What do we want?


The Aramean people of Aram-Naharaim gave the other peoples of the Middle-east the example of how to live to gather with your neighbor based on the foundation of love, respect, brotherhood and humanity. Unfortunately, the Aramean policy of love, respect and brotherhood is not hailed with cheers by everybody in the middle-east. On the contrary; some people resort to the path of sword which leads to bloodshed, hatred, instability and degradation of the human dignity. In spite of terror, persecutions and slaughtering which our people have suffered for hundreds of years in the middle-east; partly because of their peaceful and passive policy; we will continue to follow on the path of peace, respect and brotherhood to attain the most fundamental human rights for our people.


In the framework of the United Nations resolution 47/135; we strive amongst others:


  1. Recognition of the Aramean people as the indigenous people of Aram-Naharaim in the middle-east; to start in Turkey.
  2. Recognition of the social and cultural rights of the Aramean people in the lands of the forefathers.
  3. Recognition of the Aramean genocide in the year 1914-1918 whereby approximately 600.000 Arameans of different denominations were killed.


Do you agree with this approach to obtain the fundamental human rights of our people?

Do you agree with our goals which we strive to achieve?

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