Where are the Indigenous Christian Aramean people Mr. Bush?


When Mr. Bush was elected to Whitehouse; he was preaching standards and values; democracy and human rights for everybody and everywhere. He also introduced him selves as being a ,,Christian”.


If we apply this nice standards proclaimed by Mr. Bush to the Aramean people in Iraq; we may conclude that this standards selectively has been applied. They apply this ,,nice” standards only to the people they want to!


History clearly testifies that Arameans are the original inhabitants of Aram-Naharaim, mentions that this part of the world bears their name, marks their contribution to world civilizations, bears with them ancient Christianity, bears with them an antique and rich heritage which has been developed and preserved for thousands of years (which is we believe not only our heritage but the heritage of mankind as well) and yet presently the indigenous Christian Aramean people of Mesopotamia are discriminated against and excluded, by Bush administration, as if they do not exist!


In stead to give the heirs of the ancient history the honor and dignity which they deserve in agreement with the historical facts; Mr. Bush and members of his administration promoted and glorified the Western Spiritual Colonization and slavery ,,products”  created in 16th and 19th century which accelerated the Aramean decline in the Middle-East. This has been under the supervision of the horrible Jesus of the West who made a havoc in the middle-east and fragmentized the Aramean nation.


In many speeches made by the United States administration and in official documents, the Aramean people in Iraq were excluded; while their own products ,,Assyrians" and ,,Chaldeans" were glorified. To clarify this, a few examples are given below:


President Bush: (October 7, 2002) “The oppression of Kurds, Assyrians, Turkomans, Shi'a, Sunnis and others…”

President Bush: (March 16, 2003) “…..All the Iraqi people -- its rich mix of Sunni and Shiite Arabs, Kurds, Turkomen, Assyrians, Chaldeans,……”

President Bush: (April 28, 2003) “Whether you're Sunni or Shia or Kurd or Chaldean or Assyrian or Turkoman or Christian or Jew or Muslim …”

Paul Wolfowitz: (February 2, 2004) ,, … there were doctors, engineers and teachers, Sunnis, Shiites and Chaldean/Assyrians, Arabs, Turkmen and Kurds…

Richard ARMITAGE: (February 3, 2004) “the Kurds, the Shiites, and the Sunnis, as well as the Turkmen, the Caldians, the Assyrians --

Tony Blair: (March 30, 2003): “I want all Iraqis - Arab, Assyrian, Kurd, Turkoman, Sunni, Shiite, Christian and all other groups…”

Zalmay Khalilzad: (April 17, 2003) “... the mosaic of Sunni and Shiite Arabs, Kurds, Turkmens, Assyrians, Chaldeans, Yazidis and others…”


Please note how explicitly the spiritual colonialism is being glorified and maintained by these world leaders and influential people resulting in distortion of our heritage. Because of this glorification and distortion, our people in Iraq is being identified by many journalists as,, Assyrians” (a product of the Western Anglican missionary) and Chaldeans (a product of Western French/Roman Catholic missionary) without a reference to their Aramean origin. This glorification has also affected the Draft Iraqi Constitution whereby the heirs of ancient history are excluded. This is nothing but awful glorification of the ideology and products of Jesus of the West.


These are but a few examples; the indigenous Christian Aramean people in Iraq are completely ignored and excluded. These and other statements have served as a catalyst or domino-effect resulting in numerous articles published in the American media and elsewhere whereby the heirs of the ancient heritage were ignored.


(More about: the Western Spiritual Colonialism: http://www.aramnahrin.org/English/Aramean_Spiritual_Genocide.htm )


Regarding the indigenous Aramean people of Aram-Naharaim, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, recommended the people of Israel to recite the following words, My ancestor was a wandering Aramean, who took his family to Egypt to live. (Deuteronomy 26:4-5)


In Genesis 24:4 Abraham says to his servants, You must go back to the country where I was born and get a wife for my son Isaac from among my relatives."

Abraham says, “….the country where I was born….” meaning the country of his Aramean fathers Paddan-Aram (part of Aram-Naharaim).


 If Mr. Bush, as a Christian, really knew about the meaning of the Holy Bible related to Aram-Naharaim (nowadays a significant part of Iraq); he would not glorify the ,,product” of the Western spiritual colonialism but rather do justice to the historical facts and the Holy Bible- at least to bow for the commandment of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!


What has been done to the indigenous Aramean people, in the name of, faith, education and development can be considered as a kind of Spiritual genocide in the sense of creating hatred, division and identity distortion. A divided nation is obviously a weak nation! Therefore we call upon you as a Western person and say:


  • Help to stop the spiritual colonialism by which our people are deprived of their origin.
  • Help to stop to label our people Assyrian Christians, a myth which was invented by the Anglican missionaries and excavations activities of the British consul Henry Layad in Mosul in 1842.
  • Help to stop the spiritual colonialism which has been the cause of hatred; division and the decline of the indigenous Aramean people in the middle-east.
  • Help to stop the spiritual colonialism which was brought to the middle-east under the pretext of love; brotherhood and in particular in the name of “Jesus” – Jesus Himself most probably would have condemned this kind of “ evangelism” carried out in his name by those whose only goal seems to be : division and weakening of a nation.

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