The board


Moral standards


As a Human Rights organisation, we consider as utmost important that the board members should meet high requirements in order to be able to carry out their task in dignity and reliability. Moreover; the interests of the nation should be put at the first place in agreement with the goals. In order to stimulate this somewhat, in article 6 paragraph 3, each board member should satisfy the following requirements in the broadest sense of the word:


  1. They should have no police record neither in Holland, nor in abroad.
  2. They should be persons of high morality in the broadest sense of the word.
  3. They should actively promote standards and values.
  4. They should be prepared to make the oat of reliability.
  5. They should be social and strive for humaneness, honesty, purity, reliability and dignity.
  6. They should be prepared to study in order to be able to carry out their duty.
  7. They should have not been involved in corruption, favouritism; blackmail and all other, here not mentioned deeds/acts, which cross the board of the human dignity and honour.


Conform article 6, paragraph 3d, all the board members have made the oat of reliability. For this purpose, a meeting was organised on 29-6-2004 in the St. Aphrem the Syrian Monastery in Glane (Netherlands), in the Dolabani Saloon. On this occasion around 60 people were invited amongst them archbishop Mgr. J. Y. Cicek, the monks, nuns and priests who all have acted as witnesses.

In presence of the audience, the president read on behalf of the board members the statement/oat of reliability.

 Please click here to read the promise/statement/oat of reliability.


After the oath of reliability was presented to the audience, all the board members signed the oath as a sign of promise.

Following that, archbishop Mgr. J. Y. Cicek took the floor and addressed the audience.


After a break of 15 minutes, the president continued the meeting to give some explanation about the goals of the organization; the famous historians of the Church of Antioch, the name of the organization and other important issues concerning the organization.


Following that, the board members once again confirmed their promise by means of a collective pray in the presence of the audience.


After that, brother Gabriel addressed the audience.


Following the speech of brother Gabriel, the floor was given to the audience to ask questions/make remarks. Various questions were asked and remarks were made and discussed after which the meeting was closed.