killed, your lands and houses will be possessed by others, you will became refugee at the doors of others and you will never get rest or relaxed, no matter where you go.

Because you have opened your mind for the horrendous Jesus of the West, you have abandoned the True Jesus Christ of the Bible and put Him completely aside and with that you widely opened the door for Satan and his henchmen who then gain the right and space to terrorize you by means of fanatical terrorists.


Therefore, get rid of the poison of Jesus of the West, turn back to Christ Jesus of the Bible, who is nobody but the God of Abraham, Isaak and Jacob. Get rid of the horrible and objectionable immoral ideology “Assyrianism”, get rid of this fake genocidal name which has been planted in your brains by outsiders and which you continue to plant in the minds of your children and with that you invite the demons of fanaticism in your life and in the life of your children. Get rid of all this filthiness and turn back to the roots of your forefathers.


That is why the Lord God says to you: "Shameless nation, come to your senses   2 before you are driven away like chaff blown by the wind, before the burning anger of the LORD comes upon you, before the day when he shows his fury. (Zephanja 2:1-2)…..


 The choice is to you!


Continue on this present path and face the total extermination or return back to the God of Abraham, Isaak and Jacob to be healed and saved, for he invites you and says:


"However, if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves, pray, search for me, and turn from their evil ways, then I will hear their prayer from heaven, forgive their sins, and heal their country."(2 Chronicle 7:14)



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