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Testimonies of the brilliant historians of the Syrian Church of Antioch on the Aramean origin of our nation, Synonymy: Aramean/Syrian.


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Question: Who were the ancient Assyrians? Were they simply one ethnicity or a composition of many nations/ tribes?


Who made the East- Aramean Nestorians known as "Assyrians"?


SUA/WCA and allowing terrorism


Arameans of Syria.


Arameans of Turkey


Arameans of Iraq.



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"Assyrian" terrorism and division within the Aramean nation


Colonialism, “Assyrianism”,  terrorism, occultism, downfall of the Aramean nation in the Middle-East and their Diaspora.


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19-9-2008: The Ongoing Aramaean Genocide, the Fabricated Pseudo-Assyrian Nation, and "Kurdish" (PKK) Terrorists


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17-7-2008: "Assyrian" terrorism: The bitter fruits of the spiritual colonial intervention: A monstrous covenant between the PKK and the organization of the apostate Arameans who identify themselves as “Assyrians”, namely: The Assyrian Democratic Organisation


15-9-2007: Wikipedia and Fake News about the Aramean nation: the continuation of Western Spiritual Colonial practices. The source and platform for spread and promotion of “Assyrian” terrorism: history distortions, hatred, lies, slander, attacks, deliberate misrepresentation and manipulations to misguide the independent reader.


22-8-2007: AINA: The international lie- and hate machine and the cause of killing, persecution and decline of the Arameans of Iraq


25-1-2007: The Arameans in Turkey unwillingly put in bad light. Turkish Supreme Court: The terrorist organization ADO/GHB “ Assyrians” added to the terror list.


25-1-2007: Translation of the article published in the Turkish Newspaper 'Zaman' of 19-11-2006. "ADO/GHB" terrorists added to the list of the Turkish Supreme Court


8-10-2005: A disastrous decision of SUA- where are standards and values?


Aramean people: Aramean people (not to be confused with ‘Armenians’) speak Aramaic, the language spoken by Abraham, Moses and Jesus. They are the indigenous people of what was called in ancient times Aram- Nahrin, in our days it is called ‘Mesopotamia’.

Some Arameans today identify themselves with “Assyrians”, because of the spiritual colonial hate generating activities of the Western missionaries and diplomats in the Middle-East in 16th and 19th centuries. Other Arameans became known as “Chaldeans”. However all of them are Arameans.In Turkey, the Arameans are called: Süryani. In Arabic they are called Al- Suryan.


The Arameans in Turkey unwillingly put in bad light.


Turkish Supreme Court: The terrorist organization ADO/GHB “ Assyrians” added to the terror list.

Dutch version

19th of November 2006, a article was published in the Turkish Newspaper ‘Zaman’ entitled ‘Yargıtay'ın terör listesine Süryani örgüt de girdi’ (=Also a Syrian Organisation is added to the terror list of the Supreme Court). Please click here to read the article and the English translation.


 In the article the word “Süryani” is used in reference to our people in Turkey. The Turkish word ““Süryani”, means “Syrians”, that is to say Arameans. Turkey consider all the Syrian denominations who label themselves with exotic names, including “Assyrians” and Chaldeans, as “Süryani”, that is to say: Arameans (which is of course correct). In the article it is explained that the terrroristic organization of the “Süryani” ADO, which later became known as “Beyth Nahrin Lebration Army”, has been added to the list of terroristic organizations of the Turkish Supreme Court.

 The problem is however that by that, the Arameans in Turkey are besmirched, because all the Arameans are being identified as terrorists, which is definitely not true. ADO/GHB are organizations of those Arameans who wish to identify themselves with “Assyrians” and are involved with terrorism; they willingly separated from the Aramean nation. ADO= Assyrian Democratic Organisation and GHB= GHB= Gabo D’ Hirutho D’ Betnharin, that is to say: Beth Nahrin Freedom party.


Before we proceed, first a remark has to be made and that is: Could everybody be considered as terrorist when they identify themselves with the objectionable Western Spiritual Colonization and slavery product “Assyrians”? It is not simple as that! However, it is quite strange to observe that when it comes to the glorifications of the spiritual product “Assyrians”, all the parties brotherly and without any reservation sit down near each other, including those who have been involved with terrorism or are still busy with terrorism. In addition, some of those who were deeply involved with recruitment have been infiltrated within “Assyrian” associations and they get full support. No any action is being taken against them, on the contrary, they get full access. If the "moderates" do not want to be associated with terrorism, they should take measure and get rid of them. So far, nothing of that happened.


It is true, as the newspaper explains, that all of them are Arameans, however these terrorists identify themselves as “Assyrians” and not as Arameans, following the divide and rule politics of the Western missionaries and factually fight against the Aramean nation. A very important matter is that when they have to appear in court or get interrogated or in other way get involved with the law, they call themselves “Arameans” in order to besmirch the Aramean nation and put them in bad light; so bad and evil they are! This became for example clear, during a court case in Germany. The members of the terror organization “ADO/GHB” had kidnapped their leader Numan Ogur to disciplinary punish him. The kidnappers were fanatic preachers of “Assyrianism”. However, during the court case they called themselves “Arameans” in order to besmirch our nation with terrorism. (More about this:


On the other hand, when they meet with for instance the politicians of European Parliament, they talk about “Assyrian nation” and try by all means possible to “Assyrianize” our nation. Most probably it is because of this reason that these bandits succeeded to make people like Camiel Eurlings and Albert Jan Maat their doormat.


Another issue is that when they find themselves within the community and in particular at the presence of elderly people, they always speak of “Syrians” (Suryoye) in order to fool the people in accomplishing their unholy plans with regard to the distortion of the history of our nation. However when they are in contact with the press or politicians, they stretch the issue and talk about “Assyrians” in reference to our people; that immoral are they!


For this reason it is of crucial importance that our nation takes action and distances themselves from these terrorists who try to besmirch our nation.


Unholy spiritual product of the West


The problem of “Assyrian” terrorism of those days is an old problem created in the past. Commenting the present-day terrorism in general, Professor Dr. Muhammed Shamsadin Megalomatis says that , “ terrorism is a later result of the earlier ideological developments in the area of the Middle East and ,, It is from the Western European universities, political parties and demented ateliers of all sorts that nationalism emanated


It is true that the Western intervention with the middle-east has resulted in the present-day problem, this explicitly also is true for the present-day “Assyrianism”, for it is their "product" and “creation”.


The unholy and already with terrorism and blood besmirched by the West invented Spiritual colonization and slavery product “Assyrians” have recourse to all the means at their disposal to promote the fake name “Assyrians” and discredit the Aramean nation. They are Arameans who were brainwashed in the 19e century for political an religious reasons to call themselves “Assyrians”. And since then they fight against the Aramean nation and try by all means possible to falsify the origin of our nation.


Some of them are so de-humanized that they really don’t have a spark of standards and values. In order to furnish the Arameans with a bad name, they try to ridicule them with fake accusations like, “Collaborators with Syria and Turkey”, “ Hezbollah and Binladen” etc.. etc..

Lying, cheating, distortion of historical facts, ridiculing and attacking of those who do not let themselves to be their tool and they even resort to terrorism in order to make their bloody name public. For these reason we would had appreciated if the Turkish Supreme Court had made distinction between our nation and those who have separated themselves from us following the Western Spiritual Colonization and Slavery product “Assyrians’.


The published article focuses on the link of terrorist “Assyrians” with the PKK in order to gain more disclose to the “Assyrian” name. To accomplish this, they made a covenant with the PKK.

This monstrous covenant was made on 24-4-1993 in Syria when a meeting took place with the leader of PKK, Mr. Ocalan. Roughly speaking they agreed the following:


1. The ,,Assyrians” the history forgers, the offsprings and the ,,product” of the Western spiritual colonialism of 19th century – would as soon as possible establish a PKK alike organization in order to fight along side by side with the PKK; like explained in the newspaper. They would intensively work to recruit young people in the West for this goal. This organisation became later on known as,, Bethanrin Freedom Party (BFP)” or in Aramaic ,,Gabod d’Hirutho d’Bethnahrin (GHB). Already in 2002 became known that they had recruited around 200 young people for guerrilla activities in northern Iraq. In Holland for example, they held hunger strike demonstrations in front of the police of Enschede and demonstrations in order to involve as much as possible young people with the GHB.

2. In return for this, ADO asked to glorify and promote the name ,,Assyrian” in the Kurdish media. A sort of ,,Assyrianization” campaign to distort the history of the Aramean people – following the example of the western missionaries. Indeed as from 1994 a enormous campaign was launched in the Kurdish media in which they always talked about ,,Assyrians”. The existence of the indigenous Aramean people was denied.

3. Thirdly, the promise was made by the PKK that when Kurdistan would be freed, the ,,Assyrians” would share the victory as well.


As a result of this agreement, many “Assyrians” became involved with the Kurdish Parliament and joined their activities.


In the Kurdish Newspaper Berxweden of 15-6-1993, the agreements are discussed in detail (


The article of Zaman for a important is also based on the article of Berxweden. For example we read, the foundation of Beyth Nahreyn was led by ADO. ADO became active in 1990. In 1993, ADO made a covenant with the PKK and under leadership of PKK they participated in many activities…… In the time of PKK they changed their name from ADO to Beyth Nahreyn Patriotic Revolutionary Party,..”.


This of course was known to many of us for a long time ago. Their attempts to recruit young people for terrorist activities are known as well. A Aramean policeman (original from Hassana in Southeastern of Turkey) from Amsterdam was recruited in 2002 and killed in north of Iraq.



The murdered Aramean policeman from Amsterdam, Mr. C. Kulan. Recruited by the “Assyrian” ADO/GHB terrorists and in 2002 murdered in Iraq. Father of two children. The terrorists gave him a fake name “ Michayel Judi”.


In Holland


This people seize every opportunity to falsify our history and glorify the objectionable spiritual colonization and slavery product “Assyrians”. For their propaganda they got support/ or still get support from Evangelical Broadcasting Channel, Herman Teule (University of Nijmegen), current affairs programme ‘The Netwerk”, Ton de Zwaan (University of Amsterdam), Christian Democratic Party (CDA) in Enschede, Albert Jan Maat and Camiel Eurlings, members of European Parliament on behalf of CDA. The Evangelical Broadcasting Channel knowingly cooperated with these terrorists to make them known and purposely falsifying the origin of our nation. People like Tijs van den Brink, Mattea Vrij and Elsbeth Grutteke, who showed no spark of respect towards our nation, have done everything to falsely present our nation in Holland during numerous broadcastings in the current affairs programme “De Ochtenden”.


All these people factually have promoted terrorism and whether they like it or not, with that they have contributed to the action of the Turkish Supreme Court.


ADO- Holland


Numerous people in Holland publicly have demonstrated their affinity with ADO. Isa Sumer, PVDA councilor in Enschede, Sukri Demir and Sabo Celik, employ at the minister of Social service. Mr. Celik presents him selves as the president of ADO- Netherlands. Of course there are more people involved with ADO. For example, the association Tur Abdin in Hengelo, Mesopotamian Association in Enschede etc.. etc..


All this people and organizations know very well what ADO has done and what bloodshed they are responsible for. Therefore they have no excuses. In deeper sense they can be held responsible for the decision of the Turkish Supreme Court. But of course they will deny everything and try explain away by crying all possible accusations (correctly or incorrectly) against Turkey and will in general remain very silent about the terror activities of ADO/GHB.


Foreign Countries

Amongst others President George Bush, Henry Hyde, Tony Blair, George Carey, European Parliament played into the hands of ADO/GHB “Assyrian” terrorists. The Bush administration regularly referred to all the Iraqi minorities, except the Arameans of Mesoporamia. Mr. George Carey, the former archbishop of Canterbury, started in 2005 a campaign entitled “Save the Assyrians of Iraq” and remained silent about the Aramean nation. As former leader of the Anglican Church Mr. Carey could have shown little more respect towards the Aramean nation, for it were his forefathers who have invented and glorified the unholy product “Assyrians” in their struggle with the Roman Catholic Church who already had invented the term “Chaldeans”. In addition it would had been more accurate and fair if Mr. Carey had told that there are in Iraq no more than 20.000 people who eventually could identify themselves with the fake name “Assyrians”.


Turkey – Monastery St. Gabriel and Dayrl’ Zahfaran

--- Desecration of Gods home by sex---


In the framework of the previous story, it is important to look at the situation of our main monastery in Turkey, namely St. Gabriel in Tur Abdin and Dayrl’Zahfaran in Mardin. It is known for a long time that these “Assyrian” terrorists have a good access to the monastery St. Gabriel in South-eastern of Turkey.



Mr. Isa Gulten, an Aramaic teacher in the monastery, could be considered as their tower of strength. Because of his job, Mr. Gulten has spiritually besmirched many students who have studied in the monastery, not to say: brainwashed. The result has been that many of those who left the monastery later identified themselves with the with blood and terrorism besmirched name “Assyrians”. And in deeper sense, this has contributed to the mutual hatred and division with finally result: terrorism. As human rights organization we consider Mr. Gulten responsible for this acts against our nation. We were informed that the same Isa Gulten, few years ago, was decorated by the Patriarch Zekka Iwas for his “services”. If this is true, than the Patriarch doesn’t have understood the meaning of Christian faith to decorate such a person with doubtful intentions.


The behavior of Mgr. Samuel Aktas, to say the least, is little bit strange. He can’t or don’t want to act against this kind of behavior. It is believed that Mgr. Samuel Aktas can’t do anything without approval of Mr. Isa Gulten. And from this, we should not expect too much good! To make the matters worse and to besmirch the monastery, Mr. Gulten and his wife have their home in the monastery and lead a normal life of man and woman, thus having sex in the House of the Lord.


We were told that the children of Mr. Gulten study on foreign Universities paid by the monastery. In the monastery they lead a luxury life without restriction or accountability to whomever. Some people have noticed the brutality and arrogance of his children clearly. Without moral restriction or regulations, his children seem to press the students psychologically as has been noted by some visitors. There is a constant pressure and the students tax themselves to the utmost.

A monastery is a symbol for Gods House where monks and nuns daily pray and obey the Lord God in purity, devoutness, poverty and chastity, a symbol to the spiritual angel service in the heaven. In the House of God, there is absolutely no place for sexual activities. Mr. Gulten and his wife live for 20 years in the monastery. They have made six children in the monastery, something which is outrages and objectionable. If Mgr. Samuel Aktas understood something of the Christian faith, he would already have thrown Mr. Gulten out of the monastery. Probably Mgr. Aktas is powerless or he is scared that the financial sources otherwise would be stopped.

The stay of Mr. Gulten in the monastery is definitely not necessary, there are monks or others who have not besmirched themselves with sexual acts to teach Aramaic in the monastery.


Deep contempt to Christian faith


If we look at the monastic life of Catholics and Orthodox (such as Copts, Greek and Russians), it is obvious that in no way a man or woman are allowed to live in the monastery and make children. That is out of the question. The fact that Mr. Gulten and his wife live for 20 years in the monastery and even have made six children is not only a evidence of contempt towards the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch, but in particular towards the Christian faith in general. It is a blemish!


The situation in the monastery of Zahfaran is not much better and could be called dubious. Since 2003 is Mgr. Saliba Ozman consecrated as bishop of the Monastery Zahfaran in Mardin. Ozman is the spiritual son of Isa Gulten and Mgr. Samuel Aktas; although last time we hear stories that they can’t get on. After consecration of Mr. Ozman, the “Assyrian” terrorists had free access to the monastery (as observed by some people). There wasn’t slightest obstacle put in their way under the guise of ‘we can’t restrict the access to the monastery for the people’ (even if they would be engaged in terrorism?). In 2005 Mgr. Ozman came to Holland because of the funeral of Mgr. J. Y. Cicek. The story goes that the family of Ozman in Holland wanted him to visit them in their home. Once in the monastery to pick him up, they could’t find him. Later the family discovered that he was the whole day with a “friend”. And this “friend” happened to be somebody who, in the past, had been keeping himself busy with recruitment and terrorism. If this not blasphemy of the episcopacy, than please explain to us what blasphemy means!


Yusuf Bektas



Yusuf Bektas can be considered as second Isa Gulten; a fanatic promoter of the objectionable Western Spiritual Colonization and slavery product “Assyrians”. Bektas was mysteriously appointed as secretary of Mgr. Samuel Aktas and he as well was living together with his wife in the monastery St. Gabriel. In 2006 Bektas got quarrel with Aktas and was thrown out of the monastery. He sought refuge with Mgr. Saliba Ozman and got shelter in the monastery Zahfaran in Mardin.


We consider Mr. Bektas responsible as well for his morale support to the terrorists who do everything to promote the fake name “Assyrians”.

The behavior of Mgr. Aktas and Ozman is, to say least, strange and far away from Christian faith. Either they consider their duty as bishop from secular point of view, or they have no sense of responsibility how to rule a episcopacy or they are completely bewitched by the worldly matters and have no idea how a bishop should behave and what his responsibility means (compare this to Jeremiah 6:13-14)


Perhaps the aforementioned matters could be summarized by the complain of the Lord God against the decline of clergy, You do these things I hate, and then you come and stand in my presence, in my own Temple, and say, 'We are safe!'   11 Do you think that my Temple is a hiding place for robbers? I have seen what you are doing (Jeremiah 7:10-11)


They have ‘robbed’ the true worship in the House of God, that is to say, they have arranged to their own insights and exchanged it for something different which the Lord God hates, and one of this things is: Making Sex in the Holy House of the Lord.

Mr. Bektas as well as Mr. Gulten should immediately be removed from the monasteries and the accesses to the monasteries should be restricted, certainly for those who were involved in terrorism. Stop with this hypocrisy and blasphemy!


Mgr. Yusuf Cetin and Mgr. Melke Urek


Beside decay and decline of standards and values, there are also people who devote themselves to true Christian way of life and try and to keep at high level the task of the bishop in practising it in an appropriate manner in agreement with its holiness. Two of such people in Turkey, who deserve honour and dignity, are Mgr. Yusuf Cetin of Istanbul and Mgr. Melke Urek of Adiyaman. These two bishops work very hard, are honest and reliable bishops who always have kept the terrorists at far distance, something which we may expect from a true Christians who obey the Jesus Christ of the Bible. But of course they also make mistakes, have their shortcomings and weakness, as we all have. However, these people do not allow themselves to be persuaded or bribed for issues which cannot be tolerated by the daylight!


Turkish Supreme Court: Dubious decision


The decision of the Turkish Supreme Court could be considered as doubtful, because of the following reason: The very people behind the foundation of the terroristic “Assyrian” ADO/GHB organisation has opened a broadcasting channel in 2004 under supervision of the Kurds. These people have celebrated the 1- april celebration in Tur Abdin in 2005. On this occasion, also the local and national politicians were presence. They then did not breathe a word about terrorism and forbidding their organisation. Could it be because Turkey was in discussion with them to achieve a kind of “agreement”?

In 2006 the same event was organised in Istanbul whereby amongst others, the major of Istanbul was present.


Because of this reason, it is very doubtful they now have put the “Assyrian” ADO/GHB terrorists on the list while yesterday; so to speak they were celebrating a party with the founders of this organisation. By linking the word “Suryani” with “ADO/GHB”, the Turkish Supreme Court have done wrong to the Aramean nation, for our nation has nothing to do with these terrorists.


As a International Human Rights Organisation we feel that the Turkish Supreme Court, with its decision, have violated the human rights of our people in Turkey and put them in a corner through which they are more weakened and made vulnerable to groups in Turkey who are looking for excuses to persecute Christian. The Aramean nation is being discriminated against in Turkey, Aramaic is officially not recognized, they are not recognized as distinct ethnic minority and consequently their social, political and cultural rights are being denied.


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