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Testimonies of the brilliant historians of the Syrian Church of Antioch on the Aramean origin of our nation, Synonymy: Aramean/Syrian.



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10-3-2010: Exodus Arameans from Mosul: According to recent UN report more than 5000 Arameans have left Mosul


6-3-2010: Patriarch of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch condemns the attacks on the Aramean Christians of Mosul


3-3-2010: Exodus of the Arameans of Mosul continues undiminished: According to UN report already 720 Aramean families (4320 people) have left Mosul


1-3-2010: Peaceful demonstration on Sunday 28th of February 2010 by the Aramean Orthodox and Catholics in Baghdeda (Qaraqosh), northern Iraq


27-2-2010: Council of Churches in Iraq appeals to the government to protect the Aramean people in Mosul, Iraq


26-2-2010: The Arameans of Mosul: A new Exodus and Ethnic cleansing is going on


18-2-2010: The Arameans of Iraq again victim of killings and bloodbaths:


24-12-2009: A Christmas “message” for the Arameans of Mosul: Four Aramean Churches attacked and one Aramean killed


26-10-2009: Exactly one month and one day after the dramatic appeal of Iraqi President to the United Nations, two car bombs were detonated in the neighborhood of the Green Zone in Baghdad, Iraq


1-9-2009: Arameans of Iraq: The East- Aramean Chaldean bishop Louis Sako of Kirkuk sounds the alarm bell


29-8-2009: Totally unfounded or has it a grain of truth in it? Greater- Israel and the ethnic cleansing of the Arameans of Mosul and surroundings in Iraq


24-8-2009: Cardinal Emmanuel Delly of the East- Aramean Chaldean Church of Babylon in Iraq denounces the proposed fake name "Chaldean- Syrian- Assyrians"


14-7-2009: The Special UN envoy to Iraq, Mr. Ad Melkert, wants extra protection for the Aramean Christians in Iraq


13-7-2009: Seven Indigenous Aramean Churches in Baghdad (Iraq) attacked by car bombs


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2-9-2008: Again two Arameans killed in Iraq


Killing of Priest Yusuf Adel Abudi

4-5-2008: Again a Aramean spiritual leader is killed in Iraq. This time: The West- Aramean Syrian orthodox priest Yusuf Adel Abudi in Bagdad


11-4-2008: Through all the misery: Miracles happens in Iraq


6-4-2008: Funeral of the West- Aramean Syrian Orthodox Priest Yusuf Adel Abudi


Killing of Mgr. Faraj Raho

1-3-2008: East- Aramean Chaldean bishop of Mosul, Mgr. Paulus Faraj Raho was abducted on 29-2-2008 in Mosul.


13-3-2008: The East- Aramean Chaldean bishop Paulus Faraj Raho killed in Mosul


14-3-2008: Friday 14-3-2008: Funeral of Mgr. Faraj Raho in St. Addai Church in Karemlesh


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Killing of Priest Ragied Aziz Gannie

3-6-2007: East- Aramean Chaldean priest Ragied Aziz Gannie brutally murdered in Mosul along with three deacons by Muslim extremists


25-5-2007: Terror against Arameans (including "Assyrians" and Chaldeans) of Iraq. Ethnic cleansing of the Indigenous people of Iraq


Killing of Isoh Majeed Hadaya

22-11-2006: The West- Aramean Isoh Majeed Hadaya killed by terrorists in Iraq


Killing of Priest Paulus Iskandar

12-10-2006: Aramean priest Iskandar beheaded in Mosul (Iraq)

Aramean people: Aramean people (not to be confused with ‘Armenians’) speak Aramaic, the language spoken by Abraham, Moses and Jesus. They are the indigenous people of what was called in ancient times Aram- Nahrin, in our days it is called ‘Mesopotamia’.

Some Arameans today identify themselves with “Assyrians”, because of the spiritual colonial hate generating activities of the Western missionaries and diplomats in the Middle-East in 16th and 19th centuries. Other Arameans became known as “Chaldeans”. However all of them are Arameans. In Turkey, the Arameans are called: Süryani. In Arabic they are called Al- Suryan.

Depleted Uranium, poisoning of Iraq and laying a complaint against United States


 Dutch Version

  1. Introduction  
  2. Depleted Uranium (DU)  
  3. Complaint against United States on use of DU  
  3.1. Suit the action to the word, and the court case against United States officially submitted  
  4. What are the United States going to do?


1. Introduction


Prior to the illegal and criminal invasion of Iraq in 2003, the Americans and their Middle Eastern cronies launched a large scale and intensive global disinformation campaign against Saddam Hussein's regime to pave the way for invasion, allegedly to “liberate” Iraq from that “cruel dictator Saddam Hussein.”


The climax of lies, fraud and deception of the world was the speech by the United States Secretary of State, Mr. Colin Powell on 5th of February 2003 for the UN Security Council. The Americans managed by their advanced deception to convince the Security Council of the need to intervene in Iraq because of so-called chemical weapons danger. Everything was fabrication and deception!


Speech of Secretary of State Colin Powell to the UN Security Council on 5th of February 2003



After the devastating invasion, Islamic terrorists, under different names such as Al Qaeda, started shooting root in Iraq. Under Saddam Hussein such terrorist group did not exist, he simply did not allow it and crushed them merciless. Terrorism in Iraq is an unholy import product of the criminal colonial Western powers.


These terrorists were created, trained and armed in the insane and bloodthirsty Western colonial laboratories (here, here and here) to immerse Iraq in complete chaos, bloodbaths, misery and collapse.


Result of "liberation" of Iraq and poisoning of the country with DU

In addition to raping, terrorizing, plundering and destruction of Iraq, the invading colonial powers, especially the United States, poisoned the country with Depleted Uranium (DU). This crime was not only done in the invasion of 2003, but also during the 1990 invasion.


More than a million people have been killed with thousands of orphans and widows, corruption, chaos, bloodbaths, ethnic cleansing and massive deportations were the result of "liberation" of Iraq by the Americans and their allies.


Arameans of Iraq

The "liberation" of Iraq has wreaked havoc among the Aramean indigenous nation of Iraq. They have been decimated and marginalized. Before the illegal, criminal and bloodshed invasion by the Americans, the social, economic and religious situation of the Arameans (fake: “Assyrians”) was good in Iraq.


They were highly educated, occupied high social functions and their economic situation was good. The fanatical Islamists had no chance under Saddam Hussein.


Under the watchful eyes of the Americans and British, the Arameans (false: “Assyrians”) were threatened, bullied, kidnapped, murdered, their houses and lands confiscated, their churches blown up and burned down, their clergy kidnapped and murdered, their women dishonored and killed.

This has resulted in that the majority of the Aramean people left behind the native lands of their ancestors, which they have inhabited for thousands of years, and fled to the Western countries.


The anti-Aramean, fraudulent, unholy and occult colonial Western slavery product “Assyrians” have played an important role in the destruction and poisoning of Iraq and in the demise of the Aramean nation. They invited their colonial Western masters and creators Bush and Blair to please come to Iraq and free them from that so-called “cruel dictator” Saddam Hussein.

The occult and apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” commit spiritual fornication with everyone. They get involved with terrorism (here and here) demanding just one condition and that is: promotion of the unholy colonial invention “Assyrians.” What else can one expect from a thoroughly occult mentality but wickedness and misery?


2. Depleted Uranium (DU)


In 1990-1991 and 2003 the Americans and their allies used during the invasions of Iraq weapons in which DU has been processed. They have seriously poisoned the country with major health consequences for the Iraqi population. Below we will tell our reader something about DU.


What is DU?

(see: http://www.cadu.org.uk/intro.htm)


*Depleted Uranium is a waste product of the nuclear enrichment process.

 *After natural uranium has been ‘enriched’ to concentrate the isotope U235 for use in nuclear fuel or nuclear weapons, what remains is DU.

 *The process produces about 7 times more DU than enriched uranium


Despite claims that DU is much less radioactive than natural uranium, it actually emits about 75% as much radioactivity.1 It is very dense and when it strikes armour it burns (it is ‘pyrophoric’).2 As a waste product, it is stockpiled by nuclear states, which then have an interest in finding uses for it.


DU is used as the ‘penetrator’ – a long dart at the core of the weapon – in armour piercing tank rounds and bullets. It is usually alloyed with another metal. When DU munitions strike a hard target the penetrator sheds around 20% of its mass, creating a fine dust of DU, burning at extremely high temperatures.3

This dust can spread 400 metres from the site immediately after an impact.4 It can be resuspended by human activity, or by the wind, and has been reported to have travelled twenty-five miles on air currents.5 The heat of the DU impact and secondary fires means that much of the dust produced is ceramic, and can remain in the lungs for years if inhaled.6


Health Problems


*DU is both chemically toxic and radioactive. In laboratory tests it damages human cells, causing DNA mutations and other carcinogenic effects.8

*Reports of increased rates of cancer and birth defects have consistently followed DU usage.


*Representatives from both the Serbian and Iraqi governments have linked its use with health problems amongst civilians.9

*Many veterans remain convinced DU is responsible for health problems they have experienced since combat


Information from animal studies suggests DU may cause several different kinds of cancer.10 In rats, DU in the blood-stream builds up in the kidneys, bone, muscles, liver, spleen, and brain. In other studies it has been shown to cross both the blood-brain barrier and the placenta,11 with obvious implications for the health of the foetus. In general, the effects of DU will be more severe for women and children than for healthy men.


More on DU......... http://www.cadu.org.uk/intro.htm


3. Complaint against United States on use of DU


Sputnik News reported on 15th of December 2020 in an article entitled “Cancers, Strokes, Birth Defects: Iraq Reportedly Plans to Sue US Over Depleted Uranium Use”: The United States first used depleted uranium (DU) ammunition against Iraq during the Gulf War of 1990-1991, and then again during the 2003 invasion. According to available estimates, the US contaminated Iraq with at least 2,320 tonnes of the highly toxic substance, with DU affecting both American servicemen and Iraq’s civilian population


All that poison ended up in the ground, so that water and agricultural land has been poisoned. Water and food is now poisoned with depleted uranium with the result of increase in cancer cases and other diseases.


We read about the court case: Baghdad will be filing a case against the United States with European courts over Washington’s use of DU weapons, Iraq’s al-Maalomah News Agency has reported, citing Hatif al-Rikabi, an adviser to the Iraqi parliament’s foreign affairs committee.”


Better late than never, however Iraq should have had sued this crime against the country already in 1990.


About the court cases in relation to the violations by the United States we read: “Speaking to the news agency on Sunday, al-Rikabi indicated that he would be filing suits in courts in Sweden and Germany over alleged major US crimes, including the use of depleted uranium munitions”


The United States has indeed committed major crimes against Iraq. Hopefully these crimes will be condemned and sentenced as quickly as possible and adequately.


About the increase of cancer cases, we read: Hundreds of cancer cases are recorded every month, and the figure is clear evidence of how much damage the US forces have done,” al-Rikabi was quoted as saying. The official also called on Iraq’s health authorities to “release facts and figures about casualties caused by US bombing campaigns.”


Deformed children at birth as a result of using depleted uranium to "liberate" Iraq.

On the consequences of use of DU we further read: “……a heightened incidence of cancers, strokes, kidney, lung and liver diseases, miscarriages, premature births and congenital deformities. Wide swathes of the country have been contaminated with radioactive debris”


That is all the result of bringing "democracy", "human rights" and "civilization" to Iraq.


On the increase of cancer cases in relation to the invasions of Iraq by the colonial powers we read: According to Iraqi government estimates, the Middle Eastern nation’s cancer rates rocketed in the wake of the DU attacks, jumping from 40 cases per 100,000 persons in 1991 to 800 per 100,000 in 1995, and 1,600 per 100,000 by 2005.


According to United Nations estimates, the US used at least 230 tonnes of DU munitions in Iraq in 1991, and over 2,000 tonnes more in 2003.


The country is heavily poisoned. The water and soil is poisoned with DU by the Americans and their allies who brought so-called "peace", "civilization" and "democracy" to Iraq. Cleaning the country is a heavy task, if not an impossible challenge.


Iraq is not first country where depleted uranium has been used to poison the land. In 1995 it was used in Bosnia by the US and NATO, in 1999 in Serbia and Kosovo and in 2015 in Syria.


3.1. Suit the action to the word, and the court case against United States officially submitted


Sputnik News reported on 6th of January 2021 in an article entitled “Iraq Files Lawsuit in Swedish Court Over US’ Use of Depleted Uranium Munitions, Report Says”: "Iraq formally filed a lawsuit against the United States over its repeated use of depleted uranium munitions in recent decades, including against Iraq’s former nuclear facilities, Iraq’s al-Maalomah News Agency has reported.”


“The lawsuit was said to have been filed in a Stockholm court on 26 December by Hatif al-Rikabi, an adviser to the Iraqi parliament’s foreign affairs committee.”


“The suit reportedly includes a demand for compensation for bombings which targeted the country’s former nuclear installations in the Nineties and early Noughties, as well as recompense for the use of shells, bombs and missiles containing depleted uranium in US campaigns against Iraq over the decades.”


We welcome the step of Iraq and hopefully that will lead to a satisfactory result for the country.


4. What are the United States going to do?


The big question is, what will the United States do about Iraq's lawsuit? We can't imagine they won't do anything and remain passive. Will they activate their trained, armed and created Islamic terrorists to carry out bomb attacks as a warning against Iraq? Or will they show their displeasure through other more subtle avenues?


The Independent reported on 21st of January 2021 in an article entitled Baghdad bombing: At least 32 killed in first suicide attack in three years: "At least 32 people have been killed and over a 100 wounded in a double suicide bombing of a central Baghdad market, the first such attack in three years.”

“The Iraqi military said two attackers wearing explosive vests blew themselves up among shoppers at a crowded market in Tayaran Square in central Baghdad, when they were “pursued by security forces”.”


Terrorism was brought to Iraq by the Americans and their allies. Before arrival of the Americans, terrorism did not exist in Iraq. It is the unholy import product of colonialism. This is the first attack since 2018. Was this attack perhaps a message to the Iraqi government to refrain from DU lawsuits? Why are we asking this question here?


In our analysis of 8th of May 2020, we wrote about Iraq's agreement with China to restore the country's infrastructure and electricity grid, which had been completely destroyed by the Americans. The Americans became enraged and threatened to kill the prime minister of Iraq.


In addition, the Americans threatened the Iraqi prime minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi with: “….Marine snipers on tall buildings target protesters and security personnel alike in order to pressure me.”


It is therefore highly possible that the January 21, 2021 Baghdad attack was carried out by a Middle Eastern henchman of the Americans or by the American special forces as a warning against Iraq to stop the DU lawsuits.


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