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Testimonies of the brilliant historians of the Syrian Church of Antioch on the Aramean origin of our nation, Synonymy: Aramean/Syrian.


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Question: Who were the ancient Assyrians? Were they simply one ethnicity or a composition of many nations/ tribes?


Who made the East- Aramean Nestorians known as "Assyrians"?


How "Assyrian" fanaticism resulted in terrorism.


Arameans of Syria.


Arameans of Turkey


Arameans of Iraq.


Aramean, history, culture and language, a six partite interview



"Assyrian" terrorism and division within the Aramean nation


Colonialism, “Assyrianism” terrorism, occultism, downfall of the Aramean nation in the Middle-East and their Diaspora.


23-4-2018: "Assyrian" terrorism: The Western Anti-Aramean colonial product “Assyrians” and unconditional loyalty to PKK/YPG and Abdullah Ocalan


23-3-2015: "Assyrian" veneration of Samiramis, the whore of Babylon


21-2-2014: The origin of “Assyrian” fanaticism, their blindness, veneration of occult powers


19-6-2010: A convicted “Assyrian” GHB/PKK/ADO terrorist for 6 months jail is fully being honored and idolized: is this a sign of falling away and is judgment at hand?


28-1-2009: Sabri Atman and Hezbollah- Aram: Sabri Atman: A man of standards and values or... an manipulator and abuser of the Aramean Physical Genocide to promote the immoral western criminal spiritual colonial and slavery product "Assyrians"?


19-12-2008: Pseudo-Assyrians, Pseudo-Chaldaeans, and the Cultural – National Needs of the Aramaean Nation


18-12-2008: Syriacs, "Assyrians" and "Chaldaeans" are all Aramaeans


26-9-2008: Terrorist ‘Kurds’ – Pawns of Merovingian Freemasonry Determined to Eliminate the Aramaeans


25-9-2008: Political Hypocrisy and Historical Forgery by Pseudo-Assyrians and Kurdish Terrorists


25-9-2008: Unprecedented Forgery of Ancient Mesopotamian History Expected to Trigger Chaos


23-9-2008: Pseudo-‘Assyrians’ and ‘Kurdish’ Terrorists: Liars Fostering Chaos and Genocide


22-9-2008: Anti-Christian Unholy Alliance: the Forged "Assyrian" Pseudo-Nation and the PKK Terrorists


21-9-2008: Looming End of Oriental Christianity: Unholy Alliance of ‘Kurdish’ Terrorists with Pseudo-Assyrians


19-9-2008: The Ongoing Aramaean Genocide, the Fabricated Pseudo-Assyrian Nation, and "Kurdish" (PKK) Terrorists


17-9-2008: Persecuted Aramaeans, a Pseudo-Nation of 'Assyrians,' Kurdish Terrorists, and the Anti-Chris


16-9-2008: The primitive, superseded, yet very dangerous ADO ideology unmasked: Jesus Christ the Assyrian?


17-7-2008: "Assyrian" terrorism: The bitter fruits of the spiritual colonial intervention: A monstrous covenant between the PKK and the organization of the apostate Arameans who identify themselves as “Assyrians”, namely: The Assyrian Democratic Organisation


15-9-2007: Wikipedia and Fake News about the Aramean nation: the continuation of Western Spiritual Colonial practices. The source and platform for spread and promotion of “Assyrian” terrorism: history distortions, hatred, lies, slander, attacks, deliberate misrepresentation and manipulations to misguide the independent reader.


22-8-2007: AINA: The international lie- and hate machine and the cause of killing, persecution and decline of the Arameans of Iraq


25-1-2007: The Arameans in Turkey unwillingly put in bad light. Turkish Supreme Court: The terrorist organization ADO/GHB “ Assyrians” added to the terror list.


25-1-2007: Translation of the article published in the Turkish Newspaper 'Zaman' of 19-11-2006. "ADO/GHB" terrorists added to the list of the Turkish Supreme Court


8-10-2005: A disastrous decision of SUA- where are standards and values?



Aramean people: Aramean people (not to be confused with ‘Armenians’) speak Aramaic, the language spoken by Abraham, Moses and Jesus. They are the indigenous people of what was called in ancient times Aram- Nahrin, in our days it is called ‘Mesopotamia’.

Some Arameans today identify themselves with “Assyrians”, because of the spiritual colonial hate generating activities of the Western missionaries and diplomats in the Middle-East in 16th and 19th centuries. Other Arameans became known as “Chaldeans”. However all of them are Arameans.In Turkey, the Arameans are called: Süryani. In Arabic they are called Al- Suryan.

The Western Anti-Aramean colonial product “Assyrians” and unconditional loyalty to PKK/YPG and Abdullah Ocalan



Dutch version

  1. Introduction  
  2. How it had begun….  
  2.1. Beginning of “Assyrian” terrorism  
  2.2. Imprisonment of Ugur/Ogur/Shabo by his friends – establishment of Suroyo Tv and ESU  
  2.3. Spiritual fornication with the PKK, after that with the Turks and now they came back to PKK  
  2.4. Correspondence with Cemil Bayik, the current leader of PKK  
  3. The experiences of Ibrahim Seven  
  3.1. The faithful PR man of PKK, Numan Ugur (Numan Ogur, Numan Shabo, Numan Nesro/ Nisro) calls during the live broadcast  
  3.2. Ibrahim Seven responds to the statements of Mr. Ugur/Ogur/Shabo, the PR man of PKK  

3.2.1. Spiritual fornication with Muslim brotherhood

  4. Madness of Suryoyo Sat  
  5. Closing remarks  
  5.1) Intervention Western Colonial Powers  
  5.2) "Assyrian" Crooks at the United Nations  
  5.3) "Assyrian" fanaticism and occultism  
  5.4) Committing Spiritual fornication  
  5.5) Religious designation  
  5.6) Ancient gods of Mesopotamia  
  5.7) Individuals from other Aramean denominations  
  5.8) Historical travesty: Arameans originate from “Assyrians”?  
  5.9) Christian nation?  
  5.10) Strong demonic activity  



1. Introduction


This analysis is follow-up to our analysis of 17-7-2008 entitled: “The bitter fruits of the spiritual colonial intervention: A monstrous covenant between the PKK and the organization of the apostate Arameans who identify themselves as “Assyrians”, namely: The Assyrian Democratic Organisation


A very small part of the Aramean nation, who call themselves “Assyrians”, do many wrong things causing thereby our people big and many problems. They are the spiritual children of the Western colonial powers, in particular United Kingdom and France.

The Western colonial powers have wreaked havoc among the Aramean people (fake: “Assyrian”) in the 16th and 19th centuries and with that they brought about their downfall in the Middle-East.


The colonial powers have divided the Arameans, weakened them, incited them against one another, invented and promoted fake identities “Chaldeans” and “Assyrians”, created chaos among them, stimulated unprecedented enmity and mutual hatred. In doing so, the Arameans (including “Assyrians” and “Chaldeans”) could not maintain themselves in the hostile environment of Middle-East and lost everything. Instead of organizing and defending themselves against those who are working hard to expel them out of their indigenous lands, they constantly fight and seize each other by the throat. To make the matters worse, they prefer to work with their enemies instead with one another. So much hatred and mutual distrust has been brought about within the Aramean nation by the colonial powers France and United Kingdom, the two most evil powers on the face of the earth.


The Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” are involved with terrorism, collaborate with Muslim brotherhood and other Islamic fanatic groups, keep themselves busy with history distortions, brainwashing and misleading of youngsters, cause troubles between children and their parents, are inventive in wickedness, are experienced in causing strife, chaos, confusion, promotion of division and mutual hatred etc. In doing these and many other wicked things, they cause our people immense damage.


Uninvited, they present themselves as “representatives” of the Aramean people and with that putting our people in a bad light because of their wickedness. The overwhelming majority of the Aramean people utterly rejects their practices and do not want to have anything to do with these cowardly traitors who present our people, against their will, as “Assyrians.”


Because of their terrorist activities, the Aramean people continuously get faced with problems in Turkey and elsewhere. Below, we give few examples. 


1) Harassments/ confiscation of Aramean villages / lands in Tur Abdin, Turkey.

2) Threat of Turkey in 1998 to shut down the St. Gabriel Monastery in Tur Abdin

3) The decision of Turkish Supreme Court in 2006 to add our people to the terrorist list of the Supreme Court

4) Lawsuits against St. Gabriel Monastery in 2008

5) The confiscation of 50 monasteries, churches and graveyards in 2017 by Turkey (It seems that this decision partly has been revoked.)


Because of the unprecedented fanaticism in their heart, they combat the Aramean heritage with unimaginable passion, almost demonic one. However when they have to appear in courts, because for example for their terrorist activities, they do not call themselves “Assyrians”, but Arameans in order to besmirch the Aramean nation with terrorism. Unfortunately, the apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” are not the only ones keeping themselves busy with unholy practices that cannot bear the daylight.


They call themselves “Christians” while their deeds are antichristian. They use Christianity primarily to deceive Westerners and others trying to open doors which normally would have been closed. If you carefully investigate “Assyrianism”, you will discover that in reality it has not much to do with Christianity but it is an occult system with a thin layer of “Christendom” (here, here). Their occultism is clearly expressed in their unprecedented veneration of the old gods of Mesopotamia. This results in terrible hatred they nourish towards the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and His beloved Son Yesuh M’siho (Jesus Christ).


The name “Assyrians” was used for the first time in the 19th century purely as geographical religious phrase in reference to the East- Aramean Nestorians by the Anglican missionaries who were active among the East- Aramean Nestorian tribes of Urmia (Iran) and Hakkaria (border Turkey- Iraq).

Normally, the East- Aramean Nestorians identified themselves as “Suryaye.” The English translation of the Aramaic word “Suryaye” is “Syrians.” The word “Syrians” is immediately being associated with the current country Syria (apart from those who are familiar with the church history) which some people consider it as negative.


After the First World War, the East- Aramean Nestorians gradually started to use the religious term “Assyrians” as an ethnic identification, in particular by those who had immigrated to United States. In the course of time some members of other Aramean denominations started also to use the phrase “Assyrians” as an ethnic name.



The “Assyrians” nourish in general unprecedented hatred towards their Aramean origin and fight against it with “fire and sword.” They change the content of Aramaic books and replace everything by the word “Assyrian.” Phrases like “Syrian/ Syriac” or “Aramean/Aramaic” are replaced by the word “Assyrian”, a complete cultural/ historical falsification.

They are so fierce fanatics that they do everything in their power to propagate the unholy colonial name “Assyrians”, including using the path of terrorism. To them, the end justifies the means. Below we will provide the beloved reader with more details.


In our analysis of 17-7-2008 we explained in detail the unholy and monstrous covenant between “Assyrians” and the PKK.


In this whole process, a fanatical “Assyrian”, Mr. Numan Ugur, played a decisive role. Mr. Ugur, from the village of Mezizah (Turks: Doǧançay) in Tur Abdin, was in 1984/85 recruited by the PKK and after that he got in love with Abdullah Ocalan and the PKK.


Mr. Numan Ugur (alias: Numan Nisro/ Nesro, Numan Shabo, Numan Ogur) does not make any attempt to disguise his love for PKK and Abdullah Ocalan and seizes every opportunity to propagate this love.

He is doing this, together with others, for they have found in PKK a good partner to destroy the Aramean heritage and replacing it by the unholy colonial Western lie-name “Assyrian.”


In various interviews he defends passionately the PKK and Abdullah Ocalan. He regularly appears, as “expert”, on the satellite channel Cira Tv which is affiliated with the PKK, to talk about “Kurdish issues.”


He was interviewed three times by Suryoyo Sat in 2015 and in 2014 (this interview was broadcasted earlier, perhaps in 2010?).


Numan Ugur (Numan Nisro/ Nesro, Numan Shabo, Numan Ogur)

On 22-1-2014 an interview with Mr. Ugur/Ogur/Shabo/Nesro was broadcasted by the “Assyria Tv”, an Aramean youtube based channel. On later date, again he was interviewed by “Assyria Tv.”

During the interview of 22 of January 2014 Mr. Ugur/Ogur/Shabo/Nesro talks about his involvement with the PKK, the beginning of “Assyrian” terrorism, establishment of Gabo Hirutho Bethnahrin (GHB= Mesopotamian Freedom Party), the treason by his former comrades and establishment of Suroyo Tv and ESU (European Syriac Union), their cooperation with Turkey and their return to the PKK.



Below we will provide our beloved reader with more details about this pertinent issue.


2. How it had begun….


The interviewer asks Mr. Ugur/Ogur/Shabo about the establishment of this movement (GHB) and the goal of the organization.


Mr. Ugur/Ogur/Shabo says:

 - Halfway the years 80ies, 84, 85, 88 there was a friendly movement of youngsters in Midyat and surroundings among few friends, the name Assyrian was back then new in Tur Abdin and Istanbul

- At the beginning of 80ies they were active in Istanbul. Tur Abdin was back then not involved.

- As from 1984 the rebels of PKK started….

- Many were forced to leave the country. In 1988 I left the country together with some other friends…

- At the end of 80ies, I tried together some friends to establish an organization. Unfortunately, it did not work, because my ideas were different than theirs. I had joined the PKK in Turkey and had contacts with this movement.

- I had become member of PKK in Turkey, I was unwanted and that is why I escaped.

- I wanted as a son of Syrians, the son of Assyrian people, together with the Assyrian- Syrian youngster do something. However, I noticed that my ideas were not compatible with the way of thinking in Europe.


Comment: Do you see here beloved reader the origin of the unprecedented falsifications of names such as “Asyrians- Suryoye”, “Assyrians- Arameans- Chaldeans”, “Assyrians……”, “Suryoye- Assyrians”, etc.. ? The only goal of colonial “Assyrian” terrorism is nothing but falsification and extermination of the Aramean identity. It is unprecedented treason! They are the wicked fruits of the Western colonial powers.


The question is: Where did the name “Assyrian” suddenly appear from nothing in the 80ies… ’85, … in Tur Abdin? And from whom did Mr. Ugur/Ogur/Shabo/Nesro himself got it? Mr. Ugur/Ogur/Shabo was definitely not educated in “Assyrianism” in the village of Mezizah. So where did he got it from?


Was not this horrific, unholy, occult and genocidal name glorified in the St. Gabriel monastery in Tur Abdin under leadership of Aramaic teacher Mr. Isa Gulten/ Garis who is worshipped by apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” as a god?

Isn’t true that in St. Gabriel monastery since years this demonic and occult ideology is being injected in the hearts and souls of innocent students Aramaic with terrible consequences? It is the abominable ideology of Nimrod/ Asshur antichrist.


In our analysis of 17-7-2008 we wrote about this:

 If we are correct in our assumption, Mr. Numan Ugur from the village of Mezizah, also studied under Isa Gulten in the St. Gabriel monastery. Many people who have studied in the St. Gabriel monastery under leadership of Isa Gulten were very vulnerable to the criminal “Assyrian” ideology and therefore sensitive to the recruitment for GHB/ADO/PKK.


In their struggle against PKK, the Turks regularly also captured “Christians”. Through their special investigation techniques they were able to winkle considerable information, not only from Christians but also from Muslims. In this way they discovered that a very ugly “spiritual stench” was emanating from the St. Gabriel monastery, namely that some young people involved with the PKK had enjoyed their study in the monastery under leadership of Isa Gultan. The Turks became furious. Because, in the house of God, you should definitely not expect this things to happen. And so they threatened to shut down the monastery St. Gabriel.


The GHB/ADO/PKK “Assyrian” terrorists smelled a rat and bombarded the European politicians with the news that Turkey does not respect the freedom of religion and wants therefore shut down the “Assyrian monastery”. And with that the “Assyrian” terrorists had achieved their goal, namely that the politicians took the word “Assyrians” in their mouth, and that was the ultimate goal of these terrorists.


When Turkey threatened in 1998 to shut down the Aramean monastery St. Gabriel, because of unholy practices, it was joyful party to the “Assyrians”! Why? Because with that, they had a brilliant weapon in their hands to bother the Western governments with their usual gamut of lies, deceit and fake accusations towards Turkey.

It is true that human rights were/ are severely violated in Turkey. It is true that there is no such thing as freedom of religion according to the Western standards in Turkey.

However, if someone should not talk about human rights, it is the “Assyrian” terrorists, because they are the biggest violators of human rights. They are pathological liars, traitors, deceivers and history falsifier’s who severely damage the interests and credibility of our people.


In their tasteless propaganda, they used the objectionable, colonial, occult designation “Assyrian Monastery St. Gabriel.” With that they had achieved their goal by promotion of the word “Assyrian.”


However, the apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” kept mum about the reasons behind the threat of Turkey to shut down the monastery. That is their hypocrisy, immorality and spuriousness.


We are convinced, beloved reader, that since 40 years Mr. Isa Gulten/ Garis, his former students and followers/ supporters are being used as a powerful instrument in the hands of satan and his demons to destroy the church from within. The spread of the objectionable, occult “Assyrianism” from St. Gabriel Monastery has, to our sincere view, resulted in terrorism, confusion, disorder, division, mutual hatred and weakening of our beloved Aramean nation. There was a real reason behind the threat of Turkey in 1998 to shut down the monastery.


Mr. Isa Gulten/ Garis is still residing in St. Gabriel monastery and we have no reason to believe that he ever apologized or stopped with spreading the objectionable, hate generating and division promoting “Assyrianism.”


The lax attitude of bishop Samuel Aktas speaks volumes. We are not aware that he ever has taken any action against the activities of Gulten/ Garis regarding spreading the unholy and occult “Assyrianism.” On the contrary, it seems that he is denying everything and gives impression as if he is cooperating.


Ugur/Ogur/Shabo says:

- There were no militant nationalistic youngsters available to working for the nation, to sacrifice. They want family and working beside nationalism.

- That is why I continued with the PKK and went in 1992 to the Middle-East.

- A group of 4, 5 friendly young individuals in Midyat, active, I can say because of progress of PKK, they saw themselves as nationalistic Syrians.


Comment: By whom were “A group of 4, 5 friendly young individuals in Midyat” hypnotized/ brainwashed to embrace the occult, anti-Aramean and antichristian “Assyrianism”? Perhaps by Mr. Gulten/ Garis, his former students or ardent followers?


2.1. Beginning of “Assyrian” terrorism


On the beginning of “Assyrian” terrorism, Mr. Ugur/Ogur/Shabo says:

- In 1993, 1994 these young people contacted me after which they became known as “dauronoye” (revolutionists). In Europe, they started in 1993, 1994 to show a bit activities under platform Tur Abdin or Bethnahrin. However it had not taken shape yet.

- At the beginning of 1995, these friends came to me in Syria and wanted a discussion with the PKK. I was with them and the four friends arrived, I will not mention their name. They stayed few months with us. After that I departed to the mountains in Mesopotamia. After this, a group of young people arrived and we took the arms, however we got this weapons from PKK… It was a guerrilla, the weapons we received from the PKK.

- Okay, we are Suryoye (Syrians), we are Assyrians, whatever we call ourselves, however without the support of PKK we cannot enter the mountains of Mesopotamia. I can say that if I was not involved with the PKK, the PKK would not have known these people (“dauronoye/ revolutionists”)

- As from 1995 until 2000 we had at beginning Media Tv, than Roj Tv. These young people were given access (to the satellite channel), they talk on behalf of dauronoye/ revolutionists, make propaganda as they wish, they got at their disposal a ready-made television station……..”


Comment: This was exactly as agreed with the PKK, namely to achieve by means of PKK media history distortions and deceit of unsuspecting Aramean people. The term “dauronoye” is an Aramaic word for "revolutionists."


Numan Ugur (Numan Shabo, Numan Ogur, Numan Nesro/Nisro)

(Foto: Cira Tv, 9-11-2014)

Pay attention to the year '85 and initials N.U. (= Numan Ugur)

The claim of Ugur/Ogur/Shabo that “I can say that if I was not involved with the PKK, the PKK would not have known these people” is definitely not unfounded but a valid claim.


He played a decisive role in the whole process as it is clearly presented in the PKK newspaper “Berxwedan” of 24th of April 1993. In the article, Mr. Ugur/Ogur/Shabo is mentioned by his initials as N.U. (= Numan Ugur). Everything was punctual agreed and carried out.


On the availability of PKK media for “Assyrian” propaganda, the PKK leader Ocalan says: You should write, our magazine, newspapers are open (for you). It will be written anyway in agreement with your wishes(Berxwedan Page 19, Column4).



Yes indeed, the history distortions were done in agreement with the “wishes” of the “Assyrian” terrorists. In addition they also got monthly 12 hour free of charge broadcasting time on the PKK channel MED Tv/ Roj Tv for the “Assyrian” propaganda.

One of the individual carrying out the "Assyrian" propaganda was madam Attiya Tunc (alias: Attiya Gamri, Attiya Xamri, Attiya Gamri Beth Arsan etc.. ).

About her activities within the PKK channel Med Tv we read in a interview she gave in 2000 to the Dutch national newspaper “Trouw”: "She makes – on a voluntarily basis- program’s which are broadcasted during the twelve hour weekly transmission time the Assyrians have on the Kurdish Satellite channel Med-TV


On the Arameans, Mr. Ugur/Ogur/Shabo says:

- The Arameans aroused as reaction to the Assyrians. The appearance of dauronoye was not a bad idea in the history…. I was one of the establishers of this movement. I was until 2002 with all mine conviction involved with this movement. I was not the only one in this movement….. “


Comment: Arameans aroused as reaction to the so-called “Assyrians”? This is pathetic, cheap and empty talk that is strongly being refuted by the famous and competent scholars of the Syrian Church of Antioch. The Arameans fight against colonialism, against spiritual genocide and against the destruction of their cultural heritage by the intervention of the Western colonial powers.

Mgr. Ugur/Ogur/Shabo and other apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” are perfect instrument in the hands of their colonial masters to bring about the destruction of our beloved heritage. To this people, the end justifies all the means including making an unholy covenant with the PKK. They are cowardly traitors who serve the interests of other peoples. They serve those who severely have persecuted, slaughtered our people and confiscated their indigenous lands.

In Syria, the Kurds continue with their unprecedented terror against the Aramean nation (fake: “Assyrian”) and confiscating their properties. Mr. Ugur/Ogur/Shabo and others along with him are a perfect instrument in the hands of Kurds to hide their crimes and present themselves as: democratic, respecting human rights and multiform.


Is according Mr. Ugur/Ogur/Shabo “The appearance of dauronoye was not a bad idea in the history”? This is definitely not in agreement with the reality.


The appearance of dauronoye/ revolutionists, under leadership of PKK and Mr. Ugur/Ogur/Shabo has caused havoc among our people and in the church. Children are incited against their parents, hatred is created and promoted between the families, brother is incited against brother, sons incited against fathers and daughters against mothers. Unprecedented hatred, distrust and division is realized with the Aramean nation and the church. Therefore, we are convinced that the appearance of “Assyrian” ADO/PKK/GHB/MUB terrorism was nothing but a powerful instrument in the hands of satan and his demons to cause havoc within the Aramean nation and the church.


On the recruitment of unsuspecting youngsters for terrorism, Mr. Ugur/Ogur/Shabo says:

- Dozens of young people in Europe had left their women, father, mother, children, sisters and life. They believed in the goal that Syrian- Assyrian nationalism was serving the entire Mesopotamia and the world. I can also say that because of that we managed in short time to achieving our goal…..


Comment: It is true that many young people were brainwashed/ recruited by Mr. Ugur/Ogur/Shabo and his friends with the help of PKK. The life of these people were completely destroyed. Some had become insane, others killed by their comrades.


The recruitment/ brainwashing of young people for terrorism / guerilla was carried out according the agreement made between PKK and the “Assyrians”. This is in detail presented in the PKK newspaper Bexwedan of 24-4-1993. Abdullah Ocalan says:


Page 16, Column 3:


  • For years I struggled alone, but at this moment the PKK achieved such a level that it is undefeatable.  

  • We want you also to contribute to this to become a part of it.

  • This would give evidence of your reliability.

  • We are ready for that and are eager to see that (from your side).

  • We also want to help when you return back to your villages.

  • We are ready to do everything possible we can.

  • Yes, I don’t know exactly, what is your real requirement, what is the status/ structure of the organization (to be established), this issues I wish to hear from you.


Page 18, Column 6, he says:


  • It is clear that the Syrian contribution (to the PKK), to the new building up ( of the region) in the liberation of the people may play a pronounced role.


Page 19, Column 1, he says:


  • We are building up a front.

  • I believe that the Assyrian movement also should get a place within this front.  

  • The Syrians living in Syria originate for an important from Turkey.

  • As result of this, those (Syrians) liven in Turkish Kurdistan can participate in the front.  

  • That is why they directly can participate (in the front).

  • They jointly may organize demonstrations, mass meetings

  • If they are available, we can also send some youngsters to the mountains (for the struggle).

  • There are anyway some youngsters from the villages around the Cudi- mountain participating (in the struggle).


Page 19, Column 2, he says:


  • I believe that we have done all the necessary for an important from our side.  

  • Do you want also to try this?

  • The caravan of revolution is moving forward, are you prepared to participate in this caravan?

  • I believe you should for sure take a place in this (revolution).  


Page 20, Column 4, he says:


  • As I told (before), we may also call you for the front.

  • This also shall make your people more trustworthy, make the Assyrian identity legitimate, preparing the people.


In other words: Everything was accurately carried out as was agreed.


2.2. Imprisonment of Ugur/Ogur/Shabo by his friends – establishment of Suroyo Tv and ESU


In 2003 Mr. Ugur/Ogur/Shabo was abducted by his PKK/GHB/ADO “dauronoye”/ revolutionist comrades in Germany. On the state of GHB, the sister organization of PKK, he says:

During many demonstrations, the “Assyrian” GHB/PKK/ADO terrorists glorified their organization "GHB", the sister party of PKK, on banners.

- "But when we established in 2000 the Gabo Hiro D’Bethnahrin (GHB= Mesopotamian Freedom Party), problems, treason started to arise from within ….

- "In 2001 I began discovering issues that were wrong…. They (his comrades) have made contact with Turkey, I was told by people here……

- "At the beginning of 2000, when our congress was organized in the mountains of Kandil….. The Kurdish friends told me that they were not happy with my (Assyrian) friends…. They told me: Numan, on behalf of PKK you made contacts with many secret services, you are experienced, how did you let mislead yourselves by few young people?.....”


 Comment: Mr. Ugur/Ogur/Shabo was indeed an important PKK representative making contacts with other countries on behalf of PKK. He was the executor of the decisions of PKK. On the implementation of the agreement between PKK and the “Assyrians”, the PKK leader Ocalan puts the responsibility completely in the hands of Ugur/Ogur/Shabo and says: “On behalf of PKK you may write N.U. (= Numan Ugur). You should carry out here the decision of the party. Write together, we will carry out the decision of the party. This issue is beyond doubt; there will be taken care for it.” (Page. 19, Column 5)


On his abduction, Ugur/Ogur/Shabo says:

At the beginning of 2003, I had a meeting with my friends in Germany in a home…. There I was abducted and the police get involved etc… ”

“My friends and I would have had a meeting. We would talk about matters in Europe or in the Middle-East. What is the state of guerilla, the support (from people) for our friends is decreasing, there is treason, lies within us. Why are this things happening? I wanted to talk about these matters. During the meeting, my friends threaten me and tell me that I am (their) prisoner.

“When I came back from Mesopotamia to Europe, only one or two friends were aware of that, not all of them. Even just one or two friends of PKK were aware that I was forced to flee to Europe…”

“My friends abducted me and later on, the policed picked up all of us… ”

“The friends who had taken me as prisoner were later convicted… ”


A question of the interviewer: What was the reason behind their threat and your imprisonment?”


Ugur/Ogur/Shabo: The reason was because their way of working of deceit and lies was not acceptable anymore……..”


Comment: Mr. Ugur/Ogur/Shabo elaborates on his imprisonment and the “treason” by his friends of GHB/MUB dauronoye, establishers of Suroyo Tv and ESU.


In Kolo Suryoyo of 15-9-2003 there was an article about kidnapping of Ugur/Ogur/Shabo by his (former) friends:

“After seven months detention, the three “Assyrian” GHB- members were convicted because of kidnapping. They are Fikri Aygur (Chairman ACSU, Netherlands), Iskender Alptekin (Switzerland) and Midyat Demircioglu (Sweden). The police is still looking for the so-called “secretary- general of the GHB” from Switzerland and furthermore three individuals (names unknown). The GHB is a splinter-faction who identify themselves and the Syrian-Aramean people as “Assyrians” and with 300 recruited youngsters want to liberate Mesopotamia from the occupier. The group works together with the Kurds, is forbidden in Turkey and is being rejected by own people. After the [ex]- leader Numan Ogur started to call the whole politics of GHB as senseless and wanted to leave the GHB, he left the mountains (in Mesopotamia) for Germany and was on 16-2-2003 kidnapped in Primasens (Germany) by the board members of GHB.

What during the court process came to light, was especially shocking the statements of the witnesses regarding brutal “disciplinary measures” against two young people from Iraq who were killed because they refused to join the war (process news: 21-8-2003). Armed members of the party [GHB] were […. ] in the north of Iraq for protection against the Kurds (Process news:14-8-2003)


In addition, as it is evident from newspaper headlines, the GHB- members identify themselves in the German and Turkish newspapers not as “Assyrians”, but as Arameans during the kidnapping criminal court case. In doing so, the GHB has severely damaged the reputation of the Syrian- Aramean people.


New Organization, Suroyo Tv and MUB.


Comment: ACSU= Assyrian- Chaldean- Syriac Union. Fikri Aygur (Alias: Fikri Aho) was the chairman of ACSU.

After the kidnapping of their leader Numan Ugur/Ogur/Shabo, the dauronoye/ revolutionists established new organization, changed the name of GHB (Gabo Hirutho Bethnahrin), that is the sister organization of PKK established by the PKK and Ugur/Ogur/Shabo, was changed into MUB (Mautbonutho Umtonoyo Bethnahrin).

I addition, they also established satellite channel called Suroyo Tv.

The name of the newly established organization was European Syriac Union (ESU).


Yes indeed, these traitors called themselves “Arameans” during the criminal court case in Germany to avoid damage to the occult “Assyrian” name and to relate the Aramean name with terrorism. Can you see here beloved reader their unprecedented wickedness? Aren’t they inventive in evilness?


Fake and wicked clergy


How about those among the clergy and laity who falsely scream from the housetops saying: “We all are brothers, let we forgive one another”? Do these fake leaders care about the victims of these terrorists, the hatred, the division and hostility they have created within our church and beloved Aramean nation? Do these so-called spiritual leaders care about the commandment of Yesuh M’siho/ Jesus Christ? But of course not, because they gave themselves over to the spirit of Nimrod/ Asshur the antichrist.


Truly, we are dealing here with unprecedented weak-kneed traitors who work for other people. So much the worse are those who welcome them, greet them, make doors open for them and shake their hands.

All this wicked behavior within the clergy and laity is well- summarized in Jude 1:4: For some godless people have slipped in unnoticed among us, persons who distort the message about the grace of our God in order to excuse their immoral ways, and who reject Jesus Christ, our only Master and Lord. Long ago the Scriptures predicted the condemnation they have received.


On the cooperation between “dauronoyee/GHB/MUB/ESU/Suroyo Tv” and Turkey, Ugur/Ogur/Shabo says:

“After 1993 (it should be 2003) I was expelled out of this movement, after the opening of Suroyo Tv and there was no talk anymore about the genocide. The cooperation with dauronoye start here. ‘Numan is the man of PKK’, you should therefore throw him out, you will get money. Here, they have committed two sorts of treason. Treason of their people and treason of friends…”


Comment: Mr. Ugur/Ogur/Shabo elaborates in detail on the contacts between his old friends of “dauronoyee/GHB/MUB/ESU/Suroyo Tv “ and the Turkish secret service, the financial support they received and the 1st April party in 2005 held in Midyat etc.. Before, they were unwanted individuals and now they can unhindered travel to Turkey and met with Turkish police in Ankara and Midyat. After their contacts with Turkey, they dropped the issue of genocide etc..


It is remarkable that Ugur/Ogur/Shabo says about his former comrades: Here, they have committed two sorts of treason. Treason of their people and treason of friends…


How about himself? He committed treason against the Aramean nation by his spiritual fornication with the PKK. It seems to him that it is no problem to go to bed with PKK, but considers as treason to shake the hands of Turks. These are clearly double standards and fake scales and nothing else.

All of them are traitors and should be immediately thrown out of the church and community.


2.3. Spiritual fornication with the PKK, after that with the Turks and now they came back to PKK


On the new contacts between dauronoyee/GHB/MUB/ESU/Suroyo Tv and PKK, Ugur/Ogur/Shabo says:

“Since few months, these people want to make new contacts with the PKK… since few months… and there has been high level contacts with the friends of PKK … They officially confirm this in a letter to me: ‘We forgive them as the children of Assyrian- Syrian people. Your people is killed, unjust has been done by aga’s….’ ”


Comment: Mr. Ugur/Ogur/Shabo is still thoroughly involved with the PKK and is serving as their PR man. Please pay again attention to the objectionable genocidal forgery: “Assyrian-Syrian” people. Forgery, deceit and confusion is their trademark and PKK is stimulating this wickedness.


Abdullah Ocalan does not state without reason that: “I say forty times that the Assyrians do exist” (Page 19, column 4)……. “The history will be rewritten” (Page 19, Column 5)…. . “Until the end we recognize. It is also been published in our publications. We never denied the Assyrians as a people. This got plenty of attention in our publications (Page 19, Column 5).


Spiritual fornication with the PKK was/is a vivid attempt of these traitors to destroy the Aramean heritage.

Everything was meticulously carried out in agreement with the unholy covenant they made.


According to Ugur/Ogur/Shabo, PKK wrote him: “Your people is killed, unjust has been done by aga’s…. How about the terror of PKK against our people?


On the so-called respect of PYD in Syria says Ugur/Ogur/Shabo:

“The PYD is the arm of PKK in Syria, is respecting our people… for example in Tigris or other areas under its control… they are doing this not because of dauronoye, but because of the mistakes of their forefathers… the PKK will forgive them…..”


Comment: Do you see how Ugur/Ogur/Shabo tries to promote PKK/PYD by stating “respecting our people”? Instead of promoting PKK/PYD, he should get informed on the situation of our people in Syria. He accepts everything as sweat cake from them.

While the Kurds terrorize, kidnap our people in Syria, plundering and confiscating their homes and villages and doing their utmost best to ethically cleanse the Aramean areas (see also here, here and here), Mr. Ugur/Shabo/Ogur is doing his best to create a very positive picture about the Kurds. This is nothing but treason, approval and covering up of human rights violations.

In addition, the Aramean Catholic bishop Jaques Hindo in Hassekee, Syria, is reporting much less “joyful” experiences with PYD than Mr. Ugur/Shabo/Ogur does (see hereafter paragraph 2.4).


On his former comrades, dauronoyee/GHB/MUB/ESU/Suroyo Tv, Ugur/Shabo/Ogur says:

“The dauronoye/ revolutionists are trying to gain profit with that by stating that their fighters cooperate with the PKK. Because PKK is respecting the Syrian [Aramean] people, they (dauronoye) use that and want to show that they have a guerrilla, because 5 or 10 individuals have taken weapons, and that they once again cooperate with the PKK…. After many wanderings with Turkey, Muslim groups they came back to the PKK… the door of PKK is open for them, for all peoples of Mesopotamia…”


Comment: Once traitor, always traitor! Their spiritual fornication is without boundaries!


On his long involvement with PKK, Ugur/Ogur/Shabo says:

“I am, as an individual, involved since 30 years with the PKK, today I am involved with the Kurdish National Congress. I know that the PKK respects all the people of Mesopotamia. I have been living and experiencing that. The PKK of today respects our people… the dauronoye want to make their profit from few things that are going on…”


Comment: The love and loyalty of Ugur/Ogur/Shabo to PKK is unprecedented high. And as a kind of representative of PKK, he tries to make the organization sweet with the unsuspecting Aramean nation.


The claim of Ugur/Ogur/Shabo that “The PKK of today respects our people” is not in agreement with the reality.


The PKK is together with Ugur/Ogur/Shabo and other so-called “Christian” slaves recruited by the PKK busy with committing a spiritual genocide on the Aramean nation. If PKK had any respect for the Aramean people, they would have not used people like Ugur/Ogur/Shabo and other apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” as powerful instrument trying to destroy the Aramean cultural heritage.


2.4. Correspondence with Cemil Bayik, the current leader of PKK


Mr. Ugur/Ogur/Shabo proudly tells about correspondence with Cemil Bayik, the current leader of PKK:

“Correspondence with Cemil Bayik, the leader of PKK… he said: ‘we forgive these people (dauronoyee/revolutionists/ GHB/MUB/ESU/Suroyo Tv) not because we trust them, but because they are children of the Assyrian- Syrian people…’ ”


Comment: “Assyrian- Syrian” is the goal of Ugur/Ogur/Shabo and other apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” to commit spiritual fornication with the PKK. Falsifying, confusion, deceit and creation of chaos is their trademark. These traitors have found in PKK a formidable partner in realizing historical distortions.


Mr. Ugur/Ogur/Shabo proudly tells about his contacts with PYD in Syria, saying:

“Talked with Salih Muslim…. All statements of PYD are for 100% influenced by the PKK.. Salih Muslim confirms this by stating that they are connected with Ocalan and PKK…. That is why we openly cooperate with our friends…. ”

“Few months ago I had during a gathering a meeting with this friend (Salih Muslim). I asked Salih Muslim to extra take care for our people… we are old friends, we know one another for 20 years, he knows that I am Syrian [Aramean] and the whole PKK knows this…. His answer was: ‘a new constitution is being prepared … 20th or 23rd of this month (December 2013?) … There are three peoples in Tigris, Arabs, Kurds and Syrians [Arameans], they all have equal rights….’ “

“Our people gets for 100% their rights….. Kamishli will be the capital city of Gozarto (northern Syria).”


Comment: The Kurds have hypnotized / brainwashed Mr. Ugur/Ogur/Shabo to such an extent that he believes everything they say to him, regardless of what is happening to our people there in Syria. He has become a loyal PR man of the Kurds and promotes PKK/PYD with lovely passion.


The admiration of Ugur/Ogur/Shabo for the PKK and PYD in Syria is being refuted and belied by the reality on the ground. The Aramean catholic bishop Jacques Hindo has a completely different experiences with the PYD in Syria and is definitely not laudable about it.


We refer to the next articles:


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Other articles/ analysis on PKK/PYD, which are unprecedented glorified by Ugur/Ogur/Shabo, are:


4-10-2017: The Big ISIS and SDF Lies of the US: ‘Kurdistan’ and New Gas Wars

26-9-2017: The Myth of the Kurds in Syria YPG’s Moral Excellence

26-9-2017: Kurdish PKK and YPG’s Hidden Notorious Crimes: Kidnapping, Murder, and Narcotics Trafficking


The Kurds in Syria utterly misuse the existing vacuum with the assistance of their “Assyrian” dauronoye/ revolutionists slaves to terrorize, abduct, confiscate the homes, villages and properties of the Arameans (fake: “Assyrian”) and other minorities under their sphere of influence. In doing so, they make the life for the Arameans unbearable and forcing them to leave, out of sheer necessity, the areas under Kurdish influence through which ethnic cleansing is being realized. To Mr. Ugur/ Shabo/Ogur seems all these horrors committed by the Kurds not something to bother about!


Ugur/Ogur/Shabo cannot get enough of glorifying his Kurdish masters and say:

“A friend whom I know very well, a human rights activist, called me few days ago that he now was busy with the new constitution… and told me that he was eager to read few paragraphs about your people…. I told him that it was enough for me if you mention that the “Syrian- Assyrian” people is one of the indigenous peoples of Mesopotamia and is the owner of the land… ”

“The PYD is taking the Assyrian- Syrian people serious and not the friends (dauronoye/revolutionists GHB/MUB/ESU/Suroyo Tv) who present themselves….”


Comment: This is all about, namely falsification of the Aramean heritage and replacing it by unholy colonial product “Assyrianism”, as precisely agreed with the PKK. To Ugur/Ogur/Shabo it is totally not of interest that the PKK/PYD make themselves guilty of severe human rights violations.


We are convinced that the activities of Numan Ugur/Ogur/Shabo and others have amongst others contributed to:

1) “Assyrian” terrorism,

2) Harassments/ confiscation of Aramean villages / lands in Tur Abdin, Turkey,

3) Threat of Turkey in 1998 to shut down the St. Gabriel Monastery in Tur Abdin,

4) The decision of Turkish Supreme Court in 2006 to add our people to the terrorist list of the Supreme Court,

5) Lawsuits against St. Gabriel Monastery in 2008,

6) The confiscation of 50 monasteries, churches and graveyards in 2017 by Turkey (it seems that this decision partly has been revoked.)


Mr. Ugur/Ogur/Shabo and other apostate Arameans are sacrificing the Aramean people (fake: “Assyrian”) for their spiritual fornication with the PKK and does not want to know about the horrible consequences to the interests of Aramean nation. He is defending PKK/YPG with all means possible and does not want to hear anything negative about the Kurdish terror in Syria against the Aramean nation. We consider this as highest form of treason and such an individual should be outright removed from our community.


In Turkey the PKK made a misery of the life of Arameans. They invaded the Aramean homes, demanding food by threatening them with weapons. The defenseless Arameans had no choice but to give the PKK soldiers food to spare their own lives. Following that, the Kurdish fellow villagers of Arameans, many of whom were working for the Turkish secret service (MIT), filed a complaint against them with the local police because of their “support” to the PKK. The next day the Arameans were visited by the units of Turkish army, were heavily beaten and thrown in jail. The most Kurdish imams in the villages were friends with the Turkish government and considered Arameans as “unclean ones” and “infidels.”


The Arameans were living in hell sandwiched between the weapons of PKK and Turkish army. They were on their own and got support from no one! The Aramean were terrorized, persecuted, threatened and harassed until they had no choice but to leave. The fanatical Kurds threatened to kill them if they would not leave and used perverse/ vulgar language against their women to humiliate them.


In doing so, the Arameans were forced out of their villages in Tur Abdin which they had been inhabiting since thousands of years.

After this, the Islamic Kurdish fellow villagers confiscated the Aramean lands, vineyards, homes and properties. In few instances they paid a meaningless small amount of money, but in the most cases they confiscated without any meaningful payment.

The Turks and Kurds worked together to expel the majority of Aramean out of Tur Abdin. The Kurds received the Aramean properties as rewards for their cooperation with the Turkish government.


In Syria, the Kurds are repeating exactly the same tactic of harassments, terrorizing, expelling and confiscating.


In other words: plundering, stealing, confiscating properties of others is the trademark of the Kurds.


Kurds and democracy, human rights and respect? Are your out of your mind? Their dictionary does not contain these things!

The Turks and Kurds worked together to expel the Arameans from their villages in Tur Abdin after which they were rewarded the properties of the Arameans, exactly like they also did during the genocide of 1915. The Kurds slaughtered our people together with the Turks and as rewards they got the very young girls, lands and other properties of the Arameans and Armenians.


The PKK knew very well that their blackmail and oppression of the Aramean people to provide them met food would provoke the horrific and merciless terror of the Turkish army and their Kurdish Islamic supporters against the defenseless Arameans. They also knew very well that their Kurdish Islamic brothers, among whom many were working for the Turkish secret service (MIT), would lay a complaint against their fellow Aramean villagers with the Turkish army and in addition threatened them.

The PKK clearly contributed to the ethnic cleansing of the Arameans of Tur Abdin.


The fact that Numan Ugur/Ogur/Shabo, the PR man of the PKK tries with all his strength to promote the PKK and make it “sweet” with the Aramean people is to our view nothing but treacherous, cowardly, criminal and objectionable. We believe that everyone who is keeping his company is accessory to his practices.


3. The experiences of Ibrahim Seven


In contrast with Mr. Numan Ugur/Ogur/Shabo, Ibrahim Seven has completely different experience with Ocalan and the PKK. On 15th of June 2015, there was a live interview with Ibrahim Seven on Suryoyo Sat.

Mr. Seven is very experienced politician. He was politically active in Turkey until the coup of 1980. After the coup he escaped Turkey and went with many of his friends to Syria.

Mr. Seven several times met with Abdullah Ocalan. He also knows the current leader of PKK, Mr. Cemil Bayik very well and had a meeting with him in 1992 in Rotterdam, Netherlands.


On his meeting with Abdullah Ocalan, he says: “After the coup of 1980, many fled to Syria and the West, I went to Syria where also many Kurds were there, stayed 3 years in Syria, met with Abdullah Ocalan, spoke with him between 90-100 hours. I know the man good, because I spoke to him by sight to sight…. ”


About his impressions with Abdullah Ocalan, he says:

“Kurdish Aga mentality and Kurdish murderer’s mentality. Take Stalin, Saddam and add to them a Kurdish Aga, that is the person of Abdullah Ocalan. In your presence he is praising you, his policy is the day (moment) policy, what he gets inspired that day, that is his policy. He is dictator, where is democracy with the Kurds? I was the first person who met with Abdullah Ocalan…. He had an idea to send me to Europe, advertising Ocalan and PKK and that they were good for Christians. I refused his idea, why? As I said, he was no democrat….”


Comment: Did you catch that beloved reader? “He had an idea to send me to Europe, advertising Ocalan and PKK and that they were good for Christians


In contrast with the fanatical and apostate Arameans who identify themselves as “Assyrians”, such as Numan Ugur/Ogur/Shabo and others, Ibrahim Seven did not commit treason against the Aramean nation by serving as slave and PR man of PKK. Mr. Seven refused, in contrast to Ugur/Shabo/Ogur, to become doormat of PKK and Ocalan.


On the apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” who were recruited by Ocalan, he says:

“After a while, he (Ocalan) found individuals within our people, established Kurdish Parliament, 5 individuals became members and claimed that they were representatives of Syrian [Aramean] people….. if I am representative of Syrians [Arameans], the Syrian [Aramean] people should appoint me as their representative. I talked with those parliamentarians and asked them: who has chosen you to join the parliament on behalf of our people? I did not play this role and the reason is that the person (Ocalan) is not democratic and secondly, only if the Syrian [Aramean] people would appoint me as their representative, than it is okay.”


Comment: There were indeed 5 apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” who had joint the Kurdish Parliament.

One of them, apart from Numan Ugur/Ogur/Shabo, who had joined the Parliament was Ferman/ Circis Aslan (alias: George Aryo). Mr. Aslan is also in love with the PKK and is passionately advertising it. He was one of the establishers of Kurdish Parliament (more about this in paragraph 3.2).


On Cemil Bayik, the current leader of PKK, Ibrahim Seven says:

“After Apo I know Cemil Bayik from his young years. In 1992 Bayik came to Rotterdam and I went to meet him. In those times, the PKK was vandalizing stores, occupying motorways. I told him, ‘Cemil, this is not good (what you are doing), in doing so you cause yourself a bad name.’ He agreed with me, but said that “our leader does not listen to us.” If you talk to him, perhaps he will listen to you. ”


3.1. The faithful PR man of PKK, Numan Ugur (Numan Ogur, Numan Shabo, Numan Nesro/ Nisro) calls during the live broadcast


The loyal PR man of the PKK, Numan Ugur/Ogur/Shabo, who together with PKK and other apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” are doing their best to commit a spiritual genocide on the Aramean nation could not refrain from calling during the live broadcast to underscore his unprecedented love for the PKK and Abdullah Ocalan.


On his experience with Ocalan and PKK, Ugur/Ogur/Shabo says:

“The last 30 years, after rising of PKK, many things have been changed. Perhaps Ibrahim have talked with him (Ocalan) for hours. I have had for years contact with him and lived in the same home as Ocalan. I have a history of long discussions with him. That is why Ibrahim is wrong about Ocalan. ”


Comment: He lived in the same home as Ocalan. That explains his unconditional loyalty to Ocalan and PKK. They effectively have hypnotized / programmed him through which he accepts everything from their hands. He had become a confidant of Ocalan. That is the reason he had a very important job within PKK and executed the decisions of PKK.

Abdullah Ocalan says: “On behalf of PKK you may write N.U. (= Numan Ugur). You should carry out here the decision of the party. Write together, we will carry out the decision of the party. This issue is beyond doubt; there will be taken care for it.” (Newspaper Berxwedan Page. 19, Column 5)


The first covered warning


Numan Ugur/Ogur/Shabo, the PR man of PKK, warns Suryoyo Sat and Ibrahim Seven in covert terms saying:

Secondly, we as Suryoyo Sat which is representing a major part of our people, one of the television channels we have, that is respected by our people. If you compare the leader of a people like Ocalan, where thousands die for him and millions support him, with Stalin, Saddam and Kurdish Aga, with that you offend the leader of a people. We have as Syrians [Arameans] no interests in such issue. Someone may have a view, but it is necessary to look at the advantages / disadvantages of each view.”


Comment: Because he lived with Ocalan, he is being used by the leaders of PKK giving him the feeling as if they respect him. His wishes are being realized by the PKK. And one of this wishes is the falsification of the Aramean cultural heritage replacing it by “Assyrinaism.”

Mr. Ugur/Ogur/Shabo is on personal initiative in bed with PKK. What do the peaceful minded Aramean nation have to do with his spiritual “Assyrian” fornication? The Aramean nation have totally no interests whatsoever in the private adventures of Ugur/Ogur/Shabo with PKK and Abdullah Ocalan. Why should our people consider this traitor who have sold our people to others for his private adventures? Our people have nothing to do with his spiritual fornication, so why bothering about?


Again, Mr. Ugur/Ogur/Shabo underscores his admiration for his friend Abdullah Ocalan who according to him has appointed Erol Dora as member of (Turkish) Parliament:

“At the times of (Turkish) Republic, we had never a Parliamentarian, however thanks to Ocalan, we now do have Parliamentarian Erol Dora. The political atmosphere created by the PKK has done some good things to our people. In Syria, in spite of wars, our people is honored as a people with Christian culture and Syrian [Aramean] culture as well, we should mention this as well…”

“I do not want to claim that Ocalan is a holy person, but I can say that in the history of Kurdistan there has been no other Kurdish leader as Ocalan who had honored the Syrian [Aramean] people and Armenian people. I did not see something like this in the history and also did not read about it….”


Comment: This is sad, real sad! He is totally unaware that he is being used as instrument in their hands to make such admirable statements. He is very good trained by the PKK.


His love for the PKK is unprecedented as he says:

“In the history of the Kurds there has been nothing as nice as the PKK… In contrast to the injustice of the Kurdish Agas, the PKK has, okay during the fights with the Turks we had suffered as well and had to flee, but it (PKK) did not persecute us and respected our culture. In the manifest of the PKK the rights of the people living in Mesopotamia are still guaranteed, such as Assyrians- Syrians are mentioned All these things I can say took place with the approval of Ocalan…


Comment: Exactly Mr. Ugur/Ogur/Shabo, “Assyrians- Syrians”, that was the goal of the unholy covenant.

That had justified the path of terrorism, sacrificing the defenseless boys/ girls, creation of hatred and division, creation of strife between families, brothers, between children and their parents and between men and women.

Mr. Ugur/Ogur/Shabo seems to be brainwashed to such an extent that everything related to PKK or Ocalan is holy to him.


Second covered warning


Mr. Ugur/Ogur/Shabo underscores the importance of PKK, the necessity to work together and delivers a covered warning for the second time:

“We also have advantages with (our cooperation) with this people (of the PKK)… Or we should say that we never want to return to Mesopotamia. If we say that we want to live in the area of Mesopotamia, or in Tur Abdin or in northern Syria, to be honest we need the PKK. Without the PKK, ISIS would have expelled all the Syrians [Arameans] from the northern Syria. The fighting groups associated with the PYD, who are HPG and JPG, fight to defend the borders in the north of Syria, but they also defend our people. If tomorrow the Kurds are defeated, ISIS will slaughter our people…. ”

“That is why I again say, if we want to live in peace in our land with the Kurds, we need the PKK. Ibrahim has a different view regarding Ocalan, they did not like one another. I do not want that this become a problem between us and the Kurds. Today they [Kurds] will say that someone has spoken out on the Syrian [Aramean] broadcasting channel about Ocalan. Many Syrians [Arameans] speak Kurdish and will pass on. Later on I will get phone calls about why he spoke out like that and why did Suryoyo Sat say like that…


Comment: In the view of Mr. Ugur/Ogur/Shabo, everybody should talk very positive about the PKK and Mr. Ocalan. Otherwise he will get phone calls from his friends of PKK who will complain about negative publicity. What Mr. Ugur/Ogur/Shabo is doing here is nothing but trying to restrict the freedom of expression/ press. This is dictatorial Stalinist mentality.

That Mr. Ugur/Ogur/Shabo tries together with his friends of PKK to falsify the Aramean cultural heritage, in his perception nothing is wrong with that! That is how it was agreed and is mentioned in the manifest of PKK. That Mr. Ugur/Ogur/Shabo is in love with PKK and Mr. Ocalan, it is his private choice! However what has the Aramean nation to do with his spiritual fornication? It is his own private matter and his decision, our people have nothing to do with that. That he apparently cannot live without the PKK, it is his own problem, not ours! Why should the peaceful minded Aramean nation listen to him and take him into account?


Third covered warning


Again, Ugur/Ogur/Shabo warns, in covered terms, Suryoyo Sat not to broadcast such programs in the future, saying:

“I want to tell you, from a pure heart, as a son of the Syrians [Arameans], as son of this people, before broadcasting such program’s you could talk with the invited guest speaker that there are red matters which could damage our people…..”

“In this whole issue, I do not take the matter hard, but for the future of these two peoples to live in peace with one another, I say that we should be careful with such things….”


Comment: Does this also apply to Turkey and Recep Tayyip Erdogan or only to PKK and Ocalan?


3.2. Ibrahim Seven responds to the statements of Mr. Ugur/Ogur/Shabo, the PR man of PKK


Ibrahim Seven wiped the floor with the comments of Numan Ugur/Ogur/Shabo, the PR man of PKK and says:

“We should not be afraid to criticize. The idea that ‘the Kurds are strong and therefore we should not resist them’ is the thought of dhimmi, it originates from Islam, it is submission. Who did confiscate our land?... Mustafa Kamal called our land “Guney Dogu”, that is southeast. What does PKK says? They say: this is Kurdistan, Syria, Rojava is Kurdistan. Kamishli, Hassakee is not Rojava Kurdistan. That area is Syria, 2500 year ago the name of that area was Syria… They want to wipe out our name from the history. They say there (northern Syria) is Rojava Kurdistan, that is not true, that is Syria… If we are afraid, if we are afraid here in Gutersloh!!!!….”


Comment: Mr. Seven takes more independent position regarding the Kurds compared to Ugur/Ogur/Shabo who unfortunately is doing everything to make them “sweet.” It is well noticed by Mr. Seven that “They want to wipe out our name from the history.” That was also the goal of the unholy covenant between PKK and “Assyrians”, to eradicate our name and they continue to do so until today.

To achieve this goal, the PKK media was put at the disposal of the occult and apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians.”


Circis/ Ferman Asslan (alias: George Aryo)

Photo: Roj Tv

On the apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” and unasked act as representatives of the Aramean people, Mr. Seven says:

“There are some people who act as representatives of the Syrians [Arameans], such as George Aryo etc. Who did choose them? ”


Comment: Indeed, who did choose them? Nobody! They unasked push themselves forward as representatives of Aramean people while our people utterly rejects them. It is a private initiative where the peaceful minded Aramean nation have nothing to do with.

In the media he identifies himself as “George Aryo”, however his original name is Circis Aslan. Later on he changed his forename from Circis to Ferman.


Mr. Ferman/ Circis Aslan glorifies PKK and Ocalan with a passion comparable to Numan Ugur/Ogur/Shabo.

Mr. Aslan is intensively involved with the PKK and affiliate organizations. In 1995, he was one of the founders of the Kurdish Parliament in exile.


On Erol Dora, who according Numan Ugur/Ogur/Shabo was put in Turkish Parliament by Ocalan, Ibrahim Seven says:

“I know personally Erol Dora. I met him in Gutersloh. Three month ago, there was a conference on genocide in Dortmund. A Yazidi spoke about the genocide of Yazidi’s, someone from Dersim spoke about the genocide of Dersim. Where did Erol Dora talk about? (He told about) How can we create basic democracy in municipalities? The Yazidi’s and Dersimi’s have suffered under genocide and talk about genocide, he talks about something else. ”


Comment: Mr. Dora of course does not dare to say anything about the Aramean genocide to avoid problems with Turkey. They do not have so much courage. However, where they do have plenty of courage for is historical falsifications.


On the PKK, which according to Ugur/Ogur/Shabo “In the history of the Kurds there has been nothing as nice as the PKK..”, Ibrahim Seven says:

“….. the PKK has killed 3000 Kurds with different views. The chairman of the established Kurdish Parliament was Selim Curukkaya. He uttered few words of criticism towards APO (Ocalan) and is hiding for 10 years in Germany in order not be killed. After him, Yasar Kaya was chosen as the leader of Parliament. He also uttered criticism and was therefore removed. After he (Ocalan) and the Turks reproached to one another, he disposed the parliament, it does not exist anymore. No one among the parliamentarians asked questions about this, including the Syrian [Aramean] members.”


On Abdullah Ocalan, Mr. Seven says:

“On 28th of March 2013, he was visited by Pervin Buldan, Sırrı Süreyya Önder and Altan Tan. The minutes of the meeting were published in the newspaper Milliyet (here, here)….. ”

He said: "Over 2 years, it is 100th anniversary of genocide. In these 100 years, there is an imperialistic parallel Greek, Armenian and Jewish land who want to create enmity between us and the Turks. We should be having a plan to be prepared for that…. " If he says something like that about us….

Secondly, "he told that they wanted to put the head of MIT (Turkish National Security service) in jail, however ‘I immediately contacted them and told them if they put this great courageous man in prison, it will damage Turkey.’ ”

After that he says: "We, our people is Muslim. I am not as other leftists to criticize Islam. ‘As a boy I joined a meeting of Necip Fazıl Kısakürek,’ he says. If there exist any extremist Islamic, fascistic Turkish Muslim, it is Necip Fazıl Kısakürek. Some friends will say: yes, that is politics.  Okay, that is politics, however what are his real thoughts?....”


On the spiritual fornication of “dauronoye” (GHB/MUB/ESU/Suroyo Tv) with the Kurds in Syria, Ibrahim Seven says:

“We have talked about dhimmi (slaves) under Islam. I consider that as a wrong idea. When the two defenders of Chabur (Syria) were killed, what did they say about that? Who killed them and why were they killed? And what do they say about that? There is Sutoro, which is not cooperating with the Kurds, tries to defend our people. When patriarch went to Kamishli and Hassake, who protected him? The Kurds or the Syrian army and Sutoro?......”

They are not free. They have been established by the PKK. For eight years they have been wandering on the mountains of Iraq. They said: “We are going to establish Syrian land, an Assyrian land”, have recruited young people, half of these youngsters were made insane by them some of them were my family….”

“After 8 years they stopped and came to here…. There is at this moment war in Iraq. What are they doing? The same goes for Syria….”


Comment: Indeed, they were established by the PKK and work for the PKK. The same is true for their activities in Syria. They have to obey PKK/PYD.


3.2.1. Spiritual fornication with Muslim brotherhood


On their spiritual fornication with the PKK, the Islamic terrorists and return to the PKK, Mr. Seven says:

“Three years ago, they had prepared a program in Gutersloh whereby the dauronoyee (GHB/MUB/ESU Suroyo Tv) and ADO decided to help the Muslim brotherhood. (Their reasoning): ‘they are democratic, they will bring democracy to Syria and therefore we should help them’ ”

“I was there and told them that our people in Syria in majority supports the government. Here in Europe, they also support the government. There in Syria you can say that perhaps they are afraid, here (in the west) they are not afraid, they support the government (of Syria). On whose behalf do you talk when dealing with Muslim brotherhood?

“After that in 2012, the dauronoyee (GHB/MUB/ESU Suroyo Tv) had a meeting with Jebhat Al Nusra in Cairo. What is Jebhat Al Nusra? It is Al Qaeda! Who had met them? George Chamoun.”

“I myself asked George Chamoun: how could you sit down with them on the table? He told: “We had achieved agreement. One of the people of Jebhat Al Nusra stood up and told that ‘we all are Muslims’. I stood up and told that I am not Muslim. ”

“After that, either they did not receive money from them anymore or did not get enough space from the Muslim brotherhood and returned after that back to the PKK… They are like Kemence players who play and glorify the people who put money in their Kemence… They promote others because of money or other issues.. If someone has helped Muslim brotherhood, there is within Christianity recognition of sin and penance. Those who helped Muslim brotherhood has committed treason against our people… ”


Comment: To the apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” everything is allowed to spread everywhere the colonial lie-name “Assyrians.” Their immorality and spiritual fornication is beyond imagination. The horrific spirit of Nimrod/Asshur antichrist makes them totally blind!


On the “Assyrian” Democratic Organization (ADO), also known as “Mtakesto”, Mr. Seven says:

Also Mtakesto (ADO), there are not much people left over, is disintegrated…. Said Yildiz collected money and brought it to the camp of fighters. I asked him: Who were in the camp? Were there Christians? No, he said. Were there Alavites? No, he said. Were there Druze? No, he said? I asked him: to whom did you give the money? ‘They are the Sunni Muslims’ he told me. Those who you helped will later become fighters…. money collected from the government of Sweden and perhaps even from our people. ”

“They also told that they had collected money and had purchased an ambulance and gave it to the Muslim brotherhood.


Comment: Everything is allowed in spreading unholy “Assyrianism.” They commit spiritual fornication with everyone, including Turks, Kurds, Islamic extremists and their colonial Western masters and creators.


Mr. Seven again wipes the floor with the “Assyrian dauronoyee” (GHB/MUB/ESU Suroyo Tv) and says about their spiritual fornication:

“That is why I consider the dauronoye/ revolutionists not to be sincere with themselves. They first sent the men to Kandil (mountains of Iraq). What did they achieve there? Half of people were made insane. After that they came back and established Suryoyo Tv. After that they stopped the cooperation with the PKK. After that they started cooperation with the Turkish secret service. They had a meeting with Numan Kurtulus. Numan Kurtulus is the assistant of Erdogan. They told him that they wanted to establish democracy in Syria according the Turkish model. After that they made an important statement… “it is necessary to put the history aside”….. that man said let we put history aside, that is to say not to talk about genocide, we make agreement for now… They have sinned, they should recognize their punishment… ”


Comment: The end justifies the means.


On 9th of October 2013, Hurriye Daily News reported in an article entitled “Syriacs join opposition to topple al-Assad government:

“Bassam-Said Ishak, the Syriac National Council head, and the European Syriac Union’s Turkey representative Tuma Çelik, both prominent figures supporting the opponents in Syria, spoke to the Hürriyet Daily News about the reasons for their allying with opponents to the Syrian regime. “As all the people of Syria, including Christians, Muslims, Sunnis, Kurds and Alevis, we are carrying out a mutual fight for the fall of al-Assad’s dictatorship and for the acquisition of freedom and equal rights. The opposition movement is regarded as a Muslim-Sunni movement, which is a great mistake,” Ishak said.”


Comment: Did you catch that? “the European Syriac Union’s Turkey representative Tuma Çelik.” By then they were friends with Turkey and had stopped cooperation with the PKK. They wanted together to topple the government of Bashar Assad!

In the mean time they have returned to the PKK and have broken with Turkey!


4. Madness of Suryoyo Sat


Suryoyo Sat knows very well who Numan Ugur/Ogur/Shabo is. They know that he is the man of PKK. They know that he is the establisher of “Assyrian” terrorism. They know that he and his friends (dauronoyee (GHB/MUB/ESU Suroyo Tv)) have recruited youngsters for guerilla activities in the north of Iraq and have destroyed their life. They know that because of their unholy activities within the Aramean nation, families have been devastated, strife, division and hatred within our people and church is brought about.

This all however did not prevent Suryoyo Sat to provide Ugur/Ogur/Shabo, during three long broadcastings, with a platform and presenting him to the unsuspecting Aramean people as: “honored Numan Shabo”, “experienced politician”, “respected person with great knowledge”, “with life- experience”, “experience with the politics or organizations within Syrian people and the entire Middle-East”, “broad knowledge over the area of the Middle -east”, “is also well-known with the politics of the Middle-East”, “I am very happy that today he was able to be here to answer mine and your questions. ”



7-2-2014: On 7th of February 2014 (it was broadcasted before), the Suryoyo Sat presenter Suleymano Akguc interviewed Ugur/Ogur/Shabo for more than two hours. During the broadcasting he was presented as Numan Shabo to the audience.


21-10-2015 and 28-10-2015: On 21st of October 2015, Ugur/Ogur/Shabo was interviewed for more than 1.5 hour by Benjamin Bulut. On 28th of October 2015 he again was interviewed by Benjamin Bulut for more than 1.5 hour. During both broadcastings he was presented as Numan Shabo (Ogur) to the audience.



Suryoyo Sat provided Mr. Ugur/ Shabo/ Ogur with a platform for more than 5 hours to present himself to the unsuspecting Aramean people. In doing so, Ugur/ Shabo/ Ogur was made acceptable and honorable with the Aramean people. To our view, this is nothing but deceit, utter contempt towards the Aramean people and those who have suffered under the activities of Ugur/Ogur/Shabo and his allies.


5. Closing remarks


The activities of the Western colonial powers (United Kingdom and France) among the Aramean nation have severely damaged our people and caused their downfall in the Middle-East. Below we will explain this to the reader in few points:


5.1) Intervention Western Colonial Powers


Because of the intervention of the Western colonial powers and the invention of the exotic names “Assyrians” (19th century) and Chaldeans (16th century), the Aramean people is being represented by three names, namely: Arameans, Assyrians and Chaldeans. That is why the Arameans are mocked and not taken serious by the hostile environment of the Middle-East.


Because of this poisonous colonial Western division within the Aramean nation, it is not possible to defend their fundamental, political, cultural, social and human rights, resulting in that these rights are completely denied and violated.


5.2) Assyrian Crooks at the United Nations


The apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” are ardent and fiery fanatics, keeping themselves busy with amongst others history distortions, lies, deception, manipulation, terrorism, creation of chaos, confusion and divisions.

In their perception, everything is allowable in achieving their goal. The end justifies the means. Below, we will explain what we mean.


Assyrian Crooks


A telegram found in the archives of United Nations from 1924 in which it is warned against the lies and deceptions of the apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians.”



We read in in the telegram: Assyro Chaldean delegation having left Geneva two crooks Zacharia Isaac & simon Nicholos are forging documents to deceive foreign diplomats- prince Cambar villa Louis

Leon Mazargues Marseille


Lying, deceit, manipulation and distortion has been always the trademark of the occult and apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians.” Clergy as well as laity make themselves guilty of this unholy behavior.


5.3) "Assyrian" fanaticism and occultism


This terrible fanaticism and occultism (here and here) is constantly injected in the minds and souls of defenseless youngsters through which an unprecedented hatred towards their Aramean origin and the God of Abraham, Isaak and Jacob is cultivated and promoted, it is horrific blind hatred injected in their souls. That is also the reason they falsify everything and call it “Assyrians.” That is why they have no problem for example to change Arameans in “Assyrians” and St. Afrem the Syrian into St. Afrem the Assyrian.


Unfortunately with the brainwashing of the youth not only an abominable hatred is injected in their hearts towards their Aramean origin, but towards the Christian faith as well. It is the horrible spirit of Nimrod/ Asshur antichrist.


5.4) Committing Spiritual fornication


Because of their fierce fanaticism, they are prepared to commit spiritual fornication with everyone in order to promote and spread “Assyrianism.” They invited their Western masters and creators George Bush and Tony Blair (here and here) to please come to Iraq to “liberate them” from Saddam Hussein, because Bush and Blair had taken the word “Assyrian” in their mouth.

In 2011 they committed spiritual fornication with the Muslim brotherhood to topple the government of Bashar al Assad.


As we have shown in this document, in 1993 they committed spiritual fornication with Abdullah Ocalan and PKK to promote “Assyrianism” and wiping out the Aramean heritage.


They are prepared to commit spiritual fornication with everyone, just with one condition and that is: promotion of the colonial lie-name “Assyrians.”


5.5) Religious designation


Once started as religious designation in reference to the East- Aramean Nestorians of Urmia (Iran) and Hakkaria (border Turkey-Iraq), invented and promote by the Anglican missionaries in the 19th century, the name “Assyrians” started gradually to be used as national identification by the East- Aramean Nestorians.


The Anglican mission established schools through which very effectively the Aramean Nestorians were educated in their new identity. They started to name their children after the ancient Assyrian gods like “Asshur”, ‘Nimrod”, “Marduk”, “Sargon”, “Assurbanipal”, “Samiramis”, “Babylonia”, “Assyria” etc.. One generation later, many of them had “Assyrian” names and therefore felt in their hearts to be real “Assyrians” which resulted in a terrible fanaticism, a sort of demonic occupation.


5.6) Ancient gods of Mesopotamia


Embracing the ancient gods of Mesopotamia, in particular Nimrod/ Asshur antichrist, means that they welcome the spirit of antichrist in their life. That is the reason why the new learned “Assyrian” identity is soaked with occultism dressed in thin “Christian” jacket.


That explains why they nourish unprecedented contemptuous hatred towards the Bible and in particular the Old Testament. It is the horrific spirit of Nimrod/ Asshur antichrist they completely are under its control.


Because we are dealing here with severe demonic occupation of their souls, it is impossible to have a talk with them in normal way, to talk about important matters like the fragile situation in the Middle-east. They completely shut down and consider themselves very smart and well-educated and want to be your teacher in everything.

The problem with these heavily misguided souls is this: “….but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. Claiming to be wise, they instead became utter fools. (Romans 1:21-22)


They claim that the Old Testament has been falsified by the Jews to ridicule the ancient Assyrians. What they are doing is nothing short but modern idolatry. Beside their utter rejection of the Bible, they combat their Aramean origin with fire and sword and change everything from “Aramean/ Aramaic” or “Syrian” into “Assyrian.”


5.7) Individuals from other Aramean denominations


In addition to the East- Aramean Nestorians, gradually some individuals from other Aramean denominations also started to show interest for the colonial, anti-Aramean, anti-Christian and occult product “Assyrianism.”


Previously we talked about the activities of Isa Gulten/ Garis in the St. Gabriel monastery in Tur Abdin and the threat of Turkey in 1998 to shut down the monastery. The threat of Turkey was absolutely not without reason.


According to our information (and as it is generally known) is Mr. Gulten/ Garis an ardent promotor of “Assyrianism” in Tur Abdin since more than 40 years. As teacher Aramaic was/ is Mr. Gulten/ Garis in the position to inject this abominable demonic ideology in the hearts and minds of the young unsuspecting and vulnerable students in St. Gabriel monastery with awful and horrific consequences to our church and people.

We believe beloved reader that in the hearts and souls of everyone who studied under Isa Gulten/ Garis in St. Gabriel monastery, the horrific spirit of Nimrod/ Asshur antichrist was injected, their soul was besmirched.


Everyone within our people is aware of this, but they do nothing against it. Worst kind of hypocrisy!

On the contrary, when he for example comes to Netherlands, Mr. Gulten/ Garis is being surrounded by his former students and allies and is being worshipped as “god.”


We are convinced that the activities of Mr. Gulten / Garis, his former students and followers have produced the following bitter fruits for our people in Turkey and abroad, namely:


1) The coming into existence of “Assyrian” terrorism.

2) Harassments/ confiscation of Aramean villages / lands in Tur Abdin, Turkey.

3) Threat of Turkey in 1998 to shut down the St. Gabriel Monastery in Tur Abdin

4) The decision of Turkish Supreme Court in 2006 to add our people to the terrorist list of the Supreme Court

5) Lawsuits against St. Gabriel Monastery in 2008

6) The confiscation of 50 monasteries, churches and graveyards in 2017 by Turkey (It seems that this decision partly has been revoked.)


We believe beloved reader that satan is using Mr. Gulten/ Garis and his followers as a powerful instrument to tear up the Syrian Orthodox Church, creating discord, chaos, hatred and division and extermination of the Aramean indigenous heritage.


5.8) Historical travesty: Arameans originate from “Assyrians”?

Amusing and ludicrous!


In the PKK newspaper Berxwedan of 24th of April 1993 (page 18, column 1) we read about a discussion between the leader of PKK, Abdullah Ocalan (nickname: Apo) and the “Assyrian” Democratic Organization (ADO) about the Arameans.


Really, the historical knowledge of the apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” is amusing and laughable. The problem is however that this kind of foolishness and blindness is being injected in the minds and hearts of unsuspecting and defenseless young generation.

Below, we will comment some parts of discussion.


A.D.O: To explain the matter more accurate in this regard, it is necessary also to give account of the in history known Arameans.

Chairman APO: Of course, I wish also to hear about that.

A.D.O: The Arameans are also a part of the Assyrians.


The Arameans are part of Assyrians? Where did they get this from? What kind of history do the apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” study?


This kind of travesty you will get if you completely give yourself over to occultism, lie and deceit, backwardness, manipulation and fanaticism. This kind of filthiness is injected mercilessly in the minds and hearts of innocent and defenseless children, it is the diabolical spirit of Nimrod/ Asshur antichrist with terrible consequences for the future of these children.


It is therefore not strange that these children later on in their life nourish an unimaginable hatred in their hearts towards their Aramean origin, the Bible and the Old Testament in particular.

In doing so, they create their own virtual world and history which is totally opposite to the reality. It is exactly the same strategy as applied by the ISIS/ISIL terrorists to brainwash the defenseless and innocent children.


A.D.O:… Even if the Arameans are considered as a separate people, they thoroughly were connected with the Assyrians as regards their culture and civilizations and after that they vanished anyway.

Chairman APO: Okay, what is their origin?

A.D.O: We can say that they are the descendants of the Assyrians of Mesopotamia.

For sure, they are no Arabs.  

The meaning of the word “Oromoye” (Aram) in Syriac is “Big”, “High”.

At the same time “Aram” is also a name.

For this reason they apply this name to themselves.


They are unbelievable poor fools who totally do not understand history, except their own virtual history they have created.

The Arameans have been disappeared and are descendants of Assyrians? Really? This is quit amusing, isn’t it? This kind of foolishness is utterly refuted by the famous and erudite scholars of the Syrian Church of Antioch who all testify of their Aramean origin.


Can you see here beloved reader the result of unprecedented blindness, fanaticism and backwardness? Purposefully falsifying historical facts is really their usual trademark.


Chairman APO: One of our neighboring village also has a name Aram.

In that case this word must also have been originating from Syriac.


That is correct Mr. Ocalan, because Urfa/ Urhoy where you come from, was the spiritual/ cultural center of Arameans.


A.D.O: Absolutely, they are no Arabs

Their language is also called Aramaic

Also our language which we now speak is actually Aramaic, yet in our days it is called Syriac

We can put it like this: in literature Aramaic is also being called Syriac


O foolish blinds, O foolish blinds, you all are Arameans and should once wake up from your travesty and spiritual fornication with everyone who is announcing himself to you.


Chairman APO: I thought that many Arameans lived in Urfa, for there still traces of civilization can be found


Well said Mr. Ocalan, very good! Yes, there were indeed many Arameans in Urfa. They have been completely exterminated or forced to Islam by your forefathers and the Turks. Urfa/ Urhoy was the center of Aramean kingdom of Abgar dynasty.


Because of your unholy covenant with the Western colonial slavery product “Assyrians” Mr. Ocalan, you have involved yourself with spreading of lies and deceit, history falsification, continuation of colonialism and extermination of the Aramean cultural heritage.


Mr. Ocalan, you have made the dirt of the Aramean people as your friends with the goal to commit spiritual genocide onto our people. They are horrific traitors who commit treason against their people to maintain and continue unholy colonial practices. How can you cooperate with individuals who maintain and glorify colonialism, drinking lie and deceit like water and carry out blatant history falsifications? How can you cooperate with people who deny their own roots and shameless betray their own people and flag?


They are utmost unreliable, sell themselves for just few cents, commit with everyone spiritual fornication and are well- experienced in cultivation of hatred and division within the Aramean nation and church.


Chairman APO: Is Aramaic much close to Assyrian?

A.D.O: It is the same; it is only a dialect of it.

Chairman APO: Do you understand the survived texts also today?

A.D.O: In the beginning they used the cuneiform (script).

Aramaic is a modern form of Assyriac.


Aramaic, a modern form of Assyriac? O boy, what a joyful “Assyrian” virtual history we have here. It is really amusing to read the “Assyrian” virtual history.

Beloved reader, if you are facing stress and mental problems in your life, please read the “Assyrian” virtual history. It will make you laugh until the tears run down your cheeks so that all your (mental) problems will disappear like melting snow before the sun.


Needless to say of course, however this is again historical/ linguistic travesty. So, Aramaic is dialect of Assyrian? How low can this blind fools fall? Really, they have created their own fantasy world which is far from the truth. This kind of mentality beloved reader results in terrible form of fanaticism.


ISIS/ISIL terrorists and children


The ISIS/ISIL terrorists brainwashed young children to use them as child soldiers. In the same way, the “Assyrian” terrorists brainwash children and plant gamut of lies and falsifications in their hearts/ souls and cultivate an unprecedented fanaticism in their innocent and defenseless hearts and thoughts.

This is a powerful breeding ground for demonic activity which express itself in intense hatred of the Bible, division and fierce fighting of their Aramean origin with fire and sword. It is the diabolical spirit of Nimrod/ Asshur antichrist.


5.9) Christian nation?


We already have discussed this in detail in our analysis of 30th of May 2014, however a nation that is calling itself “Christian”, should keep themselves holy and pure and take action against evildoers and remove them from their midst as we read: “…..Now I did not mean pagans who are immoral or greedy or are thieves, or who worship idols. To avoid them you would have to get out of the world completely.  What I meant was that you should not associate with a person who calls himself a brother but is immoral or greedy or worships idols or is a slanderer or a drunkard or a thief. Don't even sit down to eat with such a person.  13 After all, it is none of my business to judge outsiders. God will judge them. But should you not judge the members of your own fellowship? As the scripture says, "Remove the evil man from your group." (1 Corinthians 5:10-13)


A “terrorist”, a “hate monger/ division creator”, a “history falsifier” and “recruitment/ deception of young people for terrorist activities” is much worse than “a slanderer or a drunkard or a thief.


And yet, beloved reader, the “Assyrian” terrorists get access to everywhere within our nation and no one is calling them to account regarding their dangerous and unholy practices. Because no one is saying anything about their evilness, they are encouraged to continue their wrong and dangerous way of life.


Another very serious warning, we read in Romans 16:17-18: “I urge you, brothers and sisters, to watch out for those who cause divisions and put obstacles in your way that are contrary to the teaching you have learned. Keep away from them. For such people are not serving our Lord Christ, but their own appetites. By smooth talk and flattery they deceive the minds of naive people


The trademark of the occult “Assyrian” terrorists is indeed “causing divisions “, ”put obstacles in your way”, “deception of unsuspecting individual/ young people”, “creation of discord within families and the people” etc..


Their deeds speak volumes and yet beloved reader all their wicked practices are covered with the cloak of charity.


5.10) Strong demonic activity


The apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” are stubborn, seem to be hypnotized by demonic activity, give the impression to be well-experienced in wickedness, very arrogant and are to our view a curse and everywhere they come they create confusion, chaos, hatred and division. As long as the Aramean nation does not stand up and chases away these occultists/ terrorists from their midst, they will be confronted with endless problems, misery and finally their complete downfall.


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