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Testimonies of the brilliant historians of the Syrian Church of Antioch on the Aramean origin of our nation, Synonymy: Aramean/Syrian.


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Aramean people: Aramean people (not to be confused with ‘Armenians’) speak Aramaic, the language spoken by Abraham, Moses and Jesus. They are the indigenous people of what was called in ancient times Aram- Nahrin, in our days it is called ‘Mesopotamia’.

Some Arameans today identify themselves with “Assyrians”, because of the spiritual colonial hate generating activities of the Western missionaries and diplomats in the Middle-East in 16th and 19th centuries. Other Arameans became known as “Chaldeans”. However all of them are Arameans.In Turkey, the Arameans are called: Süryani. In Arabic they are called Al- Suryan.


Anti-Christian Unholy Alliance: the Forged "Assyrian" Pseudo-Nation and the PKK Terrorists

Dutch Version


Bij Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis, Oriantalist


Date: 22-9-2008:


In two previous articles, we revealed several recent aspects of the Anglo-French colonial involvement (by means of gullible local proxies) in parts of the Asiatic Middle East inhabited by the Aramaean Nation, which after three (3) millennia of existence became the target of Western European colonial policies. ("the Ongoing Aramaean Genocide, the Fabricated Pseudo-Assyrian Nation, and Kurdish Terrorists" / http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/74834;

"Looming End of Oriental Christianity: Unholy Alliance of ‘Kurdish’ Terrorists with Pseudo-Assyrians" / http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/74953).


Under the auspices of the Apostate Freemasonic Lodge which controls the colonial establishments of France and England, a ‘holy alliance’ has been forged between the terrorist "Kurdish" organization PKK (practically speaking a construction of the French secret services) and the ‘Assyrianist’ organizations of the Arameans on whose scope of perfidious work we will focus extensively in the future. This further endangers the survival of the Aramaean Nation, either the nationally integral and conscious Aramaeans or the disoriented and bamboozled ‘Assyrianists’.


In this article, we will continue the re-publication of the insightful research which was first published in the Aramaean website www.aranmahrin.org. We will complete the present series in forthcoming articles.



3.3. Mountain Cudi… Evangelical Broadcasting Channel … RADAR .. Reverend Mete


To convince the board of ADO to join the struggle of PKK, Mr. Abdullah Ocalan says “If they are available, we can also send some youngsters to the mountains (for the struggle). There are anyway some youngsters from the villages around the Cudi- mountain participating (in the struggle) (Page 19, Column 1)


What does Mr. Abdullah Ocalan mean by the words “some youngsters from the villages around the Cudi- mountain “?


The mountain of Cudi is in Southeastern of Turkey, the area of Hassana where the East-Aramean Nestorian Protestants come from. These Protestants were also called “Msiha.. Msiha.. Allaha... Allaha (Jesus, Jesus, God, God) Protestants. As Mr. Ocalan indicates, the young people from the villages around Cudi Mountains already in 1993 were participating in the activities of PKK. When the Turkish secret service discovered this, they blew up the villages and the inhabitants fled to the West. A part of them came to Holland and settled in the area of Wierden and another part settled themselves in Belgium, in the area of Antwerpen/ Mechelen.


In 2000, the current affairs program “RADAR” of the Evangelical Broadcasting (EB) Channel made coverage on the villages of Hassana. A certain reverend named Mete from Wierden (Holland) went with them to southeastern of Turkey to visit his bomb flatted villages. He was not allowed to enter the villages. In the coverage of EB under leadership of Mr. A. Lock, the Turkish government was heavily criticized.


However, there was not mention of a single word about the young people from the villages of reverend Mete who joined the activities of PKK. Reverend Mete who presented himself as the man of God “forgot” to mention that, he and others with him, were accessory to the destruction of the villages by the Turkish army. He and his fellow believers should have prevented their youth not to join the activities of PKK. The Turks would than have had no excuses to blow up these villages.


Not only that, yet it is a antichristian act where people like Mete (and his fellow believers) apparently do not give attention to understand that you as a Christian should keep yourself clean of these unsavory issues. However, they immediately are ready to complain and yowl and spit others in their face, but seem to have no time to look in the mirror and to examine themselves.


Oh, but reader, please do not be mistaken, the statement of Mr. Ocalan that the young people from villages around the Cudi mountain were participating in the struggle of PKK, is certainly not bluff poker, on the contrary. Such a statement by Ocalan should certainly be considered as very serious.


The Aramean policeman from Amsterdam, Mr. C. Kulan, was the son of the sister of reverend Mete. The “Assyrian” PKK/GHB/ADO terrorists gave him the name “Mihayel Cudi”. If reverend Mete was really a man of God, after the murder of his nephew by his own “Christian Assyrian” terrorist brothers, he would have immediately gone to the press condemning the criminal “ADO/GHB” Assyrian terrorists. However, neither he, nor others have ever publicly said something about this, most probably because they smelled a rat.


Since then, the Evangelical Broadcasting channel started a tasteless and ridiculous campaign along with the “Assyrian” PKK/ADO/GHB terrorists to falsify the history of the Aramean nation in Holland, exactly as agreed between Ocalan and criminals of ADO. No, dear reader, please do not be deceived by the empty talks of some racists within the Evangelical Broadcasting Channel when they would say “We didn’t know that”. O, yes, they did know very well, they are a racists, just misusing the freedom of press.


However, what is the problem then? As a matter of fact, very simple, namely “those who refused to love the truth that would save them." That's why God will send them a powerful delusion so that they will believe a lie” (1 Thess 2:10-11)


This people, who pretend to follow Christ Jesus, love the lie utterly! Why is that so? Well, otherwise they have to condemn unambiguously the criminal acts of their forefathers, who have misused the name of Jesus Christ of the Bible to divide the Aramean nation in the 16th and 19th centuries by the invention of the fake identities “Chaldeans” and “Assyrians”.


And that, they will never do! And also that is the reason why they are so eager to deliberately follow the lie in stead to open their mind for the truth.


This also explains why this evil bandits love to work together with the PKK/ADO/GHB “Assyrian” terrorists to falsely represent the Aramean nation in Holland. In United States there are plenty of these bandits who misuse the name of Jesus Christ.


The killing of Mr. C. Kulan was quit differently presented by the “Assyrian” PKK/GHB/DO terrorists to the public than happened in real. On various forums news was spread about the killing of Mr. Kulan, amongst others on the “Chaldean Discussion Forum” (now stopt) on 23 January 2002 (http://www.aramnahrin.org/English/GHB_Mihayel_Judi_23_1_2002.htm)


The story published on various forums by PKK/GHB/ADO “Assyrian” terrorists should be taken with a great grain of salt. Mr. Kulan, the terrorists called him “Mihayel (Cudi) – of course as a reference to the Cudi mountain where also Ocalan was referring to, wanted to go to Iran. Under false pretext they stopped in Iraq. There they told him that he had to fight for the PKK/GHB/ADO, something which he as policeman refused to do so. He then immediately was killed by his own “Assyrian Christian” terrorists and subsequently they put the death body under a snow layer and made some photo’s to fool his family and others that he was died in a snowstorm.


This, dear reader, is one of the many evil and satanic fruits of the immoral criminal Western spiritual colonial product “Assyrians”. And they continue with glorifying this evilness as if their forefathers have done a holy and a noble job.


To cover-up the killing of Mr. Kulan by the GHB/ADO/PKK “Assyrian” terrorists, in various countries commemoration services were organized. In Holland for example, a service was organized in the city of Enschede in St. Kuryaqos church where the family of Kulan, father, his wife and of course the PKK/GHB/ADO terrorists were present.


The mafia is doing exactly the same. After they have killed somebody, they go to the funeral service to extend their condolences. And these criminal terrorists now have nestled themselves within church councils, associations and have unlimited access to the monastery and other buildings, as if they have done nothing wrong. Only a criminal, perverse and cursed people, who have completely put aside Christ Jesus, would allow such terrorists. A normal Christian community would never allow this happen. Out of the question.


3.4. Abdullah Ocalan meets with bishop Yohanna Ibrahim of Aleppo.


On page 19, Column 6, Abdullah Ocalan says about his meeting with bishop Yohanna Ibrahim of Aleppo:

  • I value very much the words of the in Aleppo living Syrian metropolitan Mr. Yohanna.  

  • I do not know whether he is appreciated or not, that is another issue.  

  • However, in my view he is one of the most esteemed.  

  • He said “ Your movement”, resembles “ to that of Jesus”.


We don’t know what the reason of this meeting was between Abdullah Ocalan and bishop Ibrahim. We don’t know if bishop Ibrahim has anything to do with this monstrous covenant between PKK and ADO. It could be that it was just a normal meeting between the two gentlemen.


However, if its is true that bishop Yohanna Ibrahim have said to Ocalan that “Your movement”, resembles “ to that of Jesus ”, this would be very serious and Mr. Ibrahim would not have understand much of the teaching of Christ Jesus.


3.5. The province of Cezire (= Tigris) in northern Syria.


Abdullah Ocalan refers few times to the province of Cezire in the north of Syria. In Cezire the Arameans and Kurd live among each other. The province of Cezire is under the responsibility of bishop Matta Rohom.


Ocalan says about Cezire:


  • Great percentage of the Syrians and Kurds living in Cezire come from Mardin, Midyat and other areas.  (Page 19, Column 1)

  • After this, it is important that also Europe should be involved, it also necessary to involve Cezire. (Page 19, Column 1)

  • That is to say, they should go to Cezire and say that I have said this. (Page 19, Column 4)

  • If the people do not accept this, even if there is one person who do not accept, let them come and say. (Page 19, Column 4)


We don’t know why Ocalan is referring to Cezire. We consider unlikely, however we cannot rule out that bishop Matta Rohom possible also was involved with the monstrous covenant. However, the PKK/ADO/GHB “Assyrian” terrorists had free access to his monastery in Tal Wardit.


3.6. 1998: Turkey want to shut down St. Gabriel monastery.


The last point which we want to discuss in the framework of the monstrous covenant between PKK and ADO was the threat by Turkey in 1998 to shut down the St. Gabriel monastery.


In 1998 Turkey threatened the St. Gabriel Monastery to be shut down because, as they said, of recruitment of terrorists. Before we go in detail on this subject, first the reader will be provided with some background information.


You can say lot things about Turks. You can say that they do not respect human rights, you can that they are too nationalistic (Ataturk: It is proud to be a Turk), you can say that they neglect the rights of minorities etc.. and list goes on… However, in case of the “Assyrian” GHB/ADO/PKK terrorists the Turks cannot be fooled, because they have here a point, a strong point. O yes, but of course, they will completely and utterly exploit the issue, misuse and exaggerate, they are very good in that.


But, one thing is very clear: people like reverend Mete and many others with him do not have a leg to stand on in the matter of spitting at the face of the Turks. This kind of people, really have no slightest idea how they are misusing and ridiculing the name of Christ Jesus. And still, they have no idea why they became refugee at the doors of others and even don’t want to understand the reason behind it.


Due to the activities of the PKK/GHB/ADO “Assyrian” terrorists – the ultimate product of the Western immorality in the Middle-East- the Turkish Supreme Court in 2006 added our people in Turkey to their list of terrorist organization, a very serious matter where the backward and lazy people even did not pay attention to it. Our organization however did pay attention to this unfair decision and we published an article on this matter.


After the publication of our article, the ADO/PKK/GHB “Assyrian” terrorists started a hate campaign against our organization. They copied and twisted the content of the article and spread among the people in the monastery and in churches, and addressed the people, distorted the content of the article etc.. etc.. And the fool and blind people? They accepted their terrorist lies as a ‘sweat” cake.


The ADO/GHB “Assyrian” terrorists contacted their great friend Isa Gultan and bishop Samuel Aktas. After this, Gultan and Aktas contacted some people in Holland and urged for measures against our organization, amongst others they contacted the federation. Our people from Europe who visited the monastery Mor Gabriel were also addressed by Isa Gultan and urged to take action against Aram-Naharaim organization.


Mr. Isa Gultan is originally from the village of Bote in Tur Abdin. For that reason, some criminal families from Bote in Holland, Sweden and elsewhere started to murmur and wanted to take action against the Aram-Naharaim organization. That is to say, to silence Aram-Naharaim by using force. These idiotic and criminal bandits cannot read and write, their evilness and hatred was mainly fueled by the lies and propaganda of the GHB/ADO/PKK “Assyrian” terrorists.


Our message to these bandits is this “"But cowardly, unfaithful, and detestable people, murderers, sexual sinners, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars will find themselves in the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death…. (Revelation 21:8)…. Outside are dogs, sorcerers, sexual sinners, murderers, idolaters, and all who lie in what they say and what they do (Revelation 22:15)


To understand little bit the reason behind the threat of Turkey to shut down the monastery St. Gabriel, below we again drop some statements of Abdullah Ocalan:


Page 19, Column 1, he says:

  • We are building up a front.

  • I believe that the Assyrian movement also should get a place within this front.  

  • The Syrians living in Syria originate for a important from Turkey.

  • As result of this, those (Syrians) liven in Turkish Kurdistan can participate in the front.  

  • That is why they directly can participate (in the front).

  • They jointly may organize demonstrations, mass meetings

  • If they are available, we can also send some youngsters to the mountains (for the struggle).

  • There are anyway some youngsters from the villages around the Cudi- mountain participating (in the struggle).


About the villages around the Cudi mountain we extensively discussed this under paragraph 3.3. Mr. Ocalan is now urging ADO to involve also other parts of Turkey in the struggle of PKK. If we are correct in our assumption, Mr. Numan Ugur from the village of Mezizah, also studied under Isa Gulten in the St. Gabriel monastery. Many people who have studied in the St. Gabriel monastery under leadership of Isa Gulten were very vulnerable to the criminal “Assyrian” ideology and therefore sensitive to the recruitment for GHB/ADO/PKK.


In their struggle against PKK, the Turks regularly also captured “Christians”. Through their special investigation techniques they were able to winkle considerable information, not only from Christians but also from Muslims. In this way they discovered that a very  ugly “spiritual stench” was emanating from the St. Gabriel monastery, namely that some young people involved with the PKK had enjoyed their study in the monastery under leadership of Isa Gultan. The Turks became furious. Because, in the house of God, you should definitely not expect this things to happen. And so they threatened to shut down the monastery St. Gabriel.


The GHB/ADO/PKK “Assyrian” terrorists smelled a rat and bombarded the European politicians with the news that Turkey does not respect the freedom of religion and wants therefore shut down the “Assyrian monastery”. And with that the “Assyrian” terrorists had achieved their goal, namely that the politicians took the word “Assyrians” in their mouth, and that was the ultimate goal of these terrorists.


In Holland for example, the PKK/ADO/GHB “Assyrian” terrorists contacted Mr. E. van Middlekoop (former member of GPV: Gereformeerd Politiek verbond), now defense minister, to ask question in the Parliament to the minister of foreign affairs regarding “Assyrian Monastery”. And indeed Mr. van Middelkoop took (in that time: 1998) the word “Assyrian” in his mouth and asked questions to the minister of foreign affairs, Mr. Hans van Mierlo.


Our message to this foolish and idiotic people in Holland, Sweden and elsewhere who feel connected with Mr. Isa Gulten, and have attacked our organization severely is this one: Do not attack and blame us, the Turks are not foolish. The Turkish secret service already know for ten years about the activities of Mr. Isa Gulten in the monastery and so do all of you. Thus: stop please with this hypocrisy of worst kind. If you really care about Mr. Gulten, then please go and tell him that he should immediately leave the monastery. The monastery is a place for prayer and obedience to the Lord God. It is certainly not meant to make children inside the monastery.


As a human rights organization, we care about our people. That does not mean that we justify the lies and fallacies to attack other nations. We say this, because the "Assyrian" terrorists on many occasions have tried to fool some journalists and politicians by accusing the Aram-Naharaim organization of being "pro-Turkish" or even "led by the Turks". Well, we are certainly not at the hands of the Turks of whomever. We are Christian organization with Christian values and standards. Therefore we cannot tolerate baseless lies and fake accusations. This fallacies unfortunately are the trademark of the "Assyrian" terrorists. Never taking the time to look in the mirror in order to understand their own mistakes, but always ready to make fanfare, hullabaloo to ridicule other nations. This is wrong and evil!


So: When the PKK/ADO/GHB “Assyrian” terrorists again come to you with all possible gamuts of lies and falsehoods against the Aram-Naharaim organization, you should realize that these bandits do not care about Mr. Gulten, but care about their personal interests; they do not want the truth to become revealed to the public. These terrorists want to keep the “luxury” of unlimited access to the monasteries. That is all about and nothing else!



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