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Testimonies of the brilliant historians of the Syrian Church of Antioch on the Aramean origin of our nation, Synonymy: Aramean/Syrian.


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"Assyrian" terrorism and division within the Aramean nation


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Aramean people: Aramean people (not to be confused with ‘Armenians’) speak Aramaic, the language spoken by Abraham, Moses and Jesus. They are the indigenous people of what was called in ancient times Aram- Nahrin, in our days it is called ‘Mesopotamia’.

Some Arameans today identify themselves with “Assyrians”, because of the spiritual colonial hate generating activities of the Western missionaries and diplomats in the Middle-East in 16th and 19th centuries. Other Arameans became known as “Chaldeans”. However all of them are Arameans.In Turkey, the Arameans are called: Süryani. In Arabic they are called Al- Suryan.

Colonialism, "Assyrianism", terrorism, occultism, downfall of the Aramean nation in the Middle-East and their Diaspora


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  1. Introduction  
  2. Colonialism: Aboriginals of Australia  
  2.1. Asahel Grant  
  2.2. Justin Perkins  
  3. Effective cooperation between Catholic Jesuits and France: Tearing up of the Aramean churches, division and hatred  
  3.1. Abduction of the East-Aramean Nestorian women, possibly with consent of France and Jesuits  
  3.2. Tearing up the Syrian Orthodox Church  
  3.2.1. Going back to their old Church  
  3.3. Abduction of the East-Aramean Nestorian women, possibly with consent of France and Jesuits?  
  3.4. Bloodbath in whose name?..... which “jesus”?......  
  4. Chaldeans of the Pope and Assyrians of the archbishop of Canterbury  
  4.1. Was the term “Assyrian” unintentional chosen by the Anglican mission? – Messianic dimension  
  5. Observations and criticism of Arameans  
  6. Conclusion  



1. Introduction


Great- Britain and France are the two most vicious colonial powers on the earth if we carefully investigate their ruthless, devastating and carnivorous colonial activities.

Everywhere they set foot on the ground, they caused irreparable havoc and left a trail of utter destruction in their wake.

They take the first place regarding the extermination and extortion of indigenous peoples, plundering their natural resources, destruction of their culture, ethnicity, social and tribal structure, indigenous customs, brainwashing of their children in colonial camps, causing strife between nations and promotion of divisions, hatred and destruction.


These odious colonial powers have caused unprecedented misery to many indigenous nations. Some of them were completely exterminated on the physical, social and cultural level, while others have survived at the very last moment. The Arameans of Aram-Nahrin (fake Assyrians”) are unfortunately no exception in this regard.


The colonial powers have made themselves guilty of terrible form of blackmail, bribery, hate mongering, division and cultural extermination of many peoples. They have incited daughter against mother, son against father, family against family and village against village through which a horrific and unbridgeable hatred was implemented with terrible consequences to the peoples that became their victims.


More on this devastation among the Aramean people (here and here).


France, Great- Britain and in extension of that the United States form the center of international satanic intrigue whereby, many years in advance, wars, uprisings, ethnic cleansings and genocides are concocted in their unholy spiritual laboratories and finally executed. It was in these wicked laboratory that the Aramean spiritual genocide was prepared and carried out. A direct outcome of these wickedness was the Aramean physical genocide that resulted in their diaspora.


Professor Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis has well summarized the havoc caused by the colonial powers among the Aramean nation, saying: “The Aramaeans have been victims of hate generating acts, and unprecedented partiality from the part of the French and the British who are the representatives of a false, impostor Jesus……….”

“Embodiment of the divisive deeds and practices of the Catholic and the Anglicans missionaries among the Aramaeans is the gradual and lethal Western academic, educational and cultural infiltration among the Aramaeans, and the diffusion of false identities, namely ‘Chaldaean’ and ‘Assyrian’ for parts of the Aramaean nation”

“Obliterating through bribery and blackmail one nation’s identity is a most criminal deed,……”


It is these odious colonial powers that have effectuated the downfall of the Aramean nation by the promotion and implementation of outright fake names “Chaldeans” (1553) by Catholic Church and France and “Assyrians” in the 19th century by Anglican Church and Great- Britain on academic, social, national, cultural and religious level.


The East-Aramean Chaldeans limit themselves only to their own Chaldean denomination and are much less fanatics compared to the East- Aramean “Assyrians” who go to great length to “Assyrianize” everything and everybody against their will.


The apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” have become so fanatical that there seem to be no limits to their wicked behavior. This blind fanaticism of “Assyrians” has taken very dangerous shape that is severely damaging our people and is the cause of many problems our people are facing in the Middle-East and in diaspora.


They are, amongst others, involved with terrorism, history falsifications, working together with Muslim brotherhood and other Islamic fanatical groups, are involved in brainwashing and deceiving of youngsters against their parents, are well-experienced in causing dissention, chaos and confusion, promotion of division and mutual hatred.

They have caused our people unprecedented problems. In 2003 they welcomed their colonial masters and creators George Bush and Tony Blair to invade Iraq and “liberate” them so-called from “ruthless dictator” Saddam Hussein.


Based on lies, deception and misleading of international community, in 2003 the Americans invaded along with their allies Iraq. After the illegal and criminal invasion, the Islamic terrorists, under various names such as Al Qaeda, took root in Iraq. Under Saddam Hussein, there were no such thing as Islamic terrorists in any shape or form, he did not tolerate and utterly crushed them.

These terrorists, who all were created in the insane Western colonial spiritual laboratories, trained and armed to immerse Iraq in chaos, bloodbaths, misery and collapse. In addition, the invading colonial powers have severely poisoned Iraq with depleted uranium (here, here).


The result of this “liberation” and spiritual fornication of the apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” was: Under the watchful eyes of Americans and British, the Arameans of Iraq were abducted and killed, their churches burned down and their clergy were killed and kidnapped through which the majority of them left behind the lands of their forefathers for the Middle-Eastern or Western countries.


The ”Assyrian” terrorists have committed spiritual fornication with Abdullah Ocalan and PKK (here, here) with heavy consequences to our people. They wanted together with Turkey and Muslim brotherhood to topple the government of Bashar Assad to bring so-called “democracy” to Syria.

Everywhere they come, they bring with them hatred, division and curse. And do not forget of course their unprecedented hatred towards the Bible, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and His beloved Son Yesuh M’siho/ Jesus Christ.


They worship the ancient gods/ goddesses of Mesopotamia such as Nimrod/ Asshur antichrist and Samiramis the whore of Babylon to a high extent. And that explains the occultism and the resulting unholy practices which is keeping them in an iron grip.


Unfortunately, the unholy colonial spiritual invention “Assyrian” terrorists are not the only ones keeping themselves busy with unholy practices that cannot bear the daylight.


The colonial practices among the Aramean nation has resulted amongst others in:


- the Aramean people was incited against one another, mutual hatred and enmity was cultivated and promoted, and the nation was considerably weakened,

- our people was made vulnerable to the hostile environment of the Middle-East through which they were not able to maintain themselves,

- caused their downfall and forced them into diaspora, losing everything they had,

- “Assyrian” terrorism (here, here) and occultism was encouraged (here, here),

- chaos, confusion and unbridgeable distrust between the Aramean denominations was effectuated through which they rather prefer to work together with those who want to exterminate them than with each other,

- because of implementation of mutual hatred and division on national, religious, social and cultural level, they have nothing in common to fight for. Worse still, because of effective activities of the colonial powers among the Aramean nation, the various denominations cannot stand each other.

- because of implemented colonial mutual hatred within the Aramean nation, the genocide of 1915 was worsened


2. Colonialism: Aboriginals of Australia


To understand the behavior and unprecedented arrogance of colonial powers, we have to look at the way they treated the Aboriginals of Australia. The photo at the left side speaks volumes.


Such behavior is caused by the sense of “superiority”, high extent of arrogance, considering others as “wild beasts”, ‘backwards” and considering themselves, in relation to others, as “civilized”, “developed” and “intelligent.”

Please do not be mistaken, this high extent of contempt they also demonstrated towards the Aramean nation as hopefully will be made clear in the following chapters.


They came in the name of ‘civilization”, “religion”, “brotherhood” and “education” to so-called instruct the poor, defenseless and for the major part illiterate Arameans. The result of this unholy “education” has been hatred, unbridgeable division, chaos, occultism and “Assyrian” terrorism.


There was a huge rivalry/ enmity between the Catholics (France) and Protestants (Great- Britain, United States) and between Protestant groups to obtain as much as possible followers among the Arameans of the Middle-East.


Thereby, they were not so very particular with issues as “respect”, “love of one’s neighbor”, “ethics” and did definitely not care about the principle of apostle Paul who said: Yea, so have I strived to preach the gospel, not where Christ was named, lest I should build upon another man's foundation: (Romans 15:20)


The missionaries, Catholics as well as Protestants, used Islamic rulers to oppress the Arameans, actively or passively, so that they could be converted to Catholicism or Protestantism.


Below, we will discuss few examples to explain what we mean!


2.1. Asahel Grant


Asahel Grant was an American missionary (1807-1844) with the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions.


He was convinced that the East- Aramean Nestorians were the lost tribes of Israel. He explains this in his two volume book The Nestorians or The Lost Tribes.


In his book “Memoir of Asahel Grant, M. D., Missionarry to the Nestorians”, we read about his experiences among the East- Aramean Nestorians of Hakkaria (Irak) and Urmia (Iran).


Mr. Grant tells about heavy persecutions of East-Aramean Nestorians from Kurds and Turks, saying: Never was fervent prevailing prayer more needed than it is for the Nestorians in the mountains at this moment. They are in sore trials. …... They have been besieged by determined enemies on either side, who are urged one by the same spirit of fanaticism which dictated the memorable watchwords, " The Koran, the Tribute, or the Sword.”About the time I left the mountains last August they were invaded by an army of Koords and Turks on the north, who burnt the house of the Patriarch, and subjugated, or partially subdued some of the smaller tribes of the Nestorians.”

(Memoir of Asahel Grant, M.D., Missionary to the Nestorians, page. 131)


Yes indeed, the very successful formula for spreading Islam was “The Koran, the Tribute, or the Sword.” It was and is still very effective method.


One would expect that Mr. Grant would try to prevent or to minimize the slaughtering of the East- Aramean Nestorians in the mountains of Hakkaria. Unfortunately, he has something else in his mind about the severe persecutions of “the remnant of Israel”, saying: In the third part of my work on the Nestorians, you will see that I have anticipated just such a time of trial for this people, and that, so far from being discouraged by it, my hopes only brighten, in the near prospect that the day of their redemption draweth nigh, and consequent blessings upon the world. I am also cheered in Hosea, 5 : 15—" In their affliction they will seek me early." I think of the trials that are falling so heavily upon this remnant of Israel,… (Page 132,133)


While Mr. Grant is witnessing persecutions of the East- Aramean Nestorians, nowhere we read he was doing his best to stop it. He hopes however that these “trails” of the East-Aramean Nestorians will cause them to massively convert. This implies that he considers them “heretics.” Unfortunately for Mr. Grant, in spite of the misery and persecutions, the East- Aramean Nestorians refused to convert to the religion of Mr. Grant.


Instead of taking the fate of the East-Aramean Nestorians to heart, Mr. Grant is more concerned about the activities of the Catholic missionaries among them whom he calls “the enemies of the truth”.

He writes: “Should this hope be realized, we may secure a most desirable object in sowing the good seed among the Nestorians and anticipating the enemies of the truth, who stand ready to penetrate the Nestorian country the moment existing obstacles are removed, supported by a new French consul at this place, and with overtures in which they confide to bring over that whole church to the papal see.” (Asahel Grant, The Missionary Herald, Volume XXXVIII, 1842)


Indeed, France actively contributed to the malicious and unholy “gospel” of deceit, blackmail and perceptions to tear up the Arameans, inciting them against one another, creating severe enmity among them through which they were not able to defend themselves in the hostile and complex environment of the Middle-East and consequently lost everything. The surrounding peoples, in particular the Kurds, were well-aware of creating and encouragement of hatred and divisions within the Arameans through which they were weakened.


Furthermore, Mr. Grant writes about his concerns regarding “the powers of darkness”, saying: “…… we cannot too highly appreciate the importance of seizing every interval to fortify the minds of that people by the truth, and do all in our power to prepare them for the approaching conflict with the powers of darkness.”

(Asahel Grant, The Missionary Herald, Volume XXXVIII, 1842)


“the powers of darkness” and “the enemies of the truth” are of course activities of the Catholic missionaries among the East- Aramean Nestorians.


If we carefully look at the behavior of Mr. Grant, one gets the feeling as if he was too passive regarding the unprecedented terror of the Kurds against the East- Aramean Nestorians.


Mr. Grant was very well familiar with the mentality of the Kurds, he calls them “bloody”, “lawless”, “haughty” and “murderers.”


He escaped twice to be killed by the Kurds. He says for example: You know I have long been anxious to visit the Nestorian Christians inhabiting the almost inaccessible mountains of the lawless and sanguinary Koords.

(Memoir of Asahel Grant, M.D., Missionary to the Nestorians, page.99)


He writes about the “heavy trials”, the East- Aramean Nestorians are experiencing: The chastening hand of God still rests heavily upon the poor Nestorians. More trials, and several more deaths from the Koords in the mountains, and the pestilence scourging them here!”

(Memoir of Asahel Grant, M.D., Missionary to the Nestorians, page.170)


On page 194 we read about the undoing of some success of Grant among the East- Arameans Nestorians by the Kurds: The spark of true devotion, that seemed destined to inflame, illumine, and melt the cold and dark mountains of Kurdistan, which Dr. Grant had been instrumental of enkindling in the hearts of some Nestorians there, was quenched, by the smothering tread of the haughty and bloody Koords, that swept through the mountains like a tornado, leaving behind them nothing but devastation and death, flowing with the life-blood of the unhappy people, who perished at the hands of their enemies”


We read nowhere however that Mr. Grant tried to prevent or to minimize the heavy persecutions of the East- Aramean Nestorians by the hands of the Kurds. He hopes however that the “heavy trail” will finally lead to their conversion.


Therefore one pounders whether Mr. Grant indeed was not able to prevent or minimize the unprecedented Kurdish terror or that those terrible persecutions by the Kurds were silently welcomed hoping that the East-Aramean Nestorians, whom he calls remnant of Israel, through him would “accept the true Jesus Christ.”


2.2. Justin Perkins


Another Protestant missionary who worked among the East- Aramean Nestorians was the American Presbyterian reverend Justin Perkins. He visited in 1833 the East- Aramean Nestorians of Urmia (Iran) and stayed there with them for 8 years.


In his book “A Residence Of Eight Years In Persia Among The Nestorian Christians (1843)”, reverend Perkins reports about his experiences among the East- Aramean Nestorians.


Again there is competition with the Catholic missionaries. The persecutions of the East- Aramean Nestorians by Muslims seem to Mr. Perkins less serious than their conversion to the Roman Catholic Church. He writes: Nestorian girls, too, are occasionally kidnapped or decoyed away by enamored Mussulman, and cajoled into a profession of their faith preparatory to their becoming their wives.”

“But from the Papists, with the name and some of the forms of Christianity, to conceal the deformities of their system, the Nestorians are in far greater danger.” (Page 49).


On the applied “evangelization” technology by the Catholic missionaries, in this case Jesuits, Perkins writes: “……that the incessant working of the artful machinations of the Jesuit emissaries-their endless intrigues-their promises of large sums of money, of favors procured, through their instrumentality, from Government, as rewards of conversion, -their threats to bring the arm of Mussulman displeasure against such as refuse to yield, and their actual oppression, whenever they can bring power to their aid, would, in time, have gradually obliterated the Nestorians and transferred the last man of them to the Romish standard. We are here just in time to avert such a calamity” (Page 22).


The applied “evangelization” technology of Catholic missionaries is: deceit, bribery, persecutions, intimidation, blackmail and threat of Islam.


The sorcery “evangelization” of deceit and bribery has worked very well, in particular if we consider that the people, including clergy, were simple, illiterate and poor. And there comes a Catholic missionary (Jesuit) with his unmatched sorcery/ deceit, promises large sums of money and protection against Muslims in an environment of poverty and uncertainty. Not many people will be able to withstand such powerful sorcery.


And in case that the “evangelization” technology of bribery and deceit does not work satisfactory, you give these poor and defenseless people two choices, namely: either you become Catholic or otherwise we sent Muslims to you. How many people will be able to withstand such difficult situation?


And do you understand by now beloved reader the “great success” of Catholic Church among the Arameans of the Middle-East to tear them up, incite them against one another and creating an unbridgeable hostility among them? Below we have more surprises for you.



3. Effective cooperation between Catholic Jesuits and France: Tearing up of the Aramean churches, division and hatred


The support of France for the applied “evangelization” technology of Catholic Church was decisive in achieving great success in dividing the Arameans and creating hostility among them.

Justin Perkins quotes from a letter his wife received from a woman in Baghdad about the successful activities of France and Roman Catholic Church: The religious state of this city is very unsatisfactory. The Roman Catholics carry the day' in every way. There are many priests who have been educated at the Propaganda at Rome, possessing all the subtlety of Jesuits. The French consul supports them and fights for them in all their mundane concerns. A large body of bishops and priests are going to Mosul, in a day or two, to form a convention to endeavor to bring over all the Chaldeans to the Papal faith.” (Page 442)


Side note: the East-Aramean Nestorians are called in this letter “Chaldeans”, possibly mistakenly.


The official name for “Propaganda in Rome” is “Sacra Congregatio de Propaganda Fide” (= Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples)


The unholy cooperation between France and Roman Catholic Church has caused havoc within the Aramean people. France supported them “in all their mundane concerns.” The end justifies means, including bribery, oppression, blackmail and usage of Islam as powerful weapon.

And all this is done in the name of “jesus.” Needless to say however, we are dealing here not with the Jesus Christ of the Bible, but with the “other jesus” (2 Corinthians 11:4), namely the horrible, hate generating, division promoting Catholic “jesus” or the “jesus” of the West.


Those “large body of bishops and priests to Mosul” have indeed achieved great success for France and Roman Catholic Church.

Asahel Grant writes about the situation in Mosul: “The Nestorians who once inhabited this district have all embraced the Romish faith and become Chaldeans, as the papal Nestorians are usually called. They mostly inhabit the villages on the east of the Tigris; and Elkosh, with its convent of Rabban Hormuz, is the chief seat of their influence. Their patriarch resides at Bagdad, where there are but few of their people. He was educated at the Propaganda in Rome, and is a zealous supporter of his Holiness the Pope.”

(Asahel Grant, The Nestorians or the lost tribes, page 27)


About the composition of the population in Mosul, William Francis Ainsworth writes: “….but from the best information I was able to obtain, the city really contains only 18,000 to 19,000 souls, of whom 2000 are Roman Catholic Chaldeans, 1000 Syrians or J acobites, 1000 Roman Catholic Syrians, 1000 Jews, and 13,000 to 14,000 Izedis and mixed Mohammedan population, consisting of Arabs, Kurds, and Osmanlis.”

(W.F. Ainsworth, Travels and Researches in Asia minor, Mesopotamia, Chaldea and Armenia, Volume 2, page 128).


The Anglican reverend George Percy Badger has slightly different numbers about Mosul:

The population of Mosul according to the census of 1849 is as follows:

Mohammedans: 2,050 families

Chaldeans: 350 families

Jacobites (Syrian Orthodox): 450 families

Papal Syrians: 300

Jews: 200

(BG Badger, The Nestorians and their Rituals, Volume I, page 82)


The advanced “evangelization” technology of Jesuits with the support of France has been very “fruitful” through which they have won Mosul for the Pope of Rome.


There are no East- Aramean Nestorians in Mosul anymore, all of them have been converted and put under the authority of the Pope. Of the West-Aramean Syrian Orthodox remained only more than half of them and the rest, thanks to the advanced “evangelization” technology, defected to the Roman Catholic Church.


The Catholic missionaries were so confident of their case that they proudly informed Asahel Grant of their intentions. He writes: The Papists in Mesopotamia have assured me that no effort will be spared to convert the whole of the Nestorian Church to their faith; and this report is confirmed by letters since received from Bagdad, one of which says that three bishops and priests, educated at the Propaganda, were " about going to Mosul to hold a convention to devise measures to bring over all the Nestorians to the Romish faith!

(Asahel Grant, The Nestorians or the lost tribes, Volume 2, page 44)


By now it is clear that the Catholic missionaries indeed left no stone unturned, including bribery, blackmail, oppression, intimidation and threatening with Islam. There is however much more to tell about this matter.


3.1. Abduction of the East-Aramean Nestorian women, possibly with consent of France and Jesuits?


The next gruesome event will hopefully convince the doubting reader.

Justin Perkins tells about an event which we could describe as criminal, cruel, unhuman and demonic.

(Justin Perkins, Residence of Eight years in Persia among the Nestorian Christians, page 442)


“About five years ago, a Koordish chief came down from his mountain fastness, and, as the Koords often do, sacked a Nestorian district, on the declivity, taking a considerable number of the females captives, whom be sold to the Turks, in the region of Mosul, as slaves.


What do we read here? Plundering and taking captive of the East- Aramean Nestorian women by the Kurds and selling them to the Turks as slaves?

But wait a minute! This was the work of the by the West created, trained and armed ISIS/ISIL terrorists in 2014 in Iraq and elsewhere, wasn’t it?

No, do not be surprised, because not only ISIS/ISIL terrorists, but also the Kurds have large experience in such perverse deeds for hundreds of years.

They have proven that plundering and confiscation of the property of other people, including women, in their perception is very well acceptable. Combined with the mentality of Islam The Koran, the Tribute, or the Sword”, one can easily imagine the expansion of the Kurds and Islam in the Middle-East. Many among the so-called “Kurds” are definitely no Kurds. The same goes for Turks and Arabs.


We do not read however that the Turks have refused the offer of the Kurds. There was apparently a lucrative trade in Christian women to be used as salves or perhaps even to satisfy their perverse sexual pleasure.


“The French consul, at Bagdad, heard of the circumstances, and with an ostentatious affectation of philanthropy applied to the Sultan through the French ambassador at Constantinople, and obtained a Royal firman for the immediate and unconditional liberation of those captives.”


This seems to be a noble action of goodness and human kindness. However, later on it will become clear that the real intention behind this so-called “noble act”, in reality it was a wickedness of worst kind. You will discover in a minute that And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness.” (2 Corinthians 11:14-15)


“This firman was committed to the consul, who engaged to see it faithfully carried into execution. But instead of doing this, he offered freedom to such of the captives only as would, on their liberation, become Papists.”


Please see here the Catholic Jesuit “evangelization” technology of “blackmail” and “terror” where France criminally and actively supported. It is unprecedented low and awful crime. This almost resembles the time of antichrist where no one can buy or sell without accepting the mark of the beast (Revelation 13:14-17). You get freedom on the condition that you accept the Catholic “jesus” who has nothing to do with the Jesus Christ/ Yesuh M’siho of the Bible, it is the other “jesus.”


Perkins describes a heartrending scene whereby a poor East-Aramean Nestorian priest tries to free his daughter.

We read: In one instance, a poor Nestorian priest, whose daughter was among those in bondage, travelled on foot a long distance, to beg the consul to liberate his captive child. To him also the consul submitted the only condition on which he would liberate any of the captives, viz., their becoming Catholics.”


One would expect that the French consul would show his human-kindness and mercy to liberate the daughter of the East-Aramean Nestorian priest who had been suffering long distant on foot. Unfortunately, the consul demanded that they had to become Catholic in order to liberate his daughter. The cruelty and monstrosity is beyond imagination.


The condition to liberation is accepting the powerful Catholic “jesus.” The Jesus Christ of the East-Aramean Nestorian priest was in the perception of Catholic missionaries and France not the good one. The poor priest had to bow down for the other “jesus”, the Catholic “jesus.” What would he do?


The noble priest however insisted by sticking to his guns as we read: “But the noble-spirited priest preferred that his daughter should remain a "slave to a Muhammedan master rather than become one to the Pope, and replied to that effect to the consul.


The activities of Jesuits along with France were a kind of predecessors of the time of antichrist. How many people will follow the example of the East- Aramean Nestorian priest during the reign of terror of antichrist if the children being slaughtered before the eyes of their parents? Will they still persistently choose for the Lord Yesuh M’siho/ Jesus Christ? What are you going to do if your child is dying of famine or is incurably ill and the live of the child will be saved if you just accept the mark of antichrist?


The answer of the East- Aramean Nestorian priest was not appreciated by the French consul: The latter then contrived to entrap the priest by false accusations and caused him to be seized and beaten by the Turkish authorities, hoping to effect his object, at last by violent coercion. But the priest remained unmoved.


Welcome in the “evangelization” technology of France and Catholic Jesuits, the ideology of Roman Catholic “jesus.” Everything is allowed in achieving their goal because in their perception apparently the Jesus Christ of these “heretics” is not the right “jesus”.

Fortunately, the East-Aramean priest had given his heart to Yesuh M’siho/ Jesus Christ of the Bible and refused to bow down before the Catholic “jesus”.


How about the rest of the abducted women? Perkins writes: Few, however, of that company of captives or their friends, were possessed of his firmness, and the result was, that most of those were set at liberty on their becoming Papists as the price of their freedom.


The most of them unfortunately went over to the ideology of the Catholic “jesus” and were not persistent as the East- Aramean priest was.


The Catholic missionaries went to great length to win the heart of the East-Aramean Nestorian clergy for the pope.


Perkins writes about firmness of the East- Aramean Nestorian Patriarch: "No measure will be left untried by them, for leading away the Nestorians from the religion of their fathers and subjecting them to Papal control. A few years ago, a Jesuit offered to the Nestorian Patriarch $10.000, on condition that he would acknowledge allegiance to the Pope; to whom the patriarch replied, in the emphatic language of Peter to Simon Magus, "Thy money perish with thee."(Acts 8:20) (Page 22/23).


Bribery was the standard applied method for accepting the Catholic “jesus”. Many were fooled, but others refused for various reasons.


On page 278, Justin Perkins mentions more examples and writes: "The Nestorians often relate the particulars of their past conflicts with Papists,-particularly the career of the last one who has visited them on this side of the Koordish mountains. His first attempt - daring one- was to bribe the Nestorian Patriarch. He went directly to his residence, in the Koordish mountains, and as a fully empowered legate, promised him, as I have elsewhere stated, four thousand tomans, ( $ 10,000,) on condition that he would declare himself and his people subjects of the Pope.

Finding mercenary motives ineffectual to accomplish his object, the Jesuit next appealed to the ambition of the Patriarch, telling him that should he become allied to Rome, he would be exalted to be the Pope's lieutenant in all the East. "Tell your master," said the Patriarch, "that I shall never become a Catholic; and should you even induce my whole people, to the last man, to do so, I would sooner become a Dervish, or a Koordish Moollah, than degrade myself by alliance with the Pope.


Finding the Patriarch inflexible, the Romish emissary next tried his artifices on the people of this province. A prince, a brother of Abbas Meerza, was then governor of Oroomiah, and had in his employ an old French lady in the capacity of an instructress of European languages. This old lady had acquired a measure of influence with her royal pupil, and the Jesuit found it very convenient to make her his coadjutor. When therefore the Nestorians spurned the rites of Rome as urged upon them by the Papal legate, the old lady, at his instigation, was accustomed to petition the prince to coerce them to submit to the 'Jesuit's dictation. This system was pursued, until the Nestorians were on the point of rising in determined resistance, and the prince was thus deterred from his oppression.

In some instances, the Papal emissary entered Nestorian churches, declared them the property of the Pope, and hung their walls with images and pictures, which the Nestorians as often indignantly tore down and destroyed. In one case, the Jesuit paid a yet dearer price for his temerity than the loss of his" gods." Entering a church in Geog-tapa, he commenced adorning it witb Romish tapestry, when Mar Elias, the venerable Nestorian bishop resident in that village, came into his church and ordered the intruder to desist. The Jesuit told the bishop that the church was not his, but the Pope's, and in the name of "his holiness," commanded Mar Elias to go out. The worthy Nestorian prelate, though aware that a bishop must be" no striker," yet regarding the emergency such as to justify an exception, took the Jesuit in hand, and gave him such a corporeal castigation, that he was glad to to escape with broken images and torn pictures; and this was the last attempt to establish the reign of Popery at Oroomiah before our arrival. Since that period, similar efforts have been renewed, but hitherto with as little success, as we shall have occasion to notice, in subsequent chapters. "


Again beloved reader, trying to preach the unholy “gospel” by deceit, blackmail, bribery, oppression and the power of the Islam.


This method of “preaching gospel” was applied everywhere the Catholic missionaries set foot on the ground to convert “infidels” to the “only and holy Catholic Church”.


3.2. Tearing up the Syrian Orthodox Church


About the establishment of the Syrian Catholic church in Syria, Sebastien de Courtois writes: “The first [Syrian] Catholic Patriarch had been consecrated in Aleppo in 1662 with French help through the mediation of Ambassador Francois Picquet (page 33)…. .. which was encouraged by French diplomats present in Aleppo at that time. The diplomats favored the separation in the hope of one day uniting the Eastern Churches with that of Rome (XiX).. The Catholic mission activities were strongly supported by French Ministry of Foreign Affairs policy, which had been reinforced in the region by creation in 1856 of a vice-consulate in Diyarbekir at the request of the Vatican” (page. 36)

(Sebastien de Courtois, The Forgotten Genocide: Eastern Christians, The Last Arameans)


Again, the obvious decisive role France played in the unholy “evangelization” applied by the Catholic missionaries to everywhere subdue the peoples to the Catholic “jesus” who is completely different than Jesus Christ of the Bible.


Anglican reverend G.P. Badger tells about the mission activities of the Catholic Church in cooperation with France in Syria, starting in Aleppo: This work of proselytism commenced in Aleppo, towards the end of the 17th century, and gradually extended to other parts of Syria and Mesopotamia, fostered as it was by the consular agents of France, and abetted and protected by their ambassadors at Constantinople. The result of this powerful co-operation on the part of a foreign power, which laid claim to protectorate over all the adherents of the Pope in the Turkish empire, was the alienation or division of many of their churches and church property, and the consequent depression and impoverishment of the parent body.

(G.P. Badger, Nestorians and their Rituals, Volume 1, page 2)


The goal of the unholy “gospel” of blackmail, bribery, oppression and using the power of Islam by Rome, under protection of France, was the complete extermination of all church communities in the Middle-East to subdue them to the Pope. Thereby, everything was allowed, the end justified the means!


On page 63 of volume I, reverend Badger summarizes the activities of the Catholic missionaries within the Syrian Orthodox Church which he here and elsewhere calls “Jacobite Church”, which is a heretic name.

He shows that the cooperation between France and Catholic missionaries turned out to be very fruitful.


On Aleppo he writes: In Aleppo, where they once numbered several hundred families, not more than ten Jacobite families now exist, the rest having joined the Church of Rome.


On Damascus he writes: The same secession has left them only a name at Damascus, and their few remaining adherents in that district are confined to the villages of Sadad, Kariatain, Hafar, and Nebk, between Hamah and Aleppo.


On Baghdad Badger he says: The Jacobite community of Baghdad has followed the example set them by their brethren at Aleppo and Damascus…


On Mosul, reverend Badger writes: Mosul now comprises an equal number of papal and Jacobite Syrians;…


On Mardin and Diyarbekir, he writes: “…at Mardeen and Diarbekir, as we have seen, there are rival communities of Romanist Syrians….


On Urfa, the center of Aramean Christianity, he writes: “…at Urfa the Latin missionaries have already gathered a few stragglers to their dock; ……”


On Tur Abdin, which he calls Jebel Toor, Badger writes: “…and if Jebel Toor (= Tur Abdin) has not hitherto furnished its quota of converts, it is because no measures have yet been taken to induce its rude inhabitants to acknowledge the supremacy of the Italian Pontiff.


Based on his observations, reverend G.P. Badger draws a dramatic conclusion, saying: Such is the present degraded state of the Jacobites, such the dissensions among them, and such the conduct of their spiritual guides, that a combined effort on the part of Rome would speedily and inevitably result in their entire submission to the papal See


3.2.1. Returning back to their old Church


The East-Arameans as well as west-Arameans indeed were significantly weakened by the “evangelization” campaign of Roman Catholic Church in cooperation with the odious France. Fortunately, in spite of the rough and hopeless situation of the Church, completely incapable clergy and extreme illiteracy among the people regarding the basic Christian doctrine, the conclusion of reverend Badger did not became reality. There are various reasons that can be mentioned why the conclusion of G.P. Badger did not came true. Below we will drop few of these reasons.


1) Social, economic and security reasons

The Syrian Orthodox Arameans did not became Catholic because of religious reasons, but because of social / economic and security reasons. The Catholic missionaries promised “great things” like for example protection by France against Muslims, financial aid, food, good education etc..


After their conversion, they became aware that it is not a bed of roses through which many of them returned to their Syrian Orthodox Church. The Arameans in Jerusalem for example, after ten years being Catholic, went back to their Syrian Orthodox Church.


The turning back to their old Church caused alarm and serious concerns with the Catholic missionaries who had employed immense energy to convert them by ceaseless and intensive “evangelization” of deceit, bribery, blackmail and oppression.


Sebastien de Courtios quotes on page 35 from a letter of a Jesuit in Beirut to the French ambassador in Constantinople, dated 5th of April 1900, on the returning back of the Syrian Orthodox bishop Butros of Homs who had become Catholic.

The Jesuit underscored his concerns, saying: Now it seems more than likely that the Jacobites who had declared themselves Catholic at the same time as he will follow him in his defection

(Sebastien de Courtois, The Forgotten Genocide: Eastern Christians, The Last Arameans)


Not only the Catholic missionaries, but also French consul was worried about the true reasons behind their conversion to the Catholic Church.


Sebastien de Courtois quotes from the consular report, dated 12th of July 1844, of the French Consul in Erzerum (Turkey), saying: Most of Syrians have no idea what change occurred to their beliefs when they switched to Catholicism. The bishop of Mosul confided in a traveler to that city that the most effective instrument of conversion they had was the firman [recognizing the Syriac Catholic Church] that the French Embassy had obtained in Constantinople; among the population, the Roman Church’s fame had given rise to the idea that by placing themselves under its protection, they would forever after live in complete safety under the Pasha’s government. The people imagined above all that they would immediately enjoy all the privileges of the “free”, and that their condition would have to improve since they would be protected by an ambassador and by foreign consuls as subjects of a powerful church. (Page 35/36).


This must have been very disappointing to the French consul that in spite of intensive “evangelization” efforts, the Arameans became Catholic for completely different reasons than the religious one.

Their conversion had nothing to do with their interests for the Catholic belief system, no, the Catholic missionaries had utterly deceived them by making big promises like “welfare”, “security” and “freedom”. The powerful Catholic Church would place them in a “paradise” on earth where they could live an untroubled life in “safety” and “peace” was the message of the fake gospel.


That de Most of Syrians have no idea what change occurred to their beliefs when they switched to Catholicism proves they had become Catholic because of social, economic and safety reasons and definitely not because of Jesus Christ, Who had nothing to do with the whole fake evangelism.


The Anglican preacher G.P. Badger tells, during his visit to Diyarbekir, about bishop Abdul-Mesih who had become Catholic and later returned back to his original Syrian Orthodox Church (GP badger, The Nestorians and their Rituals, page 44)

Probably many Arameans became later on aware of the unholy “evangelization” of deceit, oppression, bribery and blackmail and decided to return back to their old Syrian Orthodox Church.


2) Arameans of Tur Abdin


In contrast with other areas, such as in Iraq, Syria, Mardin and Diyarbekir, the mission activities of Catholics and Protestants among the Arameans of Tur Abdin were almost fruitless and at the end completely extinguished.


Sebastien de Courtois writes about the resistance of the Arameans of Tur Abdin:Catholics, like Protestantism, never really took root among the peasant populations of Tur Abdin. In that bastion of the Orthodox Church, father Tfinkdji in 1910 counted only 500 Uniate Syriac (Catholic) individuals and 600 Syriacs who had converted to Protestantism. The Syriac families remained very attached to their “old faith”. This resistance of old Syriac Orthodox roots came as surprise to the missionaries as a whole, for it revealed that despite the advanced decline, traditional social structures remained solid. (Page 42)


The Arameans of Tur Abdin were, contrary to other areas in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, hardened to survive. The challenges they faced from Kurds and Turks had formed them to such extent that they were able to withstand the mission activities of Catholics and Protestants.


3) Protestants


The third reason why the conclusion of Badger “speedily and inevitably result in their entire submission to the papal See” did not come out had of course to do with the involvement of Protestant missionaries who became active among the Arameans. First the Americans Protestants arrived and almost half century later the Anglican mission got involved. The Protestants were protected by Great- Britain or United States. The Protestants of course advised the Arameans in particular not to become Catholic. In addition, there was also rivalry between missionaries from United Kingdom and United States.


Professor John Joseph writes on page 98 of his book "The Modern Assyrians of the Middle East. Encouters with Western Christian Missions, Archaeologist, & Colonial Powers": “One of the first works of the American mission press in Urmiyah was a tract in Syriac entitled “ Twenty-two Plains Reasons for not Being a Roman Catholic”


The reason the Catholic missionaries managed to divide the various Aramean denomination was probably because of the similarities between the Catholic rituals and the rituals of the Middle-Eastern Churches. The reason the Protestants were less successful was because of the big difference in belief system with the Middle-Eastern Christianity. Furthermore, the Catholic missionaries were much more fanatic and had many resources at their disposal, including large financial means.


3.3. Abduction of the East-Aramean Nestorian women, possibly with consent of France and Jesuits?


We return to the abduction of the East-Aramean women by the Kurdish leader, discussed in the previous paragraph. In general, the Kurds would not allow themselves to be influenced by whomever, irrespective the letter from Sultan demanding immediate release of the women. If the women were already sold to the Turks, how is it possible that the French consul was in the position to so easily release the women on the condition becoming Catholic?

For example: how many abducted women by ISIL/ISIS terrorists in Iraq, sold as slaves, were released? Why was the French consul so sure of what he was doing to be able to release the abducted East- Aramean women?


The odious and malicious France and Great- Britain, and in prolongation of them the United States, have done everything in their power to utterly destroy and dismantle Syria. The by themselves created, trained and armed Islamic terrorists in Syria carried out few times chemical weapons attacks after which the colonial Western fake-media blamed the Syrian government for the attacks. This wickedness is called “false flag attack”.


Taking in consideration the unprecedented wickedness of France and Catholic missionaries to make all the Arameans, unwillingly of willingly and at all costs the subjects of the pope of Rome, we consider it very well imaginable that the abduction was carried out by the order of France and Catholic missionaries. In doing so, they would have made the East-Aramean Nestorians plenty clear that their lives was in their hands and therefore had better to obey them.


Looking at the behavior of the Catholic missionaries, one can easily understand why Justin Perkins was so much negative about them. He writes: If there is one human being, of whom more than all others, the strong language of the apostle to Elymas, the sorcerer (Acts 13:8-10)," thou enemy of righteousness, thou child of the devil," may be applied, that individual is the European Jesuit, in his wily efforts to oppose and embarrass Protestant missionaries(Residence of Eight years in Persia among the Nestorian Christians, page 396)


Because of the intensive “evangelization” of oppression, blackmail, bribery and possibly also abductions and killings, the Catholic missionaries finally established the following churches:


West- Aramean Syrian Catholic Church (1662)

West- Aramean Melkite Greek Catholic Church (1724)

West- Aramean Syrian Maronite Catholic Church (1182)

East- Aramean "Nestorian" Chaldean Church of Babylon (1553)


3.4. Bloodbath in whose name?..... which “jesus”?......


The Syrian Orthodox bishop Hanna Aydin made in his book "Die Syrisch-Orthodoxe Kirche Von Antiochien, Ein geschichtlicher Uberblick von Hanna Aydin (1990, Bar Hebraus Verlag, Holland) a research to the behaviour of the various nations in the Middle-East where the Aramean people, in the course of the time, were subjected to. He discusses in detail the behaviour of the Persians, the Byzantines, Romans and Turks. In his book he also discusses the behaviour of the Western Missionaries, under the inspiration of “jesus” of the West, who have damaged our people severely by applying the divide and rule politics and planting doubts in their hearts regarding their origin.

He writes: "After the Crimean War, the European powers forced Turkey to grant the Christian minorities the same rights as the Muslims (2). Since that time; the Syrian Christians got more negative view about the Western missions; because their aim was more to convert the eastern Christians than to protect them against the Muslims. This is testified by people who are still alive. 


The missionaries stirred up the Muslims against the Christians. Because there is no television yet in the east; secular and religious stories are told at home (by the older people). So, the following story is often told:

,,There was a mission centre in the city. The missionaries had a good relationship with the Sultan. The Sultan was the missionaries well-disposed.

When the missionaries noticed that the attempts to convert them (= Syrian Christians) by means of money and clothes didn’t lead to any result; they tried by means of force, in particular by Muslims; to persuade them. They said to the Sultan: “This Jacobits (= Syrian Orthodox) are neither really Christians, as we are, nor Muslims like you. The government may get troubles with them in the future. You have to force them to accept one of the religions”. The missionaries expected that by forcing them they would not become Muslim; but they would seek for help at the mission post and then the door to convert them would be opened. The Turkish militaries attacked the villages and cities of the Syrian Christians. The combat lasted for one month. Many bodies were in the streets; because there was no time to bury them."


Considering the behavior of Catholic missionaries, it would totally not amaze us that they have been responsible for this horrible bloodbath. Causing such bloodbaths would have been just one of the many means to convert the defenseless Arameans.


They hated the Syrian Orthodox Church with unprecedented poison that they wanted to destroy it with all means possible, including using the power of the Islam. The Syrian Orthodox Church together with Coptic Orthodox and Armenian Orthodox churches was labelled in the West as “Monophsite”, that is the One Nature teaching. Labelling these churches as such is wrong and have been refuted. Another term used by adversaries of the Syrian Orthodox Church is “Jacobite Church”. The terms “Monophsite” and “Jacobite” are the most used terms in the Catholic books in reference to the Syrian Orthodox Church.


A French Capuchin father in Mardin described in 1882 the Syrian Orthodox Patriarch Botros in belittling and contemptuous manner, saying: “Al Batrack (=Patriarch) Botros is certainly not the meanest man alive, but there are illusions that can leave you dazzled, centuries-old habits that can blind you and give you delusions. The great illusion of the Jacobite Batrack is to make himself for a pope, at least the equal of the man venerated by three hundred million Catholics. His custom, consecrated by centuries-old habit, is the pious one of governing his flock without allowing the slightest contradiction…..”

(Sebastien de Courtois, The Forgotten Genocide: Eastern Christians, The Last Arameans, page 19/20)


For this and many other Catholic clergy, it is of course totally not of interest how they achieved, at that time, the number of 300.000.000 “faithful”. Using the “gospel” of oppression, deceit, blackmail, bribery, violence and possibly bloodbaths to make 300 million “faithful” Catholics, seems to them just a negligible detail they don’t want to think about.

The biggest delusions you can have is, we believe, to present yourselves as the “representative of Jesus Christ” on earth, that is the title of the Pope. And taking in consideration the devastation and havoc caused by the Catholic missionaries, we cannot imagine that this activities have been unleashed by the Yesuh M’siho/ Jesus Christ of the Bible, but rather by the “other jesus”.


4. Chaldeans of the Pope and Assyrians of the archbishop of Canterbury


After tearing up the East- Aramean Nestorians by the ceaseless and intensive “evangelization” of blackmail, deceit, oppression and bribery, a name had to be given to the separated group.


Justin Perkins writes about the detached group: The Chaldeans are that portion of the Nestorian Christians that have been converted to the Romish faith, principally within the last century, by the indefatigable efforts of Jesuit missionaries. Most of these Catholics are found in and about the valley of Mesopotamia.

(Justin Perkins, Residence of Eight years in Persia among the Nestorian Christians, page 4)


On the remaining of the East-Aramean Nestorians, Perkins says: “Indeed, very few of the Nestorians now remain, on the western side of the Koordish mountains, who have not yielded to the intrigues and usurpations of Papal domination.”


On the name “Chaldeans”, Perkins writes: “The title, Chaldean, was given to these Papists by the Pope, on their embracing the Catholic system,- an epithet which the Nestorians deny them the right thus exclusively to appropriate, alleging that they themselves have at least an equal relationship to the inhabitants of the ancient" Ur of the Chaldees."


In doing so beloved reader, the first attack was carried out on the Aramean cultural heritage by Catholic Church and France. The religious phrase “Chaldeans” was later used as national identification by Catholic Nestorian Arameans resulting in that Aramaic language became known as “Chaldean” language and Aramean people as Chaldean people in a part of Western literature, that is to say the France/ Roman Catholic literature.

Thanks to the ceaseless efforts of Catholic missionaries, the East- Arameans were considerable weakened and an unprecedented demonic hatred was injected in their hearts and minds regarding other non-Catholic Aramean denominations. In doing so, an unbridgeable division of worst kind was effectuated in the name of “jesus” who of course had nothing to do with Jesus Christ of the Bible.


Following France and Catholic Church, who promoted and invented the term “Chaldean” in the 16th century, in the 19th century the same game was repeated by the Anglican mission and Great- Britain who gave the name “Assyrian” to the remaining part of the East- Aramean Nestorians who had not became Catholic (here, here).


4.1. Was the term “Assyrian” unintentional chosen by the Anglican mission? – Messianic dimension


Professor John Joseph writes about the involvement of Anglican mission and the rise of “Assyrianism”: Prior to World War I, the Anglican mission to the Nestorians gave the Assyrian nomenclature a new impetus. Formally known as “The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Assyrian Mission,” it re-enforced, no matter how unintentionally, the linkage between the Nestorians and the ancient Assyrians. “Assyrian Christians, ” which originally had only meant “The Christians of geographical Assyria,” soon became ”Christian Assyrians

 (The Modern Assyrians of the Middle East. Encouters with Western Christian Missions, Archaeologist, & Colonial Powers, page 18)


We believe that the phrase “The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Assyrian Mission” was intentionally chosen so, because there was a messianic dimension behind the name “Assyrian”. Below we will explain what we mean.


1) The international Cabalistic/ Talmudic/ Freemasonic / illuminati intrigue plans events hundreds of years in advance.

illuminati: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here,

Kabbala: here, herehere, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here

Freemasonry: here, here, here,  here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here,

Talmud: here, here, here,  here, here here,


The illuminati Satanists have almost subverted all religions, including Christianity, Islam and Judaism. And they use these religions for their own ends.


2) According to Isaiah 10:5-6 and Micah 5:5-6, the antichrist will be called “Assyrian”, it is the resurrected Nimrod/ Asshur antichrist. Therefore it is important to make the world known, in advance, with the name “Assyrian” so that people will not be amazed when they hear the word “Assyrian” from the mouth of the world dictator, the Freemasonic Christ. The Anglican Church and the East- Aramean Nestorians were assigned the task to familiarize the world with the unholy name “Assyrian.”


3) 100-200 years ago, there was no separation between Church and State. As shown above, the interests were intermingled. A missionary could also partially function as diplomat for his country. And the diplomats on their turn were defending the missionaries.


4) The most Protestant and other Christian sects are controlled (here, here, here, here) by Freemasonic/ illuminati Satanists, including the Anglican Church (here, here). The same is true for the Catholic Church (here, here).


Therefore we believe that the term “Assyrian” was intentionally chosen. In such situations, nothing happens accidently, everything is well prepared in advance by these diabolical cabal.


5) If the term “Assyrian” was not intentionally chosen, why did not the Anglican Church try to correct the “mistake” or at least distance itself from its usage as national identification? On the contrary they promoted “Assyrianism”, because there was a long-term plan behind it. And the East-Aramean Nestorians could easily be manipulated for this unholy goal.

“Assyrianists” are very important for the international satanic intrigue, because they carry on their ideology of Nimrod/ Asshur antichrist and Samiramis, the whore of Babylon (here, here).


On page 99, Professor John Joseph writes on the activities of Anglicans among the East- Aramean Nestorians: They established schools throughout the province; in the town of Urmiyah they had a seminary for priests and candidates for holy orders, and two boarding schools for boys and girls. Students were taught to take pride in their national customs and look down upon those who adopted European dress and manners.”


Yes indeed, it was in these schools that they were taught/ brainwashed in their new ethnicity and that they should be proud of it.

On page 18, Professor Joseph says: By the late nineteenth century, a few of the educated and politically conscious among the “Nestorians” especially those who had immigrated to America, begin using Aturaye [Assyrians] in their writings


Who were the teachers of this so-called “educated” ones among the East-Aramean Nestorians? From whom did they receive their wisdom to identify themselves as “Assyrians”? If they really independently were educated, why did not they study the writings of their forefathers to discover their real origin?


The Catholics as well as Protestants established schools to brainwash their new assets, from West-Arameans or East- Arameans. The Catholics taught them “Chaldeanism” and Protestants “Assyrianism”.


Regarding recovering Syriac [Aramaic] texts by Anglicans, Joseph writes on page 99: Like the Roman Catholics, the Anglicans endeavored to cultivate classical Syriac and emphasized in their schools. They discovered valuable ecclesiastical treasures which they published and made available to bot Western scholars and the native clergy.


Had the “educated ones” among the laity also access to these important Syriac [Aramaic] texts or was their education mainly based on the excavations of Henry Layard to “prove” that Chaldeans and Nestorians were Assyrians?


To put this in others words: It was not coincidence that the “educated” ones among the East- Aramean Nestorians started to call themselves “Assyrians”. Someone must have been “educated” them in that way.


After embracing “Assyrianism”, an unprecedented spirit of fanaticism and blindness took control of the East-Aramean Nestorians through which they started to falsify everything making themselves guilty of spiritual/ cultural genocide.


The blind fanaticism of “Assyrianism” has finally resulted in terrorism (here, here) with terrible consequence to our people. “Assyrianists” have seriously damaged the Aramean indigenous nation of the Middle-East.


Their ardent zeal have completely blinded them losing sight to reality. That is the reason why they have no moral problem with cooperating with Muslim brotherhood and other Islamic fanatic groups, they keep themselves busy with history falsifications, brainwashing and deceiving of the youngsters and inciting children against their parents. They are inventive in wickedness, are experienced in creating discord, chaos and confusion, promotion of division and mutual hatred. 


What France and Great- Britain have done is factually extermination of the Aramean nation, a cultural/ spiritual genocide which caused their downfall in the Middle-East, the genocide of 1915 and their diaspora.


If the Arameans in Iraq, Turkey and Syria were united, it would have been much easier for them to defend themselves, the genocide of 1915 would have been much less severe, their stay in their indigenous lands would have been much stronger and their diaspora less severe. The involvement of the Western colonial powers have utterly destroyed our people.


5. Observations and criticism of Arameans


The Western missionaries and travelers who came in contact with the Arameans of Middle-East were in general very positive about their hospitality and kindness. However, regarding their basic knowledge about their Christian faith, the missionaries speak very negative about them and utterly wipe the floor with their general knowledge concerning their faith. This is true for all the Aramean denominations.


The observations are certainly not independent. However, despite of that, there is a very important core of truth in these observations. Therefore, it is wise to study these observations to understand the prevailing religious state and the current spiritual state of our nation. We will explain this by providing the reader with few examples.


Reverend George Percy Badger


The Anglican preacher G.P. Badger travelled between 1842-1844 and later in 1850 through the Middle-East to study the state of the Aramean denominations. He reported his findings in bipartite book: Nestorians and their Rituals: with the narrative of a mission to Mesopotamia and Coordistan in 1842-1844 and of a late visit to those countries in 1850


About his observations in Diyarbekir with the Syrian Orthodox Arameans, he says: I found the Jacobite here as elsewhere inferior to any of the native communities in general intelligence : their ecclesiastical affairs are very badly administered, and their bishops and priests far behind the clergy of the clergy of all the other sects (Volume I, page 44)


We are afraid beloved reader that not much has been changed since then with the overwhelming majority of clergy, apart from exceptions here and there.


Reverend Badger furthermore reports that in Diyarbekir there were 250 Syrian- Orthodox families and 40 Syrian Catholics (page 44). In addition, there were 1700 Armenian Orthodox families (page 41), 75 Armenian Catholic families (page 41) and 120 Chaldean families.


Almost half century later, the situation seems not too much have been changed. Sebastien de Courtois quotes from a letter of Dominican father dated on 20th of February 1882: The Jacobites are without doubt the most fallen Christian community in the country. They have no hope of being able to pick themselves up on their own, for their nation has neither the resources nor the vitality for the task. Their leaders take no care of them whatsoever, neither in the spiritual domain, nor in the temporal. Among them, ignorance has reached its ultimate point, so much so that their religion is nothing anymore but a shameful mess of superstitions one more absurd than the last. The Protestants have understood that they are easy prey, and thus they have surrounded them in their usually way.” (Sebastien de Courtois, The forgotten Genocide: Eastern Christians, The Last Arameans, page 23)


If we want to be honest, not much has been changed since then. The observation “Their leaders take no care of them whatsoever” is still prevailing and no one among the laity as well as clergy want to reform for the betterment of the nation.


The observation “Among them, ignorance has reached its ultimate point,” is still the daily reality. How many churches are there teaching fundamental biblical knowledge? How many churches have Christian groups of men and women to help broken families, assist delinquents and other important matters for the sustainment and spiritual health for such community?


If we want to be honest, we should acknowledge that there is no any Christian activity within the overwhelming majority of our churches, apart from exception here and there.


And worse still, the overwhelming majority is lukewarm to extreme, is suffering from complete lack of interest and keep the Bible on far distance. There is no Biblical spiritual support for broken families, men and women with problems and for the youth regarding their questions in these open and modern society. Out of sheer necessity, some people seek their salvation somewhere else. There is total lack of any spiritual care, they simply know nothing about it.


That is the spiritual degradation since hundreds of years and no any attempts are being undertaken to improve the situation.


Reverend G.P. Badger observed the same hopeless situation in Mosul. He writes: Among the many Jacobite priest. with whom I am acquainted, I do not know one who preaches or who is capable of preaching to the people, and pastoral visits, or the catechizing of children, are equally unheard of among· them.

Such being the backwardness and inefficiency of their clergy, it is not to be wondered at that religious knowledge and vital godliness are at a very low ebb among the Syrian laity” (Page 62).


These are unpleasant observations! Is there since then much improved or changed? Unfortunately almost nothing, apart from exceptions here and there.

On the same page, Mr. Badger explains precisely the reason behind their “backwardness” and “inefficiency”, saying: Their education for the priesthood is confined to a perusal of the Syriac rituals, which they are taught to read in a convent or in some obscure school, or of which they pick up a superficial knowledge whilst acting as servants to the church or village where they reside. From indigence or a love of gain, they often ply a trade or engage in mercantile speculations, and their sacerdotal functions are for the most part restricted to reading the prayers, administering the sacraments, and receiving the confessions of their parishioners.


Again beloved reader, these are painful observations. However, is since then something positively improved? If we want to be frank and honest, not much has been changed since then! For the major part, it is all outward appearance and ceremonies!


A discerning Bible reader is therefore tempted to revere to Isaiah 1:23, 3:12-15, 9:15-16 and Ezekiel 34:8 to understand the current spiritual degradation within the church, namely:


Your leaders are rebels, the companions of thieves. All of them love bribes and demand payoffs, but they refuse to defend the cause of orphans or fight for the rights of widows”(Isaiah 1:23)

"As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. My people, your leaders are misleading you— they're giving you confusing directions." (Isaiah 3:12)

“Those who guide this people mislead them, and those who are guided are led astray. Therefore the Lord will take no pleasure in the young men, nor will he pity the fatherless and widows, for everyone is ungodly and wicked, every mouth speaks folly. Yet for all this, his anger is not turned away, his hand is still upraised.” (9:16-17)

“As surely as I live, declares the Sovereign LORD, because my flock lacks a shepherd and so has been plundered and has become food for all the wild animals, and because my shepherds did not search for my flock but cared for themselves rather than for my flock,” (Ezekiel 34:8)


We have some very good clergy, sacrificing themselves for their community and doing everything in their power to help. However, the majority among them only take care for themselves and pay no any attention to the needs of the faithful. They are not used to something else than taken care for themselves and did not get appropriate education to lead a Christian community.


Everywhere is the situation hopeless. They call themselves Christians, however they lack basic knowledge on Christian faith, they are totally illiterates. Below we will provide the reader with more sad examples.


On 27th of October in 1850, reverend G.B. Badger arrived in Mardin. He reports that there were 2780 families in Mardin of which 1500 Muslim families, 600 Jacobite (Syrian Orthodox), 120 Syrian Catholic families, 500 Armenian Catholic families and 60 Chaldean families (Page 49).


On the church in the monastery Zahrafan, Mr. Badger writes: The church within the convent is small and dirty, and very poorly fitted up(Page 50) and about the library of the monastery, he says: “We next visited the library, if a dirty cupboard containing about one hundred manuscripts may be so called (Page 51)


On 29th of October 1850, Badger arrived in the Aramean village Killeth, consisted out of 120 Aramean families. On the state of the Church, Badger says: The interior was dismal and dirty, and my expostulations with them on this head were met wit replies such as these: "What can we do? If our patriarch, or if such as you, will not assist us, we must remain as we are." If then urged upon them and upon their three priests how much they might do themselves; they might at least clean their church, take better care of their rituals, and engage one of the priests to instruct their children. This was bringing strange things to their ears, for they evidently had not the mind to appreciate the value of such advice, as they certainly lacked the energy to follow it. The priests were very illiterate men, and the villagers of course more so; the former could indeed read the Syriac, but did not understand it, and of the latter not more than four could read at all. The worst feature in them was that they appeared quite satisfied with their religious attainments………………….” (Page 54)


Again, the usual situation is of incapable and illiterate clergy and no any activity of Christian faith, teaching in any form or shape. They are happy with their hopeless situation and that is their “christian” faith. By the overwhelming majority, nothing have been changed since then.


On 30th of November 1850 Badger left Killeth for Midyat. He says that Midyat was exclusively inhabited by 450 Syrian Orthodox families. They had 5 priests and 6 churches. About his impressions on Midyat he writes: Like those at Killth, the Syrians at Midyat prided themselves in being Jacobite, whilst very few of them can rend, and not a single school exists among them. A bishop, who is said to be ninety years of age, and who had once taken to himself the patriarchate, had left an adjoining vi1lage some weeks before for Diarbekir, whither he had gone in his old age to join the Papal Syrian community under Mutran Antoon. This secession did not seem to affect them in the least. "We can get another," said they with the greatest indifference, "or, what will be better, you yourself can come and reside amongst us." This was added more out of compliment than from any apparent desire for a better state of things. With regard to religion they seemed to believe that they were "full and in need of nothing," whilst their gross ignorance of the general doctrines of Christianity, rather declared them to be "poor" indeed.(Page 56, Volume I)


This was the hopeless situation in one of the most important Aramean cities in Tur Abdin. They had enough possibilities to strengthen their faith by means of Biblical teaching, exegeses, history and other important matters necessary for maintaining of Christian community. Unfortunately, the activity of the gospel is zero, is death. Worse still, there is even no school in Midyat for education.

However, the people are very proud of themselves as regards their faith which is really very sad. If you never have read and studied the Bible, you have no choice but to express you in general and vague “Christian truths” which are far from the Bible.

Are since then many things have been improved? If we are honest, nothing has been changed, it is the same mentality! Where comes the great resistance against the Bible from? What is the origin of such resistance? Is that not the spirit of antichrist? Why do the vast majority keep the Bible far away?


Reverend Badger also visited the Aramean monastery St. Gabriel in South-Eastern of Turkey. He writes about St. Gabriel: The monks were very illiterate men, and seemed ignorant of everything beyond the precincts of their present abode.  They spend their time chiefly in looking after the revenue of the convent lands, which is claimed by the patriarch, in reciting the prayers, and in waiting upon the visitors who occasionally frequent the monastery from the neighboring villages (Page 56, Volume I)


Everywhere the same hopeless picture of illiteracy and ignorance.


Sebastian de Courtois quotes from Dominican Catholic missionaries sources on the situation in Tur Abdin and Siirt.


On the situation of Tur Abdin was their observation: The village we were camping near was inhabited by the by Jacobites. These kind people came to visit us, together with a few notables. It is hard to imagine the ignorance of these poor heretic priests and their belief in all the superstitions and absurdities current in their country(Letter from Roman Catholic Father Rhetore to father Duval, date: 7-7-1881, page 22)


On the situation in Siirt we read: The heretics of these lands do not seem attached to the error of their ways; they are abandoned by their leaders and feel that their sects themselves are powerless and futureless. That is why the Protestants, who are the only ones working on them, have made such progress among them. (Letter from Roman Catholic Father Rhetore to father Duval, date: 14-7-1881)


The Arameans are called “heretics” because in the perception of the Catholic missionaries, everyone outside the Catholic Church by definition was heretic and is destined for the hell. All the other churches are apostates and should be converted with all means possible to the “only and holy Catholic Church” is their reasoning. That explains also the unprecedented nasty “evangelism”, as explained previously, of deceit, blackmail, bribery, oppression and using Islam by the Catholic missionaries. The end justifies the means!


For the rest, the observation is very sharp, namely the ignorance of these poor heretic priests” and “they are abandoned by their leaders”.

And again if we are honest, the situation is still the same and not much has been improved (here, here, here and here).


On the situation in Mosul, reverend Badger writes: The Bishops generally are illiterate men, but little versed in Scripture, and thoroughly ignorant of ecclesiastical history. They scarcely ever preach, and their episcopal visitations are confined to occasional ordinations, and to the collecting of tithe from their several dioceses. All of them can of course read the Syriac of their rituals, but few thoroughly understand it. (Page 61, Volume I)


Sounds this familiar to us? Apart from exception here and there, yes it is very familiar to us! There was however one exception and that was Bishop Behnam of Mosul. Badger writes about bishop Behnam: “Mutran Behnam, however, is an exception to this rule; he is good Syriac and Arabic scholar, has a competent knowledge of the holy Scriptures, and has for the last year or two preached regularly in the churches of Mosul (Page 61, Volume I)


Bishop Behnam was unfortunately the only clergy, among the many clergy, who was worthy of the episcopal office. That was the hopeless situation not only in Iraq but everywhere!


About the reason behind the miserable state of the Syrian Orthodox Church, Badger writes: It is not to be doubted that the efforts made by Rome during the last and preceding centuries to bring over the Jacobites to her allegiance, and the powerful assistance which the French government has afforded in this work of proselytism, have tended in a high degree to reduce them to their present pitiable condition. Nor may we forget, whilst attempting to account for the great diminution in their .number, and for the decay of truth and general intelligence among them, the oppression and tyranny which they have undergone for centuries from a despotic and infidel government (Page 59, Volume I)


The degraded situation of the Syrian Orthodox Church, Badger attributes to the “gospel” of deceit, bribery, blackmail and oppression by Catholic missionaries with support of France and heavy persecutions of Ottoman government, possibly incited by Rome.


As third point behind the degradation of the Syrian Orthodox Church, Badger follows strangely, as other Protestants do, the Roman Catholic Church, the assertion that the Syrian Orthodox rejects the Two Natures of Jesus Christ, also known as “Monophysite”. This is however not true and it is one of the fallacies that the Protestants have taken over from Rome.


He writes: The continued separation of the Jacobites from the Church of Christ, from which their forefathers were cut off by the council of Chalcedon, A.D. 451, for their denial of the Two Natures in the incarnate Saviour, whereby they virtually impugn the doctrine of the blessed Atonement and deprive the human race of salvation, has been followed with the most signal displeasure if the Almighty (Page 59/60, Volume I)


The Anglican G.P. Badger considers the Syrian Orthodox Church as “heretic” by stating “separation of the Jacobites from the Church of Christ”.


The Copts are in the perception of Mr. Badger also the followers of the so-called One Nature teaching of Christ Jesus, the Monophysite. Why did the Coptic Orthodox Church, in contrast to the Syrian Orthodox Church, maintained herself very well under extreme difficult circumstances of the ceaseless terror of the Islam and Catholic Church?

We believe beloved reader that there is something else going on for the spiritual degradation of the Syrian Orthodox Church, namely that between the years 400-500 A.D the church has been completely taken over by satan and his demonic/ angelic powers through which very strong bastions have been established within the Church with terrible consequences.


Reverend Badger also visited the East- Aramean Chaldean monastery of Rabban Hormuzd in northern Iraq, 2 km from Alqosh. He writes: The priests with one exception were illiterate men, who seemed to have no other occupation than that of reciting the daily prayers (Page 102, Volume I).


Again the same story of ignorance and illiteracy. Here, illiteracy does not mean lack of reading or writing. In this case, illiteracy means lacking of thorough knowledge of the scriptures, exegeses, church history and other related important matters.


On the lacking of complete Bible with the East- Aramean Chaldeans and Nestorians, G.P. Badger writes: It has already been observed that very few copies of the Bible, in manuscript, are to be found either among the Nestorians or Chaldeans, and in no instance is the Bible to be met with entire, but divided into separate portions forming several volumes (Page 87, Volume II).


This is not only the case with the East-Arameans, but with the West-Arameans as well. The reason therefore is that the Bible never has taken an important place in the lives of the Arameans, no matter the denomination. The majority among have even no Bible in their home and show no any interest for it either. To the most of them it is a strange book where they cannot do anything with it.


Justin Perkins


The American Presbyterian preacher Justin Perkins visited the East-Aramean Nestorians of Urmia (Iran) in 1833 and stayed with them for 8 years.


In his book “A Residence Of Eight Years In Persia Among The Nestorian Christians”, reverend Perkins reports about his findings with the East- Aramean Nestorians.


Mr. Perkins is very negative about the way the East-Aramean Nestorians practice their Christian faith. Below we will explain this by providing the reader with few examples.


Reverend Perkins writes about the fast of Nineveh, or the fast of Jonah: The fast of Jonah, as the Nestorians denominate it, commenced. This is an annual fast of three days, observed in commemoration of Jonah's being swallowed by the whale. Most of each day is occupied in chanting prayers at their churches. Like their other fasts, it seems to amount to little more than a senseless routine of forms, and their prayers, we fear, are a chattering noise (Page 253)


The observations of Mr. Perkins are harsh regarding the church service of the East- Aramean Nestorians. Fasts are important in the spiritual live of the Aramean denominations. They vast as a sign of humiliation. To label these fasts as “senseless routine of forms” is to our view nothing but deep contempt and arrogance.


The church services are comparable with the services of other Aramean denominations. Indeed, the prayers are routine prayers during the services, however to label this prayers as “chattering noise” makes crystal clear that Mr. Perkins have not much understood of the services.


There is however something which is true and that is that more than thousand years no any reform took place within the Aramean churches to involve the faithful with the church services. They go to church, sit down and only listen. This is not how it should be. The faithful should be involved with songs and prayers. In addition, the majority of faithful do not understand what is being said during the services and that is very bad. This is also true for deacons and servers.


Standard hymns and prayers are important part of the service. They do not want to deviate from this old system of more than thousand year. That is not good, because reform is very much needed on this field and it would definitely be no luxury, but really necessary.


About their feasts, Perkins says: “Each fast is anticipated by a Mal-soma, entrance of the fast, which is a time of feasting, and followed by an Eeda, festival, which are seasons of the most disgusting dissipation.”


It is not clear what he means by “most disgusting dissipation”. Whether he is expressing his negative observation on the services at the end of fasts, alcohol abuse, feasts at the end of fasts or other matters that provoked him to do so, is not clear. He was clearly not amused to say the least. It is also not clear whether the East- Aramean Nestorians took the harsh observations of Perkins serious.


On the periods of fasts, following feasts he says: “In this way, almost the whole time is cut up into fasts and feasts—into seasons of partial abstinence alternating with brutal indulgence; and scarcely a single week remains, during the whole year, undisturbed by their senseless mummery or noisy reveling, except during their long fast before Easter”


Again, this is not something to be proud of! With “their senseless mummery or noisy reveling”, he probably means the church service at the end of feasts. A Protestant does not understand the Middle-Eastern Christianity and therefore nothing makes sense to him.

Yet, it is very wise trying to understand the harsh criticism of Mr. Perkins for he is observing the religious practices from a distance. In his criticism there is certainly some contempt/ inferiority to be sensed towards these “wild” and “uncivilized” Christians.


It is clear that Mr. Perkins does not sees the East- Aramean Nestorian as “Christians” according the Presbyterian Protestant standards, but rather “heretics” who should be converted to the Protestant “jesus”. That explains also his harsh words regarding the Christian belief of the East- Aramean Nestorians.


About the self- satisfaction of the people regarding their faith, he writes: The people proclaim, with much self-complacency, the number and length of their fasts, and appear to think themselves very religious, from the fact that about one half the year is included in their periods of partial abstinence.”


The self-complacency and proudness is unfortunately a huge problem with all the Aramean denominations. They are proud and consider themselves full (of wisdom) and believe they do not need anything, while in reality the overwhelming majority among them knows nothing about the Bible and is lacking the basic knowledge of Christian faith. They belief that fasting from time to time replaces everything and is paving the path to the heavenly kingdom. This is a huge self- deceit.


Reverend Justin Perkins writes about the Oriental Churches in general: I know not what more artful contrivance Satan could have invented, to substitute in the place of the pure religion of the gospel which works by love, sanctifies the heart, controls the life, and regulates the conduct, than he has furnished in the fasts of these oriental churches. (Page 254).


It is now clear that Mr. Perkins was too much prejudiced. Everything that does not fit his Protestant concept of Christianity, must be from the satan. This is unfortunately still the rule with many Protestant denominations.


As Protestant preacher he puts the Middle-Eastern Christianity in the same category as the Catholic Church. Clearly, he is not familiar with these churches. And because they do NOT fit his Protestant system of Christianity, they must be an “artful contrivance of satan”.


This also beloved reader explains why the majority of the Western Protestants consider the Middle-Eastern Christians as “heretics” and therefore should be, in their perception, converted to the Protestant “jesus”.


Beloved reader, in the previous chapters you have read about the aggressive and unholy activities of the Catholic “jesus”. The Protestant “jesus” is definitely no less aggressive!


Professor John Joseph explains on page 133 of his bookThe Modern Assyrians of the Middle East. Encouters with Western Christian Missions, Archaeologist, & Colonial Powers” about the Protestant group’s active among the East- Aramean Nestorians of Urmia: “Other western- supported congregations began to proliferate early in the twentieth century. A Swedish- American “Augustuna Synod” employed a Nestorian priest who conducted two day-schools. The Evangelical Association for Advancement of the Nestorian Church, founded at Berlin in 1906, employed a Nestorian priest who had Lutheran training in Germany. For about 10 years a German Orient Mission maintained an orphanage outside Urmiyah for Nestorian refugees from mountains. The English Plymouth Brethren employed a few priests in a mission of their own. Other smaller missions were connected with the American Dunkards, the Holiness Methodists, the American Southern Baptists and Northern Baptists, and the English Congregationalists. There was perhaps no missionary field in the world where there were so many rival “Christian” forces at work as were found in urmiya at the beginning of this century; all struggling to get predominance among these few people. Some of the results unseemly struggle were demoralization, arrogance on the part of the Persian Christians, the transformation of religion into a sport and trade. These factors lowered the Muslims’ respect for the Christian community and increased their jealous resentment of the self-assertiveness and the prosperity of their neighbour.


All these Protestant ,,Christian” groups were there to bring the ,,light” from the West to the east, that means: to enlighten the east with the ideology of ,,”jesus” of the West” (Protestant or Catholic); only then, according to the missionaries you would be saved from damnation.


According to Professor John Joseph the Anglican mission had no intention, contrary to other Protestant groups and Catholics, to convert the East- Aramean Nestorians. On page 99 he writes: Called the Archbishops of Canterbury’s Assyrian Mission, it arrived on the scene of its labor in 1885, some fifty years after the Americans had started their work.  ”

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Assyrian Mission opposed proselytizing and aimed at the reformation of the Nestorian Church from within, publicly announcing that they had come to defend the Eastern Christians against the Americans. The Anglicans collaborated with the Patriarch, assuring him that their desire was not to create schisms among his people, as was the aim of the Roman Catholics and the Presbyterians, but only to aid the existing church.


This was very noble starting point of the Anglican Church, namely not to convert, but to reform the church from within. This was also the task of the Catholic and other Protestant Churches, reform the church instead of dividing and destroying.

However, as previously explained, the Anglicans did something very bad and that was the invention and promotion of “Assyrianism” which accelerated the downfall of the Aramean nation of the Middle-East and encouraged terrorism and occultism.


The policy of Anglicans not to convert, but to reform the East- Aramean Nestorian church from within was not cheered by other Protestant Churches. It provoked bitter reaction.


John Joseph writes about this bitter rivalry:

“Only three years after the arrival of the missionaries of the Church of England, a Protestant journal complained that the clerics from England were giving the Presbyterian brethren in Persia no little trouble. “They are establishing churches and schools which directly interfere with the work carried on by the American Presbyterians..” (Page 99)


And on page 100 he writes: “This rivalry between the Western churches had an unwholesome effect upon the Persian Christians; they were persistently warned against the errors, sins and heresies of this and that congregation. Speaking of the Church of England’s mission to the “Assyrian Christians”, an outstanding member of the American mission wrote that “Just as far as possible, directly and indirectly, by percept and by example, in sermon, in teaching, through Nestorian ecclesiastics, the Old Church is being fortified against Protestant influences


One ponders seriously why the Catholic and Protestant missionaries did not extend the hand to the Arameans and together preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Islamists of the Middle-East? The Arameans were familiar with the area and they definitely would have worked with missionaries in spreading the gospel of Christ Jesus. Unfortunately instead of extending the hand to the Arameans, the Western missionaries utterly destroyed them.


Although the criticism of Justin Perkins may be considered as arrogance and disdainful towards the Middle-Eastern Christianity, yet it is still wise to take the critic serious and trying to understand the reasons behind such harsh words. From his perspectives, his remarks were not without reason, he must have had biblical reasons for such crude allegations.


6. Conclusion


The Arameans of Aram-Nahrin started to fight one another on the Christological issues as from 400 A.D. The debacle about Nestorius separated unnecessarily the West- and the East- Arameans from one another. After that, the West- Arameans were divided because a part of them choose the side of Byzantine / Roman emperor after the council of Chalcedon (451 AD).


The division on the religious level has caused unprecedented hatred and distrust within the Aramean nation through which they grow from one another to the point they became enemies. The religious division has caused and amplified the national division.


The meddling of the Western colonial powers with our people was the fatal stab through which they were more weakened and made vulnerable to the hostile environment of the Middle-East and with that effectuating their downfall and amplifying their diaspora.

The colonial powers have caused so much hatred, distrust, hostility and division within the various Aramean denominations, that they have been grown much from one another. That is why they have nothing in common anymore on the national level to fight for. Many of them identify their origin with their church and are totally unknown with their Aramean ethnical origin. Some among them even identify themselves with “Arabs” because of intensive Arabism.


Instead of putting so much efforts in division, hostility and inciting against one another of the Arameans, inventing, promoting and forcing upon them fake identities “Chaldeans” and “Assyrians” and with that creating a unprecedented mutual hatred among them, the moral Christian duty of the Western missionaries was to unify the Arameans on the national level so that they would have had a common goal to fight for in the lands of their forefathers.


It is very unlikely that the Anglican Church together with Great- Britain on one side and Catholic Church and France on the other side will ever recognize their crimes against the Aramean nation.


It is also very unlikely that they ever will distance themselves from the fake identities “Chaldeans” (1553) and “Assyrians” (19th century) they have invented and promoted through which the Aramean nation was completely destroyed on the national level.


One should also not expect that the evildoers will prepare a plan to rehabilitate the deeply divided and mutilated Arameans of Aram-Nahrin by teaching them their only and real Aramean history and not anymore the fake and objectionable names “Chaldeans” and “Assyrians” they invented and implemented. 

This could be a possible starting point for the gradual recovery of the Aramean nation. After unifying all the Aramean denominations on the national level under the Aramean flag, it will be much easier, although spiritually completely different, to bring them together on the spiritual level. For if they have a common national goal they can fight for, it will have positive repercussions on the spiritual level.


The reality is however that the future is very dark. As long as the Arameans do not unify on the national level, at the end they will completely be wiped out from the Middle-East and assimilated in the West losing everything they had.


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