The Anglican Church and the recognition of the Aramean Spiritual Genocide


Appeal to the archbishop of Canterbury

Dutch Version


When genocide is discussed; in general it is thought of complete annihilation of a nation or an attempt to kill an important part of the involved nation. In the Second World War for example, Hitler tried to wipe out the Jewish people by killing 6 million of them, 6 million Polish and 20 million Russians as well were killed. In our times we can think for example of Darfur (Sudan) where horrible atrocities being carried out outside the view of the camera or Rwanda and Burundi where indescribable harshness have been carried out; complete tribes were wiped out.


In article two of UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (CPPCG) we read, “..any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group, as such: 'Killing members of the group; Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; and forcibly transferring children of the group to another group'.


Discussion the slaughtering of the Christians of the former Ottoman Empire; the media is manly talking about the Armenian genocide carried out by Turks and Kurds, no word about the Aramean Genocide. Furthermore, it is regrettable that the contribution of the Kurdish Aga’s is less underscored in these horrible massacres. Without the help of these cruel rulers and their armies, the Turks would be quite less effective in extermination. Therefore, the first step should be recognition of the genocide by the Kurdish leaders, for they were the factually executors. So far nothing has been stated from the Kurdish side.

Monday 5-9-2006, the EP commission for Foreign affairs published a critical report about Turkey. In this report Turkey is amongst others summoned to recognize the Armenian genocide. Disappointing fact is that the report makes not a single reference to the Aramean genocide which in deeper sense is much worse. After all, the Arameans were always careful and faithful citizens of not only Turkey; but every country whose subjects they were.

The cruelties committed against Arameans are therefore of much higher order than of the Armenians. Therefore, it would have exalted and glorified the EP when they had underscored the genocide of the Aramean nation.


Spiritual genocide


The quoted article 2 of UN convention talks about , “….Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group


In the whole discussion about genocide is the so important spiritual genocide completely neglected. The spiritual genocide can be much the same or perhaps even worse than physical genocide. Calling Aramean language “Assyrian”; is a kind of spiritual genocide. Calling Aramean people “Assyrians”; is a kind of spiritual genocide.

As an Aramean you should not be naïf that the European Union or others would not be aware of these issues. And you should also not be naïf that the political parties would not be aware of these facts. No, all of them smell the rat and maintain in deeper sense the situation as status quo in order to keep their unholy product “Assyrians” of the powerful Jesus of the West.

And furthermore, do you really think that the Dutch Government is not aware of the involvement of these criminals with terrorism? Sure, they do! And why no investigation is issued to the murdered policeman from Amsterdam in northern Iraq?

And are you so naïf to suppose that the professor from university of Nijmegen sympathising with this bandits was not aware of their outrages acts? But of course he was. And why does this professor continue to label the West- Arameans as “Monophysit”?


The Kurds and Turks are responsible for the Aramean physical genocide, whilst the Europeans – and in prolongation of that: the Americans -, are responsible for the Aramean spiritual genocide. It were the European and American missionaries who have divided the Aramean nation and incited them against each other resulting in the decline of their cultural heritage and their presence in the middle-east.


If our proposition is correct, as we have try to explain, the Aramean physical genocide would be less severe, when the spiritual genocide, committed by the western missionaries – Anglicans and Catholics-, under supervision of Jesus of the West who of course has nothing to do with the Jesus Christ of the Bible-, would not have taken place in the 16th and 19th century. Fro this, two points can be deduced:


1. The east- Aramean “Nestorians” were great warriors and were known for their courage and enjoyed great respect from their Kurdish neighbours. When they came under influence of England, the English were impressed of their courage and combat experience.


2. The hardened West- Arameans of Tur Abdin, Mardin, in particular the great warriors from the village of Binebil were certainly a match for their East- Aramean brothers of Hakkaria and other regions.


Both groups with great experience, in very hostile environment, were able to withstand the hostilities for hundreds of years. When you would have unified these two brothers and let them fight under one flag- namely the Aramean flag, their chance for survival would be much higher than the situation as created by the Anglican and Catholic missionaries, in the name of the horrible Jesus of the West.


The product “Assyrians” invented by the Anglican Church in the 19e century has severally damaged our (East- Aramean) nation and actually uprooted them form the origin. This also is true, although to the less degree for the product “Chaldeans” invented by the Catholic Church.


Therefore, Europe should first fix their own mistakes and recognize the Aramean spiritual genocide, before they teach other nations “standards” and “values”. So, stop with this hypocrisy!


For these reason we appeal to the Archbishop of Canterbury and say:


1. Recognize the Aramean spiritual genocide committed by the Anglican mission in the 19th century whereby the invented, as countermove to the Catholic mission, the spiritual product “Assyrians” resulting in: fanaticism, division, mutual hatred, disintegration and decline of the Aramean nation.

3. Condemn the activities of the fanatical and objectionable product “Assyrians” whereby the try with all their power possible to falsify our Aramean heritage by calling our sacred Aramaic language “Assyrian” language and the Aramean nation as “Assyrian” nation, a horrible product invited by you, the Anglicans.

4. Acknowledging and respecting of the testimonies of the brilliant historians of the Syrian Church of Antioch concerning the Aramean origin of all the denomination of the Syrian Church of Antioch, including the East- Aramean Nestorians.

5. To promote the Aramaen heritage among all the Aramean denominations.

6. To condemn the behaviour of George Carey (your predecessor), Tony Blair and others who have promote the unholy product “Assyrians” of the powerful Jesus of the West (willingly or unwillingly), which is a product of your own forefathers. 

7. To do everything to promote the Aramean heritage on the International level in order to make the world aware of the Aramean nation so that they can attain their rights. To support Aramean financially in their struggle.

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