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Testimonies of the brilliant historians of the Syrian Church of Antioch on the Aramean origin of our nation, Synonymy: Aramean/Syrian.


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Aramean people: Aramean people (not to be confused with ‘Armenians’) speak Aramaic, the language spoken by Abraham, Moses and Jesus. They are the indigenous people of what was called in ancient times Aram- Nahrin, in our days it is called ‘Mesopotamia’.

Some Arameans today identify themselves with “Assyrians”, because of the spiritual colonial hate generating activities of the Western missionaries and diplomats in the Middle-East in 16th and 19th centuries. Other Arameans became known as “Chaldeans”. However all of them are Arameans.

In Turkey, the Arameans are called: Süryani. In Arabic they are called Al- Suryan.

Aramean Genocide and the merciful Hammo Sharro of Shingal/ Sinjar, Mohammad Sheikh of tribe Tayy and Sheikh Fathallah of Aynkaf


Dutch Version


Hammo Sharro







Mohammad Sheikh of tribe Tayy.


(Unfortunately, we could not find a photo of Mohammad Sheikh)




Sheikh Fathallah of Aynkaf

(Photo: youtube)





  1. Introduction  
  2. Hammo Sharro of Shingal/ Sinjar and Mohammad Sheikh of Tayy.  

2.1. Aramean nun Hatune Dogan steps into for Yazidi's

  3. Sheikh Fathallah of Aynkaf  
    3.1. Where were other Sheiks and Imams?  
  4. Not all Kurds have participated in the genocide.....  
  5. The Kurds have acquired taste and want a new genocide  
  6. What should be our response to the centuries old persecutions, bloodbaths, confiscations of our properties and exterminations by Kurds and Turks?  



1. Introduction


The horrors of the Aramean genocide of 1915 have caused deep traumas within the Aramean nation (fake: Assyrian). The Aramean presence in the Ottoman Empire was almost completely wiped out and finally forced them into Diaspora, leaving behind the lands of their forefathers they have inhabited for thousands of years.

The unimaginable cruelty by which this genocide was carried out is impossible to explain to normal human being.


In the introduction of his book "Blood Shed", the Aramean student Abdel Messih Naaman Karabasi, who at that time was studying in the Aramean monastery Dayro D'Zahfaran in Mardin, reports about the horrors he witnessed:


Abdel Messih Naaman Karabasi

"What I have written in this book is just a small fraction of the terrible affliction, grief, horror, abductions and persecutions the Christians populations in the east, in particular the Syrians in Mesopotamia and surroundings, had to suffer from 1915 for four years by the merciless and violent actions of Kurdish and Turkish troops from west and east............"


"............. Based on what I daily have seen with my own eyes and heard with my own ears from the mouth of dazed refugees and casualties, the number of people that were able to escape the bloodbaths was extremely small. "


Archpriest Sleyman Henno writes in his book "The persecution and extermination of the Syro- Arameans in Tur Abdin in 1915":

Archpriest Sleyman Henno

Dear reader, I have explained to you the reasons for the mass killings, and the way they were carried out. Come with me to visit all the regions where the mass killings took place, to see what these two peoples, the Turks and Kurds – who are notorious because of their horror, maliciousness and lack of compassion-, the massacres they have caused and innocent blood they have shed. These areas of Anatolia till the borders of Ottoman Empire, thus till to Persia and Russia, were inhabited by many Christens. We will encounter tragedies and bloodshed which has no equal. From the Creation of the world until now; nobody have seen such a thing: Children, women’s and elders were stabbed to death and infants were taken from the womb of their mother and smashed against the walls. What a horrible unbearable fate. Something like this even was not managed by the godless Djengis Khan neither by the Ta- Mongolian Hüläga and Timur Lenk.


Even in the times of heathenism is about such a thing never noticed. Not a tong, not a pen can describe such a thing. The tears wells out of our eyes and stream over the cheeks. Complete cities were robbed of Christians as if there never any Christian have had lived. In many villages, there was even nothing left which could be remembered to the Christians.


In the epilogue of the book of archpriest Sleyman Henno, Mgr. J.Y. Cicek writes: "There are until now no reports about the extermination of cities and villages in Adiyman, Malatya, Edessa (Urfa), Diyarbakir, Bitlis, Se'ert (Siirt), Arzun and Bscheriye. In poems something is told about it, the book of Isaak (Ishok) Armale from 1919 mentions also few reports. "


The planners of the genocide of 1915 were the Sabbatean / Freemasonic/ Cabalistic/ Talmudic Turkish crypto- Jews (here, here, here and here) who became known as "Donmeh." Some claim that Turkey is still controlled by the "Donmeh" (here, here).


These Sabbatean / Freemasonic/ Cabalistic illuminati Jews are identified by our Lord Yesuh M'siho (Jesus Christ) as "Synagogue of Satan" (Revelation 2:3, 3:9).


The last decades, a handful independent courageous Jewish researchers, such as Barry Chamisch, Henry Makow and others, came forward and claim that the genocide committed by Hitler on the Jews in 1940-1945 was carried out in cooperation with the illuminati Jews (here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here).




Other researchers and insiders claim that Hitler exterminated the real Jews, that is to say the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in concentration camps, following the order of the illuminati Jews (here, here).


As regards the Aramean genocide, the Kurds and Turks were executers. The helpers were Germany and Austria.


The Sabbatean / Freemasonic/ Cabalistic zionist/ illuminati Jews have utterly exploited the unprecedented hatred of Turks and Kurds in the extermination of Aramean and other Christians of Ottoman Empire. The decisive role the crypto- Jews played in this crime against humanity is careful hidden.


The so-called "genocide" experts blame in chorus exclusively the Turks for the genocide, but are suspiciously quiet as a mouse about the evildoers behind it. The reason for this silence is that the Zionist/ illuminati Jews have a powerful weapon in their hands to use against everyone who dares to investigate the important role the Turkish crypto- Jews had played in the genocide of 1915. And that powerful weapon to silence everyone is the phrase "anti-Semitism."


That is the reason why at the Western Universities, where genocide is investigated and taught, never the contribution of the "donmeh" Jews in de Aramean genocide of 1915 will be investigated and published. Those who dare to tackle the matter will get faced with the invisible power of the Cabalistic / Talmudic/ Zionist illuminati Jews resulting in their demonization and losing their job because of "anti-Semitism."


During the genocide of 1915, some prominent individuals, for various reason, throw themselves into the breach and did their utmost best to save the life of Arameans and other Christians.


Below, we will elaborate on the noble acts of these prominent individuals.


2. Hammo Sharro of Shingal/ Sinjar and Mohammad Sheikh of Tayy.


Hammo Sharro







Mohammad Sheikh of tribe Tayy.


(Unfortunately, we could not find a photo of Mohammad Sheikh)



Sinjar/ Shingal is a enclave situated in north-eastern of Iraq that is mainly inhabited by the Yazidi's with few Aramean families among them.


During the genocide of 1915, Hammo Sharro was the leader of Yazidi's of Shingal/ Sinjar. Hammo Sharro was known for his courage, hospitality and in particular mercifulness. He not only enjoyed respect within his own people, but also from foreigners. Hammo Sharro was a close friends with Mohammad Sheikh, the leader of "Arabic" tribe Tayy. The Tayy can be found in Syria and Iraq and it is claimed that they originally come from Yemen. It is also possible that we are dealing here with Arabised Arameans who, after their (forced) conversion to Islam, began to identify as "Arabs."


Thanks to the merciful Mohammad Sheikh many Arameans and Armenian Christians found shelter within his tribe. Those who preferred to travel to Sinjar/ Shingal were taken care for.


Both archpriest Sleyman Henno and Abdel Messih Naaman Karabasi speak very well of Yazidi's of Shingal/ Sinjar and in particular their noble leader Hammo Sharro.


On the situation of Aramean Christians in Mardin and surroundings, Abdel Messih Naaman Karabasi writes: "When the Christians in Mardin and environment saw that no matter how they obeyed the Turkish government and Muslims, how much they went along with them and how much they made themselves submissive to them, they never could satisfy them to cause a sense of mercifulness or compassion in their hearts; they took the decision that it was better to leave behind hearth and home and go out into the world to settle somewhere as strangers. They could find nowhere shelter except in Schigar (Aramaic for Shingal/Sinjar) mountain, under the protection of Yazidi's. "


Making yourself submissive to the "faith of peace" will not help you much, for you are considered as second class creature and trampled. "Mercifulness" and "compassion" are phrases they do not understand anything from it, and it is mostly considered as a sign of weakness. No, what you have to do with "unclean ones and uncircumcised ones" is to trample and treat them as street garbage. Actually this is also the teaching of Talmud regarding the non- Jews, the "Goyim" (cattle).


To escape the genocide, many Arameans sought refuge in Sinjar/ Shingal mountain in north-western of Iraq. On the way the Arameans were welcomed by the Yazidi's, Naaman Karabasi writes:"And when they arrived in Schigar they were kindly and hospitable welcomed by the Yazidi's, in particular their leader, Hammo Sharro, who was famous for his mercy and charity. He welcomed them with great compassion, gave them tents for their stay and took care for the necessities of life. He also provided them with jobs and comforted them when he was listening to their sad stories, that is why he was very much honoured and beloved by the Christians. "


What a huge contrast with the Turks and Kurds! These two peoples have tried to completely exterminate the Arameans. And what is the answer of Yazidi's to this barbarity? The escaped Arameans were " kindly and hospitable welcomed"


There were definitely in Turkey also Yazidi's who joined in the extermination of the Arameans. The Yazidi's of the village of Bacin (Turks: Güven) were horrific murderers of the Arameans (fake: Assyrians). Possibly they were doing that to satisfy the Kurds and to make sure they themselves would not become victims of genocide.


Other Yazidi's however in the region of Tur Abdin did their utmost best to support the Arameans like for example the Yazidi's of Taka (Turks: Oyuklu) under leadership of the clan of Haukee and the clan of Diuana in Kefnas (Turks: Çayırlı).


Not only were the Aramean and other Christians kindly welcomed by Hammo Sharro, but he also took care for a prayer house and a hospital: "When the winter began, the Yazidi's build their houses with clay and build a big house in which they could gather for prayer,....... And in this way the number of Christians started to gradually increase. They build around 60 houses to live. Also they started with a hospital where everyone who was ill or was suffering from something was treated. "


Shingal/ Sinjar had become a refuge, a shelter for the terrorized Christians. From all the areas of Ottoman Empire, the Christians were flowing to Sinjar/ Shingal. Abdel Messih Naaman Karabasi writes: "In March 1916, the refugees from Armenian teams of workmen and from the districts of Shadade and Deir ez-Zor reached the southern mountainside of Schighar. There were many Mohammadans who brought the groups to there and to the dry desert in the south of Schigar to let them die of thirst and hunger. When the Yazidi's became aware of that, they went to there and picked up the emaciated boys and girls- barefoot and naked- and brought them to the Christians in the Schigar Mountain. The Christians received them happily and thanked those who had saved them."


When the Turks became aware that many Christians had escaped to Shingal/ Sinjar, they sent their army to kill them. Karabasi writes: "But the Wicked one and Horror still existed, because the Turks who had exterminated the majority of the Christians within their own territory, attacked now the mountain Schigar, because it was clear for a long time that many Christians had found shelter there. The Turkish government sent its army, that was equipped with rifles, pistols and cannons, to attack the Schigar mountain and finally make an end to the life of Christians who had escaped the bloodbaths and had found shelter on the mountain."


The Turkish army arrived in Shingal/ Sinjar and demanded Hammo Sharro to hand over all Christians: "Send me all Christians who have fled and have found shelter with you together with all their weapons, otherwise I will horribly punish you and your people and destroy all houses of your people."


Hammo Sharro refused to comply with the demands of Turkish army and mobilized his forces to defend themselves against the invading Turkish army. The Turkish army was ambushed and 15 of its soldiers were killed by the forces of Hammo Sharro. Because of heavy odds of Turkish army, Hammo Sharro and his forces were forced to withdraw. The Christians were warned to flee to saver areas because of the marching Turkish army.


Abdel Messih Naaman Karabasi reports: "The Christians went, with their belongings, to a village farther on to the south, and the Turkish forces invaded the village Mamida and plundered it. The same day they invaded other villages and in de evening they reached the village of Christians. In the first house they entered, they saw an old man, who could not flee, whom they immediately killed, and they robbed everything they found in that house. "

"And the Christians fled when they had left the village and moved, crying and complaining, to the high mountain."


The Yazidi's started to revolt against the Turkish invaders and succeeded to liberate Sinjar/ Shingal: "The garrisons that were stationed on the mountain, became in due time superfluous and their number gradually decreased. In doing so, the Yazidi's gained gradually some more power and revolted against the Turks. They started to kill every Turk they bumped and confiscated his weapon. At the end the remaining Turks fled because they feared for their life."


As mentioned before, another individual who demonstrated compassion towards Arameans and Armenians was Mohammed Sheikh, the leader of Tayy tribe who was friendly with Hammo Sharro.


Some Aramean (fake: Assyrian) and other Christians who had left Shingal/ Singar later returned, while others took refuge with Mohammed Sheikh and again others were wandering from on village to other as Abdel Messih Naaman Karabasi reports: "After a while a part of Christians went to Tayy and took refuge with them, they gave them money to protect themselves against killings, another part fled from village to village, when exhausted and almost starved they reached Nusaybin. Those who stayed in Schigar, later on returned to their village and stayed there until the persecutions were diminished. "


Archpriest Sleyman Henno writes about the noble deeds of Hammo Sharro and Mohammed Sheikh: "At the end of this chapter I would like to commemorate the good deeds of Mohammed Sheikh from the Tribe Tayy: he ordered his followers not kill one Christian who had taken refuge with him. In addition he also helped many Christians, who had escaped the mass killings, to take refuge with his friend Hammo Sharro, the leader of Schigar Mountain. He also refused to accept the plundered properties from robbed and persecuted Christians. The story goes that the enemies of Christians once wanted to sell him a very expensive ring. He asked, 'whose ring was it', and they answered ' from a Nazarean', a Christian thus. He answered: 'if the legitimate owner did not enjoy, than me neither.' Embarrassed as they were, the criminals returned."


The Yazidi's of Shingal/ Sinjar were well organized and disciplined under leadership of Hammo Sharro. After Hammo Sharro no other leader stood up to defend the interests of Yazidi's.

The current situation of Yazidi's is simply terrible. They are divided and have become a plaything in the hands of Brazani clan and the clan of Abdullah Ocalan.


2.1. Aramean nun Hatune Dogan steps into for Yazidi's


Hatune Dogan receives a present from Baba Sheikh, the leader of Yazidi's in Lalish, Shingal/ Sinjar.

 (Photo: Here)

In 2014 the ISIS/ ISIL terrorists attacked the Yazidi's of Shingal/ Sinjar after the army of Barzani had betrayed them and withdrawn from Shingal/ Sinjar. Barzani handed over Shingal/ Sinjar to the ISIL/ ISIS terrorists so that it later could be "liberated" by his army and in doing so he consolidated his grip, as "liberator", on Shingal/Sinjar.


The ISIS/ISIL terrorists have murdered, burned and ritually slaughtered thousands of Yazidi men, women and children with cruelty and barbarity beyond imagination. Hundreds young girls were misused as sex slaves, sold and their life destroyed forever. All these horrors against the peaceful minded and defenceless Yazidi's means of course nothing to those who had handed over the poor Yazidi's to the mercy of ISIS/ISIL terrorists, in their perception it is something they consider negligible.


In 2015, the Aramean nun Hatune Dogan from Germany started a campaign for the Yazidi's of Shingal/ Sinjar.

In December 2015 she travelled to Shingal/ Sinjar and handed over the aid to the Yazidi's. She was hearty welcomed by Baba Sheikh, the spiritual leader of Yazidi's in Lalish, their sanctuary.


We have, as Aramean survivors of the genocide of 1915, moral obligation to Hammo Sharro to support Yazidi's. Sister Hatune Dogan gives us a noble example we all should follow. Therefore, please support Hatune Dogan.


Hatune Dogan has many projects. Please support here projects:


Helfende Hände für die Armen

Sparkasse Paderborn

IBAN: DE 6247 6501 3000 1112 1142



3. Sheikh Fathallah of Aynkaf


Sheikh Fathallah of Aynkaf

(Photo: youtube)

The third merciful individual who played important role in the life of many Aramean survivors of the genocide is Sheik Fathallah from Aynkaf. Aynkaf (Turkish: Kayapinar) is a village in south-eastern of Turkey, it lies to the West of Gercus and northwest of famous Aramean city Midyat.


He visited the places where surviving Arameans were driven into a corner by Kurds and Turks and tried to save their life. If he was told that somewhere the Aramean Christians were at the point to be exterminated, he rushed to that place and tried to save their life.


On places where the Arameans (fake: Assyrians) had established line of defence, such as in the famous Aramean village of Aynwardo (Turkish: Gulgoze) that had become a strong bastion, Sheikh Fathallah tried to make peace. We can say beloved reader that if Sheikh Fathallah not had intervened, there would be not much Arameans left in Tur Abdin due to the unprecedented bloodthirstiness of Kurds and Turks.



On their turn, the Turks and Kurds used Sheikh Fathallah to avoid or minimize loss of face on places where they could not exterminate the Arameans.


The family of Sheikh Fathallah trace their origin to Saudi Arabia. They were forced to leave Saudi Arabia because of the terror of al- Saud clan, the current rulers.


Archpriest Sleyman Henno reports few examples where Sheikh Fathallah played important role in stopping genocide against the Arameans of Tur Abdin. In all three cases, the Turks and Kurds could not exterminate the Arameans. Therefore, they were forced to ask for the help of Sheikh Fathallah.


Example 1: Aramean bastion Aynwardo (also written as: Iwardo, Inwardo)


During the genocide of 1915, Aynwardo (Turks: Gülgöze) had became famous as unassailable bastion of Aramean resistance. The survivors from the Aramean villages of Tur Abdin went to Aynwardo to escape the genocide and to fight against the extermination by Kurds and Turks. Although the Arameans were poorly armed, they miraculously and against all expectations courageously withstood the superior power of Turks and Kurds.


Archpriest Sleyman Henno writes on Aynwardo: "This is one of the most famous villages of Tur Abdin, it is situated on a hill, to the east of Midyat, about two hours from there. During the second world war the number of inhabitants were around two hundred families. In this village is also the Mor Hadbschabo church which is like a unassailable fortress. The men of this village were renowned for their bravery and diligence. In the regions of Mesopotamia, there was no other village which so fiercely resisted the Kurds and fought against them. "


No matter the attempts of Kurds and Turks, they did not succeed to capture Aynwardo despite abundance of weapons and well trained soldiers.

Sleyman Henno reports: "The adversary now was filled with a devilish rage; he continued to fight again for thirty more days. The arms for the enemy came from everywhere. The godless criminals were perplexed about this village. However, they finally understood that it was unconquerable, as if the Lord had put a balk in their eyes. Therefore, they became weak and tired."


And what will Islam do if they cannot exterminate beloved reader? If they cannot exterminate, only than - and definitely not before- they talk about so-called "peace." As Arameans (fake: Assyrians) we know from our experiences of centuries that never ever Islam will put peace on the first place. Their motto is always: extermination, peace is always last and undesired option.


Because the Kurds and Turks could not conquer Aynwardo, they did numerous cunning attempts to convince the Arameans to stop the struggle in exchange for the so-called "peace." The Arameans however were very well known with the crafty tactics of Kurds and Turks and did not buy in their attempts for their so-called "peace."


Sleyman Henno writes: "Finally, the Kurdish clans became tired and weak and they sent mediators to Aynwardo saying: 'The inhabitants of Anhel (Turkish: Yemişli) have converted to Islam. Follow their example and you can save yourself!' After that they sent others who said: 'There has been enough fought! Appoint a mediator between us and you to negotiate about peace and to extinguish the fire of the battle!' The Syro- Arameans answered: 'If it is true what you say, sent Sheikh Fathallah, the son of Sheikh Ibrahim and the leader of Aynkaf. We will do everything what he says and will trust him the secrets of our hearts.'"


No matter what the Kurds did to make so-called "peace", the Arameans did not buy in their deceitfulness. The only person the Arameans could trust as independent and conscientious mediator was Sheikh Fathallah, the son of Sheikh Ibrahim from Aynkaf.


Sheikh Fathallah had become very famous within the Arameans (fake: Assyrians) of Tur Abdin for he did his utmost best to stop the genocide against the Arameans. Therefore, he was the only person the Arameans could trust.


They enemy was so desperate; they went to Aynkaf and brought Sheikh Fathallah to mediate between them and Arameans.


The confidence of Arameans in Sheikh Fathallah is described by archpriest Sleyman Henno as: "When the concerned individual came, three Syro- Aramean leaders went to him, kissed his hands and they said: 'We will follow your proposal and conscience. Beside God we have no other helper, we agree with everything you promise and decide.'"


Indeed, Sheikh Fathallah took action in agreement with his nobleness: "He comforted them and went to the Ottoman leaders who, on their turn promised, to withdraw the Kurdish clans from the environment of the village and ordered them not to attack the village anymore. After they agreed, they collected the weapons and sent to Fathallah. Following that, the Ottoman Forces and Kurdish clans withdrew and Sheik Fathallah pressed their hearts not to cause Christians more misery. The battle between the two parties lasted for sixty days."


Peace and agreements under the leadership of noble Sheikh Fathallah? Don't be ridiculous, it means nothing and is considered as a sign of "weakness", something like that does not exist to them!


Therefore, the Kurds continued tireless with their crimes against the Arameans as Sleyman Henno reports: "And the Christians stayed in their village and did not dare to leave their homes for they feared their Kurdish neighbours of Urdnas, Ahlah and Mzizah. "Because the Kurds were always waiting in ambush alongside roads for Syro- Arameans and killed as many as they could. In doing so, more Syro- Arameans were killed than during the siege of two months and battle. It is as the saying goes: 'What a deceiver brings about with his craft, no sensible individual can achieve it with his intellect.'"


On the killings of the Arameans in the village of Schahirkan, archpriest Sleyman Henno writes this complaint against the Kurds: "Shame on you, Kurds, deceivers and enemies of Christianity. What did these poor and persecuted Christians do to you that you made plans to kill them without any feeling of shame? Did they perhaps rob your land or killed your people? Robbed your possessions? Or burned down your villages and destroyed them? Why doing you so best to exterminate them?"


Example 2: Famous Aramean village Hah.


Thanks to the intervention of Sheikh Fathallah, also the siege of Hah (Turks: Anıtlı) was cancelled as told by Sleyman Henno: "From Aynwardo, Fathallh made his way to Hah. He stayed in the Mother Gods Monastery, invited the heads of Syro- Arameans and negotiated with them about peace. They accepted his proposals and instructions. Following that, he ordered the murderers to make an end to the siege of Hah and go home. Every Muslim who from now on kills one Christian is cursed."


Example 3: The siege of the Aramean village of Cross Monastery (Dayro Du Slibo)


The Aramean village of Cross Monastery is named after the monastery with the same name that is situated in the vicinity of the village.


According to Sleyman Henno, there were in the village around 70 Aramean families who all had fled to the monastery for protection: "When the news about horrific persecution had reached the Syro- Arameans in the village, they fled to the monastery. They took with them their cattle, provisions and furniture. The monastery was very strong bastion. It consisted out of two floors and had 336 rooms. Within the walls there was a big water rich well that was enough for the whole war time. "


On the siege of the Cross Monastery village, archpriest Sleyman Henno says: "Many Kurdish clans from nearby and far had gathered around the Cross- Monastery: the clan of family Ali Rammo, the leader of Çelik- clan whose chief was Mustafa from Siirt, the Schire- clan, the Kurds from  Ramman and also the regular armed forces of Ottoman Empire. The number of attackers was 15000 men. "


No matter what the Kurds and Turks did, they did not succeed to capture the Cross Monastery.


Despite the poor and very old weapons of the Arameans, they courageously defended themselves against overwhelming and superior power of 15000 Kurds and Turks, well trained and advanced. How is this possible beloved reader? A military strategist would most probably brush it aside as "nonsense", unless he believes in the God of Abraham, Isaak and Jacob Who sent His warrior angels to assist the Arameans of Tur Abdin in their struggle of survival against the bloodthirsty and very well motivated Turks and Kurds.


Archpriest Sleyman Henno tells about the confession of a Kurdish leader regarding unassailability of the Cross Monastery: "Upon a night, Mustafa from the family of Rammo, shouted to the leader of Syro- Arameans, Schabo Chanze and said: 'O, Schabo, belief me, your monastery is unassailable no matter how long the enemy keep attacking.' Schabo asked: 'Why then?' Mustafa replied: 'When I shoot at the monastery, I see a cloud coming upwards from the monastery and than I see a knight coming towards me with drawn sword in his hand who frightens me terribly and than all my limbs start to shake.' After this he gave his men the order to withdraw. And when they left, many others followed them. "


Again beloved reader, no matter the overwhelming manpower of Kurds and Turks in combination with advanced weaponry, for three months they did not succeed to capture the Cross Monastery. And what option remains for them if they cannot exterminate? Yes, only then, from sheer necessity and because of losing face and honour, they want to talk about so-called "peace." They were well-aware that the Arameans did not trust them. The only person the Arameans could trust was Sheikh Fathallah from Aynkaf.


Factually, Sheikh Fathallah was used by the Kurds and Turks to prevent lose of honour and face in all places where they could not exterminate the Arameans (fake: Assyrians).


Archpriest Sleyman Henno writes: "Then came Sheikh Fathallah, the leader of Aynkaf and archpriest Isa along with the leader of Aynwardo. The Sheikh talked to them and said: 'Surrender and I swear by my conscience that I will order the government troops and the Kurdish clans to withdraw from the vicinity of the monastery. The Syro- Arameans answered: 'What you say is true, and we believe your words, but we cannot surrender because we have killed their men. The Sheikh then left. Ten days later he came back and swore that there was no danger for them if they would surrender. The Syro- Arameans said: 'We will surrender and we trust on your promises. We will open the door of the monastery under the condition that we should not hand over our weapons. The Turkish officer, who was there, said that it would not be possible. They first have to hand over their weapons. But Sheikh Fathallah rejected this demand and said: 'Disarm first the Kurds and than I will disarm the Syro- Arameans.' The Turkish commander persisted in his view and wanted in any case that Syro- Arameans had to hand over their weapons. Sheikh Fathallah sent a message to the governor of Amida (Diyarbekir) and he ordered the Turkish officer to follow the instructions of Sheikh Fathallah and to withdraw the troops from the monastery. When the government troops withdrew, the Kurdish fighting groups left one another. The inhabitants of the village of Cross Monastery did not dare for three years to leave their homes, because the Kurds were lying on the lurk, and everyone who dared to leave the village was killed by them."


Again beloved reader: agreements and peace? Are you out of your mind? But of course not, it is outward appearance. The standard is: extermination.


3.1. Where were other Sheiks and Imams?


How many Sheiks and Imams were in the Ottomans Empire during the genocide of 1915? Ten thousand, twenty thousand or perhaps fifty thousand?


Definitely, there must have been more Sheiks and Imams condemning the horrors against the Arameans and other Christians. However, how many of them - following the footsteps of Sheikh Fathallah of Aynkaf- have actively raised their voice and issued fatwa's against killing of Christians?


When for example half or even one third of all Sheiks/ Imams of Ottoman Empire would have followed the example of Sheikh Fathallah, the horrors of genocide would have been much less severe. The overwhelming majority among them supported, glorified and stimulated the genocide.


4. Not all Kurds have participated in the genocide.....


The overwhelming majority of Kurds have participated in this barbaric genocide. A very tiny noble minority however have consequently refused to participate in these awful crimes against humanity, risking thereby their own life. There are stories known of noble Kurds who risked their own life to save Arameans and Armenians. Other Kurds have assisted the survivors to flee to the Aramean bastion of Aynwardo to escape the genocide. Again other Kurds gave, secretly shelter in their own homes, to Aramean individuals and families until the genocide was stopped. Some big, powerful and independent Kurdish families have protected the very young Aramean girls whose parents were exterminated, and after the genocide they handed over these very young girls to the priests, bishops or families who had survived the genocide. This was however very unusual!!

The overwhelming majority of the Kurds however took possession of these very young Aramean girls to satisfy their perverse sexual desires.


One of the Kurdish leaders who did not participate in the genocide of 1915 was Çelebi Ağa, the leader of Çelebi clan from the village of Mezizah (Turks: Doǧançay).

Another leader however, Haço Ağa, the leader of Haço clan, who came from Mezizah as well, actively participated in the genocide. His both sons, Joseph and Hassan, did their utmost best to exterminate the Arameans of Tur Abdin.


Çelebi Ağa

(Photo: Gertruda Bell, Amurath to Amurath)

 Archpriest Sleyman Henno writes: " Çelebi Ağa and Haço were in that time, as already mentioned above, the leader of Haferkan clan. During the persecutions of the Syrians in Tur Abdin, they both were in jail. The nephew of Çelebi, Saruchan, replaced the imprisoned clan leader. With Haço, it were his sons who represented the incumbent leader: the name of the oldest one was Hassan. The Haço's had participated in killing of Syro- Arameans. However, Saruchan from the family of Çelebi had not killed any Syro- Aramean, on the contrary, he had helped them. As soon as he became aware of very bad news for Syro- Arameans, he informed them. He always encouraged them and said: 'Don't be afraid, even if I will be forced to attack you, I will kill none of you.'


"And if the Syro- Arameans needed weapons, he sent them secretly. He sent his servant to them with food, such as wheat, barley, lentils and salt during the whole war. That is why we gratefully remember him and his charity, each time when the butchery comes up."


Çelebi Ağa was greatly respected by friend and adversary. During the genocide Çelebi Ağa was put in jail. Was that coincidence or did the Ottoman government purposefully put him in jail during the genocide of 1915? One ponders what Çelebi Ağa would have done if he was not imprisoned during the genocide of 1915.


Would he for example have had exerted his authority to mobilize the allied Kurdish clans to prevent the genocide or at least to reduce it significantly?


Another very important point is that beside Çelebi Ağa also a famous Aramean in Tur Abdin was put in jail by Ottoman government, namely Shamun (Simon) Hannee Haydo from the village of Saree (Turks: Sarıkőy), a very experienced and courageous warrior.

He was respected as well by the Kurdish clans. Archpriest Sleyman Henno writes:".... the Kurds were very apprehensive for the Haydo- family" and, referring to Shamun Hannee Haydo, he writes: ".... a renowned hero, who in the battles that the (Kurdish) tribes fought among themselves, not once was defeated. A wise man and a good clan leader."


During the imprisonment of Shamun, he was replaced by his much younger brother Malke who was very courageous as well. Unfortunately Malke had not the life experience and wisdom as Shamun through which he not only caused himself troubles, but also others.


Archpriest Sleyman Henno writes about Malke: "His younger brother Malke, who was 25 years old, was a courageous, good-looking and tall man, who filled people with dread. With his weapon, he never missed a target. It is claimed that he could hit the glowing coal without damaging the water pipe. However, his stubbornness and impatience regarding the views and wishes of others were objectionable. That was his weakness that later would cause the inhabitants of Beth Bsorino to be exposed to tragedies."


If Shamun Hannee Haydo and Çelebi Ağa were not imprisoned during the genocide of 1915, they possibly would have been able to mobilize considerable number of armed forces and thereby preventing the genocide of 1915 or at least minimizing to just few massacres here and there.

Therefore, one ponders whether the Ottoman government intentionally had imprisoned these two men to minimize as much as possible the risk of rebellion against the planned genocide.


When Çelebi Ağa was released from jail, he brought the survivors of genocide back to their villages that were under his sphere of influence and were confiscated by Muslims.  


Archpriest Sleyman Henno writes about Çelebi Ağa: "Only at the end of genocide he was released. He was very sad about the bloodbaths that had taken place in areas that were under his control and said about that: 'If I was at home, I would not let it happen, that even one Syro- Aramean would be killed.' After his release from jail, he started to visit the scattered Syro- Arameans, comfort them and helping them in their affliction as we already have told. He ordered the villages and homes that were invaded by the Kurds during persecutions, in which they now were living, to be cleared and given back to the Syro- Arameans whereby he personally assisted the returnees to their village. He warned the Kurds: 'I will, from now on, sentence everyone to death who kills a Christian and let plunder his home.' After that, the Syro- Arameans could again go to their work without being afraid of the Kurds."


The bloodthirsty Kurdish cleans; headed by Haço clan put heavy pressure, during the genocide on the substitute of Çelebi Ağa, his nephew Saruchan, to cooperate in the extermination of the Arameans of Tur Abdin.


Sleyman Henno writes:

"When the Kurds and Hassan Haço, Qedur Bey and Joseph Haço heard that the Syro- Arameans hang around in Morbobo, they all attacked, with gnashing teeth as night wolves the Syro- Arameans to completely exterminate them.


They tried to get permission from Saruchan Ağa to exterminate the Syro- Arameans. But Saruchan rejected their request and said: 'I am not a traitor as you who swore to do nothing wrong to the Christians and than breaking your promise. I say to you: I will kill nobody and I will also allow not anyone to kill them. Who want to kill them have first to eliminate me and than them. After that he ordered his servants to arm themselves and be ready for the fight. When the enemies saw that their plan was failed, they withdrew. Thereupon, he ordered assistance from the village of Beth Debe to escort the Syro- Arameans to there. From there armed men came to help them. Saruchan ordered the Syro- Arameans to leave the village. He himself and his people escorted them to Beth Debe and returned subsequently back."

Haco Ağa

(Photo Youtube)


5. The Kurds have acquired taste and want a new genocide


Many of the Arameans who survived the genocide of 1915 went to Syria to start a new life. The presence of these remaining Arameans and Armenians in Syria was thorn in the flesh of many Kurdish clans. They wanted to do something about it.


Because of the outstanding cooperation with the Turkish Ottoman government, they almost completely exterminated the Arameans in 1915. In 1947 and 1965 they wanted to repeat this great success in Syria hoping that the Syrian government and Arabic tribes would join.


All Kurdish clans were united in the preparation of the new genocide in Syria. However, there was only one clan that refused to join the bloodthirsty conspiracy and that was the clan of Âwdiyee Khalo (Xalo).


Amongst others the following important Kurdish clans were involved:

- Clan of Haco

- Clan of Sulaymanee Âbees, from Dıgera (Beth Zalin/ Kamishli)

- Clan of Ahmadee Usuf

- Clan of Husseinee Ashad (uncle of Musa Antar from father side)

- Clan of Naifee Pashee

- Sheikh of Gezna (Xezna), also called Sheikh Geznaoui.

-... etc...


In 1945 Syria became independent from France and the last French soldiers left the country in 1946. Consequently, there was a temporary power vacuum.


After France had left Syria, the Kurds seized the opportunity and concocted a conspiracy to exterminate the Arameans and other Christians in Syria. In 19467, the Kurdish clans went to Sheikh Daham, the leader of Shammar tribe, to ask for his permission and help in the extermination of Christians in Syria saying: "There is here, referring to the Christians in Syria, a very bad people. We want together with you wipe them out from our midst. "


The Shammar tribe is split off from the Tayy tribe and they trace their origin to Jemen. The current leader of Shammar is Sheikh Hamidi Daham al-Hadi. The leader of Tayy is Sheikh Mohammed al Faris.


Sheikh Hamidi Daham al-Hadi, the current leader of Shammar tribe.

(Photo: youtube.)

Sheikh Daham of Shammar tribe sarcastically answered the Kurdish clans: "Can you exterminate them within 24 hours?" The Kurds answered saying "no, we cannot."

Daham replied: "If you proceed with your plans, no one of you will be left alive."


After that Sheikh Daham informed the leader of Tayy about the conspiracy. They immediately established a front of Tayy and Shammar against the bloodthirsty Kurdish plan. The clan of Âwdiyee Khalo (Xalo) joined the front through which the wicked Kurdish plan was averted.

The Kurds however did not give up easily. In 1965 the Kurdish clans tried a new attempt to convince the Arabic tribes in the extermination of Aramean and other Christians in Syria.


Again their plan failed due to the front that was established by the Kurdish clan of Âwdiyee Khalo (Xalo), the Tayy tribe and Shammar tribe.


Every time the Kurds get the opportunity, they show their real face. On 20th of September 2016, Fides news agency reported the story of the Aramean catholic bishop Hindo about the terror and intimidation of Kurds against the Arameans in a article entitled " Archbishop Hindo: violence and intimidation of the Kurd militias on Christians increase in Hassaké" : " Whenever the Kurdish militia enter in action to reaffirm its military hegemony over the city......  the epicenter of their raids and acts of force is always the area of the six churches, where most of the Christians live. In many cases they expelled the Christians from their homes under the threat of Kalashnikovs. And where they enter, they loot everything "


Intimidation, terrorizing, plundering, expelling and confiscation of properties of others is a centuries old way of life of the majority of Kurds. Issues like equality, cooperation, politeness, respect and love are noble matters they do not understand anything of it.


The spiritual fornication of apostate Arameans who call themselves "Assyrians" with the Kurds


While the Kurds are terrorizing our people, what are the treacherous and cowardly Arameans who call themselves "Assyrians" doing? Well, they commit brutal and shameless spiritual fornication with the Kurds who did their utmost best to exterminate our nation. These whoremongers will commit fornication with everyone with just one condition and that is: to promote and glorify the colonial Western illuminati lie-name "Assyrians." As long as you promote "Assyrianism", they will go to bed with everyone, including the devil himself.


In 1993 they made an unholy and monstrous covenant with the PKK of Ocalan and since then the "Assyrian" terrorists are used by the Kurds to terrorize the Aramean nation and making good PR for themselves.


In Syria, these traitors work as slaves of the Kurds to overthrow the government of Bashar Assad. At the beginning of the colonial Western meddling with Syria in 2011, they had made an unholy covenant with Muslim brotherhood to fight against Assad and overthrow his government.


The most terrible of all this is that these traitors ridicule and besmirch Christianity by identifying themselves as "Christians", while in reality their acts have nothing to do with Christianity.


On the other hand, it also does not amaze us that they keep themselves busy with this kind of spiritual fornication, for their "Assyrian" belief system is based on Nimrod/ Assur the antichrist and Samiramis, the whore of Babylon (here, here)


What many people do not realize however is that many Kurds in Syria had joined the terroristic groups such as ISIS/ISIL, Al- Nusra etc.. In doing so they could unhindered destroy the Aramean and other churches, expel them and confiscate their properties. In general the majority of the colonial illuminati powers remained silent about these atrocities. As far as there was some attention, it was pinned to the by the West created, trained and armed terrorist groups such as Al-Nusra, Al- Qaeada or ISIS/ISIL. The Kurds were kept out of range.


Bisschop Hindo says about this: ".... the situation is now in the hands of Kurdish militias. But under their command there are many of the local residents who had previously enrolled with the jihadist militias of Daesh."


Not only in Hassake, but also in places like Beth Zalin (Kamishli), the Kurds intimidate the Arameans (fake: Assyrians) and other minorities. For a long time they are busy to impose Kurdish curricula on the Aramean church schools.


The Aramean bishop Maurice Amsih complains about the intimidations by the Kurds in an article published by Almasdarnews on 16-9-2016 entitled : "Assyrian (Aramean) Bishop: We denounce Kurdish curricula and abuses"


On the activities of YPG we read: "He (bishop Amsih) denounces any Kurdish abuses from the self-proclaimed PYD-rule towards the Assyrians (Arameans), such as imposing Kurdish curricula in Assyrian (Aramean),  schools, confiscating the property of the emigrated or to put the pro-Kurdish Assyrian (Aramean) militia MFS in the front line when Kurdish Asayish is fighting against the Syrian regime............ "

"In the Assyrian (Aramean) school in Derbesiyeh there are only four Assyrian (Aramean) pupils, but 300 Kurdish. Bishop Amish refused to accept the Kurdish curricula in this school or any other school n Gozarto. He also refused to apply for permission from the Kurdish authority. In such case the school will lose its permission from the state of Syria, he says."


May the Lord God prevent it to happen, but if the Kurds ever get a sort of "independency", it will be horrific, not only for the Aramean nation, but definitely also for other nations and minorities.


6. What should be our response to the centuries old persecutions, bloodbaths, confiscations of our properties and exterminations by Kurds and Turks?


Before answering this pertinent question, we first should investigate our spiritual status and ask/ answer the question: Why did the Lord God allow all these horrors to happen to us?


Nothing happens without permission of the Holy heavenly Father, because: "Are not two sparrows sold for a copper coin? And not one of them falls to the ground apart from your Father's will." (Matt 10:29-30).... “And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, "All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth” (Mattew 28:18).....    Shall a trumpet be blown in the city, and the people not be afraid? shall there be evil in a city, and the Lord  hath not done it? (Amos 3:6)


So, if God is in control of everything why did He allow these terrifying things happen to the Aramean nation (fake: Assyrian) to the point that they were forced into Diaspora, lost everything and consequently have to wonder before other man's doors?

Regarding the answer to the "why" question, in the past we have elaborated in detail in number of analyses on our website (here, here, here, here, here and here)


Therefore, we are convinced that the Lord God have been using the Turks and Kurds as instrument in His hands for centuries to punish/ discipline our nation, to wake them up and tell our people "you left Me and went on the wrong path, come back to Me."

Our Lord Yesuh M'siho says this in other words: "Remember therefore from where you have fallen; repent and do the first works, or else I will come to you quickly and remove your lampstand from its place — unless you repent (Revelation 2:5)......"Because you say, 'I am rich, have become wealthy, and have need of nothing' — and do not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked.." (Revelation 3:17)


Unfortunately, the Aramean nation ignored the warning and punishment of the Lord God, they continued on their wrong path and refused to stop with their evildoings against the Holy heavenly Father, the God of Abraham, Isaak and Jacob.


The consequence for this disobedience, stubbornness and continuation on the wrong path is simply horrific, because the Lord God says: " 4 Because I have called and you refused, I have stretched out My hand and no one regarded, 25 Because you disdained all My counsel, And would have none of My rebuke,  26 I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your terror comes, 27 When your terror comes like a storm, And your destruction comes like a whirlwind, When distress and anguish come upon you. 28 "Then they will call on Me, but I will not answer; They will seek Me diligently, but they will not find Me. 29 Because they hated knowledge And did not choose the fear of the Lord , 30 They would have none of My counsel And despised My every rebuke. " (Proverbs 1:24-30)


So, how should we behave towards Turks and Kurds? Our behaviour should be in agreement with the Wiliness of our Lord God Yesuh M'siho, for we read: "25 He who loves his life will lose it, and he who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.  26 If anyone serves Me, let him follow Me; and where I am, there My servant will be also. If anyone serves Me, him My Father will honor. " (John 12:25-26).


What does it mean "following Yesuh M'siho"? Well, Apostle John says: "3 Now by this we know that we know Him, if we keep His commandments. 4 He who says, "I know Him," and does not keep His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him. 5 But whoever keeps His word, truly the love of God is perfected in him. By this we know that we are in Him. 6 He who says he abides in Him ought himself also to walk just as He walked. " (1 John 2:3-6)


What does it mean "keep His commandments" and what did our Lord Yesuh M'siho say about our enemies?

Yesuh M'siho says: "You have heard that it was said, 'You shall love your neighbor* and hate your enemy.'  44 But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you,* 45 that you may be sons of your Father in heaven; for He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.  46 For if you love those who love you, what reward have you? Do not even the tax collectors do the same?  47 And if you greet your brethren* only, what do you do more than others? Do not even the tax collectors* do so?  48 Therefore you shall be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect. " (Matthew 5:43-48)


On the Cross, our Lord Yesuh M'siho said: " Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do." (Luke 23: 34)


When the Jews were stoning Stephen, he said: " Lord, do not charge them with this sin " (Acts 7:60)

Apostle Paul commands us: "If your enemy is hungry, feed him; If he is thirsty, give him a drink; For in so doing you will heap coals of fire on his head." (Romans 12:20)


Again, how should we behave towards Kurds and Turks who did their utmost best to exterminate our people, confiscated our lands and forced us into Diaspora? Below, we will summarize this in three points:


1) Stephen was Gods man, full of Holy Spirit and did great wonders among the people (Acts 6:5-8). The Jews of the Synagogue of Freedmen were not pleased with activities of Stephen and started to oppose him and falsely accused him (Acts 6:9-15).

Before Stephen was stoned to death by the Jews, he first elaborated in detail on the history of Israel (Acts 7:1-54) and reached the final painful conclusion: "You stiff-necked and uncircumcised in heart and ears! You always resist the Holy Spirit; as your fathers did, so do you. 52 Which of the prophets did your fathers not persecute? And they killed those who foretold the coming of the Just One, of whom you now have become the betrayers and murderers, 53 who have received the law by the direction of angels and have not kept it." (Acts 7:51-53)


What was their response? In stead of repentance and recognition of their sins, they stoned him to death (Acts 7:55-60). The truth should be told and the truth can be very painful!


Therefore, our task is to tell the Turks and Kurds the truth about the horrors they have done to us and about their violent mentality lacking any form of mercy or compassion.


Turkish Evangelist Isik Abla



May the Lord God Yesuh M'siho (Jesus Christ) bless Turkish people by raising thousands evangelists like Isik Abla among them.

2) No matter the horrors they have done to us or still doing to us, we should never ever nourish slightest hatred or revenge- in any form or shape- towards them, but always pray to the Holy Heavenly Father and say: "Father, please forgive them and bless them, because they do not know what they have done to us and are still doing to us."


3) It is our task to pray for these two populations and ask the Holy heavenly Father to please remove the blindness from their eyes, so that they can see what they have done to others and start to repent. We pray that the light of Yesuh M'siho may shine over their mind and hearts (Ephesians 5:14, 2 Cor. 4:3-4).

We pray that the Holy Heavenly Father may raise and motivate men and women among these two populations to stand up and serve as candle to shine the light of Yesuh M'siho in their hearts and minds. Amen.

Kurdish Evangelist Brother Azad

May the Lord God Yesuh M'siho (Jesus Christ) bless Kurdish people by raising thousands evangelists like Brother Azad among them.


Our response to intimidation, persecutions, expelling and plundering should be: 1) Telling truth, 2) Asking God to forgive and bless them, 3) Pray for them so that their eyes may be opened to receive Gods blessing.


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