The Aramean sociologist Fuad Deniz was not killed by the Turks, but slaughtered by his cousin.


The true face of hypocrite, resentful and vicious racists unmasked

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Aramean people: Aramean people (not to be confused with ‘Armenians’) speak Aramaic, the language spoken by Abraham, Moses and Jesus. They are the indigenous people of what was called in ancient times Aram- Nahrin, in our days it is called ‘Mesopotamia’.

Some Arameans today identify themselves with “Assyrians”, because of the hate generating activities of the Western missionaries in the Middle-East. Other Arameans became known as “Chaldeans”. However all of them are Arameans.



The Aramean Dr. Fuat Deniz

The killing of the Aramean sociologist Fuad Deniz has brought in one respect the Aramean genocide (also falsely known as ‘Assyrian’ genocide) under the attention and on the other hand it unmasked the real hidden face of some malicious racistic individuals.


Before waiting on the results of police investigation, a horrible demonic hatred was initiated against the Turks. Looking at the viciousness of this dirty and ugly hatred, one gets the impression as if some individuals are just waiting on such events to happen in order to spread their unprecedented hatred and contempt towards Turkey.


In the framework of this matter, in our analysis of 3-1-2008 titled Is Sweden creating conditions for a new Aramean genocide?” we tried to unveil a tip of the iceberg concerning the malicious and criminal attempts to “Assyrianize” our people in Sweden. We tried to explain how deliberately the identity distortion is being implemented and stimulated. We also tried to unveil that this individuals definitely don’t care about Fuad Deniz and his family, but utterly misuse this tragic event for their personal goals.


The Arameans of Aram-Nahrin (Mesopotamia), also known as Chaldeans and ‘Assyrians”, have a horrendous history of blood and tears behind the back. The climax of this suffering was reached in 1915 when the Turks together with the Kurds almost succeeded to exterminate the Aramean nation.


What is less known, is the unprecedented and hate generating spiritual genocide committed by the Western diplomats and missionaries in the 16th and 19th centuries by the introduction and implementation of the fake names ‘Chaldeans” and ‘Assyrians’ with the aim to exterminate the Aramean nation. And this inner urge of extermination continues undiminished to these days.


The hypocrisy of those who committed the spiritual genocide is that they seize every opportunity with both hands to run the Turks into the ground and portray them as the most barbaric people with the aim to present themselves as “ the good ” and “the civilized” ones.


As if this is not immoral and objectionable enough, this terrible bandits and racists happily continue with presenting our nation as “Assyrians” as if their forefathers have done a good and a holy job with the spiritual extermination of our nation.


The killing of the Aramean sociologist Fuad Deniz has unmasked the loathsome, hidden, nasty, racist and unprecedented hatred of many, in particular those who are responsible for the spiritual genocide. Lies, fake accusations, allegations were widely proclaimed and aimed at the address of the Turks. And this hatred for sure shall not contribute to the well-being of the Aramean nation, also made known as “Assyrians” and “ Chaldeans”.


Fuad Deniz slaughtered by his cousin …….


The Swedish Newspaper The Local (Sweden’s News in English) of 18-1-2008 reported that:



Upon inquiry, it became clear that the 42 years age suspect, who cut the throat of Fuat Deniz, was his cousin from father side.


Now it is clear that Fuad Deniz was not slaughtered by the Turks, but by his own family, it is important to give an overview of those who knowingly started an exceptional dirty, ugly and low-leveled hate campaign, whether direct or indirect, against the Turks, which crossed all the standards and values of decency and dignity. Let we not hope that this hatred and misery at the end will be poured onto the heads of our people. The killing of Fuad Deniz was utterly misused and exploited by these rioters and spiritual criminals for their personal and abominable hatred and disdain towards the Turks. An extremely severe matter!


As a worldwide human rights organization to defend the rights of the indigenous Aramean people of Aram-Nahrin, we totally condemn this kind of stirring up and fake accusations and hold these rioters and bandits responsible for the eventual damage caused to our nation.


Below some comments will be made about this unfortunate and heartrending event.


1. Professor David Gaunt: interview with


Professor David Gaunt is respected by his colleagues for his competence and solidity. After the killing of Fuad Deniz Mr. Gaunt made complaints about various issues in relation with Turkey such as the hate campaign of the Turkish press, the threat of the secret service and other unpleasant experiences he went through. As to our nation, Mr. Gaunt made himself known from the other side. In our analyze of 5-1-2008 we have unveiled a tip of the iceberg about the spiritual crusades Mr. David Gaunt for a long time is committing against the Aramean nation.


Prof. David Gaunt


In the framework of the killing of Fuad Deniz, Mr. Gaunt has made cardinal mistakes because of the following reasons:


1.1. Almost immediately after the killing of Fuad Deniz, professor David Gaunt made unjustifiable insinuations towards Turkey in a hate-generating, premature and speculative article published in the Swedish newspaper ”Svenska Dagbladet” from the hand of Patrik Ekström and Tobias Olsson. On 13-12-2007 Mr. Deniz died because of his severe injuries and on 15-12-2007 the article of ”Svenska Dagbladet” was published (


(Here you can find some more articles concerning this event:


The first question which immediately comes to the mind is this: Was it so difficult for Mr. Gaunt to first wait on the results of the police investigation in stead of printing his sad photo in the newspaper and making insinuations which later were negated? Or was his hatred against the Turks so deep and horrible that he eagerly was waiting on an appropriate moment to ridicule the Turks? Shouldn’t people of his caliber remain sober and wait for the police investigation? And why did Mr. Gaunt take it for granted that Turkey had something to do with this killing? Or should we perhaps say that he already had formed his view regardless the origin of the perpetrator of this terrible murder?


1.2 In the article, written by Patrik Ekström and Tobias Olsson , Mr. Gaunt glorifies the immoral and objectionable product “Assyrians” of his forefathers – invented and promoted by the unholy Jesus of the West- and with that he commits a huge misdeed against the Aramaean Nation. Was it so difficult for Mr. Gaunt to avoid the immoral Western spiritual product “Assyrians” and represent our nation as Aramaeans? Or perhaps the real reason behind this vicious thought was not Mr. Deniz and his family, but rather the glorification of the Western Colonial spiritual product “Assyrians” with which the Aramean nation is being terrorized?


In Svenska Dagbladet Mr. Gaunt says, “This is a threat to everyone who is keeping himself busy with the Assyrians (Arameans) and genocides by the Ottomans Empire’, says the history professor David Gaunt and the High School of Södertörn”


This is just shameless and unprecedented hate-generating. Fuad Deniz was slaughtered by his cousin form father side; possibly it had something to do with a woman. It is a terrible and dramatic family event. And Mr. Gaunt should not involve Turkey in this event, because they have nothing to do with it.

It is not because we eagerly want to defend the Turks, no, our concern is the criminal exploitation of this heartrending event which Mr. Gaunt and the outrageous spiritual product and invention of his forefathers “Assyrians” utterly have misused to throw with mud to the Turks and in this way to present themselves as “fighters” for justice, which definitely is not true!

And this is an act which we absolutely condemn! Gaunt has made an abominable monstrous covenant with these terrorists whereby his profession is being besmirched and a knife is being put in our back. Let him please not act as a Knight as if he would fight for justice! Because that is definitely not true!


1.3. In the article of Svenska Dagbladet we further read about the complain of Gaunt , “He also tells about how he was followed in footsteps during his journeys in Turkey by security forces with automatic guns. About the slander campaign against him in one of the greatest Turkish newspapers. About colleagues being waylaid, threatened with the death, or being portrayed as terrorists”


Mr. Gaunt himself is since many years busy with a terror campaign against the Aramaean Nation and tries with all means possible to “Assyrianize” our nation. How dare he to talk about standards and values when dealing with the bad behavior of the Turks? Yet, he himself commits a great act of crime against our nation by willingly presenting our nation falsely to the outside world and acts dumb. Probably these unpleasant experiences caused Mr. Gaunt to take for granted Turkey was behind this terrible murder.


Perhaps it is now time for Mr. Gaunt to spiritually examine and asking himself how much sorrow and pain he caused to the Aramaean nation by the spiritual crusade he is waging against our nation for years. Perhaps the Turks are a scourge in the hands of the Lord God, the Creator of the Heaven and earth, to signal Mr. Gaunt to stop with spiritual criminal activities against the Aramean nation. Perhaps if they respect the Aramean nation and stop with the unholy product of their forefathers, namely the apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians”, the scourge will also behave differently.


What people like Gaunt and others should understand is that the Turks understand the criminals with whom they cooperate, namely that they were involved with terrorism, that they have misused girls and have sent young men into the death. All these criminal acts have been committed in the framework of the glorification of the immoral Western spiritual product “Assyrians”. And all this misdeeds cannot be neglected. No, no and again no! This has nothing to do with rhetoric, propaganda and slander campaign. There has been people killed in the name of the criminal “Assyrian” ideology and you are accessory Mr. Gaunt, for you made an unholy and monstrous covenant with this kind of scum’s. And the Turks have a very good reason to rag you and all others with you. Because on that issue, you cannot teach the Turks!


1.4. The attempts of Professor David Gaunt to promote the unholy product of his forefathers “Assyrians” to the public seem to bear fruit. The article of 15-12-2007 was translated into English and even into Dutch and spread on various nasty forums and online magazines.


In the Netherlands, the Dutch translation was published amongst others on the “Het Vrije Volk” ( and “De Forum voor de vrijheid (

(More articles:


Madam A. Tunc (Alias: Attiya Gamri, Attiya Gamri Beth Arsan)


In the article of Svenska Dagbladet madam Tunc is being interviewed as well. She says, “Let it for Gods sake not be a political murder, ‘Attiya Tunc says, a Dutch politicians, ‘because next time would be our turn.’


Oh no, madam Tunc? The sister of Metin Tunc (alias: Matay, Matay Beth Arsan, Matay Arsan, Dr. Matay Arsan etc.. etc..) is concerned about what happened! That is very, very doubtful. We shall refresh her memory in a moment.

Who was it madam Tunc to organize in various countries demonstrations to recruit and involve youngsters by the terrorist activities of the ADO/GHB, the sister organization of the PKK? Who was it responsible for recruitment of the Aramean policemen from Amsterdam, Mr. C. Kulan (alias: Michael Judi) and to kill him in northern Iraq, because he discovered that he was misguided and didn’t want to work for terrorists? Who was it madam Tunc in 2000 who almost succeeded to recruit his fellow student of the university of Amsterdam for the PKK/GHB?

And now you are so concerned and shed huge crocodile tears? Very, very strange indeed! If ever it will be your turn, as you say, this would have nothing to do with genocide. And know you that very well madam.

Therefore, please do not involve genocide to apply as a smoke curtain in order to cover other issues.

Madam A. Tunc


Only the disdainful and hate generating racist journalists of the Swedish “Svenska Dagbladet” and the Dutch “Nederlands Dagblad” are apparently so full of poison and hatred towards the Turks that they are prepared to listen to the gutter- stories which they can get, in stead of remaining sober and acting independent.


In the article of Svenska Dagbladet also a Dutch “researcher” is being interviewed. We read, “A Dutch researcher and a close colleague of Fuad Deniz with whom Svenska Dagbladet has spoken says to be sure about the people behind the murder, and fears for his life. ‘They follow us, threaten us and now they have killed Fuad Deniz, ‘ the Dutch researcher says, who wish to remain anonym”


We believe we know who this person is. If we are correct in our assumption, we are dealing with a cultural anthropologist of the University of Amsterdam who in a criminal, cowardice and sneaky way made a deliberate fake statement to give a doubtful sham in the hands of the Dutch Press Council resulting in an unprecedented fitly and dubious decision concerning falsely presentation of the Aramaean nation. Such nasty and dirty racists act very pitiful, in reality we are dealing with unscrupulous spiritual criminals.


The best man says “to be sure about the people behind the murder”. Oh yes, the Turks have killed him, he is that sure. By now we know that the Turks have nothing to do with it. Really, we are dealing here with nasty and dirty people who spread hatred in order to present themselves as “civilized” and “correct”.


The killing of Fuad Deniz was probably a welcome present in the hands of this kind of scum to scream from the housetops their hatred and disdain towards the Turks. Their real, perverted and racist face is now unmasked!


2. ESNA and AINA: International hate-generating and lie-machines


De spiritual children of the Western immorality in the middle-east in the 16th and 19th centuries, that is to say the apostate Aramaeans who call themselves “Assyrians”, have brutally and criminally misused and exploited this family drama to promote the objectionable ideology “Assyrians”.

But of course the main concern of these criminals, as in many other cases, was certainly not Fuad Deniz and his family, on the contrary, the concern of these bandits was the glorification of the product “Assyrians” at the costs of the Aramaean nation. Oh yes, they even do not shun the path of terrorism to advertise this unholy and immoral invention.


The spread of lies and hatred in the scope of the killing of Fuad Deniz was mainly done by the two “Assyrian” news agencies, namely “The Estearn Star News Eagency” (ESNA) and the “Assyrian Internationale News Agency” (AINA).


It is well-known that AINA itself produces stories and events to get the attention of the press. Because of their hate-generating acts, they further deteriorated the situation for the Aramean nation in Iraq. They created such a level of hostility towards our nation that plans were made to slaughter our nation (see for this: AINA: The international lie- and hate machine and the cause of killing, persecution and decline of the Arameans of Iraq). Of course these people have made the most of opportunity by using the article in Svenska Dagbladet and embroidered (away) on.


ESNA is a private online website of Mr. Dikran Ego. Mr. Ego in the past supported actively the GHB/ADO terrorist organization and made propaganda for their activities.


Photos left, Mr. Dikran Ego during a broadcast on 17-4-2007 together with Ozcan Yildiz (alias Ozcan Kaldoyo) on the PKK channel ROJ. Mr. Ozcan Yildiz gets broadcast- time for nothing because of the agreement made between the PKK and the terrorist organization ADO/GHB in 1993 in Syria.

Dikran Ego

(Photo Roj Tv: 17-4-2007)

Ozcan Yildiz (alias: Ozcan Kaldoyo)

(Photo Roj TV 17-4-2007)


3. The Dutch Newspaper: 15-12-2007 (


(For more articles:


Another hate-generating article was published in the “Christian” Dutch Newspaper “Nederlands Dagblad” of 15-12-2007.

In this article a severe wrong is done to the Aramean nation and the independent reader is being misguided because of the following reasons:


- The Aramean nation is purposeful misrepresented as “Assyrians” through which the lies of the Western immorality and malicious colonial clichés being approved and covered. An act of crime of first order!

- A huge hatred stimulated against the Turks

- The Islam in general is being cracked down by referring to the slaughtering of Theo van Gogh.

- In an extremely dirty and low manner the killing of Fuad Deniz is being misused and exploited.


Below a few remarks will be made about this hate-generating article:


“The sociologist was attack from the back at the campus of the university of Orebro. His throat was sliced with a knife. Deniz died later in hospital”


Indeed, his throat was sliced, but not by a Turk or an Islamist, but by his own cousin from father side. And yes, you, oh hate-generating racists, why are so fast with pointing your accusing fingers towards Turkey?


You would have been grateful if a Turk had sliced his throat. It would be a great party for you. You than would have had a good excuses to display your deep, malicious satanic perversion without slightest hinder. Unfortunately for you, it was his cousin who sliced the throat of Fuad Deniz. And why do you now keep silent? Why not writing an article about this evilness? Nothing to worry about? Just continue and acting dumb?


“The Swedish and Dutch Assyrians (Arameans) compare murder of Fuad Deniz with that of Theo van Gogh. ,,This is the result when a country like Turkey don’t dare to look at their past in a honest way”, a spokesman of Dutch Assyrian (Aramean) community says, who wish to remain anonym”


What does the killing of Theo van Gogh has to do with the killing of Fuad Deniz? What racist comparison is this? What is the meaning of this? Apparently, the editorial staff of the Dutch News Paper and the reporter in question are that much racialistic that they seize all the means possible to ridicule the Turks and the Islam. What a terrible dirt and racism. The person who wishes to remain anonym is most probably nobody but a criminal GHB/ADO terrorist who is hiding behind genocide issues. And please have a look at their resentment. Without waiting on the police investigation, these terrible bandits are ready with their accusations in the direction of Turkey. Very dirt and filthy indeed!


The cruel reporter who wrote this gutter- story should make excuses to the Turks and Arameans for making such an immoral story.


We read further, “She (madam Tunc) confirms that also she has been faced for years with threat by phone calls. ,,But the last years it became less. I hope that the Turkish government has learned something, for example of the talks about the accession to the European Union.”


This is bold and fake story. Madam Tunc threatened? Oh no, no and again no! Again we shall refresh the memory of madam Tunc.


Who was the person threatening the chairman of the Aram-Nahrin organization on 23-8-2006 at 12:30 hour by stating, “that certain articles immediately had to be removed from the website of Aramnahrin? I have people supporting me who will take action… I am calling you in consultation with my party leader”.


You threat didn’t sort any result did it? It is madam Tunc herself who troubles others! The problem is that some racist journalists are prepared to accept everything in order to finalize their gutter-story.


We don’t know whether madam Tunc made this threat with approval of the leader of the socialist party (PVDA) or that she misused the name of the leader to add more energy and credibility to her threat. Anyhow, the threat of madam Tunc didn’t resort any result, for we know madam very well!


Madam Tunc first should start with herself before teaching the Turks about standards and values. The Turks are much better than madam Tunc on a certain points and that is, “ The Turks do not hate their people, the Turks do not call themselves Arabs or whatever, the Turks are proud of their identity and do not let themselves up the garden path”.


This is not true in case of Madam Tunc. Madam Tunc glorifies by all means possible the horrific and with blood and terrorism besmirched “Assyrian” ideology. Madam Tunc is the product/victim of the immoral criminal Western spiritual activities among the Aramean nation with the aim to destroy them. And because madam Tunc is the product of their forefathers, she is being adorned and glorified for her ‘view’ by the children of the missionaries. As a matter of fact, she and many others with her are nothing but a pawn to maintain the spiritual colonial ideology of the Western immorality.


We read further, “A Dutch scientist who wish to remain anonym as well, confirms that. ,,I felt the eyes of the Turkish spies in my back when I was giving lectures in the Netherlands”


Why do all these people without any hesitation take it for granted that the Turks have slaughtered Fuad Deniz? This is such-and-such indication that we are dealing with hate-generating, don’t we? And why do these people clearly notice the mistakes of the Turks but refuse to acknowledge their own dirty crimes against the Aramaean nation? As if their crimes are not worse enough, they cheerfully continue with these crimes against the Aramean nation by presenting them as “Assyrians” following the outrageous path of their forefathers who have misused and ridiculed the name of Jesus Christ.




From the previous analysis we saw that there are vicious hate-generating racist individuals who are waiting on an event to happen so that they can utterly abuse the situation in order to ran the Turks and the Islam into the ground.


These loathsome racists seem to have found partners in the immoral spiritual product of their forefathers, namely the apostate Arameans who identify themselves as “Assyrians”. The matter works now in both ways, namely: the abominable racists use the immoral product of their forefathers as an excuse to spit in the face of the Turks. And the other way round, the objectionable product “Assyrians” of their forefathers uses them to continue with the extermination of the Aramean nation by promotion of the product of the Western immorality in the middle-east in the 16th and 19th century. The discussed two articles published in the Dutch Newspaper and Svenska Dagbladet are a vivid proof for these facts.


Certainly, it is true that the Arameans of Aram-Nahrin have immensely suffered under the Islam, the Turks and Kurds. The perpetrators of this indescribable sorrow deny these terrible acts. A very serious matter indeed. However, it is far more worse the denial by those who spiritually have exterminated our nation and still continue doing so.


Anyhow, there is no slightest justification for the extraordinary hate-generating and dirty way the aforementioned two newspapers have brought the slaughtering of Fuad Deniz under the attention of the independent reader.


These two newspapers should make excuses to the Aramaeans of Aram-Nahrin and the Turks. That is the least they can do.



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