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Testimonies of the brilliant historians of the Syrian Church of Antioch on the Aramean origin of our nation, Synonymy: Aramean/Syrian



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Colonialism, “Assyrianism”,  terrorism, occultism, downfall of the Aramean nation in the Middle-East and their Diaspora.



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Aramean people: Aramean people (not to be confused with ‘Armenians’) speak Aramaic, the language spoken by Abraham, Moses and Jesus. They are the indigenous people of what was called in ancient times Aram- Nahrin, in our days it is called ‘Mesopotamia’.

Some Arameans today identify themselves with “Assyrians”, because of the spiritual colonial hate generating activities of the Western missionaries and diplomats in the Middle-East in 16th and 19th centuries. Other Arameans became known as “Chaldeans”. However all of them are Arameans. In Turkey, the Arameans are called: Süryani. In Arabic they are called Al- Suryan.


Welcome to the website of Aramean Christians of Syria


Following Iraq, now the Aramean indigenous nation of Syria will be exterminated and forced into Diaspora by the Western colonial powers



Arameans of Aram-Naharaim


Arameans of Mesopotamia

Arameans of Iraq

Dutch Website



Iraq, Syria and Lebanon are the only countries where the Arameans and non-Arameans can practice their religion in freedom. Iraq has already been destroyed by the Western colonial powers, Syria is in the process of destructions, what remains is Lebanon.

The area of southeastern of Turkey and north of Syria, roughly speaking the area of Paddan-Aram, is being considered as the cradle of the Aramean nation (see more on this.....)








============Arameans of Syria===============


It is estimated that there are around 2.0 million Aramean and non-Aramean Christians in Syria. Below we will provide our beloved reader with some background information on the various Aramean denominations present in Syria.


At the early beginning of Christianity, the Aramean nation was geographically termed as West- Arameans and East-Arameans. Roughly speaking, river the Euphrates was de border. The Arameans living Eastern of Euphrates, the Persian Empire, were called “East- Arameans” or “East- Syrians”; thus "Nestorians" who later became known as “Chaldeans” (1553) and again later as “Assyrians” (19th century).


The Arameans living Western of Euphrates, the Roman Empire, were called “West- Arameans” or “West- Syrians” or in short just “Syrians”. And sometimes both the East- as well as the West- Arameans are called “Syrians”; if not specifically indicated! In Syria the following Aramean denominations are present:


West- Arameans: Syrian Orthodox, Syrian Catholics, Syrian Maronites, Syrian Melkite Greek (Rum) Orthodox, Syrian Melkite Greek (Rum) Catholics

East- Arameans: Chaldeans, Nestorians ("Assyrians")


Irrespective the current religious designations such as "Assyrian" or "Chaldean" , all the ancient scholars/ church fathers of these churches testify of their Aramean origin

These church fathers/ scholars had access to the original sources and many of them have excelled in their wisdom and knowledge in comparison with their contemporaries and enlightened the world of their time, not only with theological knowledge but also with the regular science. The works of some of these famous scholars are still taught/ studied at renowned universities worldwide


The beginning of the Western colonial meddling and the downfall of the Aramean nation


In the 16th century, the colonial powers started to interfere with the Middle-East and in particular to create divisions within the Aramean nation and incite them against one another.


Imaginable and unimaginable methods were employed to incite the Arameans against one another on the national as well as on the religious level. To explain this, below we present to you some events as observed by the American Presbyterian Rev. Justin Perkins who visited the East- Aramean Nestorians of Urmia in 1833.


In the report of Perkins, who lived for 8 years in Persia among the East- Aramean Nestorians, we read about the activities of Vatican among the Aramnean Nestorians: "No measure will be left untried by them, for leading away the Nestorians from the religion of their fathers and subjecting them to Papal control. A few years ago, a Jesuit offered to the Nestorian Patriarch $10.000, on condition that he would acknowledge allegiance to the Pope; to whom the patriarch replied, in the emphatic language of Peter to Simon Magus, "Thy money perish with thee."(Acts 8:20) (Justin Perkings, A Residence Of Eight Years In Persia Among The Nestorian Christians, 1843, page. 23).


On page 278 he mentions more examples, saying: "The Nestorians often relate the particulars of their past conflicts with Papists,-particularly the career of the last one who has visited them on this side of the Koordish mountains. His first attempt - daring one- was to bribe the Nestorian Patriarch. He went directly to his residence, in the Koordish mountains, and as a fully empowered legate, promised him, as I have elsewhere stated, four thousand tomans, ( $ 10,000,) on condition that he would declare himself and his people subjects of the Pope.

Finding mercenary motives ineffectual to accomplish his object, the Jesuit next appealed to the ambition of the Patriarch, telling him that should he become allied to Rome, he would be exalted to be the Pope's lieutenant in all the East. "Tell your master," said the Patriarch, "that I shall never become a Catholic; and should you even induce my whole people, to the last man, to do so, I would sooner become a Dervish, or a Koordish Moollah, than degrade myself by alliance with the Pope.


Finding the Patriarch inflexible, the Romish emissary next tried his artifices on the people of this province. A prince, a brother of Abbas Meerza, was then governor of Oroomiah, and had in his employ an old French lady in the capacity of an instructress of European languages. This old lady had acquired a measure of influence with her royal pupil, and the Jesuit found it very convenient to make her his coadjutor. When therefore the Nestorians spurned the rites of Rome as urged upon them by the Papal legate, the old lady, at his instigation, was accustomed to petition the prince to coerce them to submit to the 'Jesuit's dictation. This system was pursued, until the Nestorians were on the point of rising in determined resistance, and the prince was thus deterred from his oppression.

In some instances, the Papal emissary entered Nestorian churches, declared them the property of the Pope, and hung their walls with images and pictures, which the Nestorians as often indignantly tore down and destroyed. In one case, the Jesuit paid a yet dearer price for his temerity than the loss of his" gods." Entering a church in Geog-tapa, he commenced adorning it witb Romish tapestry, when Mar Elias, the venerable Nestorian bishop resident in that village, came into his church and ordered the intruder to desist. The Jesuit told the bishop that the church was not his, but the Pope's, and in the name of "his holiness," commanded Mar Elias to go out. The worthy Nestorian prelate, though aware that a bishop must be" no striker," yet regarding the emergency such as to justify an exception, took the Jesuit in hand, and gave him such a corporeal castigation, that he was glad to to escape with broken images and torn pictures; and this was the last attempt to establish the reign of Popery at Oroomiah before our arrival. Since that period, similar efforts have been renewed, but hitherto with as little success, as we shall have occasion to notice, in subsequent chapters. "


The events mentioned above are written down by a Protestant. And most probably Mr. Perkins was very well pleased to be informed about  and to be witness of such events  in order to discredit the other party. The Protestants however have availed themselves of such nasty methods as well and continue to do so until today.


This kind of unholy and extremely harmful technology unfortunately was employed to not only brainwash, blackmail, bribe, and persecute the East- Aramean Nestorians, but also other Aramean churches like the West- Aramean Syrian orthodox and West- Aramean Melkite Greek Orthodox church. As a result of this kind of unholy and nasty "evangelizing", the following Aramean Catholic groups were created:

  • West- Aramean Syrian Catholic Church (1662)

  • West- Aramean Melkite Greek Catholic Church (1724)

  • West- Aramean Syrian Maronite Catholic Church (1182)

  • East- Aramean "Nestorian" Chaldean Church of Babylon (1553)

In addition to that, the majority of Catholics in the Western world are deliberately being kept blind and this important information withheld from them on the unholy and nasty methods that have been employed on their behalf to divide, incite against one another and finally exterminate other nations. For this reason, this faithful Western Christian Catholics have all the rights to be informed about what has been done to other nations in their behalf and with their money.


The majority of Catholic schools, Seminars and Universities withhold deliberately students of this unsavory events taken place in the past. On the contrary, in these institutions, the "good works" of missionaries are emphasized on the fact that these "lost sheep" have come back to the "only holy Catholic Church" and that these "Unites" should be offered aid and assistance. They rather would prefer to bring back "the rest of the lost sheep" to the "only truthfully holy Catholic Church".


And the madness of all this is that this kind of blackmail, bribe, persecutions, brainwash and sorcery is placed under the umbrella of "Christianity", while in reality, it totally has nothing to do with Christian faith as explained in the Bible. And this kind of evilness is continued until our days and is the cause of the misery our people is facing in the Middle-East and has resulted in their Diaspora.


============Aramean denominations================




West- Aramean Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch.

Patriarch: Ignatius Afrem II Karim. Residence in Damascus, Syria.


This Church was the first Church established outside Israel and is the mother of all the Syrian Churches. Unfortunately this church has also immensely been terrorized by the Western Christianity, in particular the Catholic Church. In the Western literature you will frequently come across the heretical terms "Jacobite Church" and " Monofysite Church" with which the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch is being demonized.


See more on the Aramean Spiritual Genocide.

See more on the terms Jacobite and Monofysite.


West- Aramean Syrian Catholic Church.

Patriarch: Joseph Younan. Residence in Beirut, Lebanon

The Syrian Catholic Church was split off from the Syrian Orthodox Church in the 17th century. On this separation, Sebastien de Courtois writes: " The first [Syrian] Catholic Patriarch had been consecrated in Aleppo in 1662 with French help through the mediation of Ambassador Francois Picquet (page 33)…. .. which was encouraged by French diplomats present in Aleppo at that time. The diplomats favored the separation in the hope of one day uniting the Eastern Churches with that of Rome (XiX).. The Catholic mission activities were strongly supported by French Ministry of Foreign Affairs policy, which had been reinforced in the region by creation in 1856 of a vice-consulate in Diyarbekir at the request of the Vatican (page. 36) .


West- Aramean Melkite Greek Orthodox Church.

Patriarch: John Yazigi. Residence in Damascus, Syria.

The West- Aramean Melkite Greek (Rum) Orthodox Church was established after the Council of Chalcedon held from 12 October - 1 November 451 AD. The Council was organized by the Pope and the Byzantine / Roman Emperor.


The Syrian Orthodox Church, the Armenian Orthodox Church and the Coptic Orthodox Church rejected Chalcedon. That is why these Churches are being called " Anti - Chalcedonian Churches".


The Arameans who did accept the decisions made in Chalcedon became allies of Byzantine /Roman Emperor and implemented in later times (from 11th century on) the Byzantine liturgical rite. Hence the name "Greek Orthodox Church".


These Arameans became known as " Melkites"; this term is derived from the Aramaic word "Malko", that means " King/ Emperor"; thus those who went along with the king/emperor, his followers. This Church is sometimes also called " Antiochian Orthodox Church".


The term "Greek" is only ecclesial term, not ethical one.


In the Middle-East, sometimes also the term " Rum" is being used in reference to these Churches, that is abbreviation of " Rumoyee" a reference to Byzantine Orthodox rite.

The on 18th of July 2012 killed Syrian minister of defense, general Dawoud Raja, was a West- Aramean Melkite Greek Orthodox.

West- Aramean Melkite Greek Catholic Church.

Patriarch: Joseph Absi. Residence in Damascus, Syria.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Vatican, as explained above, to divide, to weaken and finally finish off, the West- Aramean Melkite Greek Orthodox Church was split off in 1724 and consequently the Melkite Greek Catholic Church was established.


There is no one Catholic Syrian church established without blackmail, bribe and brainwashing (Needless to says of course, however, this has nothing to do with Christianity).



West- Aramean Syrian Maronite Catholic Church

Patriarch Bechara Boutros al-Rahi . Residence in Bkerke, Libanon

This Church was named after the Aramean ascetic St. Maron and was established in 410 AD. The Aramean Maronites are subjected to the pope since 1182 AD. The Aramean Maronites are in terms of numbers, the biggest Aramean denomination.





East- Arameans

East- Aramean "Nestorian" Apostolic Assyrian Catholic Church of the East.

Patriarch: Gewargis Sliwa. Residence in Chicago, United States.

(Source photo)

The East- Aramean Church is the famous Church of Seleucia - Ctesiphon (32 km northeastern of Baghdad).


Until 424 A.D. the East- Arameans were connected with the ecclesiastical seat of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch. However for reasons of persecutions, geography and politics, during the synod of 424 the East- Arameans decided to take independent position towards Antioch and from then on they themselves took care for ecclesiastical matters.


The East- Aramean Church of Seleucia- Ctesiphon became strong and dedicated missionary church that enlightened many nations with the message of Jesus Christ. The  church produced spiritual giants who passionately spread the torch of Christianity. One of them is Patriarch Timothy I from eight century.

Professor Sebastian Brock writes on page 194, Volume II, of Hidden Pearl this about Timothy I: "The key figure of the Eight- Century Persian Church was their extraordinary Patriarch Timothy I, who was not only a fine scholar of gentle temperament whose defense of the Christian faith earned him the respect of the Abbasid caliph with whom he debated, but who was also passionate supporter of Christian evangelism. In 781 Timothy could write to a Maronite correspondent that:

the king of the Turks, with nearly all (the inhabitants of) his country, has left his ancient idolatry and has become Christian, and he has requested us in his letters to create Metropolitan for his country, and this we have done."


Satan of course was not happy with the activities of this church and tried in many ways to destroy the church by means of persecutions, massacres, implementation of fake teachings, fake identities etc.. etc..


The deathblow that effectuated the downfall of this, once majestic church, was interference of colonial powers and in particular the United Kingdom and diffusion and implementation of colonial fake name "Assyrians" on religious, national, academic, social and cultural level through which the rich glorious history of this church was destroyed. And with that Satan achieved his goal and finalized the downfall of the East- Aramean church of Seleucia- Ctesiphon.


Being Western- Aramean or Eastern- Aramean, one gets tears in the eyes and our heart is burning of what satan has done to this magnificent Church and degraded the church to the present hopeless state where even the colonial name "Assyrian" has been added to the name of the Church.

There is a Aramaic saying from Tur Abdin that sounds like this: "The foundation laid by Lions has been turned into chaos by foxes"


(No, beloved reader no! The East- Aramean Church of Seleucia - Ctesiphon had originally nothing to do with Nestorios and his teaching, it was latter implemented and accepted. The same is true for the colonial fake name "Assyrians")


In the course of time the East- Aramean church of Seleucia- Ctesiphon became known under various name, namely:


"The Nestorian Church"

"The Church of Persia"

"The East- Syrian Church".

" The Church of the East" and more recently (since 1976) as:

" The Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East"


The term "Catholic" has no relation with Rome. It means something like " General/ Universal".


From this Church split off:


The Chaldean Catholic Church of Babylon in 1553 AD.

The Ancient Church of the East since 1968.


East- Aramean "Nestorian"Ancient Church of the East.

Patriarch: Addai II. Residence in Bagdad, Iraq.

The Ancient Church of the East was established in 1968 by the East- Aramean "Nestorian" bishop Toma Darmo. The reason had to do with the tradition of patriarchal succession within the East- Syrian Church of Seleucia- Ctesiphon and with decisions taken during a synod.


Within the East-Aramean nation a tradition was crept in whereby succession of Patriarch took place within the same family. And this caused church problems, amongst others the split off in 1968.


The Ancient Church of the East is sometimes also referred to as " Assyrian orthodoxe Church". "Orthodox", because the church rejects the teaching of Nestorios. The Ancient Church of the East is independent Church.


East- Aramean "Nestorian" Chaldean Church of Babylon.

Patriarch: Louis Raphaël I Sako. Residence in Bagdad, Iraq.

The Chaldean " Nestorian" Church of Babylon was established in 1553 following the activities of the Catholic missionaries among the East- Aramean "Nestorians". The Chaldeans are subjected to the Pope of Rome.


The East- Aramean " Chaldeans", the west-Aramean Syrian Maronites, the West-Aramean Syrian Catholics and the West- Aramean Syrian Melkite Catholics are called "Unites" in the Catholic literature, that means something like " Those who came back to the True Catholic Mother Church". Of course they will never say a word about the way these churches were established.


Indirectly of course this implies that the rest which has not joined the "true Catholic Church" is heretic. Beloved reader, please do not be fooled by words like " Christian cooperation", " Christian unity", "ecumenism" and other terms that should give the reader the feeling as if talking or discussing about these words they are very serious about the Christian cause, while in reality it is not.


The antichrist will also use these "nice" terms to unify "Christianity" to accept him. Without acceptance of antichrist by the majority of "Christianity", he will not be able to start his work on this world. Those among Christians who refuse and revolt against him will be labeled as "antichristians" and killed by the antichrist.


The abhorrent demonic hatred injected in the hearts of Aramean Catholics prevents any kind of cooperation. To the Aramean Catholics the Vatican is above everything whereby Jesus Christ totally is not of interest. These are the fruits of  the way these churches came into being.


A message to the Aramean Orthodox and East- Arameans, that is to say:


The Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch, The Syrian Melkite Greek orthodox Church, The Ancient Church of the East and The Assyrian Apostolic Catholic Church of the East, is this one:


From the very beginning of Christianity until today you constantly are flying at each other, whereby you have put aside Jesus Christ. You think that it is okay and nobody cares about what you are doing? And that the Lord God can't see your quarrel whereby you all have created your own private kingdoms and don't care about the real King, namely Jesus Christ? The God YAHWEH, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob says, " Can any hide himself in secret places that I shall not see him? saith the Lord. Do not I fill heaven and earth? saith the Lord" (Jeremiah 23:24)


All this is okay, nothing to worry about? How can you complain that you are being persecuted, killed, your churches blown up, burned, your sons killed, your daughters and wives dishonored and assumed by strangers while you have completely put aside Christ Jesus, the Holy and Almighty God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob?


The Almighty God YAHWEH, Gloria to His Holy Name, the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob says:


1. Behold, the Lord’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear: But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid [his] face from you, that he will not hear (Isaiah 59:1-2)


2. Shameless nation, come to your senses   2 before you are driven away like chaff blown by the wind, before the burning anger of the LORD comes upon you, before the day when he shows his fury” (Zephaniah 2:1-2)


3. "However, if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves, pray, search for me, and turn from their evil ways, then I will hear their prayer from heaven, forgive their sins, and heal their country." (2 Chronicle 7:14)


It was because of our iniquities that the horrible jesus of the West was able to fragmentize us, to diffuse fake names within our nation, to destroy our heritage and faith and to cause our nation into Diaspora. No, don't blame others for this and other misfortunes. We are only and exclusively the guilty ones, and no one else. We are responsible for what is happening to us! The Lord God had blessed the Arameans of Aram-Nahrin to be the first nation to accept Christ Jesus and together with the apostles of the Lord Jesus and the converted Jews they established the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch. What is left of the original glorious church of Antioch? Nothing, completely destroyed because of internal quarrel and centuries old hatred and imputations.


A message to the Aramean Catholics, that is to say:


The Syrian Catholic Church, The Syrian Melkite Greek Catholic Church, The Syrian Chaldean Catholic Church, The Syrian Maronite Catholic Church , is this one:


You may call yourself whatever you want to, but please do not lose your senses. There are thousands Western Catholics who refuse to be manipulated by the Vatican. They are Catholics, but they take independent position, they read and study the Bible on daily basis and try to dedicate themselves to Jesus Christ. These are the true Christian Catholics.


You as Aramean Catholics will definitely not go to the hell if you set yourself a bit free from Vatican and take more independent position. And please stop immediately to be used as remote control. The salvation of your soul does not come from Vatican, but from Jesus Christ. The Bible says: " .........for I have espoused you to one husband, that I may present [you] [as] a chaste virgin to Christ" (2 Corinthians 11:2). Therefore, please put Jesus Christ on the first place and read the Bible in which He reveals Himself.


For those among the Aramean Catholics who want to know more about the covenant they have made, we refer to a top specialist on this field, Mr. William (Bill) Schnoebelen who has produced a DVD on this matter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuTwsQNzmQs


Appeal to all the Aramean denominations


Please have a detailed look at the decadent behavior of your children, men and women in Diaspora. No sense of shame! One would think that when a person has escaped war, bloodbaths and massacres, he would behave modest and respectable. Unfortunately, the real life is quite different than one would imagine and wish. They simply go with the decadence, immorality and enjoy thoroughly the “luxurious” life in the West.


On the broadcasting channels Ishtar, SuryoyoSat and SuroyoTv, sometimes wedding parties, new year, Christmas, eastern and other parties are broadcasted where you see some people dressed so perversely, that they look like prostitutes. They give the eyes the impression as if they have something to sell! The obnoxious behavior is that some of them wear a cross between their half-naked breasts. And the most ungodly is that these kind of people are being associated with Christianity. And that is absolutely no good advertisement, for other nations are watching us and judge us according our behavior!


The worst thing is that from child to adult they do not want to know anything about the errors and treason they committed towards the Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and act as if nothing is wrong. Many of them are even boasting on their good deeds, Christian faith and self-satisfaction. What is worse is that many of them have removed Christ Jesus from their lives, without being aware of it, and call themselves "Christians" for the show.


Even now they are refugee at other man’s doors, they do not have slightest reason to ask themselves: Why did we become refugee at other man’s doors and make our hands open for them? Why did not our God protect us against evil forces that have invaded and assumed our indigenous homelands? What is the cause of our Diaspora and why we lost everything?  On the contrary, they enjoy the “luxurious” life in the West, act like drunkards, and do not want to be bothered with these difficult questions they simply don’t want to hear anything about!


The various Aramean Diaspora communities (including “Chaldeans”, “Assyrians”) in the West should not fool themselves and make any illusions for they have been entrapped by the “luxurious” decadent life in the West. For their survival it is necessary to wake up and reflect on what is coming. Thirty years ago nobody in Iraq would have imagined in their wildest dreams what is now happening to them, for they were entrapped in the carefree and “luxurious” life. Ten years ago nobody had imagined what is now happening with Syria. Therefore we appeal to all of the Aramean denominations as follows: "Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light. 15 See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise" (Ephesians 5:14-15)


For those among you who want to learn more about centuries old persecutions, the lose of our ancestral homelands, and the reasons behind Diaspora, we refer to the following articles:






Articles concerning Aramean nation of Syria:


1-8-2019: Arameans of Syria: unprecedented terror of the darling children of the colonial Western powers against the Aramean nation

9-2-2019: With approval and under protection of the colonial Western powers: Unprecedented Terror of Kurdish YPG/PKK terrorists and “Assyrian” terrorists against the Aramean nation of Syria

4-11-2017: NATO/ Western weapons and (Aramean) blood sacrifices by ISIS/ISIL terrorists in Syria

2-2-2017: Arameans of Aram-Nahrin organization sent a congratulation letter to US President Donald Trump

21-6-2016: Terroristic attack on the Arameans of Beth Zalin/ Kamishli after inauguration of Aramean Genocide monument by Patriarch Afrem Karim.

28-5-2016: Syria: Desecration of cemetery in Deir Ezzor and three Aramean martyrs in Beth Zalin /Kamishli........

2-5-2016: After the Turks come Kurds.... Arameans, Gog and Magog......

17-2-2016: Chemical attack on Ghouta, Damascus in 2013, Arameans, Kurds and Turks....

31-12-2015: Aramean blood again flows in Syria: Terror attack on the Arameans of Kamishli

11-12-2015: From Mosul to Hassake and Al- Quaryatayn,...... The boys of the Western colonial illuminati powers wreak havoc: The indigenous Arameans are the dupes

17-7-2015: Turkey, Syria and Iraq: Arameans, the downfall of an indigenous nation, part II

23-3-2015: Hundred year Aramean Genocide: Old and New genocide. ISIS/ISIL terrorists attack Arameo- Assyrian and Arameo- Chaldean villages in Khabour in Syria

30-5-2014: Turkey, Syria and Iraq: Arameans, the downfall of an indigenous nation: Part 1

21-2-2014: Arameans of Iraq and Syria: when the blind is leading the blind and is serving as extermination tool in the hands of illuminati

7-1-2014: The two Aramean bishops: used as blackmail and bargaining instrument by odious powers……

29-11-2013: Aramean bishop: What happened in Sadad is the most serious and biggest massacre of Christians in Syria in the past two years and a half…….The such-and-such massacre of Arameans of Syria: Who is responsible?

7-10-2013: “Free Syria” according to the colonial model: Ritual slaughtering, ethnic cleansing, eating human lungs and feeding unclean and uncircumcised ones to dogs! 'Why don't you become a Muslim? Then you can be free'

27-6-2013: Aramean Catholic Priest Killed in Syria

16-5-2013: The mysterious kidnapping of the two Aramean bishops, the contradictory reports in some media, the possible responsible ones …. and the possible dénouement……

23-4-2013: Two Aramean bishops kidnapped in Syria

15-4-2013: The use of chemical weapons by the colonial powers supported death squads and terrorists in Syria (fake name: “liberators.”)


21-1-2013: Iraq: Aramean teacher and student killed in Mosul: Repetition of Iraq in Syria

19-12-2012: Syria: Has the time arrived to carry out a false flag attack with chemical weapons to be used by the colonial powers as pretext to invade Syria?  

27-10-2012: Iraqi Aramean leader mourns on languishing away of Aramean presence… unseen hand… our concerns … the New World Order (NWO)… Paradigm Shift… Petrus Romanus…..

2-8-2012: Balkanization of Syria: Who will be the winners and who will be the losers?  What will happen with the indigenous Arameans present in this area since thousands of years?

23-7-2012: Syria: The good ones and the bad ones, which side do you support? The story of the Aramean sister Agnes Miriam

28-6-2102: ……………reported back that Western press was spreading disinformation about the real nature of the uprising in Syria and thereby prolonging and deepening the conflict………

18-5-2012: Is the colonial demonic plan being activated to ethnically cleanse Syria of its indigenous Aramean and other Christians?

13-12-2011: Climax of Madness: The unholy colonial product “Assyrians” wants together with Muslim brotherhood to topple the regime of Bashar Assad. How the odious demonic colonial powers maneuver their spiritual children and creation into the abyss to exterminate the Aramean nation of Syria

3-12-2011: “The use of mercenaries, death squads and snipers by Western intelligence agencies is well documented,, Will the ethnic cleansing of the Arameans of Iraq serve as a example to the future ethnic cleansing of Arameans of Syria?

1-12-2011: Disposing the Middle-East of Aramean, Coptic and other Christians: a demonic plan concocted in the antichristian malignant laboratories of colonial powers

26-10-2011: “Liberation” Iraq: Extermination Aramean Christians “Liberation” Egypt: burning churches and slaughtering of Coptic Christians

24-9-2011: “Liberation” of Iraq: Extermination of Arameans of Iraq. “Liberation” of Syria…..?????......

24-4-2010: Shutting down of Aramaic institute: It would be a travesty for Syria

6-7-2009: Arameans of Aram-Nahrin Organisation sent a letter to the President of Syria, Dr. Bashar al- Assad on the situation of the Aramean indigenous people.



*********International media concerning Syria************


ISIS/ISIL terrorists attack the Arameo- Assyrian and Chaldean villages at the shore of the river Khabour in Syria and kill, burn, destroy and expel


"Liberation" of Syria by the boys of colonial illuminati powers.

 Syria Crucifixion Video


Death and desecration in Syria: Jihadist group 'crucifies' bodies to send message (http://edition.cnn.com)


By any measure the US has long used terrorism. In 1978-79 the Senate was trying to pass a law against international terrorism- in every version they produced, the lawyers said the US would be in violation “ (Former National Security Agency Director Lt. General William Odom)


John Pilger: USA, UK and France gave birth to ISIS monster



2-9-2011: The Al Qaeda Insurgency in Syria: Recruiting Jihadists to Wage NATO’s “Humanitarian Wars”, Part III

30-9-2011: Who is US Ambassador to Syria Robert S. Ford? The Covert Role of the US Embassy in Supporting an Armed Insurrection

3-11-2011: The US-NATO-Israel Sponsored Al Qaeda Insurgency in Syria: Who Was Behind The 2011 “Protest Movement”?

28-5-2012: “The Salvador Option For Syria”: US-NATO Sponsored Death Squads Integrate “Opposition Forces”

7-8-2012: Anglo-American 1957 Secret Plan to Assassinate the Syrian President. Déjà Vu?

15-6-2013: Former French Foreign Minister: The War against Syria was Planned Two years before “The Arab Spring”

31-8-2013: The Forbidden Truth: The U.S. is Channeling Chemical Weapons to Al Qaeda in Syria, Obama is a Liar and a Terrorist

19-6-2014: US-Sponsored Terrorism in Iraq and “Constructive Chaos” in the Middle East

6-6-2014: Who is Ambassador Robert Stephen Ford? The Architect of US Sponsored Terrorism in Syria

16-8-2014: The ISIS Islamic Terrorists are Supported by the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia

6-9-2014: Terrorism with a “Human Face”: The History of America’s Death Squads. Death Squads in Iraq and Syria. The Historical Roots of US-NATO's Covert War on Syria

18-11-2014: Twenty-six Things About the Islamic State (ISIL) that Obama Does Not Want You to Know About

16-2-2015: The Engineered Destruction and Political Fragmentation of Iraq. Towards the Creation of a US Sponsored Islamist Caliphate

24-5-2015: Newly-Declassified U.S. Government Documents: The West Supported the Creation of ISIS

2-8-2015: The US Hand in the Syrian Mess

4-8-2015: How US Allies Aid Al Qaeda in Syria

9-8-2015: The Origins of ISIS. Created by “Direct” Action of the United States Government

14-8-2015: Terrorism is “Made in the USA”. The “Global War on Terrorism” is a Fabrication, A Big Lie

25-10-2015: The Islamic State (ISIS), the “Caliphate Project” and the “Global War on Terrorism”

10-11-2015: Uprising against Assad was Engineered in Washington

14-11-2015: Under the Disguise of The “Battle against Terrorism”: The U.S., Britain and France Support “Al Qaeda in Syria”

16-11-2015: America’s “Global War on Terror”, Al Qaeda and the Islamic State (ISIS) (http://www.globalresearch.ca)

17-11-2015: Convicted Criminals Serve as ISIS “Freedom Fighters” in Syria: Saudi, Pakistani and Iraqi Prison Inmates Replenish Al Qaeda Ranks

17-11-2015: The Atlantic Alliance’s “Holy War” against the Islamic State (ISIS): NATO’s Role in the Recruitment of Islamic Terrorists

17-11-2015: Pentagon's War on Terror: Smokescreen for Ambitious Geopolitical Projects?

17-11-2015: “Going After” the Islamic State. Guess Who is Behind the Caliphate Project?

19-11-2015: Video: Reality Check: Proof U.S. Government Wanted ISIS To Emerge In Syria

20-11-2015: Who Supports The Islamic State (ISIS)? Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, Israel, UK, France, USA

20-11-2015: Syria: Killing Innocent Civilians as part of a US Covert Op. Mobilizing Public Support for a R2P War against Syria

20-12-2015: Terrorists or “Freedom Fighters”? Recruited by the CIA

14-4-2016: Evidence Points to the CIA Targeting Assad, Not Daesh in Syria

1-5-2016: The Unspoken Truth is that America is Supporting Al Qaeda: Heavy Propaganda Rages in the Battle for Aleppo. The Terrorists are Portrayed as “Freedom Fighters”

11-7-2016: The West’s Establishment Lies and Crimes Are Leading Us to The Unthinkable

12-7-2016: “Washington, the War Criminal Capital of the World is Driving the World to Nuclear War”: Paul Craig Roberts

14-7-2016: US-UK Dirty War: ‘Latin American-style’ Death Squads in Iraq Revealed Through Chilcot

14-7-2016: Terrorism with a “Human Face”: The History of America’s Death Squads

18-7-2016: Allying with “Political Islam”: Washington’s Tactical Alliances with Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria

20-7-2016: The Globalization of War. America’s “Long War” against Humanity

17-8-2016: Proof: US and NATO-backed ‘Rebels’ Are NOT Fighting ISIS

17-8-2016: US Routinely Manipulates Intelligence to Justify Engaging in Conflicts

17-9-2016: Russian Foreign Ministry: White House 'Defending the Islamic State' Terrorists

19-9-2016: Obama is Protecting the Terrorists, America to the Rescue of ISIS-ISIL-Daesh. Testimonies of Syrian Soldiers Who Witnessed the US Airstrikes

22-9-2016: Here’s How the US, Israel, al-Qaeda and ISIS Work Together in Syria

24-9-2016: The US Road Map to Balkanize Syria: Establish the ISIS-Daesh Salafist Principality. What are Russia’s Options?

25-9-2016: Before the US-NATO Sponsored Dirty War, Syria was an Oasis of Civilization, a Secular Pluralist Nation

25-9-2016: West still arming Al-Nusra in Syria, peace almost impossible – Russia’s UN envoy

26-9-2016: ‘Americans are on our side’: Al-Nusra commander says US arming jihadists via 3rd countries

27-9-2016: ‘US knows weapons sent to Syrian rebels end up with terrorists’ – German journo to RT

28-9-2016: US in Syria: How to Build a Terror-State

28-9-2016: U.S. and Allies Arming Al Qaeda Rebels with Portable “Anti-Aircraft Missiles” (MANPADS) to be Used against Russian Air Force

28-9-2016: America’s “Humanitarian War” against the World

29-9-2016: Daesh Owes Its Existence to US 'Philosophy of Dominance' Which Led to Iraq War

29-9-2016: 'US has always been main sponsor of Islamic State' - former CIA contractor to RT

30-9-2016: The Cat's Out of the Bag: Lavrov Just Told the BBC That the US Supports Terrorist Groups in Syria

1-10-2016: The US, France and Britain Scrap United Nations Diplomacy, Embrace Terrorism against the People of Syria…

7-10-2016: Air Strikes against Syria: Who are the War Criminals? Who is Supporting Al Qaeda? Russia or America?

13-12-2016: US protecting Nusra terrorists to use them to topple Assad: Russia

14-12-2016: It’s now beyond question that prolonged violence in Syria is in Washington’s interest

22-12-2016: CIA Former Deputy Director Called for Washington to Deliver a “Painful to Putin” Blow One Week Prior to Ambassador Assassination

23-12-2016: Retaliation Promised: Russian Ambassador’s Murder Justified, Even Praised Across the West

24-12-2016: US ‘protects’ Nusra terrorists, ‘punishes’ Moscow for Assad support – Russian FM

24-12-2016: There Are No Terrorists? Counterterrorism = Supporting Terrorism? Western Governments Are Supporting Terrorist Organizations Which They are Allegedly Combating

22-5-2017: The Atlantic Alliance’s “Holy War” against the Islamic State (ISIS): NATO’s Role in the Recruitment of Islamic Terrorists

23-5-2017: U.S. “Military Aid” to Al Qaeda, ISIS-Daesh: Pentagon Uses Illicit Arms Trafficking to Channel Enormous Shipments of Light Weapons into Syria

9-6-2017: How Britain Helped Create ISIS

10-7-2017: Washington’s False Flag: United Nations Confirmed that US Supported Syrian “Rebels” Were Using Chemical Weapons

7-9-2017: US Aircraft Evacuates Over 20 Daesh Commanders From Deir ez-Zor - Source

24-9-2017: US special ops forces & hardware spotted at ISIS positions north of Deir ez-Zor – Russian MoD

26-9-2017: Satellite Images Show US-Support for ISIS in Syria

26-9-2017: Breaking video: ISIS fighter admits that ISIS is forbidden to attack Kurdish forces in Deir Ezzor

28-9-2017: Russia Releases Photos Showing U.S. Special Forces, SDF, Working In ISIS Territory With No Fear Of Attack

30-9-2017: Revealed: The Pentagon Is Spending Up to $2.2 Billion on Soviet-Style Arms for Syrian Rebels

30-9-2017: Breaking: Captured ISIS Fighters Admit Cooperation Between ISIS and the U.S.

1-10-2017: The Insidious ISIS-US Relationship. The West is Terrorizing and Destroying Countries

4-10-2017: The Big ISIS and SDF Lies of the US: ‘Kurdistan’ and New Gas Wars

4-10-2017: US Support for Terrorists in Syria Main Obstacle to Defeating Them - Russian MoD

4-10-2017: ISIS attacked Syrian positions from US-controlled area, used sophisticated data – Moscow

4-10-2017: Syria: Kurdish SDF and ISIS-Daesh, An Unholy Alliance Consecrated by the U.S.

5-10-2017: US-Daesh Cooperation ‘Makes Sense’ Through Lens of Washington's Broader Plans

14-12-2017: Daesh Got Powerful Anti-Tank Missile Supplied to Syrian Rebels by US - Report

14-12-2017: US & Saudis boosted ISIS arsenal by sending EU-made advanced arms to Syrian rebels – study

15-12-2017: Weapons Went from the CIA to ISIS in Less Than Two Months

16-12-2017: US Training New Militants to Counter Russia in Syria – Lawmaker

17-12-2017: Journalist reveals how arms experts tracked down illicit US supplies to Iraq ISIS workshop

21-12-2017: CIA's Alleged Arming of Extremists Supports Broader Plan to Control Middle East

25-12-2017: Reports on US training ‘ex-terrorists’ in Syria concerning – Lavrov to RT

27-12-2017: Moscow Has Data al-Nusra Front Militants Getting Support From Outside - Lavrov

27-12-2017: US runs training camps for Syria militants: Russian general

29-12-2017: US Reportedly Evacuates Daesh Leaders From Syria's Deir ez-Zor Again

29-12-2017: Who Are the Leading State Sponsors of Terrorism?

30-12-2017: US-Backed SDF Troops' VIDEO Shows Daesh Being Allowed to Leave Raqqa

7-1-2018: Pentagon Trained Syria’s Al Qaeda “Rebels” in the Use of Chemical Weapons

8-1-2018: Hillary Clinton: “We Created Al Qaeda”. The Protagonists of the “Global War on Terrorism” are the Terrorists

2-2-2018: What’s Really Happening in Syria: Who Started the War, Who Can You Trust to Tell the Truth?

9-2-2018: Pentagon Trained Syria’s Al Qaeda “Rebels” in the Use of Chemical Weapons

20-2-2018: The US is protecting ISIS to weaken rivals, expand US occupation of Syria

21-2-2018: US Helicopters Spotted in Al-Hasakah Reportedly Evacuating Daesh Members (VIDEO)

26-2-2018: US Choppers Reportedly Transport Daesh Terrorists to Syrian Training Camp

28-2-2018: US Intends Indefinite Illegal Occupation of Syrian and Iraqi Territory

1-3-2018: Six Years Ago: The US-NATO-Israel Sponsored Al Qaeda Insurgency in Syria. Who Was Behind the 2011 “Protest Movement”?

15-3-2018: How US Used Chemical Attacks to Justify Its Invasion of Syria Since 2013

17-3-2018: ‘Not proxy’: Lavrov says US, British, French special forces ‘directly involved’ in Syria war

17-3-2018: US training Syria militants for false flag chemical attack as basis for airstrikes – Russian MoD

19-3-2018: US Building New Base in Oil Rich Area in Syria's Deir ez-Zor Province - Reports

19-3-2018: US Caught Evacuating More Daesh Leaders in Syria - State Media

19-3-2018: Pentagon Trained Syria’s Al Qaeda “Rebels” in the Use of Chemical Weapons, Confirmed by CNN

20-3-2018: US Remains 'Official Sponsor of Terrorism in Iraq and Elsewhere' – Politician

20-3-2018: Syria: Undeclared US-NATO War of Aggression, Using Al Qaeda Terrorism as An Instrument of Death and Destruction

16-4-2018: False flags are real – US has a long history of lying to start wars

4-9-2018: US, Allies Supply Arms to Nusra, Daesh Through Third Countries – Damascus

8-10-2018: Daesh Terrorists Again Evacuated by US Copters From Syria's Deir Ez-Zor – Report

26-2-2019: US Army Transferring 50 Tons of Gold from ISIS-Daesh Held Areas in Syria and Iraq back to the US. Reports

27-2-2019: US Forces in Eastern Syria Made 'Gold for Safe Passage' Deal With Daesh – Report

1-3-2019: Video: US Forces Steal Tons of Gold Captured by ISIS in Syria, Iraq

1-6-2019: The Policy of Creative Chaos: America’s Project for a “Middle-East Holocaust”

24-6-2019: U.S. “Military Aid” to Al Qaeda, ISIS-Daesh

17-7-2019: Video: Waiting for New Idlib Offensive. US Continues to Provide Syria Rebels with Weapons and Military Supplies

26-7-2019: US Foreign Policy in Shambles: NATO and the Middle East. How Do You Wage War Without Allies?

8-9-2019: US Terror Syndicate

10-10-2019: U.S. “Military Aid” to Al Qaeda, ISIS-Daesh

10-10-2019: The Dirty War on Syria: Washington, Regime Change and Resistance


French Foreighn Minister Roland Dumas on the preplanned destruction of Syria


“ I’m going to tell you something. I was in England two years before the violence in Syria on other business. I met with top British officials, who confessed to me that they were preparing something in Syria.

………… Britain was organizing an invasion of rebels into Syria. They even asked me, although I was no longer minister for foreign affairs, if I would like to participate.

Naturally, I refused, I said I’m French, that doesn’t interest me.’’

’This operation goes way back. It was prepared, preconceived and planned… in the region it is important to know that this Syrian regime has a very anti-Israeli stance.

Consequently, everything that moves in the region- and I have this from the former Israeli prime minister who told me ‘we’ll try to get on with our neighbours but those who don’t agree with us will be destroyed.

It’s a type of politics, a view of history, why not after all. But one should know about it.’’


==Liberation of Aleppo, colonial Western hysteria, grinding teeth and media misinformation==




23-12-2016: ‘With Aleppo retaken, Washington’s plan for regime change in Syria is off the table’

23-12-2016: Aleppo recapture deals setback to Gulf rebel backers

22-12-2016: “Newspeak” and the Duplicity of Mainstream Journalism

22-12-2016: The Aleppo Social Media Disinformation Hype: Seven Year Old Bana Al-Abed’s Last Tweet

21-12-2016: Syrian Ex-Ambassador to US Says Aleppo Liberation 'Distressed' West, UN

21-12-2016: The Syrian Government’s Victory at Aleppo: A Turning Point in the Struggle Against Neo-Colonialism

21-12-2016: The Liberation of Aleppo: A Regional Turning Point. Setback for US-Led Aggression

20-12-2016: Aleppo: the frenzied media response and the stakes for Syria

20-12-2016: Fake ‘Aleppo Genocide’ Pics Spread Online Amid Renewed Calls For ‘Humanitarian’ War On Syria

20-12-2016: Mainstream Media's Fake News About Aleppo Designed to 'Destabilize Syria'

20-12-2016: Assad and Syria Victimized by 'Biased Approach' of Western Media

17-12-2016: BREAKING: 14 US-Led Coalition Military Advisers Captured by Syrian Special Forces in Aleppo

17-12-2016: US Arming Opposition Rebels in Syria Allied With Al-Qaeda - Congresswoman

16-12-2016: BREAKING: At Least 14 US Coalition Military Officers Captured by Syrian Special Forces in East Aleppo Bunker

16-12-2016: Aleppo Liberation Exposed Mainstream Media and Their Lies About Syria

16-12-2016: Aleppo Starts Uncovering Washington’s Evil Designs

16-12-2016: Media Disinformation, War Crimes, and the Liberation of Aleppo

16-12-2016: Western capitals, reeling over Syria, 'consumed by mass hysteria & propaganda'

16-12-2016: 'Information Campaign Against Damascus, Russia' Proves 'West Supports Terrorism'

16-12-2016: Mainstream Media Engaged in ‘Falsifications’ Around Aleppo – Italian Journalist

15-12-2016: “Fake News” on Aleppo Liberation, Western Media Lies and Fabrications. The Words “Terrorists” or “Al Qaeda” are Not Mentioned

15-12-2016: ‘Unlike Western mainstream media, I’ve spent the last three days in East Aleppo’

15-12-2016: MSM using children in Western information campaign against Syria – RT report

15-12-2016: Why MSM Continue to Spread Myths About 'Syrian Army's Atrocities in Aleppo'

15-12-2016: Why is US Fuming About Aleppo Liberation?

14-12-2016: ‘Lies are their agenda’: Canadian journalist blasts MSM Syria coverage at UN event (VIDEO)

13-12-2016: MSM Create #Fakenews Storm As Rebel Aleppo Vanishes

13-12-2016: Aleppo's Liberation, Palmyra, and Washington's Dilemma


=====17-9-2016: (US) Coalition Attack on Syrian Army in Deir Es Zor====

30-9-2016: US Attack on Syrian Army 'Intentional Move in Support of Clinton's Campaign'

30-9-2016: Damascus Claims US Forces Hit UN Convoy to Deflect From Attack on Syrian Army

30-9-2016: Pentagon Sabotages Ceasefire: Larger Syria Intervention Coming Soon?

27-9-2016: Deir ez-Zor Attack Was Coordinated Between US, Daesh – Syrian Lawmaker

26-9-2016: Damascus has proof US talked to ISIS militants ahead of airstrike on Syrian forces – lawmaker

26-9-2016: US wants to distract attention from coalition strike on Syria troops – Lavrov

24-9-2016: Syrian FM at UN: Bombing of Syrian troops no mistake, US is ISIS accomplice

24-9-2016: Syrian Envoy to UN: US Trying to Divert Attention Away from Deir Ezzur Incident

24-9-2016: Deir ez-Zor Attack: Pentagon Could Have Something to Hide in Syria

23-9-2016: Caught On Tape: Did The US Target Syrian Aid Convoy With Hellfire Missile?

22-9-2016: Deir ez-Zor Bombings: What Does the U.S Want in Syria? “Shame on a US-Led Coalition Which Pretends Fighting ISIS While in Reality It is Helping ISIS”

22-9-2016: Assad: US air strikes on Syrian army base were ‘definitely intentional’

21-9-2016: Attack on Syrian Army is 'Case of Pentagon Trying to Show State Dept Who's Boss'

21-9-2016: Russian military contacted US twice to stop airstrikes against Syrian govt troops

20-9-2016: 62 Dead, 100 Wounded as US Bombs Syrian Army Near Deir ez-Zor. Bombing Was in Support of ISIS-Daesh Militia

20-9-2016: Attack on Syrian Army is 'Pentagon’s Attempt to Undermine US-Russia Deal'

20-9-2016: US Massacre of Syrian Soldiers Combating ISIS-Daesh Terrorists Exposes Washington’s Mendacity

20-9-2016: Deir Ezzor Attack Enables The "Salafist Principality" As Foreseen In The 2012 DIA Analysis

20-9-2016: Deir ez-Zor Attack Reveals Washington's 'True Intentions' in Syria

19-9-2016: Assad: US Coalition's Airstrikes on Syrian Army is Aggression Serving Daesh

18-9-2016: US airstrikes on Syrian airbase intentional, says aide to Assad

18-9-2016: Russia accuses US of BACKING ISIS after blundering airstrike hands death cult victory

18-9-2016: ‘Coincidence ISIS launched offensive straight after US strike on Syrian troops?’

18-9-2016: US Coalition's Attack on Syrian Army Highlights Support for Terrorists - Tehran

18-9-2016: Timing & other aspects of US strike on Syrian army suggest intentional provocation – Churkin

18-9-2016: 'Hypocrisy Beyond Classical': US-led Bombing of Syrian Army Wasn't 'Mistake'

18-9-2016: ‘Unbelievable’ that US strike on Syrian army was mistake – fmr MI5 agent

17-9-2016: Deir ez-Zor Strike Proves US 'Not Serious' About Fighting Terror

17-9-2016: Russian MoD Confirms US-Led Coalition's F-16, A-10 Jets Attacked Syrian Army

18-3-2019: French Colonel Slams US Tactics Against ISIS-Daesh in Syria, Accuses Washington of “Prolonging the Conflict”


=======19-9-2016: Attack on UN Humanitarian Convoy Aleppo====

1-10-2016: Syrian Defense Ministry Discloses Goals of US Attack on UN Humanitarian Convoy in Aleppo

24-9-2016: Attack on Humanitarian Convoy in Syria, Used by US as a “Propaganda” Tool

22-9-2016: Russian defense ministry confirms US drone was present in area of attack on UN convoy

21-9-2016: Syria: Attack on Aid Convoy Kills Twenty, Destroys Aid, And Obliterates US War Crimes in Support of ISIS-Daesh Terror Group?

21-9-2016: US coalition Predator drone spotted at time & place of Syria aid convoy attack – Russian military

21-9-2016: False Flag? US-NATO-Rebel Coalition Appear to Have Fabricated UN Convoy Evidence

21-9-2016: War Propaganda and the ‘Aleppo Media Centre’, Funded By French Foreign Office, EU and US

20-9-2016: SOTT News Snapshot: 20 September 2016 - Did U.S. attack Syrian aid convoy just to blame Putin and Assad?

20-9-2016: Russian MoD Releases Footage of Attacked UN Aid Convoy in Syria's Aleppo (VIDEO)

5-10-2016: September Attack on UN Aid Convoy in Syria Well-Prepared Hoax, Investigators Say


===== Terror Attack France=====


Paris False Flag Exposed - John Pilger, Ken O'Keefe & Gearoid O'Colmain




28-7-2016: French police tipped off about planned attack days before priest killing – investigation sources

11-7-2016: The Paris Bataclan Terror Attack: Six French Military Were Present, Instructed Not to Intervene, People Died…

10-4-2016: Paris received terror attack warning 5 months before assaults – report

10-4-2016: French Intelligence Knew About Paris Attacks, Failed to React

19-11-2015: The Paris Terror Attacks and 911: Similar “Evidence” Makes it Suspicious

18-11-2015: The Paris Terror Attacks : “France is at War”. The Transition towards a Totalitarian “French Republic”

18-11-2015: West Leverages Paris Attacks for Syria Endgame

18-11-2015: Terror Attacks in France. Cui bono? US led Coalition Supports Terrorism

16-11-2015: The Paris Terrorist Attacks. The Worst in France’s Recent History. What Next? An Increase in US-NATO Military Actions in Syria and Iraq? (http://www.globalresearch.ca/)

15-11-2015: Important Events Leading Up to the November 13 Paris Terrorist Attacks. Sheer Coincidence? (http://www.globalresearch.ca)

15-11-2015: Paris under Attack: Was it a False Flag? A Pretext for NATO to Intervene in Syria and the Middle East?

14-11-2015: The Paris Terrorist Attacks, “9/11 French-Style”, “Le 11 septembre à la française”

14-11-2015: Paris Terror Attacks: Blowback or False Flag? France Declares a State of Emergency

14-11-2015: Attack in France – State Sponsored Terror, But Which State?

14-11-2015: CONFIRMED: French Government Knew Extremists BEFORE Paris Terrorist Attack

14-11-2015: CIA Director Brennan Met With French Security Chief Before Paris Attacks - Report (http://www.legitgov.org)

8-1-2015: France Armed Terrorists that Struck Paris


===Terror Attack Nice, France===


23-7-2016: Video: France Mourns Nice Victims, Hollande Government Supports ISIS in Northern Syria: Michel Chossudovsky

22-7-2016: Nice Attacks, Destroying Evidence at Crime Scene: French Government Orders Destruction of CCTV Video Footage

22-7-2016: Nice – 14th July – Lie Propaganda in Overdrive – Murder Is the New Normal

21-7-2016: The Nice Massacre: Another ‘Known Wolf’? Inconsistencies, Shifting Narratives and the Role of ISIS

20-7-2016: Nice Terror Attack, A Harvest of Horror. French Government Support of Terrorism

18-7-2016: The Nice Terror Attack: Towards a Permanent State of Martial Law in France? Brings To Mind “Operation Gladio”

15-7-2016: July Massacre in Nice, ANOTHER False Flag

15-7-2016: French PM Manuel Valls: ‘We Must Learn to Live with the Terror, Like Israel’

15-7-2016: Nice, 14th of July Massacre: Towards Martial Law? The Islamic State (ISIS-Daesh) Claims Responsibility?

15-7-2016: The Nice Terror Attack: Towards a Permanent State of Emergency?

14-7-2016: Carnage on Bastille Day: ‘Terror’ Attack in Nice – French Airstrikes on Raqqa?

14-7-2016: “77 dead on 7/14” – numerology signals false flag – UPDATES!


===Terror Attack Belgium, Brussels===


29-4-2016: Belgian police knew Paris attackers plotted ‘irreversible act’ since 2014

20-4-2016: The Brussels Terror Attacks: Fake Videos and Images. “The Man in the Hat”

8-4-2016: Terror Bombing in Brussels and Paris: Europe’s “Islamist Legionnaires” Come Home to Fight

31-3-2016: Intelligence Accounts Raise More Questions on Origins of Brussels, Paris Attacks

26-3-2016: Whistleblower Edward Snowden claims Belgian spies could have stopped Brussels attacks

25-3-2016: The Belgium bombing: Why the dots are not connected

25-3-2016: The Brussels Attacks: What is True, What is Fake? Three Daesh Suspects at Brussels Airport

25-3-2016: BRUSSELS TERRORDROME: Masterminds, Fake CCTV Footage, EU Funded Terror Drills & Prior Knowledge

26-3-2016: “Suicide Bombers” Known to, Imprisoned by Security Agencies BEFORE Brussels Attack

24-3-2016: Paris, Brussels… The Role of “Massive Casualty Producing Events”. The Roadmap to a Police State

24-3-2016: Possible Signs Of False Flag In Brussels Now Emerging

23-3-2016: The Brussels Attacks – Another False Flag?

22-3-2016: Fake Video Used in News Coverage of Brussels Terror Attacks

22-3-2016: Is the ISIS Behind the Brussels Attacks? Who is Behind the ISIS?

22-3-2016: 3/22 false flag! Gladio strikes Brussels on satanic holiday

22-3-2016: Brussels Attack: The True Implications of ISIS Links

8-10-2016: Belgian Police Ignored Info Which Could Have Been Used to Stop Paris Attacks


========Era of Lies and deceit: Chemical False Flag Attack Douma=====


16-4-2018: Footage of Douma Attack Staged, so-Called Evidence is 'Fake' - Moscow

16-4-2018: Gassing is bad, but OK for some: US complicity in past chemical attacks

16-4-2018: Moscow has ‘irrefutable’ evidence chem attack in Syria’s Douma was staged – Russia’s envoy to OPCW

16-4-2018: False flags are real – US has a long history of lying to start wars

16-4-2018: Report: Moscow Has ‘Irrefutable’ Proof Chemical Attack in Syria Staged

15-4-2018: US-led coalition ‘manufactured consent’ with ‘fabricated’ gas attack - George Galloway on Syria

15-4-2018: More on the Skripal/Douma false flag connection

15-4-2018: Syria Chemical Weapons Attack Was A Rigged “False Flag”. Virginia State Senator Richard H. Black

14-4-2018: Russia Claims to Have Located Witnesses to Staged ‘Chemical’ Event in Douma

14-4-2018: US Launches Impotent Attack on Non-existent “Chemical Facilities”

14-4-2018: Pretext for Strike on Syria ‘Obvious Hoax’ - US State Senator Black

14-4-2018: WATCH UK Media Cut Off General for Doubting Syrian Use of Chemical Weapons

14-4-2018: Trump’s Punitive Air Strikes against Syria. No Evidence that Assad was Behind the Alleged Chemical Weapons Attack

14-4-2018: CIA, Riyadh Behind Lies on Douma Chemical Attack – Turkish Former Deputy PM

14-4-2018: False Flag Attack in Douma

13-4-2018: WATCH Douma Doctor Blow Lid Off White Helmets' 'Chemical Attack' Claims

13-4-2018: Foreign secret service behind Syria chemical attack: Russia FM

13-4-2018: Raising The False Flag: Syrian Gas Attack Staged By The U.K. And Russia Has ‘Irrefutable’ Proof

13-4-2018: Syria 'chemical attack' staged to provoke US airstrike, London pushed perpetrators – Russian MoD

13-4-2018: Deep State Source: Evidence Exists That Syria Gas Attack Faked

13-4-2018: Lavrov: Intel services of ‘a state’ that promotes Russophobia behind ‘staged’ Douma chemical attack

13-4-2018: 'Western intel on Douma incident virtually non-existent, no ground sources' – ex-CIA agent Kiriakou

13-4-2018: Russian Foreign Minister Says Douma False Flag Staged by ‘Russophobic State’

13-4-2018: We Have Evidence of UK's Role in Staging Douma Provocation - Russian MoD

13-4-2018: Russia says Syria chemical attack was false flag by Britain and the White Helmets

13-4-2018: UK behind false flag chemical attack in Syria, evidence shows

13-4-2018: Chemical Attacks, False Flags and the Fate of Syria

12-4-2018: WATCH Top Russian General Predict Douma Provocation a Month in Advance

12-4-2018: Video: Senator Exposes Syrian WMD False Flag

12-4-2018: Is It Fake? White Helmets Alleged Chemical Attack Footage Leaves Several Unanswered Questions

12-4-2018: Syria Chemical Weapons False Flag: Repeating Baseless Claims Is Not “Mounting Evidence”

12-4-2018: False Flag in Syria Sets Stage for Wider War

12-4-2018: "There Wasn't A Single Corpse": Russia Claims 'White Helmets' Staged Syria Chemical Attack

12-4-2018: Washington’s False Flag: United Nations Confirmed that US Supported Syrian “Rebels” Were Using Chemical Weapons

12-4-2018: The facts behind the ‘staged’ video of kids’ chemical weapons drill in Syria

11-4-2018: Syria says US using 'lies, fabrications' to attack it

11-4-2018: US Using 'Fabrications and Lies' as Excuse to Target Syria - Damascus

11-4-2018: Exposing the Chemical Weapons Lie: Experts Address Syria War Crisis

11-4-2018: Syria chemical attack was false flag operation by US, allies: Analyst

10-4-2018: Video: They Can’t Even Do a False Flag Right: Russia Calls Out Inconsistencies in Douma “Chemical Attack”

10-4-2018: Syrian chemical weapons attack was false flag operation, Fox News host suggests

10-4-2018: Does Presence of White Helmets Indicate False Flag Chemical Attacks in Syria?

10-4-2018: Video: Former UK Ambassador to Syria: Douma Chemical Attack is staged

9-4-2018: False Flag? Russia: ‘There Is NO Evidence Of Douma Chemical Attack’

9-4-2018: Don’t drink the Kool-Aid! West promoting chemical false flags as pretext for military action

9-4-2018: UN Syrian Chemical Weapons Report Exposes Washington’s Lies

9-4-2018: CIA Stages Syria Poison Gas Attack, Pretext for Escalation of US-led War. Preparations for Stepped-up Military Operations?

9-4-2018: Emotional Propaganda 101: Chemical Attack in Syria Appears to be a False Flag to Justify Regime Change

8-4-2018: Trump Threatens Putin and “Animal Assad” Over Syrian “Chemical Attack”; Russia Warns of “Grave” Response If US Launches Strike

8-4-2018: Terrorists Resort to False-Flag Chemical Attack Scenario again amid Syrian Army Rapid Advances in Douma

8-4-2018: Moscow calls ‘chemical attack’ in Douma ‘fake news,’ warns against Syrian intervention

8-4-2018: Tens of Civilians Killed in Terrorists' False-Flag Chemical Attack in Douma

8-4-2018: Video: FF Gas Attack in Douma Syria as predicted (PG version)

8-4-2018: False Flag Chemical Attack In Douma  Staged So Neocons Can Justify Invasion Of Syria

8-4-2018: Syria - Timelines Of 'Gas Attacks' Follow A Similar Scheme (Update II)

8-4-2018: Armageddon! False Flag Chemical Attack Staged! Trump Pushes Fake News About Syria! Who’s Triggering World War 3?




16-11-2019: Bomb Attack in Northern Syria Reportedly Kills 18, Injures 27 - Video

16-11-2019: Russian Military Police Patrol Syria's Aleppo, Hasakah Provinces

16-11-2019: Video: With Russia’s Support Syrian Army Kicks Off New Offensive in Southern Idlib

15-11-2019: War in Syria to End Once Terrorism Defeated, Not After Constitution Adopted - President Assad

15-11-2019: Turkey sends 6,000 Syrians from Istanbul to temporary centers – governor

15-11-2019: Who Was the Founder of the White Helmets? Was He Killed by the Islamic State (ISIS-Daesh)?

15-11-2019: Syria’s Opposing Parties

14-11-2019: US Looting Syria Under Pretext of Securing Oil Fields – Russian General

14-11-2019: Syria begins deploying troops in northeast along Turkish border – Damascus

14-11-2019: US Stealing Syria's Oil, Its 'Regime' is Akin to Nazis - Assad

14-11-2019: Western Terrorists Are Coming Home to Roost

13-11-2019: US to Keep Control Over Oil Fields in Syria - Trump

13-11-2019: US Military Convoy Arrives in Oil-Rich Areas in Northeastern Syria - Reports

12-11-2019: Syria's Christians, Muslims Unite to Create Future for Children of Daesh Sex Slaves - NGO

12-11-2019: US Wants to Create Illegal Quasi-State in Eastern Syria - Lavrov

12-11-2019: US Is the Source of, Not “Solution” to Syrian War

12-11-2019: Significant Progress Toward Political Settlement in Syria?

12-11-2019: The US Sells Fake “Humanitarian” Warfare: “Responsibility to Protect” Syria (R2P)

11-11-2019: Russian, Turkish Military Start 4th Joint Patrol in Syria's North - MoD

11-11-2019: US would attack foes & friends to protect its hegemony and doesn’t shy away from using terrorists as proxies – Assad to RT

11-11-2019: US Attempts to Rob Syria of Its Oil Are Damaging Chances of Political Settlement - Lavrov

11-11-2019: Former British Ambassador to Syria: UK Complicit in Trump’s Syria Oil Grab

11-11-2019: Video: Turkish-led Forces Resumed Advance in Northeastern Syria

11-11-2019: Syria's Bashar al-Assad Reflects on Civil War, Oil, Terrorism and America in Rare Interview

11-11-2019: US Congressional Panel Outlines Next Phase of Dirty War on Syria: Occupy Oil Fields and Block Reconstruction

10-11-2019: Eight Killed, Over 20 Injured in Car Blast in Syria’s Raqqa Province - Turkish Defence Ministry

10-11-2019: Western sanctions on Syria only hurt the people in order to push regime change agenda – Assad to RT

10-11-2019: Video: Massive US Military Convoy Consisting of 172 Vehicles Heads to Raqqa and Aleppo

10-11-2019: Syria, Oil, and the Exceptional, Indispensable Kleptocrats

9-11-2019: Assad Blasts European Nations for 'Hypocrisy' in Dealing With Syria

9-11-2019: Syria, War Propaganda and the “White Helmets”

9-11-2019: Turkey Slams US Claims About Syrian Oil Fields as Contradiction of International Law

9-11-2019: The War on Syria was Pre-Planned. ISIS Was Financed by the US and its Allies

9-11-2019: Syria’s Idlib Still Has Over 10,000 Terrorists – UN Monitoring Team

8-11-2019: Moscow Urges London to Clarify Whether Founder of 'White Helmets' Had Links to Al-Qaeda

8-11-2019: Photos, Videos: Russia, Turkey Complete 3rd Joint Patrol in Syria After Covering Over 65 Miles - MoD

8-11-2019: Moscow, Damascus Urge Global Community to Compel US to Leave Syria's At Tanf

7-11-2019: Northern Syrian Oil Field Revenue Goes to SDF, Not US, Pentagon Claims

7-11-2019: Oil-Rich Lands in Syria to Serve as Base for US Operations Against Daesh - State Department

7-11-2019: Video: Russia Setting Up Military Bases Across Northeastern Syria. To Undermine US Mission to Appropriate Syria’s Oil?

7-11-2019: US increases funding to White Helmets who are persecuting Syrian Christians in Idlib

7-11-2019: Washington ‘not fulfilling’ deal on Syrian Kurdish militia removal, Erdogan says

7-11-2019: Protecting the Oil Fields: Syria Army Deployments on the Northeastern Borders with Turkey

6-11-2019: US Constructing Two New Bases In Syria’s Oil-Rich Region: Report

6-11-2019: US ‘pullout’ from Syria looking more like permanent occupation with 800 troops reportedly tasked to ‘protect’ oil

6-11-2019: Russia won’t cooperate with US on Syrian oil fields, they belong to Damascus – deputy FM

6-11-2019: Turkish Forces Loot Electric Power Transformers in Northeastern Syria

6-11-2019: Syria: OPCW Whistleblowers Confirm What We Already Knew. The OPCW Suppressed Evidence Regarding alleged Chemical Weapons Attack

6-11-2019: Israel ‘aiding Kurds’ in Syria, advocating for them in talks with US – deputy FM

6-11-2019: Knock Knock. Who's There? Rightful Owner! Syrian Army Reportedly Reclaims Long Lost Oil Field

6-11-2019: Withdrawal, Huh? At Least 800 US Soldiers Reportedly to Remain in Syria to 'Secure' Its Oil Fields

6-11-2019: US Construction of Military Bases in Syria Violation of Sovereignty - Russian Lawmaker

5-11-2019: Video: Syrian Army Prepares for Advance in Northern Lattakia

5-11-2019: Need More Oil to 'Keep'? US Starts Building New Bases in Syrian Province Rich With Crude

5-11-2019: Video: Syrian Army Prepares for Advance in Northern Lattakia

5-11-2019: “Robbing” Syria’s Oil to Thwart Syria’s Recovery

5-11-2019: Erdogan Accuses US of Failure to Ensure Kurdish Troops Withdrawal From Northern Syria

5-11-2019: US' Bid to Hold Oil Fields in Northern Syria is Illegitimate - Moscow

5-11-2019: Moscow slams illegal US presence in Syria amid reports of new military bases being built in oil-rich province

4-11-2019: Black Gold: Who Controls Syria’s Oil, and How Much is It All Worth?

4-11-2019: Erdogan Terrorists on Terror Frenzy in Tal Abiad and Aleppo City

4-11-2019: How Does Controlling Syria’s Oil Serve Washington’s Strategic Objectives?

3-11-2019: US Military Convoy Comes Under Fire en Route From Syria to Iraq - Russian Defence Ministry

3-11-2019: Watch Dozens of US Vehicles Slinking Out of Syria Toward Iraq Amid Trump’s Partial Pullout

3-11-2019: The Real US Mission in Syria

3-11-2019: President Assad of Syria Tells the Truth regarding ISIS-Al Baghdadi, for All Who Care to Listen

2-11-2019: Watch Russian Military Police and Turkish Troops First Patrol of Syrian-Turkish Border

2-11-2019: Video: Syrian Oil and US Troop Withdrawal, Explained

2-11-2019: Bomb kills 13 civilians, injures 20 in Syrian town on Turkish border – Ankarac

1-11-2019: Trump’s Plan to Pillage Syrian Oil, Blatant Violation of International Law

1-11-2019: Militants Attack Syrian Forces Positions in Latakia - Russian Military

1-11-2019: OPCW Whistleblower’s Syria Gas Attack Hoax Testimony Raises Questions About Similar Incidents

1-11-2019: Rebuilding Syria – Without Syria’s Oil

1-11-2019: Al-Baghdadi was US ‘spawn’, his death is still an open question – Lavrov

1-11-2019: Defence Secretary Esper Confirms US Intention to Seize, Hold Syrian Oil Fields

1-11-2019: White Helmets, Terrorists Prepare New Provocations in Syria With Use of Chemical Weapons - Moscow

1-11-2019: US smuggles crude worth $30mn per month from occupied Syrian oil fields, violating its own sanctions – Russian Foreign Ministry

1-11-2019: Turkish, Russian Troops Begin Joint Patrols in Northern Syria

1-11-2019: About 300 Russian Soldiers, 20 Armored Vehicles Brought to Northern Syria for Patrolling

1-11-2019: No Ceasefire/Ceasefire in Northern Syria. The Pentagon Will Use Overwhelming Force to Maintain US Control over Syrian Oil

31-10-2019: US Forces Conduct Patrol on Syria-Turkey Border for First Time Since Decision to Withdraw - Reports

31-10-2019: About 900 US Servicemen May Stay in Syria After Pull Out From Country - Reports

31-10-2019: Who is Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi? From Al-Zarqawi to Al-Bagdahdi: “The Islamic State” is a CIA-Mossad-MI6 “Intelligence Asset”

30-10-2019: Video: Turkish-backed Forces Shell Russian Military Police in Northeastern Syria. US Says “We are not Going to Abandon (Our) Oil Fields”

30-10-2019: Syrian Army clashes with Turkish forces in NE border area – Damascus

30-10-2019: Damascus Urges Kurdish Fighters to Join Syrian Army, Security Forces – Reports

30-10-2019: ‘Common Denominator’: US ‘Stealing’ Syria’s Oil Part of Longstanding Middle East Policy

30-10-2019: Trump’s Phony Pretext to “Protect” Syria against ISIS: US Occupation and Plunder of Syrian Oil Prevails

29-10-2019: Video: Kurdish SDF Withdraw, Syrian Army Reinforces Positions on Turkish Border, US Forces Remain in Eastern Bank of Euphrates

29-10-2019: Endless Occupation and Plunder of Syria: U.S. Terrorism in the Name of “Going After the Terrorists”

29-10-2019: Lavrov: Russia, Turkey, Iran to Work Together to Ensure Sustainable Stabilisation in Syria

29-10-2019: Total of 34,000 Kurdish Militants Withdrawn From Contact Line With Turkish Troops in Syria

29-10-2019: ‘Arrogant & illegal’: Lavrov denounces US military’s oil moves in Syria at Russian-Turkish-Iranian press event

28-10-2019: Hillary Clinton: “We Created Al Qaeda”. The Protagonists of the “Global War on Terrorism” are the Terrorists

28-10-2019: Trump Flip-Flops on Syria Withdrawal. Again.

28-10-2019: Trump Openly Brags About “Keeping the Oil” of Syria & Iraq

28-10-2019: US Troops Are Staying in Syria to ‘Keep the Oil’ – and Have Already Killed Hundreds Over It

28-10-2019: New War for Oil? Trump to Occupy Oil-Rich Syrian Province with Tank Corps, Asks for Kurdish Displacement There

28-10-2019: Whose oil is it anyway? Time for Trump to leave Syrian oil to the Syrians

28-10-2019: US Forces to Remain in Syria to Fight Daesh, Protect Oil Fields - Esper

28-10-2019: Need for Crude? US Troops Return From Iraq, Will Be Stationed at Syria's Oil Fields

27-10-2019: US Tries to Reverse Syrian Fortunes with “Baghdadi Raid”

27-10-2019: Russian MoD Does Not Have Reliable Information on US Operation in Syria to Neutralize Baghdadi

27-10-2019: It's Time to Admit All Washington Wants in Syria is the ‘Precious’ Oil — US Media

27-10-2019: Kurdish SDF says it will comply with Moscow-Ankara deal & withdraw from Turkish border

26-10-2019: Russian FM Lavrov warns US against undermining Syria’s sovereignty in phone call with Pompeo

26-10-2019: The Caliphate Project, Made in America. Declassified U.S. Government Documents Confirm the US Supported the Creation of ISIS

26-10-2019: US Defence Official Confirms Army Convoy Has Crossed Back Into Syria From Iraq (Photos, Videos)

26-10-2019: Russian MoD says US protects oil smugglers in Syria, offers aerial images as proof

26-10-2019: Watch Syrian Army Deploy in Outskirts of Former ‘De Facto Capital’ of Kurdish Rojava

26-10-2019: Jordan's Foreign Minister Reiterates Importance of Preserving Syrian Sovereignty

26-10-2019: Column of US Troops Returns From Iraq to Syria's al-Hasakah Province - Report

26-10-2019: Russian Military Releases Satellite Images Confirming US Smuggling of Syrian Oil

26-10-2019: ‘International State Banditism’: Russian Defence Ministry Explains What US Really Does to Syrian Oil

26-10-2019: Russian Military Police Patrol Syrian-Turkish Border Area Near Qamishlo - Commander

26-10-2019: Amnesty Accuses Turkey of ‘Illegally’ Dumping Syrian Refugees in War Zones

25-10-2019: Clashes in Northeastern Syria Put Turkish-Russian Memorandum at Risk

25-10-2019: Video: Russia Deploys Large Number of Troops, Equipment in Northern Syria

25-10-2019: US Reoccupation of Northern Syria? Turkish Aggression Halted?

25-10-2019: Russian Military Police Arrive in Syria - Video

25-10-2019: US Special Forces’ Secrets Fall into Hands of Russians as Kurds Side with Syria

25-10-2019: About 300 Additional Russian Military Police Arrive in Syria - Defence Ministry

25-10-2019: ‘Mission unchanged’? US to send troops and machines to guard Syrian oil interests, after having vowed to ‘withdraw’

24-10-2019: Is the United States Actually Leaving Syria?

24-10-2019: Video: How Russian-Turkish ‘Safe Zone’ Deal Shapes Course of Syrian Conflict

24-10-2019: Trump’s Syria ‘oil gambit’ is a crime, and what may be worse – a mistake

24-10-2019: Trump on Syria: “U.S. Troops Will Remain…Where They Have the Oil”

24-10-2019: Trump channels ‘America invades for oil’ meme as he says some troops will stay in Syria to ‘protect’ it

24-10-2019: Vladimir Putin, Syria’s Pacifier-in-Chief

23-10-2019: The Kurds: Washington’s Weapon of Mass Destabilization in the Middle East

23-10-2019: ‘Unacceptable Practices’ in the OPCW’s Investigation of the Alleged Chemical Attack in Douma, Syria on April 7th 2018

23-10-2019: The Russian-Turkish Deal on Syria: Who Won and Who Lost?

23-10-2019: ‘Thanks Russia!’: Kurdish military chief welcomes Russian peacekeeping patrols

23-10-2019: What is Going on in Syria?

23-10-2019: Moscow Demands US Stop Occupation of Al-Tanf

23-10-2019: Live Updates: Fragile Balance Established in Northern Syria After End of Turkish Offensive

23-10-2019: How Kurdish Independence Underpins Israel’s Plan to Reshape the Middle East

23-10-2019: “Erdogan Stole Syrian Factories, Oil and Wheat and Today He Is Stealing Syrian Land”. President Al-Assad

23-10-2019: WATCH Russian military police arrive in Manbij & Kobani after deal on Syrian-Turkey border (VIDEOS)

23-10-2019: Moscow Accuses US of Abandoning Kurds in Syria, Forcing Them to Fight Turkey

23-10-2019: Why Did Trump Give the Green Light to Turkish Intervention in Northern Syria? Framed by Russia?

23-10-2019: Russian Military Police Begin Patrolling Northeast of Syria's Manbij

23-10-2019: Turks appeased, Kurds saved, US gets breathing space: ‘Russia takes on job that US failed at’ in Syria

23-10-2019: Syrian Government to Regain Control of Border After Putin, Erdogan Meet

23-10-2019: Assad visits frontline in Idlib, vows to retake all of Syrian land (PHOTOS)

22-10-2019: US Syria Pullout Leaves Troops in North and South

22-10-2019: Video: US Troops Remain in Syria to Protect Oil Fields from ‘Terrorists’?

22-10-2019: Putin Informs Assad About Details of Russia-Turkey Memorandum on Syria

22-10-2019: Transit only: US troops pulled out of Syria & moved to Iraq are now asked OUT of the country

22-10-2019: US’ Syria Pullout Delusion

22-10-2019: Erdogan Vows to Go Ahead With Syria Offensive 'More Strongly' if US Breaks its Promises

22-10-2019: The Mother of Messes in Syria

21-10-2019: Syrian Journalist: The West, Led by the US, Knows Erdogan Has Been Supporting ISIS for Years, Yet Chooses to Ignore this

21-10-2019: The Four A’s of American Policy Failure in Syria

21-10-2019: It's Always About Oil, Huh? Trump Mulls 'Keeping' Syrian Crude With US Company's Help

21-10-2019: “No Angels”: Kurdish Militias, “Betrayal” and the Campaign to Destroy Syria

21-10-2019: US Ditches Kurdish Proxies in Syria

21-10-2019: Three Scenarios of How Kurds, Turkey and Damascus Could Solve Northeast Syria Crisis

21-10-2019: Russia, US, Turkey Should Work Together to Boost Security in Syria - Defence Minister Shoigu

21-10-2019: Stop the Turkish Invasion of Syria. US Out of Syria and the Middle East

21-10-2019: Ditch the Kurds, grab the oil? Trump says US ‘never committed’ to Syrian allies, but SecDef says Washington still committed to oil

20-10-2019: Erdogan Threatens to Continue Operation in Syria if US Fails to Observe Its Commitments

20-10-2019: Turkish Army Takes Control Over Syrian Border City Ras al-Ayn - Report

20-10-2019: Greater Middle East Project of Chaos: The Management of Savagery

20-10-2019: Has Turkey's New Offensive Left French Special Forces 'Between a Rock and a Hard Place'?

20-10-2019: Recovery of Oil, Gas Fields Begins in Syria's Raqqa - Field Management

20-10-2019: Video: Terrorists’ Air Force: Improvised Attack Drones in Syria and Iraq

19-10-2019: Video: Turkish-funded Syrian National Army and Myth of United Syrian Opposition

19-10-2019: Syrian Army Clashes With Turkey-Backed Militants in Border Areas – Reports

19-10-2019: Erdogan: Turkey Will 'Crush the Heads' of Kurds in N Syria if They Don't Withdraw Before Tuesday

19-10-2019: ‘We don’t own Syria’: Lee Camp shreds media’s ‘manipulative’ coverage of US troop withdrawal (VIDEO)

19-10-2019: Assad Calls For Withdrawal of ‘All Illegal Forces’ From Syria After US and Turkey Clinch Ceasefire

19-10-2019: Jesse Ventura: ‘Why was the US in Syria in the first place?’

19-10-2019: Syria: The Turkish Ceasefire That Wasn’t

18-10-2019: Contradictory US/Turkey Ceasefire in Northern Syria. Turkey is Playing the US and Russia Cards Simultaneously

18-10-2019: Syrian Army Enters Key Northern Town Gov’t Troops Haven’t Set Foot in Since 2012 – Photos, Videos

18-10-2019: About 166,000 Syrians displaced over past 7 days because of hostilities – UN

18-10-2019: The Russian Masterpiece in Syria: Everyone Wins

18-10-2019: Turkish Ceasefire in Northern Syria: US Solves Another Problem That It Created

18-10-2019: US Foreign Policy in the Middle East is an Embarrassment - Professor

18-10-2019: EU Parliament Head Calls for Halting Turkey-EU Accession Talks, Imposing More Sanctions

18-10-2019: The Syrian Debacle Is Actually Well Planned Chaos

17-10-2019: “Voices from Syria”: Syria’s War for Humanity

17-10-2019: US Military Unlikely to Withdraw from Eastern Syria and Its Oil Fields

17-10-2019: Truth About Syria.”How Could Corporate Journalists Get Away with Their Lies…”

17-10-2019: Video: Syrian Army Entering Kobani and Raqqa

17-10-2019: Damascus Opposes Idea of Autonomous Kurdistan, No Conditions for That in Syria - Assad's Adviser

17-10-2019: US Finally Bombs French Factory in Syria Infamous for Funding ISIS

17-10-2019: US, Turkey Agree to a Ceasefire in Syria - Pence

17-10-2019: Bashar al-Assad Government Poised to Fulfill the Promise of Regaining all Syrian Territory

17-10-2019: U.S., NATO, Turkey Out of Syria!

17-10-2019: Why Withdrawing US Troops from Northern Syria Is Good

17-10-2019: Live Updates: Turkey Continues 'Operation Peace Spring' in Northeastern Syria

17-10-2019: Iraq Detains Several Daesh Members Who Fled From Syria - Defence Minister

17-10-2019: US Plot to Transfer Thousands of ISIS Terrorists from Syria to Iraq

17-10-2019: Ankara confirms ‘pausing’ operation against Kurds in Syria, but says its goals stay unchanged

16-10-2019: Trump Says 'It's Fine' If Syria Gets Help From Russia, Claims Kurds 'Are No Angels'

16-10-2019: Syrian Government and Kurds Forge New Alliance Amid Turkey's Incursion

16-10-2019: Nations That Shelter Militants Fleeing Syria Should Take Responsibility for Them - Lavrov

16-10-2019: Video: Syrian Kurds’ Protection Deal with Assad Explained

16-10-2019: Turkish invasion creates better conditions for Islamic State terrorists as it creates chaos, Assad’s key adviser tells RT

16-10-2019: Kurds ‘no angels and know how to fight,’ Syria conflict between Ankara and Damascus – Trump

15-10-2019: Russia, Damascus Ensure Safe Pullout of Foreign Troops From Syria's North-East

15-10-2019: Live Updates: Turkey Continues Op in Syria, Clashing With Kurdish-Led Militia

15-10-2019: Turkey Launched Operation in Syria Because US Failed to Observe Commitments - Minister

15-10-2019: Video: Syrian Army Taking Control of Key Positions in SDF-held Area

15-10-2019: Die or ask the Syrian government to take them in: The Kurdish militias simply have no other options

15-10-2019: Trump Dumps the Kurds: US and Russian Officers “Coordinate Military Movements” in Northeastern Syria

15-10-2019: Syrian army gains full control of Manbij – Russian military

15-10-2019: Syria Has Restored 1554 Schools Completely Destroyed by NATO Sponsored Terrorists

15-10-2019: Pentagon Says Turkey’s Operation in Syria ‘Growing Threat’, US Continues Troop Withdrawal

15-10-2019: Kurds Face Stark Options after US Pullback from Northern Syria

15-10-2019: Several Areas in Syria's North-East Declare Restoration of Sovereignty - Russian Military

15-10-2019: Turkish Incursion into Syria: US Abandons Kurds

14-10-2019: Trump Says Syria’s Assad Should Protect Kurds After US Troops Pullout

14-10-2019: Hospital Allegedly 'Destroyed' in Syria is in Fact Well-Protected Terrorist Bunker - Russian MoD

14-10-2019: Live Updates: Syrian Army Deployed to Northeast Amid Turkish Operation - Reports

14-10-2019: Kurds Ally with Damascus Against Turkish Aggression

14-10-2019: One out, another one in: Retreating US military meets advancing Syrian Army (VIDEO)

14-10-2019: Video: Turkish Offensive in Northern Syria Pushed Kurds into Hands of Assad and Moscow. War Report

13-10-2019: Kurdish-Led Administration, Damascus Agree to Deploy Syrian Troops Along Turkish Border

13-10-2019: Video Allegedly Shows Rare US Special Forces Armoured Transports Near Syria-Turkey Border

13-10-2019: US to Pull About 1,000 Troops From Syria's North Due to Turkish Offensive - Pentagon

13-10-2019: Trump Defends US Troop Withdrawal From Syria, Argues US Should Prioritise Its Own Borders

13-10-2019: US Says Turkey Deliberately Fired Near American Troop Positions in Syria's Kobani - Report

13-10-2019: Turkey will push 35km into Syria and Western arms embargoes won’t make it turn back – Erdogan

13-10-2019: Damascus has undeniable responsibility in Syria civil war, but that doesn’t mean we should let terrorists run loose there – Putin

13-10-2019: Crocodile tears? Hillary Clinton tweets that ‘sickening horror’ in Syria is ‘one man’s fault’ and gets reminded of her deeds

12-10-2019: UK PM Johnson Denounces Turkey's Incursion Into Syria, Urges Erdogan to End Military Operation

12-10-2019: Turkish military operation is an ‘invasion’ and violation of Syria’s sovereignty – Arab League principal

12-10-2019: France Suspends Weapons Exports To Turkey Amid 'Operation Peace Spring'

12-10-2019: German Gov't Will Not Authorise New Arms Supplies to Turkey Over Military Op in Syria - Report

12-10-2019: Activists Supporting Kurds Protest in Berlin Against Turkish Operation in Syria - Video

12-10-2019: Turks Clash With Kurds in Belgium Amid Ankara's Operation in Syria - Video

12-10-2019: Arab League Urges Turkey to Immediately Withdraw Troops From Syria

12-10-2019: Ankara-backed forces reach strategic highway as Turkey pushes deeper into northeast Syria – reports

12-10-2019: Syria Should Be Cleared of Any Foreign Military Presence - Putin

12-10-2019: EU Members Condemn Turkey's Offensive in Syria, to Discuss Possible Sanctions Next Week

12-10-2019: Live Updates: Turkey Continues Operation in Northern Syria Amid Growing Tensions With US

12-10-2019: US, Turkey Cooperate ‘Carving Up’ Syria, Blocking Damascus from Wheat, Oil Regions

11-10-2019: US Troops Near Kobani Shelled from Turkish Positions, No Injuries Sustained - Pentagon

11-10-2019: Cynical Enterprises: The Kurds Await Their Fate, Betrayed by the US

11-10-2019: Terrorist Attacks in Syria Intensify Against Backdrop Of Turkish Offensive - Russian Military

11-10-2019: Turkey’s Syria op could see Islamic State terrorists scattering & rearming, not sure whether Ankara can tackle it fast – Putin

11-10-2019: Video: Turkish Forces Confront Kurdish Armed Groups in Northeastern Syria

11-10-2019: Main Danger of Turkey’s Offensive in Syria Would be Regrouping of Daesh - Prof

11-10-2019: Five People Killed in Car Bomb Explosion in Syria's Qamishli - Medical Source

11-10-2019: Turkey Launches 'Operation Peace Spring' in Northern Syria

11-10-2019: Live Updates: Car Bomb Reportedly Hits Outside Central Prison in Syria's City of Hasakah

11-10-2019: Is “Operation Peace Spring” a Trap Sprung by Trump on Turkey?

11-10-2019: Thousands of Militants Staying in Syria Represent Real Threat to CIS - Putin

11-10-2019: Syrian Kurds Have No Choice But to Work With Assad Amid Turkish Offensive - Ex-US Envoy

11-10-2019: Peace Spring Op: Kurds Found Themselves in Dire Straits, New 'Safe Zone' Sparks Concerns - Observers

10-10-2019: Cavusoglu Accuses US of Supplying PKK/YPG 'Terrorist Organization' With 'Sophisticated' Weapons

10-10-2019: The War on Syria Continues. Iran Is Next?

10-10-2019: Video: Turkey’s “Operation Peace Spring”. US Withdraws. Turkey Invades Northeastern Syria. Bombs US Supported YPG Forces

10-10-2019: Turkey’s Foreign Minister Says Ankara Was Forced to Start Syria Op Due to US Arms Supplies to Kurds

10-10-2019: Turkey Moves Into Syria: What’s the Next Move for the Kurds?

10-10-2019: Turkey Invades? Erdogan Seeks Annexation of Northern Syria Territories

10-10-2019: With US Withdrawal, Turkey Strikes: Who Suffers as US Plays Both Sides?

10-10-2019: The Dirty War on Syria: Washington, Regime Change and Resistance

10-10-2019: Turkish Military Advances Into Syrian Territory – Video

10-10-2019: Trump on Pulling Support for Kurds in Syria: They Didn’t Help Us in WWII

10-10-2019: Turkish Defence Ministry Outlines Reasons Behind Its 'Operation Peace Spring' in Syria

10-10-2019: U.S. “Military Aid” to Al Qaeda, ISIS-Daesh

9-10-2019: Video: Syrian Forces Deployed against Turkish Invasion, US backed SDF Forces Seek Cooperation with Damascus Against Turkey

9-10-2019: EU Calls on Turkey to Cease Military Operation in Syria

9-10-2019: Turkey Launches Land Offensive in Northeastern Syria - Defence Ministry

9-10-2019: Video: Aftermath of Airstrikes by Turkish Air Forces on Syria's Ras al-Ain

9-10-2019: Video: Turkish Armed Forces Together With Syrian National Army Launch Operation Peace Spring

9-10-2019: Erdogan Announces Start of Military Operation in Syria

9-10-2019: Missing from the Debate: US Troops in Syria an Illegal Occupying Force

9-10-2019: Trump on Syria Troop Withdrawal: US Should Have Never Been in the Middle East

9-10-2019: SDF Calls for ‘No-Fly Zone’ in Northeast Syria After Turkey Announced Military Operation

9-10-2019: ‘We went to war under false, now disproven premise’: Trump calls US wars in ME ‘worst decision’ ever

9-10-2019: Russia Urges Dialogue Between Damascus and Kurdish Militia to Solve Issues on Syria-Turkey Border

9-10-2019: Turkey bombs Syria: Erdogan begins ‘Operation Peace Spring’

9-10-2019: ‘No Right to Be There’: US, Turkish Presence in Syria Violates International Law

8-10-2019: US Plans Permanent Occupation of Syrian Territory?

8-10-2019: Turkey Draws Up Special Forces On Syrian Border

8-10-2019: Trump Vows to Stand By Kurds, Appeases Turkey Ahead of Ankara's Offensive in Syria

8-10-2019: Video: US Troop Withdrawals? Washington Green-light to Turkish Incursion into Northeastern Syria

8-10-2019: Between Washington's rock & Ankara's hard place, Kurds had better choose Damascus

8-10-2019: US Senator McConnell Calls on Trump to Prevent Turkey-Kurd Conflict in Northern Syria

8-10-2019: Turkish Defence Ministry Says Preparations For Military Operation in Syria Complete

8-10-2019: Kurdish leaders mull cooperation with Damascus & Moscow as US pulls troops from northern Syria

7-10-2019: Turkey’s Safe-zone and Refugee Peace-corridor in Syria Is a Cover for Encroachment and Territorial Expansion

7-10-2019: Video: Idlib Militants Retreating to Turkish Border

7-10-2019: Video Shows Alleged Turkish Airstrike on Kurdish Support Convoy on Iraq-Syria Border

7-10-2019: Live Updates: Turkish Air Forces Reportedly Strike Kurdish SDF Base in Syria's Hasakah Province

7-10-2019: Twitterstorm Unleashed As Hillary Clinton Bashes Trump Over Syria Troop Pull-out

7-10-2019: Trump on Troop Withdrawal From Northern Syria: Time to Get US Out of 'Ridiculous Endless Wars'

7-10-2019: Pullout or ‘short-distance move’? Reports claim US troops hardly ‘left’ Syria & airspace still ‘under control’

7-10-2019: WATCH American troops & vehicles withdraw from Kurdish-controlled N. Syria ahead of imminent Turkish op (VIDEO)

7-10-2019: US begins pulling out from Turkish border areas in Syria – Kurdish forces

6-10-2019: Turkish troops & armored vehicles amass at Syrian border after Erdogan announces IMMINENT incursion (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

5-10-2019: Turkey ready to start own ops in N. Syria ‘today or tomorrow’ as setting up safe zone with US became ‘fairytale’ – Erdogan

5-10-2019: Turkey to Carry Out Military Air and Ground Op in Syria, East of the Euphrates - Erdogan

5-10-2019: US Increasingly Worried Turkey Will Conduct Major Offensive in Syria - Reports

4-10-2019: Axis of Resistance.The West and its Allies Support al Qaeda and ISIS Globally

4-10-2019: The Caliphate Project, Made in America. Declassified U.S. Government Documents Confirm the US Supported the Creation of ISIS

3-10-2019: Trump Administration Reignites War Against Syria

3-10-2019: Video: Russia Tested Elements of Advanced S-500 Air Defense in Syria

3-10-2019: RT Chief Editor Blames BBC for Going Back on Its Values in Covering Syria

3-10-2019: Neocon: Trump “Misunderstood” on War to Destroy Syria

1-10-2019: Daesh Gives Drones, Technical Instruction to Affiliate in West Africa - Report

1-10-2019: Turkey to Create Own Safe Zone in Syria If It Fails to Agree With Washington – Erdogan

30-9-2019: Russia's Counterterrorism Operation in Syria Four Years On: Key Facts to Know

30-9-2019: Syria, Iraq Open Border Crossing Along Euphrates River After Daesh Defeat

30-9-2019: Syrians Continue Protests Against US-Owned SDF Terrorists

30-9-2019: Video: Syrian Army Prepares to Resume Idlib Advance

30-9-2019: Turkey’s Erdogan Plans Annexation of Northern Syrian Territory

29-9-2019: Syrian Kurdish Militants Forcibly Recruit 300 Hasakah Residents – Reports

29-9-2019: 'I Hope We'll Bridge Differences and Bring the Syrian Parties Together' - UN Special Envoy for Syria

29-9-2019: Turkish Opposition Calls for Establishing Direct Dialogue Between Ankara, Damascus - Report

28-9-2019: Iraqi Prime Minister Agrees to Open Al Qaim Crossing at Syrian Border - Official

28-9-2019: US Acts as Aggressive 'Rogue State' by Sanctioning Russia's Jet Fuel Supply Chain to Syria - Pundit

27-9-2019: RT tours fortified caves in Syria where terrorists planned assaults, made drones & filmed fake chemical attack videos

27-9-2019: Syria 'Safe Zone' US-Turkey Work Continues, Preparations Along Border Complete - Erdogan

27-9-2019: Turkey Gives the US a Deadline in Syrian ‘Safe-zone’

27-9-2019: ‘The masks are off’: Moscow says ‘occupier’ US openly sided with terrorists with new sanctions

27-9-2019: Washington Sends Arms and Logistic Equipment to Its Occupation Forces in Syria

26-9-2019: New Sanctions Against Russian Firm US Claims Provides Jet Fuel to Syria Unacceptable – Moscow

26-9-2019: Mark Taliano’s “Voices from Syria”: An Antidote to Anti-Syria Propaganda

26-9-2019: Russia's Hmeymim Airbase in Syria to Host More Aircraft After Reconstruction

26-9-2019: Daesh Prepares Crusade to ‘Free’ Its Fighters From Prison Camps in Syria and Iraq – Reports

25-9-2019: Syrian Special Ops Unit Trained by Russian Servicemen Show Skills Near Damascus

24-9-2019: Daesh Terrorist Brags About Receiving Medical Treatment in Sweden Before Returning to Syria

24-9-2019: Turkey, US launch 2nd round of joint patrols in NE Syria – military

24-9-2019: Full Spectrum Dominance: The US Demonizes “Invented Enemies”

23-9-2019: Syrian Army Prepares for Escalation in Golan Heights

23-9-2019: Has Russia “Stopped Israel” from Bombing Syria? Has Moscow Authorized Syria to Use the S-300 Air Defense System

23-9-2019: US Special Services Involved in Daesh Militants' Transfer to Afghanistan - Russian Security Agency

23-9-2019: Syrian government & opposition finally form constitutional committee, seen as cornerstone of peaceful resolution to 9yo war

22-9-2019: Russia Registers 35 Ceasefire Violations in Syria Over Past 24 Hours - Defenсe Ministry

21-9-2019: Syrian Army Intercepts Drone Loaded With Cluster Bombs - Reports

20-9-2019: Video: Russia Gave Syria ‘Green Light’ to Use the S-300 Air Defense System

20-9-2019: Militants Block Humanitarian Corridor to Idlib's Abu al-Duhur Checkpoint- Syrian Army

20-9-2019: Syria Expresses Its Freedom Through Resistance

20-9-2019: Unidentified Drone Shot Down in Skies Over Suburb Southeast of Damascus - Reports

20-9-2019: Video: Russia Gave Syria ‘Green Light’ to Use the S-300 Air Defense System

19-9-2019: Russia, China Block UN Resolution on Ceasefire in Syria’s Idlib

19-9-2019: US continues to arm Kurdish forces in Syria – Pentagon official

19-9-2019: Video: Greater Idlib: Is Syrian Army Advance Inevitable?

18-9-2019: Ex-Turkish ambassador: Assad has proven his strong presence and control of Syria (E792)

18-9-2019: Latest Astana Peace Process Summit Highlights U.S. and Israel’s Role in Prolonging Syrian Conflict

18-9-2019: Syria: Terrorist Attacks, More NATO Weapons and War Crimes

18-9-2019: Turkey’s “Refugee City” Proposal for Syria Amounts to Demographic Engineering

17-9-2019: Syrian Military Finds Large Militant Base in Cave Near Liberated Khan Sheikhoun

17-9-2019: Turkey May Launch Operation in Safe Zone in Northeastern Syria Within 2 Weeks - Erdogan

16-9-2019: The Barbarity of US-NATO, War Propaganda and the “Rule of International Law”

16-9-2019: Idlib, Syria Peace Process Top the Agenda at Russia-Iran-Turkey Talks in Ankara

16-9-2019: Presidents of Russia, Turkey, Iran to Discuss Syria at Trilateral Summit in Ankara

16-9-2019: Militants Blocked Humanitarian Corridor From Idlib De-Escalation Zone - Russian Military

14-9-2019: Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Militants Trap People in Idlib, Block Humanitarian Corridor - Reports

14-9-2019: Video: Imperial Wars of Aggression. Interview with Syrian Scientist Dr. Ayssar Midani

14-9-2019: Rukban Camp Authority Blocks UN Evacuation, Syrian Militants Use Civilians as Shields - Russian MoD

13-9-2019: Russian, Turkish, Iranian presidents to discuss Syria’s Idlib at Ankara summit on Monday

13-9-2019: US Efforts on Safe Zone in Syria Fail to Meet Ankara's Expectations - Erdogan

13-9-2019: War in Syria ended, hotbeds of tension remain in areas uncontrolled by govt – Lavrov

13-9-2019: US to Send About 150 Troops to Northeastern Syria for Joint Patrols With Turkey – Reports

13-9-2019: Video: “Syria will Win this War for Nation-state Sovereignty, for Religious Pluralism, for Civilization”

13-9-2019: Is the War in Syria Over? Netanyahu Meets Putin

13-9-2019: UN slams US and allied forces for war crimes & civilian targeting in Syria

23-9-2019: Assad Government Saves Christianity in Syria

12-9-2019: Video: Russia Resumes Strikes on Terrorists in Idlib

12-9-2019: Turkey Deploys Military Equipment to Idlib to Reinforce Observation Posts - Reports

12-9-2019: Hostile UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria. Totally Disregards US-NATO Crimes against Humanity

12-9-2019: ‘US is Playing Double Game’: Residents on Turkish-Syrian Border Unhappy With US Patrols in the Area

11-9-2019: Erdogan Breaks Silence: Says the US Sent 30,000 Truckloads of Weapons to Syria

10-9-2019: Turkey Will Not Be Able to Handle New Wave of Migrants Coming From Syria - Erdogan

10-9-2019: Turkey Accuses US of Attempting to Stall Safe Zone Agreement in Syria

10-9-2019: Syrian Authorities Restore Large Food Market in Aleppo's Centre

10-9-2019: Damascus Strongly Condemns US-Turkish Joint Military Patrols in Northeastern Syria

9-9-2019: Escalation in Syria's Idlib Will Not Grow Into New Large-Scale War - Former Chinese Envoy

9-9-2019: Video: Turkey Expands Its Military Presence in Northern Syria

8-9-2019: US Terror Syndicate

8-9-2019: Erdogan Reveals Turkey-US Disagreement at ‘Every Step’ on Syria Safe Zone

8-9-2019: Erdogan accuses US of favoring ‘terrorists’ in Syria, says Turkey will set up safe zone on its own

7-9-2019: Video: Syrian Media Shows First Footage of Downed Terrorist Drones Following Foiled Attack

7-9-2019: Syrian Air Defences Prevent Drone Attack on Military Sites - Reports

7-9-2019: Russia Registers 27 Ceasefire Violations in Syria Over Past 24 Hours - Russian Military

6-9-2019: Denmark to Make Military Deployment to Northeast Syria - Pentagon

6-9-2019: Turkey Plans to Start Joint Land Patrol with US in Syria’s Safe Zone on 8 September

5-9-2019: Terrorists in Syria Use Western Designed Drones to Attack Russian Facilities - Moscow

5-9-2019: 'It's a tip of an iceberg': Bulgarian journo reveals how US-purchased arms end up with ISIS in Yemen

5-9-2019: Video: Syrian Army Prepares Security Operation in Western Aleppo

4-9-2019: ISIS R Us. US-NATO Support ISIS and Al Qaeda Globally

4-9-2019: Syrian Opposition Suspects Turkey Helped US Strike Terrorist Facilities in Idlib

3-9-2019: Air Defences Repel Drone Attack on Russian Hmeymim Air Base

3-9-2019: US Does Not Want Idlib Conflict to Go According to Russian Scenario - Retired Lebanese General

3-9-2019: Turkish Politician Claims East Syria Safe Zone Move by Ankara to Drive US, Kurds Apart

3-9-2019: Video: Russia Accuses US of Sabotaging Idlib Ceasefire

2-9-2019: The West’s “Humanitarian” Claims as Syrian War Nears Endgame

2-9-2019: Moscow Concerned, Puzzled Over US Airstrike in Syria's Idlib

1-9-2019: Undeclared US airstrike on Syria’s Idlib leaves multiple casualties, puts truce at risk – MoD

31-8-2019: Turkey Warns of Launching Own Offensive in Northern Syria

31-8-2019: Syria Law Enforcement Makes Another Huge “Captagon” Amphetamine Drug Bust

30-8-2019: Turkey Sending Armored Vehicles to Border With Syria Amid Tensions in Idlib – Reports

30-8-2019: Syrian Army Gains Control Over 10 Villages East of Khan Sheikhoun - Military Source

30-8-2019: Syrian Army Controls Al-Tamanah Town in South of Idlib - Military Commander

30-8-2019: Video: Syrian Army Further Advances in Greater Idlib

29-8-2019: Erdogan Vows US Cannot Prevent Creation of Buffer Zone in Syria

29-8-2019: Video: Militants’ Failed Terror Attack in Eastern Idlib Ends in Disaster

29-8-2019: Video: “Dawn of Idlib”: Syrian Army’s Offensive in Northwestern Syria

28-8-2019: Video: “Dawn of Idlib”: Syrian Army’s Offensive in Northwestern Syria

28-8-2019: RT films inside liberated town of Khan Sheikhoun in Syria’s Idlib province (VIDEO)

28-8-2019: Some 3,000 Daesh Fighters Remain in Syria - Russian Envoy to UN

27-8-2019: Syria Starts Rebuilding Khan Sheikhoun After Strategic Town Liberated From Terrorists

27-8-2019: Video: Syrian Army (SAA) Works to Secure Recent Gains in Idlib

27-8-2019: Kurdish YPG militia, SDF to pull from Turkey-Syria border area after US deal with Ankara

26-8-2019: Israeli Journo Tweets Old Video as Footage of IDF's Recent Airstrike on Alleged Iranian Targets in Syria

26-8-2019: Illegal Activity of Western Special Forces in Syria

26-8-2019: The End of the “Greater Middle East Project”: The Case of Kurdistan

26-8-2019: Turkish ground forces to enter safe zone in N. Syria ‘very soon’ – Erdogan

26-8-2019: Syrian Gov't Troops in Khan Sheikhoun Do Not Violate Deals With Turkey - Lavrov

26-8-2019: Video: Military Escalation in the Middle East. Israel Carries Out Strikes on Syria, Lebanon and Iraq

24-8-2019: Israel Confirms Strike in Syria after Syrian Media Report Defences Countering Targets Over Damascus

24-8-2019: Nuclear-Capable Russian Tu-160 Strategic Bomber Operating Over Syria – Video

24-8-2019: Syrian Army May Eliminate Turkish Observation Points in Idlib Zone – Assad’s Aide

23-8-2019: Syrian Army to Advance to Idlib Province After Liberating Khan Sheikhoun

23-8-2019: Syrian Forces Gain Control Over Key Villages North of Hama - Military Source

23-8-2019: Syrian Terrorists Cannot Hold Northern Hama Pocket for Long Time

22-8-2019: Exclusive Video Shows Scale of Khan Sheikhoun's Destruction After Syrian Town Cleared of Terrorists

22-8-2019: No Agreement on Idlib: So-called “Militants” (aka Al Qaeda) Continue to Kill Syrian Civilians

22-8-2019: Syrian Army Mopping Up, Engaged in Demining Ops After Liberating Khan Sheikhoun – Source

22-8-2019: Syria Opens Humanitarian Corridor to Enable Civilians' Exit From Idlib - Foreign Ministry

22-8-2019: ‘They Can No Longer Win’: US, Turkey Uninterested in Ending Syrian ‘Three-Way Mexican Standoff’

22-8-2019: Turkey, US Discussing Joint Patrolling of Safe Zone in Northern Syria

22-8-2019: Turkey to host summit on Syria with Russia, Iran on September 16 – Ankara

22-8-2019: Video: Khan Shaykhun Liberated, Northern Hama Pocket – Next

22-8-2019: Syria’s SDF’s Child Soldiers

21-8-2019: No Serious Clashes Reported Near Khan Sheikhoun as Syrian Army Bolsters Positions - Source

20-8-2019: Turkey to Prevent US From Turning Safe Zone in Northern Syria Into Second Manbij – Ankara

20-8-2019: After 5 yrs under jihadist control, militants flee Syrian town where 2017 ‘chemical attack’ occurred

20-8-2019: Watch Aerial Video of Khan Sheikhoun After Reports Syrian Army Reclaimed the City

20-8-2019: Beware of Next Jihadist Wave: China Says ‘Terrorist Organisations’ Stirring in Syria

20-8-2019: Turkey Was Notified Attacks by Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham in Syria's Idlib Would be Crushed - Lavrov

20-8-2019: Bomb Blast Destroys Hospital Building in Northeastern Syria - Reports

19-8-2019: Video: Syrian Tiger Forces Advance to Encircle Khan Shaykhun

19-8-2019: Turkey fuming after Syrian airstrike on convoy in Islamist-held Idlib province

19-8-2019: Syrian Army Eliminates Snipers on Hills Near Idlib's Khan Sheikhoun - Reports

19-8-2019: Damascus Claims Turkish Army Convoy Moving Towards Key Syrian Town - Reports

19-8-2019: Criminal War Propaganda Directed against Iraq and Syria: “We Think the Price Is Worth It.”

18-8-2019: Syrian Army Advances in Idlib's Khan-Sheikhun, Inflicts Heavy Losses on Terrorists - Reports

18-8-2019: Destruction of the Pillars of the Syrian Economy: Terrorists Destroy Grain Silos, Farmer Tractors in Tal Al-Sakhr, North West of Hama

17-8-2019: Al Qaeda Militants are Drugged. 400,000 Amphetamine Captagon Pills Confiscated by Syrian Security Forces

16-8-2019: Turkish-US safe zone center in NE Syria to begin work next week – Ankara

16-8-2019: Russian Military Detects 35 Attacks in Syria's Idlib De-Escalation Zone Over 24 Hours

16-8-2019: Syrian Air Defences Repel Missile Attack in Hama Province - Report

16-8-2019: Video: Militant Groups Lose Lots of Equipment in Southern Idlib

15-8-2019: Video: Syrian Army Overwhelms Militants’ Defense in Southern Idlib

15-8-2019: Political Propaganda directed against the Syrian Government of Bashar Al Assad

14-8-2019: Turkish drones start operating in N. Syria as safe zone is being created – Ankara

14-8-2019: Video: Syrian Army Reached Khan Shaykhun

13-8-2019: Militants Shell Areas in Syria's Aleppo, Idlib, Hama Provinces - Russian MoD

12-8-2019: Turkey Arrests Over 1,500 Irregular Migrants in Past Week - Reports

12-8-2019: Turkish Military Confirms Arrival of 6 US Servicemen for Creation of Safe Zone in Syria

12-8-2019: Turkey Expects Steps From US on Expansion of Safe Zone in Syria's North

12-8-2019: Video: Syrian Tiger Forces Crush Al Qaeda Militants’ Defense in Southern Idlib

12-8-2019: “Opposition” or Terrorists? Who Is Syria and Russia Targeting in Idlib?

12-8-2019: What Is Really Happening in Syria?

11-8-2019: Syria Warns US-Turkey “Safe Zone” Deal Is a Plot for “Expansionist Ambitions”

11-8-2019: Militants Attacks Left 23 Syrian Servicemen Killed From August 10-11

11-8-2019: Drone attack repelled by Russia’s Khmeimim Air Base in Syria – MoD

11-8-2019: Syrian Military Liberates Strategically Important Town in Idlib Province - Reports

11-8-2019: Militants Continue Accumulating Manpower, Hardware in Syria’s Idlib - Russian Military

10-8-2019: ISIS and Al Qaeda are “Made in America”. Trump Tweets “We Have Defeated ISIS in Syria”

9-8-2019: Syrian Army Repels Terrorist Attack in Idlib De-Escalation Zone, Suffers Casualties

9-8-2019: Militants fire 4 rockets at Russia’s Hmeimim airbase, 2 Syrians killed at local village – military

9-8-2019: US and Turkey Collude to Steal Northern Syrian Territory

8-8-2019: Militants Breach Ceasefire in Idlib Zone 46 Times in Past 24 Hours - Russian Military

8-8-2019: Video: Syrian Army Makes Fresh Gains in Battle for Northern Hama

8-8-2019: US to Withdraw Troops From Area of Turkish Operation in Syria - Ankara

8-8-2019: Damascus Slams US-Turkey Safe Zone Deal as 'Blatant Attack' on Syria's Sovereignty - State Media

8-8-2019: Damascus says US-Turkish deal is ‘attack on Syria,’ Kurds to evaluate agreement

7-8-2019: Turkey, US Agreed on Joint Centre to Coordinate Syria Safe Zone - Defence Ministry

7-8-2019: Mainstream Media Resort to Propaganda When Covering Idlib - Independent Journalist Bartlett

7-8-2019: Erdogan Announces Military Operation East of Euphrates River to Push Back Kurds, US Urges Him to Reconsider

7-8-2019: The War on Syria: Lightning Flashes in the Dark Night of War Propaganda

6-8-2019: ‘Damaged’ US F-22 Stealth Fighter Reportedly Spotted Flying Over Syria

6-8-2019: Erdogan Mulls Op in Syria 'Very Soon' as Pentagon Warns Turkey Against 'Unilateral Action'

6-8-2019: Twenty Cases of Militants' Shelling Recorded in Syria Over Past 24 Hours – Russian Military

6-8-2019: Video: Collapse of Ceasefire, Syrian Military Vows to Resume Operations Against Al Qaeda Militants

6-8-2019: Any Turkish incursion into Syria ‘unacceptable,’ Pentagon chief warns

5-8-2019: Syria Resumes Military Operation Against Terrorists in Idlib - Armed Forces

5-8-2019: Terrorists Launch Artillery Barrage Against Russian Base in Syria's Khmeimim - Defence Ministry

5-8-2019: Syrian Army Finds Jihad-Mobile, Rocket Launchers, Tank Left Behind by Fleeing Terrorists (Video)

5-8-2019: Militant Shelling in Idlib De-Escalation Zone Injures 4 Syrian Servicemen - Russian MoD

4-8-2019: Erdogan: Turkey Will Carry Out Operation in Syria East of Euphrates

4-8-2019: Militants Shell Syria's Idlib De-Escalation Zone Twice Over Past Day - Russian MoD

4-8-2019: Another Failed Ceasefire in Syria

3-8-2019: Militants Open Fire at Syria’s Aleppo Leaving Some People Injured – Reports

3-8-2019: Watch Russian Military Carry Out Airstrikes Against Terrorists in Syria

2-8-2019: Video Idlib Militants Rescued By Another Ceasefire

2-8-2019: When the Lie Is Accepted as the Truth

2-8-2019: Video: Al Qaeda Idlib “Militants” Rescued by Another “Ceasefire”, Israeli Airstrikes against Syrian Army Positions

2-8-2019: Russia Urges US, EU Countries to Withdraw Forces From Syria

2-8-2019: UN Security Council to Hold Political Meeting on Syria in August

1-8-2019: Russian Embassy Twitter Account Suspension a Part of US Plan to Destabilize Syria - Damascus

1-8-2019: Israel Attacks Syria's Quneitra With Missiles – Report

1-8-2019: Pentagon Confirms Training Maghawir al-Thawra Militants Near Syria's Al-Tanf

1-8-2019: Death Toll in Aleppo Shelling Climbs to 4, 25 Injured - Reports

1-8-2019: Lebanon, Iraq participation in Astana talks on Syria may help resolve pressing issues – Moscow

31-7-2019: Idlib and NATO’s War of Terror against the Syrian People

31-7-2019: Video: Syrian Army Advancing in Northern Hama

30-7-2019: Turkey, US Defence Ministers Discuss Syria Safe Zone - Ankara

30-7-2019: Twitter suspends Russian embassy in Syria after it criticized White Helmets

30-7-2019: US Stealing Syrian Oil. Controls About 30% of Syrian Territory

30-7-2019: Video: The War on Syria and the Next Loop of the Great Game

29-7-2019: Russian Military Accuses US of Hijacking Oil Trade in Syria From Daesh

29-7-2019: Militants Shell Syrian Provinces of Hama, Latakia - Russian Military

29-7-2019: US-trained ‘saboteurs’ sent from Al-Tanf to destabilize situation in other parts of Syria – Moscow

28-7-2019: Turkey Deports Syrian Refugees to Idlib During Airstrikes

27-7-2019: NATO Terrorists Bomb Syrian Towns, SAA Bombs NATO Terrorists

26-7-2019: Video Russian Warplanes Rain Hell On Militants In Western Aleppo

26-7-2019: US Foreign Policy in Shambles: NATO and the Middle East. How Do You Wage War Without Allies?

26-7-2019: Russia urges BRICS states to take part in rebuilding Syria – Lavrov

26-7-2019: US-Led Coalition Admits Killing at Least 1,321 Civilians in Syria, Iraq - Casualty Report

26-7-2019: Rebuilding Aleppo: Before & after PHOTOS show reconstruction of key Syrian sites

25-7-2019: Turkey mulls possible Syria operation east of Euphrates – military

24-7-2019: Syrian State Media Report Israeli Attack on Tel Haraa in Southern Syria

24-7-2019: ‘No patience left’: Turkey and US haven’t yet agreed on proposed Syria safe zone

23-7-2019: Missiles Used in Iraq Attack Match Those Used by Israel in Syria Strikes, Kuwaiti Media Claims

23-7-2019: Turkey Seeks to Establish YPG-Free Safe Zone in Syria in Coordination With US - Ministry

23-7-2019: Does the U.S. Army Intend to Leave Syria?

22-7-2019: Watch Syrian Christian Town Rebuild in Region Once Overrun by Daesh, Nusra Terrorists

22-7-2019: Turkey Threatens to Start Operation in Syria's North-East If Safety Zone Not Created

22-7-2019: Syrian Air Defences Thwart Hostile Targets in Hama's Masyaf - Reports

22-7-2019: ‘Wrong victims’ of Syria war left voiceless by mainstream media, condemn West for their suffering

22-7-2019: US-led War of Terror Against Syria, Attrition Terrorism Phase

21-7-2019: Syrian Troops Repel Terrorist Attack on Army Positions in Idlib Province - Reports

19-7-2019: Aleppo: Glorious Rebuilding, Despite Illicit Western ‘Sanctions’

19-7-2019: “Voices from Syria” and “The Dirty War on Syria”: Mark Taliano and Tim Anderson Analyze the War on Syria

18-7-2019: Daesh Flag Raised at Syrian Refugee Camp Where UK 'Bride' Shamima Begum is Stranded - Report

18-7-2019: Moscow Refutes Claims That Russian Ground Troops Present in Syria's Idlib

17-7-2019: Video: Waiting for New Idlib Offensive. US Continues to Provide Syria Rebels with Weapons and Military Supplies

17-7-2019: Video: Waiting for New Idlib Offensive. US Continues to Provide Syria Rebels with Weapons and Military Supplies

16-7-2019: Hundreds of Bodies Uncovered From Mass Grave Outside Former Daesh Capital of Raqqa

15-7-2019: The War on Syria Continues. Iran Is Next?

15-7-2019: Militants Shelled Syria's Latakia Province Over Past 24 Hours - Russian Military

14-7-2019: Syria Calls on Civilized World to Intervene in Turkey Cultural Aggression

13-7-2019: Militants Carry Out Bomb Attack on Russian Military Police Partol's Route in Syria - Military

12-7-2019: Video: Syrian Army Repelled Large Attack in Northern Hama. UK Claims Iran Attempted to Capture Its Tanker

12-7-2019: Russian Air Defences at Hmeymim Airbase Destroy 3 UAVs Launched by Idlib Militants

12-7-2019: Militants Plan Provocation Using Chemical Weapons in Syria’s Idlib - OPCW

12-7-2019: OPCW report on 2018 Syria chemical ‘attack’ politicized, new probe may be needed – Russian envoy

11-7-2019: Car Bomb Explosion in Afrin, Syria Kills 11, Wounds 25 - Reports

11-7-2019: Three Syrian Civilians Killed in Militant Attack on Latakia Province - Russian Military


Car bomb attack on the Aramean Church in Beth Zalin/ Kamishli, Syria.

12-7-2019: 11 People Wounded in Car Bombing Outside Orthodox Church in Syrian City of Qamishli

12-7-2019: Car bomb near church in Syria wounds several

12-7-2019: Car bomb near church in Syria wounds several

12-7-2019: Syria: Several reported injured in car-bomb attack outside church in Qamishli

12-7-2019: Video: Syria: Several reported injured in car-bomb attack outside church in Qamishli

11-7-2019: Video: Car Bomb Hits Near Church In Qamishli, Northeast Syria


10-7-2019: Ongoing Atrocities in Syria. Missile Attacks Directed against Civilians

9-7-2019: Britain and France will send forces to Syria ...but Americans will pay for it, report suggests

9-7-2019: On Whose Orders Did Oman’s Foreign Minister Visit Syria?

9-7-2019: What Is the Biggest Lie About the Syrian War? Western War Propaganda, Regime Change, Terrorism

8-7-2019: Germany Rejects US Call to Deploy Ground Troops in Syria

7-7-2019: Militants Shell Towns in 3 Syrian Provinces, Violate Ceasefire – Russian MoD

7-7-2019: Washington wants German troops in Syria to help fill gap left by departing Americans

6-7-2019: Militants Breach Ceasefire, Shell Syria’s Hama Province – Russian Military

6-7-2019: Trump Orders More Suffering on Syrian Civilians. US-EU Supported Terrorists’ Control of Oil and Gas Wells

5-7-2019: Up to 800 refugees, internally displaced people return to Syria each week – reconciliation center

5-7-2019: Nobody Is Talking About the Sanctions Against Syria!

5-7-2019: Voices from Syria’s Rukban Refugee Camp Belie Corporate Media Reporting

4-7-2019: Video: Dozens Militants Killed in Airstrikes on Greater Idlib

4-7-2019: Video: Dozens Militants Killed in Airstrikes on Greater Idlib

3-7-2019: Syria’s Second S-200 Debacle in Less than a Year Shows How Desperate It’s Becoming

3-7-2019: We’re Just Beginning to Grasp the Toll of the Islamic State’s Archaeological Looting in Syria

3-7-2019: Bomb-Laden Motorcycle Explosion in Syrian Suwayda Claims 3 Lives, Leaves 7 Injured - Report

2-7-2019: Damascus Response to Be 'Twice as Harsh' to Deadly Israeli Airstrikes - Syrian Foreign Ministry

1-7-2019: This Celebrated Western-funded Nonprofit Collaborated with al-Qaeda to Wage Lawfare on Syria

1-7-2019: Object That Hit Northern Cyprus Could Be Syria's Russia-Made Missile, Local Official Claims

1-7-2019: Videos: Israeli Strikes on Damascus and Homs Injure and Kill Many Civilians

1-7-2019: Pentagon, NATO and Israel’s IDF Operate as an Air Force for Jihadists in Syria and Elsewhere

1-7-2019: Lebanon starts destroying Syrian refugee shelters as govt ultimatum expires – report

1-7-2019: Rocket Attack on Damascus, Homs Outskirts Carried Out By Israeli Forces, Syrian Military Source Says

30-6-2019: Militants Shelled Syria's Latakia Province Over Past 24 Hours - Russian Military

30-6-2019: ‘Israeli missile strikes’ on Damascus & Homs kill 4 civilians, including toddler (VIDEOS)

29-6-2019: Crisis in Northern Syria: A Look Inside the Real Idlib Today

29-6-2019: US Pressing Germany to Extend Its Military Operation in Syria, Deploy Troops – Report

28-6-2019: Turkey Moving Special Forces, Military Equipment to Syrian Border - Reports

28-6-2019: Turkey Launches Strike on Positions in Syria - Reports

28-6-2019: Turkish Forces Shell Villages in Syria's Hama Province From Idlib - Reports

27-6-2019: Video: US-backed Forces Came with “List of Demands” to Damascus

27-6-2019: Waking Up to Empire and “False Flags”

27-6-2019: US-Led Coalition Admits Killing at Least 1,319 Civilians in Syria, Iraq - Casualty Report

27-6-2019: Russia accomplished more than it expected in Syria – Putin

26-6-2019: Militants in Syria Tried to Attack Russia's Kmeymim Airbase with Drones - Military

25-6-2019: Russia Refutes Claims of Indiscriminate Strikes in Syria’s Idlib - Reconciliation Center

25-6-2019: Idlib & Gulf of Oman: How US and Its Allies are Raising Stakes in the Middle East

24-6-2019: “Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East

24-6-2019: Sabotage Damages 5 Oil Pipelines in Syrian Waters - Damascus (Photos)

24-6-2019: U.S. “Military Aid” to Al Qaeda, ISIS-Daesh

23-6-2019: Syrian Refugees in Idlib Receive Over 2 Tonnes of Humanitarian Aid From Russian Military

23-6-2019: War Propaganda and the US-NATO “War of Terror” Against Syria and Its People

23-6-2019: Aleppo: Where Hospitals Were Turned into Sharia Gaols

22-6-2019: Syrian Army Downs Drone Flying Over Air Force Base in Hama - Reports

22-6-2019: Syrian Conflict Reporting Highlights MSM’s Failure to Question Veracity of Its ‘Independent’ Sources

21-6-2019: Private security firms operating in Syria not linked to Russian state – Putin

21-6-2019: US Exceptionalism: Exploiting Certain Syrians, Ignoring Others

20-6-2019: Daesh-like “Scorched Earth” Terror Policy Sets Syrian and Iraqi Agricultural Land Ablaze.

20-6-2019: Video: ISIS Command and Control Center Raided by Syrian Forces

20-6-2019: Media Black-Out on Arab Journalists and Civilians Beheaded in Syria by Western-Backed Mercenaries

20-6-2019: Bias, Lies and Videotape: Doubts Dog ‘Confirmed’ Syria Chemical Attacks

20-6-2019: Watch Syrian Army Uncover Vast Daesh Arms Stash in Country's East

20-6-2019: We won’t sell out our allies or principles to strike Syria deal with US, says Putin

19-6-2019: Trump Regime Planning War on Iran Based on Big Lies and Deception?

19-6-2019: Idlib and the War of Terror Against the Syrian People. Ambassador Jaafari’s Statement at UN Security Council

19-6-2019: Video: New Al Qaeda Militant Attack in Hama Ends in Disaster

19-6-2019: US exceptionalism: Exploiting certain Syrians, ignoring others

19-6-2019: Video: Syrian War Report – June 19, 2019: New Militant Attack In Hama Ends In Disaster

18-6-2019: U.S. Sanctions: Economic Sabotage that Is Deadly, Illegal and Ineffective

18-6-2019: Western Countries Broadcast Distorted Info on Syria to International Community - Russian Envoy

18-6-2019: Turkish, Russian Defence Ministers Reaffirm Commitment to Syria Agreements - Statement

17-6-2019: Video: Syrian War Report – June 17, 2019: Turkish Artillery Struck Syrian Army Positions Near Idlib

17-6-2019: Militant Fire in Syria's Aleppo Kills 11 Civilians - Russian MoD

17-6-2019: Twelve People Killed as Terrorists Open Mortar Fire at Village in Aleppo Province – Police

15-6-2019: NATO Warfare in Syria: Creating and Exploiting Desperation

15-6-2019: Explosions rock Syrian military zone in suburbs of Damascus (PHOTOS)

14-6-2019: Global Warfare: “We’re Going to Take out 7 Countries in 5 Years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan & Iran..”

14-6-2019: Behind the Syrian Network for Human Rights: How an Opposition Front Group Became Western Media’s Go-to monitor

13-6-2019: Russia Launches Airstrikes on Idlib Militants After Attack on Turkish Observation Post - MoD

12-6-2019: Video: Kurdish Contras accused of burning wheat and barley crops in north-east Syria

12-6-2019: The Caliphate Project, Made in America. Declassified U.S. Government Documents Confirm the US Supported the Creation of ISIS

12-6-2019: Video: Israeli Military Continues Strikes on Syria

12-6-2019: Moscow Calls New US Sanctions on Syria a Tool to Exert Pressure on Assad

12-6-2019: Author: Absence of Syrian Christian Issue in Western Media Carefully Planned

12-6-2019: Syrian Air Defenses Down 'Several' Israeli Missile Strikes in Daraa Governorate (VIDEO)

12-6-2019: I am a Syrian Living in Syria: “It Was Never a Revolution nor a Civil War. The Terrorists Are Sent by Your Government”

12-6-2019: The Last Bastion of Al Qaeda in Syria: US Propaganda Blitz Ahead of Idlib’s Liberation

10-6-2019: Video: Al Qaeda Militants Suffer Large Casualties in Clashes in Northern Hama

10-6-2019: Chris Williamson: How Can We TRUST the OPCW After Syria Chemical Attack Leaks?! (E757)

10-6-2019: Syrian Kurds Hand Over 14 Orphaned Children of Daesh Terrorists to France, Netherlands - Reports

8-6-2019: Moscow unveils anti-UAV device which ‘forces’ drones to land

8-6-2019: US Pushes Germany to Remain in Syria for Spy, Training Missions – Report

8-6-2019: Militants Attack 2 Syrian Provinces in Past 24 Hours - Russian Military

7-7-2019: Video: Al Qaeda Militants Use Turkish Weapons, Equipment in Hama Advance

7-6-2019: Syrian Army Repels Terrorist Attack, 140 Militants Estimated Dead - Russian MoD

7-6-2019: Ex-Daesh Fighter Reveals Terror Plot to Infiltrate US Through Mexico

7-6-2019: Over 70,000 in Syria’s Al-Hawl Camp Need Aid - UN

7-6-2019: Militants Shell 7 Settlements in Syria's Latakia in Past 24 Hours - Russian MoD

6-6-2019: Coalition Airstrikes against Syria and Iraq: “Counting” Civilian Casualties, Fake Atrocity Narratives

6-6-2019: US Forces Destroy Syrian Oil While Enforcing Sanctions

6-6-2019: “Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East

6-6-2019: Video: Syrian, Russian Forces Pound Militants in Greater Idlib

6-6-2019: Militants Breach Ceasefire in 3 Syrian Provinces in Past 24 Hours – Russian MoD

5-6-2019: US Special Envoy Denies Reports Alleging Deal With Russia to End War in Syria

5-6-2019: Video: US-Sponsored Kurdish Militia Burn Wheat Fields in Northern Syria

4-6-2019: Syrian Air Defences Down Terrorist Drones in Hama Province - Report

4-6-2019: Israel Continues Its Interference in the Syrian Crisis

3-6-2019: Video: Israeli Military Intensifies Attacks on Syria

3-6-2019: Unidentified Debris Spotted Near Syrian SAM System After Israeli Strike (VIDEO)

3-6-2019: US-Iran: Inverted Reality, Real War. America’s Al Qaeda Mercenaries. Iran is Fighting the Largest State Sponsor of Terror

3-6-2019: No Chemical Attacks in Syria. Misleading Public Opinion. Blaming Bashar Al Assad. The Media’s “Humanitarian” Pro-War Narrative

3-6-2019: WATCH Syrian Army Uncover Massive Multi-TONNE Haul of US-Made C4

3-6-2019: Israel Makes Missile Strike on Syrian Airfield, 1 Person Killed - Syrian Source

2-6-2019: At Least 14 Died, 28 Injured in Car Bomb Explosion in Northwest Syria - Source

2-6-2019: Israel Strikes Syrian Military Targets in Response to Golan Rocket Fire (VIDEO)

2-6-2019: Israeli jets & combat helicopters strike Syrian artillery, air defense units – IDF

2-6-2019: 3 Syrian soldiers killed, 7 injured in Israeli air raids – state media

31-5-2019: US Forces in Syria Causing Catastrophic Effects on Civilians Held in Rukban Concentration Camp

31-5-2019: Upcoming Trilateral Russia -Israel -US National Security Advisors Summit. Focus on Syria and Iran

31-5-2019: Video: Syrian Army Cracks Down on ISIS Cells Near Palmyra

31-5-2019: Al-Jaafari: It Is Syria’s Duty and Right to Protect Its Citizens from Terrorism

31-5-2019: Militants Attacked Settlements in 3 Syrian Provinces in Past 24 Hours

31-5-2019: US-Led Coalition Admits Killing at Least 1,302 Civilians in Syria and Iraq

31-5-2019: Syria and Chemical Weapons – Secrets and Convenient Lies

31-5-2019: Militants Launch Attacks in Syria’s Latakia, Hama, Aleppo – Russian Military

29-5-2019: Robert Stuart vs the BBC: “Saving Syria’s Children”. Was the Video Footage “Real” or “Staged”?

29-5-2019: Russia, Syria Call on UN to Urge US to Withdraw Troops From Syria

29-5-2019: Terrorists Prepare Chemical Attack in Syria's Aleppo, Watchdog Says

29-5-2019: Syrian Army Repels Another Nusra Front Attack on Kafr Nabudah - Russian Military

28-5-2019: Turkish Dreams of a “Radical Islamic Annex” in Northern Syria Fade Away

28-5-2019: Turkey Shoots Itself in the Foot by Providing Syrian “Opposition” with Advanced Weapons

28-5-2019: Syrian Army Repels Nusra Front Attack in Hama Province - Russian Military

27-5-2019: The Western Media is Key to Syria Deceptions, Al Qaeda Propaganda

27-5-2019: US-Backed Terrorists “Struggle” after Returning from Syria. The ISIS and America’s Terrorist Foreign Legions

27-5-2019: Video: Syrian Army Delivers Blow to Al Qaeda Militants, Takes Back Kafr Nabudah

27-5-2019: Israel Says Attacked Anti-Aircraft Position in Syria, Casualties Reported

27-5-2019: Syrian Army Uncovers White Helmets’ German-Made Medical Supplies – Report

26-5-2019: Accusations of Chemical Weapons Use by the Syrian Army Nullified by Fact-Checking

26-5-2019: 5 Civilians Dead, 12 Injured as Terrorists Shell City in Hama - Russian MoD

26-5-2019: New Syria Chemical Attack Blamed on Government. Reports Fostered Divisions Among U.S. Allies

26-5-2019: SDF Forces Arrest 200 Men in Syria for Resisting Forced Recruitment - Report

25-5-2019: Syrian Army Repels Attack of Some 200 Militants, Armored Vehicles in Hama - MoD

25-5-2019: Syrian Army Destroys Terrorists' Rocket Launchers in North of Hama - Source

25-5-2019: Chemical Attack Claims Aimed at Curbing Syrian Anti-Terrorism Efforts - Damascus

25-5-2019: Liberate Syria’s Idlib, precisely for the civilians that America fakes concern over

24-5-2019: Terrorists to Use Truck Bombs to Break Through Syrian Army Lines - Russian MoD

24-5-2019: Some 400 Refugees Depart Syria's Rukban Camp on 22 May - Russian Military

24-5-2019: US Reports of 'Chemical Incident' in Syria Based on Terrorist Claims – Moscow

24-5-2019: ‘Without Putin, Syria Would Have Ceased to Exist’: Interview with Flemish Priest Living in Syria

23-5-2019: Militants Fired 4 Rockets Toward Hmeymim Base, All Destroyed - Russian MoD

23-5-2019: Alleged chemical attacks in Syria, DNA tests at the border & British steel’s Brexit (E970)

23-5-2019: Turkish Army Pullout Will Bring Peace to Northern Syria?

23-5-2019: Video: Al Qaeda Militants Develop Large-scale Advance on Syria Army Positions

23-5-2019: US Diverting After “Bombshell” Cover-Up on Chemical Weapons in Syria

23-5-2019: US ‘Deliberately Ignores’ OPCW Report Noting Douma Chemical Attack Was Staged

23-5-2019: Syrian Army Shoots Down Drone Launched Near Hama Airport (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

23-5-2019: Syrian Army Conducting Fierce Fighting With Militants in Hama Province - Reports

22-5-2019: Newly Revealed Documents Show Syrian Chemical “Attacks Were Staged”

22-5-2019: France Stands by OPCW Amid US Claims of Chemical Attacks in Syria - Ministry

22-5-2019: US Cannot Confirm Reports of Use of Chemical Weapons in Idlib - Envoy for Syria

22-5-2019: Turkey won’t withdraw observation post in Idlib, Syria ‘after govt attacks’ – minister

22-5-2019: Russian Air Defences Destroy Rockets Fired at Syria Base From Idlib - MoD

22-5-2019: Video: Syrian Army Is Repelling Large Militant Attack on Kafr Nabudah

21-5-2019: ‘Where are the headlines?’ Roger Waters points to Syria gas attack ‘stench’ in wake of leaked report

21-5-2019: Terror Chemical Attack Plotted in Syria's Idlib, Aleppo - Russian MoD

21-5-2019: Idlib-Based Uighur Terrorists Threatened Russian Forces in Syria

20-5-2019: Russian Air Force Repels Terrorist Attack on Hmeymim Airbase - MoD

19-5-2019: Syria: The White Helmets Are Terrorist Auxiliaries

19-5-2019: Douma Hoax: Hollywood Stars Wonder Why MSM Keeps Tight Lip on Leaked OPCW Memo

19-5-2019: The OPCW Chemical Watchdog: A US Imperial Tool. The CW Douma Incident in Syria

19-5-2019: Susan Sarandon, Pamela Anderson & Roger Waters question silence on OPCW report on Douma ‘attack’

18-5-2019: Syrian Air Defences Fire at Projectiles From Israeli-Held Territory (VIDEO)

18-5-2019: Roger Waters Says White Helmets 'Likely Killed 34' in Douma Amid OPCW Docs Leak

18-5-2019: Video: Syrian Army Eliminated 45 Militants in Recent Clashes

18-5-2019: Leaked OPCW memo casts doubt on watchdog’s Douma ‘chemical attack’ conclusions

17-5-2019: Amnesty International’s “Kangaroo Report” on Human Rights in Syria

17-5-2019: Syrian Air Defences Down Projectiles Fired From Israeli-Controlled Territory

17-5-2019: Nusra Front Terrorists Plot Provocation in Syria to Frame Russian Personnel

17-5-2019: Terrorist groups used artefacts uncovered in Syria and Iraq to fund their attacks – art detective

16-5-2019: Video: Syria Al Qaeda Militants Lose More Territory after Failed Counter-attack

15-5-2019: Further Evidence US Attacked Syria Based on False Flag

15-5-2019: Leaked Document Pokes More Holes in Establishment Syria Narrative

14-5-2019: Venezuela isn't Syria… but America’s war tactics are the same

14-5-2019: Smearing Syria's Victory

14-5-2019: Sides Interested in Douma Attack REVEALED as 'Unpublished OPCW Report' Leaked

13-5-2019: 'Unpublished OPCW Report' Implies 'Chemical Attack' in Syria's Douma Was Staged

13-5-2019: Militants Shell 4 Settlements in Syria's Latakia in Past 24 Hours - Russian MoD

13-5-2019: Evidence that Douma ‘Chemical Attack’ Was Staged: OPCW’s Unpublished Engineers’ Report

12-5-2019: Syrian Army Liberates 3 Villages From Nusra Terrorists - Reports

12-5-2019: Militants Continuously Shell Syria's Latakia Over Past 24 Hours - Russian MoD

12-5-2019: Syrian Army Liberates 2 Villages in South of Idlib From Terrorists - Reports

11-5-2019: Militants Shell Settlements in 2 Syrian Provinces in Past 24 Hours – Russian MoD

10-5-2019: Ancient Artefacts Stolen by Daesh Offered FOR SALE on Facebook - Reports

9-5-2019: Russian Envoy: ICC Won't Revive Reputation After Dropping US War Crimes Probe

8-5-2019: Militants Shell 3 Syrian Provinces Over Past 24 Hours - Russian MoD

8-5-2019: Syrian Security Defuse Chemical Laden Car Bomb in Homs - Reports

8-5-2019: Russian military repels 12 rockets fired in NEW attack on Khmeimim airbase in Syria – MOD

8-5-2019: US attempts to resettle Kurds in Arab areas might trigger breakup of Syria, Lavrov says

8-5-2019: Nest of terrorists in Idlib, Syria should be uprooted – Lavrov

8-5-2019: Syria Testimonies: “The White Helmets Are More Dangerous than Any Terrorist” – Retired Schoolteacher, Mesyaf

8-5-2019: Video: Multiple Casualties Reported Amid Clashes in Northwestern Hama

8-5-2019: Video: Syrian Army Liberates Another Town in Northwestern Hama

8-5-2019: Syria Military Operation to Liberate Idlib Has Begun. Estimated 40,000 Terrorists in Idlib

7-5-2019: Russian Military Shoots Down 27 Rockets During Attack on Hmeymim - MoD

6-5-2019: Syrian troops advance against insurgents in NW region, heaviest fighting in 8 months reported

6-5-2019: Militants in Syria Shelled Hmeymim Airbase Twice in One Day - Russian MoD

5-5-2019: Turkey, Russia Discuss Deployment in Syrian Area Controlled by US Allies: Ankara

5-5-2019: Syrian Army Repelled Attack by Armed Groups in Aleppo Province - Source

3-5-2019: ‘Trump is protecting Al-Qaeda franchise’: Max Blumenthal & Lee Camp shred US foreign policy (VIDEO)

3-5-2019: Video: Turkey Sponsored Militants Claim Russians Killed in Hama, Attack Hmeimim Air Base

2-5-2019: The US/NATO War to Demolish Syria

1-5-2019: Terrorists Tried to Attack Hmeymim Base in Syria 12 Times Over a Month - MoD

1-5-2019: Russia, Turkey Should Increase Patrols in Syria’s Idlib - UN Special Envoy

30-4-2019: Moscow: US Wanted to Prevent Dissemination of Objective Data on Syria's Douma

30-4-2019: US State Department Offers $4.5 Million Grant to “Investigate” Civilian Casualties in Syria and Iraq

29-4-2019: Setting Free Arrested Syrian Terrorists by US Would Constitute a Crime - Lavrov

29-4-2019: ISIS leader Baghdadi surfaces in video for first time since 2014

29-4-2019: Libyan National Army Claims It Possesses Evidence of Turkey Supporting Daesh

28-4-2019: The War on Syria Continues. Iran Is Next?

27-4-2019: Germany Halts Granting Asylum to Syrians En Masse – Reports

27-4-2019: UK Doctor 'Tortured Daesh Inmates by Removing Organs in Nazi-Style Ops' – Report

27-4-2019: China Challenges US Sanctions, Invites Syria to Belt and Road Project

26-4-2019: Russia, Turkey & Iran condemn US recognition of Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights

26-4-2019: Militants Violate Ceasefire in 2 Syrian Provinces Over 24 Hours – Russian MoD

26-4-2019: Shhh! No Speaking About US War Crimes

25-4-2019: At Least 40 Members of White Helmets Admit Staging Syria Chemical Attacks

25-4-2019: US coalition killed 1,600 civilians in Raqqa offensive - Amnesty International

24-4-2019: White Helmets plot new false-flag chemical attack in Syria's Idlib – Russia's UN envoy

24-4-2019: Foreign Media Conducted Staged Filming of Family Death in Hama - Russian MoD

24-4-2019: US Army Turned Rukban Into Prison, Prevents People From Leaving It - Damascus

23-4-2019: Oil Shortage Crisis Might Force the Syrian State to Liberate East Euphrates

23-4-2019: Militants Shell Settlement in Syrian Idlib Over Past 24 Hours - Russian MoD

22-4-2019: Some Daesh Fighters Reached S Africa After Defeat in Syria - Russian MoD

22-4-2019: Militants Violate Ceasefire in 2 Syrian Provinces Over Past 24 Hours

22-4-2019: Video: Chemical Weapons Warehouse Exploded in Western Aleppo

21-4-2019: Air Force Deploys Stealth Fighters to the Middle East for the First Time

21-4-2019: Open for business: Syria renting port of Tartus to Russia for 49 years

20-4-2019: Media Claims Israel's New Missile May Outsmart Russia's S-300 in Syria

19-4-2019: Turkey 'De Facto' Established Safe Zone in Syria Up to Manbij - Ankara

19-4-2019: Macron meets Syrian Kurds, vows France’s support in fight against extremists in Syria

18-4-2019: EU Rejects Israeli Claim to Syrian Golan

18-4-2019: U.S. Continues Supplying Military Aid to Kurdish Forces in Northern Syria against Turkey, a US Ally and NATO Member State

17-4-2019: Video: Syrian Refugees Fled Assad’s Rule, Now They’re Returning. (HBO)

17-4-2019: Russia believes Damascus should regain control over NE Syria as soon as possible – Lavrov

17-4-2019: Why Isn’t Oil-Rich Russia Helping Its Syrian “Ally” Survive the Fuel Crisis?

16-4-2019: US, Israeli-Made Arms Left by Terrorists Found in Syrian Countryside – Reports

16-4-2019: Israel Used 'S-300-Evading' Missile for First Time in Syria Strikes - Reports

16-4-2019: Six Civilians, Five Syrian Troops Killed After Militants Shelled Aleppo

15-4-2019: Militants Shell Settlements in 3 Syrian Provinces in Past 24 Hours – Russian MoD

15-4-2019: Over 1,300 Refugees Depart Syria Rukban Camp in Past 24 Hours - Russian Military

15-4-2019: Amnesty International silent on Al-Qaeda war crimes to criminalize Syrian government

15-4-2019: Video: Israel Strikes ‘Iranian Targets’ in Homs. Only Syrian Missile Launcher Found to be Destroyed

14-4-2019: Terrorist Mine Explosion Kills 1, Injures 2 Children in Syria's Aleppo - Reports

14-4-2019: Syria's Assad Stresses Importance of Cooperation With Iraq to Confront Enemies

13-4-2019: 3 people injured in Israeli rocket attack on Syria's Hama province – reports

14-4-2019: Over 3,500 Refugees Return to Syria From Turkey Since Start of 2019 – Reports

14-4-2019: Syria, Iran, Iraq Mull Linking Railway Network – Reports

13-4-2019: WATCH Alleged Israeli Airstrike Intercepted by Syrian Air Defence in Hama

12-4-2019: Video: Turkey Aims to Seize Tell Rifaat after Russian Forces Withdrawal

11-4-2019: Over 450 Refugees Left Syria's Rukban Camp in Past 24 hours - Russian Military

11-4-2019: 235 children perish in ‘unbearable’ Syrian refugee camp controlled by US allies – Russian MoD

11-4-2019: “Voices from Syria” and “The Dirty War on Syria”: Mark Taliano and Tim Anderson Analyze the War on Syria

11-4-2019: Mine Explosion Kills 3 Children in Syria's Quneitra Province - Reports

10-4-2019: Militants Shelled Syria's Idlib 8 Times in Past 24 Hours - Russian MoD

10-4-2019: Western Spies Among the Jihadis in Idlib: Planning A New Drama? A Chemical Attack?

9-4-2019: Video: US and Israel Prepare for Coordinated Campaign Against Iranian Forces in Syria

9-4-2019: Militant Shelling of Syria's Masyaf Kills 4 Civilians - Russian MoD

8-4-2019: Turkey 'Ready' for New Military Operation in Syria – Erdogan

8-4-2019: US decision on Golan Heights violates UN Security Council resolutions – Putin

8-4-2019: ISIS/Al Qaeda in the Middle East and Ukraine’s “Neo-Nazis”: Two Sides of the Imperial Coin

7-4-2019: Removal of US forces is best way to help refugees in Syria’s notorious Rukban camp – Lavrov

7-4-2019: Three Civilians Killed in Syria As Result of Shelling by Terrorists - Reports

5-4-2019: Almost 1,000 Refugees Left Syria's Rukban Camp on 4 April - Russian Military

5-4-2019: US, UK Vow to Hold Perpetrators of Chemical Attacks in Syria Responsible

4-4-2019: Video: Israeli Air Strikes on Syria: Weapons, Effects, Consequences

4-4-2019: Events in Venezuela Resemble Onset of Syrian Crisis - Assad to Venezuelan FM

4-4-2019: Pompeo to Turkey: Military Action in Syria Will Have 'Devastating' Consequences

4-4-2019: Syrian FM accuses Trump administration of ‘lies’ about withdrawing troops

3-4-2019: Like Libya and Syria, Venezuela Is Not “Just About Oil”

3-4-2019: US Lawmakers Call on Trump to Withdraw Troops From Syria Within Six Months

3-4-2019: Video: Syrian Military Sends Reinforcements to Fight ISIS in Central Desert

3-4-2019: Suicide Bombers Reportedly Blow Themselves Up in Ex-Daesh 'Capital' Raqqa, Syria

2-4-2019: Trump's Golan Move is Harbinger of a Large-Scale Middle East Clash – Scholar

2-4-2019: SDF clashes with ISIS in E. Syria days after declaring victory over extremists

1-4-2019: Paris Denies Involvement of Its Intelligence in Preparing Provocation in Idlib

1-4-2019: Syria: Suspected Al-Qaeda Chemical Attack in Northern Hama and Al Skeilbiyyeh Bells Ring in Defiance

1-4-2019: Al Qaeda Affiliated Armed Factions May Resort to Chemical Attacks in Syria’s Idlib, Russia Warns

31-3-2019: Syria — The West Destroyed Our Homes but Not Our Dreams

31-3-2019: Saudi King Rejects Any Move That Impacts Syrian Sovereignty Over Golan Heights

31-3-2019: Lebanon Alarmed Over Its Own Lands After Trump’s Move on Golan Heights – Report

30-3-2019: Syria: Is US Fighting ISIS or Liquidating Assets?

30-3-2019: Russian military calls on US to discuss fate of refugees trapped in Rukban camp in Syria AGAIN

30-3-2019: New Operation in Syria Possible After Sunday's Turkish Local Elections - Erdogan

30-3-2019: Thousands Held in Deplorable Conditions in Syrian Refugee Camp by US Military

29-3-2019: Russian MoD: French, Belgian Intel Officers Plan Chemical ‘Provocation’ in Idlib

29-3-2019: Video: “Dumb Bombs”, Indiscriminate Strikes and Civilian Casualties in Syrian War

29-3-2019: Lavrov Blasts Trump's Recognition of Israel's Sovereignty Over Golan Heights

29-3-2019: Gift to Bibi or Blow to Syria? Possible Motives Behind US Golan Heights Decision

29-3-2019: US to Redraw Maps to Include Golan Heights as Part of Israel - Report

29-3-2019: Syria Discovers US-Made TOW Anti-Tank Missiles in Terrorist Camps (PHOTOS)

29-3-2019: Violence in Syria's Idlib Displace 90,000 People in February, March - UN

28-3-2019: Syria’s Rukban Now Little More than a US-Controlled Concentration Camp – and the Pentagon Won’t Let Refugees Leave

28-3-2019: Golan Heights, Kosovo and Crimea: A Case Study in Hypocrisy and Double Standards

28-3-2019: Shamima Begum's Lawyer Claims Daesh 'Learned a Lot From Israel'

28-3-2019: Trump's Golan Move Against Whole World, Syria to Retaliate - War Correspondent

28-3-2019: WATCH Aftermath of Reported Israeli Bombing of Syria's Aleppo

28-3-2019: Syria to US on Golan Heights: 'You Can Give Israel North and South Carolina'

27-3-2019: Video: Special Forces Hunt Down ISIS Terrorists that Killed 3 Russians

27-3-2019: Militants Preparing Staged Chemical Attacks in Idlib, Syria - Russia's UN Envoy

27-3-2019: Russia, Syria: US ‘Trying to Hide Crimes Against Civilians’ at Rukban Camp

27-3-2019: Road to next war begins in Golan

26-3-2019: Israel Plans to Triple Golan Heights Population to Form Jewish Majority - Mayor

26-3-2019: UN Rapporteur: Western Sanctions on Syria Trigger Migration, Human Rights Abuses

26-3-2019: US blocks Syrian-Russian delegation from occupied Al Tanf zone, rejects talks on trapped refugees

26-3-2019: US Coalition in Syria Using ISIS at Al Tanf

26-3-2019: Trump's Golan gift to Israel condemned by UN, Gulf & European allies

26-3-2019: Ex-CIA Officer: US Could Push New 'Formula' for West Bank in Wake of Golan Stunt

26-3-2019: Limited US Forces to Remain in Syria for Undetermined Timeline - State Dept

26-3-2019: Middle East Quiet on Golan Heights Because ‘the Arab World Is Divided' on Syria

26-3-2019: Eight Years Ago, March 2011. The Day before Daraa: How the War Broke Out in Syria

25-3-2019: ‘Attack on sovereignty & territorial integrity’ – Syria reacts to Trump’s Golan Heights move

24-3-2019: US Has a Plan for Eastern Syria, and It Relies on ISIS

24-3-2019: Discovered files reveal IS plans to launch revenge attacks in Europe, Syria – reports

24-3-2019: Over 360 Refugees Left Rukban Camp for Damascus-Controlled Area

23-3-2019: Syria Militant Attack Leaves 21 Hospitalized With Poisoning Symptoms - Reports

23-3-2019: Bolton Behind Breakdown of Russia-US Ceasefire Efforts in South Syria - Report

23-3-2019: WATCH Tourists Flock to Ancient Aleppo Citadel Once Besieged by Terrorists

23-3-2019: Syrian Envoy Urges UN to Condemn Trump’s Statement on Golan Heights

22-3-2019: Syrian Watchdog Urges to Hold US-Led Coalition Accountable for Baghuz Bombing

22-3-2019: Syrian Envoy to UN Calls Pentagon’s Announcement of Victory Over Daesh “Bluff”

22-3-2019: France Responds to Trump: Israeli Sovereignty Over Golans Against Int'l Law

22-3-2019: 'Trump is Providing an Incentive for Syria And Allies to Attack Israel'- Analyst

22-3-2019: Time to celebrate? Trump say ISIS fully destroyed in Syria. US-backed militants disagree

22-3-2019: Video: Russian Attack Helicopters Purge Militants in Syria’s Northern Hama

22-3-2019: Russia Slams Trump's Announcement on Golan as Direct Violation of Int'l Law

22-3-2019: Trump to Recognize Israeli Control over Syria’s Golan Heights? Bypassing the UN Security Council

21-3-2019: Video: ISIS Influence Is Still Strong in US-controlled Part of Syria

20-3-2019: Trump: 400 US Troops to Remain in Syria With 200 Stationed 'Closer to Israel'

20-3-2019: Czech President Lambasts Turkey as "Daesh's De-Facto Ally"

20-3-2019: French Sugar Giant Accused of 'Complicity' in Daesh Weapons-Making

19-3-2019: Was UK paying White Helmets to produce Syria ‘chemical weapon’ PR as cover for Jaish Al Islam?

19-3-2019: This Could Bring Down BBC: Journo on Syria False-Flag Chemical Attacks Reports

19-3-2019: Assad & Russian defense chief meet in Damascus, slam West for hampering Syrian settlement

19-3-2019: No Troop Withdrawal: The US is Planning the “Permanent Occupation” of Syria?

19-3-2019: Shadow Wars — The Secret Struggle for the Middle East

18-3-2019: Syria’s defense minister slams ‘illegitimate US presence’

18-3-2019: West Dumps Terrorists in Syria

18-3-2019: US Trying to Hide Positive Trends in Restoration of Peace in Syria - Official

18-3-2019: Damascus Accuses US and Its Allies of War Crimes in Syria

18-3-2019: US Media Allege DoD Mull Keeping 1,000 Troops in Syria, Pentagon Denies Reports

18-3-2019: Militants Shell 4 Syrian Provinces, Ceasefire Violated - Russian MoD

18-3-2019: French Colonel Slams US Tactics Against ISIS-Daesh in Syria, Accuses Washington of “Prolonging the Conflict”

18-3-2019: Video: Russia Deploys SU-25 Attack Aircraft to Contain Idlib Al Qaeda Militants

17-3-2019: It Started in Daraa on March 17, 2011: The US-NATO-Israel Sponsored Al Qaeda Insurgency in Syria. Who Was Behind the 2011 “Protest Movement”?

17-3-2019: Ten Civilians Killed in US-led Coalition Airstrike on Syria's Baghuz - Reports

17-3-2019: 'White Helmets Give the West an Excuse to Bomb Assad' - Political Writer

16-3-2019: At Least 4 Killed, 36 Civilians Hurt as Mine Explodes in Deir ez-Zor - Reports

16-3-2019: Syria Complicated for 'Usual' Regime Change, Govt Toppling Tactics - Analyst

15-3-2019: Return to Syrian Sovereignty Key to Ending 8 Years of War – Former US Envoy

15-3-2019: Syria War Anniversary: 5 Times Fake News, Videos & Twitter Were Used in Info War

15-3-2019: Moscow Has Info About Nusra Terrorists Planning to Stage Chem Attacks in Syria

15-3-2019: Western Weapons, Gulf Money Prolonged Syrian War – Ex-UK Ambassador to Damascus

15-3-2019: Video: Russian Warplanes “Rain Hell” on Terrorist Strongholds in Idlib

15-3-2019: Did the West really 'lose' in Syria?

15-3-2019: Russian MoD Records 14 Ceasefire Violations in Syria Over 24 Hours

14-3-2019: Video: Israeli Defense Firm Released Video Showing An “Animated Destruction” of Russia’s S-400 6L6 Surveillance Radar

14-3-2019: From 'good guys' to ruthless extremists: How Washington & allies supported jihadists in Syria

14-3-2019: Suspected Daesh Jihadists Dress Up as Women to Flee Last Pocket in Syria (VIDEO)

14-3-2019: Militants Violate Ceasefire in Four Syrian Provinces - Russian MoD

13-3-2019: Russian jets destroy ‘DRONE-FILLED’ terrorist warehouse in Syria’s Idlib to prevent airbase attack

13-3-2019: Video: CIA Is Turning Refugee Camps in Eastern Syria into ISIS Hotbeds

13-3-2019: Nusra-Linked Terrorist Group Planned to Attack Russian Hmeymim Air Base - MoD

13-3-2019: The Forgotten Syrian Christian Towns Under Attack on Border with Idleb and Northern Hama

12-3-2019: Whose Interests Are Served by the US Occupation of East Syria: America’s or Israel’s?

12-3-2019: One Civilian Killed, 3 Injured After Terrorists Shell Aleppo Suburbs - Reports

12-3-2019: Syrian Army Repels Terrorist Attack in Hama, One Soldier Dead - Source

12-3-2019: Russian MoD Records Shelling at 16 Locations in Syria's Idlib De-Escalation Zone

11-3-2019: No Traces of Organophosphorus Nerve Agents Found in Syria's Douma-Russian Troops

11-3-2019: Russia, Syria Accuse US of 'Colonial Mentality' Over Situation in Rukban Camp

11-3-2019: US-led Coalition Strike on Baghouz Kills at Least 50 Civilians - Syrian TV

11-3-2019: Video: Syrian Army Hunts Down ISIS Cells in Desert

10-3-2019: Russia, Syria Point Out Contradictory US Stance on Refugees From Rukban Camp

9-3-2019: Militants Fired at 7 Towns in Aleppo, Hama Regions Over Past Day – Russian MoD

9-3-2019: Poor hygiene, disease cause child deaths in Rukban refugee camp – Russian, Syrian militaries

9-3-2019: Syria Preparing Its Missiles for the Next Battle with Israel

9-3-2019: Assad’s Tehran Visit Signals Iran’s Victory in Syria

8-3-2019: Russia, Syria Call on US to Disband Rukban Refugee Camp

8-3-2019: Video: Israeli Navy Ready to Block Iranian Oil Transit, US-backed Forces Starve Refugees in Syria

8-3-2019: Idlib – Reportage from the Last Terrorist Stronghold in Syria

7-3-2019: Coalition Used Banned White Phosphorus in Strike on Syria's Bagouz - Reports

7-3-2019: Damascus Accuses OPCW of Distorting Facts in Report on Douma Chemical Attack

7-3-2019: Video: Syrian Army Delivers Massive Strike on Terrorist Infrastructure in Idlib Province

6-3-2019: Terrorists Shelling Syria's Hama: at Least 5 Civilians Wounded – Reports

6-3-2019: 400 Daesh Fighters Captured Trying to Flee Last Syrian Bastion - Reports

6-3-2019: US Blocking Syrian Refugees From Leaving Rukban Camp – Russian Military

6-3-2019: Trump Breaks Another Promise: Troops Will Remain in Syria

5-3-2019: Russian Defence Ministry Finds 300 Fresh Graves Near Rukban Camp in Syria

5-3-2019: Former Turkish FM Says Ankara Made Numerous Mistakes During Syrian Crisis

5-3-2019: Moscow Bashes OPCW Report on Alleged Douma Attack as Justification of Aggression

4-3-2019: Dozens of Daesh Fighters Surrender to SDF Forces in Eastern Syria - Report

4-3-2019: US Warns Arab States Against Thaw With Syria's Assad – Reports

4-3-2019: US Coalition Pounds Syria's Baghuz With Phosphorus, Civilians Killed - Reports

4-3-2019: US Shifts Weapons from Iraq to Syria

4-3-2019: OPCW Syria Report Cripples Western “Chemical Weapons” Narrative

3-3-2019: US Refuses Security for Humanitarian Convoys Near At-Tanf - Russian MoD

3-3-2019: Syrian Army Repels Militant Attack in North Latakia, 2 Soldiers Injured - Source

3-3-2019: Several Syrian Soldiers Killed in Terrorist Attack in Hama Province - Reports

2-3-2019: US-Led Coalition Used White Phosphorus in Attacks on Syria's Baghouz - Reports

2-3-2019: US Briefs Turkey on Plans to Withdraw Troops From Syria by Summer - Reports

1-3-2019: Returning Syrian Refugees Were Fleeing US Proxy War, Not “Assad”

1-3-2019: Video: US Forces Steal Tons of Gold Captured by ISIS in Syria, Iraq

1-3-2019: OPCW Releases Doc Claiming Chlorine Used in Attack in Syria's Douma Last Year

1-3-2019: Russian & Syrian military to ensure safe evacuation of refugees stranded in Rukban camp (VIDEO)

28-2-2019: Can Syria rebuild itself and win the peace after years of conflict?

27-2-2019: Video: Russia’s Kalashnikov Kamikaze Drone ‘KUB-BLA’ Already Battle-tested in Syria

27-2-2019: US Forces in Eastern Syria Made 'Gold for Safe Passage' Deal With Daesh – Report

27-2-2019: Moscow, Damascus Jointly Urge US Troops to Leave Syria

27-2-2019: Militants Shell 11 Villages in 3 Syrian Provinces Over Past Day - Russian MoD

26-2-2019: Syrian Kurds Urge West to Take Back 'Daesh Women and Children'

26-2-2019: US Army Transferring 50 Tons of Gold from ISIS-Daesh Held Areas in Syria and Iraq back to the US. Reports

25-2-2019: Syria’s Assad visits ally Iran for first time in 8 years since conflict began (VIDEO)

25-2-2019: ‘Syria is awash with illegality’: UK hid SAS involvement in Syria to avoid being ‘allied to US’

25-2-2019: US Forces Will Stay in Syria: Negotiations with the Kurds Will be Complicated, as Syria Prepares for an Idlib Offensive

25-2-2019: Macron Welcomes Trump's Decision to Keep Troops in Syria - Reports

25-2-2019: Cavusoglu: Turkey Coordinates With Russia, US Details of Future Syrian Safe Zone

25-2-2019: Russian Military Displays Trophies From Syria (PHOTOS)

25-2-2019: US helps Syria terrorists, it doesn't fight them,' says Assad aide, & UK-Faroes trade deal (E717)

25-2-2019: Video: Why There Will be No Full US Troops Withdrawal from Syria

24-2-2019: Daesh Roadside Bomb Blast in Western Syria Kills at Least 24 Civilians - Reports

24-2-2019: Erdogan Says Any Safe Zone on Syrian Border Must Be Under Turkish Control

24-2-2019: Video: Trump’s Syria Deception

23-2-2019: US Defeat in Syria: The Wrong End of “Might Makes Right”

23-2-2019: Turkish Defence Minister Warns Pentagon Against Vacuum of Power in Syria –Report

23-2-2019: Militants Keep Preventing Refugees From Leaving Rukban Camp - Russian Military

22-2-2019: US to Leave 400 Troops in Syria, European Allies Up to 1,500 - Report

22-2-2019: Syrian Military Destroys al-Nusra Headquarters in Hama Province – Reports

22-2-2019: Assad Adviser Hints Erdogan Trying to Bring Muslim Brotherhood to Power in Syria

22-2-2019: Trump says he'll maintain some troops in Syria, media says 400 ‘peacekeepers’ to stay

22-2-2019: Hundreds of ISIS fighters slip into Iraq from Syria – Baghdad

22-2-2019: Over 220,000 Syrian refugees return home with support of Russian military – official

22-2-2019: Video: ISIS Cells Eliminated by Syrian Forces, US Drones over Syria, Iraq

21-2-2019: At Least 15 Killed, Dozens Injured in Terrorist Attack in Syria's Deir ez-Zor

21-2-2019: Video: Why is the S-300 Air Defense System in Syria Not Being Used Against Israeli Aircraft

20-2-2019: US Likely to Retain Control of Northeast Syria After Troop Pullout - Official

20-2-2019: WATCH: Syrian Army Finds Alleged US and Israeli-made Weapons Near Damascus

20-2-2019: Russia to Press for Putting “White Helmets” on Trial for Crimes in Syria

19-2-2019: When It Comes to Middle East Policy, the UK Is Nothing but a Rogue State

19-2-2019: Video: Staged Chemical Attack Videos and Other Trends in Modern Propaganda

19-2-2019: 'What Kind of Alliance Is This?' Erdogan Blasts NATO Over Arms for Syria's Kurds

19-2-2019: Assad's Adviser: Erdogan Seeks to Recreate Ottoman Empire

19-2-2019: Washington & Baghdad Agree to Withdraw US Troops From Syria Via Iraq - Official

19-2-2019: Moscow: US Goal is to Split Syria and Create Quasi-State on Euphrates West Bank

19-2-2019: US Making Every Effort to Destroy Syria - Syrian Presidential Advisor

19-2-2019: Assad adviser rejects idea of granting Kurds autonomy in Syria

19-2-2019: US Willing to Create New Separating Lines in Middle East – Moscow

18-2-2019: Idlib Province Syria: Infested with US-Supported Terrorists

18-2-2019: Two Suicide Blasts Rock Syria's Idlib Reportedly Killing At Least 15 (VIDEO)

18-2-2019: US and Militants They Support Blocking Refugees' Exit From Rukban Camp - Lavrov

18-2-2019: Douma Chemical Weapons Hoax Exposed by BBC Producer

18-2-2019: Video: French Officer Is Punished for Revealing Truth About US Role in “Defeating ISIS” in Syria

17-2-2019: Assad on Groups 'Betting on US': 'Americans Won't Protect You, Syrian Army Will'

17-2-2019: Terrorism in Middle East Region Still Not Eradicated - Qatari Minister

17-2-2019: US Using Choppers to Transport Syrian Gold Stashed by Daesh – Reports

16-2-2019: Frayed Colonial Media Propaganda Transmission Lines. Fake Atrocities Used to Justify “Humanitarian War Crimes”

16-2-2019: Militants Shell 4 Settlements in Syria's Aleppo, Hama Provinces - Russian MoD

16-2-2019: US Urges Allies to Send 1,500 Troops to Syria to Create Safe Zone – Reports

16-2-2019: US-Controlled Militants Gain Majority of UN Goods to Syria - Coordination Centre

16-2-2019: Real ‘obscene masquerade’: How BBC depicted staged hospital scenes as proof of Douma chemical attack

16-2-2019: Russia, Syria to open 2 corridors for refugees ‘stranded’ in US-controlled area

15-2-2019: Video: Army Ambushes ISIS Terrorists, Seizes Loads of Weapons

15-2-2019: US, EU Will Try to Get Away With Bombing Syria Over False Evidence - Russian MoD

15-2-2019: Russian Envoy Suggests West Would Ignore Findings on Douma Chemical Attack

15-2-2019: Douma Chemical Hoax: Mainstream Media Have Double Standard Toward Syria - Journo

15-2-2019: Claims From BBC Producer on Syrian Chemical Attack Spark False Flag Concerns

15-2-2019: BBC Producer Admits Syrian "Chemical Attack" Was Staged

15-2-2019: Arms should flow in to Kurds even after US is out of Syria – top general

15-2-2019: Only Turkish forces should be in Syria safe zone – Ankara

15-2-2019: BBC producer says hospital scenes after 2018 Douma ‘chemical attack’ were staged

14-2-2019: Video: US Sets Up New Base on Iraqi Border, ISIS Threat Grows in Desert

14-2-2019: BBC Producer's Syria Bombshell: Douma "Gas Attack" Footage "Was Staged"

13-2-2019: Assad’s Only Option in Winning Syria’s Civil War is ‘Military Solution’

13-2-2019: US re-brands mosques as ISIS bases to avoid criticism over civilian casualties, analyst says

12-2-2019: Damascus Accuses US-Led Coalition of Crimes Against Humanity

11-2-2019: 16 civilians, including 7 children, killed in US-led coalition air raid in Syria – SANA

11-2-2019: Daesh Fighters Dressing as Women to Avoid Capture by YPG in Syria – Reports

11-2-2019: Britain’s Air and Drone War in Syria

10-2-2019: Syria's S-300s 'Pose a Serious Potential Threat' to Israel, US Journo Claims

9-2-2019: The Myth of the US “Knocking the Hell Out of ISIS” in Syria

9-2-2019: Have Islamic State’s Jihadists Joined Al-Nusra Front in Syria’s Idlib?

9-2-2019: 3 Civilians Die as Result of Int'l Coalition Strike in Deir Ez-Zor - Reports

8-2-2019: Turkey Wants to Make Nusra Into Political Group Like Hezbollah - Source

8-2-2019: Israeli Strikes on Sovereign Syria Must Be Stopped - Moscow

8-2-2019: Moscow Hopes Syria Will Manage to Restore Sovereignty East of Euphrates - Envoy

8-2-2019: US Military to Pull All Forces From Syria By End of April - Reports

7-2-2019: US prepares full Syria withdrawal by end of April unless something changes Trump’s mind – report

7-2-2019: The US Syria Withdrawal and the Myth of the Islamic State’s “Return”

6-2-2019: U.S. “Military Aid” to Al Qaeda, ISIS-Daesh

6-2-2019: US Pullout From At Tanf in Syria to Be Conditions-Based, Senior Official Says

6-2-2019: MSNBC Reporter Thinks US Troops in Syria Are Fighting Assad, not Daesh (VIDEO)

6-2-2019: There Are Those Interested in Idlib Remaining Occupied by Terrorists - Governor

6-2-2019: Population of Syrian Deir ez-Zor Grows Sixfold Since End of Fighting - Governor

6-2-2019: US Senate Votes to Expand Sanctions on Syria, Condemns Troop Withdrawal Call

6-2-2019: US sends armored vehicles to Syria despite withdrawal plans – Turkish media

5-2-2019: Trump Wants to Withdraw, Pentagon Reluctant to Stop Playing ‘Manager’ in Syria

5-2-2019: Al-Nusra Terrorists Moved Chlorine Barrels to Syria's Khan Shaykhun - Activist

5-2-2019: US Increasing Military Presence in Syria Despite Withdrawal Plans - Reports

5-2-2019: Erdogan Warns of Thinning Patience On Situation in Syria’s Manbij

5-2-2019: US Senate Passes Amendment Opposing Plans to Exit Syria, Afghanistan

5-2-2019: Weapons ending up with terrorists is OK, as long as Obama did it: The world according to CNN

5-2-2019: Pentagon resists US withdrawal from Syria, claims ISIS might rise again

4-2-2019: I am a Syrian Living in Syria: “It Was Never a Revolution nor a Civil War. The Terrorists Are Sent by Your Government”

4-2-2019: Video: US-led Coalition Warplane Struck Syrian Army Near Al-Bukamal

4-2-2019: Tracing Islamic State’s Weapons Back to Western Capitals

4-2-2019: In Support of the Syrian People? Qatari Fund Provides White Helmets With $2 Mln

4-2-2019: Erdogan Sheds Light on Turkey's Contacts With Assad Government in Syria

4-2-2019: Erdogan Urges Trump to Fulfill Promise on US Withdrawal From Syria - Reports

4-2-2019: “The Media Coverage on Syria is the Biggest Media Lie of our Time”: Interview with Flemish Priest in Syria

3-2-2019: Weapons, Ammo Left by Terrorists Found in Damascus, Quneitra (VIDEO)

3-2-2019: Daesh Attacks Syrian Army Positions After International Coalition Raid – Report

3-2-2019: Syrian Army Kills Daesh Terrorists Near Palmyra, Stopping Infiltration – Report

2-2-2019: Bus Blown up by Land Mine in Syria's Manbij: 1 Dead, 5 Injured

2-2-2019: Washington’s Playbook for Waging Proxy Wars in the Middle East

1-2-2019: Dozens of Children Dying from Hypothermia at Syrian Refugee Camp - WHO

31-1-2019: US Senators Urge Trump to Protect Syrian Kurds From Turkey After Troop Pullout

31-1-2019: US Wants Three Allies to Help Protect Kurds From Turkey - Report

31-1-2019: Turkey Slams US-Led Coalition Members for Supporting Militants in Syria's Idlib

31-1-2019: White Helmets Preparing to Film Staged Chem Attacks in Idlib Hospitals - Moscow

30-1-2019: Kurdish Militia Blocks Aid Convoy to Syria's Hajin on US Orders - Russian MoD

30-1-2019: Russia, Egypt Mull Intensifying Efforts to Resolve Syria, Libya Crises - Moscow

30-1-2019: McConnell Mulls Introducing Amendment to Stop US Pullout from Syria, Afghanistan

29-1-2019: Assad Likely to Retake Syria, Avoiding Conflict With Turkey, Israel - Coats

29-1-2019: Kurdish group’s leader says US seeking deal with Turkey over NE Syria

29-1-2019: Turkey Completes Preparations for Offensive East of Euphrates in Syria - MoD

29-1-2019: Turkey ends preparations for new trans-border operation in Syria – minister

29-1-2019: Russian Military Found Dozens of Hidden Small Arms Pieces in Syria

28-1-2019: Video: Kurdish Leadership at Crossroads Between Turkey and Assad

28-1-2019: Some 600 US Soldiers Arrived at Syria Military Bases Amid Pullout - Reports

28-1-2019: Turkey plans to form safe zones in Syria for refugees to return – Erdogan

27-1-2019: Turkey’s actions should not threaten Syria’s territorial integrity – Kremlin

26-1-2019: Netanyahu’s Election Bombing Campaign May Lead to Battle: Syria and Hezbollah Have Their Fingers on the Trigger

26-1-2019: The White Helmets, Alleged Organ Traders & Child Kidnappers, Should be Condemned Not Condoned

26-1-2019: Damascus Accuses Ankara of Breaching 1998 Agreement - Reports

25-1-2019: Turkey Expects US to Cut Cooperation With YPG in Syria - Defence Minister

25-1-2019: Arab Tribes in North Syria Speak Out Against Turkish Security Zone Plan

25-1-2019: US Reportedly Sends Scores of Trucks With Arms to Syria Amid Troop Exit (VIDEO)

25-1-2019: Erdogan: 1998 Deal Allows Turkey to Enter Syria When it is Threatened

24-1-2019: US Sending Extra Forces to Syria to Ensure Security During Withdrawal – Reports

24-1-2019: Syrian Response to Israeli Strikes Shows Syria Refuses to Back Down

24-1-2019: Video: Arab Protesters Clash with Kurdish SDF Forces in Raqqa Province

23-1-2019: Is a Land Swap Between Turkey and Syria Being Brokered by Russia?

23-1-2019: Putin: if US Carries Plan to Withdraw From Syria, It May Stabilise Situation

23-1-2019: Turkish Forces Strike Kurdish YPG Positions in Tell Rifaat - Reports

23-1-2019: Civilians in Syrian Village Killed in Coalition Airstrike - Reports

23-1-2019: Nusra Front Terrorists Attack Syrian Army Positions in Idlib

23-1-2019: Syrian army repels coordinated attack by 100s of terrorists & suicide bombers in Idlib

23-1-2019: Syrian “Threats” & “Israeli” Actions: Rhetoric vs. Reality

23-1-2019: WMD Take Two: Chemical Weapons Claims in Syria

22-1-2019: Video: Analysis of Israeli Strike on Syrian Pantsir-S1 Air Defense System

22-1-2019: The White Helmets, alleged organ traders & child kidnappers, should be condemned not condoned

22-1-2019: Media Falsehoods about Syria

22-1-2019: Video: ISIS Suicide Bomber Hits US-led Coalition Convoy in Northeastern Syria

22-1-2019: Russian Military Discovers Arms Cache Abandoned by Militants in Syria's Deraa

22-1-2019: Former US Envoy Says ‘There Is No Plan’ After US Troop Withdrawal In Syria

21-1-2019: Video: Kurdish Political Leadership Reveals Ten Demands to Damascus

21-1-2019: Prof Explains Why US Pull-Out From Syria Will Go on Longer Than Expected

21-1-2019: Syrian Air Defences Destroyed 30 Israeli Missiles, Guided Bombs - Russian MoD

21-1-2019: Erdogan, Trump Agree to Speed Up Talks on Security Zone in Syria - Ankara

20-1-2019: Twin Bomb Blasts in Syria's Afrin Leave 10 Killed, 18 Injured - FSA Source

20-1-2019: US Delivering Javelin, TOW Anti-Tank Missile Systems to YPG in Manbij – Report

20-1-2019: Death Toll in Coalition Airstrike in Syria's Deir ez-Zor Rises to 31 - Reports

20-1-2019: Syria repels IDF air raid on intl airport south of Damascus, shot down 7 missiles – Moscow

20-1-2019: US Will Retain a Military Base in Syria Despite Withdrawal

18-1-2019: “Voices from Syria” and “The Dirty War on Syria”: Mark Taliano and Tim Anderson Analyze the War on Syria

18-1-2019: Turkish Troops Open Retaliatory Fire on Kurds in Tall Rifat – Defence Ministry

18-1-2019: Trump Did Not Consult Allies Before Deciding to Withdraw From Syria - McGurk

18-1-2019: At Least 20 Civilians Killed by US-Led Coalition Strike in Deir Ez-Zor - Reports

18-1-2019: Video: Syrian Military Reinforces Positions in Northwestern Hama

17-1-2019: Syrian Army Eliminates Terrorist Group Trying to Reach Palmyra - Reports

17-1-2019: Blast Kills US Troops in Syria: Will it Be Used to Stop Pullout Plans?

17-1-2019: Trump Vows to Exit Syria Despite Manbij Attack Killing US Soldiers

17-1-2019: US Threatens to Sanction Lebanon if They Participate in Rebuilding Syria

17-1-2019: Manbij False Flag: The Empire Devours Its Own Soldiers

16-1-2019: Video: Chemical Attack Preparations in Idlib De-escalation Zone

16-1-2019: Two US Troops, One Contractor, One DoD Civilian Killed in Syria - Pentagon

16-1-2019: WATCH Blast Rock Manbij as Alleged Daesh Bomber Blows Herself Up [GRAPHIC 18+]

16-1-2019: Swiss MP Claims Turkey Selling Looted Syrian Olive Oil to Fund Militia - Media

16-1-2019: Israel Armed Rebels in Order Not to Send Its Troops to Syria – Publicist

16-1-2019: Iran to Keep All Its Forces and Weapons in Syria - Revolutionary Guards Chief

16-1-2019: Kurds in Syria reject ‘security zone’ under Turkish control

15-1-2019: Video: Turkey, Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham Work to Defend ‘Syrian Revolution’

15-1-2019: After years of speculation, IDF chief admits Israel supplied Syrian rebels with weapons

15-1-2019: The US Institute of Peace… Promotes Endless Syrian War

15-1-2019: Video: Turkey, Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham Work to Defend ‘Syrian Revolution’

15-1-2019: US Wants to Keep Presence in Syrian Airspace After Troop Pullout - Ankara

15-1-2019: Turkey's Erdogan Announces Creation of Safe Zone in Syria Suggested by Trump

15-1-2019: Trump, Bolton and the Syrian Confusion

14-1-2019: Israel's Top Commander Finally Spills Secrets Of "Invisible War" In Syria

14-1-2019: Entering a Major Regional Re-set – The Syria Outcome Will Haunt Those Who Started This War

14-1-2019: Anatomy of a Caliphate: Life under Daesh in Syria - EXCLUSIVE

14-1-2019: Grim Middle East Reality. Permanent US Occupation. American Forces will Stay Indefinitely

14-1-2019: US Unlikely to Abandon Military Bases in Syria’s North Even After Pullout

14-1-2019: 'Fatal Mistake': Turkey Slams Trump Over Warning on 'Economic Devastation'

13-1-2019: Syria. The Force of Civilization

13-1-2019: Trump threatens to ‘devastate Turkey economically’ if it attacks Kurds amid US withdrawal from Syria

13-1-2019: What Trump’s Syrian withdrawal really reveals (by Stephen Cohen)

13-1-2019: Damascus Confirms Talks With Kurds Intensified Due to Threats by Turkey

13-1-2019: Airlines of UAE, Oman, Bahrain Preparing to Resume Flights to Damascus

12-1-2019: Turkey Gathers Military Vehicles Near Syrian Border – Reports

12-1-2019: 'It Doesn’t Look to Me as if US Withdrawal From Syria is on Horizon’ – Journo

12-1-2019: Video: 5 British Soldiers Reportedly Killed in ISIS Attack

11-1-2019: Turkey to wage campaign against Syrian Kurdish militia ‘when time is right’ – minister

11-1-2019: Anger among Iraqi Kurds as Syria adds Masrour Barzani to terror list

11-1-2019: US Starts Pulling Out Equipment, But Not Troops From Syria - Defence Official

11-1-2019: Turkey to Launch Operation East of Euphrates 'at Right Time' - Defense Minister

11-1-2019: US troop withdrawal from Syria has begun, military official confirms

10-1-2019: 'Confusion Around US Withdrawal From Syria Undermines US Credibility' - Army Gen

10-1-2019: EXCLUSIVE: The US five-point 'non-paper' for Syria delivered by Bolton to Turkey

10-1-2019: France Reveals Terms of Its Withdrawal From Syria

10-1-2019: Turkey Vows to Start Offensive in E Euphrates if US Pullout From Syria Stalled

10-1-2019: Secret Russian-Kurdish Negotiations in Moscow: Turkey Has Defined Its Options and Washington Is Trying to Gain Time

10-1-2019: Video: Al-Qaeda Defeats Another Turkish-backed ‘Opposition’ Group

9-1-2019: Video: Turkey Wants US Military Bases in Northern Syria

9-1-2019: ISIS ‘kills’ five UK soldiers in Syria rocket attack – report

9-1-2019: Trump's Syria Pull-Out: US and Turkey on Thin Ice Over Kurds… Again

9-1-2019: Scholar Doubts US Will Withdraw All Forces From Syria' in 3-4 Years

9-1-2019: Syrian Gov't 'Activates' Contacts With Kurds 'in Light of Turkish Intervention'

9-1-2019: Can't Win: Trump's Blurred Syria Withdrawal Angers Turks and Kurds Alike

9-1-2019: The War on Syria: Are the White Helmets preparing another Chemical Weapons False Flag?

8-1-2019: Video: Al Qaeda in Syria Expands Further in Idlib De-escalation Zone

8-1-2019: Russian military police begin patrolling Syria’s Manbij area (VIDEO)

8-1-2019: Bolton Slams Erdogan’s Article in NY Times on US Withdrawal From Syria - Reports

8-1-2019: Turkey Reportedly to Ask US to Hand Over Military Bases in Syria

8-1-2019: Erdogan Calls Bolton's Remark on Kurdish Militias 'Serious Mistake'

8-1-2019: 'US Will Not Withdraw From Syria or Middle East at all' - Scholar

8-1-2019: Troop Removal From Syria Unlikely As Bolton Sets Questionable Conditions

8-1-2019: Syrian Army Arrive in Northwestern Provinces to Repel Nusra Attacks - Reports

7-1-2019: Trump’s Neocons Reverse His Syria Withdrawal Plan

7-1-2019: Bolton Threatens Syria: US Troop Withdrawal “On Hold”. Permanent US Military Base on Syria-Iraqi border

7-1-2019: Donald Trump Bashes ‘Crazed Lunatics’ in Media, ‘Inaccurate’ Reporting on Syria

7-1-2019: Erdogan's Spokesman Slams US Claims of Turkey Targeting Kurds as 'Irrational'

7-1-2019: Video: Russian Warplanes Strike Terrorists in Idlib De-escalation Zone

6-1-2019: US troop pullout from Syria conditional on Turkey's security guarantees for Kurds - Bolton

6-1-2019: US Doesn't Want Turkey to Take Military Action in Syria - Bolton

6-1-2019: Terrorists Storm Opposition-Held Town in Syria's Aleppo - Reports

5-1-2019: Some US Troops Could Remain in South Syria After Pullout - Reports

5-1-2019: US Ramps Up Bombing in Syria Amid Troop Pullout – Reports

4-1-2019: US Doesn't Intend to Have Indefinite Military Presence in Syria - US Official

4-1-2019: Retired US Colonel Claims Trump's Syria Exit Creates 'Problem for Mr. Putin'

4-1-2019: Pompeo's Comment on Kurds Shows 'Worrying Lack of Knowledge' - Turkey

4-1-2019: US Seeks to Prevent Turkey From 'Slaughtering' Kurds in Syria - Pompeo

4-1-2019: Peace for Syria and a “New Kurdistan” as Regional Stabilizing Factor?

4-1-2019: Is Trump Really Withdrawing US Troops From Syria?

4-1-2019: Video: Military Situation in Syria, Intra-militant Struggle for Idlib Enters New Stage

3-1-2019: Has Trump Been Outmaneuvered on Syria Troop Withdrawal?

3-1-2019: At Least 11 Civilians Killed as US-Led Coalition Pounds Deir ez-Zor, Syria

3-1-2019: 'We Don't Want Syria': Trump Upholds US Exit From Country of 'Sand and Death'

3-1-2019: UK admits Assad to stay ‘around for a while’ – and it’s all because of Russia again

3-1-2019: Syria: The Western Rogue States Must Confess Their Crimes Against Humanity and be Held Accountable

2-1-2019: The Decade-Long U.S. Campaign to Foment Syria’s “Revolution” and Unseat Assad

2-1-2019: Trump: US Wants to Protect Kurds in Syria Even After Troops Withdrawal

2-1-2019: 400 Kurdish YPG Militants Leave Manbij Under Deal With Damascus (VIDEO)

2-1-2019: PHOTOS Allegedly Show Turkey Massing More Military Equipment on Syrian Border

2-1-2019: Former IDF Intel Chief Wanted to Assassinate Syrian President Assad – Report

1-1-2019: Trump Gives US Troops Four Months to Leave Syria Amid Criticism – Report

1-1-2019: UK is 'Very Afraid' Russian Media Could Reveal Its Syria Actions - Journalist

1-1-2019: Trump U-Turning on Syria Pullout?



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