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Testimonies of the brilliant historians of the Syrian Church of Antioch on the Aramean origin of our nation, Synonymy: Aramean/Syrian.


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Aramean people: Aramean people (not to be confused with ‘Armenians’) speak Aramaic, the language spoken by Abraham, Moses and Jesus. They are the indigenous people of what was called in ancient times Aram- Nahrin, in our days it is called ‘Mesopotamia’.

Some Arameans today identify themselves with “Assyrians”, because of the spiritual colonial hate generating activities of the Western missionaries and diplomats in the Middle-East in 16th and 19th centuries. Other Arameans became known as “Chaldeans”. However all of them are Arameans.In Turkey, the Arameans are called: Süryani. In Arabic they are called Al- Suryan.


The Ongoing Aramaean Genocide, the Fabricated Pseudo-Assyrian Nation, and "Kurdish" (PKK) Terrorists

Dutch Version


Bij Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis, Oriantalist


Date: 19-9-2008






In an earlier article, I focused on the spiritual and cultural genocide perpetrated throughout vast parts of the Asiatic Middle East against the Aramaeans ("Persecuted Aramaeans, a Pseudo-Nation of "Assyrians", Kurdish Terrorists, and the Anti-Christ" -


The Aramaean Genocide is due exclusively to Anglo-French colonial plans for domination in the Middle East, and has been executed in the span of at least four to five centuries. The Catholic and the Anglican missionaries who traveled at the times of the Ottoman and Safevid Iranian empires to parts of today’s Middle East (SE Turkey, SW Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Palestine) were criminal agents who exploited the fears and insecurities of the local Aramaean Christian minorities, and through the false promise of help, forced them to abandon their earlier – authentic – faiths and adopt the Western versions of Christianity that their forefathers had abhorrently rejected long ago.


The extirpation of the Oriental Christian faith by the Western European Christian missionaries was completed with a criminal act of national dimensions perpetrated against the Aramaean Nation; placing these marginalized (in both the Ottoman and the Safevid Iranian empires) Aramaean Christian minorities in front of the dilemma ‘abandonment or cooperation’, they gradually forced them to accept a false national identity.


The Catholic missionaries forced the Aramaeans who accepted them to believe that they are Chaldaean; and the Anglican missionaries forced the Aramaeans who accepted them to believe that they are Assyrian.


Both historical claims are absolutely false and totally disastrous because they caused a trichotomy among the Aramaeans, shaping three national groups of the same nation, namely

1. those who rejecting the Western European fallacies preserved their Aramaean identity,
2. those who believe that they are Chaldaean, and
3. those who believe that they are Assyrian.

Beyond the trichotomy, the criminal Western European scheme reduced the Aramaeans to marginalized and persecuted populations, treacherously exposed them to genocide at the hands of the Kurds (1915 – 1917), and prevented them from achieving national independence.


An independent Aramaean state in the area of Lebanon, Syria and parts of Iraq would be the greatest break wave against the rise of the monstrous and fallacious theories of Pan-Arabism and Pan-Islamism that are all Western European academic fabrications projected by the criminal Orientalist academia on their Arabic speaking students.


In fact, the Aramaeans are not the minority in the aforementioned area of the Asiatic Middle East. They are the absolute majority in terms of ethnicity because the Arabic speaking majority are not Arabs but Aramaeans, who gradually throughout centuries got arabized because they had adhered to Islam. But their arabization occured only at the linguistic level, because at the level of ethnic amalgamation there could not be any comparison between the Aramaeans and the Arabs at the times of the Prophet Muhammad as the former outnumbered the latter 20: 1 under most conservative estimates.


It seems that the survival – despite all these treacherous and criminal colonial policies of the Western European pseudo-Christian establishments – of the Aramaeans represents an awful problem for these Freemasonic gangsters who spread blood following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire that they had evangelized as the magic solution which would automatically bring the Paradise itself in the Middle East.


They promised the Paradise, and they delivered the most abominable part of the Hell; unable to stop their permanently Satanic deeds they recently guided the disoriented Aramaeans, all those who shamefully, fallaciously and suicidally call themselves as ‘Assyrians’, to an alliance with the Kurdish terrorists of PKK; the besotted and blind leadership of the Aramaean renegades have not got the historical lesson. Their grandfathers were massacred at the hands of PKK gangsters’ grandfathers, but this means nothing to them.


So wait the Modern Middle Eastern History’s bleakest page to repeat itself within some years.


I republish here an insightful feature on the incredible cooperation of the Assyrianist Aramaeans with their future slaughterers, as revealed in a scrupulous and perfectly documented way by the Aramaeans of Aram Nahrin. As the subject is very long, it will take a certain number of articles until the series be completed.


The bitter fruits of the spiritual colonial intervention:


A monstrous covenant between the PKK and the organization of the apostate Arameans who identify themselves as “Assyrians”, namely: The Assyrian Democratic Organisation.


Goal of this covenant: To falsify the Aramean history, Mr. Abdullah Ocalan says "The history will be rewritten"

Following Hezballah, now also PKK tries to recruit Christians (and falsify their history).

Dutch Version


The bitter fruits of the Western intervention with the Middle-east has led to horrible results. Misusing the name of Jesus Christ of the Bible, in the 16th and 19th centuries they came to the Middle-east and acted as “protectors” of Aramean Christians resulting in: hatred, division, fanaticism, nationalism, inciting father against son, daughter against mother through which the Aramean nation was doomed to extermination. They have created unprecedented hatred and jalousie within Muslims towards our people. They have used Turkish Sultanate and other powers in the region against the Aramean nation and killed them hoping that the Arameans would cry for help to the Catholic or Protestant missions in order to covert them to the horrible ideology of Jesus of the West, who of course has nothing to do with Christ Jesus of the Bible. They have forced, killed or bribed them to accept the abominable ideology of Jesus of the West.


When the Catholic missionaries together with France in the 16th century succeed to brainwash a part of the East- Aramean nation and gave them the name “Chaldeans” and named their church “Chaldean church of Babylon”, Great Britain could not permit to lag behind. Therefore, the English diplomats and Anglican missionaries started, as a countermove, to play the same game in the 19th century, now with the remaining part of the East- Aramean Nestorian tribes of Urmia (Iran) and Hakkaria (Turkey) who were brainwashed to call themselves “Assyrians” which later manifested itself in a horrible and perverse form of fanaticism which resulted amongst others in history distortion. Everywhere in the Aramean ecclesiastical and secular books they exchanged the words “Aramean”, “Aramaic”, “Syrians” for “Assyrian”. Aramaic language they changed in “Assyrian” language, Aramean people in “Assyrian” people, etc.. etc.. Thus a kind of spiritual genocide took here place.


The Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” have seized every opportunity to promote “Assyrianism”. Whether we are dealing with the genocide issue, or human rights situation of our nation in the Middel-East or social problems with the youngsters in the West, their ultimate goal is definitely not the problem or the subject in question, but only and exclusively the promotion of the unholy name “Assyrians”. This fanatical inner urge to history distortion and glorification of “Assyrinaism” has reached an abominable climax in a covenant which they made with the PKK. This monstrous covenant was discussed in detail in four-pages in the Kurdish PKK newspapers “Berxwedan” of 15 June 1993 which was published in Turkish.


Below we present you the complete translation of Berxwedan with the left Column the original Turkish text and right column the translation in English. We also have made available a high resolution A3- scan of original newspaper which can be downloaded or be read online.


However, first we will drop few introductory remarks as background information for the reader to get a comprehensive picture of the matter we wish to explain.



1. The beginning of this monstrous covenant: How did this took shape?

Numan Ugur- PKK-Assyrian Democratic Movement


It is well-known for years that Hezballah recruits Christians to open doors which normally would remain closed. The PKK seems to have learned something from it. At the climax of their struggle, around 1984, the PKK managed to recruit few “Christians” in southeastern Turkey. One of this Christians was a certain gentlemen named Numan Uğur from the village of Mezizah, Tur Abdin (southeastern Turkey). Numan Ugur became a confidant of Abdullah Ocalan, a close co-worker, the second man of PKK. When Ocalan was absent, Ugur got responsibility.


1.1 Numan Ugur, the friend of Abdullah Ocalan, comes to Germany in 1993.


In 1993 Numan Ugur came to Germany and conducted various talks with the organsiations of the apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians”. Ugur was able to convince the board of the Assyrian Democratic Movement (ADO) to enter into a covenant with the PKK. About the visit of Numan Ugur to Germany in 1993, ADO says to Ocalan on page. 20, Column 3 (scroll down at the end) of Berxwedan “After your friend N.U. (= Numan Ugur) came to us, we learned PKK bit more from close by. (Page, 29, Column 3)


This quote is an evidence of good relation between Ugur and Ocalan, for the newspaper Berxwedan belongs to PKK and every word is carefully being weight. Therefore statements like this were written with a certain purpose. Furthermore, please take note of the fact that Mr. Ugur is very important for the PKK, for they only write his initials, namely: N.U.


Thus in 1993 a delegation was composed in the “Assyrian” association Bethnahrin in Augsburg (Germany), under leadership of the second man of PKK, Mr. Numan Ugur, and they visited Abdullah Ocalan in Syria to seal the monstrous covenant.


2. What sort of agreements were made between the apostate Arameans, that is to say the Western spiritual colonization and slavery product “Assyrians” and the PKK?


If we carefully examine the newspaper Berxwedan, we can summarize these agreements in three points:


·        Establishment of a sister-organization of PKK and recruitment of youth in the West.

·        Falsification of Aramean identity.

·        If the PKK would prevail, the “Assyrians” would share in this victory.


Here below, we are going to discuss each point in detail.


2.1 Establishment of a sister-organization of PKK and recruitment of youth in the West.


ADO and PKK agreed to establish a sister- organization of PKK by ADO and it would be supported by PKK, morally as well a financially. This sister-party of PKK became known after its establishment as GHB (In Aramaic: "Gabo D'Hirutho D'' Bethnahrin"= Mesopotamia Freedom Party). Later it changed its name in MUB (Mautobnutho Umtonoyo Bethanrin= Mesopotamia National Organization).


Few statements of Abdullah Ocalan through which he urges to establish the sister-party of PKK:


Page 16, Column 3, Abdullah Ocalan says:


  • For years I struggled alone, but at this moment the PKK achieved such a level that it is undefeatable.  

  • We want you also to contribute to this/ to become a part of it.

  • This would give evidence of your reliability.

  • We are ready for that and are eager to see that (from your side).

  • We also want to help when you return back to your villages.

  • We are ready to do everything possible we can.

  • Yes, I don’t know exactly, what is your real requirement, what is the status/ structure of the organization (to be established), this issues I wish to here from you.


Page 18, Column 6, he says:


  • It is clear that the Syrian contribution (to the PKK), to the new building up ( of the region) in the liberation of the people may play a pronounced role.


Page 19, Column 1, he says:


  • We are building up a front.

  • I believe that the Assyrian movement also should get a place within this front.  

  • The Syrians living in Syria originate for a important from Turkey.

  • As result of this, those (Syrians) liven in Turkish Kurdistan can participate in the front.  

  • That is why they directly can participate (in the front).

  • They jointly may organize demonstrations, mass meetings

  • If they are available, we can also send some youngsters to the mountains (for the struggle).

  • There are anyway some youngsters from the villages around the Cudi- mountain participating (in the struggle).


Page 20, Column 2, he says:


  • I believe that we have done all the necessary for a important from our side.  

  • Do you want also to try this?

  • The caravan of revolution is moving forward, are you prepared to participate to this caravan?

  • I believe you should for sure take a place in this (revolution).  


Page 20, Column 4, he says:


  • As I told (before), we may also call you for the front.

  • This also shall make your people more trustworthy, make the Assyrian identity legitimate, preparing the people.


The aforementioned statements speak for themselves. They all literal became true.


How would the establishment of GHB, the sister party of PKK, take shape?


On page 17, Column 4, ADO says:


  • We as, Assyrian Democratic Organization, bother also about those who fled to foreign countries.

  • In Europe and other countries we have associations, federations with the aim to realize the unity within our people and carry out similar activities.


Yes indeed, dear reader, the establishment of GHB took place thanks to the presence of associations and federations of the apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” – the ultimate product of hatred, division and the Western spiritual colonial inner urge of extermination- in Germany, Sweden, Holland and other countries. In Holland for example, as it is known to everybody, the “Assyrian” Mesopotamian Association in Enschede have ties with ADO (in fact the majority of “Assyrian” organizations) and the people involved within this association, of whom some originate from Syria are, as we know, the old ADO members. And what is here going on? Since many years, the municipality of Enschede is subsidizing this association without hesitation.


After their return from Syria, the GHB was established and they immediately started with organizing demonstrations and meetings together with the PKK, exactly following the script laid down by Abdullah Ocalan when he said “ They jointly may organize demonstrations, mass meetings” ( Page 19, Column 1)


Thus: The organizations of apostate Arameans who call themselves “Assyrians” and nourish deep contempt towards the Aramean nation, were mentally being prepared and mass meetings were being organized to recruit youth for the combat. But of course, these activities were carried out under the cover of “genocide”, “cultural manifestation”, “human rights”, etc.. etc.. The main goal was however to recruit people for the struggle of PKK in agreement with the proposal of Mr. Abdullah Ocalan, quoted previously. The terrorist “Assyrians” were so successful, thanks to the support of PKK, that they already had recruited 200 people in the 2001 who were active in the camps of PKK. In Holland, for example, they organized hunger strikes in front of police station in Enschede and other activities to involve the youth with the PKK.



A Aramean policeman from Amsterdam, Mr. C. Kulan, was recruited and killed in northern Iraq, because he refused to participate in the struggle against the Turks. Please be informed that he was not killed by Muslims, but by his own terrorist “Assyrian Christian” brothers. Kulan left behind a wife and two children.



This publication consist out of 7 parts:


Part 2:



Part  3:



Part  4:



Part 5:



Part  6:



Part  7:



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