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Aramean people: Aramean people (not to be confused with ‘Armenians’) speak Aramaic, the language spoken by Abraham, Moses and Jesus. They are the indigenous people of what was called in ancient times Aram- Nahrin, in our days it is called ‘Mesopotamia’.

Some Arameans today identify themselves with “Assyrians”, because of the spiritual colonial hate generating activities of the Western missionaries and diplomats in the Middle-East in 16th and 19th centuries. Other Arameans became known as “Chaldeans”. However all of them are Arameans.In Turkey, the Arameans are called: Süryani. In Arabic they are called Al- Suryan.


Is Sweden creating conditions for a new Aramean genocide?


Spiritual crusades of Professor David Gaunt against the Aramean nation

Dutch Version


The Aramean Dr. Fuat Deniz

The killing of the Aramean genocide researcher, Dr. Fuat Deniz on 12-12-2007 in Sweden raised a lot of dust regarding the facts of killing. In the Netherlands, questions were asked in the Parliament concerning the security of genocide researchers.


It is still unknown who the killers of Dr. Fuat Deniz are. Let’s hope not that the police will make the same mistakes which were made at the time of the assignation of the Swedish Prime minister Olaf Palme. Until these days, the killing of Palme remains still shrouded in mysteries. This had led to many speculations concerning the perpetrators of this murder.


  1. Introduction  
  2. Sorts of genocides  
  2.1. The Spiritual/Cultural genocide  
  2.2. The Spiritual genocide reinforced the physical genocide  
  3. Sweden and the Aramean spiritual genocide … the apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians”…. “Assyrian” terrorism…  
  4. Genocide- spiritual crusades of Prof. David Gaunt against the Aramean nation  
  5. Genocide is becoming a political game…  
  6. Conclusion  



1. Introduction


Comment in advance:

The occult believe system (here and here) of the apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians”, the unholy product of the Western colonial powers to destroy the Aramean nation, is a direct copy of the belief system of the illuminati Satanists, they have drummed it in their minds and souls. The occult system was established after the Flood by Nimrod and Samiramis in which satan is worshipped instead of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It is the Babylonic belief system, the system of Samiramis, the whore of Babylon. Veneration of Nimrod and Samiramis is at the core of the cultural expressions of the colonial Western division and hatred promoting product “Assyrians”. That is the reason why the Cabalistic/ Talmudic/ Freemasons/ illuminati Satanists put their spiritual brothers “Assyrians” at the center of attention, because they have the same believe system.


Misinformation / fake news about the Aramean nation and the unprecedented love for spreading “Assyrianism” is therefore not surprising to us, because there is a plan behind it.

The overwhelming majority of the Western colonial mainstream media, including the so-called “christian” media, is controlled by the international intrigue (here, here, here, here, here and here). No one article is published without inspection in advance, because: “NOT A SINGLE ANNOUNCEMENT WILL REACH THE PUBLIC WITHOUT OUR CONTROL(illuminatie protocols of the Elders of Zion No. 12, section 3 and 4).

(Protocols of Zion: here, here, here, here, here )


 If we allow this to sink in, than one can easily understand the behavior of the media, politicians and some so-called “scholars” in promotion of “Assyrianism” (the worship of Nimrod/ Asshur antichrist), because they all are under the control of Talmudic/ Cabalistic/ Freemasonic/ illuminati international intrigue:


More on:

illuminati: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here,  here

Cabbala: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here

Freemasonry: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here

Talmud: here, here, here, here, here, here


After the murder of the Aramean genocide researcher, many wild stories were passed in review. As usual, in agreement with their instincts, the group Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” – the unholy product of the Western spiritual colonial activities among the Aramean nation (here, here, here)- started to produce and bombarded the outside world with a gamut of conspiracy theories hoping that somewhere a newspaper would make a note of it and thereby would mention the word “Assyrian” – their ultimate goal. Some online newspapers in Sweden and elsewhere snapped their puke.


Oh, but of course the real motives of this fanatics and apostate Arameans- calling themselves “Assyrians” and involved with terrorism, are certainly not Fuat Deniz and his family. The first and foremost concern of this apostate Arameans is to advertise the unholy product of the Western immorality and slavery with which they identify themselves, namely “Assyrianism”- ideology which even have produced terrorists of this fanatics. They have utterly misused and exploited the killing of Fuat Deniz to get the attention of the, for the most part, gullible and prejudice press and others.


For various reasons the last years quite frequently teachers at universities in the Western counties were killed by students and others. For this reason, you cannot bombard the world with conspiracy theories to benefit the situation for your own political agenda, as the apostate Arameans who call themselves "Assyrians" do. But of course, a conspiracy cannot be excluded. Rather, one should give the police enough time to make a thorough research and wait in stead of vomiting wild stories. You will not help the case with that.


Quite frequently it has happened with the the “Assyrian” terrorists that the end justifies the means, like for example clearly is being demonstrated by the AINA- the international lie- and hate machine and ESNA who just ruminate each others stories. Of course, issues like “lies”, “truth”, "reliability", “honesty” are not of interest to this bandits to achieve their goals. 


2. Sorts of genocides


Genocide can be categorized in various terms, to mention: Physical genocide, spiritual and cultural genocide.


The Arameans of Mesopotamia, who also became known as “Assyrians” and Chaldeans, became victims of diverse genocides, we will summarize this below:


2.1. The Spiritual/Cultural genocide


De Spiritual cultural genocide is committed by the West. The Western diplomats and missionaries have invented the fake identities “Assyrians” (19th century) and “Chaldeans” (16th century) by means of bribery, blackmail and brainwashing and forced this fake name onto the Aramean nation through which they were uprooted from their origin. Following that, the missionaries and diplomats incited the nation against each other by planting unbridgeable mutual hatred and division –proved by the present fanaticism where some fake Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” avail themselves off, including terrorism.

This was machinated by inciting family against family, daughter against mother, son against father, village against village, destroying of their cultural heritage by imposing fake identities, introducing a fanatical form of nationalism, splitting their church, bribing and brainwashing of their leaders with the aim of weakening etc.. etc..


The unholy activities started in the 16th century in the name of “jesus”- we should of course not confuse this “jesus” with the Jesus Christ of the Bible who is nobody but the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob in a Human Body.


In the 16th century the Western Catholic missionaries came to the Middle-East, which then was a homogenous area without borders, and brainwashed a part of the East- Aramean clergy by means of bribery, oppression and blackmail  to call themselves “Chaldeans” with the result that the Aramaic language became known as “Chaldean” language and a part of the Aramean nation became known as “Chaldean” nation in some parts of the Western literature, the first attack on the Aramean heritage.


As a result of mutual hatred and competition between the Western Catholics and Protestants, in the late 19th century the same process was repeated, this time by the Anglican missionaries, and the other part of the East- Aramean “Nestorian” tribes of Hakkari (bordering Turkey and Iraq) and Urmia (Iran) to call themselves "Assyrians"- a term which was used purely geographically and only applied to the "Nestorians". This has resulted in that Aramaic became known as “Assyrian” language and the Aramean nation as “Assyrian” nation- this was the second and more severe attack on the Aramean heritage- a kind of spiritual genocide.


After the East-Aramean “Nestorians” were brainwashed to call themselves “Assyrians”, a fierce form of nationalism took possession of them and they started to distort our heritage, which has been developed and maintained for thousands of years. Aramaic (Syriac) language they changed into “Assyrian” language, Aramean people into “Assyrian” people. The Syrian Church became “The Assyrian Church”. Everywhere they changed the words “Aramean” or “Syrian” into “Assyrian”


Sadly, nowadays we observe clearly that the West knowingly is participating in this terror against our nation without slightest moral hindrance. In this regard Professor Dr. Muhammed Shamsaddin Megalommatis says Embodiment of the divisive deeds and practices of the Catholic and the Anglicans missionaries among the Aramaeans is the gradual and lethal Western academic, educational and cultural infiltration among the Aramaeans, and the diffusion of false identities, namely ‘Chaldaean’ and ‘Assyrian’ for parts of the Aramaean nation


In this way they try by all means possible to falsify our history and our sacred Aramaic (Syriac) language and try to impose this fake name onto other Aramean denominations. And today it is this unwanted and unholy colonial spiritual product created by the West which provokes and terrorizes the Aramean nation.


Calling the Aramaic (Syriac) language the "Assyrian language" is a criminal form of spiritual/ cultural genocide, calling Aramean people "Assyrian people" is a outrageous form of Spiritual/ cultural genocide, calling Aramean genocide "Assyrian genocide" is a form of spiritual genocide etc…etc.. And this genocide continues undiminished to this very day. The perpetrators act dumb and are generous in pointing at the mistakes of others while ignoring their own mistakes.


The severe consequence of all this divide and rule politics is that a divided nation is of course a weak nation. In addition, this division not only prevents the social, cultural and human rights development /progress of our nation worldwide, but has also forced our nation to flee into the Diaspora, leaving behind the sacred lands of the forefathers, which they inhabited for thousands of years.


2.2. The Spiritual genocide reinforced the physical genocide


The hypocrisy and viciousness with many Western “genocide experts" is that they refuse to point at delicate matters where the West is concerned, namely the fact that the spiritual genocide has reinforced the physical genocide. The reason for this refusal and hesitation to acknowledge their deliberate machinations could be a significant indication that there is more going on than de killings of Arameans by the Turks and Kurds. Most probably the Western powers have, through the mediation of their proxies and diverse secret society and implacable international networks, participated in this abominable genocide, not to say orchestrated.


How do they act regarding these heinous machinations? To present themselves as “the good ones”, “the civilized ones” and to put their "goodness and morality" in the spotlight, they utterly demonize the Turks and portray them as the most evil and barbaric nation. We believe that this is rather a shame-cover for their own crimes than bringing the unimaginable sorrow which the Aramean and other Christians have suffered under the Ottoman Empire under the watching eyes of the world .


Another important point is that the so-called genocide experts do not identify the evildoers behind this horrific crime against humanity. Yes, the Kurds and Turks have carried out this genocide. However, the idea of genocide did not come from Kurds nor from the Turks. The genocide was concocted by the Turkish illuminati / Freemasonic "Donmeh" Crypto- Jews. This truth will never be told by the Western genocide experts.


To understand better the course of events, including the involvement of the West in this genocide, perhaps one should study more in detail the words of the American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt who said , "In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way."


The weakness and fragmentation of our nation remained obviously not unnoticed to those who practice the path of the “sword” and resulted in physical genocide, deportations, discrimination and ethnic cleansing. Because of these traumas a vast amount of our nation fled to the West causing the near disappearance of the presence of Aramaic language in the sacred lands of the forefathers.


Without the spiritual genocide, the physical genocide would be significant less severe, simply because the various Aramean denominations hated each other so much that they could drink one another blood, caused by the Western intervention in the Middle-East. And this continues undiminished even today.


3. Sweden and the Aramean spiritual genocide … the apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians”…. “Assyrian” terrorism…


Sweden is a country which promotes itself as the defender of the human rights and democracy. We believe this is rather a cover to justify immorality and viciousness and has nothing to do with human rights and other noble issues. Below we will explain this and why it galls us so much.


Aramean spiritual genocide = apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians”. They terrorize the Aramean nation.


Sweden have proven in the past to help and give the opportunity to the apostate Arameans – the dregs of the Aramean nation who identify themselves as “Assyrians” and are involved with terrorism – to develop themselves at the cost of the faithful Arameans. The Aramean condemn the immorality of the Western colonial clichés in the name of the "jesus" of the colonial Western missionaries.

This is not only deliberate continuation of the Aramean spiritual genocide, but at the same time a criminal and flagrant violation of the fundamental human rights of the Aramean people. It is for these criminal deeds that Sweden presents our nation as “Assyrians” and “Syrians”, and actually more “Assyrians” than “Syrians”. And factually never as Arameans. The support of Sweden for the ultimate product of immorality, that is the apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” and engaged with terrorism, is evidence of deep perniciousness and perversity. Of course they will brush this aside by presenting, reducing and trivializing the matter as “Left – Right” issues. We know this evilness for long time!


In 1993 the terrorist organization ADO/GHB, the organsiation of the apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” and are the spiritual children of the Western colonial activities – made a horrible covenant with the PKK to recruit young people in the West for terror activities in the north of Iraq. Sweden always supported this “Assyrian” terrorists and turned a blind eye. The criminal “Assyrian” spiritual terror practices were promoted and stimulated to tear up and incite the nation against one another. This duplicity and odiousness continue undiminished in our days. Basically, it is the continuation of the crimes of their forefathers against the Aramean nation.


4. Genocide- spiritual crusades of Prof. David Gaunt against the Aramean nation.



A clear example of continuation of these spiritual crusades against the Aramean nation is the Swedish professor David Gaunt. Mr. Gaunt is a professor at the University of Södertörn in Sweden and has made a covenant with the apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians”. The case of Gaunt is typical example of mixing up science with politics. And this is not only wrong, but also absolutely objectionable.

Prof. David Gaunt


 The Swedish government granted Gaunt a subsidy to conduct research on the genocide of the Christians in the Ottoman times. This only deals with physical genocide, explicitly not cultural/ spiritual genocide where Mr. Gaunt made himself guilty of. But of course we appreciate very much the work of Prof. Gaunt as regards the physical genocide.


Where we have a lot of difficulty with and condemn is categorically is the fact that Mr. Gaunt is working with “Assyrianism” bandits – some of them indeed were/are members of the ADO/GHB terrorist organization. With that Mr. Gaunt not only commits a misdeed against the Aramean nation, but violates also the independency which every scientist highly and resolutely has to respect. Mr. Gaunt seems to have no problem to work with criminals who have killed two young men, misused girls and committed other horrible deeds in the name of the colonial spiritual product “Assyrians”.


Mr. Gaunt neglects totally the Aramean nation and get started with this criminals to commit more atrocities against our nation. Although Mr. Gaunt says in his book “Gaunt, David. Massacres, Resistance, Protectors: Muslim-Christian Relations in Eastern Anatolia During World War I” that the designation “Assyrian” is a invention of the West, yet at the various occasions he has designated our people as “Assyrians”.


For example, because of the killing of the Aramean genocide researcher Fuat Deniz, professor Gaunt gave a interview to a Swedish Online Magazine. He says amongst others, “This is a threat to everybody who is involved with the Assyrians and the genocide of the Ottoman Empire’, says history professor David Gaunt at the College of Södertörn”.


“Assyrians” and genocide Mr. Gaunt? Perhaps that is the main goal of the grant you got from the Swedish government, to create confusion and force onto the Aramean nation the criminal product of the Western colonial immorality? Is “genocide” perhaps a bad excuse to further implement the Aramean spiritual genocide in Sweden?


It is mystery to us why Mr. Gaunt is eager working with the "Assyrian" terrorists whose goal is division, hatred, chaos and confusion  and distortion of the Aramean origin of our nation. Working with such individuals makes you not really reliable, does it? Or perhaps is there a plan behind it?

He could better work together with the Aramean organizations who not only condemn the physical genocide but also the spiritual genocide. In addition, his work would be much more fruitful and would have given him more credit as scientist, in stead to reach his hand to the product of immorality who call themselves “Assyrians” and by that committing a crime against our nation.


A German Human Rights Organization learned by (bitter) experience, only after 30 years, that they were dealing with a bunch of liars whose only goal was: distortion of the Aramean origin of our nation.


They misuse the Aramean physical genocide to implement and push for the Aramean spiritual genocide. And Mr. Gaunt seems to act as their doormat!


Oh no, no, no. Mr. Gaunt, please Mr. Gaunt. Do not listen their lie-stories. We work with nobody, neither with the Turks, nor with the Arabs or with whomever, we do not let anyone play with us! That is the story you will hear from the criminal “Assyrisim” terrorists at the moment they discover that their immoral and vicious really face is being unmasked. Their response would be, as usual: applying a smoke screen.


5. Genocide is becoming a political game…


By throwing in, his lot with these terrorists, the history professor David Gaunt have made the Aramean genocide a political game with all negative consequences to our people. It is because of fanaticism of the apostate Arameans, who call themselves “Assyrians”, who made exorbitant, hate generating and terror- provoking statements to other nations in Iraq, that the situation for our people in Iraq became extremely frightful and unbearable.

This worrisome issue was also addressed in an E-mail on 2-7-2007 by the German Human Rights Organization in which they clearly refute the lies of the outrageous and apostate followers of “Assyrisim”.


The subsidy that has been granted to Mr. Gaunt by Swedish government to conduct research to genocide, is rather most probably aimed to bring the immoral product of hatred and division “Assyrisim” under the attention of the world, than to factual make research to the genocide itself. It seems that genocide is only being used as a vehicle. That is all! This bandits of “Assyranism” again will make dubious, fallacious and hate generating statements towards Turks, Kurds and Arabs, resulting in the increase of hatred against our nation. And the professor and his country will on the long term make our people in the Middle-East and also in the West ripe for next genocide to be committed against them.


Professor David Gaunt in the European Parliament


Gaunt together with Atman in the European Parliament. On the banner it reads “Assyrian” genocide; the ultimate goal of Atman and his associates.

One of these apostate Aramean persons who glorifies the fanatical “Assyrian” ideology and tries by all means possible  to falsely present the Aramean origin of nation as “Assyrian” is Mr. Sabri Atman who is eager to present himself as genocide “expert”. Atman seizes every opportunity to promote the immoral and objectionable Western spiritual colonization and slavery product “Assyrians”. For example, on 23-3-2007 Mr. Atman organized a conference in the European Parliament entitled “Assyrian genocide”. The main goal was not the genocide itself, but rather to sell and promote the immoral product “Assyrians” to the outside world. He misuse the Aramean genocide to glorify the product of the Western colonial activities and immorality. That is probably the main reason they get support from some press and others


 As one would expect, Mr. Gaunt was also present at this tasteless and immoral meeting to terrorize the Aramean nation. Because of this, on 23-3-2007 we sent a report to all the members of European Parliament in which we utterly refute the behavior of Gaunt and others.

In this report we say amongst other about the activities of Gaunt, “Mr. Gaunt is a history professor. Concerning the discovery of a mass grave, most probably Arameans and Armenians, found in the village of Xirabebaba (in the neighbourhood of Mardin in Turkey), Mr. Gaunt challenged in a letter (13-2-2007) the Turkish professor Yusuf Halacoglu, the president of the Turkish Historical Society, to undertake an investigation into the mass graves and identify by means of DNA to which people they belong. Halacoglu kept silent and didn’t answer professor Gaunt. In a press statement issued on 27th of February 2007 professor Gaunt states that he tried by means of faxes and E-mail to get a reply from Halacoglu with no result. He says, Since then, I have not heard a word from Prof. Halaçoglu. I have written to him privately, faxed and e-mailed, but with no result. This unnatural silence leads to the conclusion that he no longer is interested in making a truly scientific investigation of the mass-grave find. What could be the reason?”


What is the point we wish to make here? Of course we appreciate the tireless efforts of Professor Gaunt to dig into history and to reveal publicly the indescribable acts committed against the Aramean, Armenian and Greek victims by the Turks and Kurds- no bad word about any of this. We appreciate his efforts very much!

However, if professor Gaunt is made of the right stuff, he would with the same tirelessness dig into the ground and publicly unmask the acts of his forefathers as well!! Or to organise a big conference at European Parliament concerning the acts of your forefathers, as he is a man fighting for justice and truth?


 For example: How about a comprehensive research concerning the unholy behaviour of your forefathers Mr. Gaunt, to destroy the Aramean nation, thereby misusing the name of Jesus Christ by means of bribery and brainwashing? How about the fanatical and criminal product “Assyrians” created by your forefathers Mr. Gaunt. Nothing to say about that? This is just accepted?


Until now, we have heard nothing from Mr. Gaunt. He just continues cheerfully with his crusades against the Aramean nation and seems to have fun!


6. Conclusion


Professor David Gaunt is a clear example of how in our days science is being politicized. Science should remain pure and impartial. Science should unmask myths and legends and refute lies. Mixing up science and politics will cause tremendous problems. A reliable scientist should know these facts and not allow himself to be persuaded!


What Mr. Gaunt so far has done is factually hide and approve the unholy practices of the Western spiritual colonization by pointing to the genocide committed by the Turks (and Kurds). David Gaunt and others should first remove the awful plank from their own eyes, before pointing at the mistakes of others. The fact that the European Parliament gave access to the “Assyrian”- bandits and with that spitting at the face of the Aramean nation, proves to us that these people are not interested in the interests of our nation but rather try to ridicule others in order to present themselves as “the good ones” and “the civilized ones”.


But of course they know that it is a lie-product which they have invented to terrorize and split the Aramean nation. They are certainly not that naïve! They cheerfully continue with that, simply because it is a product of their own forefathers!


What Sweden so far has done is creating exactly the same conditions as existed before the genocides of 1895 and 1915, namely a horrific mutual division and hatred. Now we have to wait on the next genocide! Did we missed the point here? Wait and you will see!


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