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Testimonies of the brilliant historians of the Syrian Church of Antioch on the Aramean origin of our nation, Synonymy: Aramean/Syrian.


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Question: Who were the ancient Assyrians? Were they simply one ethnicity or a composition of many nations/ tribes?


Who made the East- Aramean Nestorians known as "Assyrians"?


SUA/WCA and allowing terrorism


Arameans of Syria.


Arameans of Turkey


Arameans of Iraq.


Aramean history, history, culture and language, a six partite interview



"Assyrian" terrorism and division within the Aramean nation


Colonialism, “Assyrianism”,  terrorism, occultism, downfall of the Aramean nation in the Middle-East and their Diaspora.


23-4-2018: "Assyrian" terrorism: The Western Anti-Aramean colonial product “Assyrians” and unconditional loyalty to PKK/YPG and Abdullah Ocalan


23-3-2015: "Assyrian" veneration of Samiramis, the whore of Babylon


21-2-2014: The origin of “Assyrian” fanaticism, their blindness, veneration of occult powers


19-6-2010: A convicted “Assyrian” GHB/PKK/ADO terrorist for 6 months jail is fully being honored and idolized: is this a sign of falling away and is judgment at hand?


28-1-2009: Sabri Atman and Hezbollah- Aram: Sabri Atman: A man of standards and values or... an manipulator and abuser of the Aramean Physical Genocide to promote the immoral western criminal spiritual colonial and slavery product "Assyrians"?


19-12-2008: Pseudo-Assyrians, Pseudo-Chaldaeans, and the Cultural – National Needs of the Aramaean Nation


18-12-2008: Syriacs, "Assyrians" and "Chaldaeans" are all Aramaeans


26-9-2008: Terrorist ‘Kurds’ – Pawns of Merovingian Freemasonry Determined to Eliminate the Aramaeans


25-9-2008: Political Hypocrisy and Historical Forgery by Pseudo-Assyrians and Kurdish Terrorists


25-9-2008: Unprecedented Forgery of Ancient Mesopotamian History Expected to Trigger Chaos


23-9-2008: Pseudo-‘Assyrians’ and ‘Kurdish’ Terrorists: Liars Fostering Chaos and Genocide


22-9-2008: Anti-Christian Unholy Alliance: the Forged "Assyrian" Pseudo-Nation and the PKK Terrorists


21-9-2008: Looming End of Oriental Christianity: Unholy Alliance of ‘Kurdish’ Terrorists with Pseudo-Assyrians


19-9-2008: The Ongoing Aramaean Genocide, the Fabricated Pseudo-Assyrian Nation, and "Kurdish" (PKK) Terrorists


17-9-2008: Persecuted Aramaeans, a Pseudo-Nation of 'Assyrians,' Kurdish Terrorists, and the Anti-Chris


16-9-2008: The primitive, superseded, yet very dangerous ADO ideology unmasked: Jesus Christ the Assyrian?


17-7-2008: "Assyrian" terrorism: The bitter fruits of the spiritual colonial intervention: A monstrous covenant between the PKK and the organization of the apostate Arameans who identify themselves as “Assyrians”, namely: The Assyrian Democratic Organisation


15-9-2007: Wikipedia and Fake News about the Aramean nation: the continuation of Western Spiritual Colonial practices. The source and platform for spread and promotion of “Assyrian” terrorism: history distortions, hatred, lies, slander, attacks, deliberate misrepresentation and manipulations to misguide the independent reader.


22-8-2007: AINA: The international lie- and hate machine and the cause of killing, persecution and decline of the Arameans of Iraq


25-1-2007: The Arameans in Turkey unwillingly put in bad light. Turkish Supreme Court: The terrorist organization ADO/GHB “ Assyrians” added to the terror list.


25-1-2007: Translation of the article published in the Turkish Newspaper 'Zaman' of 19-11-2006. "ADO/GHB" terrorists added to the list of the Turkish Supreme Court


8-10-2005: A disastrous decision of SUA- where are standards and values?


Aramean people: Aramean people (not to be confused with ‘Armenians’) speak Aramaic, the language spoken by Abraham, Moses and Jesus. They are the indigenous people of what was called in ancient times Aram- Nahrin, in our days it is called ‘Mesopotamia’.

Some Arameans today identify themselves with “Assyrians”, because of the spiritual colonial hate generating activities of the Western missionaries and diplomats in the Middle-East in 16th and 19th centuries. Other Arameans became known as “Chaldeans”. However all of them are Arameans.In Turkey, the Arameans are called: Süryani. In Arabic they are called Al- Suryan.


From Wikipedia to Wickedpedia


Source of Fake News about the Aramean nation: the continuation of Western Spiritual Colonial practices


The source and platform for spread and promotion of “Assyrian” terrorism:

history distortions, hatred, lies, slander, attacks, deliberate misrepresentation and manipulations to misguide the independent reader.


Comment in advance:

The occult believe system (here and here) of the apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians”, the unholy product of the Western colonial powers to destroy the Aramean nation, is a direct copy of the belief system of the illuminati Satanists, they have drummed it in their minds and souls. The occult system was established after the Flood by Nimrod and Samiramis in which satan is worshipped instead of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It is the Babylonic belief system, the system of Samiramis, the whore of Babylon. Veneration of Nimrod and Samiramis is at the core of the cultural expressions of the colonial Western division and hatred promoting product “Assyrians”. That is the reason why the Cabalistic/ Talmudic/ Freemasons/ illuminati Satanists put their spiritual brothers “Assyrians” at the center of attention, because they have the same believe system.


Misinformation / fake news about the Aramean nation and the unprecedented love for spreading “Assyrianism” is therefore not surprising to us, because there is a plan behind it.

 The overwhelming majority of the Western colonial mainstream media, including the so-called “christian” media, is controlled by the international intrigue (here, here, here, here, here and here). No one article is published without inspection in advance, because: “NOT A SINGLE ANNOUNCEMENT WILL REACH THE PUBLIC WITHOUT OUR CONTROL(illuminatie protocols of the Elders of Zion No. 12, section 3 and 4).

(Protocols of Zion: here, here, here, here, here )


 If we allow this to sink in, than one can easily understand the behavior of the media, politicians and some so-called “scholars” in promotion of “Assyrianism” (the worship of Nimrod/ Asshur antichrist), because they all are under the control of Talmudic/ Cabalistic/ Freemasonic/ illuminati international intrigue:


More on:

illuminati: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here,  here

Kabbala: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here

Freemasonry: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here

Talmud: here, here, here, here, here, here


The hate generating, objectionable and the unholy Western spiritual colonization and slavery product “Assyrians”- an extravagant product of the criminal Jesus of the West-, have proven to seize every opportunity to promote and glorify the ideology “Assyrianism”- even to involve with terrorism.


Lying, distortion of the facts, manipulations, twisting of half truth with lies and misguiding techniques are the trademark of this unholy and fanatical ideological fanaticism invented by the West in order to exterminate, terrorize and misrepresent the Aramean indigenous nation of Aram-Nahrin to the world as “Assyrians”. It is indeed an act of terror against the Aramean indigenous nation of Mesopotamia. In our articleAINA: The international lie- and hate machine and the cause of killing, persecution and decline of the Arameans of Iraq” we explained the wrongful tactics of this colonial product of the Western desire to annihilate and subject other nations.


This desire and fanaticism to manipulate and distort the facts with the aim to misguide the third parties is not new. A simple example found in the achieves of United Nation dated October 4, 1924 tells volumes about the iniquitous tactics of these people, namely “Assyro Chaldean delegation having left Geneva two crooks Zacharia Isaac & simon Nicholos are forging documents to deceive foreign diplomats- prince Cambar villa Louis”


And these kind of “crooks” have nestled themselves in our days within Wikipedia Online Encyclopedia to continue their gamut of misguiding techniques. Wikipedia gradually has become the source of history distortion, lies, hate-provoking propaganda, attacking and slandering, being exploited by promoters and sympathizers of the immoral and abominable “Assyrian” ideology of Jesus of the West. The “free” online Encyclopedia is becoming more and more a platform for the spread and the promotion of the lies and fallacies of these bandits to terrorize and demonize not only the indigenous Christian Aramean nation (their own flesh and blood) but also respected scholars and others who do not dance to their piping.


Freedom of speech and expressing are issues which we should nourish, promote, maintain and defend pertinently. We believe that freedom of expression is an important guardian for a healthy and stable democracy. However, deliberate misinformation with the aim to distort ones history and force an unholy criminal satanic ideology invented by the Western spiritual colonial activities is a serious matter which should be dealt with and should pertinently be denounced.


Although Wikipedia claims to be free for editing online articles, this is not always the case. Furthermore, it make no sense to correct a article while fife minutes later the corrections can be made undo by someone else because some members of Wikipedia are promoters of the nefarious and with terrorism and blood besmirched ideology “Assyrians”. Such junk-food, lies, fallacies and garbage is immoral, objectionable and should not be allowed to publish on platforms like Wikipedia.


Below we will comment few of these tasteless and baseless articles in which the hate generating product of the Western intervention in the Middle-East is being glorified and exalted and the Aramean indigenous nation being terrorized.


1. Name of Syriac Christians


This article is a typical example of how the lies and half truths being twisted with each other in order to make it “digestible” for the reader. The Aramean nation is being divided as “Aramean fraction” and “Assyrian fraction”. What a criminal and a diabolical act! The evil Western intervention destroyed the Aramean nation in the name of “faith”, “unity” and “brotherhood” by blackmail and bribery to impose the mythical name “Assyrians” and “Chaldeans” onto the minds of our nation. And Wikipedia continue these unholy acts against our nation; while this tries to approve this evilness.

The article starts by mentioning the name by which various denominations are designated with. Although it states that this sorrow is caused by Western intervention, the author continues to mention some dubious authors on which he bases his confusing and baseless article. A necessary few remarks about this article will b dropped below:


* Chaldeans", after ancient Chaldea, advocated by the Chaldean Catholic Church ("Chaldean Assyrians")


It is true that the name Chaldean was invented, glorified and promoted by the Catholic Church. However, the author deliberately fails to inform the reader about the other unholy name invented this time by Anglican missionaries, namely “Assyrians”. Regarding the name “Assyrian” the author says

*Assyrians", after the ancient Assyrian Empire, advocated by the Assyrian Church of the East ("Eastern Assyrians"),[1] and other Aramaic-speaking Christians from the other Syriac Churches


Why not telling the truth to the reader? Why not telling that the name “Assyrian” was invented by the Anglican mission as counter maneuver to the Catholic mission? Why not telling the reader that the name “Assyrian Church of the East” became into being in 1976 after the killing of her Patriarch in 1975 by criminal “Assyrian” fanatics because he refused to change the name of the East- Syrian Church into “Assyrian” Church? Why hiding all this information for the reader and try to marginalize and present the matter as struggle between the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch and East- Syrian “Nestorian” Church?


* "Aramaeans", after the ancient Aramaeans, advocated by the Syrian Orthodox Church ("Western Assyrians")[1]


To call the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch “West- Assyrians” is a criminal terrorist and despicable act against the Aramean nation and Wikipedia is clearly helping these bandits to spread this kind of fallacies.


* The terminological problem goes back to colonial times,


If the author indeed is aware of the malefic involvement of the Western Colonial Spiritual practices, why then he tries to make these acts “digestible” by quoting some dubious authors and taking matters out of their context? Why not informing the reader more in details about these deliberate painful acts against the Aramean indigenous nation of Aram- Nahrin?


Rev. William Wigram was a part of the Anglican mission to compete with the catholic mission. It is not a surprise that Mr. Wigram have promoted his own “masterminding” product. Therefore why quoting the doubtful Wigram to create a smoke screen to justify the invented villainy product “Assyrians”? Why not telling the reader about the malice aforethought of Wigram & Co instead quoting him to misguide the reader? And why not informing the reader about the “Assyrian” terrorism?


To create more confusion and chaos, the author is quoting Simo Porpalo who says, “In this context it is important to draw attention to the fact that the Aramaic-speaking peoples of the Near East have since ancient times identified themselves as Assyrians and still continue to do so. The self-designations of modern Syriacs and Assyrians, Sūryōyō and Sūrāyā, are both derived from the ancient Assyrian word for "Assyrian", Aššūrāyu, as can be easily established from a closer look at the relevant words.[2]


We know that Mr. Parpola is doing everything to glorify the unholy Western product “Assyrians”. However, Parpola has not a slightest evidence to prove the present-day West- Arameans and East- Arameans have any linkage with the Asyrians of antiquity. Really, he has nothing! It is all twaddle, drivel, blather, piffle and nothing more.


However, people like Parpola serve as a catalyst to the dreadful “Assyrian” fanaticism and fuels their terror and demonizing campaigns.


Distorting the Words of Walid Phares


Then the author is quoting Walid Phares who they claim to have been stated, began his talk by asking why he as a Lebanese Maronite ought to be speaking on the political future of Assyrians in Iraq, answering his own question with "because we are one people. We believe we are the Western Assyrians and you are the Eastern Assyrians."[3]


What is the source of this quote? Well, you guess it! The International lie – and hate machine “AINA” ( AINA?... there you ago again.. the specialists in distortion and fallacies, their trademark!


Look here at their immorality… they first invent fallacies, lies and distortions and after that they refer to these sources (they have created) to promote more lies and immorality.


Of course their conscience does not complain against them when they change quotes of others, distort and falsify the facts, for it is their way of life!


Patriarch Michael the Great.


To add more confusion, the author quotes Patriarch Michael the Great to show the linkage between Syrian and “Assyrian”.

The author is clearly unfamiliar with the Aramaic (Syriac) literature and the usage of the term “Assyrian”. In the Aramaic literature the name “Assur” (othur) refers to Mosul and its environs. Thus a person coming from Mosul was called in the Aramaic (Syriac) literature “Assyrian”. And that is exactly the reason that Patriarch Afrem Barsauwm is called “Afrem Barsauwm the Assyrian”, that is to say: he who comes from Mosul.


However, the “Assyrian” bandits and fanatics have multiplied this quote over and over again to convince and misguide youngster and outsider who are not familiar with Aramaic traditions. And this article of Wikipedia is a vivid proof for these facts.


In addition, this has nothing to do with ethnicity! Aramaic (Syriac) scholars are familiar with these facts.


Another suspicious point is that the author is so selective in his approach that he “forgets” to mention other quotes of Patriarch Michael and other Aramean brilliant scholars of both the East- as well as the West- Aramean Church. Studying these brilliant scholars the independent reader will discover that the title of this article of Wikipedia is misleading, confusing and doing grave unjust to the beloved Aramean nation.


Why? Well, simple because the words “Syrian/Aramean” are interchangeable, two words for one and the same people. All the clichés, theories and confusion regarding so-called connection “Assyrian”/ Syrian is a toy in the hands of some (politicized) Western “scholars” keeping themselves “busy” with these myths and legends which they call “science”.


Attack and hatred against professor Muhammed Shamsaddin Megalommatis


At the end the author calls professor M. S. Megalommatis “anti-Assyrian” to redicule and demonize him. We are quite familiar with their criminal, dehumanized satanic and outrageous hate-generating terror campaigns against everyone who refutes their lies and acts independently. Why don’t they call Parpola “anti- Aramean”? If Professor Muhammed Shamsaddin can be designated as “ant-Assyrian”, these dehumanized heinous creatures can be designated as anti-human, anti-truth, anti-morality, anti-dignity and ant-everything which is good.


These people get lies, hatred, distortions, and fallacies with their mother’s milk. Few weeks back Professor Muhammed Shamsaddin had an interview with the chairman of Aram-Nahrin organization. After the publication of the interview they again started with their hatred against him (


They attack, ridicule and spread lies, hatred and fallacies against everyone who do not dance to their piping. Every independent scholar will be attacked and ridiculed by this dehumanized creatures. And unfortunately, Wikipedia is serving as their media outlet to provide the independent reader with their junk-food and immorality.


Of course people like Parpola, who is dancing to their piping, are exalted to the heaven and are glorified as “most high scholars”. On the other hand, those who act independent – and that means inevitably repudiation of their fake claims – will be faced with a gamut of hate generating stories and criminal accusations. The Wikipedia should take a stand against this kind of immorality who misuse the freedom of speech to spread their lies and manipulations.


 2. Western Assyrians


This article again is one out of many junk-food articles which Wikipedia seem to lend itself to. Again the clichés and lies of the Western spiritual criminal colonization and slavery product ideology “Assyrians” being glorified, twisted and made “digestible” to the reader.


Below a few remarks will be dropped.


*“Western Assyrians (also known as Syriac-Aramaic people (Suryoye Othuroye), Jacobites, after Jacob Baradaeus) consist of members of the Syriac Orthodox Church and Syriac Catholic Church, forming a subset of the Assyrian people.[


This is often used term by the “Assyrian” bandits and history forgers to designate the West- Aramean Syrian Orthodox, Catholic, Maronites and other Aramean denominations. In particular AINA has been a specialist in these fallacies!


Their desire to distort and falsify have became their “standards and values”, their food, their way of life; they go to bed with it, and wake up with it! To say this in other words: This people cannot eat, sleep and work without their terrorist activities of history distortions, modifications and selectively quoting books and presenting as “science”, exactly like has been done in all their articles. This is the such-and-such criminal satanic act against the Aramean nation which unfortunately seems to be approved and allowed by Wikipedia.

Of course, as usual, these criminal bandits quote their hero Parpola to justify the clichés and immoral distortions of the Western colonial practices.


*A notable Syriac Assyrian, is Naum Faiq, who was an Assyrian nationalist in the early 20th century,


Naum Faiq was a Aramean in heart and conscience! It is criminal act to call him “Assyrian”.


3. Syriac-Aramaic identity- Attack on Proffessor Muhammed Shamsaddin Megalommatis.


Again a baseless article to fool and misguide the reader. However, the most interesting point is that these immoral bandits make mention of ADO (= Assyrian Democratic Organization) and says, “like for instance the ADO, opt for emphasizing "Assyrian" identity instead”


Why not informing the reader that ADO is a terrorist organization that in 1993 made covenant with PKK to recruit youngster in the West? Why not telling the reader about the fact that ADO has been put on the list of the Turkish Supreme Court as a terrorist Organization? Why not telling the world that two Arameans has been killed in northern Iraq, one from Holland and the other one from Bartella (Iraq)?


These zealous dehumanized creatures are so soaked with evilness and fanaticism that even de most hardcore fanatics probably would be ashamed of their unprecedented immorality. After publication of few articles by Professor Muhammed Shamsaddin on the Aramean nation, the terrorist bandit “Assyrians” started a horrible hate campaign against his person, again demonstrated on Wikipedia.

But why trying to demonize Prof. Megalommatis by putting such garbage and junk-food on the website of Wikipedia to misguide the reader? How about their hero Parpola? Did we ever put an article to demonize Parpola even though we know that his assumptions to designate all the Arameans as “Assyrians” are simply void?

If these awful bandits have the courage, why do they not challenge Megalommatis and try to refute his articles? Why acting secretly? They can be sure that Professor Megalommatis will answer and refute all their clichés and fake allegations which they call “scientific facts”.


One can ask questions: Do these people have reached such a denigrated level that the only thing to satisfy their fanaticism and evilness is to attack, falsify, distort and demonize? Is this what they can do in the name of the unholy Western colonial spiritual product “Assyrians”?


Few remarks:


*The Syrian Orthodox Church in the documentary The Hidden Pearl emphasizes the continuity of linguistic Aramaic (not Aramaean) identity


What is going on in the minds of this evil people? Did they really check with the Hidden Pearl? The Hidden Pearl starts with Arameans and ends with Arameans. After their numerous attacks to ridicule and demonize Professor Sebastian Brock didn’t help them much, now they switch over to misrepresent and distort the Hidden Pearl. What a horrible creatures! The Hidden Pearl is about the Aramean people and Aramaic language. What is the intention to emphasis on Aramaic and not on the Aramean people?


4. Patriarch Michael the Great


*Michael the Syrian (also known as Michael the Great; or Michael Syrus) (d. 1199 AD) was an Assyrian[1] patriarch of the Syrian Orthodox Church from 1166-1199.


To designate Patriarch Michael the Great as “Assyrian” is a criminal, satanic and bold lie and pertinent insult towards the entire Aramean nation. Michael the Great was a proud Aramean and demonstrated to be a proud Aramean. These evildoers should stop with their hate-generating and provoking lies and campaigns.


5. Yusuf Akbulut


*Father Yusuf Akbulut is a Syriac Orthodox Assyrian priest from St. Mary's Church in Diyarbakır


Father Yusuf Akbulut an Assyrian? It is joke! He never called himself an “Assyrian”. It was the criminal AINA who provided the world with the fake information calling father Akbulut “Assyrian”. Please find there the original newspaper in which Akbulut is talking about “Suryani” and that is quite different than “Assyrians”.

It was again the criminal fanatics who changed the word “Suryani” into Assyrian. Lying, falsifying and distorting is their trademark. Therefore it is a criminal act to designate father Akbulut as “Assyrian” and again Wikipedia is approving these acts.


When they act as a translator between an Aramean person and a Western person they automatically falsify the translation. When the Aramean person talks in Aramaic and mention the word “Suryoye” (= Syrians= Suryani= Aramean), the immoral (“Assyrian”) translator translates it as “Assyrians”. On several occasions these criminal bandits managed to distorts the facts. Unfortunately, Wikipedia is allowing these immoralities.


More and more……


There are much more junk-food articles on Wikipedia concerning the glorification of the Aramean spiritual genocide in which the Aramean nation falsely is being presented as “Assyrians”. For example: Assyrian People:; Assyrian diaspora: etc.. etc..


However, we believe that the previous comments suffice to give the independent reader an impression about the junk-food, lies, fallacies, distortions, hatred and attack which are vomited on the website of Wikipedia against the Aramean indigenous nation and against everyone who is independent pure and honest.



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