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Testimonies of the brilliant historians of the Syrian Church of Antioch on the Aramean origin of our nation, Synonymy: Aramean/Syrian.



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Question: Who were the ancient Assyrians? Were they simply one ethnicity or a composition of many nations/ tribes?


Who made the East- Aramean Nestorians known as "Assyrians"?


How "Assyrian" fanaticism resulted in terrorism (here and here).


World Council Arameans/ Syriac Universal Alliance (WCA/SUA)


WCA/SUA and terrorism


WCA/SUA: Grave Human Rights violators, international syndicate of hate mongers.


Arameans of Syria.


Arameans of Turkey


Arameans of Iraq.


Aramean history, history, culture and language, a six partite interview


Colonialism, “Assyrianism” terrorism, occultism, downfall of the Aramean nation in the Middle-East and their Diaspora.



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Aramean people: Aramean people (not to be confused with ‘Armenians’) speak Aramaic, the language spoken by Abraham, Moses and Jesus. They are the indigenous people of what was called in ancient times Aram- Nahrin, in our days it is called ‘Mesopotamia’.

Some Arameans today identify themselves with “Assyrians”, because of the spiritual colonial hate generating activities of the Western missionaries and diplomats in the Middle-East in 16th and 19th centuries. Other Arameans became known as “Chaldeans”. However all of them are Arameans.

In Turkey, the Arameans are called: Süryani. In Arabic they are called Al- Suryan.

Finally the truth comes out: Isa Gulten/ Garis, St. Gabriel monastery and glorification of the unholy colonial Western anti-Aramean invention “Assyrianism.”



Dutch Version


1. Introduction



2. By whom are the Arameans in Turkey called “Suryani- Asuri” Mr. Gulten/ Garis?



3. Bishop Iwannis Afrem Bilgic, Isa Gulten/Garis, Saliba Ozmen, St. Charbel church in Midyat, priest Faulus Akman, priest Ibrahim from Basa and Ishak Shabo



4. Former pupil of Gulten/Garis, Mr. Saliba Ozmen and the devastation in the Aramean monastery Dayro D’Zahfaran in Mardin.



4.1. Installation of Saliba Ozmen as bishop.



4.2. Beginning of problems with bishop Ozmen.



4.3. The reasons behind problems with Mr. Ozmen.



5. Conclusion




1. Introduction


Over the centuries, the sword of Islam has shed millions of liters of Aramean blood in the Middle East. Looking at the history of the Aramean (false: "Assyrian") people, we can say that the bloodthirsty formula "Tax, Conversion or Sword" has been very effective in, 1) ethnic cleansing, 2) demographic changes and 3) genocides.


However, the persecution of Christians continues unabated in our times. In the colonial Western fake news media, hardly any attention is paid to the daily massacres caused by the Islamic terrorists on behalf of the colonial Cabalistic / Masonic / Illuminati Satanists among the Christians worldwide. The Christian Post, for example, reported on 15th of March 2019: “120 people killed, 140 homes destroyed by Nigeria Fulani since February


The title of another report, about lax attitude of the colonial illuminati fake news media reads: “Why Does The Mainstream Media Purposely Ignore Mass Killings Of Christians Across The Globe?” (see also here, here, here).


On March 15, 2019, a white man committed a horrible attack on a Mosque in New Zealand whereby 49 people were killed (here, here, here, here, here).

Unlike the killing of Christians by Muslims, the attack in New Zealand was widely reported in the colonial Western fake news media.


This horrific attack was seized by New Zealand for stricter weapons law (here and here). This is suspicious and smells of a preconceived attack, a so-called "false flag attack" (here and here) for political purposes.

This possible orchestrated attack will be utterly abused by the international satanic intrigue to create chaos and stimulate tensions between "Christians" and "Muslims".


The perpetrator of the attack is the 28-year-old Brenton Tarrant. He has published a 74-page anti-immigrant manifesto and describes himself as "racist", "eco-fascist", "admirer" of China and wanted to bring about a "civil war" in the United States (here and here).

The sad point here is that regardless of the belief of the perpetrator, the majority in the Islamic world will identify him as "Christian." Whether he is a "Christian", "antichristian", "Budist", "New Ager", "satanist", "neutral" or anything else, it is irrelevant in the eyes of the majority of Muslim world. He is simply identified as "Christian" regardless of his belief system.


The massacres such as those in New Zealand are unfortunately standard events in the past history of the Aramean nation. The age-old persecutions of the Aramean (false: "Assyrian") people by the sword of Islam has almost exterminated the people.

An additional consequence of the sword of Islam, since centuries, were the flaring internal conflicts that further weakened the Aramean nation.


Professor Dr. John Joseph

In his book “Muslim- Christian Relations and Inter- Christian Rivalries in the Middle East” Professor Dr. John Joseph writes on page 31/32: “Political persecution and insecurity often increased internal dissension within the Middle Eastern Christian communities. There were always personal rivalries between bishops; scandalous intrigues often led to bribing Muslim authorities into these internal quarrels. Litigations were frequently generated by the shameful bargaining for succession to the patriarchal throne or a contested bishoprical seat.


Starting in the late thirteenth century and lasting with brief interludes of reconciliation into the nineteenth century, the patriarchal office was simultaneously oc­cupied by two or three and sometimes four prelates who were often violently hostile toward one another, their relative legitimacy often in question.


By the mid-fifteenth century (1445), Patriarch Ignatius X of Mardin ended a schismatic patriarchate that had started a century and a half earlier (1293). In 1494 the rival patriarchate of Tur Abdin, which had ex­isted since 1364, was temporarily removed by the death of its primate Ig­natius Mas'ud al-Zazi. The Tur Abdin region often backed a patriarch opposed to the one who resided at Dayr al-Za‘faran near Mardin, who was considered by the majority as legitimate.' As late as 1814 four men claimed the patriarchal throne.2

The consequence of these intracommunity rivalries was a deep- seated decay of the church which often led to the defection to Islam of many of the faithful, usually the most prominent among them. When the political situation allowed it, an unsuccessful candidate for an ec­clesiastical office sometimes started negotiations with the Roman Catholic Church, sending a letter of “obedience” to the Pope of Rome.”


Colonial Western intervention


A second point, besides the sword of Islam, which contributed to unprecedented suffering and misery among the Aramean people is the interference of the colonial Western powers with our nation.



The involvement of the colonial Western powers in the 16th and 19th centuries (here, here and here) with the Aramean nation eventually brought about the demise of our nation in the Middle East. Colonial powers invented and promoted new identities "Chaldeans" (16th century) and "Assyrians" (19th century), thereby creating unbridgeable hostility and division among the Aramean nation. The various Aramean denominations became alienated from each other and saw each other more as enemies rather than working together in the hostile environment of the Middle East.


Although the names "Chaldeans" and "Assyrians" were original religious names to identify respectively the separated and remaining East-Aramean Nestorians, the East-Aramean Nestorians however in particular elevated the religious name "Assyrians" to their national name.


The identification with the former “Assyrians” resulted in that the former gods of Mesopotamia, such as Asshur, Nimrod, Marduk, Samiramis, Innana, Gilgamish, Sargon, were / are being worshiped to an unprecedented level/ height.


The result of this fanatical and extremely occult worship of the ancient gods was that an unprecedented blind fanaticism took hold of the East-Aramean Nestorians, which has expressed itself in, among other things, occultism, history forgery, book forgery, brainwashing of the youth and all sorts of other reprehensible practices that have absolutely nothing to do with Christianity. "Assyrianism" expresses itself in occultism.


Some individuals from other Aramean denominations also began to show interest in "Assyrianism" as an ethnical national identification. This resulted in that they also came into the grip of fanaticism, occultism and forgery of history. This blind fanaticism finally led to terrorism (here and here) with major adverse consequences for our people.


The unholy Western colonial product “Assyrians” has severely damaged the interests of our nation, like for example:

1) Harassments/ confiscation of Aramean villages / lands in Tur Abdin, Turkey.

2) Threat of Turkey in 1998 to shut down the St. Gabriel Monastery in Tur Abdin

3) The decision of Turkish Supreme Court in 2006 to add our people to the terrorist list of the Supreme Court

4) Lawsuits against St. Gabriel Monastery in 2008

5) The confiscation of 50 monasteries, churches and graveyards in 2017 by Turkey (It seems that this decision partly has been revoked.)


Someone among the West Arameans (fake: "Assyrians"), who for years has been promoting the anti-Christian and anti-Aramean occult "Assyrianism" is Mr. Isa Gulten / Garis who since 40 years has nestled himself in the Aramean monastery of St. Gabriel in Tur Abdin with terrible consequences. As a teacher, Mr. Gulten / Garis has for years injected the horrendous ideology of Nimrod / Asshur antichrist into the souls and hearts of unsuspecting innocent Aramean boys with devastating consequences for the church and the people.


In our analysis of 23-4-2018 we explained the origin of "Assyrian" terrorism and wrote, among other things:

We are convinced, beloved reader, that since 40 years Mr. Isa Gulten/ Garis, his former students and followers/ supporters are being used as a powerful instrument in the hands of satan and his demons to destroy the church from within.

Isa Gulten/ Garis

Interview in the Aramean monastery St. Aho in Kafro, Tur Abdin, 2017


The spread of the objectionable, occult “Assyrianism” from St. Gabriel Monastery has, to our sincere view, resulted in terrorism, confusion, disorder, division, mutual hatred and weakening of our beloved Aramean nation. There was a real reason behind the threat of Turkey in 1998 to shut down the monastery.


Mr. Isa Gulten/ Garis is still residing in St. Gabriel monastery and we have no reason to believe that he ever apologized or stopped with spreading the objectionable, hate generating and division promoting “Assyrianism.”


Below we will tell more about the devastating activities of Mr Gulten / Garis with regard to the colonial, anti-Aramean, anti-Christian and occult religion “Assyrianism”.


2. By whom are the Arameans in Turkey called “Suryani- Asuri” Mr. Gulten/ Garis?


In 2017, the restoration of the Aramean monastery Mor Aho in Tur Abdin, outside the village of Kafro (Turkish: Arica) was finished.

Several young people from the village of Kafro interviewed Mr. Gulten / Garis following the restoration of the monastery.




Mr. Gulten tells something about the monastery, its history and restoration.


On Timeline 1:51 minutes, Mr. Gulten falsely says: "... Suryani living here, who are called Suryani-Asuri ..." (click here for the mp3- quote)


The word “Suryani” is a Turkish word for "Syrians" and “Asuri” is a Turkish word for "Assyrians." Here Gulten / Garis shows his true face. Mr. Gulten deliberately creates confusion and chaos by linking the unholy and occult colonial terrorist name "Assyrians" to "Arameans."


The question is: by whom are "Suryani" in Turkey called "Suryani-Asuri" Mr. Gulten / Garis and since when has this colonial criminal name been imposed on our people? Who are /were the people behind the dissemination of this unholy and fake colonial designation Mr. Gulten/ Garis.


Were that not your former disciples in whose hearts and minds you have very effectively implanted the ideology of Nimrod / Asshur antichrist Mr. Gulten/ Garis? And why did you feel necessary to link this unholy and terrorist name to the unsuspecting Aramean population?

Below, we are going to refresh your memory Mr. Gulten / Garis.


Aramean monastery St. Aho in Kafro, Tur Abdin

In our analysis of 23rd of April 2018 we extensively discussed the emergence of "Assyrian" terrorism and demonstrated that Mr. Numan Ugur (alias: Numan Shabo, Numan Ogur, Numan Nesro / Nisro) the second man of PKK and the former pupil of Isa Gulten / Garis, its founder is. Mr. Shabo played a decisive role in establishing an unholy alliance between the PKK and the "Assyrian" terrorists with terrible consequences for our people.


Mr. Ugur / Ogur / Shabo said about the name "Assyrians":

- Halfway the years 80ies, 84, 85, 88 there was a friendly movement of youngsters in Midyat and surroundings among few friends, the name Assyrian was back then new in Tur Abdin and Istanbul

- At the beginning of 80ies they were active in Istanbul. Tur Abdin was back then not involved.

- As from 1984 the rebels of PKK started….


Who made known the unholy colonial name "Assyrians" in Tur Abdin Mr. Gulten / Garis in the 1980s? Were that not you and your former disciples, in whose hearts and souls you had injected the ideology of Nimrod / Asshur antichrist, who later made an unholy alliance with the PKK, Mr. Gulten / Garis? What was the reason Mr. Gulten / Garis that Turkey wanted to close the Aramean St. Gabriel monastery in 1998? You know nothing about it ....right?... well… of course you do know very well the details about the reasons…. Below we will explain what we mean.


In our analysis of 17th of July 2008 about the unholy alliance between the PKK and the "Assyrian" terrorists, we wrote about the reasons that Turkey wanted to close St. Gabriel monastery in 1998:

Many people who have studied in the St. Gabriel monastery under leadership of Isa Gulten were very vulnerable to the criminal “Assyrian” ideology and therefore sensitive to the recruitment for GHB/ADO/PKK


In their struggle against PKK, the Turks regularly also captured “Christians”. Through their special investigation techniques they were able to winkle considerable information, not only from Christians but also from Muslims. In this way they discovered that a very  ugly “spiritual stench” was emanating from the St. Gabriel monastery, namely that some young people involved with the PKK had enjoyed their study in the monastery under leadership of Isa Gultan. The Turks became furious. Because, in the house of God, you should definitely not expect this things to happen. And so they threatened to shut down the monastery St. Gabriel.


The GHB/ADO/PKK “Assyrian” terrorists smelled a rat and bombarded the European politicians with the news that Turkey does not respect the freedom of religion and wants therefore shut down the “Assyrian monastery”. And with that the “Assyrian” terrorists had achieved their goal, namely that the politicians took the word “Assyrians” in their mouth, and that was the ultimate goal of these terrorists.


You know exactly Mr. Gulten / Garis who is behind the glorification of the colonial genocidal lie name "Suryani-Asuri". Why did you consider it necessary to mention this criminal, unholy colonial name explicitly if you do not support it?


After concluding the unholy alliance with the PKK in 1993, the "Assyrian" terrorists began to come up with exotic names to cause as much confusion and chaos as possible within the Aramean nation and with the outsiders. Mr Gulten / Garis seems to be deliberately continuing this unholiness!

Aramean monastery St. Gabriel in Tur Abdin, southeastern Turkey.


They are masters in blending lies with truth. In this way they do their utmost best to confuse the unwary reader with regard to the origin of our people and come up with a variety of names to designate our people. We mention few examples below:

Assyrians - Suryoye or Suryoye – Assyrians


Assyrians / Arameans


Assyrians - Chaldeans - Arameans – Syrians

Syrians - Assyrians - Chaldeans – Arameans

Assyrians (also known as Syrians, Chaldeans)

Assyrians (Syrians, Chaldeans, Arameans etc ..)


And what does Mr. Isa Gulten / Garis do? He shamelessly continues this anti-Aramean and anti-Christian occult ideology by designating our people as "Syrians-Assyrians." We ponder very seriously whether perhaps Mr. Gulten / Garis was / is not an "adviser" of the "Assyrian" terrorists to vomit gamut of confusing and contradicting names.


The village of Gulten / Garis: Bote (Turkish Bardakci)


Mr. Gulten / Garis is from the Aramean (fake: “Assyrian”) village of Bote (Turkish: Bardakci). Many people from Bote also live in the Netherlands. There are good families and less good families from Bote.


There are some very solid, Christian, reliable, faithful, trustful and honest families from Bote in the Netherlands who keep themselves far away from the religious ideology “Assyrianism” of Gulten / Garis and do not want to have anything to do with it.


However, there are also some treacherous, unreliable, underhanded and cowardly families from Bote who worship Mr. Gulten / Garis as a "god" and no matter what, all his practices are covered with the cloak of charity.


Other sympathizers of Gulten / Garis who worship him as "god" are some unholy families from Kafro who live in the city of Rijssen (Holland). And of course not to be forgotten the former disciples/pupils of Gulten / Garis who all glorify this hideous occultism under the cover of "Christian faith."


For these families and sympathizers, Mr. Gulten / Garis is a "god" who makes no mistakes. When Mr. Gulten / Garis comes, for example to the Netherlands to collect money, he is surrounded by them and praised to heaven for his “good deeds”. Of course, these fanatical and cowardly individuals could care less that our people in Syria are unprecedentedly terrorized by an occult religious ideology that originally took shape in, amongst others, St. Gabriel monastery under the leadership of Gulten / Garis. They do not care at all. They are very immoral and reprehensible!


When we started in 2007 to unmask the unholy practices of Mr. Gulten / Garis in St. Gabriel monastery, we were flooded with threats from "Assyrian" terrorists as well as from some extremely treacherous, criminal and unholy families from Bote and from other sympathizers of Mr. Gulten.


"We asked him about this and he denies it" was the constant claim of some families from Bote and his ardent sympathizers. According to these admirers of Gulten / Garis, everything on the website of Aram-Nahrin was "incorrect, because Isa has never been involved with Assyrianism" was the mantra of these poor souls!


If Mr. Gulten has nothing to do with the Western colonial, genocidal, criminal terrorist name "Assyrians", why did he feel it necessary during the 2017 interview to falsely present our people in Turkey as "... Suryani living here, who are named Suryani-Asuri… ..?”


Let these unholy, criminal and brutal families from Bote and other sympathizers come forward now and explain to us why their "god" Gulten / Garis thought it necessary to use the Western colonial, terrorist name "Assyrians" ?. What was needed for? If that is not glorification of colonialism, spiritual genocide, deceit and history forgery, what is it then?


But Mr Gulten / Garis has a lot more and more on his slate. Below, we are going to refresh his memory and the memory of his sympathizers more in detail.


3. Bishop Iwannis Afrem Bilgic, Isa Gulten/Garis, Saliba Ozmen, St. Charbel Church in Midyat, priest Faulus Akman, priest Ibrahim from Basa and Ishak Shabo


In Midyat (Tur Abdin) there are in total 5 Aramean churches, namely St. Smuni, St. Barsauwmo, St. Aksnoyo, St. Charbel and Beth IL Protestant Aramean Church. There is also the monastery of St. Hobil and Abrohom that serves as cemetery.


In all churches, children were taught in Aramaic.


The current priest of St. Jacob of Sarug church in Enschede (Holland), priest Faulus Akman, was Aramaic teacher in St. Charbel church in Midyat (Tur Abdin). Like many Arameans, he and his family left Tur Abdin on 6th of July 1980 for the Netherlands. St. Charbel church was left without Aramaic teacher. The current bishop of Mardin, Mr. Saliba Ozmen was back then a deacon / teacher in St. Gabriel monastery under leadership of Mr. Isa Gulten / Garis. Mr. Ozmen was then appointed as a teacher for St. Charbel church in Midyat.


One of the pupils of St. Charbel church, Mr. Yusuf Turker from the Siqmee family, raised alarm with his father, Mr. Shabee Siqmee (Turker) and told him that the new teacher, Mr. Saliba Ozmen, teaches children that we are "Assyrians" and handed the teaching material to his father.


Shabee Siqmee (Turker) informed his brother Isa Siqmee (Turker) about the activities of Salibe Ozmen with regard to spreading "Assyrianism." Isa Siqmee became very angry and immediately went to St. Charbel church on Saturday and addressed the issue with St. Charbel council.

He spoke with the well-known deacon Firmee, who originally came from the Aramean village Kfarze, and told them about the activities of Mr. Ozmen and presented them the teaching material. Mr. Firmee and other members of the church council became very angry about the situation.

Mr. Saliba Ozmen was then called to account. He told them that he had received the teaching material from Isa Gulten / Garis. Mr. Ozmen received some serious blows and was immediately fired and fled to St. Gabriel Monastery, home to the "Assyrian" propaganda led by Mr. Isa Gulten / Garis.


Delegation to St. Gabriel Monastery


Sunday after the church service, a delegation from St. Charbel church went to St. Gabriel Monastery to demand measures against Isa Gulten / Garis.


The delegation from St. Charbel church consisted out of 5 individuals, namely priest Ibrahim from Basa (province of Besheeriyee), the two sons of priest Mako, Hanna and Sabri, deacon Firmee and another person.


Bishop Iwannes Afrem Bilgic

At that time, bishop Iwannes Afrem Bilgic was the bishop of Tur Abdin and resided in St. Gabriel Monastery.


The delegation went to St. Gabriel Monastery to discuss the issue with bishop Bilgic. They handed him the teaching material and told that Saliba Ozmen says that he received the teaching material from Isa Gulten.


You would expect, beloved reader, that a bishop whose task is to watch over the faithful and the church, would immediately kick Mr Gulten / Garis out of the monastery and file a complaint against him with the Turkish government.


But, unfortunately, dear reader, something like "faithfulness, goodness, holiness, justice, laws, morals and ethics" no longer exists among our people and within the church.


The answer from bishop Iwannes Afrem Bilgic was: "What can I do about it?"


Upon the poor answer of bishop Bilgic, priest Ibrahim of St. Charbel church became very angry and shouted to bishop Bilgic: “Either be a courageous man, or a bishop with strong faith or else you must die to get rid of the problems of this world. People considered you a saint and you let such people (like Gulten / Garis) enter the monastery?

Bishop Iwannes Afrem Bilgic did nothing to stop Mr. Gulten / Garis's unholy and devastating activities in the monastery.


Ishak Shabo stopped


The Aramean Protestant family Shabo was a well-known and influential family in Midyat. Ishak Shabo and his brother Ibrahim Shabo have done a lot for the Aramean people in Tur Abdin.


When Ishak Shabo was informed about the unholy practices of Isa Gulten / Garis and the lax attitude of bishop Iwannes Afrem Bilgic, he began to prepare legal measures to kick Gulten/Garis out from the St. Gabriel monastery.


But unfortunately, unfortunately and again unfortunately, bishop Bilgic sent a letter to Ishak Shabo to stop the process.


Why, why and again?


Why, dear reader, did bishop Bilgic refuse to take action against the practices of Isa Gulten / Garis, while he was quite able to do so? Why did he stop Ishak Shabo to take action against Isa Gulten / Garis? What is the reason behind this laxity in performing his minimal task as a bishop?


The answer is shocking and heartbreaking and that is: Mr. Isa Gulten / Garis is married to the daughter of priest Asmar, the brother of bishop Iwannes Afrem Bilgic. Mr. Gulten / Garis is their son-in-law. That is why Mr. Gulten / Garis was able to continue his destructive practices in the St. Gabriel Monastery, injecting the occult and antichristian ideology of Nimrod / Asshur antichrist into the hearts and souls of the innocent boys. Some of these boys later became priests or teachers with a great preference for the occult religion of "Assyrianism." And it is this occult, antichristian and anti-Aramean "Assyrian" religion that has led to terrorism, moral decline, and lawlessness (here and here).


In other words: The personal/ family interests go far beyond the interests and integrity of the church, the nation and Yesuh M’siho / Jesus Christ! Can you understand this devastating insanity?


What did our Lord and Savior Yesuh M’siho/ Jesus Christ say about the previously described mentality? He said:

“Those who come to me cannot be my disciples unless they love me more than they love father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, and themselves as well” (Luke 14:26)

Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the world. No, I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35 I came to set sons against their fathers, daughters against their mothers, daughters-in-law against their mothers-in-law; 36 your worst enemies will be the members of your own family.

37“Those who love their father or mother more than me are not fit to be my disciples; those who love their son or daughter more than me are not fit to be my disciples. 38 Those who do not take up their cross and follow in my steps are not fit to be my disciples. 39 Those who try to gain their own life will lose it; but those who lose their life for my sake will gain it (Matthew 10:34-39).


On the holiness of Gods house, the Heavenly Father says: …and then come and stand before Me in this house, which is called by My name, and say, ‘We are delivered!’—only to go on doing all these abominations? Has this house, which is called by My Name, become a den of robbers in your eyes? Behold, I myself have seen it, declares the Lord. (Jeremiah 7:10-11)


Referring to Jeremiah 7:10-11, Yesuh M’siho/ Jesus Christ acted as follows against dishonoring the temple of the Lord God in Jerusalem: Jesus went into the Temple and drove out all those who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the moneychangers and the stools of those who sold pigeons, 13 and said to them, “It is written in the Scriptures that God said, ‘My Temple will be called a house of prayer.’ But you are making it a hideout for thieves!” (Matthew 21:12-13, Mark 11:15-17, Luke 19:45-46)


As mentioned above, during their visit to the monastery St. Gabriel, priest Ibrahim of St. Charbel church said about the behavior of Gulten / Garis against bishop Iwannes Afrem Bilgic: "People considered you a saint and do you let such people enter the monastery?"


Indeed, there are some people not only from Bote, but also others who regard bishop Bilgic as "saint." It could be true, we have no judgment on that.


However considering the previous story, we would like to bring some quotes to the attention of our beloved reader and leave the judgment to the reader as follows:


1) The Lord God judges differently than humans do. In 1 Samuel 16:7 we read: “But the Lord said to him, “Pay no attention to how tall and handsome he is. I have rejected him, because I do not judge as people judge. They look at the outward appearance, but I look at the heart (see also: 1 Chronicles 28:9, Jeremiah 11:20, 17:10, 20:12, Psalms 7:10)


2) The Lord Yesuh M’siho/ Jesus Christ says about behavior of people: “A healthy tree does not bear bad fruit, nor does a poor tree bear good fruit. 44 Every tree is known by the fruit it bears; you do not pick figs from thorn bushes or gather grapes from bramble bushes. 45 A good person brings good out of the treasure of good things in his heart; a bad person brings bad out of his treasure of bad things. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of. (Luke 6:43-45)


We are convinced, dear reader, that the activities of Isa Gulten / Garis in St. Gabriel Monastery for more than 40 years, have made the monastery a home / stronghold for Satan and his demon spirits. To our analysis, the monastery has become a spiritual and physical robber’s hole with terrible consequences for the church and the Aramean people.


After the death of bishop Iwannes Afrem Bilgic, monk Ilyas Cankaya was initiated as bishop of Tur Abdin. Bishop Cankaya also did nothing against Isa Gulten / Garis. After him, monk Samuel Aktas was ordained as bishop of Tur Abdin in 1985. Bishop Aktas also did nothing against the activities of Mr. Gulten / Garis. On the contrary, he seems to support him in everything. The son of Gulten / Garis is his secretary.


Around 2700 years ago Prophet Isaiah wrote this about the lax attitude of the leaders who care nothing about the faithful: All you beasts of the field, come to devour, yea, all you beasts in the forest. His watchmen are blind: they are all ignorant, they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber. Yea, they are greedy dogs who can never have enough, and they are shepherds that cannot understand: they all look to their own way, everyone for his gain, from his own quarter. Come you, they say, I will bring wine, and we will fill ourselves with strong drink; and tomorrow shall be as this day, and much more abundant. (Isaiah 56:9-12)


The leaders seem to show absolutely no interest in the spiritual well-being of the people and make no effort to keep ferocious wolves far away. On the contrary, they open the door wide for the wolves, so that the people are completely torn apart. And that explains the terrible situation within the church and the Aramean nation.


Apostle Paul warns as follows against such danger: For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock. Also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them. Therefore watch, and remember, that by the space of three years I ceased not to warn everyone night and day with tears.(Acts 20:29-31)


If the Spirit of God had reigned in St. Gabriel monastery, then according to our view, Mr. Isa Gulten / Garis and his supporters would not have had any access to St. Gabriel monastery let alone to stay there for more than 40 years. We suspect that the spirit of "another jesus" (2 Corinthians 11: 4) has St. Gabriel monastery tightly in his grip for years. And that explains the chaos and the terrible situation.


With how many innocent young pupils did Mr. Gulten / Garis and his former disciples / followers inject the horrific occult "Assyrian" ideology of Nimrod / Asshur antichrist into their hearts and souls with devastating consequences for their lives? Apart from exception here and there, all young boys who had been taught by Isa Gulten / Garis or his former students, later received a horrible toxic hatred and rejection of the Bible, the Christian faith and a great preference for the occult "Assyrianism", fanaticism, history forgery and books forgery. This unprecedented demonic fanaticism also explains the path of terrorism that they eventually took (here and here). From a spiritual point of view, what is the consequence of besmirching the hearts and souls of these boys at such a young age with the colonial Western “Assyrian” Nimrod / Asshur antichrist ideology?


The Lord Yesuh M’siho / Jesus Christ said about deceiving of young people: But whoever shall offend one of these little ones who believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. Woe unto the world because of offenses! for it must needs be that offenses come; but woe to that man by whom the offense comes! (Matthew 18:6-7)


Below we will provide our beloved reader with an example about the devastation that Isa Gulten / Garis has caused with his activities.


4. Former pupil of Gulten/Garis, Mr. Saliba Ozmen and the devastation in the Aramean monastery Dayro D’Zahfaran in Mardin.


In the aforementioned explanation so far, you have seen that one of the students of Isa Gulten / Garis, Mr. Saliba Ozmen, tried in 1980, on behalf of Isa Gulten / Garis, to inject the demonic, occult and antichristian "Assyrian" ideology of Nimrod / Asshur antichrist into the hearts and souls of the young children of St. Charbel church. Fortunately an alarm was sounded on time and he was kicked out of the church and fled to his master Isa Gulten in St. Gabriel monastery.


To make the matters worse, Mr. Saliba Ozmen was consecrated in 2003 as "bishop" of the Aramean monastery Dayro D’zahfaran in Mardin with terrible consequences as we will explain below.


As "bishop" of Dayro D’zahfaran, he causes major headaches to the board of the monastery.

On 10th of June 2016 an interview of more than 2 hours was broadcast by Suryoyo Sat with Mr. Munir Kilimci and Orhan Araz.


Both men come from Mardin, but live in Istanbul. However, they are closely involved with the Zahfaran monastery. During the interview, the gentlemen talked about the major problems caused by Mr. Saliba Ozmen, the former pupil of Isa Gulten / Garis, as "bishop" in Mardin.



Orhan Araz

Munir Kilimci


The interview consisted of two parts. In the first part, Mr. Munir Kilimci spoke about his life in Mardin, his intensive involvement with the church and his political activities. Many Arameans (fake “Assyrians”) left Mardin for Istanbul after 1964. Mr. Kilimci also left for Istanbul with his family.


From 1946 to 1950 he was active in a political party called "Democratic Party" founded by Celal Bayar, Adnan Menderes, Fuad Kuprulu and Refik Poraltan.


Once in Istanbul, he started a successful printing company and is / was intensively involved with the church.


In the second part of the interview, Mr. Orhan Araz joined and talked about the problems that “bishop” Saliba Ozmen is causing in the Aramean monastery Dayro D’Zahfaran in Mardin


4.1. Installation of Saliba Ozmen as "bishop".


Regarding the disastrous decision to appoint Saliba Ozmen as bishop of Mardin, Mr. Kilimci said:

 “I know Saliba as a monk in the monastery. He then went to Midyat and from there to England.

Together with my brother Cebrail, we wanted to install him as a bishop as quickly as possible. ......

As Mardin community, we became two groups on this issue in Istanbul. One group want monk Melke Urek and the other group want monk Saliba Ozmen. The majority decided to opt for Saliba Ozmen. Someone from the community stood up and said, "If you make monk Saliba a bishop, I will become a Protestant."……. We made the decision to appoint Saliba as bishop. ……."


If Mr. Kilimci had done his homework well, he would have discovered that Mr. Ozmen is a faithful servant of Isa Gulten / Garis and therefore a fanatic supporter of the antichristian, occult "Assyrian" ideology of Nimrod / Asshur antichrist and therefore totally unsuitable for the office of bishop. Shortly after his initiation, he clearly demonstrated this, as will become clear below.


The Lord God communicates with people in different ways. The fact that during the meeting of the Arameans from Mardin "Someone from the community stood up and said:" If you make Saliba a bishop, I will become a Protestant ", clearly indicates that God's Spirit wanted to give a clear warning that Mr. Ozmen should not have had be appointed as bishop.

Unfortunately nobody understood the signal and now they have to suffer the consequences of their wrong decision.


4.2. Beginning of problems with “bishop” Ozmen.


To support the new bishop, the Arameans from Mardin established an association. Mr. Kilimci says about the establishment of this association:

“Yahkub Tahinci said: Munir do you want to become chairman, come we are going to establish an association in Dayro D’Zahfaran monastery, I will be chairman and you will be the second chairman.

I told him: “Jacob, I don't care so much about a chairmanship or membership."

Jacob said, "Don't refuse." I said: "With pleasure." We founded an association and registered around 200 members, gathered families and collected money among us. We started with a project. …….

We have built a welcome hall for the visitors who often waited outside in the blazing sun.

We built the hall and congratulated the bishop and also gave him a sum of money.

Jacob and I said: "Sahidna (Bishop Ozmen), make an accounting of income and expenses" "That's all right, you don't have to worry," he replied.

A month, 2 months, 5 months, 6 months later, we saw nothing of accounting."


The Arameans from Mardin became concerned about the behavior of "bishop" Saliba Ozmen. Munir Kilimci explains:

"Yahkub Tahinci was worried. He called me and said Munir: “Look at the situation, what happens now? We as a community will grant you authority. Then all friends of the church councils said." We will all give you our signature and go after the issue." They collected the signatures and gave them to me and I decided to send a letter to Sahidna (Saliba Ozmen). Then the person who threatened to become a Protestant (if Saliba Ozmen was elected bishop), became his right hand ... "


Regarding Saliba Ozmen's reply to his letter, Mr. Kilimci says:

"After the letter, Sahidna ("bishop "Ozmen) filed a complaint against me. Believe me, it hurt me a lot. I called my lawyer and showed his letter (from Saliba Ozmen). He told me that if I opened a lawsuit against him, he would be punished because he threatened you.

"I am the head of the diocese, nobody gets involved in my work," he says (Saliba Ozmen).


Comment: This does not surprise us at all. After all, this is a spiritual product from Isa Gulten / Garis. What else can you expect but chaos, opposition and problems?


Mr. Kilimci and the majority of those who have chosen Mr. Ozmen as "bishop" now suffer from their own mistakes. They must pray and fast with tears in their eyes and humble themselves before the Holy Heavenly Father to intervene and deliver them from Mr. Ozmen.


Mr. Munir Kilimci made an emotional appeal to "bishop" Saliba Ozmen and said:

“Dear brother, we have been working hard to installing you as the head of the diocese. We do not want to remove you as the head of the diocese. (what we want is) accountability.

It is now 15 years ago. Whether the deceased Patriarch Zakka, either orally or in writing, I have even sent a letter to 32 bishops. Only one bishop, Saliba Chamoun from Mosul, responded. The rest did not respond.”

In addition to this pressure, patriarch Zakka formed a committee consisting of bishop Hawa of Baghdad, Hanna Ibrahim from Aleppo and Samuel Aktas from Tur Abdin. They interviewed everyone and made a report about their findings. We have not heard anything after the report.

We went to Beirut and submitted another request. When we came to Ankara and returned to Tarlabasi (a neighborhood in Istanbul) we explained the case again ………. ”


Comment: This is yet another indication for us that the church has been taken over by satan and his demons. Exactly the same laxity and games were played with Mgr. J.Y. Cicek as well.


Regarding the indecisiveness of patriarchy, Mr. Kilimci says:

“We have good intentions. We want to continue on this positive path. Our concern is this: there is a problem, is it wrong or right? I, as a Syrian [Aramean] individual, my concern is this: Patriarchate takes up this issue, makes an honest decision, so that everyone knows his place and his function. If I am wrong or Sahidna (Saliba Ozmen) is wrong, he is right / wrong, anyway,… .. no decision is made ……

I have been to the Patriarch (Zakka) three times ... especially for the Dayro D’zahfaran issue. ”


Comment: Chaos and indecisiveness are indicative of the moral decline.


Against better judgment, Mr. Kilimci puts his hope in the current patriarch Afrem Karim and says:

"Even now, when the current Patriarch was bishop, he came to Istanbul and I then explained everything to him ... he is aware of the matter ...

My expectation in particular is, he is young…. and may God give him a healthy life, that he will work very quickly ...

As a Patriarch, wherever there is a problem, he must take it up, make a decision about it, and also consider us as human beings. "


Comment: Mr. Kilimci can wait a long time for this. There have already been several committees that have most likely put Mr. Ozmen in the wrong. Yet nothing is done against him. We believe they know he's very wrong.


On their trip to Lebanon about Dayro D’Zahfaran issue, Mr. Orhan Araz says:

“During our last visit to Beirut, a meeting was arranged. The Patriarch (Zakka Iwas) was not present at the meeting, he had to go to hospital for dialysis. Bishops were present, namely bishop Saliba, bishop Daniel and the secretary of Patriarch. We met in the presence of the three.

Mr. Patriarch said, “If I am not mistaken, I will send a committee on this matter, I will appoint some bishops for that."

The honored bishops (Hawa, Yohanna Ibrahim and Samuel Aktas) came and did their research and delivered their report to the patriarchate. They did not show us the report. Unfortunately we heard nothing from Mr. Patriarch. It stayed that way and nothing else was done with it.

After installation of the new Patriarch, as indicated, he is aware of the situation, we expected an answer from him. "


Comment: They most probably all know that Mr. Ozmen is wrong. That is why we believe the patriarchy keeps quiet. If he was right, the patriarchy would have immediately taken action.


Interviewer: “Why do you think the deceased patriarch (Zakka Iwas) did not resolve this issue? This bishop is alone, he can call him within 5 minutes and say: Mr. Saliba Ozmen please come to me, there is a problem, you stay with me until the problem is solved. Why didn't he do something like that or solve it in a way? "


Munir Kilimci: “It's not just this. Which problem has he solved so far? Are there no problems in other places? Why doesn't he solve it? I do not understand it either. We have heard from Belgium for years, he has not solved it. We also hear of problems elsewhere. It is not just to mention a single problem. There are problems. "

 “Brother, there must be a well-equipped patriarchy, research must be done. My principle is this: every year the patriarchate must send a highly reliable, honest bishop to all dioceses to examine the situation.”


Comment: The reason patriarch Zakka Iwas has not solved anything is because the patriarchy was taken over by extremely dangerous and anti-Christian individuals who were dressed as "bishops." They were the same wicked individuals who also terrorized the life of Mgr. J.Y. Cicek.


4.3. The reasons behind problems with Mr. Ozmen.


Interviewer: Is the fundamental of this issue on the table, economic, financial, accountability that Mr. Saliba Ozmen is not cooperating on?


Munir Kilimci: No, it's not just money, it's also about ideology.


Interviewer: What kind of ideology?


Munir Kilimci: Assyrianism and the other, the Dauronoye.

He comes to Istanbul, does not visit any of us and asks about none of us, shows no interest, but goes to Dauryonoye group. That's how we hear.


Comment: The term "Dauronoye" is an Aramaic word for "revolutionaries." This is about the "Assyrian" PKK/GHB/ADO terrorists who have signed a pact with the PKK (here and here) and thus took the path of terrorism. They work for the Kurds, they are their slaves. In Syria they tried to close the Aramean schools on behalf of the PKK / YPG Kurds.


A preference for "Assyrianism" and "Dauronoye / revolutionaries"? There nothing new under the sun, is it? Mr. Ozmen is the spiritual son of Isa Gulten / Garis and that is a guarantee for problems, chaos, opposition and glorification of the occult and anti-Christian ideology of Nimrod / Asshur anti-christ.


The photo on the right shows Mr. Ozmen at a Kurdish conference on 15th of June 2013. Conference on Kurds? What does he has to do with it? Apparently a lot.


To his right is the fanatical dauronoyo Evgil Turker and to his left is one of the Kurdish leaders. Mr. Evgil Turker is the chairman of the so-called "Syrian Federation" in Turkey. Evgil Turker is one of the pillars of Suroyo Tv which tries to sell the "Assyrian" PKK / GHB / ADO Dauronoye activities to the unsuspecting Aramean people. He appears regularly on Suroyo Tv and defends the dauronoye / PKK / GHB / ADO positions. Mr. Evgil Turker could care less that his spiritual brothers the "Assyrian" dauronoye terrorize our people in Syria together with their Kurdish master of YPG.

Mr. Ozmen participated in a conference of Kurds in Diyarbekir on 15th of June 2013.

From left to right: Dauronoyo Evgil Turker, Saliba Ozmen and a Kurdish leader.


The question is, dear reader, what does Mr. Ozmen do as a "bishop" at a Kurdish conference with next to him a fanatical dauronoyo PKK / GHB / ADO "Assyrian"? Doesn't he besmirch the bishop's office with that? He knows exactly what the dauronoyo PKK / GHB / ADO “Assyrians” have done. He cannot be excused. To our view he becomes complicit in their practices by sitting down with them at one table. He has contacts with "Assyrians / Dauronoye"! He may be one of them!


In our analysis of 25th of January 2007, we wrote this about “bishop” Saliba Ozmen:

“The situation in the monastery of Zahfaran is not much better and could be called dubious. Since 2003 is Mgr. Saliba Ozman consecrated as bishop of the Monastery Zahfaran in Mardin. Ozman is the spiritual son of Isa Gulten and Mgr. Samuel Aktas; although last time we hear stories that they can’t get on. After consecration of Mr. Ozman, the “Assyrian” terrorists had free access to the monastery (as observed by some people). There wasn’t slightest obstacle put in their way under the guise of ‘we can’t restrict the access to the monastery for the people’ (even if they would be engaged in terrorism?). In 2005 Mgr. Ozman came to Holland because of the funeral of Mgr. J. Y. Cicek. The story goes that the family of Ozman in Holland wanted him to visit them in their home. Once in the monastery to pick him up, they could’t find him. Later the family discovered that he was the whole day with a “friend”. And this “friend” happened to be somebody who, in the past, had been keeping himself busy with recruitment and terrorism. If this not blasphemy of the episcopacy, than please explain to us what blasphemy means!”


Mr. Ozmen in Sweden in 2014 at a meeting of the apostate Arameans who call themselves "Assyrians"

The photo on the left is Mr. Ozmen at a meeting of the "Assyrian" federation in Sweden in 2014.


He completely ignores the Dayro D'zahfaran board and only does things that suit him.


Mr. Ozmen declines any responsibility and rules as a sole ruler without worrying about the wishes and interests of the Aramean (fake: “Assyrian”) people in Mardin.



Below is the transcript of some parts of the interview to give the reader an impression of the problems caused by Mr. Ozmen.


Interviewer: If he, as a bishop, officially goes somewhere, does he not inform the administration of the monastery?


Munir Kilimci: He asks for the plane ticket and leaves.


Interviewer: But what is he going to do, what is the program?


Munir Kilimci: They don't know.


Orhan Araz: The board does not know where he is going.


Munir Kilimci: I hear this from time to time over the phone that Sahidna (Saliba Ozmen) wants to go to Germany, asks for airline ticket. They order his ticket, but they do not know where he is going in Germany, what he is going for.


Commentary: He may be doing things that cannot tolerate the daylight and therefore does not appreciate that someone is looking over his shoulders. He is the spiritual son of Isa Gulten / Garis and bishop Samuel Aktas. That explains all the misery.


Interviewer: Are you sure about his contacts with Assyrians?


Munir Kilimci: Those are the impressions he leaves with us.


Interviewer: You have put him in his seat


Munir Kilimci: With the consent of God and of course with the consent of the community and I have worked hard. But the last time I spoke to him face to face, he said to me: are you my father? Everything you say must happen?


Interviewer: Why is he refusing accountability?


Munir Kilimci: I don't know that either


Interviewer: If you are his father, why is he refusing accountability?


Munir Kilimci: He doesn't do it. Not only to me, but also not to the administration (of the monastery).


Comment: If he gives openness of matters, perhaps a cesspool of unholy things, that cannot bear the daylight, may be opened up.


Interviewer: Has the monastery suffered economic, material and immaterial damage in this matter?


Munir Kilimci: A lot


Interviewer: Like?


Munir Kilimci: For example, we once discovered that the monastery had 300 million Turkish Lira electricity debts. There was no money in the administration of the foundation, there was also no money in the monastery.


Interviewer: Where is the money?


Munir Kilimci: There is no money they say.


Interviewer: Received money from visitors?


Munir Kilimci: They received money from our visitors. 100,000 visitors come each year to the monastery. That money was used for the salary of the staff, insurance, and other expenses, the various necessities of the monastery, is arranged through the association.

We then decided to collect money among us in Istanbul with a group of 25 people and sent to Mardin to pay the electricity debts.


Interviewer: Have you requested this financial support from the bishop?


Munir Kilimci: There is nothing he says.


Orhan Araz: We asked him.


Munir Kilimci: I say this: he travels so often to Europe and various countries. He gives none of the money to the community. Whom does he give the money to? He does not give to the monastery.


Comment: Possibly to the "Assyrian" terrorists (here and here) or perhaps he uses it for unholy things that cannot be mentioned.


Interviewer: Does he put the money in his own pocket?


Munir Kilimci: I don't know that, I don't know that either.


Interviewer: That is to say, he keeps the money he collects for himself, but the income of the monastery is used for the maintenance of the monastery.


Munir Kilimci: Everything our association does for the monastery is carried out in openness. Everyone can come and see.


Interviewer: But could you find yourself, in particular the electricity debts of 300000 Turkish Lira (mistake interviewer: must be his 300 million Turkish Lira, see above)? Did you ask him?


Orhan Araz: We asked (him).


Interviewer: Did you ask?


Orhan Araz: Yes, of course, we asked the bishop. … .. If you can remember brother Munir, we have arranged a meeting in the saloon of the church of Yesilkoy. We have asked him (during the meeting) for a contribution to the electricity costs ... we wanted to supplement the rest.


Interviewer: (his) answer?


Orhan Araz:. As far as I know,…. he said "I have 30 million", "30 million I have."…. We had expected an amount of 150 million, the rest we would supplement. How can we receive 30 million from Sahidna (Ozmen)? You just keep the amount. ..


Interviewer: Do you know if he had more money than that amount?


Munir Kilimci: He gives no explanation about that.


Orhan Araz: He gives no explanation about that.


Munir Kilimci: That is to say, since the time he came here until today, as I said, neither we nor the board in Mardin know about the income, how many donations have been received.


Orhan Araz: The monastery has benefited absolutely nothing from the bishop or other income ...


Interviewer: According to the available information, bishop Saliba Ozmen opens associations in the name of the monastery in various European countries. Is that true?


Munir Kilimci: We have heard, it's correct. The association was founded 5 years ago and closed last year.


Orhan Araz: (the association) was founded in Sweden.


Interviewer: An association was established in Sweden on behalf of the monastery (Zahfaran). Were you aware of this as board?


Munir Kilimci: We had heard it, investigated it and it turned out to be correct.


Interviewer: Did he (bishop) inform you or not?


Munir Kilimci: No, he had not done that.


Interviewer: Did he inform his own board, management in Mardin?


Munir Kilimci: No, no


Interviewer: Without approval of the board he opens an association in the name of the monastery. Does he collect money or something like that?


Munir Kilimci: Probably


Orhan Araz: Of course, if I am not mistaken, the foundation of this association came through his own signature ... The board knew nothing.


Interviewer: On his own initiative, he opens an association in the name of the monastery for the purpose of collecting money from individuals or government. That money is not used for the monastery. Is he putting it in his own pocket? ..…. It is necessary that the people are informed about all problems.


Orhan Araz: According to what we have heard, it is true.


Interviewer: Just hearing is not enough. It is necessary to know about the authenticity of his administration (official / unofficial paperwork) during a conversation. That is, it is necessary to know. Just "suspicions" is not enough.


Orhan Araz: We know that he has collected money from various places.


Interviewer: Do you know that?


Orhan Araz: We know that.


Interviewer: Did he not give the money to the monastery?


Orhan Araz: Those who gave money did it during the confession. I can also give names if they deny ....


Interviewer: Did you or your friends in Mardin sit down at the table with the honored bishop and talked about this? Have you worked on solving the problem yourself?


Munir Kilimci: We have talked a lot since the time of Mr. Yahkub (Tahinci) as I have explained.


Interviewer: Okay, are you the ones who refuse to work on a solution or is it he who refuses?


Munir Kilimci: He himself


Interviewer: He is not looking for rapprochement?


Munir Kilimci: No.


Interviewer: What is the reason?


Munir Kilimci: He doesn't explain, the problem doesn't solve. He has an obsession / mentality of: “I am the head of the diocese, nobody is allowed to interfere with my work. …………… ”



Munir Kilimci: At the end of the discussions, the board submitted the request to the (Turkish) court. The court has confirmed the authority of the administration of the monastery. That requires Turkish law. I repeat again that both we and the (monastery) administration of Mardin have good intentions.

If a decision is made based on Turkish law, the bishop can be expelled from the monastery. ………………………………………….


Interviewer: That is to say, can you deport him from the monastery?


Munir Kilimci: Of course


Orhan Araz: The task of his Excellency bishop is a spiritual task.


Interviewer: But you say he is practicing politics. He has contacts with other groups you say, he has contacts with Assyrians you say. ………………….


He is practicing politics you say. Can politics be practiced within the monastery?


Munir Kilimci: He has tried but failed ……….


I sent him a letter: Sahidna, when you were a monk, you were good. But when you became a bishop, you started to change. What is actually happened?


Comment: Nothing has changed Mr. Kilimci with Mr. Ozmen, he just fooled you!! He pretended to be nice until you appointed him as bishop, after which his true nature came to light that you now having troubles with.


Interviewer: From a legal point of view, if you wish as a board, you can remove him from the monastery tomorrow.


Munir Kilimci: If the board of the monastery foundation in Mardin decides, then the bishop can be evicted from the monastery.


Interviewer: Why doesn't it happen?


Munir Kilimci: We all have a mentality not to do such a thing because he is a spiritual individual…...



Interviewer: Good, how will the problem be solved?


Munir Kilimci: My starting point is this: The respected Patriarch Afrem, for which I have shown great respect, must take this issue very seriously.


Comment: That will probably be a very long wait!!

From the foregoing, dear reader, you have been able to get to know the spiritual son and former pupil of Isa Gulten / Garis who, to make matters worse, was initiated as "bishop". He makes the lives of the Arameans of Mardin unprecedentedly terrible. He has no contact with the Aramean people, but seems - how else - to turn to the horrible "Assyrian" terrorists (here and here). His behavior unprecedentedly harms the church and the Aramean people.


These are dear reader the sour and harmful fruits of the unholy practices of Isa Gulten / Garis in St. Gabriel monastery for more than 40 years. Mr. Gulten / Garis and his sympathizers do everything in their power to keep their activities hidden from the Aramean (false: "Assyrian") people.


5. Conclusion


In the past centuries, the sword of Islam has shed millions of liters of Aramean (fake: "Assyrian") blood, that is the physical destruction of the Aramean nation.


The involvement of the colonial Western powers (here, here and here) with the Aramean nation has destroyed the people on cultural, social and ethnic level through invention, promotion and implementation of religious names "Chaldeans" and "Assyrians." With that an unbridgeable hatred, distrust and division within the Aramean nation was realized. This is spiritual genocide.


The Arameans no longer had anything in common on cultural, social and ethnic level to fight for in the harsh and unstable environment of the Middle East. Instead of working together, they entrust themselves to those who are after their extermination.

 This brought about their downfall in the Middle East and hastened their diaspora in front of other people's doors.


In this process of downfall, the unholy, division -stimulating, hate-generating colonial occult product "Assyrians" play a decisive role. The apostate Arameans who call themselves "Assyrians" are unfortunately not the only ones who keep themselves busy with unholy things.


To explain the fruit of “Assyrianism”, we can mention as an example Mr. Isa Gulten / Garis who nestled himself in St. Gabriel monastery for more than 40 years and from there leading the dissemination and promotion of occult and terrorist-contaminated product "Assyrians". His stay in St. Gabriel monastery has enabled him to indoctrinate many young people, possibly hundreds, with this devastating occult product of Nimrod/Asshur antichrist. This has caused havoc within the Aramean people and the church.


Due to family interests, corruption and moral decline among the people and in the church, nothing has been done to date against the practices of Mr. Gulten / Garis and his kindred spirits.


We are convinced that Mr Gulten / Garis and all his sympathizers are a heavy curse on the Aramean people and the church. Looking at the result of the sour fruits produced by the unholy practices of Gulten / Garis in St. Gabriel Monastery, we can say that Satan and his demons will be very satisfied and rub their hands and probably be very proud of the results achieved.


Among the sour fruits of Gulten/ Garis is “bishop” Saliba Ozmen of Dayro D’Zahfaran who completely ignores the administration of the monastery, does only things he wishes, does not care for anything and rules as a ruler that has little to do with bishop's office.


"Assyrianism" is a terrible antichristian occult religious system that promotes immorality, terrorism, deterioration, lawlessness, and degradation of morality and ethics. As long as the Aramean people do not stand up, tackle corruption, favoritism and family interests and do not actively fight the "Assyrian" terrorists, on long term it will eventually lead to more chaos, immorality, deterioration and their complete downfall.


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