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Testimonies of the brilliant historians of the Syrian Church of Antioch on the Aramean origin of our nation, Synonymy: Aramean/Syrian.


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Aramean people: Aramean people (not to be confused with ‘Armenians’) speak Aramaic, the language spoken by Abraham, Moses and Jesus. They are the indigenous people of what was called in ancient times Aram- Nahrin, in our days it is called ‘Mesopotamia’.

Some Arameans today identify themselves with “Assyrians”, because of the spiritual colonial hate generating activities of the Western missionaries and diplomats in the Middle-East in 16th and 19th centuries. Other Arameans became known as “Chaldeans”. However all of them are Arameans.In Turkey, the Arameans are called: Süryani. In Arabic they are called Al- Suryan.


Looming End of Oriental Christianity: Unholy Alliance of ‘Kurdish’ Terrorists with Pseudo-Assyrians

Dutch Version

Bij Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis, Oriantalist

Datum: 21-9-2008





In a previous article, we revealed aspects of the colonial involvement in parts of the Asiatic Middle East inhabited by the Aramaean Nation, which after three (3) millennia of existence became the target of Western European colonial policies. ("the Ongoing Aramaean Genocide, the Fabricated Pseudo-Assyrian Nation, and Kurdish Terrorists" /

Against the Christian Aramaeans (either Orthodox or Nestorian), the French and English missionaries pursued a policy of division, in an effort to place part of the Aramaeans at their mercy, by means of false promises of support against the Ottoman Sultan and the Persian Shah.


These false promises were conditioned on religious deviation, submission to Western Christian denominations (Anglican or Catholic), abolition of the Aramaean identity, false identification with the (inexistent after 609 BCE) Ancient Nation of the Assyrians, and total national disorientation through the disruption of the bond between the Christian Aramaeans and the Muslim Aramaeans (who had gradually been linguistically arabized).


On the latter has been projected (and at times ‘injected’) a fake ‘Arabic’ identity, created in the pernicious laboratories of the Anglo-French Orientalist monsters and coined as Pan-Arabism. This would serve in the fabrication of a Manichaeist model of disoriented and divided society with servile pro-Western mimics and their fanaticized (and thus heinous) opponents – both driven faraway from their natural, historical identity and national integrity.


All this led to the massacre of the Aramaean nation at the hands of the fanaticized "Kurdish" mob in 1915 – 1917, and the incineration and demolition of the Nestorian Patriarchate of Kutshanous (in the mountainous area of SE Turkey near Hakkari); of course, this does not mean that the Orthodox Aramaeans in Mardin, Tur Abdin and Urfa (Edessa of Osrhoene) were spared.


The lesson was not taken correctly by the Assyrianist renegades of the Aramaeans, and thus, under the auspices of the Apostate Freemasonic Lodge which controls the colonial establishments of France and England, a ‘holy alliance’ has been forged between the terrorist "Kurdish" organization PKK (practically speaking a construction of the French secret services) and the ‘Assyrianist’ organizations of the Arameans on whose scope of perfidious work we will focus extensively in the future. This further endangers the survival of the Aramaean Nation, either the nationally integral and conscious Aramaeans or the disoriented and bamboozled ‘Assyrianists’.


In this article, we will continue the re-publication of the insightful research which was first published in the Aramaean website We will complete the present series in forthcoming articles.



2.2. The demands of ADO: Conduction of history distortion of Aramean nation.


In return for the aforementioned, ADO asked for glorification of the name “Assyrians” in the Kurdish media. A kind of “Assyrianisation” of the Aramean nation was started in all the PKK dominated media, and there are many, to falsify the history of the Aramean nation. They had joint meetings with the politicians of various European countries and European Parliament and talked always about “Assyrians” to fulfill the agreement made within the horrendous covenant.


About these history falsifications we read in the newspaper Berxwedan:


  • Numan Ugur says “They firstly want to say, if we (= PKK) say that the Assyrians do exist , why did they not write in the newspapers?” (page 19, Column 4)

  • Chairman APO: I say forty times that the Assyrians do exist.  

  • Numan Ugur “They (=PKK) should emphasize, the (=ADO) say, it will be written anyway and it does exist….. (Page 19, Column 4)

  • A.D.O: Let them write, let (the ink) be poured on the writing. (Page 19, Column 4)

  • Chairman APO: You should write, our magazine, newspapers are open (for you). (Page 19, Column 4)   

  • It will be written anyway in agreement with your wishes.

  • Chairman APO: On behalf of PKK you may write N.U. (= Numan Ugur). (Page 19, Column 5)

  • You should carry out here the decision of the party. (Page 19, Column 5)

  • Write together, we will carry out the decision of the party. (Page 19, Column 5)

  • This issue is beyond doubt; there will be taken care for it. (Page 19, Column 5)

  • Chairman APO: That is old, we are not amenable to that. (Page 19, Column 5)

  • The history will be rewritten. (Page 19, Column 5)

  • A.D.O: What we want is this: That the PKK the authenticity of our people recognizes in the form of a written statement. (Page 19, Column 5)

  • Chairman APO: What does it mean recognizing? (Page 19, Column 5)

  • There is no such thing as recognizing with us. (Page 19, Column 5)

  • Until the end we recognize. (Page 19, Column 5)

  • It is also been published in our publications. (Page 19, Column 5)

  • We never denied the Assyrians as a people. (Page 19, Column 5)

  • This got plenty of attention in our publications. (Page 19, Column 5)


Dear reader, please take a deep breath and read the aforementioned quotes again. Really, one gets shocked. The product “Assyrians” of the Western spiritual colonial activities in the Middle-East which resulted in the complete decline of the Aramean indigenous nation of the Middele-East are so thoroughly evil and de-humanized and perverted in their minds that they even have no problem to sacrifice boys and girls in order to make known the lie-name “Assyrians”.


As a matter of fact the PKK of Mr. Ocalan committed a spiritual genocide against the Aramean nation by the glorification of the criminal and perverse spiritual product “Assyrians” to distort the history of the Aramean nation. Their forefathers have together with the Turks cut our people in pieces and what they are now doing is finishing the work of the Western spiritual colonial activities which factually exterminated our nation.


Few important points to pay attention to it:


Please take a note that Mr. Ocalan is saying to Numan Ugur (a "Christian") “On behalf of PKK you may write N.U. (= Numan Ugur). You should carry out here the decision of the party. Write together, we will carry out the decision of the party. This issue is beyond doubt; there will be taken care for it. (Page 19, Column 5)


This proves the doubtless importance of the position Mr. Numan Ugur had within PKK, that is to say, that he himself should carry out the decision of PKK regarding the agreement made between ADO and PKK. This amongst others included:


  • To ensure a free access to the Kurdish Media to glorify and implement the criminal “Assyrians” ideology and with that to falsify the history of the Aramean nation.

  • To write down the words and expressions in the Kurdish newspapers and magazines in agreement with the wishes of “Assyrians”, as Mr. Ocalan himself says “It will be written anyway in agreement with your wishes.(Page 19, Column 4)

  • To maintain the contacts between the PKK and “Assyrians”.

  • Factually, Mr. Ugur was the representative of PKK to Assyrians and representative of Assyrians to PKK.


PKK broadcasting channel MedTV- MedyaTV- ROJ TV


The Aramean nation was not only “assyrianized” and terrorized by the Kurdish newspapers and magazines, but this also extensively was done by the PKK broadcasting channel. The apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” got 12 hour transmission time free of charge with the PKK channel MedTV. In 1994 Med TV was granted permission for 10 years in United Kingdom. This permission was revoked on 23rd of April 1999 because of the ties MedTV had with the PKK. After this, the name was changed in MedyaTV. MedyaTV was granted permission in France on 30th of July 1999 and programs were transmitted from Belgium. On 13th of February 2004 the permission was revoked in France for the same reason of having ties with PKK. After this they changed their name in RojTV. RojTV was granted permission in Denmark on 1st of march 2004.


Madam A. Tunc (alias: Attiya Gamri, Attiya Xamri, Attiya Gamri Beth Arsan enz.. )

Whether the name is MedTV, MedyaTV or RojTV, the apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” and are eager to distort the history of the Aramean nation, had a free access to this PKK broadcasting channel. One of the people who on behalf of ADO/GHB is organizing terror against the Aramean nation to distort their history is madam Atiyya Tunc. About her activities within the PKK channel RojTV we read in a interview she gave in 2000 to the Dutch national newspaper “Trouw” the following: She makes – on a voluntarily basis- program’s which are broadcasted during the twelve hour weekly transmission time the Assyrians have on the Kurdish Satellite channel Med-TV

 The “twelve hour” free of charge transmission time they got from the PKK, was of course due to the agreements they made to distort the history of the Aramean nation. “Free of charge”?, well not exactly, because people were sacrificed in the north of Iraq in the struggle of PKK against the Turks.

Madam Tunc was also extensively active with organizing of divers “activities”, such as “hunger strikes” and other activities under direction of ADO/GHB. It is madam Tunc who succeeds to make the politicians of European Parliament her doormat in order to falsify the history of the indigenous Arameans and represent this by the criminal name “Assyrians”.


One may ask the question: Are these politicians so naïf and blind or are we dealing here with purposeful evil act to terrorize and taunt the Aramean nation?



Ozcan kaldoyo (Real name???)


Yahkub Rohyo (Real name???)


The propaganda against the Aramean nation within RojTV is currently being continued by the two “Christians”, namely Mr. Ozcan Yildiz (alias Ozcan Kaldoyo) and Mr. Yahkub Rohyo (real name:???)


Mr. Numan Ugur- Madam Tucn and Madam Judith Neurink


December 2001, madam Tunc started under direction of JARABEE youth welfare work in the area of Twent in Holland a gigantic hullabaloo and was screaming from the housetops about the problems around “Assyrian- Suryoye” youth, as she mentioned. But of course the first concern of madam Tunc was not the “virtual problems” she had created around the youth, obviously not! On the contrary, what she had in mind to achieve with this hullabaloo was, as usual of course, the glorification of the criminal, immoral and perverse Western spiritual colonial and slavery product “Assyrians”. That was her main goal, exactly as laid down by ADO. The problem is however, how can you motivate the press and politicians with this self created “problem” of madam Tunc?


To achieve that, she came with the story that it was important to take a journey to Syria to understand how the people there were living. And this could contribute to better “assistance” to the "problem-youth" in Holland.


With this hullabaloo story she succeeded to mobilize some journalists and some members of municipality council of the city Enschede to undertake a journey to Syria. One of the journalists was Madam Judith Neurink of the Dutch national Newspaper “Trouw”, whom we consider as evil, de-humanized racist and malicious person.


Judith Neurink, Journalist of Newspaper Trouw, became doormat of madam Tunc.

Upon her return from Syria, a article was published on 12-4-2002 in the newspaper “Trouw” from the hand of madam Neurink entitled “Syrië verscheept minderheden naar het Westen (=Syria is transshipping minorities to the West”.

Of course this article was composed in consultation with madam Tunc and didn’t contain a word about the problems raised by madam Tunc around youth. However, madam Neurink writes amongst others “…. Aboe Bakir gets support from a other underground party in Syria: Beth Nahrin, the Freedom party of Surjoje or Assyrians, the Christian minority in Syria. Behind a carefully closed door to prevent the visitors of everywhere present secret service, the leader Nesro says to be shocked about what he has heard.”


Obviously madam Tunc has acted as translator. However, who is this leader Nesro, madam Neurink is talking about? This Nesro is nobody, but Mr. Numan Ugur, the Christians recruit from Tur Abdin and second man of PKK, and his organization Beth Nahrin, the Freedom party is GHB, the sister organsiation of PKK, supported and financed by PKK. One of the aliases of Mr. Numan Ugur was indeed Numan Nesro.


But of course, the meeting between madam Neurink and Numan Ugur (alias: Nesro) was carefully orchestrated by madam Tunc, for that was her main goal of all the hullabaloo and fanfare which she cried from the housetops as “social worker” to “help” the youth. And exactly the same fanfare and crocodile tears she is now shedding about the situation in Iraq.


Needless to say, however, madam Tunc in advance had instructed the people in Syria the words and phrases they had to say when they were talking with madam Neurink. As a matter of course, madam Tunc “guided” madam Neurink to villages, cities and districts which madam Tunc in advance had advised what to say when Neurink would ask them questions. Recently she did exactly them same with Joel Voordewind in north of Iraq and before him she did the same with Camiel Eurling and Albert Jan Maat. Her doormat of history falsification seems to be very attractive to these people.


Abdullah Ocalan: To rewriting the history

Mr. Abdullah Ocalan, European Politicians


As previously quoted, Mr. Abdullah Ocalan says “The history will be rewritten” (Page 19, Column 5)


Thanks to the means provided by PKK, the cooperation of some politicians within European Parliament, and people like madam Tunc, the Aramean history indeed seems to be rewritten, that is to say: falsified and represented under the criminal Western immoral lie-name “Assyrians”. And with that, the words of Mr. Abdullah Ocalan seem literal to be fulfilled.


2.3. If the PKK would prevail, the “Assyrians” would share in this victory.


The last agreement made between the PKK and “Assyrians” was that if Kurdistan would be liberated by the PKK, the “Assyrians” would also share in this liberation.


Abdullah Ocalan says on page 20, column 5 “Our victory will also be your victory”. This sentence is printed as Headline on page 16 and 17 of Berxwedan.


Furthermore, Mr. Abdullah Ocalan says about common “land” and “culture” in the framework of the victory which would be achieved:


  • It is necessary to consider Kurdistan as a common country. (Page 18, Column 6)

  • In this matter, it is wrong to say that we are dealing with two countries. (Page 18, Column 6)

  • In the same area two people live among each other, this is the correct approach. (Page 18, Column 6)

  • If we succeed in our revolution, there will be no slightest problem. (Page 19, Column 6)

  • From now on, the both peoples should collectively carry out their activities. (Page 20, Column 5)

  • You should at least present yourself as the owners of this region as we do. (Page 20, Column 6)

  • This country is our common country, the culture is also our common culture. (Page 20, Column 6)


3. Some interesting statements of Abdullah Ocalan


3.1. Abdullah Ocalan and Circis Aslan (alias George Aryo)


Another person who plays an important role in the realization of the agreement made between ADO and PKK is Mr. Circis Aslan.

Circis Aslan is family of madam Tunc, he is married with her sister. Circis Aslan was one of the founders of PKK Parliament, as he explains in detail in a article published in the Dutch Newspaper The Volkskrant of 6-5-1995.


When he came to Holland he changed his forename in Ferman Aslan. It is not clear why he changed his name into Ferman. However, we do know that he had an Islamic companion in Istanbul called “Medenio”. Aslan and Medenio seems to have been involved with matters which did not pleasure Turkish authorities. For this reason, as we were told, Aslan and Medenio were living at odds with Turkish attorney general (there are many story about this). Perhaps that could be the reason of the change of his forename from Circis to Ferman.


The name Aslan (= Lion) is a common name in Turkey. Therefore, one should not bother about that. By changing the forename from Circis to Ferman, a good camouflage is being created. In public however, he is presenting himself always by his alias, namely “George Aryo”, as for example he did in various programs of PKK ROJ TV, in an article of Volkskrant and in an interview of Zenda Magazine.


Circis is the Turkish name for George, and Aryo is the Aramaic name for Lion (in Turkish, this is Aslan). Indeed, in his alias, his original name is hidden, namely: George Aryo= George Lion= Circis Aslan.


In Zenda Magazine of 7-12-1998, Mr. Aslan gave an interview, of course under his alias “George Aryo”. And who conducted the interview on behalf of Zinda? We read "an interview conducted by ZENDA's correspondent in Amsterdam, Mr. Matay A. A. Arsan, with Mr. George Aryo of the Assyrian Federation of Holland"


And who is this “Matay A. A. Arsan”? Well, this is nobody but Metin Tunc, the brother of Attiya Tunc and the brother of the wife of Ferman Aslan who was studying at that time in Amsterdam.


In this interview Mr. Aslan says about PKK “" From the beginning PKK has thought of our people as an oppressed people and the oldest inhabitants of Beth-Nahrin. PKK believes that our people must receive as much attention as that of the Kurdish people. The PKK has never been hurt by our people and therefore it considers us more as a friend then as an enemy"


Comparison between statements made by Abdullah Ocalan and Ferman Aslan.


Abdullah Ocalan

Ferman Aslan

Actually we should consider the Assyrian- Syrian people as a flower of this land, which has suffered severely, and did not get the opportunity to flourish (Page 19, Column 2)

From the beginning PKK has thought of our people as an oppressed people…..

You are one of oldest peoples of Kurdistan. (Page. 16, Column 1)

..... and the oldest inhabitants of Beth-Nahrin

The Assyrians questions should be considered as serious matter within Kurdistan (Page. 18, Column 5)

I keep myself intensively busy with the Assyrian history; again I intensively keep myself busy with their culture, civilization….

That is to say, to the same extent the Assyrian reality will be revealed, also the Kurdish reality will be disclosed. (Page. 19, Column 1)

PKK believes that our people must receive as much attention as that of the Kurdish people.

The promise of PKK is this, it is not against you. (Page. 19, Column 3)

... . The PKK has never been hurt by our people and therefore it considers us more as a friend then as an enemy"

Sometimes I say, Kurdistan is Armenia, is Assyria. (Page. 18, Column 6)

...that which the Kurds call Kurdistan, we Assyrians call Assyria (Volkskrant 6-5-1995).


Why dear reader, why does Mr. Aslan try to promote PKK? What kind of interests does he has to do so? Why does he try to make the PKK ‘sweat’ and acceptable? What is behind that?

Perhaps we can get more insight in the matter by looking more in detail at the newspaper Berwedan and study carefully some statements of ADO and Abdullah Ocalan.


Statements /promises made by ADO:

  • Until now we were not aware of the unambiguous view of the PKK about our people. (Page. 19, Column 2)

  • Respecting all the leaders in Kurdistan, at the same time we wish to underscore the leadership of the PKK which gave us a lot of trust courage. (Page. 20, Column 3)

  • We openly testify (our support) in the matter of leadership of PKK. (Page. 20, Column 3)

  • We believe that this old dark history by the power of PKK will be crushed and shall disappear from the scene. (Page. 20, Column 3)

  • We again believe that PKK shall make a begin with removing the (heavy) burden of this (unpleasant) history. (Page. 20, Column 3)

  • This nice meeting with the leadership of PKK has delighted us, gave us a great courage. (Page. 20, Column 3)

  • At this moment we obtained nice information about PKK. (Page. 20, Column 3)

  • In particular the meeting we had with the leader of PKK, Mr. Abdullah Ocalan, has expanded our visual range about PKK and we on our turn endorse these truths/facts. (Page. 20, Column 3)

  • These beautiful truths/facts which we have learned will be clarified to our people inside (the region) and in abroad. (Page. 20, Column 4)


Statements of Abdullah Ocalan:

  • In the coming time, bigger meetings will  take place. (Page. 20, Column 4)

  • I promise that we again will meet each other. (Page. 20, Column 5)


Looking carefully at the statements of ADO, we may note the following:


1. They have learned “nice truths” about the PKK which they before were not aware of.

2. They are impressed by Mr. Ocalan and PKK and because of that they are “delighted”.

3. And as last ‘delightfulness’ they promise “These beautiful truths/facts which we have learned will be clarified to our people inside (the region) and in abroad”


From this, we may understand that most probably the reason Mr. Aslan is promoting the PKK can be traced to the promises of ADO to make the organisation acceptable within our nation. However, there is more going on, if we look at the statements of Abdullah Ocalan.


He promises that more meetings would take place between ADO and PKK, and we may assume that this indeed did happen. In other words, taking into consideration the details Mr. Aslan is revealing us about PKK, we get the impression as if he himself was one of the people, on behalf of ADO, who visited Abdullah Ocalan.


For this reason we believe, bearing in mind his involvement withing PKK if we look at his interview in Zinda Magazine and the details he reveals to us, that Mr. Aslan also may have attracted the attention of the family of wife for the PKK, namely Attiya Tunc (alias: Attiya Gamri, Attiya Gamri Beth Arsan, Attiya Arsan) and her brothers.


The Aramean nation is being taunted and tortured by them, for they demonstrate an extraordinary inner urge to falsify our history.


3.2 Join and Gain Reputation


On page 20, Column 4, Abdullah Ocalan says:


  • As I told (before), we may also call you for the front.

  • This also shall make your people more trustworthy, make the Assyrian identity legitimate, preparing the people.


Ferman Aslan says in Zinda Magazine of 7-12-1998:


Many countries did not even know that Assyrians still exist! We have visited Russia, Europe, the Middle East, the Caucasian countries, and South Africa.  And wherever this parliament was the Assyrian question was discussed also! This is a great accomplishment for our people. When there is no voice for our people, especially from the homeland, then this work will not be permanent. From every corner and region our voices must heard- loudly.


And indeed, dear reader, this was one of the goals of the monstrous covenant between ADO and PKK, namely to distort the Aramean history and representing it by the “Assyrian” falsehood. And Mr. Aslan seems to be proud of it.


Following madam Tunc, Mr. Ferman Aslan is also telling us something about the MedTV and repeats that the “Assyrians” make and broadcast their own program’s and that they have the same rights as the Kurds have. Both of them, Mr. Aslan and madam Tunc fail to answer the following questions, namely:

  • 1. Where do the Kurds get their money to run such huge broadcasting channel? Yearly, it cost millions. Not of interest to madam and Mr. to know where the money comes from? The goals justify the means?

  • 2. What possibly have possessed the Kurds to provide madam Tunc and Mr. Aslan with free of charge transmission time of 12 hour per month? Is that because of their generosity and charity?

Threat by Madam Tunc and Ferman Aslan….


The Arameans of Aram-Naharaim organization is the only organization which sticks its neck out for the interests of the Aramean nation. It is the only organization with the courage to make stand against misdeeds committed against our nation. The monstrous covenant between ADO and PKK to falsify the history of the Aramean nation is perverse, criminal and heinous deed not only against our nation, but against humanity and therefore we should say something about it. And those who shut up their mouth and remain silent, are even worse criminals and terrorists, because silence lends consent!


The executers of this horrible covenant are of course not happy with our activities. Both Mr. Ferman Aslan and Madan Tunc have threatened Aram-Naharaim. Mr. Ferman Aslan talked to an employ of the St. Afrem monastery in Holland, because this employ knows the chairman of Aram-Naharain, and threatened the chairman of Aram-Naharaim with the words “If tomorrow something happens, you should not complain”.


Madam Tunc has done this more directly. On 23-8-2006 at 12:30 hour, she called the chairman of Aram-Naharaim and told him “… that a certain articles immediately should be removed from the website of Aram-naharaim. I have people supporting me who will take action… I am calling you after consultation with chairman of my party


Madam Tunc is member of the Provincial States on behalf of the socialist party in Holland (PVDA).


We don’t know whether madam Tunc made this threat indeed with the permission of the chairman of her party PVDA or that she did this on personal initiative and involved the name of the chairman of her party to give more authority to her threat to the chairman of Aram-Naharaim.


If indeed it is true what she claims, the behavior of PVDA can be described in two words, namely: Criminal and perverse.


However, we have a message for Mr. Ferman Aslan and madam Attiya Tunc and this message is:


Jesus Christ says "But cowardly, unfaithful, and detestable people, murderers, sexual sinners, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars will find themselves in the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death…. (Revelation 21:8)…. Outside are dogs, sorcerers, sexual sinners, murderers, idolaters, and all who lie in what they say and what they do (Revelation 22:15)


Everyone who is so cowardice to fear the threats of madam Tunc and Ferman Aslan is a murderer, sexual sinner, sorcerer, idolater a lair and a dog etc.. etc.. A Christian who gave his life to Christ Jesus shall never fear the threats of Aslan and Tunc, only a dog, a sexual sinner, a sorcerer, a murderer and a liar will fear their threat.


There are indeed many of this cowardice people within our nation. Why, you could ask the question? Well if such cowardice people would not exist within our nation, people like madam Attiya Tunc and Ferman Aslan would not so easily gain accesses to our monasteries and churches. Only a cursed and a criminal people, who is ripe for a heavy judgment of the Lord God, gives Mr. Aslan, Madam Tunc and all others with them permission to enter these holy places. A normal Christian community, obeying Christ Jesus, would immediately drive them away, like for example the courageous warriors, the Lions of the St. Charbel Church in Amsterdam.



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